Alert! 40 Percent Of Americans Now ‘Prefer Socialism To Capitalism’

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Americans are increasingly embracing socialism, and this is particularly true for young adults under the age of 30. As you will see below, four out of every ten Americans now prefer socialism to capitalism, and if current trends continue it is just a matter of time before those that prefer socialism are in the majority. Of course our society has already been very heavily socialized. We have been trained to believe that if a problem exists, then it is the job of government to fix it, and over time government on all levels of our system has just gotten bigger and bigger. But what most Americans don’t realize is that the United States never would have become an economic powerhouse without free market capitalism, and the further that we drift away from our roots the deeper that our economic problems will become. We need leaders that are willing to stand up and proudly declare that free market capitalism works incredibly well when the shackles are taken off, and that is precisely what I intend to do.


Not too long ago, a survey of U.S. adults was conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute, and the most disturbing thing that was discovered was that 40 percent of all Americans now “prefer socialism to capitalism”…

“The most alarming result, according to [George] Barna, was that four out of every ten adults say they prefer socialism to capitalism,” the ACFI noted in its commentary on the poll. “That is a large minority,” Barna said, “and it includes a majority of the liberals — who will be pushing for a completely different economic model to dominate our nation. That is the stuff of civil wars. It ought to set off alarm bells among more traditionally-oriented leaders across the nation.’” That 40 percent of Americans now prefer socialism to capitalism could spell major change to the policies advanced by legislators and political leaders and to the interpretations of judges ruling on the application of new and pre-existing laws.

So what happens when that figure rises above 50 percent?

Are we going to go down the exact same road that Europe has gone?

And support for socialism is particularly high among our young people. A Gallup poll conducted in 2016 found that an astounding 55 percent of Americans under the age of 30 “have a positive view of socialism”. Also, a Harvard University study that was reported on by the Washington Post discovered that 51 percent of U.S. adults under the age of 30 “do not support capitalism”.

These numbers help to explain why politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have such high levels of support among Millennials. These young people were raised in schools that taught them that we have a “free market system” in America today, even though that is not really true at all. And as economic conditions deteriorate, millions of these young people are becoming disillusioned. The following comes from an extraordinary piece that was published by Business Insider

Wages are stagnant or falling. The costs of health care, child care, and tuition continue to rise exponentially. Full-time jobs turn into contract positions while benefits are slashed. Middle-class jobs are replaced with low-paying service work. The expectations of American life your parents had when you were born — that a “long boom” will bring about unparalleled prosperity — crumble away.

Baby boomers tell you there is a way out: a college education has always been the key to a good job. But that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. The college graduates you know are drowning in student debt, working for minimum wage, or toiling in unpaid internships. Prestigious jobs are increasingly clustered in cities where rent has tripled or quadrupled in a decade’s time. You cannot afford to move, and you cannot afford to stay. Outside these cities, newly abandoned malls join long abandoned factories. You inhabit a landscape of ruin. There is nothing left for you.

Years upon years of “training” in our failing system of public education has convinced large numbers of our young people that the solution to our economic ills is to move more toward socialism.

But of course that is about the last thing that we need. What we really need to do is to rediscover the principles that made our economy great in the first place, but there are very few national leaders that are standing up for those principles any longer.

Socialism simply does not work.

If we continue our steady march down the road toward socialism, we will ultimately end up like all of the other failed socialist experiments throughout history

Let us look at the socialist alternative favored by Sanders and Warren. The miseries, deprivations, and backwardness it has inflicted on populations wherever and whenever it has been tried are boundless. They amount to the biggest empirical data set of political and economic failure in the history of humankind. In Venezuela, to take only the latest unfortunate experiment, it has meant the world’s largest oil reserves being wasted and stolen while children starve on the streets. The historical legacy of Soviet socialism, National Socialism, and Maoist Communism, to cite the most egregious versions of this poisonous left-wing political ideology, is so well known that it does not need to be rehearsed here.

Even those countries that experienced the more gentle “democratic socialism,” such as modern South Africa and Brazil, socialism has allowed corrupt politicians to pilfer state industries while the poor live and die young in slums. Even in the socialized utopias of Europe, it has meant destructive youth unemployment rates, a dearth of innovation, and death panels in hospitals.

Our nation is in deep, deep trouble, and it is getting worse with each passing day.

Now is the time to stand up and fight for the future of our nation, because if we don’t we may wake up one day and discover that the country we all loved so much is gone for good.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

  • half pint

    Trump wants to continue the war in Afghanistan which is bankrupting America so there won’t be any time left for socialism. We’ll run out of money unless the Rothschilds arrange their bailout first.

  • K

    Sometimes it is good to be old. A true Republic can not long stand. When so many are brainwashed idiots. At least I may not live, to see the worst of it.

  • George W Hill Jr

    “The world will soon wake up to the reality that everyone is broke… and of course…you can NOT collect…from the bankrupt… who are owed unlimited amounts by the insolvent… with an unacceptable and worthless currency… against defaulted and “hypothicated-rehypothicated”…collateral…too which nobody is sure who holds title or its worth.”- RGR777…
    I wounder about this too…I think fiat $$$ are incompatible with free markets …
    and fiat is incompatible… with capitalism as whole too…
    the only stable and efficient economic system is …sound money and free market capitalism.

    Every thing else is too unstable to survive or too inefficient to work…
    that is why gold and silver must be the only money allowed…
    see am a network guy /computer guy this ” incompatible” thing for us is a big deal…engineered systems must have the compatible parts to function properly.

    I just think sound money is compatible for the economic system for proper functioning…
    other >socialist or command systems< can use fiat… but not free market capitalism…thanks?

  • DJohn1

    When the majority of the money is held by a very small minority of people then something does have to change.
    That is the real problem. Over the generations more and more money is inherited by a small group of people to the disadvantage of the rest of the people.
    You want to track this problem back it goes back to Reagan and the Republican White House doing away with most of the labor rules we had in the past.
    The result was no system of raises.
    The result dissolved a lot of union labor in favor of non-union labor with no raises in the future. Token raises did occur of 2.5% in the 90s.
    Union contracts dictated raises for everyone else to stay competitive.
    A minimum of 4% raises per year is necessary to stay even with inflation of the money supply. It is not happening.
    Clinton came in with a blaze of glory only to steal the money he was elected to protect with foreign agreements that allowed companies to go to China and India where wages were low.
    Thus a hidden unemployment much higher than the one announced by the labor department. Let me rephrase that. Both sides of the fence lied through their teeth as to what was really going on and the American worker tax base went down the tubes with it.
    Can you really say with a straight face you can change all that?
    The biggest lie of our times is put out by the Health Care Law that allows insurance to collect from all of us so the “poor people” get a free ride on insurance that is not really insurance but deductables so high you might as well pay the mafia for protection. You get the same coverage from one set of crooks as from another. Only this one is incorporated in law.
    So socialism seems like a solution for people out of work with no hope of ever getting out of debt.
    I served my country for 4 years in the USAF. Got out and served a 5 year apprenticeship in the composing room printing trade. When I got my card in 1970 I was deemed competent in all areas of the trade but one. My eyesight was too poor to work classified type which is about 5.5 point type. While without a job per say, I never lost a day’s work on our substitute worker priority board. I soon had a permanent job with my company on 2nd shift.
    When I got my craft union card there were 225 printers in the room. When I retired in 2007 there were less than 25 left.
    Computers took over and changed how newspapers did things. Because of union negotiations we all got a life time job in trust in exchange for our jurisdiction over the work. That was good in 1971.
    They now subcontract the work to India. They electronically send the advertisements from India. 30 graphic artists lost their jobs when they did that.
    What we are currently dealing with is competition from automation and from poor people across the globe moving in and doing our bread and butter work.
    The unions were the only effective negotiating that worked. By 2002, most unions were effectively put out of business by sending the work overseas.
    That is all fine and good until retail stores try to compete for starvation style incomes either from unemployment insurance or welfare.
    In other words it came right back to bite the rich as well as the middle class of this country and no one has a good solution to that.
    Lots of luck changing any of this in the US Congress full of lawyers paid off by the rich to keep the poor, poor.


    • Seen2013

      “When the majority of the money is held by a very small minority of people then something does have to change.”

      Money is a medium of exchange backed by Legal Tender Laws; it’s backed by nothing else but fiat. This is why today’s economic model is modernized Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economy whose very nature is a capital exchange economy predominantly towards the top and neglects capital structure resulting in scarce capital creation pricing most out of capital accumulation markets.

      Socialism is an advocacy for public-private partnerships that enhances governmental fiefdoms and pinnacles at public-private mergers advocated for by National Socialism. The political ideology is called Bismarkianism based on Bismark’s ambitions and mechanism to achieve it via Bismarkian Policies.

      “You want to track this problem back it goes back to Reagan and the
      Republican White House doing away with most of the labor rules we had in
      the past.”

      Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economies by economic model dates to 1492 and prior utilized by Empires as the foundations of Oligarchy, Kleptocracy, and Plutocracy who through extended rule becomes an Aristocracy. Two examples of an agricultural-consumerist-service economy economic utilized were the Holy Roman Empire and the Confederate States of America.

      Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economies by economic model transition towards Indentured and Indentured Servitude for labor as the Top possesses the wealth, and such economic models also require guilty until proven innocent-guilty by association Justice system that requires sacrificing rights for security in exactly the same manner the economic model caters to the top.

      Aside from the bad unions, Unions attributed was keeping wages up with inflation, and inflation is by its core currency debasement meaning for example today’s minimum wage for much of the country only possesses around 2.40 an hour purchasing power, and 15 an hour wage at present inflation rates will only increase purchasing power to 5.60 an hour for not much better than a year before declining back to 2.40 at 15 an hour wage.

      “Lots of luck changing any of this in the US Congress full of lawyers paid off by the rich to keep the poor, poor.”

      To change something, one must first zero into the catalyst or catalysts. In very simple terms, the Rich have offered the poor the money in exchange for all the capital, and the poor wishing to acquire capital, staple necessities, and etc are now forced to relinquish that “money” for the scraps after the government taxes and debases the hell out of it.

      That’d be what an agricultural-consumerist-service economy by economic model is all about, it’s designed to cater to the top…

    • amongoose

      So how much of your income are you willing to give up, and how much of your lifestyle are you willing to sacrifice to enable the workers paradise?
      Will you insist everyone including your leaders use the same government run healthcare system with no exceptions?
      Will rent control extend to all? What about those who now live the high life, do they have to be taken down so all can be equal?
      I’m not sure you really know what the system you advocate entails. It always ends up with an elite ruling over equally poor serfs.
      Show me where it has worked before.
      Where is the outrage for the congressional critters who have gotten rich off of government while providing what you demand?

  • polistra24

    Snyder misses the point entirely. What we have now is NOT capitalism, but is constantly identified as capitalism. The only people who like the current system are the 0.0001% who are getting all the benefits. The rest of us know it’s evil but generally don’t understand that it bears no connection to capitalism. When given a binary choice between evil and something else, we prefer something else.

    • ^^^ A thousand times this! What we have now is more akin to Crony Capitalism, just benefiting the uppermost few.

      Authentic Capitalism would benefit the majority, and we’d have a much happier country. Even the leftiest Leftists would see real Capitalism as a boon.

      patheos. com/blogs/paperbacktheology/2017/09/economy-no-longer-works-average-people-heres.html

    • Undecider

      So who on the planet has the closest semblance to proper capitalism?

      • DW3

        The markets in Baghdad.

  • IsraelTei

    New Jersey now has the opportunity to set our State back onto the Constitutional Track by passing the NJ Parental Rights and Property Tax Reduction Act (A1232/S1209). This will empower all parents to provide their children with the best that education has to offer for ONE-THIRD the cost of New Jersey Public Schools. If you want to know why this bill is not passed, just follow the money and you will find the Progressive Ruling Class drinking from one of the richest public troughs, which is turning New Jersey into a dangerous swamp.

  • rawhunger .

    I would never vote for a bible-thumper for Congress.

    • 4K

      The ironic thing is that they claim to believe in freedom and limited government but yet they want government to step in and outlaw everything imaginable when it comes to “moral” (sin) issues, thus creating a theocracy which is the complete opposite of freedom and limited government.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Come on, he is a bit strange but he isn´t bad.

      • He’s actually one of the better ones.

        Yes, he’s still clinging to the delusion that Crooked Donald has an iota of redeeming character somewhere deep {deeeeeep} inside of him, but ʍichael is not a damnation-thrusting anger-monster that too many Christians have recently adopted as their uniform.

        He’d get absolutely SQUAT done in Congress, because he’d be outnumbered by Christians who aren’t the good ones.

        And being a bit strange is often considered a compliment…

        • tetra

          What’s scary is Trump might get rid of the debt ceiling completely. He should be focused on cutting spending or America is in deep trouble.
          If they eliminate the debt ceiling spending might accelerate even more.

    • Undecider

      Your alternative is a Satanist.

      • DW3


        Same pitiful argument the ruling class uses….you can vote for puppet A or puppet B.

        As potentially shocking as this may come, many people are very tired of the God/Satan delusion.

        Read the Old testament in the King James Bible…it’s fairly impossible to identify God as “good” and Satan as “evil”.

        Quite frankly, I have no use for either of these despicable characters, real or imagined.

        Heaven and Hell? I’ll pass on both options.

        There are approximately 4 BILLION people in this world who have no use for Christianity, and 1.5 BILLION who have no desire to join any group with delusional members who believe in fiction.

        So, actually, there are options other than God or Satan.

        As far as I am concerned, good riddance to both of these bums.

  • greanfinisher .

    In lieu of the bleak future waiting for them, it’s no small wonder why the millennials prefer socialism as they would have absolutely nothing to lose by taking that path.

  • BeenThere

    ” free market capitalism works incredibly well” Huh????

  • RobertM



  • Isaac

    Although I don’t like Trump, I support Trump’s attempt to dismantle DACA. I say no to legalizing the “dreamers.” Jobs for real Americans not fake Americans!

  • Blue Eyed Guy

    It’s perplexing that those who support socialism (which is just another word for communism) are those who have never grown up under it. The trend is mostly happening with those born after the Cold War. They have no idea how the indoctrination that went on in the public schools and universities over the last few decades was a success. There is no real proof that socialism works on a long term scale. Those who’ve lived under it in other places of the world think we are crazy. I would bet that if we went that direction it would be a generation or two where the pendulum would swing back.

  • TheRunningMan

    The tipping point has been passed…

  • Undecider

    Isolate these fools in one geographic area so they can test their theories.