A War On Globalism

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Have you ever wondered why Donald Trump is so deeply hated by the elite?  It isn’t because he is a Republican.  In fact, there are lots of Republicans out there that the elite absolutely love.  The truth is that the reason the elite have such deep animosity toward Trump is because he is fighting their globalist agenda.  When Trump talks about a border wall or a travel ban, the elite hate that because they ultimately want a world where national borders have been made meaningless.  And when Trump talks about tearing up trade agreements that really freaks them out because they have been working very hard to try to merge the economies of the planet into a single global economic system.  Worst of all for the globalists was when Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement.  For decades the elite have been using such international agreements to impose their values on the entire planet, and now the leader of the most powerful nation in the world is standing up to them.


Unfortunately, most of the members of Congress are still embracing the globalist agenda, and this puts them directly at odds with Trump.  So just because someone is a “Republican” does not mean that they care about American sovereignty.  Sadly, sometimes Republicans are actually some of the worst offenders when it comes to pushing globalist causes.

This is why we need a new political war against globalism.  It wasn’t enough just to get Trump into the White House, because the globalists in Congress seem determined to block most of the things that he is trying to do.  So we need to kick the globalists out and replace them with true patriots that truly want to restore our republic.

Most Americans don’t understand that these issues can have a really dramatic impact on their daily lives.  For example, the reason why someone in your extended family may not have a good job right now is because that job was shipped to China.

According to Politifact, more than one study has found that the United States lost more than 60,000 manufacturing facilities after China joined the WTO in 2001…

In 2001, the year China joined the WTO, the Census counted 352,619 manufacturing establishments. In 2014, the most recent year for which data is available, it counted 292,543. That’s a drop of 60,076 over those three years.

Another Census series, its Business Dynamics Statistics, tallied 348,513 manufacturing establishments in 2001 and 274,756 in 2014 — a drop of 73,757 manufacturing establishments.

And another study found that the U.S. lots a whopping 2.4 million manufacturing jobs after China joined the WTO…

A  a 2014 report out of the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute found that the U.S. trade deficit with China has cost 2.4 million manufacturing jobs between 2001 and 2013. The report cites illegal Chinese policies that encourage exports and keep labor cheap, as well as a failure of the WTO agreement that endorsed China’s membership to prevent these sorts of actions.

Slowly but surely merging the United States into a global economic system has cost American workers dearly.  Today, American workers have to compete for jobs with workers on the other side of the planet that live in countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.  This is driving down wages and eroding the middle class.

The middle class dipped under 50 percent of the U.S. population for the first time ever in 2015, and if current trends continue the middle class will just continue to get smaller and smaller in the years ahead.

But the global elite are not concerned about the middle class.  They love shipping jobs overseas because it enables them to make bigger profits.

Our daily lives are affected by our lack of border security as well.  For decades, globalists in both major parties have been perfectly fine with neglecting border security because ultimately they want national borders to essentially become meaningless.  But this has allowed millions upon millions of people to enter our nation illegally, and communities all over America are suffering the consequences.

For example, there are 150,000 gang members now living in Chicago, and a lot of that growth can be attributed to illegal immigration.  The gang members now outnumber the police by more than 10 to 1, and more illegal immigrants are pouring into Chicago with each passing day.

In other parts of the country, the federal government is forcing local communities to take refugees from the Middle East whether they want them or not.  Here in Idaho, a five-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by three Islamic refugees, but incidents such as this are not going to stop the globalists in Washington from forcing us to take even more.

And we aren’t even supposed to say “Islamic terror” anymore because the global elite are trying to foster “cooperation” between all of the major religions of the world.

If the global elite have their way, America will continue to be merged into a global economic system, a system of “global governance”, and a system of “global religious cooperation”.  International bodies such as the UN and international treaties such as the Paris climate agreement will be used to impose globalist values on literally the entire planet.

If we do not stop the globalists, American sovereignty could eventually be eroded away almost completely.  Yes, the “United States” may still technically exist, but all of the important decisions would potentially be made by a “North American Union” or a “global government”.

The European Union and the African Union are models for what the elite hope to do to the entire world.  Many Americans don’t even know that all 55 nations in Africa belong to the African Union.  And of course the elite eventually hope to unite all of the regions under a single international banner.

If we hope to defeat the globalists, now is the time.  We already have Donald Trump in the White House, and now we need to kick the globalists out of Congress and out of important positions in our government agencies.  We also need to withdraw from a whole host of international agreements that have already significantly eroded American sovereignty.

We will always want to maintain positive working relationships with other nations, but we do not ever want to merge into a single global system.

Our founders risked everything to break free from tyranny and to establish a free and independent republic, and we aren’t about to willingly hand this country over to the globalists now.

  • Paul Patriot

    Great article, andi pray Trump can delay the globalist agenda in america, but I fear its already too late, and even if Trump does many things to delay our being grafted I to the global agenda, there are 2 things that make me skeptical that this reprieve will not endure.

    1) there is too much globalist influence and corruption in government, as well as more infiltration of sharia minded folks in positions of authority in this nation, and all that is needed is for another anti Constitutional politician to gain influence in the next presidential election, and all of this can be reversed, kind of like the executive order addicted traitor, who occupied our house, demonstrated in the previous administration.

    2) Biblical prophecy of one world system, which one who has eyes to see and ears to hear, can see the rapid convergence, worldwide.

    So, if Bible prophecy is true, eventually the USA will be conditioned, and its Constitution diluted enough to be blended into the globalist agenda of a NWO.

    I am not a date setter and cannot say this will happen in a few years, but witnessing the rapid global convergence and alignment reveals that we are en route to a global system, just as the bible predicted.

    Now if Trump was able to eliminate the united nations, trilateral commission, CFR, etc, then possible things would look hopeful, but, these very organizations were created for the very purpose of global occupation.

    • don’t use cards

      Don’t ever use a card to buy stuff at the store because it makes it that much easier for them to get their cashless society if everyone is already doing it.

      Once they ban cash, they’ll be able to track everyone & turn their card off anytime.

    • carson

      yep, add in all the inter-faithers within western and american society and within rulers/gov, from local city to state to fed.
      And a part of inter-faithisms besides friends with sharia types is multi-culturalisms/immigration, political correctness, climate change..

      a global system, gov and religion.

  • Isaac

    Trump, despite his shortcomings won because he connected with a majority of Americans on issues that matter to them. However…

    Trump will most likely not keep promises such as bringing back manufacturing to U.S.A., labeling China a “currency manipulator,” curbing HB-1 visas, and much more. It seems he is in bed with the globalists.

    Trump has shown that he is not really serious about “making America great again.” He seems to care more about trivial things.

    Trump is unhinged – he is behaving like a “petulant child.” He is losing respect among MANY people in U.S.A. and in other parts of the world.

    • “Trump, despite his shortcomings won because he connected with a majority of Americans on issues that matter to them.”

      WHAT??? On what planet in which alternate universe did he connect positively with a majority of Americans?? The overwhelming majority of citizens did NOT vote for him, and I’m not even taking about the tens of millions of votes his opponents garnered. I am talking about a record number of people staying home and essentially saying, “Aww, F*** it!” because they were so sorely disappointed with their sh!tty options. He most certainly did not connect with anything NEAR a majority of Americans.

      The rest of your post rings true and factual, but PLEASE do not make the mistake that he was preferred (or even tolerated) by anything near a majority of Americans. He entered the Office of the Presidency with a record-breaking dearth of support and a phenomenally low approval rating… and it has only gotten worse since that day!

      • marlene

        Trump won by a landslide. You trolls don’t fool anyone. You’ve obviously sold your souls for dirty money!

        • lol, suuuuure, a landslide! And Liberace was a real ladies’ man too!

          0MG, you people are funny sometimes.

          • marlene

            Not as funny as people like you who eat fake news for breakfast – you are what you eat LANDSLIDE – period!

          • I’m not the one subsisting on fake news — you are. And Donald is. And what’s left of his former fans are.

            The majority of Americans, and the majority of the planet, are aware that Dismal, Deceitful Donald is a failure and was only installed by his Kremlin Komrade, Vladimir. EVEN CROOKED DONALD HAS ACKNOWLEDGED IT. But he blames Russia’s actions on OBAMA, because… Black man(???)

          • marlene

            Fake news doesn’t fool me like it obviously fools you. I check MY facts. Yours don’t exist and neither does your “understanding” of the garbage you rely on.

          • I realize you think telling me that you “check” your “facts” is equivalent to actually knowing what you’re talking about, alas, like a child who swears that Santa exists because he “saw” Santa at a mall, you are only using low-grade, Russian paid-troll sites to tell you that your lies aren’t lies.

            Intelligent people see this; you never will. No matter how many times you claim to believe the disproven nonsense you claim to believe.

            Eve Crooked Comrade Donald has admitted ON VIDEO that he understands that Russia installed him into the White House for their own personal use. Keep on gouging your eyes out rather than seeing facts. You only damage Dismal Donald’s brand even further, which delights Patriots of all stripes.

          • marlene

            You keep using the word “intelligence” when in fact you’re just grasping at straws because you haven’t shown any. Typical.

          • And your “proof” in anything is never above a schoolyard ad hom. You keep making entirely false claims about Crooked Donald, and you never, ever seem to have the power to back up EVEN ONE SUCH CLAIM.

            And we all know you never will.

          • marlene

            “We”? LOL – look around. You’re still in the minority.

          • lol, yeah, that minority which overwhelmingly DIDN’T vote for Disastrous Donald.

            I love my minority, we outnumber those silly paltry voters who DID vote for Dismal Donald by just about 80,000,000! Source: infomory. com/numbers/number-of-registered-voters-in-the-u-s/
            That’s right, only 63M voted for that ignorant orange disaster, leaving the other 80M+ to bask in the righteousness of not having fallen victim to Russian meddling.

          • marlene

            There you go again. Singularity of mind leaves no room for intelligent thought. You’re not worth any more of my time. GTFO.

          • [MIRROR.jpg]

        • James

          Popular vote loss + 75% electoral college winning percentile = landslide?

          • marlene

            LANDSLIDE – period.

          • James

            How so? In what regard?

          • I think I found out why you keep using that word: Landslide means a great amount of dirt and filth that uncontrollably tumbles down and destroys whatever it touches.

            So, it turns out you have accidentally been somewhat truthful (which is a RARITY for anyone who still somehow supports Crooked Donald).

            What remains important is that despite LOSING THE POPULAR VOTE MORESO THAN B>ANY OTHER CANDIDATE, the arcane and outdated Electoral College still had to go by Putin’s paid trollwork and install Dipsh!t Donald as the least qualified so-called “president” any country has ever seen. This includes the president in the movie, Idiocracy.

          • marlene

            “Landslide” – look it up, DIPSHIT!

          • A.) Thank you for signing your post very accurately as DIPSHIT… but it was entirely superfluous to do so

            B.) I DID look up “landslide”, and the nation and the world is plagued by those natural disasters every few months in one place or another.

            Dipsh!t Donald was just the most disastrous of them recently.

          • marlene

            Dipshit is as dipshit says, dipshit. Only a DIPSHIT would call President Trump a dipshit. Give up, you lost, abominable snowflake.

          • Oh, I KNOW Americans lost. I KNOW that. I wake up every day to more disastrous proof that America lost. This is not in dispute, and how curious that you somehow thought it was.

          • marlene

            You’ve never been awake. Pity. Say hello to hillary and let her know how much you wish she were president, but don’t tell her how much worse our country would be without President Trump at the helm, because you obviously refuse to see that.

          • More troll non-answers from you.

            I was told you might be a bot, I am seeing now this is likely very true. You’re just programmed to regurgitate a non sequitur here and there having nothing to do with the post you’re programmed to reply to. REAL humans vary our tone now and then; bots like you do not. You’re not capable.

          • marlene

            Those who feel the need to defend their being human are most often not. Bot this – if you’re capable, for which you give no indication of being that either.

          • Fortune Cookie line. +++

          • To those who refuse to acknowledge they voted poorly, yes.

            It’s like arguing with a child. But children eventually grow up a little.

      • Isaac

        Hillary was a very poor candidate, and Trump was saying things such as no TPP, which clicked with people. At one point last year, I thought the whole Russia thing was a blame game by the dems. Now, I’m not sure. We’ll see how Trump behaves with Putin next week.

        • Former Secretary of State was by all measures a very poor choice to run, not only because we’ve been pounded by every single media outlet from around the planet for THIRTY+ YEARS about what an awful person/woman she is, but also because after eight years of a Democrat (Obama), this country was ONLY, ONLY, ONLY going to elect a Republican next — it’s just how America votes! But despite every news outlet and every blog constantly telling us all how poor a choice she was, she DID eventually drum up more and more enthusiasm and did eventually garner millions more votes. Remember, or perhaps being a reader of this blog you never knew, but she did win the popular vote by several million more Americans than Crooked Donald… and this was not even counting the millions of people in heavily Democrat zipcodes who were turned away at the polls for having been “””accidentally””” purged from the voter rolls.

          (And also uncountable are the millions who stayed home on that fateful November day because “their candidate”, whether chosen reluctantly or enthusiastically, was a GUARANTEED 100% PROMISE TO WIN.)

          (Oh, also let’s not forget the sheer number of people who ONLY voted for Crooked Donald because they very specifically specified that they didn’t want a woman allowed to run the country — those people were extremely loud and virulent online, and although they could not come up with even one “positive” for Crooked Donald, they did reluctantly prefer him to the w!tch, b!tch, ¢unt, wh0re, Jezebel(???), etc., gendered slurs which never even approached any of the things she had been accused/eventually found innocent of.)

          • Gay Veteran

            well she won big in Detroit with voters who didn’t exist

            “…And if any portion of you still clings to any desperate notion that the Kremlin didn’t hand this election to Crooked Donald….”

            poor, poor sCarrie, you have ZERO evidence.
            but you democrats go ahead and run with that zero instead of reflecting on why you LOST

          • James

            Hillary won big in Detroit with dead voters by underperforming Obama by 80,000 votes!
            Also, with the same margins seen in other urban counties (King, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Harris, Pima, Travis, Dallas, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Mecklenburg, Wake, Durham, Cuyahoga, Arlington, Genesee, Philadelphia, Allegheny, Milwaukee, Cook, St. Louis, Hennepin, Ramsay, Leon, etc, etc)

          • marlene

            “Big” is now the new ‘small.’

          • James

            Hillary’s margin was not as “big” as Obama in Wayne County. That is undeniable.

            Given the ridiculousness of dead people voting – Michigan was under a Republican SOS for both elections -, why didn’t the political machine deliver the same number of votes for Hillary?

          • marlene

            True. Some of the election and voting machine fraud did not expect such overwhelming votes for Trump and their algorithms did not correct themselves. I watched the video of the whistleblower who was one of the people directly involved in ‘fixing’ the machines. He went into great detail as to how it was done and also exposed the democrats who owned many of the ‘fixed’ machines.

          • James

            So, now Republicans are claiming that Democrats rigged the voting machines and Democrats are claiming that Republicans rigged the voting machines.

          • James

            1. Are you telling me that the Democrats are so smart, they can figure out how to have elections rigged, yet Robeson County, St. Lucie County, Ashtabula County, and others went red?

          • James

            2. And that Democrats hacked voting machines in every urban area – Miami-Ft.Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, Chicago-Naperville, Houston-The Woodlands – Sugarland, Denver, Seattle-Tacoma, DC-Arlington, even under Republican SOS supervision?

          • I think you fooled not-too-bright marlene into thinking you’re supporting her views… she upvoted you thinking you believe there were 80,000 dead votes cast for HRC.

          • marlene

            SPOT ON. After the many recounts, over 3 million more votes went for Trump in just one state. Hillary had more reporters than supporters at her rallies. Fakenews is for liberals and there one born every day. I see these same trolls on other sites.

          • I’ll be very scared for the future of our nation if you are actually, really, truly NOT joking, and that you are actually, truly, really are as stupid as you appear to be.

            Literally NO ONE who is intelligent believes what you [claim to] believe.

          • marlene

            Nothing to be scared of, snowflake. WE won our government away from people like you. Intelligence shows itself as such. The only thing your comments prove is your lack of any brain cells.

          • [MIRROR.jpg]

    • Jack Fough

      You are listening to way to much MSM’s fake news. Can one man save a nation decimated by 8 years of the previous president and prior administrations? Probably not but what are you going to do? Give up on your country? Hopefully not. One man plus a nation sick of being used can move mountains…..and yes, save a nation. Trump is far from being “unhinged.” The only people he is losing respect from are the progressive globalists here and abroad. Two would be the leaders of Sweden and Germany and just look how well that is working out for the Swedes and the Germans! Nothing I want to see in the United States of America!

      • Trump is far from unhinged?? Only if you mean he is far past being just unhinged. He is deranged and if any former President had spent so much time twittering like a egomaniacal 13 year-old girl 24/7 about how much he doesn’t watch all of the TV shows which point out his disastrous decisions, we’d have stormed the White House with pitchforks and torches. Yet Crooked Donald gets his a$$ french-kissed by the likes of you for doing it.

        Try as you might, there is no denying that many, MANY of his former supporters have woken the heck up and are longing for a time machine so that they could vote more wisely this time.


        • Jack Fough

          Sorry, but I respectfully and totally disagree with your unfounded statements.. You are a troll.

          • Hey, some of you have also “respectfully and totally disagreed” with me when I stated the Earth is flat.

            Your adamance in the face of facts doesn’t make you correct, nor does your baseless name-calling.

            More people have abandoned Crooked Donald than you’re willing to say? No skin off my apple, it only makes you look less realistic in comparison.

          • marlene

            “Less realistic” IS your skinless spine. We know you’re lying because we have proof of what we know. Outside of your deranged trolling, you have nothing.

          • You don’t actually have “proof” of what you claim to know. Claiming that Crooked Donald is good/honest/decent/religious/intelligent/not a raging p3rvert, etc., does not mean any of that is true. You confuse WANTING to believe with being correct. That isn’t how to prove you’re correct though.

            I don’t troll here. Only a very troubled and deluded person would consider telling the truth to be “trolling”. And if you want to claim that I am telling ANYTHING but the truth, please point to literally ANY example, and I will show you that I am correct in my statement. I do not like being incorrect, so I make DAYYUM good and sure that my statements can be 100% backed up and verified before I EVER hit reply.

          • marlene

            Like I said, you fail to explain in what ways President Trump is like you say he is. That’s because you don’t know or care about learning the truth and, therefore, you don’t care about my country. Even if America is your country too, you show such disdain for the best president we’ve had in decades that only a troll would show and refuse to face the dangers we faced during the campaign with every other candidate. But I’m assuming some level of informed, intelligent discourse here when, unfortunately, it’s not coming from you. Have a nice fantasy but wake before reality hits you where your words come from.

          • Abe

            You use to think the world was flat? Really???

          • No, I’m the one who gets accused of being stupid or a liar when I say that the Earth is not flat, and these flat-earthers are all pro-Donald.aa as are the reptilian overlord crowd and the Alex Jones crowd.

            Sadly I did hit ‘send’ just an instant before I’d realized I put ‘is flat’ rather than what I’d meant to put, ‘isn’t flat. A typo I’d fixed instantly, alas, first drafts are out there forever…

          • Abe

            So your saying I think the world is flat? What are you on? I doubt very much Trump partakes in those Satanist child sacrificial rituals with Hillary, Graham, Podesta, McCain, Schummer, Mad Maxine, Pelosi, and the rest of them clowns

          • “So your [sic] saying I think the world is flat?”

            Ummmmm, NO, actually — so what are YOU on? Please tell me where I said YOU think the world is flat. Geez, marlene, you fooled me with the different name, but your kooky delusional paranoia gave you away. Here, so you’ll look smarter next time: “All flat-earthers are pro-Donald crackpots” is NOT the same thing as “All pro-Donald crackpots think the Earth is flat”. It’s kind of like “All poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles”. Comprehend now?

            Also, your bat-guano crazy brain is beyond help if you think any portion of Pizzagate is based in reality… I was even going to use Pizzagate as a disparaging insult earlier, but I didn’t feel like being that sickeningly cruel. You gullible people just equate the worst evils with anyone who doesn’t guzzle the identical pablum as you. Meanwhile, who are the ones consistently getting arrested with gay stuff and little kiddy-stuff? Yup, the farthest-right Christian Republicans. Your projection has blinded you to reality.

            google. com/search?q=republican+underage&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

            google. com/search?q=donald+trump+underage&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

            At least Anthony Wiener’s underage victim was old enough to cross the street on her own.

          • Abe

            What’s with all the name calling? Did I call you anything? All I did was ask a couple questions, and you come back with your hateful diatribe. Believe me as a jar head, nothing you can call me ruin my day. I think you need to call the nurse to have her change out your rag. I think somethings crawled up your gash, and is infecting your brain. My guess it was one of those genetically modified viruses the last 3 administrations were messing with.

          • Yeah. Switch out “name-calling” with “insults”, and then ask yourself all the same questions.

            But use spellcheck so that the rest of us won’t have to struggle getting through your illiterate diatribes.

          • clark

            I wonder how much Soros is paying his trolls nowadays?

          • marlene

            Not much for such cheap shots – lol, Nothing they say even makes sense.

          • Nice unproven fantasy you’ve got there… but ask yourself why anyone — let alone a wealthy democrat — would pay people to tell the truth. Believe it or not, telling the truth is a noble duty, and I do it for free.

            Shame on you for considering truth to be something you only share if you’re being paid.

          • marlene

            Ask Carrie!

          • marlene

            Exactly, Easily identifiable by their outright lies and name calling.

          • marlene

            I agree.

        • marlene

          The outrageousness of your out-and-out lies prove you have sold your soul to the devils on the left.

          • Please provide an example of a lie I have old. Or even something that I’ve written that can’t be verified in EVERY search you could make. PLEASE.

            Claiming that someone you disapprove of has lied does not make your statement true, nor does it negate the veracity from all of my statements. You lose any debate using that lazy method. The whole selling souls to devils/left is just to obscenely stupid to even believe you’re not trolling your drug-addled diaper off.

          • marlene

            No, you need to prove your statements, which you can’t and you won’t. Go back to the hole you crawled out of, swamp creature!

          • See? We both knew you couldn’t find even a SMIDGEN of a mistruth in my statements. ANY of them.

            Please recognize that you are doing no more than projecting when you call others the troll.

            Have an awesome night. Have an awesome weekend. Find some fresh air, breathe deeply, and come back here and behave like an adult when you address me or I will not deign a reply again.

          • marlene

            There you go again. Nothing to say but to express your derangement syndrome. Go eat your pablum and take a long nap. This is not an outlet for your serious psychological problems. Grow up, grow some, and go away.

          • Chet Hiatt

            wow! and we disparage our president for comments he makes. Think that is called hypocrisy….we all need take a breath…and I agree that the responsibility of presenting truth lies in the lap of the presenter

          • You’re darned right we [rightly] disparage that unhinged man-child for comments he makes, this is what separates us from the jackals. Do you think YOU would be able to keep your job if YOU made the vile, hate-filled, and unfounded “comments” that Crooked Donald made? Only if you were in his administration… and that’s only a maybe! So many of his henchmen have been removed (or had to step down) for “comments” they’ve made instead of actually being the Public Servants they are being paid to be.

            I am happy you also agree that the responsibility for presenting facts lies with the presenter… so then, HOW can we get Deceitful Donald to begin backing up any of his ludicrous and unfounded claims? I’m very eager to hear your suggestions to start our President being honest.

            (Just in case you try to pull a fast one, let me PLEASE implore you not to flip out and start going into hysterics and name-calling like “marlene” here. Behavior like that should have been tut-tutted away in Kindergarten, not ending up disrupting adults’ discussions. I legitimately want to hear your suggestions to start forcing, as it were, our President to become honest for once.)

      • marlene

        The globalists are putting a lot of trolls on these sites. We can identify them by the outrageousness of their lies .

        • woodstock

          Now Carrie is pretending she didn’t want Hillary (she flip-flopped since November).
          Now i’m getting a naastty reply [word misspelled due to moderation].

          • Carrie never “wanted” former Secretary of State Clinton as President. Carrie just stated that no way was Crooked Donald a better candidate, nor was there any way that Crooked Donald was going to get more votes, so in those regards — she’s still correct.

            There, now that I’m done with the third person… At NO point did I ever waiver from wanting a Republican to retake the White House. And Duplicitous Donald is not now — nor has he EVER BEEN — a Republican. And my many posts here and elsewhere indicate I have only ever voted Republican (or in Ross Perot’s case, Independent). If you’re going to bear false witness against me, at least do it where the body of my proof doesn’t shut down your lies instantly.

          • Gay Veteran

            sCarrie, quit your lying, you LOVE Hillary

          • Secondly, I have NOT flip-flopped about Crooked Donald. I was a straight up Cassandra (Greek mythology reference) about him, and the only people flip-flopping after November are Crooked Donald’s furious former acolytes… many of whom are on this very site!

          • marlene

            Anyone whose knowledge of the President of the United States goes no further than calling him “crooked” doesn’t know what she’s talking about in the first place. Trolls have very little or no intelligence or education so their vocabulary is limited to insults they probably read from a script. No sense arguing with a fool.

          • He IS crooked! He contracts employees then doesn’t pay them! He screws over blue-collar workers! And he has the nerve to call OTHERS crooked, ha!

            Also, anyone who thinks there’s a point to trolling on this website cannot be expected to make a cogent point, so that certainly excuses you.

            Remember, telling the truth is NOT the same as trolling, no matter what mister fakenews tells you.

      • Isaac

        Maybe I’m, but I keep it in check. You’re right – one man cannot make a difference after many years of other admins. However, I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern with Trump. It seems he’ll say just about anything to get popular and then he’ll a do a 180 or 360 degree shift in policy. Jobs are being sent to India and China, and now Trump wants to maintain the status quo.

    • marlene

      Trump has already brought back manufacturing. YOU’RE unhinged. Stop lying, hillary!

      • Isaac

        No he has not! Where is the proof? Your petty insults don’t hurt me. Your blind devotion to Trump is stunning.

        • marlene

          Your blind ignorance is dangerous!

        • marlene

          If you were well-informed, you’d have the proof. You’re not and you don’t.

          • If you were telling the truth, then YOU’D have the proof.

            Everyone who is correcting you seems to stand brightly with righteousness because facts support us… but facts do NOT support YOU, and that is yet one more reason why his FORMER voters lament having voted for him — they see he lied JUST to win.

          • marlene

            Just in case hillary doesn’t answer your knock, talk to obama about “righteousness.” Apparently, you’re conflating its meaning with the unrighteousness of people like yourself.

          • See? You had an opportunity to show you weren’t lying all this time about literally EVERYTHING, and instead you chose the liar’s tactic of distraction: “Look over there! Don’t look at my lack of facts! Look at those people who aren’t even involved in the convo! Yeah! Anything but holding ME to my statements’ veracity!”

          • marlene

            As an experiment in recombinant DNA, what’s it like being you?

  • DJohn1

    By their fruits you shall know them.
    We have seen the fruits and it is not good.
    You are going after the wrong people.
    The people we need to go after are those people who are financing Globalism.
    They do own this Congress. That is both parties they own body and soul.
    That sucking sound you hear is your jobs leaving the country or some such quote from Perot. Then his family was threatened by this mafia and he quit.
    We are talking about financial interests worth a very lot of money.
    I call them what I see to be. They are not above criminal activity. They have obviously bought their way to enormous power in this country.
    They are not above owning the media and setting it against Trump.
    CNN is not alone.
    But they are owned. They have been given their instructions.
    No one person is immune from their activities.
    The Godfather in the fictional book was an angel by comparison.
    So how do you root it all out? I do not know that it can be rooted out.
    This has been going on now for a very long time in the Congress.
    The people that might do it are the huge numbers of people in the unemployment line and huge numbers forced on to welfare.
    That is IF they can still vote . . .
    Homeless people cannot vote if they have no permanent residence registered.
    We can dismantle the media ownership as it stands right now.
    Force them into public corporations with many owners. Too many to influence with lies. 6% is way too concentrated an ownership to allow for decent news coverage.
    Public Relations is a science and it is used in many ways to influence how we think in every day life. It is scary how much influence PR people have.
    Education of the public might work.
    Bill Gates made a fortune with Windows because it used imaging and a level any first grader could do instead of complicated computer code.
    Well the average American has little training in how the game in Congress works.
    That helps the people in Congress to do what ever they want.
    And that is the real problem. Congress is bought.

  • TJAW

    Michael continues to talk of Trump as if he is some saint who has come to bring America back to the top of the world, when it has become enormously clear that he is an aggressive, mean-spirited thug, a sickeningly insensitive dictator, an extremely arrogant and unhinged villain… there are simply too many ways to describe him negatively. He is the worst President of all time by far.

    If you disagree, you are simply blind to near constant evidence of his barbaric insanity that he has displayed on his hate-filled Twitter page and in speeches, rallies and interviews. Sadly, I’m sure that most of you do in fact disagree and see him as a misunderstood hero. Well, if this horrid, cruel, sexist, racist, incredibly childish son of a bitch is the kind of man you think should be President, then you have officially declared the United States among the worst countries on Earth. The vast majority of the United States population – including a huge chunk of his supporters – have abandoned him, and for good reason.

    • Paul Patriot

      ” He is the worst President of all time by far”


      Worse than the pro islam, anti Constitutional, pro globalist obummer, who was addicted to excecutive orders that were unconstitutional and applauded immorality, and allowed our national debt to double in 8 short years ?????

      Keep drinking the koolaide!!!

      • The following facts are not intended to appear as though I liked/approved of Obama, so please everyone take off your tinfoil reading glasses before accusing me of having liked him…
        Obama was not “pro-Islam… he was just the first President who wasn’t blatantly anti-Islam.
        Donald issued more executive orders in his first few days than ANY other President, including Obama. We ripped Obama a new on on the daily for what we considered an insane number of EOs, but we piddled our pants with glee when Donald wrote even more.
        Oh, and don’t forget that some of those have been found to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL as well. (Anyone even slightly familiar with our nation’s Constitution will be quick to say that Donald is very anti-Freedom of Speech. Anyone who wishes can google “Trump anti-Constitution” to see a dozen more examples.)
        Obama — and Trump — and any other President is at the mercy of his administration’s Congress and Senate, and during Obama’s reign we had Republicans under him who blocked and stymied his every effort, so we can’t realistically claim Obama did much of anything other than create a faction of reactionary hysterics who would put America second come November 2016.

    • Many voted for him as their “Anarchy Candidate”, to hasten the end of the United States’ supposed reign of terror on the rest of the planet. The Bernie Bros did as much to get him elected as Russia, so it wasn’t just foreign enemies who wanted t see America ruined from within.

      And it bears saying again — but if Obama had done even ONE PERCENT of the myriad Яetarded things Dithering Donald has done, we’d be hysterically planning to have Obama drawn and quartered in the town square. But the Idiot King gets a free pass.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…The Bernie Bros did as much to get him elected as Russia did, so it wasn’t just foreign enemies who wanted to see America ruined from within….”

        but then the DNC made sure Bernie didn’t win.

        keep on with the Russia hysteria and democrats will keep on LOSING

  • Ray S.

    Mainstream media is also rooted in globalism. Every time Trump takes a swing at them it adds more fuel to this fire. I think a good majority of us welcome it.

    • guppy

      Speaking of internet, Google search results are rigged, YouTube removes political videos, Facebook & Twitter may be even worse. Amazon banned ‘Nobody Died At Sandy Hook.’
      Gmail blocks the Naturalnews letter.

  • “[T]he reason why someone in your extended family may not have a good job right now is because that job was shipped to China.”

    The larger reason accounting for more jobs being lost is automation… yet we keep hearing only about the lesser issue of jobs going to more affordable climes.

    • Gay Veteran

      MILLIONS of American jobs went to workers in countries like China

  • “American workers have to compete for jobs with workers on the other side of the planet that live in countries where it is legal to pay slave
    labor wages. This is driving down wages and eroding the middle class”

    And yet so many pro-Trumpies keep claiming that our minimum wage should be eradicated and we should let the market decide… and of course much like those dreaded poverty-stricken countries, our workers would have no protections whatsoever and would be essentially fighting one another for the crumbs that multi-billion dollar industries would offer.

    (Oh, and also: Many more jobs are going the way of automation, and not in fact going to other countries.)

  • Jack Fough

    Best article I have read by Michael to date. Maybe, the most important article written by Michael to date. Pass this one around to everyone you know.

  • “a five-year-old girl was sxxually assaulted by three Islamic refugees,”

    And in Idaho as well as the rest of the entire nation, thousands upon thousands of other five-year-old boys and girls are sxxually assaulted by their fathers, brothers, uncles, grampas, teachers, scoutmasters, priests, and other random perfectly legal citizens. Yet we ONLY seem to care when the horrors come from a foreigner. PATHETIC.

    • Jack Fough

      You are sick for condoning even one such act. And why should we not make examples of criminals who do such heinous acts?

      • No, YOU are sick for reading what I wrote and somehow in your broken synapses you twisted it into anything even resembling condonance.

        Actually, it’s probably more your issue of projection, as it was ME who was the only one here who cares about victims DESPITE the skin color and nation of birth of the criminal. Next time have an intelligent person break down these concepts for you so you don’t fire off bass-ackwards at anyone again.

        • woodstock

          “Islam is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog.” — Winston Churchill

          • “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”
            — Winston Churchill
            “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”
            — Winston Churchill
            “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” — Winston Churchill
            “If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another. ” — Winston Churchill
            There, I can copy and paste too. But you should know your meaningless quote was paraphrased and out of context. When the number of “bad MusIims” is only on par with the number of “bad Christians”, you must realize that we’ll need to stop Christians from entering the U.S. too. (Or at least aim the ridiculous travel ban at countries which ACTUALLY PRODUCED anti-American terrorists instead of the handful of MusIim countries Crooked Donald isn’t doing business with…)

          • Gay Veteran

            you want Muslim immigration?
            put them up in YOUR house

          • ME

            Yeah you don’t get to own the victim card no matter how hard you try- Next!

          • Victim card??? Your statement was the verbal equivalent of the bunny w/ a pancake on its head meme.

            Next time you want to say something meaningless, do it away from your computer.

        • Gay Veteran

          yep, another troll who wants to admit more Muslims who treat women like slaves and are violently anti-gay

    • Antiprog

      please explain the dramatic RAPE , CRIME and terrorism spike in Europe .


      naive progressive, multicultarist fool .

      • A.) Thank you for signing your post as both naive and a fool.

        B.) Because today’s men apparently think they are back in King Henry VIII’s time and therefore they are too lazy (or uneducated?) to actually DO THE WORK THEMSELVES, I generally charge for Googling obvious answers on lazy persons’ behalf. But because you’ve gone to the trouble of using a new moniker, I’ll let you skate this time.

        I’ll happily explain to your admittedly naive fool brain why those countries have suddenly seen a “spike” in [all] crime: Until just a few years ago, many European countries tallied their crimes just as the United States did — ineffectively. What happened in the above European countries a few years ago you ask (Or would ask if you knew how to solve things more difficult than a remote control)? They started counting ra pes individually, as opposed to how we still do here — collectively.

        If I kidnap someone and ra pe him once a day for a full year in the U.S., I’ll be charged with kidnap and ra pe, and serve some incredibly low term. If however I do the same crime in Sweden (now), I will be charged with kidnap and 365 counts of ra pe. Do you see the difference in numbers? If you don’t, I’ll respond to you one more time for free of charge (but not more than once). The way many European countries have begun to count ra pe the way it SHOULD be counted is why they show such a HUGE spike in numbers. Same goes for violent crimes. Here (and formerly there) you can commit a slew of violent acts in a few hours’ time and it’ll be counted as one charge; Sweden and the gang began individually counting each offense separately, thus ensuring a much better picture of actual crime levels as opposed to America’s lazy, outdated way.

        You young people today would never have made it back in my day. Back then we made an effort to learn before tugging at strangers’ sleeves demanding that answers be researched and delivered upon silver platters like you demand.

        • Antiprog

          Deranged post modern progre$$ive dimocrat . Quite an inane screed ….JV level . Seek help , stay miserable and don’t commit violence against political opposition . Resist dimocrat media and pol$ incitement

          I was not demanding anything . I’m aware of what is happening around the world . You are ignorant and or detached from reality

          Ignoring facts and truth is a concession to my point

          • Step away from the mirror when you are typing your inane drivel.
            You fool no one but yourself — a task easily accomplished, clearly.

            Next time you fear being corrected, perhaps don’t ask to be corrected, moocher.

          • James

            What of the facts are delusion?
            European countries have a much more centralized method of reporting crimes – thus inflating crime numbers. Further, crime numbers are counted much more strictly than in the US. Ex, the r@pe.

      • And I almost forgot — please heed my profile’s byline — I don’t appreciate being expected to respond to off-topic conversations by lazy people. I am an adult with a job and a family of my own. It is unfair for you welfare teetsuckers to expect others to do your work for you. At least with my taxes, the money is measured & spent by some systems I don’t have to deal with. But my TIME is my TIME, something we do not actually get a portion back every April, dearie.

    • ME

      Yeah pretty sure people are outrage when anybody rapes a child. The point was that they are trying to flood our streets with a group of immigrants who’s come from a culture that is accepting of raping children, which obvious our culture doesn’t. Wow educate yourself. Your ignorance is offensive!!!

      • “Yeah pretty sure people are outrage [sic] when anybody rapes a child”

        Well, you’re wrong then. No one becomes so hysterical, so unhinged, so frothing-at-the-mouth guano-crazy unless/until the perpetrator is non-white, non-Xtian, or foreign. Then the arrest is low-key and the followup is very quiet so as to anesthetize the situation.

        “point was that they are trying to flood our streets with a group of
        immigrants who’s [sic] come from a culture that is accepting of raping
        children, which obvious our culture doesn’t.”

        Well then, the point is as wrong as you. The Twin Falls, Idaho story was ginned up fake news from start to finish. nytimes. com/2017/09/26/magazine/how-fake-news-turned-a-small-town-upside-down.html (Also, our culture doesn’t find it nearly as offensive as we pretend we do; we’re quite encouraging of adults preying upon too-young children.)

        “Wow educate yourself. Your ignorance is offensive!!!”

        {Mirror.jpg} I hope some day you mature enough to see the irony of your Dunning-Kruger there, pal.

  • marlene

    30 million smart voters voted for PRESIDENT TRUMP, proving the left is over the edge of insanity. Their choices highlight the uselessness of their ideaology and their choices.

  • Abe

    Here’s a little something to put in your pipe for deep thought.

    Heard about the Twitter war between Trump and Mika Brzezinski and her “stunningly brilliant” boyfriend Joe Scarborough! (morning joe lol I know, I don’t waste my time either)

    Who is MIKA???

    Her dad Zbigniew Brzezinski, was the one that said at a Bilderberg meeting years ago that

    “in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people” while “today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

    “Biggie Z” as I call him wrote the book “The Grand Chess Board”! Yes that’s what those rats think of us as pawns on a chess board.

    How about this twist on a “Biggie Z” line?

    “in earlier times, it was easier to control media whores, literally, than physically to kill media whores, while today it is infinitely easier to kill a media whore than to control a media whore ”

    With love Biggie, Rest well in HELL!

  • 72 Dolphins

    Globalism is about creating a new world order as it was in the days of Babylon under Nimrod. Trump is a huge roadblock towards that goal and is why you see such hatred in the MSM towards him.

  • Wm Reich

    No one knows the day or hour right? We are ordered to resist evil and instructed that it will flee..

    Be not the hireling and flee in fear but be like the Master

    11I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd layeth down his life for the sheep.
    that is a hireling, and not a shepherd, whose own the sheep are not,
    beholdeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth, and the
    wolf snatcheth them, and scattereth them :
    13he fleeth because he is a hireling, and careth not for the sheep. ASV

    Honor Christ .. by lawful political and social means FIGHT!!!

  • Goldcoaster

    wow. finally someone gets it.

  • Weihan Xingqi

    Globalism was half-way palatable UNTIL the diabolical masterminds behind the grand scheme of globalization implemented their sinister plans to import the entire third world into Europe and North America!

    The usual NGOs have collaborated with human smugglers in Africa and Central America to transplant tens of millions of impoverished “refugees” (note the scare quotes) into all of Europe and the USA. THAT is pure INSANITY, and it cannot have a positive outcome. No culture would voluntarily allow itself to be invaded by millions who have different values, languages, traditions, mores, habits and lifestyles without opposition. But the sinister globalists have labeled anyone who resists their lunatic plans as “racists!”

  • bill

    “Have you ever wondered why Donald Trump is so deeply hated by the elite?”…….. No, I keep wondering why clowns like you continue to push Trump as a patriot and not one of the elite. The Globalist agenda continues while you Trumptards lie to yourselves and try to pretend he’s one of “us”.

    • Antiprog

      keep worshipping the incompetent BH Oblama ……the true greedy globali$t crony corpgre$$ive/ communiy agitator , lavish vacationer, JV duffer.

  • Gay Veteran


  • James

    Can’t complain about globalization when you play forex markets and foreign stock exchanges.

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    I have never been very good at asking for help. My father was an officer in the U.S. Navy, and he raised me to be very strong and very independent. So for my entire life, I have been a “pull myself up by my own bootstraps” kind of guy. From a very early age I came to think of asking others for help as a sign of weakness. Of course today I know that is not true, but there is still part of me that hesitates to enlist the support of others even when I really, really need it.

    But now I have been put into a position where I have no choice but to ask for help. As many of you already know, I am running for Congress, and there is no way in the world that I could ever do that by myself.

    So this is very humbling for me, because I know that if this is not a team effort that I am 100% assured of failing.

    The good news is that a number of my readers have already stepped up to help, and I am so thankful for that. And if you would like to financially support my campaign for Congress, you can do so right here…


    Thankfully, I don’t have to raise enormous amounts of money to be successful. In some areas of the country, candidates for the House of Representatives raise millions of dollars, but in this district candidates for Congress usually only raise a small fraction of that.

    And there is going to be no incumbent in this district in 2018,
    because the individual that is currently holding this seat is running for governor instead. So the race is wide open, and none of my potential opponents is independently wealthy.

    So to win this race, I just need to raise enough money to be on the same playing field as the others. Because we have already been sharing my message with groups of voters, and after hearing my message many voters that were undecided or that were already committed to another candidate are coming over to my side.

    I am going to have the strongest message in this race, and I just need to get it in front of everyone in this district.

    Once again, this is not actually going to take very much. In fact, if every one of my readers were to donate 10 dollars today, I could be done funding my entire campaign by tomorrow…


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    Perhaps later you will want to donate more, but right now we are just at the very beginning and we are trying to get things off the ground. This is such a critical stage, and we have got to raise some funds in order to do the basic things that every campaign needs to do.

    And of course 10 dollars is not a lot. Many of you will spend more than that on coffee this week. If you have been blessed by me and by my work all these years, would you consider being a blessing to me by helping in this way?

    I want to take the same message that I have been proclaiming in my books, on my websites, and on radio and television all over America to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. I wouldn’t be going there to “join the club” or to be just another spineless politician.

    Rather, if I win this election I plan to turn over the tables in
    Washington D.C. and I plan to be a wrecking ball to the spirit of
    political correctness.

    So many of us (including me) have complained that we never have anyone good to vote for, and so I am trying to do my part by putting myself way out on a limb. It is kind of scary out here, but I have faith that those that enjoy my work all over the nation will rally behind me.

    In every generation, Americans have had to sacrifice to defend
    liberty and freedom. Thankfully we don’t have to do that will guns and bullets today, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t sacrifices to be made.

    Over the next 10 months, I will be spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours on this campaign. I believe that the most pivotal time in modern American history is ahead of us, and we are going to need leadership in Washington that is going to fight for our values.

    If you would like to read more about where I stand on the issues, you can do so right here…


    But of course most of you all already know my heart. I have put everything that I have into my articles for the past seven years, and those of you that have followed me for a long time already know that I am a fighter.

    But if I try to fight this battle alone, I will lose.

    The only way that I am going to win is if you help me.

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    If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to reach out to me at Michael@MichaelSnyderForCongress.com.

    Our founders had faith that they could stand up to the mighty British empire, and because of that faith the United States of America exists today.

    Now it is our turn to believe that we can make a difference. If you would be willing to let me know that you stand with me by donating at least 10 dollars to the campaign, that would mean the world to me.

    It is during our times of greatest need that we find out who our friends are, and I am looking for a few good friends to help me now.

    Thank you for following my work on a regular basis, and for more information about how you can get involved in this campaign, please check out my official campaign websites…

    Michael Snyder For Congress: https://www.michaelsnyderforcongress.com/

    Michael Snyder For Idaho: https://michaelsnyderforidaho.com/

  • Zlatko Milanovic

    “We will always want to maintain positive working relationships with
    other nations, but we do not ever want to merge into a single global
    Our founders risked everything to break free from tyranny and to
    establish a free and independent republic, and we aren’t about to
    willingly hand this country over to the globalists now.”
    I agree. I wish everything your wrote made as much sense.