A Message For The Government: Get Off Our Backs!

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Government in America has gotten completely and totally out of control.  Our founding fathers originally intended to set up a nation where the power of government would be greatly limited, but today government has become a horribly bloated monster that is relentlessly growing.  It is not just the federal government that I am talking about.  All over the country, there are state and local governments that have become monstrous as well.  No matter who we elect, they just want even more of our money, they demand even more of our time and our resources, they pile even more rules and regulations on to our backs, they seek even more control over us and our children and they take even more of our liberties and freedoms away.  They have invented hundreds of different ways to drain money out of us, and yet it is never enough.  They pile up nightmarish debts that they expect our children and our grandchildren to repay, and yet our cities and our infrastructure are crumbling all around us.  Government seems to have a relentless appetite for demanding even more from all of us, and yet they seem to badly mess up everything that they try to accomplish.  Well, I have a message for the government.  Get off our backs!


I was horrified recently when I learned that the state of Virginia plans to put toll booths on Interstate 95.

Talk about a stupid idea!

I used to spend many hours traveling up and down Interstate 95.  It is a traffic nightmare and the last thing anyone needs is for it to become even more congested.

But that is what is going to happen.

So why are they doing this?

Well, it is another way for them to make money.

This is happening all over the nation.  State governments are taking roads that have already been paid for and they are turning them into toll roads.

I am very highly offended by this.  But amazingly, most of the politicians that are doing this keep getting voted back into office.

Another example is the 520 bridge in the Seattle area.  The 520 bridge is the primary connection between Bellevue and Seattle and it has already been paid for.  A lot of hard working people use that bridge to get to work.  But now they are slapping toll booths on it.

Will we eventually live in an America where almost all of the major roads are toll roads?

Don’t laugh – we get a little bit closer to that every month.

It is just another way that government has found to suck us dry.

What is worse is when state governments sell roads that have already been paid for to foreign companies.  These foreign companies are allowed to put up toll booths and charge an outrageous amount of money.

These deals give state governments an immediate injection of cash, but they also subject their citizens to abusive tolling for decades to come.

Of course when it comes to taking our money, the biggest offender is the federal government.

Did you know that when the federal government implemented a personal income tax back in 1913, the vast majority of the population paid a rate of just 1 percent?  The highest marginal rate was just 7 percent.

I sure wouldn’t mind paying 1 percent today.

But we all know what has happened since that time.

Now Barack Obama wants to raise taxes once again.  Obama is portraying his plan as a tax on millionaires, but the reality is that there is a whole lot more to it than that.

The truth is that what he has proposed is so ridiculous that even Bill Clinton is against the Obama tax plan.

You see, the government has learned not to use the word “tax” so much.  Instead, words like “fees”, “fines”, “contributions” and “deductions” are used a lot more often these days.  A recent article posted on Yahoo News documented some of the “fees” that are peppered throughout the Obama tax plan….

Airline passengers would see their federal security fees double from $5 to $10 for a nonstop round-trip flight and triple to $15 by 2017, raising $25 billion over the coming decade. Federal workers would face an additional 1.2 percentage point deduction from their paychecks to contribute $21 billion more for their pensions over the same period. Military retirees would pay a $200 fee upon turning 65 to have the government pay their out-of-pocket Medicare expenses. They’d also pay more for non-generic prescription drugs.

But it is not just the federal government that is doing this kind of thing.

For example, CNN recently profiled Ray Garcia, the owner of Prestige Limousines in Boca Raton, Florida.  Garcia says that complying with government regulations takes up most of his time and he says that the fees are absolutely outrageous….

We will start with Miami, which is Dade County. You have to buy a permit, which costs anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. Once you acquire that permit, you have to find a vehicle to put that permit on. And it has to be no older than five years old. Once that car is five years old, you have to go out and buy a new one, no matter what kind of condition you keep it in.

You have to get the car inspected every year. And you have to renew the luxury sedan permit every year. It would be better if you could buy just one permit for your entire fleet. But you have to buy one for each car and each car permit costs $675.

It is getting really, really hard to run a small business in the United States today.  Politicians love to give speeches about how much they love small businesses, but when they get into office they just soak them dry.

The number of small businesses in this country continues to shrink.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.6 million Americans were self-employed back in December 2006.  Today, that number has shrunk to 14.5 million.

Life is especially tough for small businesses that try to carry employees.  Things have gotten so bad at this point that it is really hard to justify the expense of hiring new workers.  There are so many rules, regulations and taxes that it is almost always more trouble than it is worth for small businesses.

In a recent column, Charles Hugh Smith shared what one small business owner told him about why he is so hesitant to hire new workers these days….

Once I hire someone, I am party to a relationship that is full of risk. What usually happens is the “check harvesting” situation where just enough work is done to extract a paycheck. I am on the hook for matching Social Security tax, medicare tax, city occupational tax, unemployment tax, federal unemployment tax, workers comp insurance and all the abuse that goes along with that system. I have to withhold State and Federal income taxes with ridiculous penalties for late payments. Often I will get served with a garnishment or child support levy for an employee, and I am on the hook for all this. If I fail to withhold on a garnishment I become liable to pay the debt.

After reading that, can you understand why so many small businesses are not eager to hire more people?

The government is sucking all of the life out of the economy.  Even the smallest businesses get cracked down on hard.

As I have written about previously, all over America lemonade stands that are run by little children are being shut down by police because they are not complying with government regulations.

We have become a nation that is run by bureaucrats.

You know, things ran pretty darn well back before we had an army of bureaucrats running everything.  We had the greatest economy on the face of the planet and things were rolling along pretty good.

But now federal bureaucrats even tell us what kind of light bulbs we are allowed to buy.  (Thank you George W. Bush for sticking it to us with that one.)

If you really stop and think about it, there are very few things that we are still free to do in America today without getting government permission first.

Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but if you will stop and really think about it you will see that is correct.

The government has taken all of the joy out of a lot of things that used to be so much fun.

When I was young, I loved to go to the airport.  Flying on a plane was very exciting and most people seemed to really enjoy the process.

But today, our airports have been turned into prison grids.

Did you know that now the TSA says that it has the right to check our hair for explosives?

Yes, you read that correctly.  The following is a brief excerpt from a local NBC News report about one lady that was deeply offended recently when the TSA searched her hair….

Two TSA agents told her she could not go any further until they checked her hair for explosives, Brantley said.

She said she reluctantly allowed them to do it. The agents patted her hair down right there instead of asking to return to a private area for screening.

“And so she started patting my hair, and I was in tears at that point,” Brantley said. “And she was digging in my scalp.”

How would you feel if some TSA goon was running his fingers through your hair?

But we are not seeing this type of security just at airports.  The federal government is even pressuring private businesses to crack down on “suspicious activity”.  For example, NPR recently did a story on the nightmarish security that has now been implemented at Mall of America….

Mall security reported one man because he was sitting on a bench in the corridor, “observing others while writing things down on a note pad.” They worried he might be a terrorist “conducting surveillance.” Turned out he was a musician waiting for a friend. Three security guards surrounded another man because they thought he was looking at them “oddly” and walking “nervously” through the amusement park; he turned out to be an insurance company manager, shopping for a watch for his son.

Do you want to be regarded as a “potential terrorist” every time you go to the mall?

That is what this nation is turning into.

In America today, we are all “potential enemies” and the government always knows better than we do.

Sadly, government keeps trying to even take away the freedom to raise our own children the way that we want to.

According to Natural News, a new law in the state of California will allow health officials to vaccinate children as young as 12 for sexually-transmitted diseases without having to get the approval of parents….

California’s Assembly Bill 499 has already quietly passed both the California House and Senate, and today sits on the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown where it awaits his signature. The bill, which is only a single page in length, contains specific language that will allow children as young as 12 to opt for sexually-transmitted disease (STD) vaccines like HPV (Gardasil, Cervarix), Hepatitis B, and any future vaccines developed to treat STDs, without having to attain parental consent.

The ways that the government is intruding in our lives are endless.  They are putting “smart meters” into our homes, they are putting surveillance cameras in school cafeterias, and in some areas they are actually digging around in our trash to make sure that we are recycling properly.

If you want to live in a totalitarian police state, there are dozens of choices to pick from all over the globe.

This is supposed to be America.

This is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But right now, government is becoming a little bit more oppressive every single day.

We need millions of Americans to stand up and start talking about these issues, because you will notice that neither major political party is even talking about the horrible abuses of our freedoms that is going on.

Most of us just want to live our lives, and if the government would stop interfering with us so much that would make things a whole lot easier.

So do you think that the government should get off our backs?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • Anonymous

    Spot on! The people have their heads buried in the sand and they wonder why nothing ever improves. I’ve been saying it for 2 years. The real problem is the money supply and The Fed itself. As long as there is an elastic money supply, there will always be a world of perpetual warfare and never-ending welfare. This false right/left Hegelian dialectic paradigm must end. We are the people. We either wake up or we follow the distractions. The politicians are the puppets. Follow the money. Wake up People!

    • Highspeedloafer

      I think you are preaching to the choir here. The only reason people come here is because they are awake. They may not be as ready as you perhaps, but most are catching on.

  • Imaplaneiac

    In Seattle, aside from the 520 Floating Bridge across Lake Washington there’s the nearby I-90. I-90 remains toll-free. But you never know what the DEMONcrat politicians in charge out there may do about that!? But I haven’t read anything about tolls – YET. I-90 links Downtown Seattle to Bellevue. It’s a great ride across the lake with splendid views! I’ve driven across it numerous times – as recent as last month while I was out there. However, I’ve never driven across 520; as it has fewer lanes than I-90. Never will, as I REFUSE to pay tolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is surely because U.S. (as country) do not have enough money in their government hands to fight the current crisis. In that situation, the choice is only get the money from their citizen.

  • Well stated, Michael. I especially relate to the part about enjoying airports and flying in years past. My Dad was a US Navy pilot and one of my fondest memories was at age 5 standing in the cockpit when he was flying the military air transport we were on going from Maryland to California – the view through the large cockpit window of the snow covered Rockies just a few thousand feet below the plane is permanently ingrained in my memory. It was beautiful and ever since I have enjoyed seeing the lands and ocean while an airplane passenger. But that enjoyment ceased in 2003, my last air trip, which was to the UK out of and back to Toronto, Canada – all because of the US government’s war against terror that it instigated with all its interference in other countries.

    The enormous amount of interference by all levels of government in the mutually voluntary interactions of millions of people people is definitely a stifling environment in which to simply live, let alone prosper. All the numerous regulations that government at all levels imposes on people greatly restricts their choices regarding selling, purchasing and hiring – and extends onto what a person is permitted to do with/on his/her own property and even own body! Preventing under pain of fines, imprisonment or worse for engaging in mutually beneficial trade is an everyday occurrence in the US (and much of the “civilized world”).

    Government itself at federal and state levels has made it a losing business proposition to hire the young and/or inexperienced, and often even many with experience (as you point out). The minimum wage laws and mandatory healthcare alone have kept large numbers – mostly the young – out of the job market. These and many many more regulations/directives have resulted in numerous companies moving to where labor-related costs will keep their products/services competitive in the world and domestic markets, with the consequences that even experienced workers losing jobs.

    Politicians are adept at spouting words and it’s the rare one who truly is interested in anything more than getting and staying in power. However there is something vital to keep in mind. The government decrees/regulations/mandates/laws passed by legislators and “executed” by executives/bureaucrats are nothing but words – written or spoken – without those willing to initiate physical force, the ENFORCERS, and they are key! The politicians (including the President), their high-level appointees and their behind the scene moneyed promoters (?major banking families) do not get out among the people and do the enforcing; few have even been in the military and if so, never got their hands dirty. No it is their henchmen, the enforcement agents, including the military, who make those words real via clubs, tasers, bullets, bombs, and every other weapon devised.

    Therefore I first recommend by those who think government enforcement “work” abhorrent and/or long range counterproductive to a voluntary society, to attempt to persuade by way of reasoned logic those enforcers they actually know in some manner to get truly productive jobs or start their own businesses (and give them assistance too). For those who instead continue on as enforcers, the logical step is to withdraw all voluntary association with them – no sales, service or camaraderie – no anything!

    I’ve pointed out many times on the Internet that shunning, with a long history of use as a method of social persuasion, has not been given its due in mainstream media. It is included by Gene Sharp in his 198 Methods of NonViolent Action – part of Ostracism of Persons under THE METHODS OF SOCIAL NONCOOPERATION: http://www.aeinstein.org/organizations103a.html
    Also, “Tax/Regulation Protests are Not Enough: Relationship of Self-Responsibility and Social Order”, a href=”http://selfsip.org/focus/protestsnotenough.html”>http://selfsip.org/focus/protestsnotenough.html
    A more foundational explanation is at: http://selfsip.org/solutions/Social_Preferencing.html

    You have done a fine job, Michael, here and in many other articles, of informing readers and connecting some of the “dots” related to government’s role in preventing true social order. I hope that you and others will follow the links above and think deeply on the question of whether government is even really necessary at all anymore, if it ever was. And cease being tolerant of those who enforce government regulations – these individuals are the ones who enable government to be “on our backs” and the ones who must be convinced to “Get off our backs!” Without the enforcers, the regulatory words can simply roll of our backs like water.

    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words, and I appreciate your insightful comments.




      Good grief, You people sound like the teabaggers. Big government is not the issue, corruption is. What you people suggest is that you are somehow going to get people into office who will reduce the size and scope of government. Think about this for a serious moment here. You are hoping to get someone into office who will then use the apparatus of the state to reduce its own power. That will never happen because that is not why people go into government in the first place. Those who seek office are control freaks who want a free ride. Just ask Michele “Fat Cat Farm Subsidy” Bachmann. First she gets subsidies through medicare to tell people that they should no longer be gay through prayer, and on top of those medicare subsidies, her huge congressional salary and benefits, she is also collecting farm subsidies for growing nothing but migraine headaches that affect the intelligent. Stop whining people, BIG GOVERNMENT IS HERE TO STAY!

  • Gary2

    over regulation of business if a myth brought to you by the chamber of commerce. All you need to do is look at the wall street mess and the BP/Massey coal mine deaths and then tell that to the dead miners family that business is too regulated. Or maybe explain how under regulated wall street is to the senior now having to work at walmart due to wall street fraud.

    Business is under regulated.

    The whole uncertainty thing is also a scam. Business by its very nature is uncertain.

    • Grumpy

      Spoken like someone that has absolutely no clue about what it takes (mentally and financially) to run a business. Up until about 18 months ago, I had five employees helping me with my business. Now it’s just me, since I can’t afford the worker’s comp insurance nor the additional tax burden over and above what I pay directly to the employees.

      And before you start spouting off more bullshit about all those ‘rich’, ‘under-regulated’ business owners, and business ownership in general – which you understand almost as well as the current monetary system, taxation, and ‘rich’ people (read: you’re completely effing clueless)- before I let them go, most of my employees were taking home more money every month than I was. I can’t afford my own health insurance anymore, and we’re probably going to lose our house – all due to the decline in overall sales and business climate in our area.

      I do hope you’re enjoying your 99 weeks of unemployment checks – funny that I pay into a system that I can’t draw on, being self-employed and all, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s a real hoot paying for everyone else when I can barely afford to pay for myself to stay alive these days.

      Until you know something about what’s involved in owning and running a business, maybe you should just shut the ******* up, you ignorant little pissant.



        What are you complaining about? Your teabagger, lower taxes, smaller government minions have been running things since the days of Ronnie Raygun Reagan. Taxes have been lowered by G W Bush-boy and G W Obama even though multiple wars are being waged on the credit card. Can’t fight wars to kill off “duh muslims”, lowering taxes for millionaires and billionaires, and entitlement spending. What’s it gonna be for you teabaggers: Deficits or pay as you go? And if you are going to impose “austerity measures”, then impose them on whom and for what purpose?

        • guido

          Sorry, but the Tea Party didn’t exist prior to Obama.

          And Reagan presided over a Democrat congress. In fact, Congress was Democrat for over 40 years prior to the Republican Revolution of 1996. Most of the Congresses in the last 100 years were Democrat, so it’s hard to claim it was non-existent Tea Partiers who were running things into the ground. Also, I think most Tea Partiers, and Conservatives in general, would take issue with both Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, and Bush Sr. for their un-Conservative and frequently un-American and un-Constitutional actions and ideas. Even Reagan would get their dissent for some of his actions. I don’t think you can blame the folks who are talking about fiscal responsibility for the fiscally irresponsible actions of the folks they seek to stop.

          • REED RICHARDS

            Quite the contrary, the “teabaggers” have always existed in one form or another. From corporate and elite welfare to war without end, the agenda has always been the same and the teabaggers have been running this zoo for the last 100 plus years. Simply because they adopt different names and change form from time to time does not mean that they all do not have the same ideas of death and destruction in mind. The Asylum States of Amerika government has one agenda and one agenda only, and that is to funnel any and all wealth to the top political and economic royalists and to kill anyone who disagrees or attempts to intefere with this genocidal quest of world-wide domination.

        • Grumpy

          Gosh, thanks for telling me what I believe – I feel so much better now that someone has finally let me know what to think about myself . You’re almost as smart as Gary is. Almost.

          Too bad you left out a choice from your fake, media-given alternatives. It’s also too bad you’ll never be able to figure out what that alternative is, not even if someone spoon-feeds the answer to you monosyllabically so you can understand what’s being said.

          • Highspeedloafer

            You certainly picked the right name:)

          • REED RICHARDS


            Nice try at subterfuge. But rightwingers are far too transparent in their thinking. Rightwingers constantly whine, moan, and complain about big government, get government off their backs and all of this childish sloganeering, but then they turn around and they vote for every big government rightwinger who sticks his/her name on a ballot. The Republican wing of the war party has been responsible for the following:

            1. Passage and constant renewal of the Patriot Act (This speaks for itself)
            2. Passage of the first and the subsequent banker bailouts
            3. Passage and creation of the (S)exual (A)ssault (C)orps known as the TSA
            4. Drug war and asset forfeiture which without due process of law and in total violation of the 4th amendment arbitrarily takes any property from anyone it sees fit even without charge, trial, or conviction of any drug crime
            5. Passage of NAFTA, WTO, and IMF whic has no constitutional basis of any kind to deal with Amerikan trade, commerce, or banking procedures
            6. From 2001-2005 when the Republicans controlled the White House, the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate did nothing to repeal the so-called oppressive government regulations that businesses claim are stifling job creation. In other words, it kept big government regulations in place to stifle economic growth.
            7. Increased the power of FBI and CIA to spy on people, citizens and non citizens alike without warrants in violation of 4th amendment rights.

            The idea that this even has to be explained underscores the fact that the sheeple are asleep at the switch and will follow any rightwinger who claims they are for smaller government over the cliff to their own demise…………

            Believe what you want. The power elite you cheer so much for could care less what you think. But Ayn Rand said it best and that is you can ignore reality but you can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Screeching the useless bromides of the rightwing elites of smaller government has gotten you no where and will continue to get you no where.

      • Gary2

        We don’t need low bottom businesses like yours that don’t pay their fair share.

        • Grumpy

          ‘We’ don’t need bottom-feeding, brain-dead trolls like you in the comments section of this blog. Have you ever met a fact you understood? Didn’t think so.

    • matt

      Actually you are being scammed…..the only place not regulated properly is on large mega corps and the financial elite….the world of small business is WAAAY over regulated…I’ve worked for one my entire life, I know. You are wrong.

      • JasonD

        Yep. I was gonna say…

      • Liberty74

        I would put the government on that list of places not regulated properly.

        We could be a smart nation for once in a very long time and elect Ron Paul.

      • guido

        True. I recently watched Food Inc. and they did an excellent job illustrating the way the regs are used to squash the little guys, while the big corps can pay to play.

        Look at that Amish farmer who sold un-Pasteurized milk to people who asked for it. He was raided with all the force you would expect in a drug raid. I wasn’t aware selling raw milk, which you can get yourself if you really want, is a felony crime.

    • mark

      Let me get this right Gary2, you want the government that can’t run anything to regulate us more? You want a president that has never run a business to have more control over them? To strap all business with more regulations because some have made poor choices is just plain stupid. We really need to return to what our Founding Fathers had in mind, SMALL GOVERNMENT.



        This is not just for Grumpy, it applies to you as well:

        What are you complaining about? Your teabagger, lower taxes, smaller government minions have been running things since the days of Ronnie Raygun Reagan. Taxes have been lowered by G W Bush-boy and G W Obama even though multiple wars are being waged on the credit card. Can’t fight wars to kill off “duh muslims”, lowering taxes for millionaires and billionaires, and entitlement spending. What’s it gonna be for you teabaggers: Deficits or pay as you go? And if you are going to impose “austerity measures”, then impose them on whom and for what purpose?

    • jackieR

      We have govt regulators that are not enforcing said regulations. That is why the wall street fiasco happened, and why the mine accidents. Govt is inneffective in enforceing any of their regulations.




      The smalls are overregulated out of business and the bigs are not regulated at all which causes the “markets” to crash. That is how big banks and big corporations obliterate the competition and maintain their monopolies.

    • guido

      As usual, Gary, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Government is the biggest problem with business and the economy in this country. Just look at the tax system. Not one man in this entire nation knows the entire tax code. Not a single one.

      I listened to a local businessman explain how absolutely hard it was to start a business. He explained that he spent thousands of dollars before he ever even opened on various permits, inspections, modifications, re-applications, inspections, etc. The City Council dictated to him everything from his fence to the shade of yellow on his handicap parking spaces to his trash cans in the rear.

      Government crushes business and creativity and eliminates opportunity.

      Let me point out something you and other socialists miss-the same government you think isn’t regulating enough because of what happened in banking, Wall Street, and the mortgage industry, etc, is the exact same government that regulated those industries before the rec/depression.

      Instead of insuring a minimum of safety and fairness, they monkeyed with the rules and got us where we are today. Business, no matter how you look at it, does what it is permitted to do.

      The folks who you want to regulate more are the same ones who did it before and these are the results. Now you want to prescribe more of the same cure that caused the illness in the first place???

      In case you haven’t noticed, our current problem of over-government involves regulations written by folks who are beholden to the same big businesses they regulate.

      Goldman Sachs, for instance, is one of the biggest contributors to both sides and has a heavy representation in the current administration and most previous admins, too.

      The FDA and Ag dept are filled with former and future meat and ag business leaders and lobbyists. Watch Food Inc. for an example of the issue. In fact, go from that to Fast Food Nation or Supersize Me for more on THAT particular issue.

      The Federal Reserve has done a terrific job of insuring no one gets to look at their books. Congressmen, aside from Ron Paul, are eager to avoid looking too far into that one. Do you remember when Obama was putting together his health care boondoggle? He was also having secret meetings with Big Pharma, too. Do you expect fairness when the regulators are having secret meetings with the regulatees? Do you really think it’s good for the government to be in bed with the same folks you want them regulating???

      I support regulations and statutes that insure safety, health, fair competition, and so-on, but government is supposed to serve us, not strangle us. They must also be fair across the board. Many regulations are either selectively enforced (Read The Death Of Common Sense) to left open to interpretation. Government also shrinks the # of inspectors when they want a tough-sounding set of rules, but don’t want them to have real teeth. Look at how often ICE/DHS actually raids businesses and enforces rules against illegals. (A few high-profile raids, but not much real enforcement.) The power to regulate is the power to destroy.

      When regulations go from the basics, like insuring used food isn’t re-served and employees wash their hands or the outlets are safe to use and the fire alarms work and begins to focus on what color the fence is or the number of handicapped parking spots, I think the regs are becoming restrictive and a burden on business.

      Read The Death Of Common Sense for an idea of just how bad it has gotten. OSHA and AWB Act have both helped government destroy business in the USA. I don’t believe we need so many regulations. I don’t think we need reams and reams of paper to explain the obvious. Cover the basics and let business and the free market take care of the rest. Insure food is safe and let me decide if I’ll eat it. Insure the structure is safe and don’t dicker with the owner over the color of the building or his parking spots. Over-regulation was one of the fundamental greivances of the Revolution.

      I’ll go further-I think Americans With Disabilites was a disaster. I saw no reason to force business at the federal level to make changes for potential customers. In a supposedly freedom-loving nation, I should be able to decide if I’ll cater to a possible customer base including crippled people, blind people, deaf people, etc. It’s my bottom line that will suffer if I fail to make it attractive for a customer to frequent my establishment. It is also the states’ right to decide how they’ll handle that. The feds had no business getting involved. Thanks to AWD, blind people driving cars can now read the drive thru teller and ATM signs…

      If you are really interested in the results, look up Unintended Consequences for what happens when government pushes people too far. It was a very interesting book and the author, John Ross, predicted Americans might some day react with violence to the many inspectors and regulators who have been sent among them to eat out their essence…

  • James Haworth

    The whole situation is bloody crazy. Things aren’t quite as bad here in Australia yet but I can definately see things here going the same way as the USA in the future. I feel sorry for the American people who are supposed to be free, I wish that all people in the Western World could read these articles and actually DO something about getting our freedom back and standing up to governments, saying that this is not on. If a government won’t move on an issue, vote them out!

  • Sean

    Couldn’t agree more. I can’t find a decent job or a place to live and its not getting any easier. These things the fed does is akin to highway hobbery. This is not the country I was taught about as a child, its more like its hollow shell.

  • Katie

    I can tell you are very angry, Michael. I share that anger & fear as well. My hubby & I have a three-year-old little girl and the thought of her being forcibly vaccinated for STDs makes my blood curdle. My husband and I have already agreed she will not attend public school due to this. I will send her to a boarding school overseas if I have to. How sad is that? This used to be the country everyone else ran to for safe harbor… now I want to run away to just about anywhere else.

    • Michael


      That is very, very sad. This nation is falling apart and there is not much hope on the horizon.


    • bcvbnxcbv

      It saddens me that a piece of ************ like you has control over children. I mourn for them.

      • Highspeedloafer

        You are a sick puppy.

        • bcvbnxcbv

          Yes, she is.

      • Ron Paul, Yes, Rick Perry NO

        Kind like KGB to force anyone to have a vaccine (that might cause illness itself), especially if it promotes the rank moral depravity of sexual promiscuity, which is why 1/5 of American adults have herpes..In addition, some vaccines are questionable and are suspected of causing Gillain Barre syndrome.

  • ScoutMotto

    Just open a road atlas and look at Oklahoma. Every major highway into Tulsa is a toll road. I was paying tolls on those roads back in 1986, and had to pay them again in 2010. Those roads have been paid for several times.

    In Colorado, the government cannot raise taxes without a vote of the people. So to generate more bucks they tacked on two new “fees” to car registrations.

    People should be asking themselves how much government they want to fund. We the people once spent a million dollars on prophylactics and they were sent to Pakistan. Expenditures like that are unecessary and are bleeding us dry.

  • Leonard

    We are in a pre-fascist system! If you’re a multi billionaire, you would have no such problems described above! I just heard a big CEO on TV who loves our system! It’s all justice and fair. Of course every tree has a bad apple sometimes! CEOs on Wall st. love it, oil companies love the system too! If you’re an average Joe, you’re in trouble!

  • A.S.

    I am in Israel right now and I just got a call from a doctor that says, “I must get tested for HIV or else he will send a cop to find me to force me to get tested.” I told him I am a virgin and have never even had a girlfriend. He did not care. So, now I am afraid of what they may put into me while getting my blood, like a vaccine, which I am totally against. What should I do…if anyone has some suggestions, I would like a reply. Thank you.

    • Michael

      What is the law in Israel regarding this?


  • Vote for Ron PAUL he seems to be one of the few politicians who is honest and wants to stop this tyranny .

  • Bob Porrazzo

    This article should be sent to those fake tea partiers who love gubmint…PROVIDED IT’S SOFT TYRANNY WITH AN R!

  • Emily

    Thanks Michael, I wonder if the TSA goons realize they are now more susceptible to head lice. We could have a new infestation outbreak like we saw for bed bugs a few years ago. Just great! Your not touching my HAIR!

    • guido

      I travel frequently for work. I always refuse to enter the Meat Gazer and I opt out. I get the groping, instead. As a precaution, I always ask for new gloves and the blue shirts always comply. I’ve never had my hair touched, though.

  • bcvbnxcbv

    Completely AND totally?

  • WM

    Great article. I just got my latest paycheck today…it is $58.00 less than previous week, which was exactly same hours worked. This is due to the brilliant idea of the governor here in Connecticut, “delaying raising taxes”. But now they have raied them to raise the back taxes for the time they delayed it and each employee has to pay even more in this expensive state to live in. If you ever considered moving here, think again!

    Oh well, I am digressing a bit. I was thinking about this last night at work, and my theory is, is that government keeps doing what they are doing because we are not fighting back. Trying to vote the right way is a joke, because all the parties seem just as crooked. Funny how the government tries something, (tax increase, stripping our freedoms, intrusion of privacy, etc), and they wait. The reaction is as they expect of course, people are fed up. But if the people do not hit the streets and rally, protest, start a revoultion, etc. something, then they can go to the next level. I thought to myself, what if tax paying residents of CT hit the streets rioting, blocking traffic, etc. do you think there could be a chance that government would take notice and back off? Unfortunetly, as Michael has written in previous article, their is no more unity today, patriotism is fading away, and most people are not willing to step into the uncomfortable zone in order to make real change. For example, what if even 60% of the town refused to pay their tax bill unless the government reduces their spending and thus redusing taxes? Would the town put tax liens on 60% of its residents. I would love to do this, but would need more people to join me, as their is strenght in numbers. We would tell the town: You either lower our taxes or you will get no taxes, and if you try to force us, oh well, then we will start another revolution. Your choice, lower taxes or get no taxes and possible riots.

    This is what I beleieve people need to do. But sadly, many just sit back and accept everything as the way it is and do nothing, and the government knows they can keep getting away with more and more, little by little, and we lose our nation and life as we know it.

  • Ken w

    Over the past 40 years we’ve seen morals decline, led by our media and education system. God has been taken our of our schools and we are told our faith is fine but keep it to our selves. Why is it surprising the situation we’re in. The Bible is littered with examples of how the Jews were punished for disobedience. Look around at our culture permeated with filth. Most people have been so desensitized that that don’t even see it. I love my country, but sadly America is reaping what it sows. The Israelites worshiped idols made of wood and gold, our idols are money, materialism, lust and pride. All we can do is individually get right with God. Faith in Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer. That doesn’t mean we won’t go thru tough trials.

  • What a fine article Michael! and also Kitty,right on! BOYCOTT!! Vote with our feet. We collectively as a nation of people have all the power if we would only use it. The similarity between the rise of Nazi Germany and our situation in this country is striking and undeniable for anyone who has even studied a little bit of history. We hve voted polititians out of office for decades now, but to no avail. The “system” is too entrenched. BOYCOTT! tske a stand! Even the most timid among us can participate. Accomplish by NOT DOING. If we the people do not make a stand at this critical point in our history,and if we throw away the gift that our forefathers sacrificed their lives to give us, then we don’t even have the right to call ourselves men and women, we are cowards, spineless jellyfish. Boycot the airport, the game, the highway the train station what ever it takes.It is simple, non-violent, and it hits them in the only areas they care about; their money and their power.

    • Impaler Lord

      I do that already, in part because I lack the means to travel, attend pro-sports events and so forth. However, we can boycott all we like, but that changes nothing. Totalitariansm is here, now and there is nothing we can do right now about it, but fear not in the totalitarin system that has appeared here lies the seeds of it’s own self-destruction. What we really need to do is not prepare for the train wreck that is swiftly approaching, but to surivive it and the aftermath too.

  • In your opening paragraphs, I realized that what you were describing (in the Natural world) would be classified as a parasite. How appropriate.

    The Preamble to our Constitution says: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    The problem is that too many people continue to allow the government to grow in size and abusive power. When will it stop? When ALL OF YOU stop voting “YES” and start telling your representatives to start repealing abusive laws. I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    This is because our elected officials will not do anything that limits or restricts THEIR power to remain in office. The proposed 28th Amendment has been circulating for years, yet Congress has not voted on it. Why not? Read the proposal. It restricts Congress.

    A perfect example of that is the Electoral College:
    “What is really interesting, but also indicative of how lame we are at preventing government abuses, is this quote from NARA:

    “Reference sources indicate that over the past 200 years, over 700 proposals have been introduced in Congress to reform or eliminate the Electoral College. There have been more proposals for Constitutional amendments on changing the Electoral College than on any other subject. The American Bar Association has criticized the Electoral College as ‘archaic’ and ‘ambiguous’ and its polling showed 69 percent of lawyers favored abolishing it in 1987. But surveys of political scientists have supported continuation of the Electoral College. Public opinion polls have shown Americans favored abolishing it by majorities of 58 percent in 1967; 81 percent in 1968; and 75 percent in 1981.”

    Government will not voluntarily get off our backs. We need to “throw it off” and cut it out like the cance that it has become. So what are YOU going to do to help? We need everyone’s involvement.

    • Quibbles

      While I agree with the premise of your comments, I must tell you that the quotation you cite as appearing in the Preamble to the Constitution is actually to be found in the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. The Preamble is: We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquilty, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessing for liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. I assure you this is correct as I can recite the entirety of the Declaration, verbatim, and most of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Otherwise, good remarks.

  • It’s like the saying ” the beating will continue till moral improves”

    Stop Complying with your own enslavement!

    SAY NO!


  • Are you kidding me? You expect Satan to get off your back simply because you ask him too? Dream on!

  • Anonymous

    I live in a small town in south central Texas near a big city and the police here spend huge sums of money on new patrol cars every few years. They spend a horrendous amount of money on these vehicle for a small town with less than 6,000 people. Their pensions alone are going to bankrupt the city. The property taxes are outrageously high. The retired people are having a hard time paying them and people out of work are struggling to pay them. Thousands and thousands of dollars for a failed school system that produces the second worst students in the industrialized world. I have to pay for my retirement. Why should I pay for the city employees’ retirements?!
    Moreover, the police are never happy with what they have and they are becoming more militarized by the year. Now they dress like SWAT team people and are brash and abrasive when you talk to them. The older guys were cool and laid back and polite. Things have changed for the worse…

    • Macnasty

      OSHA says to the police depts. you can’t drive a car with more than 70.000 miles on patrol duties and on patrol you can rack up some miles really fast.

  • Jim


    That is ridiculous. There will be NO JOBS for those coal miners because of REGULATIONS. Lets use common sense. There are families in the South that are hurting because the regulations required to open mines are impossible to comply with. Your lies are exposed. Those people are suffering because of ignorant blood sucking commies. The law protects people who are abused by companies. Regulations just destroy jobs. Simple economic facts

  • Cam

    You realize that if you didn’t pay your 20% or whatever in taxes that the company you work for would just pay you 20% less right? Look at states with no state income taxes. The corporations compensate for that. Then what? You are bringing home the same pay but the air is too dirty to breath. The tap water is toxic. House on fire? Too bad. Roads are unsafe at any speed but it doesn’t matter because your car is unsafe too. Drugs or toys from China? Loaded with lead and cadmium. The safety of police protection you used to enjoy? Now supplied by your friendly neighborhood mobster.

    If you really think that not having a government is some utopia you should try it for a few months. Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan seem to provide the environment you are looking for.

    • guido

      Has anyone on this site called for absolutely no regulations? Anarchy? The State of Nature? I don’t believe so. I suppose if they had, your argument might have some weight. No one wants to live in a lawless nation, but they do wish to see the onerous, tedious, massive body of statutes and regulations used to terrorize us, stifle business, and fine us to death dismantled.

      Perhaps you do not remember life in a system that wasn’t quite so complete, but some people remember when regulations were somewhat minimal and less invasive.

      Most of us are adults capable of functioning with a minimal level of control and coercion and no Nanny State looking over our shoulder.

      Look at the car. The wide-spread, mostly successful, use of the automobile by folks at all income, education, and age levels is a simple way to illustrate that most of us are capable of functioning with a simple set of rules, even when tons of steel moving at high speeds are involved.

      Regardless of how stupid the powers-that-be think we are, and how much more control they would like to institute, the car, and our ability to use it, disproves that idea. We can function without so many regulations and, possibly, flourish.

      Statutes and regulations are a way to corral, control, coerce, and destroy people and eliminate free will. We do not need them and we can function well enough without most of them.

      Basic rules that apply to all and are easy to understand (Not very common these days) that insure a minimum level of safety, health, and fairness are all we really need. The regulations we get now are so strict and so stupid, they kill business, free will, and eliminate the need to think.

      Look at those cases where they arrest a little kid for disturbing class. In those cases, some idiot created a regulation and some other idiot applied it. Does a child who acts up need to be arrested by the Police for being disruptive? http://www.masscops.com/archive/index.php/t-22556.html In this case, no joke, a kid farted. Somehow, I think everyone involved could use a little common sense and find a better response. Ever hear of that kid who was arrested for wetting her pants? http://www.masscops.com/archive/index.php/t-22556.html Just for fun, here’s another one. An 11yo kid drew a violent picture and was arrested. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1359646/Boy-11-arrested-drawing-stick-figure-gun-writing-Teachers-die.html Is this how you handle a kid who draws a stupid doodle? Are 11 year olds the new terror threat? It’s time to get back to common sense.

      Regulations are useful, to a point, then they become a meaningless burden.

  • M

    If your livelihood is dependent on a cheap and infinite flow of fossil fuels .
    You are up shits creek and going down for the last time , even if you refuse too see it . So enjoy these activities while they last and work on developing a taste for gruel . Look it up stupids , it will not appear out of thin air for you . The post fossil fuel olympics have already begun , and no retards everyone will not be a winner and get a hug . Good luck fools , you will need it .

  • Gary2

    Class Warefare-Just Wait, We are just starting

    From article on Elizabeth Warren for Senate. I am guessing even low info libratardians (let him die) will get this: To Hank Monk-re read this several times. Your side is toast!

    “You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did.

    “Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea? God bless. Keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”

    Why is it class warfare to tax the rich but not class warfare when the poor bail them out aka wall street and cuts in programs that benefit the poor are cut to give the rich tax cuts???

    Yes-make taxing the greedy to help the needy the issue for 2012. The right will go down in flames (hopefully forever) as over 80% of Americans agree—TAX THE RICH

    To you fox low info people-repeat after me-THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SELF MADE MAN OR WOMAN.

    Get over yourself you are successful on the backs of others. Time to pay your fair share in ALL taxes. No more cap on ssi, capital gains taxes as income with ssi applied etc etc. Regulate the hell out of business to prevent wall-street/BP/Massey from killing people.

    • Liberty74

      NEWSFLASH to Gary2:

      The rich already pay the vast majority of taxes far bigger than their income pie. Hence, for ignorant greedy Socialists like yourself, they pay more than their fair share. It’s a proven FACT!

      You poor welfare whores pay zero federal income taxes so how did “the poor” bailout Wall Street? Start pulling your weight, be responsible for your own life, and start paying your fair share. Hate to break another newsflash item to you – despite what you have been told, you’re not entitled to anything.

      Thieves like you are bringing this country down. Ben Franklin said “Once the people realize that they can vote themselves money, it will be the end of the Republic.”

    • mark

      Gary, Roads are paid for with fuel taxes that the rich guys pay for along with you and I. Since the rich all drive huge gas hogs, they already pay more of the taxes for roads. As for the education of many workers today, they leave school not able to read or add and subtract. Sounds like the government has wasted more taxpayer funds. I beleive the property taxes paid by the factory owner went to pay for the police and firemen. At most large factories private security is always part of the labor force. Warren then complains about the bailout of wall street. You progresives are the ones that bailed them out. Freedom loving people or Libratardians as you refer to us did not support bailouts for any of the banks or wall street. When it comes to taxing the greedy to help the needy, how much of those tax dollars really make it to the poor. After the government class takes their huge cut there is not much left. That is why private charities with low management costs work the best. I guess that you and Warren must mean well, but you both really have no clue about business.

      • Gary2

        You totally missed the point

      • guido

        Good point! All these services are paid for. Actually, there are exceptions. Many factories are offered sweetheart deals, which I myself personally don’t like, by the communities that host them. These governments are offering discounts on these services in order to bring work, and the increased tax base it represents, to their citizens-the same folks who will be using these services. By taking a hit in one area, they help their people get work and insure they collect more tax money.

        Also, some communities are making these services highly conditional. Did you see the guy in Tennessee last winter whose house caught fire and the fire dept, whom he had the option to pay for, didn’t help him? He didn’t pay his fire dept. fee and wasn’t assisted when he had a fire. They helped his paying neighbors, though.

    • M

      Umm yah 1984 is long gone , back when there were 60 million + factory jobs as opposed to 12 million today. So when the ewok wants to talk about where the real money is locked away. Trusts , foundations , charities , non taxable real estate , sweet heart plunder public lands for private profit.
      Tax shelters , corporate loop holes and other things. Then we an all listen attentively.
      Telling me we are gonna sock it to the production companies by paying more taxes ,so the goverment can pay higher prices for stuff, so the companies will have too fork over more taxes, for goverment to spend .
      Welp thats kinda some sleight of hand financial nonsense and let me be among the first to call bullshit on it.

    • guido

      Aside from tossing out bumpersticker mantras about taxing the greedy to feed the needy, have you got any actual facts for us?
      Who are the needy? How do you know? I need lots of stuff, so where do you draw the line?
      Who are the greedy? How do you know? Can a needy person be greedy? With the gov’t being the way it is, how will taking in more money help the needy?

      Your other idea is so absurd, it defies understanding.
      At no point in our history have people who operated businesses been forced to account for some kind of 6 Degrees of Separation connection to every public service they or their suppliers or their employees ever benefited from, no matter how remotely.

      Government has their own way of assessing what people owe for public services: TAXES. Income taxes, use taxes, tolls, sin taxes, luxury taxes, property taxes, phone taxes, rural electrification and internet taxes, green taxes, alternative minimum taxes, payroll taxes, and etc.

      No one has ever been told they owed money for past expenses, which were paid out of then-current tax monies, on public services they or their employees or suppliers may or may not have used. Anyone who tries to apply that is either insane or the ultimate totalitarian control freak.

      Exactly how would you account for something as all-encompassing as that? Would you make exceptions for employees who went to private schools? Would you exempt immigrants or apply some bill for the cost of their nations’ social services? You can not force a person to pay some kind of fanciful debt to society that you get to gin up at random. Every applicable tax has already been applied.

      Tax payers paid for the roads, whether you were there at the time or not. Unless you charge a toll on the road, it was already funded with taxes. Upgrades will be paid with current taxes.

      Public education was paid for by the community, so there is no outstanding debt to be paid by the person who employs a former public school student. By the same ridiculous token, with the rather low quality of public education in this country, perhaps some businesses could request additional money from the state for being forced to employ poorly-educated workers?

      Personally, I don’t think a business owes anyone but its stockholders. You don’t start a business to pay some mystical debt to the world. You start it to make money. You sell interests in that business to investors to fund expansion of that business. Those stockholders expect to see some return on their investment. At no point does some mystical social debt come into play. You pay your applicable taxes and anything else you may feel moved to give out is charity. Charity is never an entitlement. It can be changed at the whim of the grantor.

      And the business owner has the right to move that business at any time. Any time there is a more productive place with more appealing factors like low taxes, fewer regulations, or a better workforce; he can shut the doors and move the plant. The government should not have any say in the matter, no matter how much the Obama NLRB thought it could screw with Boeing.

      The alternative is a centralized command economy. I think you would probably support that, but the Soviets proved it doesn’t work very well. So did the Nazis. Actually, our own fedgov has shown they can’t do it very well, either. I remember seeing years ago we are, or at least were, still funding subsidies for products used in WWII. One notable example was subsidies for angora wool for uniforms we no longer produce, wear, or issue. Another was for pre-WWII helium for Army Air Corps Dirigibles…

  • Nam Marine

    This ************* Muslims agenda is to ruin this Country economically! He is doing an excellent job!

  • William

    The SIZE, COST and INTRUSIVENESS of the federal government increased under BUSH to a level that even the most ardent Democrat could not imagine. Take a look at the number of federal employees, or the cost of the federal government between 2001 and 2009. Yet, Republicans want to IGNORE facts when they think they can get away with it. Shrink the federal government BACK to the size it was when Clinton left office. Eliminate the various moronic agencies created to fight the non- existent terrorist threat (excluding Israel, which is an enemy of the USA). Look at the TSA….it has not stopped any terrorist except those planted by the federal government.

  • rlz

    For anyone self employed who needs to employ others,
    don’t make them employees. Have them all come to
    your work as sub-contractors, therefore avoiding
    all of the gov regulations for yourself, and
    leaving them with the sub-contractors, including any liabilities with the work.

    • Gary2

      OSHA is cracking down on these cheating companies who fraudulently misclassified their employees.

  • Groener

    The drones will win. They will survive while the people will die.

    The drones have never failed to win in any of history. They have the guns and the legitimacy, and some people will blindly follow it to the end.

  • We The People let our government (federal, state, and local) go into debt by over 200 trillion dollars.

    If We The People want lower taxes, here are the options:

    (1) Put up.

    (2) Shut up.

    (3) Demand that our government default on their (our) debt and go to war (civil or global).

    The old republican hoax of replacing taxes with debt has come to and end. It is now time to pay the piper.

  • Government is totally anti-business and anti-hiring of employees to help run businesses.

    The Government is largely responsible for high unemployment.

    I know. Because I run a business. In order to hire anyone I have to jump through hoops – paper work, insurance, even higher taxes!

    Do you or someone you know need a job? I need more employees. But like a million small businesses throughout the United States, I am NOT HIRING because it is not worth it due to excess government interference.

    This means I cannot expand as fast as I would like to. Which means I do not hire as many people, do not order as much goods and services that a larger business would use, do not ship out as much – which means even less jobs for everyone.

    It’s a big circle. The more goods and services my business consumes, the more employees other businesses need to provide them. Get the picture.

    So the Government is going to spend more money to make jobs. THIS makes me laugh. Just where is this money going to come from? From business taxes! As I have shown, this will only serve to DECREASE the real number of jobs.

    For every job the Government creates, I will bet you more than one job is destroyed in private industry because the .GOV has taken money from it that would otherwise have been spent by those businesses on hiring, inventory, machines, equipment, etc.

    The answer to our economic nightmare is for Government to get out of the way of our entrepreneurs – let small business prosper and you will quickly see the economy take off.

  • JD

    I became in independent contractor in 2010. Montana has horribly high Workers Comp rates so the only way you can get on to a construction job is to pay $250 get insurance, and be able to prove to the Dept. of Labor and Industry that you are legit and a professional in your field. What irks me is that Jorge the illegal alien, all he has to do is stand at Home Depot and gets the same job. Then the govt. wonders why there are no construction jobs. The illegal alien is the new privleged class. They pay no taxes, he dosent have to carry insurance when he wrecks your house due to his shoddy labor, free hospital care because he dosent have a SSN to track him down to garnish his wages, free education in public schools and the “Dream Act”. It goes on and on. Oh I forgot to mention that the poorest Americans have to compete with them for the dwindling resources of welfare and food stamps cause they need to feed their 6 anchor babies. When are we going to say enough is enough? Probably never. But after today who knows if there will be an America next year anyways? Im ready for this toilet earth to go up in flames. Ive made my peace with God.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The other day, I was having a political conversation with a woman who works in a Polish market here in Philadelphia. She says to me, “Liberals think business is underegulated, libertarians think business is overregulated. Which is it?” My response: in a sense, they’re both right. In a fascist/corporatist state like The Banana Republic of America, large corporations, mega-banksters and “too-big-to-fails” get away with murder because they operate with impunity. But if you’re the little guy—if you’re operating a small business—government will do everything possible to kick your business into the ground. As Gerald Celente has often said, government is sticking it to the little guy more and more while The White Shoe Boys get every break imaginable.

    “I’m not an imbecile. I don’t like being raped. I don’t like my money going to the Goldman Sachs Gang. Capisce?” —Gerald Celente

    “When were we the most egalitarian country in the world? When we had the Glass/Steagal Act, which prevented the banks from becoming the criminal operations that they’ve become.”—Gerald Celente

    The game is totally rigged in the BRA just as it is rigged in any other Third World country. God help you if you’re operating a small business in The Banana Republic of America.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      For example, here in Philadelphia, the city government gives major tax abatements to fatcat developers and corporatists. But do small businesses get any tax relief here? Hell no. All they get is taxed and regulated into the ground. And what political party controls this city? It isn’t the RepubliKKKans, it’s the Democraps (I am a political atheist and hate both parties).

      So there you have it: laissez-faire for the fatcats, the iron boot of the government for small businesses.

  • Robert F

    George Washington, understood reality. He said, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

  • S. Wiseman

    What major media is not telling us: since 2000 the number of people moving out of the USA has increased each year and has increased sharply since 2008; the number of US citizens expatriating themselves – giving up their US citizenship – is on the rise every year; the number of people crossing the southern border to enter America illegally is declining; the uber-rich are legally getting their assets out of America as quickly as possible before the new IRS laws take affect in 2013; history shows us that when a government seeks to plunder the rich, the rich suddenly disappear (have you seen Cuba and Jamaica lately?).

    So… is there any benefit to being an American citizen these days?

    “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

  • S. Wiseman

    It just blows my mind the number of Americans who actually believe higher taxes (including fees and fines) will solve all our woes! Higher taxes will never solve anything. Don’t matter if everyone gave their entire paycheck to the government, the nation will still have economic problems. Why? Because money is borrowed into existence. Very simplified example: If a small nation only has $100,000 in circulation, that money was borrowed into existence which means it has to be paid back with interest. Where are you going to get the interest to pay it back when there is only $100,000 in circulation? Borrow it. This grand old economic pyramid scheme is as wicked as they come. People actually believe they can vote themselves a solution. Your President Obama is a smart man. He really does know the root of the jobs problem. He really does know that small businesses are being crushed by more and more government regulations. He knows the history of empires and what leads to their fall. He knows the fed money creation game. You have to understand whose side he and the rest of the dems and repubs are on – it ain’t yours. THEY DO NOT SERVE YOU. They depend on your paycheck for a living. Voting has never, ever in the history of civilization solved anything. If it worked the Roman empire and USSR would still exist and Nazi Germany would not have fallen. I have no need to have a man rule over me and I certainly have no need for a police appropriately called law enforcement. But you boot lickers seem to love licking gubmint boots. Stop complaining… you voted them in, they’ve devoured your purse and they will molest your children. The people who want government, profit from it.

  • Rich

    Sorry to inform you but the destruction of this country by our government is intentional, thus there is nothing you can do about it but watch it be destroyed.

  • Rich

    Our government is an operating system just like a computer. When the operating system in a computer becomes corrupted, you delete it and download the original software in it so it runs smoothly and efficiently. We need only to push the delete button.

  • Monk

    Gary2 is right. If any, government has been working for big business and sucking up to citizens for around four decades. That’s why borrowing and spending increased significantly from 1981 onward and why the country racked up one trade deficit after another from the early ’70s onward. Companies moved from Main Street to Wall Street to play casino capitalism, and citizens played along. Government gave tax cuts to citizens and corporations and to pay for government services borrowed heavily. They also did the same to support a military needed to prop up what is essentially a worthless dollar.

    It’s been four decades of voodoo capitalism where everyone–governments, citizens, corporations–played along. And now’s the endgame where, not surprisingly, each one is trying to blame the other two.

  • Ron Paul, Yes, Rick Perry NO

    Libtards commie saboteurs have allowed illegals to steal American jobs. 80% of new jobs in Texas went to immigrants. Many are very hard working–much more than the lazy fat Americans who don’t want to study or stop stuffing their faces. However, 40% of those jobs went to ILLEGALS. Obozo doesn’t care if terrorists or illegals steal jobs, because Obama wants them to vote for him! No trust amongst thieves. They tax us and send billions to terrorists nations like Pakistan or blow it on corrupt companies (favored by Obammie the commie),such as Solyndra.

  • John Y

    Why should anyone be surprised at the antics of PROGRESSIVE SOCIALIST, NAZI SYMPATHYZING COMMIE PINKO MAGGOT INFESTED VERMIN???????????

    • Gary2

      I think what you describe is an oxymoron.

  • United We Stand For Prosperity

    How? Is de-regulating business and increasing taxes going to create prosperity? Will people consume more business product while paying higher taxes? No, they’re going to trim their own budgets further and buy less and less product. Will companies pay living wages to their employees with de-regulations or appreciate the increase in their own profit margins instead?
    How about creating a business friendly environment for American companies creating jobs for U.S. citizens. So much could be done, for example;
    pay a living wage-get a tax deduction
    provide affordable health ins- tax deduction
    The idea is the more a co. does to see that it’s own employees prosper, it, in turn should reap the reward in same through GENEROUS tax deductions in the cost of doing business.
    Reasoning: a full time employee in the states should not have to turn to gov. assistance for handouts in order to live. How do you like seeing taxes drained out payday, then having to apply for gov aid for help. How does a business owner like laying off workers because your bottom line suffers in this bad economy? Pittance “service economy” jobs are not self-supporting jobs the people can live on and NO ONE should have to work 2 or more pittance jobs to keep basic neccessities; a roof and food on the table. THAT people, is SLAVE LABOR. Jobs such as these, serving fast food, selling junk made elsewhere are fine for the young and aspiring fresh into the labor market, but they’re not jobs meant to support a household, nevermind a family!
    What we need I think is generous tax breaks for businesses that pay a living wage and see to it their employees prosper on American soil.
    and, as a side thought, lets make heavy burden tax penalties for companies whose employees qualify for gov aid.
    (Unions at one time could raise the bar out of slave wage poverty in America, but *somebody* decided to open the floodgates-nafta, legals/illegals reducing standard of living for us all). See, when you come from a country where earning a living meant eating out of dumpsters, minimum wage here feels like a fortune because you can buy a sandwich at MacDonald’s. Trouble with lowering incomes while inflation rises is, we’re GOING BACKWARDS, back into the 3rd world. (Fat cats-mo money than brains types- don’t care about “useless eaters” and will go on letting the working poor pay for the non- working poor.)
    It’s not about “entitlements”- don’t get sidetracked. It’s not about race, forget that and don’t be misled by race cards! Get color blind for goodness sake and see CHARACTER, not color. You may find yourself embracing and valuing other cultures which need to be preserved and appreciated, not westernized! Truth is, when you get to know other cultures, the corrupt moral decay of western culture becomes clearer.
    It’s all about about what has been taken away, what made this country the greatest place to live, where a person had the chance, the opportunity for the American dream and all they had to do was work (one decent paying job) for it. Now, you can work night and day and still not make enough to make ends meet. Or you can be an indebted student for the rest of your life for a degree that might land you a job, maybe at wallyworld.
    It’s about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And never forget; all men were created equal.
    And you people, you people who despise the poor for their entitlements need to get in there with them. Maybe your eyes will be opened wide. Poverty is a perpetual generational trap designed by beaurocrats to keep the poor poor. It’s hell and it’s ugly and no wonder why the poor numb themselves to it through addictions. Go live those lives and see how you come out. Go on, give it a try. Go wear those shoes. The working class pay for it all.
    How bout we put a shoe factory in the low income zipcodes, generous tax breaks for business that pay a living wage and in house day care for working parents that need it. You know what, those people will soon be paying income tax and buying stuff with their own hard earned money instead of taking a number in a welfare office. Shut beurocratic poverty traps down and develop the fishing rods people need to catch their own fish!

  • Heather Renae

    We need regulation mostly to even the playing field. I have tried unsuccessfully btw to start a few businesses, the main issue being the prohibitive costs to even get started.

    The larger companies and businesses could really care less about regulation, they all ready have the capital to do what they want.

    But what most of us forget, the really large corporations today, were the kids in the garage, mom and pop stores, the guy in a truck hauling trash to the dump sort of businesses. They did not start out large, they got large by mainly merging and acquiring other companies to gain capital.

    What needs to be regulated or abandoned is Wall Street. It has become the tail that wags the dog now. Years ago, companies actually needed Wall Street to get capital, to buy machinery, tooling, assets to run. Now they just use it as a way to gain capital for capitals sake.

    Also, it used be that the CEO of a company actually came up through the ranks of that company. Start out as a file clerk, shipper, that sort of job , get promoted, do well , get promoted, make it up to the top of the ladder. Now those guys really knew how to run a business, too many of todays so called leaders only know how to loot a company. We also need to have some labor representation on the Board of Directors.

    We also need to get back to having the company where you work have a retirement program for their employees, it would help stave off rampant speculation of stocks.

  • Bobby

    I’m kind of a barroom philosopher. Having talked informally to thousands of Americans, even during some of the business trips I’ve taken to other states, I know they are all utterly fed up with the traitors called their representatives and I’ve heard this voiced repeatedly. This nation is in BIG TIME trouble, if D.C. doesn’t change its ways. If they don’t knock off the outsourcing, the insourcing, the million plus new immigrants a year and only God knows how many illegal aliens, I haven’t the slightest doubt a huge reaction is coming. These politicians DO NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS. They are in the pockets of the Wall Steet gang, and every other special interest group, and have abandoned Americans to poverty,etc.

  • Peter Piper

    Last year over one million people immigrated LEGALLY to the US. The original rationale for this was that we had a frontier to fill up. Now that we no longer have that frontier, does anyone really believe that we need to import one million people every year to the US? (Something to think about while you’re stuck in traffic that is only getting worse, year after year.)

  • siegristd

    i know how to cut the government spending let them pay for health insurance like we do