8 Lessons That We Can Learn From The Epic Economic Meltdown In Venezuela

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Venezuela Shortages - Photo by ZiaLaterWe are watching an entire nation collapse right in front of our eyes.  As you read this article, there are severe shortages of just about anything you can imagine in Venezuela.  That includes food, toilet paper, medicine, electricity and even Coca-Cola.  All over the country, people are standing in extremely long lines for hours on end just hoping that they will be able to purchase some provisions for their hungry families.  At times when there hasn’t been anything for the people that have waited in those long lines, full-blown riots have broken out.  All of this is happening even though Venezuela has not been hit by a war, a major natural disaster, a terror attack, an EMP burst or any other type of significant “black swan” event.  When debt spirals out of control, currency manipulation goes too far and government interference reaches ridiculous extremes, this is what can happen to an economy.  The following are 8 lessons that we can learn from the epic economic meltdown in Venezuela…


#1 During an economic collapse, severe shortages of basic supplies can happen very rapidly

“There’s a shortage of everything at some level,” says Ricardo Cusanno, vice president of Venezuela’s Chamber of Commerce. Cusanno says 85% of companies in Venezuela have halted production to some extent.

At this point, even Coca-Cola has shut down production due to a severe shortage of sugar.

#2 If you have not stored up food ahead of time, your diet could quickly become very simple during a major emergency.  The Los Angeles Times recently covered the plight of a 42-year-old single mother in Venezuela named Maria Linares, and according to the story her family has not had any chicken to eat since last December

In December, she was spending about half her salary on groceries. It now takes almost everything she earns to feed her two children, who subsist on manioc (also known as cassava or yuca), eggs and  cornmeal patties called arepas, served with butter and plantains.

“The last time we had chicken was in December,” she said.

The best deals are generally at government-run stores, such as Mercal and Bicentenario, where the prices are regulated.

To shop there, however, Linares said, she has to line up overnight. Even then, she might come home empty-handed if everything sells out before she gets to the front of the line — or if she is robbed leaving the store.

#3 When people get hungry, they become very desperate.  And very desperate people will eat just about anything.

In a recent article, I detailed the fact that some people down in Venezuela have already become so desperate that they are actually hunting dogs and cats for food.

Could you ever do that?

I couldn’t, but just like in Venezuela there are people in this nation that will eat anything that they can get their hands on when they are desperately hungry and their children are crying out for food.

#4 When an economy melts down, it isn’t just food that is in short supply.  This week, there have been several mainstream news stories about the severe shortage of toiletries in Venezuela

Toiletries are running in short supply across the country. Many Venezuelans say that people wait in lines for several hours to buy basic toiletries, only to sell them at much higher prices on the black market.

Bloomberg reported last year that Trinidad & Tobago had offered to exchange tissue paper for oil with Venezuela. It’s unclear if the deal ever came through.

Condoms and birth control are hard to find, Venezuelans say. You won’t have any more luck with toothpaste, soap, toilet paper or shampoo. And Maduro has asked women to stop using blow dryers.

What would your life be like if you had no toothpaste, soap, toilet paper or shampoo?  If you do not want to do without those items in the future, you might want to start stocking up on them now.

#5 If you need medical care during a major economic meltdown, you might be out of luck.  Just consider what sick Venezuelans are going through right at this moment

The Luis Razetti Hospital in the portal city of Barcelona looks like a war zone.

Patients can be seen balancing themselves on half-broken beds with days-old blood on their bodies.

They’re the lucky ones; most are curled up on the floor, blood streaming, limbs blackening.

Children lie among dirty cardboard boxes in the hallways without food, water or medication.

Without electricity or functioning machines, medics have had to create their own solutions. Two men who had surgery on their legs have their limbs elevated by makeshift slings made out of water bottles.

#6 During a currency meltdown, owning precious metals such as gold and silver becomes much more important.  This even applies to entire countries.  So far during this crisis, Venezuela has had to ship 2.3 billion dollars worth of gold to Switzerland because the bankers won’t take their paper currency any longer…

Venezuela’s government has been running out of foreign reserves and literally shipping gold to help pay for its debt. Venezuela only has $12.1 billion in foreign reserves as of March, according to the most recent central bank figures.

That’s down by half from a year ago. In order to get cash loans to pay for its debt, Venezuela has shipped $2.3 billion of gold to Switzerland so far this year as collateral, according to Swiss government import data.

#7 When an economy crashes, crime goes through the roof.  As I discussed the other day, there were 107 major episodes of looting or attempted looting in the first quarter of 2016 down in Venezuela, and things have gotten even worse over the past couple of months.

Meanwhile, crime continues to rise in major cities all over America too.  According to Breitbart, 66 people were shot in the city of Chicago over the Memorial day weekend, and that was an all-time record.  So far for the entire year, a grand total of more than 1,500 people have been shot in Chicago, and police are bracing for what promises to be a very chaotic summer.

#8 This may be the most controversial lesson in the list.  Sometimes it takes a shaking to awaken a nation.  Of course nobody really likes to go through a shaking, but in the end it can have some very positive results.  Just look at what is happening in Caracas

Churches in the capital Caracas recently organized a prayer walk. Thousands came to the main streets of the city crying out to God to ease their misery.

Under the slogan “I pray for my country,” dozens of Christians marched and prayed for unity of the church and for God to finally intervene to end their country’s plight.

Will a similar shaking be necessary to bring America to her knees?

What is it ultimately going to take to bring about a widespread awakening in this country?

If you follow my work closely, then you already know that I believe that a great shaking is coming to the United States.  In the end, it will be far more serious than what Venezuela is going through right now, and it is going to shake this nation to the very core.

But a great shaking could turn out to be exactly what the United States needs, because without a great shaking I don’t believe that there would be a major awakening in America.

Or could it be possible that I am wrong about this?

Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Mondobeyondo

    I believe a great shaking is coming to America. Sooner rather than later.
    Sad as it is, it is the only way this nation will be brought back to God.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Well said Mondo, and it is good to hear from you. :)

      • Jim Speaker

        How are these touchy people who get mad at you when you’re on their property going to act when it all goes down Have A heart attack and die.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        Just one thing, how long since the crisis in Venezuela have been really bad?

    • jc

      What are people living in apartments going to do? Will they be kicked out or the police won’t be there to make them leave because they won’t work for free?

      • paul mullin

        How about the millions of people who live in highrises? Those buildings with thirty, forty, and fifty floors? Toronto has scores of them. What happens if there is no power? Will people climb a hundred sets of stairs just to go outside? They will be empty shells, abandoned and derelict. We will witness the reverse of the last centuries greatest trend; the mass exodus from the cities into the country side. Maranatha!!

        • Bluethumbz

          And what would they do in the countryside? Hunt rabbits, with what? Chase after a bird that has wings and flies away. Scavenge for roots and berries. What if its not the fall time what if its winter. No, they will starve where they are. They will wait for the government to come to the rescue. Then, as the food runs out, they will become desperate, some will turn to cannibalism but, first they will loot from house to house looking for food. I do not see them leaving the cities in Venezuela. Best to stockpile some food and water, a few months supply and barricade yourself in and hope for the best.

      • krinks

        no revenue to pay for police, no police.

      • Bluethumbz

        They will die wont they if it amounts to any amount of time. They may not have any running water. They are not needed anyway.

    • Biz Duck

      Lots of people will be seeing God when they cut off the food stamps and welfare….stock up on the ammo

    • Juanita

      How true

  • Abe

    The other day even Greenspan said Venezuela was coming to America!

    • KirstyJason Menard

      It’s amazing how many people are saying this, and yet most people still don’t even realize. They are walking around with “eyes wide shut” as I like to say. To0 consumed in there smart phones, and tablets, and too dependent on the government “heroes”

      • Abe

        I’ve been telling friends to stock up on silver since 2008. They call me paranoid, and don’t believe anything I’ve told them about the recovery being faked, and Frank Dodd did nothing except making more paper work with smaller banks. I’ve told them they need to stock up on things without telling they what I’ve done.
        What the government giveth, the government will taketh away!
        Hope your doing a garden and using cloth diapers.

  • MIchael in Chicago

    At the very least here in America food prices and most other goods continue to either increase in price or decrease in size for the same price. So stocking up on food, toilet paper, soap and other commonly used items seems like a good idea. Cash stash. Some precious metals. All of which is made easier with a second job.

    • KirstyJason Menard

      My family has been noticing this too! The packages are shrinking yet the price is either staying the same or going up. It’s making it that much harder to be able to afford and hold on too. I have 2 little girls, as well as my mother, gramma and husband, and we don’t make nearly enough to be able to stock up on the amount of things that we would need for a long enough time.

      • Sam

        Rice and beans are extremely cheap. Get a Food Saver from Walmart and vacuum pack them in 2 lb bags.. ( only because that fits nicely in the 8″ wide rolls ). Put those bags in mylar bags that can be bought economically online.. iron them shut with a regular clothing iron. That will last easily around 15 years.. doing that, you can stock up with more than enough to feed your family for a very long time for only a few hundred dollars spent a little at a time.

        • loadnup

          Food savers are a great way to store these long term items but freeze them first for 3 days and let them all the condensation dry before you seal them up…. Also, I have discovered from hard learned experience that they puncture fairly easily so extreme care is required in the final packaging… For my purposes I put them in an open gallon storage bag and then seal them up as an extra precaution. pray, prep and protect.
          A word on long term bean storage. beans will become very difficult to soften up after being stored so it is a great idea to have some baking soda handy. Soak them with a couple teaspoons of baking soda dissolved in the water and then when you cook them throw in a half teaspoon. Any more in the cooking process will put an off flavor in the beans… pray, prep and protect.

    • loadnup

      I have been concentrating on more and more of the toiletries like soaps, tp, feminine pads (even though my bride is past that time) as well as toothpaste and brushes. Would love to stash some cash and have, or try to at the beginning of every month but it ends up being spent for necessities… real necessities….
      Oh, just one more thought, I, too, have been purchasing an “extra” water filter every couple months as I think those things will be really needed/important after TSHTF….

      • catholics killed millions

        What kind of filter?

        • loadnup

          life straw

  • carson

    something which isn’t always mentioned about such times and events-theft, and if it isn’t nailed down poof it’s gone.

  • In Landīca Veritas

    Venezuela, overwhelmingly Christian country, failing and flailing just like any other heavily superstitious country.

    The US will never be as bad as the superstitious countries.

    • Mistanick

      Christianity represents faith in a living God. Nothing superstitious about that. Venezuela is a communist country. The USA, getting to be socialistic.

    • gospelmidi

      Venezuela was also in lockstep with Iran, providing Iran a beachhead from which to launch intermediate range missiles against the U.S.. How did that work out for Cuba since 1961? Actions have consequences, even if not overnight.

  • KirstyJason Menard

    I can’t even begin to put into numbers the amount of people that call me and my family crazy because we try to inform them of what could happen. It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. I know that I do not want my family to end up like the people of Venezuela. I want my family to be ready to face any situation that may arise. And although I am afraid that we wont be properly prepared, I will continue to do my best. Although it is extremely hard to prep when my husband is the only one of us working, but any amount of preparedness counts!! It’s better than most can say sadly. Thanks Michael for the great articles! God bless.

    • loadnup

      Kristy, I can appreciate your efforts to educate those who refuse to listen or even just look at the “real world” with open eyes for I did the same thing for a period of literally years until I finally realized these folks are happy in their complacency and when TSHTF for real they will most likely recall that I was “pushing” them (as one person told me) so they’ll think I/we have loads and loads of supplies just waiting to feed and clothe them…. the point of the reply is that I pray you stop all of your reaching out but for those who come to you and ask for direction in their own prepping. You are literally putting yourself and family at severe risk by trying to “help” folks who have no desire to be helped….
      It was a very hard pill for me to swallow when all but one of my kids said they didn’t want to hear all the “bad” news any more so I shut up and shut down.
      While my bride and I have a very restricted income we, too, make every effort to continue to prepare but i’m lucky to get an extra can or two of soup or veggies a month… pray, prep and protect ’cause the monster is beating down the door…

      • Jason Calley

        If someone tells you that “if everything goes bad, I’ll just come to YOUR house! ha ha!” just smile and tell them that you are counting on them to do so. After all, your guard dogs have to eat also, and a steady stream of fresh meat is just what the dogs would like. If nothing else, they will make good compost for the garden.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      Carefull, they´ll come looking for whatever food you have when SHTF.

  • K

    And with such a crash comes inflation. Example in Caracas a quart of milk goes for $5.14 American, no telling how many Bolivars that comes to.And yes, it will be worse here. Because people are used to having more.So those of you who are saying, it can not happen here. You are in for a big surprise, and not that far down the road.

    • loadnup

      powdered milk is expensive but has an extremely long shelf life. Grew up with it and to this day don’t like it but you can use it in cooking as well as drinking. Read somewhere to put in a can of condensed mile with a gallon of dry to improve the taste but haven’t tried that. pray, prep and protect…

      • Karl Gerbschmidt

        throw some chocolate powder in it—tolerable then

    • catholics killed millions

      Milk is very bad 4 health if pasteurized.

      • Michael Rankin

        Every product has the potential to be adulterated. Be careful what you buy and consume.

  • David

    if anyone thinks what is happening in Venezuela can’t happen here you are mistaken. if you are you just might be asking for some BBQ Sauce while eating your crow.

  • Mistanick

    Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, higher than even Saudi Arabia. High oil prices provided a boon period for the country in several ways. 95% of its economy is accounted for in oil exports. They are an oil rich country.

    As it will, riches bring out the worst in people. When the price of oil was high, the communist government provided subsidized oil to its South American friends, extracting political favors from them, as evil will do.

    When the oil prices tanked, so did their economy. The vile nature of the government made life even worse for the sheep who live under and to some extent have allowed such a government to exist.

    The debacle in Venezuela is an answer to God’s mercy for the people there. Only through such economic and political upheaval as they are going through now comes change for the good. Pray the government is over thrown through all this.

    • Mistanick

      My Rant (part 2)

      We have created sports heros who have become our gods. Who could imagine spending $800 to see a hockey playoff game or seeing a baseball pitcher routinely paid 20 million a year for throwing a baseball for an hour, maybe twice every 8 days. Meanwhile, we have relegated our Blessed Lord into some type of daddy to give us the things we ask.

      We kill babies like the rest of the world, yet cry for a gorilla in a zoo shot to protect a boy in danger. We eat and drink sugar to a point the most men, women and kids are obese. Folks are buried in cell phones and brain dead to reality.

      Can we have our own debacle? I think we are already going through it.

      • Michael Rankin

        I wish more people were as aware as you are!

      • Gay Veteran

        “…We kill babies like the rest of the world, yet cry for a gorilla in a zoo shot to protect a boy in danger….”

        maybe you can cry for the MILLIONS of actual people dead because of the U.S. government in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.

        • Mistanick

          I cry for those who never had a chance to cry. I mourn for those who have perished as a result of the deceitful US involvement in the middle east due to oil or whatever perceived promise existed there. Imagine sons and daughters (well, you can’t) being blown up because they simply drove down a highway, all the while thinking they were defending “freedom”.

          Stay on topic with your comments. The USA is circling the drain because that is where they (we) belong. A chosen path. A path, as you have made, bathed in the flesh and not in the spirit of God.

          Let me close with this, sir. One baby, one, is priceless in the eyes of God and so should it be with us. Our Blessed Lord died for that one baby. He bled for it and now lives for its eternal life. Dismiss this at your peril.

        • Loog Moog

          @ gayveteran- repent of your sins before it is too late-
          Just acknowledge to Jesus that you (like me) are a sinner, and accept His forgiveness. If you do this, I will see you in Heaven.

          • jack nichols

            Don’t waste your time on the Gay Veteran, he enjoys his homosexuality, and considers it normal even though homosexuality is considered deviant behavior by the psychological community.

    • TheLulzWarrior

      It isn´t just the governement.

      The populations had time to get ready but they didn´t do that either, even now they just loot, starve and wait for governement ratios.

  • Georgia Girl

    Why can’t LE stop the shootings in Chicago? It seems after such a long time, they must simply be turning their heads. I do believe a great shaking is necessary to bring America back to God unfortunately.

    • Jack Mccarthy

      We are the LE but we gave away out authority

  • TC


    While I am in total agreement with your work I would like to remind you and your guests of three often forgotten facts.

    1. As the economy and social order in the US continue to disintergrate it is unlikely, if not impossible, that there will be a revival of any great extent in this country. As a historian I would point to those historical
    empires of the past and how they never return to their founding
    principles, let a lone, the religious and moral mores that were
    present when the nation was founded.

    As such I fully expect there will be few, very few, in the US who will abandon their social, moral decadency. They would frankly rather curse God then honor Him even when honoring Him is their only hope of stopping His judgement.

    2. Judgement ALWAYS begins in the house of God. As such the coming chaos will strike first, and probably hardest, in the Christian community. This is so that God can weed out those that pay Him lip service but whose hearts are far from Him. It also will make the Christian community stronger and more resolute in their survival. When the dust settles there will be a remnant left and that group will be totally devoted to Christ and tough as nails.

    3. The remnant will be made up of those men who have decided to man-up and become Christian fighters and true warriors of Christ, protectors of their wives, families and communities. Yes, that may mean taking up arms but those who cower in fear, afraid for their lives will be judged the harshest and among the first to be destroyed. One only has to observe what has happened to those Christian communities in the
    Middle East who wouldn’t fight to see what is about to descend on
    Christians here in the US.

    I am sure you, like I, can think of dozens of Scriptures that point to these facts as being the end result of Christians allowing evil to run rampant in a country.

    I am old but I have been in this fight since the mid-70’s and will continue to warn until the day is finished. Jesus did NOT say: “But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise a wallet; and he that hath none, let him sell his cloak, and buy a sword.” (Luke
    22:36 (ASV)) because He needed to fill space on a written page.

  • Jim Speaker

    I hate this planet

    • pulltheweeds


    • gospelmidi

      The planet is fine. God called His creation “very good.” But evil, working through human beings, has caused a lot of damage to it.

  • Jack Mccarthy

    We (the church) engage in idolatry and infanticide and expect God’s intervention. We teach and hear twisted doctrine and are greedy and lazy enough to BELIEVE IT!

  • Tom

    You reap what you sow… if you produce nothing you can’t expect to get something… you can’t expect a just society when so many are unjust. An honest society when so many are dishonest… a united society when so many are divided. Morality when there is so much immorality. What bothers me most is how most people do not see what part of this mess they are responsible for. It is always someone else to blame. Someone else who needs to “fix it”. Ahhh catastrophe… the great cleanser, equalizer, and re-organizer of realistic priorities.

  • chris

    ‘When debt spirals out of control, currency manipulation goes too far and government interference reaches ridiculous extremes, this is what can happen to an economy.’

    I take it by ‘government interference’ you are referring to Obama government interference Michael? To suggest that everything that is now happening in Venezuela has not had a helping from the filthy hand of America is disingenuous or at best naive.

  • DJohn1

    What we take for granted, other countries are in short supply of.
    For instance in WWII, my family raised chickens. Even after the war, my aunt, uncle, and cousins had a chicken farm in their back yard and a large garden. This was in England with all the bombings.
    In 1950-51 they were still using this method to keep themselves fed.
    This country(the US) has enormous amounts of farm land readily available for rent. There are numerous farms selling eggs and other grocery products. My Uncle often brought fish from the marketplace to my grandparents home for breakfast.
    This is not Venezuela. England is still well over populated. But there are markets everywhere to get food. The United States production of food is one of the best in the world.
    In the restaurants alone we waste more food than most countries have.
    Much of which is donated to homeless shelters throughout the country when it is not stopped by government forces.
    My point is we give away more to the poor than most other countries have. Tithing in the churches is still rampant in this country and the reward for tithing?
    I cannot speak for anyone else. But tithing means God gives back.
    I say if we want to avoid the coming depression then we have to start giving back big time. Not to the churches so much as to the communities in which we live.
    In my community churches go the extra mile. They have free dinners every week for people and many people attend those suppers.
    There is heavy support for the Salvation Army in this community.
    The homeless shelters are heavily supported as well.
    I once made the mistake of over tithing what I had. I was literally broke and down to my last 20 after a disasterous divorce in the 80s.
    I gave that 20 on a Wednesday night in response to the Preacher at our church. The next couple of days, my employer placed me 3rd in the new software we used to generate advertising for a newspaper. I ended up with 10-19 hours overtime a week for six months.
    You cannot outgive God. That measily 20 was all I had at the time in cash. So I gave everything I had in a rash gamble and it paid off big time.
    My message to those Venezuela people is turn to God for your needs. Band together in your churches and help one another when ever possible.
    It is the most difficult thing in the world to place your finances in God’s hands. I know. I have been there and done that. And I was in a well paying trade when disaster hit.
    My method was to tithe anything I had left at the end of a week during my financially distressed times. It worked. I do not know how biblical it is but it worked.
    I raised my boys when they came for visitation. I turned my anger at my divorced over to God and forgave rather than revenge or anger.
    I taught them what became their trade and they make good money at it. All 3 boys are very active in their churches. One is a music minister. The youngest helps with the running of the sound system and tech work in his church. All 3 are prosperous and I have 9 grandchildren.
    And that is in these very severe economically depressed times.
    All 3 are devoted Christians.
    I repeat you cannot out give God. The secret to prosperity is that simple statement.
    It is also the most difficult thing to do that I know of.
    God often gives good messages to us in dreams. Listen to those dreams.

    • iris

      What a blessing that all 3 of your children are devoted Christians, as far as you can tell, anyway. Such blessings mean far more than financial security, but I agree with you. We can give to those who can’t give in return, people who don’t even know our name, give to those who are sharing the gospel, often putting their lives on the line for it. He is The Treasure and gives Himself freely to us. 2Cor.4:7 tells us that everything we have, spiritual and physical, are gifts we have received. Our security lies with Him, but you’re right, we can’t out-give Him. He is a lavish giver and delights in those who give cheerfully.

    • gospelmidi

      @DJohn1, I am happy for you that God has blessed you, in both financial and familial areas. I think that He, through your employment, has provided for your family and not just for you, for your own sake. However, I know you can better assess the reasons for your personal blessings than I ever could. “According to your faith…”

      There is no partiality with God, and He plays no favorites, although He does preserve His chosen people, Israel, in miraculous ways on occasion. BUT…

      What works for you may or may not work for others. “I got saved, and the Lord made me prosperous and took away the {addiction to pain meds / arthritis / asthma / cancer / cardiovascular disease / depression / dyslexia / eardrum rupture / etc.} that had troubled me for so long.” Good for you. For the rest of us… maybe. One of us could also win the lottery or marry an heiress… maybe. There’s always that possibility.

      But before you dismiss me out of hand for “not having enough faith,” know that Malachi 3:10, Luke 6:38, Proverbs 3:9-10, and their cross-referenced verses are only a few of more than 31,100 verses in the Bible. The holy scriptures are not a cafeteria line, where you pick the items you want and ignore the rest. What you don’t eat may come back to bite you.

      The whole Bible is one piece; discard one link in a chain and the whole chain breaks in two; cut one thread in a knitted garment, and the whole garment unravels; annul one law for one VIP’s child, and the entire concept of law and jurisprudence falls into disrepute.

      “Claiming a promise” or a “life-promise” obligates God about as much as I am obligated by some “proof text” which the cults (or even a Catholic priest) would quote to snare me – if I gave them the opportunity, instead of sweeping them off the doorstep with the dust of my feet (and theirs). You can’t obligate God to fulfill His promises any more than you can hail Him into court. If He honors your faith with His fulfillment of His promise, be grateful and give Him thanks. But don’t grumble and give Him complaints if He doesn’t.

  • chriscas

    Maybe it will wake up all those “Feelin’ the Bern” nowadays! God doesn’t have to chastise us these days. He can have us do it for Him (as with Hitler and Stalin). Pray for more time to prepare spiritually as well as materially. And where sin abounds let grace abound further still! Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison

  • PK Hodges

    Those shelves are already emptying. Long ago the Lord told me to stock up on things. I asked, “Like what?” His answer was “the things you like. Get your favourite things.” He meant food and supplies, and bottled water especially. The world is being hit with every plague described in the book of Revelation in increasing measure and strength. I began warning others, and most, even believers, ignored God’s warnings–to store some basics and bottled water, plus candles and matches or solar flashlights (torches here in Britain) due to power outtages. They are worldwide. Expect more of the same. A little cook stove (like for camping) is good too. Getting things to barter with is a good plan too.
    Here in England, the shelves are beginning to empty. Most don’t really notice –yet, but they will. There is chaos and panic on mainland Europe. France is in upheaval as I type this.
    I want to point out that when God said gather some supplies, He didn’t mean be greedy, He frowns on greed. I didn’t mean be greedy. Don’t grab everything on the shelves and go crazy panic-buying.
    I just mean buy an extra of one or two cans of food each time you shop. And buy water to set aside. Not just for yourself either, but to share with the ones who weren’t prepared cause they didn’t think it could ever happen to them.
    The Lord said described the same thing this picture in Michael’s article is showing. He said to me, “The shelves will be empty.” We got a bunch of leader leading this world who are creating chaos and panic, so that they can put the noose of oppression more tightly around our necks, but those of us who know Jesus and serve the Most High God, are free through the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Revelation 13 is happening for real. It’s been taking shape for awhile, but it began gradually and has built up (everything always starts small and increases, so its a real shock for many, especially those ones who are only reading or hearing main media news, cause most of the stuff that’s really happening is never mentioned there, or it is lied about. But that Big Brother society John saw, that police state, is here. But those ones of us who are following Jesus, we will always be free, even if there are visible chains on our legs or arms, or we are thrown in jail, we are free, through Christ Jesus.
    And our freedom is not just from sin when we dwell in Him, but we are also freed from fear in Him, because He destroyed fear. Hebrews 2:14-15. “Because God’s children are human beings–made of flesh and blood–the Son[Jesus] also became flesh and blood. For only as a human being could he die, and only by dying could he break the power of the devil, who had the power of death. Only in this way could he set free all who have lived their lives as slaves to the fear of dying.”

    Jesus is the Father’s perfect love manifested, and John tells us in the 4th chapter of I John that perfect love casts out fear. How awesome is that? We are free from fear as long as we dwell in Jesus, the secret place of the Most High.(Psalm 91) So while this chaos and destruction is taking place around us, we can rest and praise and rejoice nestled down in the safety of the secret place of the Most High. Now, that’s a WOW! for sure.

    • iris

      So true and thank you!

  • krinks

    America doesn’t get the majority of its revenue from oil sales. Hence what ever happens in a still capitalist nation will be minor compared to gov’t controlled socialism.

  • Craig Novak

    Yes agree Michael …a great shaking is coming and we need to be wise and prepaere as best we can while we can . Thanks for all the inspiring articles….bless you in Jesus

  • RO

    How about schools teaching self sufficiency. Raising your own food with aquaponics and building your own shelter along with staying out of debt and limiting your reproduction to two children but only after you have somewhere to live. A decentralized self sufficient population would be a stable one. One would think any government would want that.

  • Karl Gerbschmidt

    farm animals are at risk, given ones locality, not many going to the woods to shoot deer, when the farm is closer and easier, chaos will certainly be prevalent…can’t wait

  • Robert (qslv)

    Venezuela was blessed with oil reserves which could have made every Venezuelan prosperous if the tenets of the 10 commandments were followed by the people and rulers of this Catholic nation. “Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.”

  • Tatiana Covington

    Venezuelans, don’t rely on God. Rely on yourselves, and your “little friends” (guns, bombs, knives, ammo, so to kill all the reds and take back freedom and capitalism). By armed force!

  • pulltheweeds

    paint a picture of the bus driver on every toilet bowl in venezuela

  • dougdiggler

    There’s really only one lesson we need to learn from Venezuela: if you dare to have policies that are not pro-Wall Street, pro USA, then get ready for a ceaseless campaign of economic, political, media and military warfare. Venezuela’s crime was that it used massive profits from oil sales to pay down the IMF debts of its neighbors- an unforgivable sin in Foggy Bottom and in the bowels of the CFR.

  • Zaphod Braden

    The Author takes joy in “People brought to their knees” Get therapy.
    This has been caused by corrupt politicians with superiority complexes, just like Clinton and Sanders. Not by God.

  • The parable of the wheat and the tares is the meaning to the age of grace and the statements that Jesus did not come to judge the world but to save it. That is what it means to live in the age of grace – to let the tares grow with the wheat and after the harvest they are separated. There will be no “great shaking” of just America like a judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah or something – the reality of judgment for sin has already been demonstrated. No, the entire world will be going through a “great shaking” and judgment at the end as described in Revelation and Daniel. There will be nothing but a great apostasy of the faith and then plague, pestilence, famine, earthquakes in diverse places, wars, deception, false christs, etc. but these are the beginning of birth pangs – the end is not yet. Try sticking to the scripture and quit trying to dream up a “great awakening” which only serves to cultivate further apostasy with false prophets proliferating and creating the lukewarm church of Laodicea with their false do-nothing grace (not even repent) theology. Those Christ will vomit out of His mouth before the tribulation (Rev.3:16) – they will be refined through the fires of judgment if they endure to the end(in their faith – not in their survival with their guns and supply storages). Repent, be the obedient and faithful servant, and pray always that you may be worthy to escape all these things and to stand before the Son of Man.

    • gospelmidi

      I haven’t found any promise among the Prophets of a “Great Revival in the Latter Days.” But I can still pray and seek God for revival.

  • Ray S.

    So Venezuela is repeating what every socialist country has repeated throughout history. Socialism does not and never will work. What is sad is that the country is full of many natural resources and the land is abundantly fertile enough to grow just about anything. You would think that the country could sustain itself and grow food and raise their own chickens but the last two generations of grew up under Chavez and were taught to depend on the government for handouts.

    • gospelmidi

      The total breakdown of law and order due to drug trafficking is taking its toll as well.

  • Blobee

    It appears the dominant culture now believes you can have all the blessings of life without God, and they are practicing that. I think many, many people under 40 grew up without any true religious upbringing, and have no personal faith, or if they did know a faith, have left it because it doesn’t produce good results (meaning, they must give up what they want and have to submit to rules).

    So where will these faithless people turn when things go sour? Will they suddenly believe in God and cry out to Him? I don’t see how they would. Don’t you think they’ll just curse Him, and those who believe in Him? I do.

    IMHO, the only thing that will turn people back to God will be long term relentless suffering, like the plague, or the Spanish flu that killed millions in the early 1900’s, or year after year starvation. I don’t think any short duration tragedy will do it.

    Just as there are no atheists in foxholes, atheism seems to fade when there is no help from any other place, and death is cruel and painful and relentless.

    I am amazed at the people of Venezuela. I have “watched” Hugo Chavez for years – his arrogance, his lies, and the people buying in because they wanted to have things provided for them without productivity. Now the price must be paid, and now they are angry and crying out? Did they not know what they wanted was B.S., that it doesn’t work? Now they are beginning to starve and die, and they are angry. But at whom? It should be at themselves.

    I see our young people and immigrants who come from these sorts of socialistic nations militating for the same thing here in the U.S. People like Bernie Sanders (whose initials are B.S.!) getting a hearing. I pray God is helping Venezuela, but I also pray at least some of those so enamored by the wonderful sounding promises of the left will look at Venezuela’s end game. It always ends this way.

  • gospelmidi

    Add “The Death of Money” by James Rickards.

    But what will we, who prayed and obeyed, fought and worked, and inherited and saved and gave (rinse and repeat by future generations), ever be but the “minority opinion” against the mobs of globalism, socialism, Mohametanism, the culture of death (abortion, euthanasia, and neglect), and “death cult” anarchy?