70 Nations Gathered In Paris Unanimously Call For The Creation Of A Palestinian State

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Israeli Protest Flags - Public DomainOn Sunday, the 70 nations that gathered in Paris for a conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict unanimously agreed to call for the creation of a Palestinian state. The joint declaration that was issued at the conclusion of the conference also endorsed UN Security Council Resolution 2334 which was adopted on December 23rd and the six principles that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry laid out in his 71 minute speech on December 28th. If you would like to read the final draft of the joint declaration, you can do so right here. The good news is that this conference did not immediately recognize a Palestinian state, nor does it appear that additional action will be taken at the UN Security Council before Donald Trump is inaugurated on Friday.


It had been feared that this conference may attempt to impose some sort of a solution on the Israelis and the Palestinians, but that didn’t come to pass. Instead, the conference participants agreed to work toward “a negotiated solution with two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security“.

So the global community has clearly reaffirmed their commitment to a Palestinian state, but the outcome of this conference was not nearly as bad for Israel as many had been anticipating.

On Tuesday, the UN Security Council will meet to further discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the Jerusalem Post is reporting that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has promised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that there will not be any more UN Security Council resolutions regarding Israel before Trump takes office…

Israeli sources said Kerry called Netanyahu from the conference to brief him on the efforts the US was taking there to soften the language of the final statement.

According to the sources, Netanyahu told Kerry that damage had already been done to Israel by the anti-settlement resolution that the US allowed to pass in the Security Council last month, and that no more harm should be allowed to be caused from the Paris summit.

Kerry assured Netanyahu that there would be no follow-up to the Paris conference in the Security Council, according to the sources.

Even though that bullet has been dodged, we should still acknowledge that what just happened in Paris, France was extremely significant.

It seems a very odd coincidence that exactly 70 nations gathered in Paris. It could have easily been 69 nations or 71 nations, but instead it was precisely 70.

According to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, the author of The Harbinger and The Book of Mysteries, the number 70 represents all the nations of the world in ancient Jewish tradition…

“It is interesting to note that the rabbis spoke of the world consisting of 70 nations,” he observed. “This is linked to the 70 sacrifices offered in the Feast of Tabernacles. So now to have the nations of the world, specifically 70 nations, gather together over the issue of Jerusalem, is most striking. One could say that the 70 nations are a representation of all nations, and coming together clearly set against the word of God which clearly ordains that Jerusalem is given by God to only one nation – Israel.

“As to the Abrahamic Covenant, that what a nation does to Israel will be done to that nation, what America under Obama did to Israel at the United Nations – namely abandon it – was significant,” he said.

Without a doubt, all of the largest and most powerful countries were represented at the conference. So what we just witnessed in Paris was essentially the whole world coming together to decide what should be done with the land of Israel.

And by unanimously agreeing that the land of Israel should be divided and that a Palestinian state should be created, these global leaders are in great danger of literally cursing the entire planet.

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an entire article about how those that bless Israel will be blessed and those that curse Israel will be cursed. I would venture to say that now the entire world is on the wrong side of that equation as a result of this conference in Paris.

The good news for the U.S. is that Barack Obama is on his way out the door and Donald Trump is about to become president.

In a previous article I detailed 10 specific steps that Trump should immediately take to try to reverse the curse that Obama has put on America. One of the steps that I recommended was moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and this is something that Trump’s team is actively talking about.

However, other global leaders are warning Trump not to do this. For example, on Sunday French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told the press that such a move would have “very serious consequences”

A “stubborn” proposal by President-elect Donald Trump to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would involve “very serious consequences” and damage efforts for peace in the Middle East, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Sunday.

And of course the Palestinians are threatening widespread violence if the U.S. embassy is moved to Jerusalem, but meanwhile the Palestinians have no problem opening up new embassies of their own. In fact, on Saturday the Palestinians just opened up a brand new embassy at the Vatican.

Donald Trump may never have anticipated this, but the truth is that the relationship between the United States and Israel is likely to be one of the defining issues of his presidency.

Allowing UN Security Council Resolution 2334 to pass without a veto was the worst decision that Barack Obama made during his entire time in the White House, and it represented the greatest betrayal of Israel in the history of the United States.

In just a few days, Donald Trump will have an opportunity to begin repairing the immense damage that was done by that resolution, and it sounds like he wants to have a very positive relationship with Israel.

But it can’t just be words. Politicians have a habit of telling us what we want to hear, and now Donald Trump will get his chance to show the world that he is not just another typical politician.

My hope is that Donald Trump will truly be a friend to Israel in both word and deed, because that is what is desperately needed at this moment in history.

About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The Most Important News. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

  • Jorma

    Kerry “assured” Netanyahu that there would be no follow up to this decision in the Security Council? The fact that Kerry did this means that Israel is going to take another knife in the back by Obama. Kerry has got to be one of the all time losers. Oh wait. That’s Obama. No. It’s the moron MIT PhD Gruber who called us all stupid. Oh wait, it’s…

  • nilst2011

    Great ! Then maybe “Israel” can start to follow intl laws ! At the moment they should be punished for their warcrimes. I feel no trust in “Israeli” scumbags as Netanyahu.

    • A.S.

      And Hamas follows international laws? They place and shoot missiles from 1. private homes; 2. schools; 3. mosques; 4. stores; 5. hospitals. Which people, even the Germans during WWII, have ever done such a thing? No one. If the so-called Palestinians allow this, they are part of the problem and just as evil. They engage in war crimes all the time, whereas the IDF sends warning via cell phone messages and dropped leaflets of coming attacks. Which army has ever done this: warn of impending attacks? No one except the moral IDF army. If you do not recognize these facts, you are an an anti-Semite and allowing another Holocaust to occur, which the PLO still has in their charter: put all the Jews into the sea [Mediterranean] and wipe Israel off the map. By being against Israel, you just signed your own death warrant. You will suffer great pain and agony through disease and hunger very soon.

      • Paul Patriot

        Amen! Do you believe that Yeshua Messiah came, died and rose again, 2000+ years ago?

        • PPTA


    • disqus_nnLrIiRVEb

      The Palestinians are a lying-vile race of people that should be exterminated off the planet of the earth. Palestinians prove time and time again they can’t be trusted. There isn’t an Arab country in the middle east that would take these savages-and I can’t blame theme. The UN is a joke and needs to be dissolved and Trump eill see to that.

      • Mi2cents

        Even the Palestinian Arab Christians who also want the right of self determination?

      • John Pallyswine

        LOVE IT. I say that the IDF begin the extermination this Sunday. BARUCH HASHEM!!

    • John Pallyswine

      I wish Netanyahu was a scumbag. Begin exterminating all Palestinkians as of Sunday at sunset. I WISH.

    • John Pallyswine

      Int’l laws?? Followed by the Spanish Catholic and Portuguese Catholic and WASP when they invaded the New World??

  • Lorelei Vision

    I wouldn’t trust anything Obama/Kerry say. They’ve shown themselves to be liars and nothing more. This isn’t over, there is more to come, unfortunately. I pray God covers Israel and President-elect Trump during these perilous times…

  • amongoose

    I notice that there was one thing missing from that document,
    the insistence that the Palestinians recognize Israels right to exist.
    Until they do that why should Israel even negotiate?

  • Dov Sar

    I read elsewhere that the UK did NOT sign……which is it?

  • DJohn1

    By the meter that you judge so shall you be judged.
    I suggest that the Palestine People will be judged by their own stupidity in using violence as a solution to anything. By the Koran, they are not obligated to honor agreements with people not of their faith and they do not.
    We are all paying a heavy price for taking these people in.
    Israel is no exception to this.

    The UN has overstepped its bounds.
    Since when did it become a World Government over the top of all sovereign nations on this planet?
    Hitler was an amateur. These people appear to be professionals.
    England and the United States have stood together for a long time.

    What all these countries need to do is evict the entire Muslim community on the basis that they are not going to assimulate into the culture and countries in which they immigrate to. England is facing this right now with the population that came from Pakistan and India.
    After world war II, we made a mistake in allowing Israel to become a nation in this area. It would have been far better to locate them somewhere else. A lot of people may not have died.
    Some things are destined to happen. No matter what we do.
    When a God that created it all allows things to happen then we are dealing with an entity that is both here and in the past at the same time. His purposes and motives are not our purposes and motives.
    He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of this Universe.

    IF God wants it different, he simply changes the past so the future is not what we see here.
    We change the things that we can. But some things are critical to events in our future and we cannot change them no matter what we do. Only God has that ability.
    Even Jesus submits to his Father’s rule over things. For only God knows when he will allow Jesus to come back to gather his people.

    We do not have the wisdom to recognize what we can and cannot change. Even Jesus asked God to forgive them, for they know not what they do.

    So if God is putting a curse on this world we can have no responsibility for things we cannot change.
    All we can do about destined things is pray. Then if the all mighty God decides, only then will changes take place.
    So the question becomes “is this one of those destined things or is it something we have the ability to change?”
    IF my will had anything to do with it, the United States would be Christian and Jewish people would always be welcomed here.
    So would any people from any nation on where they were not wanted provided they were good people with good morales and not liars and thieves, murderers. rapists, and worse. Taking predators into our country is not wise.

    But we are not God. We do not have his wisdom. We are like onto ants and God like onto a very intelligent being the size of an elephant in comparison.

    He directs and we follow. Not the other way around.
    All we can do is pray . . . pray for Trump that he will have the wisdom under God to do what needs to be done.

  • TheLulzWarrior


    • Jim Davis

      These comments aren’t going as Michael had probably hoped.

      Maybe the evangelicals are tired of being mocked by the “chosen people” and serving as their useful idiots.

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  • tacoma

    The state of Israel was imposed by the British Empire on various Arab lands including Palestine. The rest conquered by war supported by the same Anglo empires. And now a large gathering of UN members approved the state of Palestine. Therefore the latter should have more legitimacy than the former.

    • PPTA

      There was no Palestine in 1948.

      • John Pallyswine

        Palestine is a fraud. The filthy muSSlim invaded Israel in 614AD to kill, colonize and rape.

    • John Pallyswine

      The british had zero to do with this. The filty waSSp refused to allow the Jew into Israel in 1946.

  • PPTA

    The United States better veto this, if not we will Have WW3 sooner than later.

  • Neil Meliment

    Israel did 9/11.

  • SantosGarcia

    It’s over.. they lost- thanks to Donald Trump!