5113 Warheads And Falling – America’s Rapidly Shrinking Nuclear Arsenal

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Most Americans believe that the massive nuclear arsenal that the U.S. military accumulated during the Cold War is still sitting there today – silently protecting them as they pursue the American Dream.  But that is NOT the case.  In fact, the United States currently only has a small fraction of the nuclear warheads that it did during the 1960s and the 1970s, and Barack Obama wants to make further substantial cuts.  If you are an American, what you are about to read should seriously upset you.  The weapons that have protected our freedom since the end of World War II are rapidly being dismantled at a time when the geopolitical situation around the world is becoming increasingly unstable.  Iran is feverishly working on developing nuclear weapons, North Korea already has them and it is only a matter of time until terrorists get their hands on some, and yet Barack Obama keeps insisting that radical nuclear disarmament is a great idea and nobody out there (including the Republicans) is putting up much of an objection.


Once upon a time, even the number of nuclear warheads that the U.S. possessed was top secret information.  But not anymore.  Barack Obama has decided to “set an example of transparency” by releasing that information.

So how many nukes does the U.S. currently have? 

The United States now has only 5,113 nuclear warheads in its stockpile, which represents an 84 percent decline since a peak of approximately 31,255 in 1967.

And now Barack Obama wants to cut that number even further.

Soon after he was elected, Barack Obama delivered a major foreign policy speech in Prague during which he called for a world that was free from nuclear weapons.

Most analysts dismissed such talk as “pie in the sky” rhetoric that would never amount to much.

But Barack Obama was apparently serious.  He has been aggressively seeking agreements with other nations that would reduce the number of nuclear weapons around the globe.

In fact, on April 8th of this year, Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a new START treaty in Prague.  According to this new treaty, both the United States and Russia will only be allowed a maximum of 1,550 deployed warheads.  Both sides will also be restricted to 700 intercontinental ballistic missiles that carry warheads.

Only 1,550 deployed U.S. warheads?

Down from over 31,000 warheads in the 1960s?

What kind of national security policy is that?

To get an idea of how rapidly our nuclear arsenal is shrinking, just check out the following chart….

But isn’t the “Cold War” over?

Now that we have peace with Russia and China, is it not a good thing to be getting rid of these horrible weapons?

No, the Cold War is NOT over and the truth is that we need these weapons more than ever.

The Russian Bear is back in a big way.  Russia is now the number one oil producer in the world and their economy is booming.  Not only that, they are rapidly modernizing their military and developing new weapons systems.  The truth is that Russia is more of a threat today than it ever has been.

In addition, China is now a burgeoning superpower.  Thanks to extremely favorable trade agreements, China has become the second biggest economy in the world.  This new economic muscle has also allowed Beijing to dramatically reform and modernize the Chinese military.  In recent months China’s tone towards the United States has become increasingly aggressive and U.S. relations with both Russia and China are becoming alarmingly strained.

Not only that, but as mentioned earlier, Iran is racing towards becoming a nuclear power and North Korea already has nukes.  So what will Barack Obama do when each of them has several hundred nuclear weapons?

Also, as you read this leftist revolutions are sweeping across South America.  The reality is that the entire continent is turning hard to the radical left.  Most Americans simply do not realize the danger that represents.

And then there is the ever present danger that terrorists could get their hands on nuclear weapons.  For many terrorist organizations around the world, the thought of acquiring nuclear weapons is the ultimate dream.  One terrorist with a small nuke could take out an entire city in the blink of an eye.

The threats are multiplying and America needs a strong nuclear weapons program more than ever. 

But not only does Barack Obama want to slash America’s nuclear arsenal down to next to nothing, he also wants to tell the Russians exactly where all our nuclear weapons are so that the Russians can “verify” that the U.S. is keeping its end of the treaty.

Do you understand what that would mean?

It means that someday if the Russians wanted to hit the United States with a surprise first strike, they would know exactly how many nuclear weapons the United States has and exactly where they are.

That would make a first strike SO much easier.

Most Americans think that Russia launching a first strike against us is absolutely impossible, but such a scenario could play out something like this….

Russia (probably allied with China) decides that war with the United States is inevitable.  They know that their best chance for success is to launch a devastating surprise first strike.  So, they sneak their cutting edge “super silent” subs close to our coasts and they launch a massive wave of nukes.  These nukes would get to our bases and cities in about 5 minutes.  Thanks to Barack Obama, the Russians know where all of our nukes are located and so they know where to strike.  The United States responds by launching the very limited number of nukes that survive the first strike.  Afterwards, Russia and China combine forces to launch a ground invasion with their much larger conventional military forces.

Think it can’t happen?

Wait and see.

You just might be surprised what is possible once you disarm the most powerful nation on earth.

  • David

    5,000+ nukes is more than enough.

    If China annihilates us, who is going to buy all of their cheap plastic crap?

    The notion that Russian and Chinese troops are going to launch a ground invasion of the continental U.S. is utterly insane. You appear to be living in 1957.

  • David

    Additionally, I invite you to visit Brooklyn, New York. You will find that the Russian-Chinese ground invasion has already taken place resulting in a number of really good restaurants in Sunset Park and vodka bars and smoked fish in Brighton Beach.

  • Greg

    To understand this issue a lot of reading and research is required. Examples: America was created to bring in the new world order and then to be destroyed. That is why our national symbol is the Phoenix Bird, not the eagle, and you can see that early depictions of the “eagle” were not truly eagles. Look into scalar and HAARP and you will see that nuclear weapons are obsolete, yet they will be used to reduce human population and to usher in the antichrist (the Masonic Christ). America has nearly fulfilled our wicked destiny and we will see the fulfillment of Revelation 18 on this nation. There will be dreadful and fearful times for us prior to the total destruction. For those who have received the free gift of eternal life through the shed blood of Jesus Christ we have nothing to fear.

  • Stefan

    Just a few points to consider: Do you seriously think that any country would launch a nuclear attack on any other country without being destroyed by the rest of the world in the aftermath? You need to get rid of the idea that the US are alone in the world. That is simply not true anymore. One of the few positive effects of globalization is the feeling of unity and closeness it has created. Countries, economies and societies work together these days. It is not every country for itself anymore.
    And just to pick up your example of a nuclear first strike by Russia and China: Should they decide to actually do so, they would not only attack the US but they would exile themselves from the rest of the world, risk a military counter attack by all nations and thereby the third World War, slam their own economy (both countries heavily depend on exports) and thereby only destroy themselves without gaining anything.
    Get rid of the Reagan-propaganda in your heads and start thinking global. Nobody wants a nuclear war anymore and it is therefore not a communist move to cut down on nuclear weapons but it is a reasonable step for the good of the world (and that reaches further than US borders).
    On a final note I would like to ask just one question: Would you seriously recommend a nuclear counter attack on a terrorist group and thereby killing thousands of civillians who are just as opposed to terrorism as you are? Get real, people!

  • On a final note I would like to ask just one question: Would you seriously recommend a nuclear counter attack on a terrorist group and thereby killing thousands of civillians who are just as opposed to terrorism as you are? Get real, people!

    To this comment: Some of us are quite real and can see the danger
    inherent in reducing our nuclear/WMD arsenal. You are correct, it is not the 1980’s anymore and 9/11 changed the world for good.
    Islamic global terrorism has changed the world for good. Tough
    if you do not get this. MAD destruction was and still is a necessary policy for safety in today’s very dangerous world. the risk of a EMP, nuclear, biological or chemical attack from a ROGUE
    NATION is a very real sceanrio that this asshat, traitorous administration is rushing hell bent and head first into.

    A tactical nuke attack on a terrorist group? depends why and where?
    You will not like this but the death of a few thousand civilians
    would be worth it if it stopped a serious situation from escalating. Can’t wrap your head around that one? Perhaps a move to
    Europe or England would suit those of you who feel that we are too aggressive or the global bully. But wait, if the mullah obamaham has his way, the USA will be a third rate country in record time.
    You won’t have to move after all.

    Greg: Indeed, Revelations 18 is quite possibly upon us and those who found life at the foot of the cross have nothing to fear.
    I left my chains there over 26 years ago.

  • margaret

    Were someone to have predicted 9-11 before it happened, we would have found that just as incredulous as many consider this possibility.
    Take 9 brief minutes to watch this compelling and revealing video on youtube, depicting the the wounds of humanity,including 9-11). This is a powerful and telling meditation of the results of abandoning prayer and turning from God and the outcome. Certainly worth pondering. Link below.


  • unohoo

    All these things appear to look good on paper, impressing those in board rooms and auditoriums. But in reality governments can say whatever they want in an attempt to deceive the pathetically simple minded in American government.

    In reality one nuke per country is too much and one country with a nuke is too much. My question is this; that if any, will be alive to know who lied about what they said they had.

    Your president has done more to sell out the country to Muslims and communism than any president outside Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, who began selling out the country to the Chinese. The Panama Canal around 1978 and the deep water harbor in San Diego California in the 90’s.

    Never say never or worse . . . what else . . .

  • xyloman

    Greg – you’re living in the middle of ‘Beneath The Planet of The Apes’ (perhaps the end) … oh my. Get a grip. America was not birthed to be destroyed. Nor is any boogyman (AKA: antichrist) coming to ‘bring us down.’ This is fantasy. If it comforts you to believe this, as well as the impending JC World Tour, then thats fine. However, this has no basis in reality.

    4,000 … 5,000 nukes. Whats the difference. How many does Israel have and why don’t they disclose the amount?

    The less Nooks the better.

    I do not fear nuclear war.

  • John g

    What worries me more than the points in this article is that a lot of people actually think that we are safe because of nuclear weapons. The truth is that weapons like these do not bring peace, but rather perpetuate a false sense of security. Dismantling each one will not bring peace either, but having them ensures that they will be used and ensures that fear will persist and grow.

  • jeremy

    If we are trying to fight tterrorists, why are U.S. forces dragging little girls by their hair from their beds in the middle of the night? Is this the democracy and freedeom we are fighting to give the people? I have been to Iraq, and we are liberating nothing except the oil into the hands of multinationals. Are country is very quickly becoming a christian totalitarian state with a large portion of the population, especially in high places in the military and weapons industry, believe the “armageddon” is upon us. Good luck in the nightmare you are all creating. The real enemy is the corperations and the men in charge. Men are fallable, perverted, agressive, compulsive and like to hoarde resources. I should know, I am a man. Throw in some religious fundamentalism that is validated by a brainwashed society and lots of power and there will be problems. Christian fundamentalist terrorists exist, I know because I was in the army with them. Look at the head of blackwater, he is a self proclaimed warrior who was appointed by god who is trying to destroy islam. I think he is a sociopath with a huge ego who found an acceptable way for society to sup[port his hatred for other people.

  • Tisco

    This article is really far fetched and undermines the credibility of this website. Too bad