5 Major Earthquakes In 48 Hours As A Seismologist Warns ‘Catastrophic Mega Earthquakes’ Are Coming

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Earthquake Freeway CollapseWhy is the crust of the Earth shaking so violently all of a sudden?  Over the past 48 hours, there have been five major earthquakes globally, and one prominent seismologist has declared that “catastrophic mega earthquakes” could be on the way.  In fact, seismologist Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado has made headlines all over the world by warning that “current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude”.  If his projections are accurate, our planet could be on the precipice of a wave of natural disasters unlike anything that any of us have ever experienced before.


Since the beginning of 2016, south Asia has been hit by an unusually high number of large earthquakes, and this has scientists groping for an explanation.  The following comes from the Express

Scientists say there has been an above average number of significant earthquakes across south Asia and the Pacific since the start of the year.

The increased frequency has sparked fears of a repeat of the Nepal quake of 2015, when 8,000 people died, or even worse.

Roger Bilham, seismologist of University of Colorado, said: “The current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude.

And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes.”

A single magnitude 8.0 earthquake in a populated area would be a disaster of historic proportions.

If we were to see four of them like Roger Bilham is projecting, that would be a complete and utter nightmare.

It is important to keep in mind that a magnitude 8.0 earthquake would be many, many times larger than the twin earthquakes that hit Japan earlier today

A devastating 6.4-magnitude earthquake has struck Japan hours after a first which killed at least three and injured 19 others.

The quakes, which struck the south-western island of Kyushu, leveled more than a dozen homes, sparked fires and trapped several people under collapsed buildings.

Around 350 military personnel have been dispatched to aid the rescue effort, said Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.

The first earthquake, measuring 6.5-magnitude, hit the south-east Asian country late on Friday, local time, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

On Thursday we also saw a magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit Vanuatu, and a magnitude 5.9 earthquake shook the southern Philippines

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Mindanao early Thursday, April 14, seismologists said, with no damage or casualties immediately reported and no tsunami warning issued. The quake occurred at 2:21 am (1821 GMT Wednesday) off the coast of Zamboanga del Norte, with its epicenter at a depth of 15 kilometers, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said.

And of course on Wednesday a huge magnitude 6.9 earthquake caused tremendous devastation in Myanmar

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck Myanmar on Wednesday, causing tremors around the region, including in neighboring Bangladesh where scores were reported injured in stampedes and buildings were damaged. The quake, which took place at a depth of 134 kilometers (83 miles), hit some 400 kilometers northwest of Myanmar’s capital Naypyidaw, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS), and was also felt in parts of India and China. There were no immediate reports of casualties, although the region where the earthquake hit has poor communications infrastructure like many of Myanmar’s outlying provinces.

So why is this happening?

Why is Asia shaking so violently all of a sudden?

And does this shaking bode ill for other areas along the “Ring of Fire” including the west coast of the United States?

I think that it is important to point out that all of this shaking did not just begin this week.  In fact, ever since the start of this calendar year there has been a lot of unusual earthquake activity all over Asia

Just four days ago, on April 10, six people died in Pakistan when a 6.6-magnitude quake hit Kabul with aftershocks in India

Two days before, on April 8, there was a magnitude 4.2 earthquake in Nepal.

Nepal had suffered a larger 5.5 magnitude one on February 22.

A month before, on January 20, there was a 6.1-magnitude earthquake in China, and 16 days earlier 11 people died when a 6.7-magnitude earthquake hit Manipur in India.

In addition, let us not forget about all of the volcanic eruptions that have been in the news in recent weeks.

According to Volcano Discovery, 38 volcanoes around the globe are erupting right now.  This is definitely an unusually high number.

In Matthew 24, Jesus warned us that there would be earthquakes in “divers places” just prior to His return.  This is something that I discuss quite a bit in my new book.  If we truly are in the times that the Bible refers to as “the last days”, we should expect the shaking of our planet to continue to intensify.

If seismologist Roger Bilham is right and we do begin to see a series of absolutely massive earthquakes, that could dramatically change the course of world events literally overnight.

Even a single magnitude 8.0 earthquake in a major city in Japan, China or the United States would cause global markets to crash and would mean billions of dollars in economic damage.

So let us hope that the crust of our planet begins to stabilize, but let us also not ignore the warnings of the scientists.

What they are warning us about right now lines up perfectly with what Jesus warned us about nearly 2000 years ago, and that is a very sobering thing to consider.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.*

  • Robert

    For my part I am on information overload. Death and destruction, doom and gloom, evil and worse and of course the bizarre and ludicrous ongoing presidential politics.

    • Jim Davis

      And the world keeps on spinning round and round…

  • Shirley Toney

    This lines up with David Wilkinson’s vision of a massive earthquake in the United States. I reread his book The Vision. So much has already happened or is in the process of happening.

  • Letfreedomring

    God is showing who is in control of this planet …. and it ain’t us y’all … although I’m sure the climate changers will try to find a way to blame and tax the people for somehow causing or allowing these earthquakes to happen!

  • Michael, you have to increase the time table to the beginning of April until now. There were 12 quakes equal or above Mag6. As far as I know, this is unusual for such a short period of time.

    2016-04-01 – 6.0 – Japan, Honshu Coast
    2016-04-01 – 6.1 – Coast of New Guinea
    2016-04-02 – 6.2 – Alsaka Peninsula
    2016-04-03 – 6.9 – Vanuatu
    2016-04-06 – 6.7 – Vanuatu
    2016-04-06 – 6.0 – Vanuatu
    2016-04-06 – 6.0 – Java, Indonesia
    2016-04-07 – 6.6 – Vanuatu
    2016-04-10 – 6.6 – Afghanistan, Hindu Kush
    2016-04-13 – 6.9 – Myanmar (Burma)
    2016-04-14 – 6.0 – Japan, Kyushu
    2016-04-15 – 6.5 – Vanuatu

    Besides, a lot of Mag5+ near the Mag6 scale happened also a lot these days. Seismic activity is on the rise, mostly on the Ring of Fire, but since few months activity had increased also in the Himalayan Region/Hindu kush…

  • Jim Davis

    If the University of Colorado is as good at predicting earthquakes as they are at predicting hurricanes, then we have nothing to worry about.


    Wake me up at the next blood moon.

    • Joan Camara

      Our bible says to not sleep, He will come like a thief in the night, and to be ready. Or go ahead and sleep, your choice! And, about that full moon? It’s off by a year. Things will happen THIS year! Wait for it! Oh no, he fell asleep!

      • Jim Davis

        Right. THIS year. I’ll forget all of those other predictions about LAST YEAR. Or the year before. Or 2012. Or 2008. Or 2001. Or 1999. Or…

        • iu

          They always think they know the year!

        • kodster

          See my post above, in response to Joan’s post. Are you asleep?

      • kodster

        If you don’t understand the statement ‘like a thief in the night’, which was what the captain of the guard in the Temple was nicknamed… then those who claim ‘we don’t know the day or hour’ are just as ignorant as to when He is coming. We know that He comes in the Year of the Lord, which is the Jubilee Year. Well, we’re in that year, now. It ends on September 1st, on the Hebrew calendar day of the 29th day of Elul. At sunset, that night, is the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets… IF two witnesses see the New Moon appearing… and in turn, report it to the Sanhedrin (who, for anyone’s interest to know, just last month, after nearly 2,000 years, took their very first report of the sighting of the New Moon, to begin the new month), and the Sanhedrin announce the beginning of the Feast Day beginning. This is the Feast Day of the ‘hidden day’ for no one knows when it begins, except the One that created the New Moon, the Father. No one knows when the hour will be, because it takes 2 to sight it, report it, and for it to be announced… could happen at any hour, during the 48 hours of the Feast Day observance. So, ‘no one knows the day or hour but the Father’ works here. Also, the priests were to remain alert, to keep the Temple altar fires going… if the captain of the guard appeared while the priests had fallen asleep, the captain would light a torch from the altar, and then use that torch to light the priest’s garments on fire… the priests would run through the temple, ripping off their clothes, gnashing their teeth, naked. Sound like Scripture? The captain of the guard, when he did this, was called the ‘thief in the night’. So, Jim, are you a ‘priest’ who fell asleep?

      • watchmannonthewall

        Just as Jesus fulfilled the first 4 Feasts of the LORD (Lev. 23) beginning from His death at Passover in just about 55 days, He will fulfill the last three, Trumpets, Atonement and Sukkot/Tabernacles within the period of the first day of the seventh month and the 22nd of the same. He will fulfill the last three Feasts, or Appointed Times, within that 22 day period also. We have a ways to go.
        It will not be happening this year, though it would be nice if it did. Those of us who have been preparing for years would all be very happy! I’d encourage the reading of Michael’s new book. Though I haven’t yet read it, but will, I have seen one of his promotions and know his position on the rapture, as declared in Scripture. I’m interested in the other things he has to write about.

    • Smilardog

      Don’t you mean… if Colorado is as good at voting for presidential candidates.. Buahahahaha!!!

    • kodster

      That’s going to be a mighty long nap, my friend… 500 years from now.

  • Jason Santoso

    This kind of disaster has been predicted in Revelation 6. In fact, this event is nothing, compared to the events that will come during the next tribulation period. Men always point their finger to someone else, while the Bible has warned us that the end is near.

    • Joan Camara

      Exactly right! We should see a 7 year peace treaty between Israel and Palestine, and if we do, then that would start the 7 year tribulation period. We won’t know who will be the author of this peace contract. I did hear Obummer planning on running an illegal third term! Or even being the head of the UN. Ki Moon’s term is up at the same time as Obummer’s! And whenever anyone said he was the antichrist, and I didn’t believe them and also said he couldn’t be…. wow! lol (not funny). Funny though, that our bible says, that a trait of the antichrist is that he won’t require a woman, and there’s quite a few videos on youtube about Michelle actually being Michael!

      • Susie

        Obama is not the antichrist! The Jews don’t trust him and they are the ones the antichrist has to fool.

        • kodster

          A key point, indeed. And many of the world leadership don’t trust him, either. No, Obama is just a pre-cursor to the Antichrist. Just as John the Baptist was the pre-cursor to Jesus.

        • Adrian Johnson

          The “Obamination” is just a useful idiot of the NWO to evicerate the US Constitution. He breaks down the Bill of Rights so that when the Antichrist takes over in Europe through the EU, he can rule in the USA through TTIP as well.

      • chris

        If the antichrist doesn’t require a woman then does that imply:

        1. He is homosexual?
        2. He is genitally (and i don’t mean genetically) deformed/damaged meaning he can’t have intercourse and/or has no desire for intercourse?
        3. Paedophile?
        4. Transgender????
        5. No gender?
        6. Not actually human?

        However just saying ‘doesn’t require a woman’ doesn’t mean he couldn’t be married to a woman, because it appears many homosexual men are. A wife would be a useful cover in politics etc for a homosexual man presumably.

        • kodster

          He is half human, half Nephilim… Genesis 6:1-6. KJV refers to him as having the blood of a jackal. Well, that’s a mistranslation… the correct Hebrew word is ‘tannim’, which translates correctly to ‘dragon’. Who is Satan, but the Great Dragon. Go study what Nephilim are all about… the offspring of the Fallen Angels. They truly DID exist, and they’re coming back.

          • letug

            maybe catholic church that killed 68 million people through the dark ages

          • kodster

            Nope. Truth is, the Roman Catholic Church is based upon the sun worship systems of the Fallen Angels, not on the Son of God. Anyone that is in Roman Catholicism actually worships Satan, but most don’t even know it. Just as in Freemasonry, only those in the top hierarchies know the true nature of Roman Catholicism… Freemasons, only those in 32nd and 33rd degrees know the true nature of Freemasonry… which is satanic in nature.

          • justseame

            The Nephilim all died in the flood…. They truly did exist, but they cannot come back. they all died. The angel were forbidden after that to perform cohabitation with women or to use human form. They were locked away in tartarus.

        • common sense

          Maybe Catholic Church or denominational churches together united with it.
          That church killed way more than Hitler.
          The Orthodox Church will be having its first “Ecumenical Council” in 1,200 years.

          • kodster

            Roman Catholic church is of Satan, and will help bring about a one-world government/one-world religion (which, in actuality, is Islam… an ideology that combines both).

        • SweetMarmot

          I read that the antichrist wouldn’t have a desire of women. That could mean he’s gay, or not. It could also mean he’s a hard core misogynist, a woman hater, who comes from a woman hating misogynist culture. Perry Stone teaches that the antichrist will come from the Islamic world. He may come from a country and culture that believes with all its heart that females are trash, and that they deserve to be abused. Possibly this is how the antichrist will think.
          I can’t imagine that any evil, satanic person would have compassion on women. All over the world women get the worst of it in every culture that Satan infiltrates. Satan hates women more than he hates men, although he hates men too.
          Men influenced by Satan abuse their wives and girlfriends, commit rape, and push for all manner of rights for men to mistreat women. So I can’t imagine the antichrist would have anything other than complete contempt for women, and anger at the thought of females living happy, healthy lives.

          • Adrian Johnson

            Early Fathers of the Church thought that the last Anti-christ would be a Jew from the tribe of Dan, born of a bad woman. He would convince the Jews he was the messias, and the rest of the world that he was a god, and would rebuild the Third temple in Jerusalem on the site of the Muslim “dome of the rock”.

      • justseame

        Where does it say that the Anti-Christ won’t require a woman?

        • watchmannonthewall

          It actually says he will not regard the “desire” of woman. Lots of discussion about this statement with no clear understanding . Based on events of today, my opinion is this speaks of support for an involuntary sterilization to prevent pregnancy. Many women want children but he may forcibly prevent them from being able to conceive. Just one possiblility.

          According to the Book of Jashur, this was done prior to the Flood also. I would take anything written there with caution as we don’t know if what is called the Book of Jashur today is the same as that mentioned by some writers of the Bible.

    • Jason Santoso

      Well, I think based on my observation, the candidates for the antichrist are Pope Francis and Obama.

      Reason: For Obama, he said he is a Christian, but the truth is he is a devoted Muslim. We can look from his speeches about Islam and his disapproval for Israel when all the previous US presidents always support Israel.

      For Pope Francis, look at his comments about controversial issues. He said that you don’t have to believe in Jesus Christ to go to Heaven and all religion leads to the same God. This contradics with John 14:6 that said that we cannot go to Father without though Jesus. Also he believe in ridiculous climate change theory (which if you believe in Jesus you know that it is not true), and don’t mind about homosexual and atheist.

      • algol2000

        “We can look from his speeches about Islam and his disapproval for Israel
        when all the previous US presidents always support Israel”

        The Islam that you speak about and the Israel that you hope is still the same are, today, two sides of the same coin. The Biblical Israel no longer exists. It perished in exile long time ago.

        • JS

          “The Biblical Israel no longer exists. It perished in exile long time ago.”

          You obviously don’t know your Bible!!!
          G-d said He would bring them back — and DID!!

          • algol2000

            He did…many many years ago. And then Jerusalem got plowed under by the Romans.

            Today, the Khazar “Jews” occupy the place that used to be known as Israel, having stolen the identity of the real Hebrews.

          • Jim Davis

            Don’t bother trying to convince this cuck. He’s a useful idiot goy.

          • kodster

            The both of you are ‘cuckolds’. Following the lies of the NWO in calling the Jews ‘Khazars’. Do you TRULY know WHOM you are referring to, in the way of the ‘Khazars’? These are none other than the remnants of the Nephilim, if you truly know the Word, which, obviously, you don’t.

          • justseame

            The Nephilim all died in the flood of Noah. They were one of the main reasons for the destruction of the flood. After that the demons were unable to inhabit human forms to keep the intermixing from happening again. It’s in the bible!

          • watchmannonthewall

            Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, AND ALSO AFTERWARDS, when the sons of God came into the daughters of menand they bore children to them. ” They were on the earth before and after the Flood.

            The Nephilim are not fallen angels. If one does a study on the original Hebrew language and themes throughout both the OT and NT one can easily make the connection it is speaking of the sons of God, the godly line, coming into the daughters of men, the line of Cain, the line of the evil one and the offsping also being evil. It is a mixing of the profane with the holy which we are warned against over and over. Paul put it this way, “Do not be unequally yoked.”

            Brad Scott has an excellent teaching on this subject at HRN that is probably about 6 hours long. If you enjoy Science, Creation and History, you might seeing some of his material. He is a sort of etyomologist expert.

          • Scottyone77

            The line of Cain theory doesn’t explain the Giants. Mixing with the linage of Cain wouldn’t produce 30 footers. That Line of Cain is wrong.

          • watchmannonthewall

            There are a couple of problems with believing the giants were the result of angels mating with humans:
            1. Golaith lived during the time of David. Gen.6:4 says the Nephilim were on the earth both before and after the Flood but David lived about 1500 years after the Flood. When did God finally lock away the angels who left their first estate? Most hold it happened at the time of the Flood. Not possible if Nephilim were around AFTER the Flood and especially 1500 years later.

            Second, here in the U.S. we have seen the average height and weight of a person skyrocketed due to better food and nutrition over the last 40-50 years. A big linebacker on a Division 1 football team 45 years ago weighed about 215 lbs and many not even 200. Not so today.

            The nutrients on the soil before and after the flood may well have been fabulous and appears so since the spies brought back a single cluster of grapes carried on a pole by two men. If the land of Canaan was very fertile like scripture says, the people there could have been much larger than those of other nations just as those who grow up in the U.S. are much larger than Asians.

            Third, the Bible passage of Genesis 6:4 refers to the Nephilim as men of “renown”. The Hebrew word for “renown” is shem, which means “name”. It literally says these Nephilim were men of a name, and refers to their reputation or their memory (of others about them), or authority, per Strong’s Concordance. God’s people do not go out looking to make a name for themselves, but those who don’t know God do! The same Hebrew word is used in Numbers 16:2 when scripture defines those men who joined Korah in his rebellion against Moses also as “men of renown.”

            Fourth, many like to claim Jesus’ words that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man” refers to Nephilim being on the earth again just before His return. Well, since so many are claiming His return was going to happen last year or this year, where are the Nephilim, and where are their giant offspring?

            Finally, John said “But to as many as receive Him, to them He gave the right to become the sons of God.” (John 1:12) The Nephilim were also called sons of God. Are you a Nephilim? I’m not, but I am still a son of God!

            These are not absolute proofs, but there is certainly enough contra-evidence here to call into question the assurance of those who want to make the argument Nephilim were fallen angels mating with human women. it is not a salvation issue but there is a real lack of evidence and so we are free to believe what we want. I believe it is best to know both sides of the issue.
            Be Blessed!

          • Scottyone77

            Why can’t these incursions still be going on with the fallen angels (aliens)? These were then and are now the ” seed” of the serpent (Satan) just a thought. And you are right it’s best to know both sides. Just another thought why does God have no forgiveness or mercy for the Nephilim? It makes more since to me that the fallen angels breeding with human women to cause the race of Giants than the sons of Seth theory. I don’t think that would create giants The book of Enoch explains what happened. I know it’s not part of the original cannon . But you have to remember it was the Catholic Church that chose what books we have now in the Bible. And even Yeshua referred to the writings of Enoch. Be Blessed

          • watchmannonthewall

            Scripture says God caused everything to reproduce after its kind. Since angles do not marry in heaven, as per Jesus, there was no need for God to provide them with reproductive systems. Remember, they would have to have a DNA structure that would match up with humans. If not mutations or seriously deformed beings would be the outcome. Not something better than the original, unless you believe in evolution.
            We have recently learned the current book of Jasher is a fraud, and I probably mentioned here or elsewhere that the book of Enoch would have had to have been taken on the Ark with Noah to have made it from that age to this age, and have existed therefore for over 5000 years.
            If one wishes to speak of real faith, I guess sonmeone who believed this could qualify for that distinction. I don’t have that kind of faith though I have no doubt many do. Simply look at the multitude of things people believe today, things out of this world, and we can document people will basically believe anything.
            As to why God has no mercy or forgiveness for the Nephilim, I can’t say. I do wonder though if such a statement could be the OT supporting evidence for the NT Hebrew’s writer stating that if someone has “once been enlightened and tasted of the heavenly gift and been a partaker of the Holy Spirit, and has tasted of the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then has fallen away, it is impossible to renew them again to repentance.”
            Though scripture doesn’t specifically address this issue, it seems likely the Spirit was given during the period since it is clear Moses, Joshua and Caleb all had a “different” Spirit, than the other men of Israel after Sinai. Seems likely He was here prior to the Flood also. The Feasts of the LORD, clean and unclean animals, and animal sacrifices were all known to Noah.
            I am not aware of anything Yeshua said that would validate the book of Enoch. I would be interested if you can provide me with a scriptural reference to support that statement.

          • kodster

            So, you know nothing about Nimrod, who became a Nephilim, because the knowledge still came through the Flood. It was written down on the 2 Pillars of Lamech, by Lamech’s children (through the descendants of Cain). You deny King Og of Bashan, who was a Nephilim; what about Goliath and his brothers? They were Nephilim, as well. As you can see, we have evidence in the Bible that the Nephilim came back. The Canaanites were Nephilim, too… Numbers 13:33. All of these beings were post-Flood, or post-diluvean.

          • Gay Veteran


          • Joan Camara

            useful? I doubt it. Idiot…100% agree. Someone needs to teach him the facts though!

          • Gay Veteran

            why don’t you volunteer

          • Chris

            Do you think God would be happy with the current inhabitants of Israel? I find it hard to believe. In my opinion the current inhabitants are probably more related to the original inhabitants of Israel, the Canaanites, and the true Jews are still dispersed.

          • kodster

            You don’t even know who the ‘Canaanites’ were, do you? They were a tribe of the Nephilim… the offspring of the Fallen Angels. That’s why God ordered them to be annihilated. They were an abomination to God!

            God Himself is Israel’s Prince, that’s why they’re called His Chosen People. They were, and are, His intended representatives of Him. He set them apart to be just that. He is the One that promised to bring them back into their covenanted lands, and He did that, in fulfillment of Ezekiel 37, the Valley of Dry Bones.

            God is NOT happy with ANY of the Jews in the world, except those that have accepted His Son, Jesus, as their Lord and Savior (Messianic Jews). Jesus came for the Jews, not for the Gentiles. But because the leaders of the Jews rejected Him (if you notice, in the Word, it’s the common people who had accepted Him), God BLINDED ALL of them, and it’s not going to be until the second half of the coming Tribulation that they will have those scales removed, when they will recognize Him, finally, as the One they pierced for their inequities (sins). Jesus blinded Saul of Tarsus, on the road to Damascus… that was a foreshadowing of the blindness of the Jews, until such a time when God will remove the scales of blindness, Himself. Jesus Himself removed the scales off of Saul, and that’s when Saul became Paul, the Apostle for the Gentiles.

          • justseame

            THE CANAANITES WERE THE SONS OF THE FORTH SON OF HAM, AND GRANDSONS OF NOAH. Gen 9:18 Noah’s sons who came out of the ark were Shem, Ham, and Jaʹpheth. Ham later became the father of Caʹnaan.

          • justseame

            Again, the Nephilim died in the flood. The Bible states that the disobedient angels are now “spirits in prison,” having been ‘thrown into Tartarus’ and “reserved with eternal bonds under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day.” This seems to indicate that they are greatly restricted, unable again to materialize as they did prior to the Flood.—1Pe 3:19; 2Pe 2:4; Jude 6.

          • kodster

            Nope. You’ve been listening to Rob Skiba, and his teachings are flawed. It was NIMROD, son of Cush, grandson of Ham, great-grandson of Noah, NOT Canaan, who was also Ham’s son, that brought the Nephilim back.

          • Joan Camara

            It is said, the 2/3 of the Jews are going to die. Sadly, I can understand that. Just look at the thousands in Israel who participate in the homosexual parade, every year! But He said, that the rest, will come through, like gold (or something to that effect).

          • watchmannonthewall

            No, He is no more happy with them than He is with many of us! We all have a tendency to make up our own doctrines and man-made rules while rejecting His.

          • Elainee Perkins

            The GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob has said in HIS Holy Word what is going to happen in the NEAR future; And Israel is going to be the winner. They will inherit every inch of land promised to them by GOD through an “everlasting blood covenant”.

        • Joan Camara

          Wow! Are you lost! Ever heard of the term, “left behind”? So sad, I do hope soon, you learn the truth.

        • watchmannonthewall

          If you are right, then God is not God since He didn’t know Israel, the nation, would NEVER return to Him. He clearly spoke that it would in the same chapter of the Bible that contains the information about the New (Renewed) Covenant, Jeremiah 31.

          “Thus says the LORD who gave the sun for light by day, and the fixed order of of the moon and stars for light by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar. The LORD of Hosts is His Name. ‘IF this fixed order departs from Me,’ declare the LORD, then the OFFSPRING OF Israel also shall cease from being a nation before Me forever.’ Thus says the LORD, ‘IF the heavens above can be measured and the foundations of the earth searched out below, then I will also cast off all the offspring of Israel for all they have done,’ declares the LORD.” (Jer. 31:35-37)

          So, is the sun still giving light by day and the stars and moon by night? Yes? Have the heavens above been measured and the foundations of the earth discovered? No? Should I believe your statement or God’s? Have you vetted any of Michael’s material on the migration of Israel after the dispersion or done any research on the information contained in many encylopedias and primary research books of the history of peoples in Europe, or are you simply parrotiing what the clueless religious leaders of today claim! How right are they?

          “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the LORD.” (Jer. 17:5)

          Neither have any of the theologians who came up with the idea that the “Church” replaced Israel. Paul clearly combines spiritual Israel with physical Israel in Romans 9:3-9 and chapter 11 when he tells the believing Gentiles (Israelites) they have been grafted into into Israel. He did not say the Jews were grafted into the Gentiles!

          God knows where His people are and they are right where He said in Genesis 48:19 when Jacob prophesied Ephriam (to include the other 9 tribes he led) would become a “multitude of nations” scattered through out the earth. Sadly, it is not Israel who has become “lost” but rather the people of Israel who are lost because they do not know who they are and where they came from!

      • maidservantofyahweh

        Joel Richardson has excellent teachings about End Time events (lots of it on youtube).

      • justseame

        The bible says there have come to be many Anti-Christs. 1John 2:18 Young children, it is the last hour, and just as you have heard that the antichrist is coming,+ even now many antichrists have appeared,+ from which fact we know that it is the last hour.

      • mollysdad

        Wrong call about the Pope. The antichrist insists that Jesus is just a private citizen. If you claim (rightly or wrongly) that you’re the successor of Peter, and that Jesus gave Peter jurisdiction over the whole Church on earth, then your very job depends on Jesus being who the Bible says He is.

      • Steve Thomas

        your facts are incorrect

      • Gay Veteran

        “…Also he believe in ridiculous climate change theory (which if you believe in Jesus you know that it is not true)….”

        sigh, care to explain?

        “…and don’t mind about homosexual and atheist.”

        tend to your own matters and quit obsessing over the affairs of others

  • AzDi

    I’m not surprised with all the evil in the World today!

  • Arizona

    WATCH THE VIDEO,,”NIBIRU-THE PLANET OF THE CROSSING”..just a little 4 minute video by Sky Watch Media,but it will show you whats really going on and whats coming,every government employee wants you to die,IS this what your paying them to teach your children,Death is better then life??and COLORADO??these people are lieing,cheating,scum,WHO in their right mind would trust a government anyone in colorado,OH the demonrats would….watch the video………

  • Scott

    7.1 just hit southern Japan.

  • Michael D Coxie

    earth quakes in diverse places.

    • clank

      Yes, and also zillions of oil rigs hollowing out the Earth’s crust and causing destabilization.

      • kodster

        Don’t believe so. We have thousands of oil rigs here in North Dakota, and NO earthquakes at all. Not even with all the fracking. What’s causing all the volcanic and seismic activity isn’t even ON the earth, my friend. It’s in space… called Nibiru, aka Planet X, aka the Destroyer (depending on which civilization’s history you want to use to describe it).

      • watchmannonthewall

        I have wondered for over 40 years when someone would finally think of this. Good observation! Removing a portion of the support holding things in place under the earth, liquid oil, can only cause pressure increases on what remains.

        • SallySmith71

          How about all the tunnelling being done for the deep underground military bases over these last many years? I understand they can dig a hole wide enough for two transport trucks to drive side by side and have about 150 of the in the US and in nearly every country of the world.
          Also CERN is underground also and have been smashing particles since the middle of 2015. It seems to me as though they’re purposely attempting to fulfill Edgar cayce’s prophecies of splitting the US and it wouldn’t surprise me if they have the ability also.

          • watchmannonthewall

            I don’t have the scripture passages memorized but recall some information given me years ago about Planet X and the effects of it which would bring about the fulfillment of a number of prophesies that speak of the earth collapsing on those who had gone into the holes in the earth to protect themselves. Amazing that those who plan these things would seem to overlook an elementary item such as how earthquakes can collapse geological holes. Better to be underground or above? Not sure but will take my chances above!

            Just want to say, I am not a proponent of Planet X, but do not rule it out either.

          • SallySmith71

            I understand there are a lot of nasty things going on below us and like the book says..”who can hide from God?” And “what can man do to me?”
            This whole planet x thing seems incredibly deceptive and Im not sure what to believe about it. I’m expecting it to be another big hoax setup to make us fearful. They say they’ve had the ability to show Jesus or Mary coming from the sky in the 70’s and now they’re just sticking with floating cities apparently.

  • jafo

    When we look at the warnings of Jesus to the Apostals there is a direct correlation to the opening of the first 4 seals. These events have through history become for frequent and intense. The 5th seal those killed for Christ are not tribulation saints but those that have died since Stephen was killed. For they ask when the tribulation will come. In my opinion the 6th seal is the start of the tribulation. For the leaders cry out the day of the Lords wrath has come. Here are my thoughts on it all.

    I have always been a believer of the pre trib rapture. So I will not go into all the reasons why I believe it. As many biblical scholars have present much better reasons then I have the space here to do. So, if you hold a different rapture timing position do us all a favour and not start an argument over the timing. You are free to believe what you wish, as I am, and that discussion has already been hashed over to death. Let’s just agree to disagree.

    However, over the past while I have been looking at Revelation when John is called up to heaven. Many hold to the position that this is the Rapture claiming the church is not mentioned afterwards. Therefore, the seals are part of the tribulation period. However, I have come to disagree with this position. What follows are my reasons why.

    1. It’s been taught that the crowd in heaven and the 24 elders mentioned upon his arrival represent the church. But, this cannot be correct. My reason. Jesus is not in heaven at the time of John’s arrival. We know this because John weeps because no one is worthy to open the seals, neither in heaven, on the earth or under the earth. The only time this is possible is during the ascension of Christ. Without the resurrection and ascension before the arrival of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost there was no church. Thereby negating the elders and the crowds. Besides, scripture is clear for the church believer. Absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Without Jesus in heaven at Johns arrival it is impossible for the church to be there without Him.

    2. Point 1 above is also supported by the fact of johns arrival timing. By the arrival of Jesus himself. As the lamb which was slain. The elder tells John to stop weeping for someone was found. Jesus just arrived in heaven. This has to be after the resurrection because of the words of Christ to the woman in the garden. He told her not to touch him as He had not yet gone to see His Father.

    3. When Jesus returns He immediately opens the first seal. The rider on the white horse. Many believe this to be the antichrist. Because it supports their position of the rapture happening at the beginning of the trib. Because they include the seals in the tribulation. This just does not make sense. Jesus just arrived in heaven Pentecost has not happened, He was just assended. So, the white horse is not the person of the antichrist. I believe the white horse is the spirit of anti Christ. Which makes sense because before John wrote Revelation he had previously written letters on the spirit of antichrist which was prevalent in the newly birthed church.

    4. The following 3 seals may have been opened immediately at the same time as the first or over a period of time I do not know. However, I tend to place them immediately after. I believe these seals are in direct correlation to the birth pains Jesus talked about becoming more intense. But, what we do know from history is that all the activities certainly increased with the passage of history. Have a quarter of the world died from them. Not at a single time no. But, collectively at best we can only guess. But think of all the people who died from even simple illness till now not to mention small pox, TB, etc. Today we have AIDs, SARS, H1N1, Ebola, even illness we conquered are making a come back. All links to the birth pains. War same deal. Larger and more frequent.

    5. Now we come to the 5th seal. Traditionally we have been told these are the tribulation saints. But that just does not make sense. Why, because they ask Jesus when He will avenge their shed blood. If they had died in the tribulation they would know when. Because had they been in the tribulation they would have known it was occurring as the trumpet and bowls were poured on the earth. They would have been in the middle of it so why do they need to ask what they already know. The would also be aware of the timing for His second coming. The only people that would have been martyred and not know are those saints killed prior to the tribulation period. More Christians have been killed in the last century then any other time in history. Increase in occurrence and frequency just like a birth pain.

    6. The sixth seal is next. It is my position that the rapture happens either prior to or in concurrence with the opening of this seal. But, what is very clear in the text is that those on the earth know the tribulation has just started. How could this be possible if the prior 5 seals are part of the tribulation. What they were just unaware? I don’t think so! They definitively know judgement is coming. They announce it in no uncertain terms. It’s obvious. What is interesting is the solar eclipse and blood moon! Was the Japanese tsunami earthquake the precursor earthquake mentioned? I do not know. But I would hazard we have another major one before the next full solar eclipse. We shall see.

    7. What happens next. The sealing of the 144,000. I believe this is the equivalent of the church’s Pentacost. The Jews missed the first one. This is theirs. If you believe that Jesus followed the spring feasts. The Jews stopped just after the resurrection. The church continued but the Jewish holy day completion was put on hold. They never got to Pentacost. Thus this has to happen if they are to move through the rest of the feast cycles to get to tabernacles when Christ returns. Thus, this is their Pentacost.

    8. Next we have the multitude in heaven. Depending on how you define “coming out of”. The traditional view is to take it as meaning they died in the tribulation. I don’t deny this may be the correct understanding. However, scholars using the original text in Greek are saying there is another possible meaning just as valid. Which is taken out of it just prior to it’s happening. Such as your pulled out of the way of an on coming car while crossing the street just before it hits you. You are taken out of its path. If the Rapture does/did happen at the 6th seal this would be the church.

    9. Next is the 7th seal opening. But why the silence in heaven for half an hour. If the tribulation started at the 1st seal while silence now? When I read the 7th seal it strikes me as a profound announcement. Like the tribulation is about to begin. Those in heaven were rejoicing because they were raptured and rejoicing. But, then it hits them just what is to befall the earth. They are in stunned silence. The crescendo is announced with the 7th seal. Then the tribulation begins.

    I have other thoughts to back up my position but this would just be to long. However, I would appreciate your thoughts, but not if your just going to argue there is no rapture. If you are a pretrib believer can you offer a differing view point? I have asked Chuck Missler, John Hagee, Lion & Lamb, Rapture Ready, etc. Most do not respond. The responses I did get just say they disagree but do not provide evidence to refute my position. Some have admitted they see no error but will not change their position.

    I apologize for any errors in spelling or grammar. I’m not a scholar! Nor am I a theologian, just a believer trying to sort some questions out.

    • Lee Bracker

      You will really enjoy “The Sign” by Robert VanKampen. He considers all prophecy scriptures without mens made-up beliefs. I can tell your a true searcher. This cleared up so many questions for me.

      • jafo

        Thanks, I’ve just watched 3 hours of Roberts teaching as well I’m now watching Tomas Ice debate a Pre Wrath supporter. What strikes me is both positions hold that the first 5 seals are inclusive after the AC comes to power. However, neither position addresses my questions. Both make the assumption the seals are trib. If we move the first 4 seals to the assertion of Christ. The 5th to the age just before the AC, and the 6th being the Rapture. Both of their arguments go away. The 7 trumpets are Christ punishing the world, the Bowels are God. The church is in heaven.

        I hold that we are saved by Grace in the church age. Not works. We do not work for our salvation. We work from it for rewards. This is why I have real issues with the church having to be refined. We were refined by Christ.

        I also believe in different dispensations in the bible. Anything Jesus said before His death was for the Jews. Look to Acts at what Peter tells the Jews; Repent, believe Jesus is the messiah and be baptized. This was not for the church but Jews! The Apostel Paul was appointed by Christ as the Apostel to the Gentiles see 1Cor 15:14. Totally different from what Peter said.

        Am I clear on all this No. Do I see something in both sides yes I can. But I also see error. To me the key is the seals. Once those questions I have are answered then it will become clear. Mr Roberts states the seals are opened as part of the 70 week of Daniel. But how is this correct. We know from the scripture once Jesus ascended into heaven he is always next to the Father. Until He is sent to collect the church. According to Mr Roberts Jesus must have been missing because He wasn’t on earth, heaven or under the earth! You cannot escape this statement just to suit your end times position. Therefore, the only time Jesus was not in any of those 3 places was during His assertion. Which is not in end times or the trib. It is that fundamental question that must be addressed by either position. Because both sides link it to the trib but neither address the problem with Jesus not being around. That’s the linchpin.

        Anyways, I do appreciate the direction you provided it was helpful and I enjoyed hearing it. Yours in Christ .. Pete

  • Jerry

    The earth has moved slightly on it axis so all the plates are shifting to adjust to the new angle. This is one of the many ways the earth rebuild itself over time.
    My point of view…

    • Don W.

      Shifted in what direction? If it tilted back then it would explain the northeast the past couple months. Spring seemed to arrive early but now it seemed to take a month or so backward. We are at the furthest from the sun in the summer but because we tilt toward the sun then, its summer for us. So if we tilted back it would put us back into late or mid winter

      • kodster

        Read my response to Jerry, above. It will explain it.

    • kodster

      It is the same as it was, 3,657 years ago, when the planet Nibiru entered our solar system, from it’s elongated elliptical orbit about both of the suns in our binary sun system… the planets we’re familiar with, in what we THINK is our solar system, only orbit around the larger sun in our system. The other one is a red dwarf star, darkened and so far away, it’s hard to see. Nibiru takes 3,657 years to complete one cycle. Nibiru’s gravitational pull on our planet is what is causing the multiple earthquakes and volcanic activity. 3,657 years ago, Nibiru caused the Great Flood, causing the earth’s crust and mantle to break up, allowing the subterranean oceans to burst forth. It is also what caused the tectonic plate system, while breaking up the one continent, known as Pangaea, to break up into the 7 continents we recognize today. This caused an axial polar shift at that time, as well. It’s why we have recently discovered the woolly mammoths up in the Artic Circle and in Siberia, with tropical plant life in their mouths, unchewed, and as cud in their bellies. It happened so suddenly that they froze to death, immediately. Going to happen again, and I estimate that it will hit on September 13th or 14th… 10 days after Feast of Trumpets, which occurs on September 2nd-4th.

      • Don W.

        What is the best estimate of what will take place this time? heard so many things like a 90 degree shift, the planet X hitting the sun this cycle, to well…a lot of different opinions. is there something most definitive out there known?

        • kodster

          3,657 years ago, the earth was on the other side of the sun from Planet X. This time, we will be on the same side as Planet X. There was a planet called Phaeton in our solar system. It was unfortunate to be on the same side as Planet X, 3,657 years ago. What is left of it is known as the ‘Kuiper’ belt, our asteroid belt. Planet X is the one that causes our asteroid/meteors, and the comets that come and go through our solar system. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have the chaos that we have in the heavens. Everything would be ordered and peaceful. One of the names of Planet X is ‘The Perturber’. Look up the verb, ‘perturb’.

          • watchmannonthewall

            Are you are saying the Flood happened in the year 1,641 BC or thereabouts (3,657-2016CE= 1,641)? Don’t we have 10 generations from Noah to Abraham, and then Isaac, Jacob, Levi, Kohath, Amram and Moses (16 generations total ), who was 80 years old when they came out of Egypt, about 1350 BC, just 291 years later? Is that possible?

            Scripture says Noah lived 350 years after the flood (Gen. 9:28) which means he would still have been alive then when israel came out of Egypt, right? Yet running the geneologies shows Isaac was actually born after Noah died and we still have about 300 years to go of Israel being in a strange land until the Exodus.

            I have seen people all worked up over Planet X for 5-7 years already thinking it was coming in 2011. We shall see.
            As for the rest of what you’ve said, it is quite interesting I agree with much of it. The captain of the guard and Feast of Trumpets information is true, though its timing for this year isn’t.
            You might want to watch Michael’s latest post of his presentation of his book, “The Rapture Verdict” interview on the Jim Bakker Show. He hits the nail on the head as to when the rapture occurrs, even though he didn’t use any OT passages to support his research. They exist! We have a ways to go.

  • Don W.

    (Whispers)….first week of May 2016. Prepare…will not be quiet for long…(steps back into the shadows)

    • kodster

      September 2nd-4th, Feast of Trumpets, foreshadowing of the Rapture. Then, Days of Awe, where the 144,000 members of the Jewish evangelists will be sealed, and the winds held on the earth, for 10 days. Then, on Day of Atonement, September 13th-14th, the 30 minutes of silence (as John estimates in Revelation 8:1) is the same as what the high priest would tell everyone in the Temple, to go out to the Outer Courts (the Gentile court) and pray in total silence for 30 minutes. Remember, the Lord’s Prayer… ‘Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.’ We see correlations here, that makes it consistent with Scripture.

      • maidservantofyahweh

        If you are up for some research, I encourage you to read this book:
        Alan Kurschner – The Antichrist before the Day of the Lord.

  • chris

    I wouldn’t go along with Michael 100%. He does some interesting articles which are usually sensationalist and thin on science and rationality. He deletes any comments which suggest he is more interested in getting money from his adverts than educating people about the substance of his articles. Blatantly pro Israel also. Not all of us are in love with that country thank you very much.

    • kodster

      Then, if you don’t accept Israel, you have basically cursed her. She is key to the entire Word, behind Jesus. She is the key component to God’s timeclock. Ignore that fact, and you risk condemnation.

    • watchmannonthewall

      I am in love with the country! Can’t wait until my King returns to set up His Kingdom!

  • MaxRockatansky33

    Earthquakes all around the World but West Coast is the only major seismic area with no major earthquake from many decades. HAARP at work?

  • ignorant sheep

    So marijuana is evil but yet it cures cancer, drastically reduces seizures, stops Lyme disease, etc.
    How could something that’s evil be so effective at curing cancer?

    • Barefoot in MN

      it’s the oil, NOT the “THC”, that cures things. You can derive the oil from HELP PLANT, there is NO need to use or grow marijuana for cancer. ….now: for depression, maybe. But if I recall correctly, you dont need the THC for that either…..

    • watchmannonthewall

      I can’t answer that question for David. I do know that I was simply relaying a fact about a statement he made 40+ years ago in his book that is coming to pass in these days.
      I am quite sure that the current body of apparent positive effects of marijuana wasn’t available back then but the apparent negative effects of exposure, which many today seem to want to ignore, were. My opinion, which wasn’t part of the above posting, is both sides have valid arguments. They need to work it out.

    • Lizzyjune

      Marijuana is not evil. It is the people who abuse it, that are evil. Or should I say, it is the Adversary who influences and tempts people to abuse it, that is evil.

    • Lizzyjune

      Marijuana is not evil. It is the people who abuse it, that are evil. Or should I say, it is the Adversary who influences and tempts people to abuse it, that is evil.

  • kodster

    Good call, Tracye! And you’re absolutely right. Remember, 2 or more witnesses. :)

  • kodster

    Nice to see that the Lord has opened up your eyes, as well, as to what is coming.

    • Tracye Boegner

      Yes, I’ve been a very solid-foundation Christian for 24 (25?) years, and just this past year, the Lord has been opening my eyes on many subjects, including Nibiru (Planet of the CROSSing), and has been teaching me, taking me deeper, leading me to read “this” and then read “that”, then search the Scriptures. Truly a Berean “call”, and it’s been such a mind-blowing blessing! I’ve even stopped going to church (non-denominational Bible teaching church) because I am still not getting fed enough there; the Pastor and other people at the church are either hypocrites or they are just asleep. The doomsday scenarios are coming (financial, war, physical earth related, and spiritual (demonic)), and no one is listening, praying and preparing. Truly, the time is near….
      Blessings to you!

      • kodster

        Likewise, to you, Sister-in-Christ! And you’re absolutely right… there are many of us who have stopped attending church, for that very reason as you are. We’re not getting fed, and we are being ridiculed for this knowledge. The Book of Daniel has been unsealed, and this is the knowledge that is contained therein.

  • kodster

    Absolutely. And when we totally ignore Judaism, Scripture does not make a lick of sense. We have to look at the Word from the perspective of who wrote it, and to whom it is written… the Jews. Without that perspective, it is all speculation. WITH that perspective, all the puzzle pieces come together in a complete solution.

  • kodster

    Watch for Feast of Trumpets, the foreshadowing of the Rapture.

  • CharlesH

    Very soon there will be large quakes in the pacific region (ocean) and later will be along the east coast of the United States. The entire pacific plate (ring of fire) is shifting/rising.

    • Linda

      Just heard there was a 7.8 in Ecuador a little while ago tonight! You were very right!

  • Earl Atticks

    But, obummer could become the next Sec. Gen. of the UN.

    • Adrian Johnson

      Why not– How hard can it be? The job requires no brains. “Obamination” already got the Nobel Peace Prize for 1) being the first black POTUS; and 2) for not being George Bush.

  • Linda

    There was just a 7.8 in Ecuador tonight!! That’s huge!

  • James Leonard

    John Casey, former NASA scientist and author of “Cold Sun”, predicted global cooling and increased volcanoes and earthquakes many years ago. He based his forecast on the solar hibernation cycle.

    The Global Warming crowd laughed at him.

  • NotSheep

    MAJOR QUAKE IN ECUADOR…. 7.8 earthquake rocks the wets coast of South America, hundreds feared dead and trapped under rubble.
    Is this the planet 10, err I mean planet 9 gravitational effect that they have noted disturbing the outer planet and asteroid belts?





  • misterkel

    LOL – here comes Jesus! Not holding my breath.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…In Matthew 24, Jesus warned us that there would be earthquakes in “divers places” just prior to His return….”

    and what was stated several paragraph before that?

    “…“And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes.”….”

    people like you have been predicting the Second Coming every time a bunch of earthquakes happened over the centuries

  • Gay Veteran

    “…Drastic weather changes around the world, homosexuality coming out of the closet and being shoved in people’s faces….”

    and yet tornadoes constantly strike the Bible Belt

    • watchmannonthewall

      God does not judge by what people TODAY believe is right, and this specifically includes Christians. He judges by His Word, which is unchanging despite what many of His people believe today. Most of His people are in denial about what He specifically requires of them.

      There is a very interesting story told in Luke 13, I’m sure few understand it: “Now on the same occasion there were some present who reported to Him [Jesus] about the Galileans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. And He answered and said to them, ‘Do you suppose that these Galileans were greater sinners than all other Galilean, because they suffered this fate? I tell you, no, but unless you repent, you will all LIKEWISE perish.'” He then goes on the tell a parable about a fruit tree that hasn’t born any fruit on it, which the owner wants cut down.

      Please notice Jesus wasn’t concerned about these dead. In fact, He essentially said, they got what they deserved. So much for the constant “Jesus loves me in my sin” of today. We were saved, delivered from sin, to stay out of sin!

      So what is Jesus talking about? First, the Galileans were NOT offering sacrifices the way God told them to do so. God allowed Pilate to destroy them because they were NOT under His protection: “except you repent [turn from doing things the way you decided to do them and do them My way], you will all LIKEWISE perish”, informs us they were doing worship the way they wanted, NOT the way God said it has to be done, as are many, perhaps most Christians, today.

      Second, Jesus emphasizes this point by immediately giving the parable of the tree that SHOULD have been bearing fruit, but wasn’t! The owner wanted the tree cut down as good for nothing!

      The one consistancy with God’s people throughout history is, whether Jew or Gentile or Christian, they all think they get to tell God the kind of worship He must accept. It wasn’t acceptable in the Garden, it wasn’t acceptable from Nadab and Abihu, or for the sin with the golden calf, or, to demostrate in the NT nothing has changed, in the NT after Jesus returned to heaven, for Ananias and Sapphira. Still His children think they get to order Him to accept what He said is unacceptable. They think the created get to tell the Creator what He is to accept! Really?

      The disasters haven’t even started. The testing of Job is a pattern for what is coming for His people, and the world. Don’t think a couple of tornadoes have any importance. They don’t!

      • Gay Veteran

        “God does not judge by what people TODAY believe is right, and this specifically includes Christians. He judges by His Word, whichis unchanging….”

        your “god” ordered the slaughter of children and babies
        NUFF SAID

        • watchmannonthewall

          It gets worse than that. Scripture says when He returns “the slain of the LORD will be from the one end of the earth to the other.” Because Israel refused to do what He told them to do, as you mentioned, since His Word can’t return unto Him void, He will fulfill it this time instead of relying on man to do what He said. That is the Scriptural pattern. You can accept it, or reject it, but you aren’t going to change it.

          • Gay Veteran

            you religious types will believe in anything

          • watchmannonthewall

            No, sir! Only what the Scipture says.

          • Gay Veteran

            written by men, just like the rest of the “holy” books of every other religion

  • Gay Veteran

    wow, clicked on this article and a tidal wave of crazy came out of the comments section

  • watchmannonthewall

    The only statement on the subject I see in Jude is verse 6 which says, “And the angels who did not keep their own estate, but left their habitation, He has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto judgement of the great day.”

    I do not see anything here that speaks of angels coming to earth, of taking on human form, and of mating with women. I do see they have been restrained in forever chains until the judgment, and this restraining might have happened even before the creation of the earth!

    As for the rest, it seems to be speculation that lacks evidence. The reason there is such debate over this issue is because there is no evidence to prove or disprove. You may be right, I doubt it. God can’t hold me responsible if He did not give clear doctrine on the matter, if I reject it.

    On the other hand, if I make it up…
    God’s Word does speak about how those who add to or take from His Word will suffer all the curses in the Book (Deuteronomy 29 and Revelation 22) and it does say that those who teach others will be held to a higher standard in the judgment, doesn’t it?

    • kodster

      And you claim to be a ‘watchman on the wall’? Read the Book of Enoch… and please, don’t insult people who read the Bible. It is referenced in there, it was recognized as canon by early Christians, as well as early church fathers. It was Emperor Constantine who took it out of the books of the Bible… and Constantine was a pagan, he never converted to Christianity. He worshipped Satan.

      • watchmannonthewall

        I do not see the book of Enoch in the Bible. It seems highly unlikely that a book from pre-flood periods made it through the flood on the ark and there are a number of known errors in the book. Why should I give any it a place of authority alongside the Bible?

        • kodster

          As I said, ignore it at your own peril. It is referenced IN the Word, by none other than Jesus. So, if HE recognized its significance, then it would behoove you to do so, as well. It is particularly relevant to what is going on in the world, today, supernaturally. But if that challenges your paradigm, then you are NOT a ‘watchman on the wall’. Good day.

          • watchmannonthewall

            I seem to be noticing a disturbing pattern here. Jesus said nothing about angels mating with women though a lot of people believe His reference to, “As it was in the days of Noah” IIMPLIES that. Angels mating with women is nowhere spoken of in Scripture.

            What Genesis does say, and what Jesus was NO DOUBT referring to was, “Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and every intent of his heart was only evil continually.” (Gen 6:5) This is the passage of Scripture that informs us mankind needs a new heart, which is what the rest of the Book is all about and how Jesus made a way for that to happen. Isaiah tells us God declares the end from the begining. This is in the beginning!

            It is not about angels mating with women anymore than Sodom was about angles mating with women. Both were about mankind rejecting God and doing things the way it wanted, ignoring the Creator’s purpose for His own creation. Sodom is a picture of the coming judgment of the earth the second time, as is that of Korah and his followers. Both the Flood and Sodom judgments stemmed from rebellion, as will the one that occurs when Jesus returns.

            The Book of Enoch has caused much confusion among God’s people regarding a number of passages of Scripture and God is not the author of confusion. I prefer to learn what God has written in His Word and encourage others to do so also. We will never learn what is already there, why go elsewhere?

          • kodster

            What will it take to convince you that it wasn’t the ‘sons of Seth’, but the ‘sons of God’, who are defined as ‘angels’, not man. Greek Septuagint? Here… 6:1 And Noe was five hundred years old, and he begot three sons, Sem, Cham, and Japheth.

            2 And it came to pass when men began to be numerous upon the earth, and daughters were born to them, 3 that the sons of God having seen the daughters of men that they were beautiful, took to themselves wives of all whom they chose. 4 And the Lord God said, My Spirit shall certainly not remain among these men for ever, because they are flesh, but their days shall be an hundred and twenty years. 5 Now the giants were upon the earth in those days; and after that when the sons of God were wont to go in to the daughters of men, they bore children to them, those were the giants of old, the men of renown.’
            People such as you, who deny the supernaturalness of God, are a huge problem to the Body of Christ. You are the ones that are ‘suffering the little ones’ of Jesus, by not teaching them the Truth. These beings are COMING BACK! And with you denying their very existence, you are setting people up for condemnation, not eternal life. Wake up, FOOL!

          • DARK KATACLYSM

            The bible states that you should never call anyone a fool!!!
            Take the stick out of your own eye first!!!

          • kodster

            Matthew 5:22 – But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

            Where does is it that says I don’t have a cause. I do. So, therefore, I’d say that you need to take the PLANK out of your own eye, before you judge others, for your own inequity. Matthew 7:1-7.

  • Truthing

    They’re at it again with trans-humanism, human animal chimeras, and all manner of evil seed mixing.

  • Helen Plowman

    Read the bible, it’s all there

  • Ian Stockham

    codswallop, what is happening is entirely normal, just routine events in the movements of the earth’s techtonic plates, sorry but the writers of your fantasy bible thing type book were not geologists !

  • Michael Snyder…yet another self-promoting Rambo wannabe who writes a book of Scripture-twisting nonsense trashing the pre-tribulation Rapture to scare people into buying prepper products *which he just happens to be selling.* Why am I not surprised… When are people going to get wise to guys like this? The verdict on “The Rapture Verdict”? Clueless drivel chock-full of the same tired old straw men. Save your money.