3 Examples Of How “It’s Policy” Has Become An Excuse For Absolutely Unspeakable Acts

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In the United States today, young children are taught from the moment that they first enter school that they are to blindly follow orders.  By the time most Americans have become adults, if they are told that something “is policy” then they just accept it.  Decades of conditioning have trained us to do what we are told no matter what the consequences are.  But what happens when “policy” asks us to do the unthinkable?  All over America, “it’s policy” has become an excuse for absolutely unspeakable acts.  Fire crews are standing by and watching homes burn to the ground and rescue crews are standing by and watching people drown all in the name of policy.  Because it is “policy”, every single day in airports all over the nation TSA “officials” are sexually touching Americans and Americans are allowing them to do it.  Things have gotten completely and totally out of control.  Hitler and Stalin and Chairman Mao were able to do the things that they did because their people blindly adhered to their “policies”.  In the United States today, is there anything that the American people would not do if they were told that it was “policy” to do it?


This country is starting to get really crazy.  Just consider the following three examples where “it’s policy” was used as an excuse for absolutely horrifying behavior….

#1 In the San Francisco area recently, fire crews and police stood on the shore and just watched as a 50 year old man slowly drowned in the San Francisco Bay.  In the old days, Americans were never concerned with what “the policy” was in a situation like that.  If someone was drowning people that could swim would jump in and rescue them.  But today all of that has changed.  The following is how an article posted on MSNBC described the incident with the drowning man….

Fire crews and police could only watch after a man waded into San Francisco Bay, stood up to his neck and waited. They wanted to do something, but a policy tied to earlier budget cuts strictly forbade them from trying to save the 50-year-old, officials said.

In addition to the “first responders”,  approximately 75 other people watched this man slowly drown.

What is happening to America?

#2 Even more frightening is an incident that happened down in Tennessee.  A team of firefighters actually stood by and watched a house burn to the ground because the homeowner had not paid his fees.  The following is an excerpt from a report by a local NBC affiliate about this incident….

Imagine your home catches fire but the local fire department won’t respond, then watches it burn. That’s exactly what happened to a local family tonight.

A local neighborhood is furious after firefighters watched as an Obion County, Tennessee, home burned to the ground.

The homeowner, Gene Cranick, said he offered to pay whatever it would take for firefighters to put out the flames, but was told it was too late.  They wouldn’t do anything to stop his house from burning.

Reportedly, the house took hours to burn to the ground.  Once the fire spread to the neighboring house, then the local fire department sprang into action.

Could you do that?

Could you just let a house cold-heartedly burn to the ground?

#3 In the United States today, if you want to get on an airplane you must subject yourself to some of the most bizarre security measures imaginable.

One of the procedures that some air travelers are subjected to is known as an “enhanced pat-down”.  These enhanced pat-downs involve sexual touching that would be illegal if it was done out on the street.  But because it is “policy”, TSA officials do it and the American people let them do it.

What some travelers have had to endure in recent months is absolutely horrifying.  For example, back in June a 95 year old woman with cancer was forced to remove her adult diaper as part of the “enhanced pat-down” procedure.

How sick is that?

In what kind of a world does that make sense?

We are losing all sense of what it means to be “Americans”.

If you object to having yourself or your children touched by TSA “officials”, then you will be arrested and dragged off by police.  In fact, that is exactly what happened at Nashville International Airport last Saturday.  A 41 year old woman declared that she did not want her young daughter “touched inappropriately” by TSA agents and so authorities swooped in and came down on her hard.

You see, in America these days we are all just expected to “go along” with whatever the authorities want to do to us.

I made the same point recently when I wrote about the “smart meters” that are going in all over the United States.  These smart meters are highly invasive pieces of surveillance equipment, and utility companies in many areas of the country are telling customers that if they don’t take them they will no longer receive any service.

Bullying has become standard operating procedure in the United States.

Many of you that are reading this will not remember, but there was a time when police (and most public officials) in the United States were actually pretty friendly and pretty helpful.

But that was decades ago.  Now there has been a complete and total cultural shift.  Today they are all taught to act tough.  They are instructed that it is their job to give orders and to be “authoritative” and that they should expect immediate and total obedience no matter what.

We are becoming the kind of totalitarian “Big Brother” police state that we always accused communist countries like the Soviet Union of being.  Every single day, somewhere in America there are control freak bureaucrats that are putting in more “policies” that are taking away more of our freedoms.

This is going to continue until there is a major cultural shift in this country.

Hopefully at some point there will be a major shift back in the direction of liberty and freedom.

Hopefully at some point the American people will wake up and demand change.

So what do you think?  Do you think that there is a chance of that happening?



  • mondobeyondo

    Yes, of course it’s possible. The U.S. government is paranoid. The TSA sees a potential radical jihadist or terrorist in every 95 year old lady and 8 year old girl.

    You would think this would be enough to enrage the population into action. For a few people, yes. For the vast majority – they’ll hear the story, shake their heads in disgust, and then it’s back to Casey Anthony and the Today show, or Good Morning America.

    What’s next? Dogs? Cats? Imagine terrorists strapping a bomb on a family pet. Did the TSA ever think about this? Definite security risk. Ten years after 9/11, we still haven’t learned to think outside the box.

  • bert

    dream on!!!

  • R

    We’ve completely lost our identity as Americans. We’ve become what we always claimed we never would. We deserve it. We’re pathetic.


    The Golden State is so desperate for money that they stopped issuing 60 day notices for vehicle registration so they can collect on late fees.

  • William S

    “Hopefully at some point the American people will wake up and demand change. So what do you think? Do you think that there is a chance of that happening?”

    Sadly, not a chance. The “sheeple” have been brainwashed over decades (actually a century) to be obedient and compliant. The average “educated” citizen cannot even balance their own checkbook, has no idea how the government works, doesn’t realize the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel, could not tell you anything about how government works—BUT THEY CAN TELL YOU who won American Idol, what Oprah is talking about, major sports events, who is hot on ESPN, and most certainly how good their kids are doing in school (that is, how good their kids are learning the corrupt “system”).

    I’m sorry people—AMERICANS ARE IDIOTS, plain and simple. The fact is, everything you described in your article was only made possible by the fact that Americans are idiots. They vote politicians in based on race or good looks, not policy, they have no idea how Wall Street and other corporations screw them, but they sure can tell you where the local “deals” are for buying crap they don’t need.

    I could go on and on, but I am serious—–when the people figure out they can vote themselves money, the republic is over—–a paraphrase of what some say Benjamin Franklin said—-IT’S TRUE.

    Some will argue it is not the Sheeple’s fault but rather our educational institutions. While true in theory, what do you expect? Our educational institutions are nothing more than “progressive reeducation camps”—made up of 1960s thugs that hate America and everything it stands for. The problem, however, is we cannot give people a free pass just because they received a poor education. There will always be the principle of personal responsibility—most people “choose” to watch ESPN over learning about government—-they CHOOSE to sit idly by and allow Wall Street to steal the nation’s wealth and enslave the population. No, as long as Wall Street gives them some “scraps” and the market “goes up”, they will go along with the fleecing by the banks and loyally sock away their meager savings into the “401k” which they proudly talk about at the frequent “barbeque”.

    I could go on and on—but the bottom line is those who choose to blame the “government” or our progressive, anti-American educational system should also take a look at themselves. A few questions everyone should ask themselves is do you disown friends who choose to focus on Tiger Woods instead of our problems? Do you disown family members who can tell you all the sports scores but refuse to care that the Federal Reserve is run by a private criminal banking cartel? The fact is our corrupt institutions love this country, after all, where else could you possibly hope to get away with raping, pillaging, and stealing from the majority on a daily basis all the while they have a smile on their face and are none the wiser? Thing about it. I bet you most bankers wake up every morning, look outside, and say “god what a great country”. There reason is they frequently have to pinch themselves because they are living the dream—-on the majority’s dime—-they don’t really have to do much other than lie and be corrupt, but once you get the hang of it, it comes pretty natural and other than that, it’s just fancy cocktail parties and hookers—-all off the backs of hard working “sheeple”.

    In the end end, you can hate the bankers, but you CANNOT relieve individual citizens of the responsibility to be informed. Think about it this way: just look at the average meaningless news story—-say, on Lindsay Lohan. For those stories you have thousands of comments. Now go read one on the Federal Reserve—positive or negative—you will have a few comments—that’s it? Which is more important in the whole grand scheme of things? People will always be able to tell you all the “facts” about mainstream/corporate media propaganda—-very few can tell you the Federal Reserve is a corrupt private banking cartel whose sole interest is in serving the elite at the expense of hard working American’s. Sure , it is inevitable that retirees are waking up, but that is only because their prior interest payments now go to the banking cartel; however, we would not be in this situation if the “retirees” had done their American duty and educated themselves “before” the it was “too late”.

    Last one out turn out the lights—we don’t want to waste the elite’s precious money.

    • Well said William. You hit the mark in every sense.

    • jackieR

      Personal responsibility. Words in a nutshell.
      If I am told that I have to have a meter installed, I will decline. If I am threatened in having my gas or elec shut off then I will challenge them. Why else do they threaten you? Because they want you to comply. I dont believe that they can inforce anything. They dont have the manpower to do it. That wont stop them from scapegoating someone in order to set fear in the remaining that are unsure. Stick to your guns when it comes to opression. In popularising the injustice you can sue.

    • jackieR

      Also, If I never gave my permission to have something installed in my home, or voted for something that impacts me then I do not comply. Let them try to enforce anything.
      Has anyone ever heard of the Gallagher Amendment in Colorado? Look it up. It is time that the public stand up and fight for their rights when it comes to our illegal homeown taxes.

    • Glock30Eric

      Hello William,

      Well said! I hope you’ll leave more comments in the future.

      God’s grace be with you.

  • lester

    We’re in the last days. The bible said this would happen and it happened.

    • Glock30Eric

      Sir Lester,

      I don’t agree with you that we are in the “last days”. For hundreds of years, that people keep saying that they were in the “last days” even Martin Luther thought he was in the last days.

      You might want to check some books from http://www.AmericanVision.com about the eschatology (Last Days Theology). Last Day Madness is a good book for you to start with. Here is the link to that book, http://www.americanvision.com/products/Last-Days-Madness%3A-Obsession-of-the-Modern-Church.html.

      God is in full of sovereignty with good and evil, and we are more worthy than a bird (Matthew 6:25-34), so don’t afraid of the SHTF or TEOWAKI, but with a hope in Christ because His kingdom will always endures. Yes, you have the responsibility to be prepared for the SHTF and TEOWAKI.

      God’s grace be with you,


  • Nexus789

    I worked in the US last year and I really don’t understand the mentality and why people put up with it. The checks at airports are oppressive compared to anywhere else I have been.

    I live in Australia and if anyone wanted to check my nuts so that I could get on an air plane there would be all hell to pay – no one would put up with it.

    Yes, security is required but humiliating people needlessly in an intimate way is almost, or well is, State sponsored pornography.

    • A Dodgy Bloke

      During the “Don’t touch my Junk” period Fox news interviewed some people about the TSA. Most people accepted being felt up by the TSA because “They’re keeping us safe”. The same reasion 20% backed George Bush even when it was obvious GB and Rummy were running two wars and winging it (and not very well). I agree with William The Sheeple is a very apt term. Most people don’t realize the TSA is just Security Theater.

  • A.S.

    Time for another revolution. Let’s capture and ****************** all the elitists and corrupt politicians. Then pack them into ships like sardines and send them off to a deserted island. Let them fight each other to the death like they are making us do right now.

  • bert

    there was a song recorded in 1969 by steppenwolf from the monster album called “america’ which perfectly describes the us today. although it’s about the state of the us as it related to viet nam the lyrics fit the the situation today. “america where are you now? don’t you care about your sons and daughters?” we are america and collectively we don’t care.

  • Sandy B

    I agree with William who said: “Sadly, not a chance. The “sheeple” have been brainwashed over decades (actually a century) to be obedient and compliant. The average “educated” citizen cannot even balance their own checkbook,…..” The sheeple are so stupid that they also continue to go and vote as they are conditioned to, and vote for people on the ballot who are there only because they have been bought by the elite and have agreed to play by the the elite’s rules. The candidates are pre-chosen; not by the people, but but by the elite who control who control the whole process. No one who has any knowledge of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and what America once was and still should be (a Republic, not a “democracy”) does not have a chance to ever get on the ballot. So, voting is another futile effort that the people just comply with because they are supposed too; it’s policy. It’s also insanity=doing the same thing over and over again (voting for the elite’s choices on the ballot) and expecting different results. Duh!
    I don’t think the majority of sheeple will get it until they and their family is being loaded on cattle cars headed for the ‘processing’ center.

  • Alfred E. Neuman

    One contributing reason for the detached bureaucratic cruelty discussed in the article is something that we are not supposed to discuss — namely, that Amerika is no longer a nation. It was only allowed to halfway develop into a nation before being hijacked anyway.

    This is due to 1) a historical detachment of its “leaders” from the broad masses of the people, 2) a juvenile mindset based on magickal thinking (“We’re number one, and the cavalry will always arrive to save us in time), 3) a stifling political correctness that must please everybody, even the hordes of its historic enemies within its borders, 4) massive demographic change mandated by the cabals that have seized control of its government and forever have ended any ethnic basis for the USA as a nation state and 5) a fake, artificially created “culture” that is used to manipulate them.

    Self-defined Amerikans who base their national identity on a supposed shared pursuit of the Amerikan dream (i.e., profit) actually pursue a mirage. Love of material gain is NOT a basis for nationhood. This breeds an unavoidable disconnectedness from ones’ so-called countrymen on a profound level.

    Amerikans (or Merkins — an apt term one can find in the dictionary by the way) are the worst educated of any formerly “industrial” nation. They have advertising instead of culture. They have instant gratification of appetites instead of attachment to tradition. They have yahoo circus-tent “religion” instead of a system of ethics that is based on centuries of thought that they ACT upon every day. They have submission to authority rather than inner direction. They have a hunger for advantage rather than honor.

    Those who are influenced by the mass culture of Amerika actually have NO culture. This is reflected in their MUSIC, the deepest and arguably most instinctive expression of a national soul. Though mostly European in ancestry, Merkins have no ethnic folk music going back for hundreds of years. Instead, they mark the milestones in their lives with popular “music” that is an artificially-generated mishmash of black Amerikan musical influences, drug culture and teenage rebellion that perpetuates an UNENDING adolescence and sense of separation from ones’ forebears. This a diabolically ingenious tool for psychologically manipulating them on a MASS scale.

    Of course, I am refering here to the white Amerikans — blacks, who are Africans, and Mexicans, Indians/mestizos who have deep ties to a neighboring enemy nation with territorial claims on the US, maintain their cultural and musical ties to their own foreign, non-western origins.

    The real culture/music of the Merkins has been forgotten long ago, and PROUDLY so. How may of you ever heard the 18th and 19th century Anglo-American folk music in the Smithsonian collection, music that was generated by the PEOPLE and not deformed record company executives in ugly buildings in LA?

    Amerikans consider true high culture like painting, sculpture and symphonic music snooty, “exclusivist” or — in their most amusing misconception, which speaks VOLUMES about their subconscious preoccupations — “gay.” Of course, all of these despised art forms are how a REAL nation documents and celebrates its past. And a nation without a past ceases to be a nation, and thus has NO future.

    It is the rootlessness and inner amorphousness of Amerikans that makes them so easy to manipulate. Their cruelty is all they have left. Sane people in this country should get away from the self-lobotimized USan masses as quickly as possible. The outrages described in this article are just the beginning. Amerikan fascism will be HELL.

  • henry

    Sadly I think William is 100% correct. We have been brain dead for 100 years. I see no hope for this country.

    • Glock30Eric

      I have a hope for this country, as long we preach Christ and call them to repent to Christ.

      Look at God’s people at Israel during the Mosaic time, they went through worst than we are going through, but they repented, and now they are blessed by Lord. We will be a blessed country one day in the future, as long we have hope in Christ.

  • Dan

    I’m proud to say that when I got out of the army ( I was there at the request of the government) my discharge said
    “not eligible for re-enlistment cronicly uninstitutionalble ” . That was 40 years ago!


    Their schools ( the oligarchs ) teach them how to control us plebes, learn to control your self and


  • threeper

    You have the opportunity to change what’s wrong with Amerika: Ron Paul 2012


    • lone survivor

      The government is run by a bunch of mentally unstable bipolar politicians who want to turn the United States of America into the United Sheeple of Amerika.
      The mentally unstable bipolar politicians pride themselves on how many restrictive laws that they can pass while in office. Each politican comes into office and passes more restrictive laws. It’s not what the people want, its what the politicians want! Why do you think they want to BAN all guns and put restrictions on freedom of the press and the internet?

    • Collaro

      Threeper: Please be aware that Ron Paul is for open borders. Check http://www.numbersusa.com Also, he supports the homosexual agenda.

      • @ Collaro on July 23 @ 4:50am. Your statements about Ron Paul are incorrect. Ron Paul does not support “the homosexual agenda.” You will be hard pressed to find proof of that. Ron Paul supports individual rights, and that is different than supporting group’s rights. Paul has stated clearly that it’s not groups that rights but that individuals do. He supports individual rights. Supporting individual rights does not mean that he supports “the homosexual agenda.” Be careful in casting false aspersions. As for open borders, Ron Paul is interested in allowing countries to trade freely with each other. If a cement manufacturer in Puebla, Mexico provides a better grade of cement at a better price, and delivers it on time to an American contractor, then that American contractor should be allowed to trade with whoever satisfies his business objectives. Ron Paul is not for open borders to the point where any individual from another country can come into the US illegally, get pregnant, deliver a baby, put the cost of that baby on the American tax-payer. He’s not for illegal immigration, which your statement that he’s for “open borders” suggests.

  • prophet

    The problem with the nation is that it has lost its soul. Most people in America claim to believe in God, but, they lack the works which accompany faith. The devils believe in God, but do they have faith? Of course not. The institutions (family, churches and other civic orgs) have been eroded so badly that most Americans find themselves learning their morals and at public school… which are morally deplorable. Oh, the public schools can teach kids to put on condoms, learn about LBGT history, and teach kids about abortions. They have eliminated our basic Judeo Christian values from the schools and we are paying dearly for it.

    • Glock30Eric


      It is sad that many of Christian people think it is sin to be involved the politic thing.

      The politic world needs us because they are lost and they full of dark. They us to come into their world to call them to light, and to give them a hope in Christ. We will proposerity as long we have faith in Christ, and Christ is our Lord.

      Look with what John Calvin did with the town of Genva in the past. Genva was a town with full of bars, pubs, whorehouses, and crimes. When John Calvin became a govenor of Genva, and the Genva became a brightest town to live in the whole world, because the town of Genva reflected to the faith in Christ, namely, Christ is the Lord of Genva.

      God always called us to be into the politic world, but we didn’t live to it. Thank to the dispensationalism doctrine, and to many slothful Christians.

      Let’s call USA to repent and put Christ as our Lord, and then we will proposerity if it is Lord’s willing.

  • Guido


    Check out this site and see if you can guess how these people were treated by the system for actions you wouldn’t imagine were illegal. You may be a criminal and not even know it. Of course, when they make the illegal, legal, the honest man must be a criminal.

    This system was created by regulation and statute, brick by brick, over many long years. Years ago, between studying law and religion, I came to a conclusion. If you embrace the idea of Natural Law, that there are certain laws that you’re fundamentally supposed to follow, such as not murdering people, and the concept of man-made law, such as speeding statutes and littering rules, then you may be led to conclude that as long as you follow the Natural Laws, the man-made statutes fade in importance. As long as you don’t kill someone, wearing a helmet and buckling your seatbelt just don’t seem so important.

  • Guido

    I think we could do a lot for our nation if we merely scrapped nearly every law drafted in the last 40 years. Most of them are of no value and the basic needs of society were already staked out rather well long ago.

    • Dr. Chicago


      I agree but we need to got a good century, if not more. The Civil War destroyed our legal system due to the amount of hate inside the country at that time. I am not saying that we should restablish slavery, but all rulings aside from Constitutional Amendments should have an expiration date and have to be revisited. We also need to get rid of the political courts with activist judges (on both sides) making political hay instead of providing sound law.

  • Perry K

    I am still amazed at how my fellow citizens rushed to give up my freedoms following 9/11. Wiretap my phone?? Sure, I am not doing anything illegal . . . go ahead as long as you are also wiretapping the phones of possible terrorists. Sexually molest me so that I can board an airplane?? Sure, no problem. Of course, I had a much better chance of being killed by a drunk driver on the way to the airport, but he is one of us, so that’s okay. GWB and his flock of sheeple scare me a lot more than the terrorists.

    Will we wake up before it is too late? Not a snowball’s chance in hell. We may as well bend over and kiss our collective behinds goodbye.

  • William

    Americans are slowly, but surely, being brainwashed by methods developed by the Cheka, the Stasi and the Gestapo. With the exception of the Gestapo, most Americans do not even know what these two other horrible and criminal organizations were, or did to their citizenry. This system of crushing the Americans citizens, perfectly represented by the TSA, is what you get when you vote in America today. 90% of those currently serving in the US Congress are unfit to even breathe the same air that I do. Alas, there is little alternative to these cretins. At a minimum, Boehner, Cantor, Sessions, Kyle, McConnell, Graham, Bachman and Inhoff should be voted OUT, just to name a FEW.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Guido, we’d be better to scrap every law since the first usurper in office came along – Abraham Lincoln.

    The moment he had Federal troops NOT leave the Southern states, he became treasonous to the Constitution.

    When the so-called US Congress disbanded after the southerners walked out, and Lincoln wrote the first ever “executive order #1” to demand that they meet, it constituted an illegal and unconstitutional government. Usurpers.

    Oddly enough, legally speaking in the strictest sense, I believe that it is true that the Confederate States of America still exists as a legal construct (though it is illegally occupied and has been since 1865 by an illegal US government). It is just that the CSA is dormant.

    BTW just for clarity I am a northerner by birth and still live in the north.

    And yes that all means that slavery is still quite legal in the south, since no US “law” ever put into place since about 1861 carries any real merit. Obviously, this is the first thing that needs to be addressed once we the people restart a legitimate government – restarting with only 1861 and older laws “on the books”.

    If the country survives long enough for we the people to take it back (and given the assumption that there are enough people able and willing and intelligent enough to do the deed).

    Sadly, I doubt that there are enough people left intelligent enough, willing and able to do the deed.

    • Guido

      Fascinating point, Mr. Carpenter, but I think you could sooner install the Noid in office than rewind the USA back to 1861. Ever read The South Was Right! before? It was an interesting book.

      I was taking a note from a man named Guy Odom who wrote America’s Man on Horseback. In it, one of his suggestions is we rewind the laws back to about 1964, one of the last years before the inmates took over the asylum and the last generation before the we descended into what he considers the last couple degerate generations of the nation’s 10 generation cycle of growth and decline. It’s an interesting book with far more ideas and concepts worthy of discussion than I can describe here.

      Odom’s general idea, however, is we travel down this cycle of birth, youth, and decline in roughly 10 generations, then we get a choice to renew or collapse. The key to this point will be, essentially, one man who will come along and, possibly, be exactly what the nation needs at that moment to mobilize it to clean house, renew it’s spirit, and set us back on the path… or we merely fade away, perhaps under a tight-fisted dictator.

  • expatriot

    Gutless cowards. Nothing comes above human life and I would risk losing my cushy benefit job to save a life. No wonder those bastards were in San Francisco. In a sane country they’d be brought up on charges.

  • I think we are far past the point of no return. There is zero chance Americans will stand up against this en-masse. In fact I would go so far as to say that Americans no longer know what to do if they arn’t told how to do it. I know people personally that would openly embrace a police state. For example I know people in Chicago that believe the Military should patrol the streets and shoot the poor on site. I have multiple friends that believe that all fat kids should put in state care and their parents put in prison (what is that like 2/3 of the nation at this point?). I know one girl that want the cops to go door to door and round up all “christians and republicans”…she dead serious too. What I see large groups of Americans that acctually WANT to see their fellow citizens beat into submission out of some sadistic need to feel good obout themselves by seing others suffer. So no I don’t think it will change…I know it will get worse and there is nothing that can be done about it.

  • Robert Walker

    It seems you want what you want when you want it. This is the mentality of a toddler.

    On the other hand, the San Franciscan who waded into the bay was allowed to choose what he wanted but you wanted government to interfere.

    It is a fine line we tread between individual rights and community responsibilities.

    The fire was in a voluntary pay volunteer fire company district. Property owners had the option to pay money to the fire district annually or do without fire protection. It was their choice. But they could not suddenly decide to pay when they discovered their home burning.

    As for TSA you have three options at least.
    1. Take a bus.
    2. Rent a private jet to fly you.
    3. Band together, tell Congress we want a “red blooded American ID card which will entitle us to a small discount on our fare, no searching, and the front ten rows on the airplane. Remember, it was the passengers on the fourth hijacked airplane on 9/11/2001 who stopped it from being used as a weapon.

    • prophet

      In the America I used to know, we save someone who is suicidal, because it is the right thing to do. We don’t come up with obscure laws for people to opt out of fire protection. We band together and try to save peoples’ homes.

      The TSA is crossing the line of moral decency that we all deserve. We all have the right to be secure in our person. Thr supposed terror threat has always been overhyped.

    • Jim

      “…it was the passengers on the fourth hijacked airplane on 9/11/2001 who stopped it from being used as a weapon.”

      So you believe the big lie also?

  • WM

    I agree with William S. 100%. The sheeple will not turn from their ways. We are so divided in this nation today, there is no unity. You have so many immigrants who are here to work hard, make as much money as they can, send it back to their country, and then move back or retire there. I should know, my wife is from Peru, and I also work with a lot of immigrants, Latinos, Vieteminese, Laotians, Polish, etc.

    Now, please don’t think I have anything against immigrants!!! I do not. I love the Latino people, and many of my fellow workers from Asia, are some of the hardest working people I know. But the truth is, is that many are not real “connected” to this country, it is only a temporary residence to make money and go back home. Now, let me explain why I brought this up to begin with. This article talks about changes in American policies and culture. If anyone should stand up and start shouting to the government, it would be people that have ties here, family buried here, family farm, born here, etc. Sadly, the sheeple are so distracted with the culture that they are blind to the changes around them. Do you think immigrants who live here, who are planning on making $$$ and going back to their countries, are going to stand up, protest, start a revolution, etc. to change American policy??? I don’t think so. As long as they can always “go back” home, I don’t see this happening. So, why aren’t the people who love this nation, its liberty & freedoms AND are here for the long run, not speaking out about what the government is doing? Where is the revolutionary “Spirit of 76” that this nations founding fathers had???

    Sadly, I think it is gone forever as a whole, just exists in a small percentage of Americas population.

    Its kind of like the bully in school….he will keep confronting you each day and with more boldness, seeing what he can get away with, UNTIL the day you decide to fight back. The current culture/government is like THE bully….they will keep pushing the envelope until we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and really mean it!!!!!!! But if we do not, things are just going to keep getting worse and worse.

    I don’t think their are enough people in this nation with the backbone to get out of their comfort zone take a risk of standing up and speaking out against all the “change” that is happening, and hopefully prevent any furthur damage. Do you think all the people who are wrongfully recieving government assistance, ( welfare) will stand up against out of control government spending and demand that the government reduce spending????? Of course not….this would mean that the free ride is over.

    Sadly, I think we are at the point of return in the USA, economically, socially, morally, ethically. Decency and doing the right thing are a dying trait of our culture.

    I guess this is what happens when you kick the Creator, living God out of society and replace him with humanism, realativism, evolution, and liberal policy.

    • Let’s make like a Pilgrim and start a new nation inside the USA. There is already a precedent with the Indian Nations, so let’s start Religious Reservations so we can practice Biblical principles before they cart Christians off to FEMA camps for believing the Bible. Read how at jcbooks.org

  • Owen

    I am convinced, more than anything else, mankind’s real problem is spiritual in nature. Unless you get right with your Creator, it will not end well for you. There is only One Way, all else ends in the second death. Seek God while there is yet time.

  • Larry

    Well old Nexus from Australia said they would not put up with groping at their airports, I have to ask you why Australia allowed themselves to be disarmed?
    You can’t have it both ways mate!!!

  • Lady M

    This is what we all have to do to beat them and to be anonymous:

    The movement is easy to win. Every single American needs to go down to the Fed court and file for bankruptcy. Every single American needs to buy absolutely nothing unless it is an extreme necessity. Every single American needs to take all their cash out of the bank, put it in a safe or mattress, preferably right next to their gun. Every single American then needs to take all the money for their bills, put it in a safe place, and demand justice for payment. The banksters just heisted our money and this is the way to pay them back. Strikes worked in India. Withholding money can work in America.

    Okay, see this is the point, “Every single American needs to buy absolutely nothing unless it is an extreme necessity”

    You need electricity, at least “you ” do. I have a solar panel, and this is also my point. “Quit allowing yourselves to be screwed”. lol. But a solar panel on one of those worthless credit cards right before you file for bankruptcy.

    You “need” gas in your car to get to work, etc.. I am not a good orator and will try to explain:

    The corporations and wall street have been holding us hostage. However, if enough people woiuld go get all their money out of the banks. The first the lines through the bank doors would cause the bank to close; that alone would send a message to wall street, government, and the corporations (the big three) that Americans have had it. Then when the money stopped flowing the “big three” would friggin panic.

    I did a lot of research into strikes in India that Gandhi promoted and the bus boycotts during the civil rights movement, etc… People greatly suffered in these movements, Indian families made less money by not going to work, African-Americans suffered by having to get rides and/or walk to work, and to try and squash this “movement” they quickly passed a law about how many African-Americans could be in a car for pete’s sake. (Now, why do you think they would this).

    Also, research the worker’s strikes. This link is a good place to start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strike_action

    So, this is step one: buy nothing unless it is an absolute necessity

    Next step take all your cash out of any “holdings”: 401K, bank accounts, etc…

    Step three: “take all the money for bills, put it in a safe place”

    A) This is all bills that due not have “immediate consequences” such as credit cards, mortgage, car (oh, park a few blocks away from your house), Then instead of payment send a letter (delivery proof required; i.e. certified, fedex with signature required, courier) to the creditors stating something like: “It has come to my attention the the state of affairs, ’caused by the actions of your company has created a situation in this country that is injuring every single American’s civil liberties bu limiting the pursuit of happiness etc… etc…”\\ sidenote: I do not have to do this, because I have no debt, I filed for Bankruptcy in 2008 after losing my job in 2006, and my car creditor would not lower my monthly payments by a friggin *%#@ measly $50.00 dollars a month when I got a job at Subway and was waitress-ing as a second job. I could write an entire chapter regarding this.

    B) DO NOT SPEND said money, it should be a “bailee” account. The term is a legal term. “Bailment describes a legal relationship in common law where physical possession of personal property, or chattel, is transferred from one person (the ‘bailor’) to another person (the ‘bailee’) who subsequently has possession of the property. It arises when a person gives property to someone else for safekeeping.”:


    You could even hire and attorney to help you with this, if you have the good fortune of having enough money to hire said attorney.

    Doing this shows “good faith” The term is a legal term. “Honesty; a sincere intention to deal fairly with others. Good faith is an abstract and comprehensive term that encompasses a sincere belief or motive without any malice or the desire to defraud others. It derives from the translation of the Latin term bona fide, and courts use the two terms interchangeably.”


    C) Obviously, all your creditors will then start sending “demand for payments” ignoring your letters,
    1) Ignore their letters.
    2) Write another letter to get their 8 calls a day stopped (again this is an entire chapter in itself), proof of delivery required
    3) Go file for bankruptcy.

    If “Millions” of people did this, the “big three” would be at the negotiation table within seconds.

    which then leads us to our demands:

    1. RE-placement of civil liberties.
    2. RE-construction of the wages.
    3. RE-construction of the “rip-off” medical industry.
    4. etc.. etc…

    We would then have the power back. Using their own system against them.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    This what happens when you have human nature and stupid government. I just finished watching a documentary called Gas Hole (I don’t recommend it) everyone’s answer was more government. The problem is Big Government, Big Media, Big Oil, Big Corporations, and a public who is asleep at the switch. No body is thinking beyond the next election, or next quarter’s numbers, or next weekend. Lets face it guys where hosed, if you are not at least thinking about how to survive the coming storm, and taking active measures your going to be swept away with it. Washington is not going to save you.

  • kfdisme

    I guess I dont see the problem with any of these incidents, there is such a thing as personal responsibility and choice in our country, something that comes with our purported freedoms. We dont want to live in a nanny state, and that speaks to the first two cases; folks made dumb choices and expected to be bailed out anyway, too bad so sad…Concerning the “sexual” aspects of TSA searches, I think you clowns got overactive imaginations, and most of ya are probably ugly/overweight to boot…if you have a problem with it, drive a car and dont fly…

  • Try to request medical records, even with a legal authorization form…..some places have added loads of steps with their own special form. Others return it if a dot is out of place. Whenever HIPPA laws change, there is a massive freak-out. in the end, it delays cases, costs time and money , often reulting in alternative developments, like getting a exam on our own…

  • RobV

    Robert Walker, thank you for applying some common sense to the issues.

  • C P Wendt

    “Words” detergent. Brains come clean when using
    Words Detergent.

  • Ace

    Americans have to stop complaining once and for all because they just let the govt. do what they want so what’s the fuss? The world’s most undesirable place to stay.

  • Americans want to live risk-free, but the flip side to risk-free is total control. People complain about intrusive pat downs, but suppose there was an express plane embarking without pat downs: would you board it?

    • Gray Beard

      Here is what I am in favor of and, its no joke. You go to the airport. You enter the “X-Ray” booth, instead of being “patted down” by some sexual pervert. In the “X-Ray” booth, if you are carrying any explosives on or in your body, they will be discovered and a simple, muffled sound is heard. You, and only you, the “Terrorist,” is eliminated, as the technology that discovered the explosives on your person, detonates those explosives on the spot. Pat downs are no longer necessary. The “X-Ray” booth takes care of the “Terrorist,” while the 300 or so other passengers fly in safety and comfort. One person, who intended to kill many others and make big Headlines in the next edition of the media, is dead, with all others being safe. This is the way to make flying safe again, without the intrusive patdowns by the TSA sexual perverts and eliminate terrorism in our skies.

  • is this the first time that thinks like this happens? Or you could only find 3 examples.. :)

  • @ Collaro on July 23 @ 4:50am. Your statement about Ron Paul reveals your personal prejudices, whose utterance I am okay with but whose accuracy slips. Ron Paul does not for “the homosexual agenda.” You’ll need proof, if you want that point to persuade anybody. Ron Paul has stated clearly that it’s not groups that rights but that individuals do. He supports individual rights. Supporting individual rights does not mean that he supports “the homosexual agenda.” Be careful in casting false aspersions. As for open borders, Ron Paul is interested in allowing countries to trade freely with each other. If a cement manufacturer in Puebla, Mexico provides a better grade of cement at a better price, and delivers it on time to an American contractor, then that American contractor should be allowed to trade with whomever satisfies his business objects. Ron Paul is not for open borders to the point where any individual from another country can come into the US illegally, get pregnant, deliver a baby, put the cost of that baby on the American tax-payer. He’s not for illegal immigration, which your statement that he’s for “open borders” suggests. You’re wrong, man.

  • de4dr4bbit

    step out of line and get arrested, fined up, put on probation, officially part of the system.the system is designed to keep you jammed up because its big business and makes you easier to control.not much you can do from a jail cell is there?i was arrested recently and sentenced to five days in county jail for not having a lightrail ticket in hillsboro oregon.i’d bought one and misplaced it along with various other trash i got rid of.when i was subjected to a random ticket check, i had the cops called on me because i didn’t present the lost ticket quick enough and when the lightrail police asked for ID i told him to hold on because i knew i had the ticket somewhere and that i wasn’t required to present him with ID anyway.the cop that showed up didn’t even give me a chance to explain the situation but stated simply “i don’t have time for this bullshit” and arrested me.haha.when i argued my case in front of the judge i was told that if i took it to trial the earliest i would be in court would be 3 weeks and that i couldnt be OR’ed because i had a failure to appear from 8 years ago in california!haha.shit like that is why people plea to so many ridiculous charges and thats what they are banking on.had i not had to be on a flight back to alaska the next week i wouldve stayed in jail, got a little vacation, and fought and WON the case because cameras and my bank statement wouldve proved when and where i bought the ticket.simply had better things to do so they can have their little theft of services conviction.

  • Glenda the Good Witch

    Well, the “Dumbing Down of America” is just about complete. American’s are now taught to “…blindly follow orders…” I asked yesterday in another response, does this resemble “Communism” in any way, to anybody in the United States? It’s not creeping, or crawling, nor even running anymore. Communism is HERE, NOW…IT HAS ARRIVED, because most Americans are now blind to Freedom, Free Enterprise, Democracy and so much more that once made our country the Greatest in the World.

    Remember this word, for soon it will be gone from our dictionaries…”FREEDOM!” The George Soros’, Hillary Clinton’s, Jimmy Carter’s, Barak H. Obama’s and, all other Progressive’s have taken that Freedom from us. The sad thing is, we let them! How dumb!

    Does somebody actually mean to tell me that the local Fire Department now checks the Tax Records when responding to a fire in a home, to see if the Tax Bill has been paid before they will do anything to put the fire out and save the families home? Really? Have we now stooped that low in America? Have we hired 16,000 more IRS workers to investigate and check the tax records on your home before they will allow the Fire Department to put out the fire?

    Well, Obama wants to create jobs, so let’s see, we will, or already have hired 16,000 additional IRS agents to enforce “Obamacare,” so why not to check to see if your Real Estate taxes are paid before allowing Police or Fire Departments to do their jobs by responding to emergency calls.

    Next, I’m not an Attorney, but I thought that “Suicide” went into the books as “Murder.” After all, suicide is taking a life, just as if you shot somebody or aborted a fetus…oh, that’s right, “Murder” is OK now. You can abort…commit murder without penalty of law…it’s legal. Oh my, I forgot that we can now get away with murder, especially if you live in San Moscow (Francisco), are an Illegal Alien and murder a father and his sons.

    Police, rescue workers and 75 citizens stood watching this man go out into San Francisco Bay to commit suicide and did nothing to try to stop him! This is not the United States of America that I know and was reared in. This is some Communist Country now.

    Let any TSA Agent in any airport touch my breasts or other private parts of my body and I guess you will be visiting me in jail! An old joke, but, “Hands Off Columbus, You’ve Discovered Enough!” What is this country coming too? PLEASE, VOTE TO BRING BACK THE CONSTITUTION to this Great Land of Freedom and Hope, and I don’t mean Barak Obama’s “Hope.” His “Hope” has brought us to where we are today…that is not the “Hope” of which I speak.

    I speak for the “Hope” of our children, that they may grow and live in a Free Society, not a Totalitarian Dictatorship. I’m sorry, but I just cannot believe what I read above in this article. I never thought our Great Country could/would ever come to this…watching a family home burn to the ground because the taxes were not paid; watching a man drown because of “policy.” Having some Government Worker grope my body at an airport. No Thank You. This is not My America!

    There is no excuse for ‘ignorance’ of heart and mind. Have we no heroics left in our souls to reach out and help our fellow humankind in need anymore? I once thought that humankind would grow in brains instead of being drained of what is right and what is wrong – simply put. Instead we are living in a corrupt and hedonistic ‘society’ (if you can call it one) that is destroying our whole world – in the name of ‘freedoms’ – HA! Yes, sadly, we are nothing but sheep in this so-called free nation when we do nothing to stop what is wrong.

  • desig

    Instead of posting things on random blogs, we need to UNITE and PROTEST and Fight against the policies of which we disagree. WE ARE NO better than the people who shake their heads in disgust and continue watching “American Idol”, if we do not TAKE ACTION. We should do a MARCH ON TSA. Protest their atrocious machines and patdowns until ACTUAL CHANGE is realized. These absurdities should not be allowed to continue to happen on a daily basis while we sit by and watch. WHOSE WITH ME? The below post sums it up I believe. I’m serious let’s March on TSA. Does anyone know of any protests, marches, or AIRPORT SITINS that are currently being organized. We need to take action before America is lost forever.