25 Signs That Military Veterans Are Being Treated Like Absolute Trash Under The Obama Administration

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Obama And The MilitaryWhy does the Obama administration treat our military veterans like human garbage?  Every year on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Barack Obama and our other politicians make very nice speeches, but the truth about how they feel about our veterans can be seen in how they are treated every single day.  In the United States today, there are well over half a million veterans that have been waiting for at least 125 days to have their benefit claims processed.  Many of them will ultimately have their claims sent back or denied just so a government employee somewhere can get a bigger bonus.  Meanwhile, conditions at VA facilities all over the country are absolutely abysmal, and many veterans have to wait more than half a year just to get an appointment at one of those facilities.  Once you start looking into how this country really treats military veterans, it becomes easier to understand why 22 military veterans commit suicide in America every single day.  Our vets have a higher rate of unemployment, a higher rate of poverty, a higher rate of homelessness, a higher rate of depression and a higher rate of divorce then the general population.  It is a crying shame.  One of the ways that any society is judged is by how it treats military veterans, and the truth is that America has failed miserably.  This has been particularly true since Barack Obama has been in the White House.


The following are 25 signs that military veterans are being treated like absolute trash under the Obama administration…

1. The average claim for veteran benefits takes more than half a year to be processed.

2. The Department of Veterans Affairs has a backlog of more than half a million overdue claims for benefits that are at least 125 days old.

3. In 2009, the number of veterans that had been waiting for more than a year to have their benefits approved was 11,000.  Today, that number has soared to 245,000.

4. Thousands upon thousands of military veterans that are waiting for their claims to be processed are dealing with absolutely horrible injuries

Of those who have sought VA care:

• More than 1,600 of them lost a limb; many others lost fingers or toes.

• At least 156 are blind, and thousands of others have impaired vision.

• More than 177,000 have hearing loss, and more than 350,000 report tinnitus — noise or ringing in the ears.

• Thousands are disfigured, as many as 200 of them so badly that they may need face transplants. One-quarter of battlefield injuries requiring evacuation included wounds to the face or jaw, one study found.

5. At one VA hospital in Wisconsin, one military veteran with a broken jaw that was seeking treatment still had not had his jaw fixed after a month and a half.

6. Today, it takes military vets an average of seven months to get an appointment at a VA facility.

7. Many VA facilities are in absolutely horrific condition.  A while back, ABC News conducted an investigation of conditions at VA facilities across the United States.  What ABC News discovered was absolutely shocking.  The following are just a few of the things that they found during the course of their investigation

*Bathrooms filthy with what appeared to be human excrement

*Dirty linens from some patients mixed in with clean supplies

*Examining tables that had dried blood and medications still on them

*Equipment used to sterilize surgical instruments that had broken down

*Some patients were forced to beg for food and water

*Veterans that were neglected so badly that they developed horrific bedsores and dangerous infections

8. As I have written about previously, applying for veteran benefits is extremely complicated, and VA employees are actually paid bonuses for denying claims…

The truth is that we have made it extremely difficult for our military veterans to claim the benefits that we have promised them.  Vets have to fill out an absurdly complicated 23 page application and if they make even one small mistake their applications can be stonewalled for years.  The U.S. Veterans Administration actually has a policy under which they pay large bonuses to employees that meet certain application processing goals.  This explains why approximately 70% of the claims submitted to the Veterans Administration are refused or sent back to be redone.  In fact, using the Freedom of Information Act, one local NBC station was able to learn that $250,000 was paid in bonuses to VA employees who work inside the Poff Federal Building in Roanoke, Virginia in just one year alone.

9. Large numbers of military veterans that legitimately should be getting benefits are having their claims denied by the federal government.  Just check out the following example from a Veterans Today article

In one case, we found a veteran with 40 percent of his brain removed found to be healthy and employable.  He was also missing his right arm.  The physician who examined him over looked the arm and failed to note the cognitive degeneration the traumatic brain injury had caused.

10. Last year, more than 85,000 military veterans were treated for sexual abuse that they suffered while serving in the military.  40 percent of them were men.

11. According to a recent Defense Department survey, approximately 14,000 men in the U.S. military were sexually assaulted by other men during 2012.

12. According to the Washington Post, there is an epidemic of sexual assaults being committed by military recruiters.  The Pentagon is pledging to do something about the problem…

“The secretary has made it clear that we will spare no effort to rid our military of sexual abuse,” said George Little, the Pentagon press secretary. “The fact that there have been problems of sexual abuse during the recruiting process is simply intolerable.”

13. The number of active members of the U.S. military that are killing themselves now exceeds the number that are dying on the battlefield.

14. Since the beginning of the Iraq War, twice as many members of the Texas National Guard have killed themselves as have been killed in combat.

15. According to one recent study, 22 military veterans kill themselves in the United States every single day.

16. At this point, combat veterans account for about 20 percent of all suicides in the United States.

17. The unemployment rate for military veterans is significantly higher than for the population as a whole.  This is especially true for younger veterans.

18. On any given night, approximately 200,000 military veterans are homeless in the United States.

19. All over America, monuments that honor military veterans are crumbling and falling apart.  For much more on this, please see this article.

20. Under the Obama administration, many military veterans have had to pay to have their medals shipped to them.  For example, one soldier actually had to pay a 21 dollar shipping fee to get his Purple Heart.  The following is from the Huffington Post

War comes with an incalculable human cost. And apparently a shipping fee of about $21.

Retired Sgt. Major Rob Dickerson says that’s the price he was forced to pay when his Purple Heart — the medal issued to soldiers wounded in action — arrived at his door, C.O.D.

Instead of being awarded the military honor in a formal ceremony, the vet with 29 years in the service was handed his award, and a shipping invoice, by a FedEx deliveryman outside his Sioux Falls, S.D., home.

21. In some areas of the country the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been caught banning the words “God” and “Jesus” during funeral services for veterans.

22. Today, the federal government provides “end of life” literature to veterans that helps them to determine when their lives are “no longer worth living“…

“Your Life, Your Choices” presents end-of-life choices in a way aimed at steering users toward predetermined conclusions, much like a political “push poll.” For example, a worksheet on page 21 lists various scenarios and asks users to then decide whether their own life would be “not worth living.”

The circumstances listed include ones common among the elderly and disabled: living in a nursing home, being in a wheelchair and not being able to “shake the blues.” There is a section which provocatively asks, “Have you ever heard anyone say, ‘If I’m a vegetable, pull the plug’?” There also are guilt-inducing scenarios such as “I can no longer contribute to my family’s well being,” “I am a severe financial burden on my family” and that the vet’s situation “causes severe emotional burden for my family.”When the government can steer vulnerable individuals to conclude for themselves that life is not worth living, who needs a death panel?

23. One study discovered that approximately one-third of all military veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq were officially determined to be mentally ill by government officials.

24. All over America, “mental illness” is being used as a reason to take guns away from military veterans.

25. The federal government is increasingly labeling military veterans as “potential domestic terrorists” if they express viewpoints that are critical of the government.  The following is from a recent article by John Whitehead

Making matters worse, thanks to Operation Vigilant Eagle, a program launched by the Department of Homeland Security in 2009, military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are also being characterized as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.” As a result, these servicemen and women–many of whom are decorated–are finding themselves under surveillance, threatened with incarceration or involuntary commitment, or arrested, all for daring to voice their concerns about the alarming state of our union and the erosion of our freedoms.

An important point to consider, however, is that the government is not merely targeting individuals who are voicing their discontent so much as it is locking up individuals trained in military warfare who are voicing feelings of discontent. Under the guise of mental-health treatment and with the complicity of government psychiatrists and  law-enforcement officials, these veterans are increasingly being portrayed as ticking time bombs in need of intervention.

Are you upset yet?

You should be.

The way that the federal government is treating military veterans is absolutely shameful.

Do you have a story that illustrates how our military veterans are being abused?

If so, please feel free to share it by posting a comment below…

The U.S. Army Saluting Barack Obama

  • Spook89

    As a 100%, permanently disabled veteran, I had to fight for two years to get my disability benefits! It was during the Clinton years, and I had to employ an attorney, requested help from Sen. Patty Murray ( useless as a trap door in a canoe), and finally got help from then Congresswoman Linda Smith. I finally won, but it wasn’t until I was threatened with foreclosure on my home. I sure hate to see my brothers and sisters-in-arms have to suffer through this. They deserve much better treatment.

    • VegasJim

      Thank you for your service. God bless

    • buddy

      why don’t the vets take care of obama and crew the right way???

    • buddy

      and make them disappear?

      • 2 phun e

        I’d rather beat VA “doctors” to death. They are the ones lying, omitting details, changing what is said in exams, and flat lying to your face.

        • Bill

          You got that right!

    • Robin Graves

      My father was 100% disabled,,He was in the US NAvy for 22 years. It took him from 1981 till 1992 to even see a penny. He fought for 11 years to get his disability. While some drunk down the street got his in a matter of months because he had ” an illness called alcoholism”…It was stupid.

  • Barn Cat

    They’re being treated as enemies of the state, for the most part.

    • cherylmeril

      And are fools for cooperating with their government’s requests to fight wars. They should lay down arms and refuse.

      • Jack Deth

        Please do not speak of something you know nothing about.

        • Gay Veteran

          there’s a price to pay to serve in the Empire’s military

      • buddy

        not lay down arms cheryl, use those arms against the illegal in chief and his crew

        • 2 phun e

          And the VA employees who side with the government. Most of whom are vets themselves.

  • seth datta

    Ob@ma hates the US and the fact that the veterans fought idealistically for freedom. He works for the globalist and needs to remove this bedrock of America before they can oppress the population.

    • Gay Veteran

      and where did these veterans fight for freedom? Afghanistan, where we are a foreign army of occupation? Iraq, where we waged a war of aggression?

      • SFTOBEY

        If you’re in the armed forces you go where you’re told. If you don’t like it, you never should have joined. Personally, I feel that after kicking Taliban a$$ initially in Afghanistan we should have left – with a warning to the ragheads not to try that crap again on our home soil. Iraq was a cluster&%@# to begin with. Saddam should have been taken care of in 1991.

        The U.S. (politicians & upper brass) doesn’t seem to want to win wars anymore. The operations morph into some dumba$$ “nation-building” scheme. That’s not what the United States military was supposed to be for. You got a problem with war “policy”, take that up with our useless “commander-in-chief”.

        • Gay Veteran

          why should they “win”? no war profits without war

        • Gay Veteran

          “If you’re in the armed forces you go where you’re told….”
          yes indeed. and if you’re stupid enough to join then don’t complain, you’re just a cog in the imperial war machine

  • Abby

    26 years USAF. 52 yrs. old. 2 years waiting for disability backpay. Can’t find a job other than retail – which kills me standing & walking 8 hours in a large store. Enormous bills hanging over my head. One emergency from the street. Cashed in my final retirement plan to keep a roof over our heads. Not what my prime earning years were supposed to look like.

    • Jeff Schwager

      20.5 years USMC 52 yrs old, retired. Pardon me for asking, but what did you do in the USAF to cause you to not be able to stand and walk and do things that people our age in the private sector are routinely expected to do? Would someone in the private sector be able to qualify for the same disability compensation for a similar injury sustained in the performance of their job? Is the USAF responsible for your medical issues?

  • The Col.

    This administration scares the hell out of me. For good reason.

  • cherylmeril

    This is exactly why the troops should simply lay down arms and stop fighting wars, stop complying with our government.

    • Hammerstrike

      Not ´nuff.

    • Bill

      Yea, and go to prison?

      • If enough of them stop fighting the wars and lay down their arms, then and only then will we see change.

      • Kevin4VFT

        Cassius Clay did it. Then he got on with his life.

  • cherylmeril

    You have to be really dumb to allow your own government to use and abuse you this way. Simply pull out of the military all of you at once, put an end to this insanity.

  • 24fan

    Not just the government. We the people do our share of neglect and don’t prove it with our actions as much as we should. I’m so sorry. God forgive me. What can I do?

  • kylab

    My father went into the ER at the veterans hospital for internal bleeding. They made him wait 6 hours until they told him he would need to just get an appointment with his regular doctor to get checked out. Of course the regular doc he saw at the VA was booked for two months but he made his appointment and tried to wait it out. He died a week and a half after his trip to the ER. But the VA has so generously offered to pay for his headstone.

    • Please accept my sorrow for your loss. Many of the people I served with are now gone.
      The shame is that those doctors cannot be sued for malpractice because they are government owned.
      That is what all of us face if we go social medicine.

    • 2 phun e

      You should absolutely murder the bastards who did this. You would not be wrong in any way if you did.

    • Lt_Scrounge

      My condolences on your loss.

      I know the feeling. I have a service related neck injury and high blood pressure. I had a severe head ache for over 4 days and went into the local VA service provider to have it checked out. I was told that I should make an appointment and come back in a couple of weeks. They did offer to give me a shot for the pain, but that was it for a couple of weeks. What would’ve been the outcome had the headache been caused by a minor stroke or an aneurysm caused by the high blood pressure?

  • These are the same people that will try to put the military over us with martial law?
    I can see why. They are dumber than a box of rocks!
    I refer to active military personnel that are putting up with this garbage. No respect for our military personnel trying to keep our military professional.

    Take a good look at government and how they served . . .
    Like a President AWOL from Vietnam. This same guy put limits on VA benefits based on how much you earn. Sounds communist to me!

    Like people deferred from service to go to college instead.
    People that went to Canada rather than be drafted.
    Or people held in a foreign prison as POWs. That last group scares me. It should scare everyone.

    Those without a religious base will commit suicide. Says so right in the good book itself. Those that lose their life for Christ will gain their life, and those that save their life will lose it.
    As for religious freedom, the government should keep things neutral. But they should not interfere with people’s right s to practice their own religion while in service.
    Why do you think we have separate but equal services for different major religions in service? I was friends with both catholic and protestant ministers in service. I respected both.
    I got out when they attempted to do away with real butter in the cafeteria. When they attempted to cheapen our way of life while asking people to give their lives for their country.
    I think we need to figure out who we have elected. Then get rid of them based on their voting records.

    • Gay Veteran

      “Those without a religious base will commit suicide.”

      AS IF those with a religious base don’t commit suicide.

      • Bill

        Gay veteran,your responses are getting on my nerves! You seem to against the Veterans. Go suck on a lollipop sin ce as being gay that mos fits you good!!

        • Gay Veteran

          sorry if the truth bothers you so much!
          and you know what you can do with your lollipop

          • Jeff Schwager

            Sorry GV. We don’t need to know and don’t want to know what you do with lollipops… TMI. @@

          • Gay Veteran

            get a clue, I’m not the one who brought up lollipops

  • buddy

    instead of committing suicide the veterans need to cause the illegal in cheif to commit suicide… and all his crew…

  • brian

    am a retired military vet the VA SUCKS ASS not like I rely on them or go to them for anything other then the fact I was in the VA health care system is a fucking joke when I was in the VA hospital for a month with MRSA the nurse was not componsiate period she acted I was taken up space and had not recovered the doctors are not real doctors a bunch of wanabees and yeah some staff doctors ask what is my sexual orenatation know what I said it is none of your business and it had no relation to do with my case and when somebody says thanks for your service I just want to say stick it up your ass
    sincerely Brian Harrington USN RET

  • JayJay

    My husband is treated at Nashville, Tn.
    I don’t have time for the mistakes, lack of care, incompetence from Nashville and his doctor in Hopkinsville, Ky.
    Example: last appt. reminder was asked who the doctor was he’s be seeing…hang up; oh, yes she did!!! When Gene arrived for his appt. that is a 70 mile drive, he was told the patient canceled. Yep, the bitch canceled for asking a question.
    I met a wife of a heart patient, also on dialysis for 2 years, and finally having a kidney transplant in Nashville.
    He was finally certified disabled after 4 years of heart disease and two years of dialysis AND it took a transplant to get him certified disabled.
    I kid you not–I don’t have the space to list all the mess we have been through.
    It took almost 3 months to get the sleep apnea test ordered and delivered to our home. One month and not a word of the data sent in from the testing device.
    Not a word.

  • JayJay

    Do not answer gun possession questions.
    Or are you depressed, experiencing any suicide tendencies.
    Leave them blank.

  • Free Thinker

    The fawning over veterans needs to stop. They’re nothing special. They volunteered to fight for Empire. They’re just trained men and women who have chosen to be employed in a different occupation.

    They do nothing for freedom within America, but they’ve done a lot for the suppression of democracy and freedom and sovereignty in other countries. They’ve assisted American corporations with the takeover of business, assets, resources and enterprises. And of course, they’ve killed a lot of non-combatants and innocent people.

    I don’t find soldiers particularly worthy of special mention or particular respect, finding nothing honorable about what they chose to do to other countries, nations and people.

    Regarding health benefits and long term care, any agreements given to veterans should be honored, including health benefits. That’s part of the deal, lifetime health care in exchange for killing other people.

    • Gay Veteran

      I agree. We should have listened to the Founding Fathers: NO foreign entanglements

    • erheault

      Hey ASS HOLE I was DRAFTED and sent to Viet Nam so was most of our unit 4th Inf Div It cost me my job and almost my life not to mention the agony of watching people near to me get severly wounded and killed.

      • Bill

        Tell the bastard!

    • Hammerstrike

      Would you volunteer to fight if there was a civil war in your country, by the people against this empire?

    • One worn out Vet

      Ironically, it is the sacrifice of veterans down the long years that gave you and kept for you the right to rant about and trash us like you and some others here are.

      Now, I agree that the recent conflicts have done little for freedom- anybody’s. But we wouldn’t have it any length of time at all if enough people didn’t suit up and show up.

      After that, it’s like the man said- “Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die…” Also for you- “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

      • Gay Veteran

        recent conflicts? like everything since WWII?

    • Lt_Scrounge

      And would you be doing that thinking in German, Japanese, or Russian without those veterans you seem to despise? Japan actually invaded US territory in WWII. Didn’t know that did you? Had they been able to retain control of the Aleutian Islands that they invaded, they’d have been able to control all shipping along the west coast and eventually invade. Retaking those islands wasn’t without great loss of life. Japan even shipped captured Inuits to Japan to work as slave labor. Germany had U Boats off the east coast of the US. During the era of Soviet expansion, without a strong military, and a nuclear arsenal, they would’ve gladly rolled across the Bering Strait into Alaska and south from there. We even war gamed a Soviet invasion into Europe via the Fulda Gap. The war gaming included tactical nukes being used on both sides.

      A Roman general put it plainly when he said that if you want peace, you must prepare for war. Enemies only attack those that they perceive to be weak.

    • Bill

      Free thinker, your ass sucks buttermilk! You are a very ungrateful piece of S..t.

  • FrankyFreedom

    HEY FREEDOM FIGHTERS! An inevitable byproduct of sending masses of your citizens into warzones is that a lot of them come back roughed up physically and/or mentally (if AT ALL) and these people must either be treated adequately or they end up becoming burdens on society and the system (ex. homeless, violent, stressing the medical/disability system, suicide, etc.). How a nation treats its returning veterans says a lot about the health of that society. And considering the negative outcomes of the Affordable care Act (a.k.a. : “Obama Jo’ MamaCare”) the system is ALREADY being stressed beyond capacity – BEFORE we even account for the veteran population.



  • Seen

    Although I take this site with a grain of salt, it does in a manner of speaking make quite a bit of sense:
    At theulstermanreport.com, there’s a series in which the author allegedly but seemingly accurately on other topics assesses that the Obama White House has decided to attempt unionizing the US Military:
    1. Federal Employees get better and less red-tape processing for their benefits.
    2. The Military Veterans benefits are not only slower but attain less benefits than governmental employees.
    3. Government employees belong to public unions who has the capacity to go through union leadership and dues to ‘collectively bargain’ and etc while veterans and military personnel largely do not.

    Basically, if this termed White House Insider/WHI is accurate, the Military personnel are actually being mistreated to encourage the military and veterans to become unionized. If other unions are any indication, one hand it would streamline the process and improve benefits, but it would also increase political favors through dues and political campaign donations, which in effect strengthens the path trend towards a 1 Party System between many Republicans and Democrats largely indistinguishable in domestic and international policies largely dependent on the US Dollar remaining the world’s reserve currency.

    Sadly, this largely seems to circumstantially support this evaluation while it also fits neatly into the left V right.

  • Pauly

    They(the military) really are blood-thirsty dumb animals.

    • 2 phun e

      Yep! And now we know who you are!

    • One worn out Vet

      Idiot. For one thing, today’s highly technical and mechanized military cannot operate with yesterday’s cannon fodder. It takes smart people to handle that gear and being stupid will get you dead.

      I was in the artillery 30 years ago and we laid out the guns with transits and determined data to fire manually with tabular firing tables (books of pre-determined data) and slip sticks. Not really any different than they did in Korea and WWII. These days it’s computers and satellite uplinks. I can’t imagine. As for being blood thirsty, getting shot at/up is the Last thing most soldiers want. They just happen to be people willing to take the chances.

      Oh, make sure you THANK A VET for the RIGHT to insult him/her/other/undecided publicly like you do.

  • Michael Gingras

    All these hate filled comments about our vets sickens me. Really you think these people are nothing special? One day you will need them to defend you and I hope they just step out of the way and let you get gunned down like the animals you are.

  • snwill14

    I am a disabled navy veteran who has had a appeal for increase in benefits opened since Feb 2010. My original claim for increase in benefits was filed in August of 2009, I got the letter of disagreement for the increase in Feb 2010 around the same time I lost my job due to missing too much work and having to many issues while on the job. It has been close to 3 1/2 years since filing the appeal and I still have not heard a word from the VA. I ended up hiring a lawyer at the beginning of June of last year but am still awaiting a decision.

  • Bert Swor (Veteran and victim)

    Over a million veterans, dependents and civilians are ill from contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. The water was unfit to drink or bath in from 1957 to 1987 and no one was ever told. Now that the truth is out the government is trying to avoid responsibility for illnesses caused by the contaminated water.

    • 2 phun e

      Same with all the burning port-o-crappers they had all around our tents, workspace, and eating facilities for a year. Now they lie and try to say my service records don’t exist. Until they try to use them against me. Which is dumb because everything they have said is directly opposite of what my records say in plain English!

  • jaxjags

    what does any of this have to do with Obama?

    • 2 phun e

      He gutted the VA. I’ve been fighting this for 21 years and since Obama it has ground to a halt. And you would not believe the bullshit the VA will spew at vets to make them go away and die.

    • One worn out Vet

      He inherited the mess, it’s true. (So did Bush so don’t try to blame him for it either.) But, things have gotten dramatically worse under his watch. Stalling on filing budget, things like that. Also, he campaigned saying he would pull the troops out! He sure didn’t stir up any breezes rushing to do that now either, did he? And a war like the one in the sand box makes a lot of wounded, many if not most, of whom will end up requiring long term health care.

      Besides, he hates this country and everything good it once stood for. He’s trying to bend our necks before our enemies and he’s started by gutting the military.
      And then there’s this- Why does he want his own private army “equal or greater in force than the country’s military.”

      I don’t know how many people will remember that first term campaign comment, It’s hard to find a record of it now, it’s pretty much gone away now.

      • Gay Veteran

        “…he’s started by gutting the military….”
        and yet we’re spending more and more on the Pentagon and foreign conflicts we have NO business being involved in

      • Lt_Scrounge

        His Rules of Engagement have only made matters worse in regards to wounded and killed as well. You can’t fight a war where you aren’t allowed to shoot the enemy on sight. They’re court martialing people for shooting people that they had every reason to believe were enemies.

        • Gay Veteran

          we’re in countries we have NO business being in!
          What would you do if a foreign army occupied this country???

          • Lt_Scrounge

            That is absolutely irrelevant. Whether we should be there or not does not eliminate the fact that Obamao has implemented Rules of Engagement that greatly increase the risk of life and limb to our service members and his administration’s continued attempts at prosecuting our soldiers for doing their jobs is emboldening our enemies and increasing their willingness to fight. Neither are the actions of a Commander in Chief that deserves to be in charge of a cub scout den let alone the entire US military.

          • Gay Veteran

            If our troop came HOME (where they belong) then that issue is irrelevant
            George Washington warned us: NO foreign entanglements

          • Lt_Scrounge

            If the Clinton administration hadn’t weakened the military to the point of being seen as a “paper tiger” by Osama Bin Laden, 9/11 wouldn’t have occurred. Personally, I’d rather not be the one having to clean up the bodies left behind by a dirty bomb made with the 50+ tons of yellow cake uranium that Iraq had, or be doing the decon on a city that had been hit with a few barrels of sarin that Iraq had and transferred to Syria (which Assad is now using) just before the Operation Iraqi Freedom invasion. Saddam Hussein was funding terrorists. Maybe not in the way that you think, but when someone is giving the families of suicide bombers the equivalent of multiple years worth of pay, they are funding terrorists.

            Yes, George Washington spoke out against foreign entanglements. He was speaking of things like the UN and all of these mutual defense treaties that we spend billions every year defending countries who should be defending themselves. Treaties with France got us into Vietnam. The UN got us into Korea. NATO keeps us in Germany, Italy, and any of a number of other European countries who don’t bother to even maintain a military above a token force. THESE are the foreign entanglements we need to get out of. A large number of the citizens of Israel are also US citizens. We have an obligation to protect them. We protect Saudi Arabia because of the oil reserves. In all honesty, we would be better off developing our own oil reserves and let the Saudis fend for themselves. They could have the best mercenary force that money could buy if they chose to. Look at the French. The best units in the French army are in the Foreign Legion. Except for the officers, they’re all foreigners.

          • Gay Veteran

            wow, you have really bougtht into the LIES that got us into our war of aggression against Iraq.

            “… barrels of sarin that Iraq had and transferred to Syria (which Assad is now using)….”

            What PROOF do you have for any of that?!?!?!?

            …Saddam Hussein was funding terrorists….”

            Not against America.

            “…A large number of the citizens of Israel are also US citizens. We have an obligation to protect them….”
            YOU want to protect Israel? Then join the military! Pay more taxes! But keep the rest of us out of your psychodrama

          • Lt_Scrounge

            Do you read Russian? I do. Do you know anyone who was over in Iraq right after the invasion? I do. I’ve seen photos from the labs and translated the Russian on the crates. They weren’t baking cookies. They’ve found numerous Sarin filled artillery shells in Iraq.

            Saddam was funding the living expenses for the terrorist leader from the Achille Lauro attack. You’re probably too young to remember that it was an American citizen named Leon Klinghoffer that they shot in the chest before pushing him overboard in his wheel chair. Don’t think we should defend US citizens overseas? I didn’t say defend Israel, I said defend US citizens. For that matter, we should’ve torn Iran to shreds in 1979 when they invaded the US embassy in Tehran. That’s considered an act of war.

            As for the use of Sarin against rebels in Syria, that’s being reported by the French government and they haven’t tried to instigate a war since the 60s.

            You must be a liberal. You can’t debate facts, only make emotional personal attacks.

          • Gay Veteran

            wow, try providing us with some PROOF!
            the French government? who was involved in Libya? in Mali? yeah, they can’t get over that imperial trip
            You want war in Syria (or Iran)? Then join the military! Pay more taxes! But keep the rest of us out of your psychodrama

  • 2 phun e

    I hear you loud and clear sir! The next “thank you for your service” I hear from someone who’s not called the VA for me is going to be met with a flurry of curses at the least. A gut punch may be in order.

  • One worn out Vet

    I am 80% disabled (by VA’s “fuzz math”) but, rated at 100% due to unemployability resulting from multiple issues of secondary conditions. (It’s called “fuzzy math” because my separate ratings add up to more than 100% yet they round them down to 80%. Go figure.)

    My case took over 5 (no typo- that’s five) years to finalize. At the end, my claim had to be signed off by 3 people. One VA employee had my file and would not release it to be signed. They held it up like that for weeks before my DAV rep got the head of that VA facility to go get and hand carry my file for signatures.

    My compensation exams were a farce. The examiner physically pushed on my limbs when testing range of motion. But, prove it. We are not allowed to record or have witnesses during exams.

    My records were blatantly falsified- statements said they were no reports of things in my records and x-rays that were there. There were statements that there was no abnormal wear on footwear and clothing that were so worn. Denials of what medications I was prescribed by VA and was taking. Frequently an examiner would make statements to me about my condition but, when I got copies of their reports, what they said was NOT what they wrote… Lot’s of things like that. Remember, we are Not permitted to record or have witnesses during exams.

    Unfortunately, the people making the rating decisions were not medical people- they of course believed the reports they were given. I was able to disprove most of those falsifications. All I had to do was find and make copies of the things in my records they said weren’t there. But, then the damage was already done. It can take 6 months to a year to get another exam.

    Another thing they will do is shuffle files around. Each worker has to process any file in their in-basket in so many months. They naturally go for the simplest ones first. If they start running out of time, they will pass your file to another worker. Of course, that starts your waiting time all over again, and again, ad nauseum, ad infinitum…

    On the plus side, I will say the medical facility where I get my care, and the care givers there, are 1st rate. I have always received excellent care and consideration there and the place itself is clean and well tended. These people are under different control from those involved with the claim process.

    Only once did I have a problem. One evening I had to go to Emergency after a fall. The “Doctor” there after being presented with my problem (my knee) said I “should have come during the day when people who knew about such things were there.” I swear that’s the truth. I have chronic knee problems and pretty much told him what treatment he should be giving and recommending. He was really a nice person and seemed as if he wanted to help but, he had no business in an emergency position like that.

    As a final note, I am of the Viet Nam vets. The WWII & Korean War vets are now thinly spread and we are getting to be the ‘old men.” There’s a feeling among many of us that we are being shunted aside for the younger Vets. It seems they are getting fast tracked through while our files languish for years. I had to laugh when above the article exclaimed it took over half a year to process a claim. Few of our older generation got processed in less than a year, unless of course you’re counting rejections. Now, that first rejection (the first one is just about always a rejection.) usually does come through pretty quickly.

    I know this is long but, I had to give some idea of what it’s like.

  • Sam

    Every society has peculiar problems. Am surprise this kind of stuff is coming from America whom i hold at high esteem.

  • Uncle Sam

    I am a Vet Rep for a County of California. Hear my words:

    The bad news -> The average wait time for veteran service connected claims is closer to 18 months…..not 6. Especially if the Agency having original jurisdiction is Oakland RO.

    The good news-> VAMC hospitals are some of the best on Earth. I am tired of hearing this crap. Consider that ONLY in the VA are doctors allowed to be doctors, not businessmen. In any private facility, the hospital is concerned with whether or not your insurance can pay for something….the VA has NO financial considerations to make pursuant to the care of Veterans.

    All in all, the benefits of service connection cannot be beat. Even if it does take a long time to get them established, they are paid retroactively to the date you filed the claim. So quit whining about it.

    If you have any further questions, the National Conference starts tomorrow morning in Reno at the Silver Legacy and lasts all week. There will be four hundred of us there. We will be easy to find!

    • One worn out Vet

      Look up the rest of my comment about my experiences below. I had hell in the compensation and claims part but, I have high praise for my VAMC. But that is luck. But, I have been to some that are pretty grim.

  • DaJmon63

    Just a cursory list of ten points of advice, learned from five years of slogging through the claims process. If you have any interest in an overview of my own process, let me know and I’ll post it…but it is lengthy. After all, it took five years to navigate the claim and accompanying sea of red tape.

    My advice to fellow disabled vets:

    1. Get copies of all treatment records before you separate/retire from the service.

    2. Review those records, preferably with your civilian doctor, for any and all conditions that may have or develop a negative impact on you and your fitness as an employee during your life. Remember, you joined with a presumption of 100% fitness, supported by the entry exams. Anything that happened on active duty is tied to your service and is therefore justified to claim.

    3. Listen to your Transition Assistance Program (TAP) instructor when it comes to VA claims. Don’t just hear, listen.

    4. DO NOT wait to file your claim, regardless of your current health. File it as you’re outprocessing. I waited. I had been injured on active duty, but I wasn’t disabled at 30 years of age when I separated. I felt obligated NOT to claim for something that wasn’t yet hindering me. I was honest. After telling her this, I was told by my Veterans Service Representative (VSR) that I was stupid; and she was right. File your claim, and file it now!

    5. Expect to hear the word ‘no’; a lot. Commit to fighting all the ‘no’ answers where you know you’re justified in doing so.

    6. Use your Veteran’s Service Representative (VSR), usually located in your local social services building. They can help you navigate the claim process, free of charge. They are experienced in the entire process and have the resources to get quick responses and status updates.

    7. Retain a representative from the American Legion, DAV, VFW, etc., to help you if your case goes to a hearing. They do help and are free of charge. Without the American Legion rep, I would have lost a major portion of my claim, plain and simple.

    8. Be prepared to fight for all the ground you gain.

    9. Read other VA court cases summaries similar to yours. Learn the language of both the wins and losses in these cases and ensure you tailor your case appeals to the win
    language. Read CFR 38 and how it applies to you and your specific claim. It really, really, really helps.

    10. Educate your healthcare provider about #9 and the language he/she should use to support your diagnosis and case.

    Remember, as harsh as this may sound, and aside from the VSR and veteran’s organizations mentioned, no one in this process is here to give you anything, least of all help in developing your claim, regardless of whether or not you deserve it. You have to prove, at least to the point of equal doubt (i.e. it is as likely as not….), that you were injured or wounded during your service to the nation and are therefore entitled to compensatory benefits. The more you know about the process and how decisions are made, the better off you’re going to be when supporting your own position. It also assists you when you use professionals to support that position.

  • JD

    I’ve been waiting 2 years on my claim and they just asked for documentation to allow them to see medical records related to a car crash years ago that I never talked about. So 1) they have already requested and seen them and just want legal authorization to do so 2) looking for an excuse to say it wasn’t the military’s fault despite video and witness accounts from the day I was injured.

  • JB Smith

    I don’t recommend Virginia. Here they are implanting unsuspecting vets with a rfid or wireless inbody antenna. According to Virginia State Trooper Jared Vance they use lasers to come in through your electronics. (see networkworld.com and search hacking with a laser) They tase them into “excited delirium” using technologies like the audio spotlight by Holosonics, the diablo flashlight by guardian, and they tell them they are putting them in jail or a mental institution. Once in a stabilization ward (gitmo) they are repeated tortured, electronically raped and sodomized and flat lined repeatedly. (see forbes.com and search Brandon Raub) They put them on dangerous drugs that change the chemical balance of the brain (see $180 million dollar lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson). This is Obama’s new brain initiative and gun control in the same sweeping criminal rico. Our governor created “special Justices” that take away your right to a real hearing and a right to an attorney. It is the worst criminal rico in history. Don’t come to Virginia. Were being tased into suicide. They take away your hope. Dr. Stephen Cunningham told me it was all a state police setup. Dr. Lawrence Chang implanted me with the microchip and after it started protruding out, he refused to remove it. We need honest law enforcement. We need someone to investigate the healthcare/insurance fraud. Get the word out!

  • lone_star_oblisk

    Did you know that unemployable, disabled veterans are being jailed by state judges after refusing to surrender their federally protected disability compensation for court ordered support to able-bodied ex-spouses? get details at offe org

  • BDnSC

    Welcome to Obamacare!

  • A nam vet

    I am a Vietnam veteran, disabled since leaving there. I was an accredited veterans representative just after leaving military service. I learned a lot while I worked at that job. what I am seeing and have been seeing is that today’s veterans are like us. Thinking “Our war was different, former veterans can’t understand what it was like.” Wat is war, just differs in weapons and types of injuries. From what we Vietnam veterans experienced after service we can emphasize. Ten years we struggled with PTSD before it was recognized as a disability under VA law. During those ten years many of us committed suicide or sunk into alcohol or drug stupors. The survivors carried the stigma of druggies or alcoholics to this day.

    I recommend our new veterans contact a Vietnam veteran who has been through the VA system successfully and seek their assistance. (I for one have caused well over 100 fellow veterans to be service connected with almost all 100%). The current congress critters were in the same groups that caused us suffering when *we* came home. I don’t expect that those tigers have changed their stripes since then. They’re all in it for themselves. There are a lot of VA employees who would bend over backwards to help the veterans, so don’t paint them all with such a wide brush. Every VA medical facility has (or supposed to have) the “patient’s bill of rights” posted. Find it, read it, and apply it. MAKE the facility follows it. Remember and use the phrase “Let me talk to your supervisor”. Every VA employee has one. Keep working up the chain of command until you get the answer you want. Use one of the Veterans Service Organizations service officers. They know their stuff including the VA players and are on the side of the veteran. (I loved going toe to tow with them, pointing out mistakes and convincing them to ‘grant the benefit the veteran seeks’ going as high up as necessary)

    A Nam vet

    • I am a Viet Nam combat veteran as well. Have experience with the liberals slant in the VA system. Many abuse whatever power they may have to punish those they HATE! Thank you for being there for the veterans who expect the VA to honor their commitment but do not. Keep up the good work.

  • The Kenyan HATES American Military by definition. As a Muslim communist he is the ENEMY of American military who swear loyalty to the United States Constitution. The Kenyan HATES the United States Constitution. Even the vile liberal should be capable of comprehending this simple fact.

    Why any sane individual would believe a Muslim communist would be concerned for a loyal American citizen is beyond all comprehension.

  • Christopher Klemetson

    I’m a 70% service connected disabled vet with 30% unemployability. Prior to enrolling in Va healthcare I was on Medicaid. I have over $500,000 in hospital bills due not having transportation, emergency care, and quality of care issues at Va hospitals. It’s sad I received better healthcare while on Medicaid than what I am currently getting from the Va.The Millennium Healthcare Act does NOT set a gold standard of healthcare!
    The Va healthcare system needs a drastic overhaul! In my humble opinion Va hospitals should be shut down and give veterans a va healthcare card. This would give veterans access to more superior healthcare.

  • Roadie

    The author of the article forgot to mention that death benefits have been slashed to non-existence. Veterans no longer receive a free military honors funeral, but now only receive $700 towards a burial, and only a burial if they die in a VA hospital. If they die somewhere else, or they wish to be cremated, then nothing is paid. In the case of my own father, he was sent home with severe pneumonia only so that the government could get out of paying the $700. He came home on a Thursday night, after spending 8 days in ICU followed by 2 days in a regular room. He went by ambulance to the local hospital on Sunday morning and passed away that Wednesday.

  • Neily D

    They won’t reveal these details at the Recruitment Centre.

    Nearing $1Trillion for a Defence Budget! And they don’t have the necessary care for Veterans is scandalous to say the least.
    There seems to be no empathy or compassion at all from many sectors in the US.

  • Anthony Hedgcoth

    I know that awareness of a problem is the first step to making a change, but what’s next?

    I’m struggling to find ways to fix this. Our voting system is said to be rigged (I’m starting to believe it.); writing to Congress members is absolutely useless; protesting apparently can get you injured, watched by the government, or even killed.

    What can the concerned American do?

  • James Curran

    If you want to do something
    meaningful, you will follow this link, print it, and send it to your congressional
    representative with a reminder that elections are coming up soon and those who
    fail to follow the will of the people will be replaced. THE LINK: file:///C:/Users/YONA%20MARTY%20TYBAN/Desktop/JUST%20IN%20–%20Formal%20Articles%20of%20Impeachment%20Prepared%20–%20%20.htm

  • pirateanny

    my husband had a PTSD claim pending, but they kept denying him. he died not long after of lung cancer from exposure to Agent Orange. they figured if they jerked him around long enough, he would die before they had to approve his claim. I did see the run down conditions of the VA hospital he was in. dirty bathrooms, paint and wall paper falling off the walls etc.

  • Rooster

    I lost my hearing in the Air Force and spent 14 years arguing and fighting with the VA for hearing aids.

  • Wayne Knox

    My VA claim took me nine (9) years to get an approval from after two remands by the CMA back to the BVA! The DAV represented me but I still had to keep getting those involved to pull my files out of the dust! I was swore at and lied to by the VA who deliberately hid documents that would have sped up my review had these documents been there. The Veterans Administration IS NOT veteran friendly!

  • Marjorie Nye

    You folks should stop hating Obama long enough to crack open a history book and learn about Agent Orange and the Vietnam War. After lying and denying that the stuff caused many illnesses in exposed soldiers for over twenty years, they finally admitted it was toxic. Then the poor sick soldiers had another decade or two of red tape to try to prove their exposure, ultimately to be denied benefits. But that was all Obama’s fault, right?

  • Concerned With the System

    After fighting for the country I have found that the VA is forcing diagnoses and trying to force anti-psychotic medication on me with minimal questioning. These psychiatrists should be held to higher standards, and the very way they diagnose individuals with mental disorders should be scrutinized! My question is how many of these suicides resulted from the psychiatric drugs (that have clear side effects that could result in psychotic episodes) that are prescribed by these so-called doctors. All I can say is, stay strong brothers and sisters, and god bless you and the land we’ve fought for!

  • Matt

    These literally have nothing to do with the Obama administration. This article is messed up.

  • Thomas Hazelwood

    Filed my claim in 1992 and reopened it in 2008. It is still pending at the BVA with with a docket number 10. Filed 3 congressional inquiries and one presidential but all I get is the same old thing, “We are working on it.” Does it really take 5 years and counting to make a decision? Misdiagnosed with a seizure disorder by the VA and lost my driver’s license for 3 years along with my job, my house and my car and I am still waiting. The way America treats veterans is shameful. I am not asking for a favorable decision only a decision. It was much easier fighting America’s enemies than it is fighting the VA for years for combat related injuries. The medal I got for engaging hostile forces is worth the same as as Obama’s lies, nothing.