25 Shocking Facts That Prove That The Entire U.S. Health Care Industry Has Become One Giant Money Making Scam

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What is the appropriate word to use when you find out that the top executive at the third largest health insurance company in America raked in 68.7 million dollars in 2010?  How is one supposed to respond when one learns that more than two dozen pharmaceutical companies make over a billion dollars in profits each year?  Is it okay to get angry when you discover that over 90 percent of all hospital bills contain “gross overcharges”?  Once upon a time, going into the medical profession was seen as a “noble” thing to do.  But now the health care industry in the United States has become one giant money making scam and it is completely dominated by health insurance companies, pharmaceutical corporations, lawyers and corporate fatcats.  In America today, just one trip to the hospital can cost you tens of thousands of dollars even if you do not stay for a single night.  The sad thing is that the vast majority of the money that you pay out for medical care does not even go to your doctor.  In fact, large numbers of doctors across the United States are going broke.  Rather, it is the “system” that is soaking up almost all of the profits.  We have a health care industry in the United States that is fundamentally broken and it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.


But wasn’t that what Obamacare was supposed to do?  No, in fact Obamacare was largely written by representatives from the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry.  Once it was signed into law the stocks of most health insurance companies went way up.

The truth is that Obamacare was one of the worst pieces of legislation in modern American history.  It did nothing to fix our health care problems.  Rather, it just made all of our health care problems much worse.

In case you haven’t noticed, health insurance companies all over the United States have announced that they are going to raise premiums significantly due to the new law.  Of course they are just using it as an excuse.  They have been sticking it to us good for the last several decades and they just grab hold of whatever excuse they can find to justify the latest rate hike.

If you are looking for a legal way to drain massive amounts of money out of average Americans just become a health care company executive.  Health care has become perhaps the greatest money making scam in the United States.  When Americans are sick and have to go to the hospital most of them aren’t really thinking about how much it will cost.  At that point they are super vulnerable and ready to be exploited.

It is almost unbelievable how much money some of these companies make.  Health insurance companies are more profitable when they provide less health care.  Pharmaceutical companies aren’t in the business of saving lives.  Rather, they are in the business of inflating the profit margins on their drugs as much as possible.  Many hospitals have adopted a policy of charging “whatever they can get away with”, knowing that the vast majority of the public will never challenge the medical bills.

The system is broken.

Everyone knows it.

But it never gets fixed.

The following are 25 shocking facts that prove that the entire U.S. health care industry is one giant money making scam….

#1 The chairman of Aetna, the third largest health insurance company in the United States, brought in a staggering $68.7 million during 2010. Ron Williams exercised stock options that were worth approximately $50.3 million and he raked in an additional $18.4 million in wages and other forms of compensation.  The funny thing is that he left the company and didn’t even work the whole year.

#2 The top executives at the five largest for-profit health insurance companies in the United States combined to receive nearly $200 million in total compensation in 2009.

#3 One study found that approximately 41 percent of working age Americans either have medical bill problems or are currently paying off medical debt.

#4 Over the last decade, the number of Americans without health insurance has risen from about 38 million to about 52 million.

#5 According to one survey, approximately 1 out of every 4 Californians under the age of 65 has absolutely no health insurance.

#6 According to a report published in The American Journal of Medicine, medical bills are a major factor in more than 60 percent of the personal bankruptcies in the United States.  Of those bankruptcies that were caused by medical bills, approximately 75 percent of them involved individuals that actually did have health insurance.

#7 Profits at U.S. health insurance companies increased by 56 percent during 2009.

#8 According to a report by Health Care for America Now, America’s five biggest for-profit health insurance companies ended 2009 with a combined profit of $12.2 billion.

#9 Health insurance rate increases are getting out of control.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Blue Shield of California plans to raise rates an average of 30% to 35%, and some individual policy holders could see their health insurance premiums rise by a whopping 59 percent this year alone.

#10 According to an article on the Mother Jones website, health insurance premiums for small employers in the U.S. increased 180% between 1999 and 2009.

#11 Why are c-sections on the rise?  It is because a vaginal delivery costs approximately $5,992 on average, while a c-section costs approximately $8,558 on average.

#12 Since 2003, health insurance companies have shelled out more than $42 million in state-level campaign contributions.

#13 Between 2000 and 2006, wages in the United States increased by 3.8%, but health care premiums increased by 87%.

#14 There were more than two dozen pharmaceutical companies that made over a billion dollars in profits in 2008.

#15 Each year, tens of billions of dollars is spent on pharmaceutical marketing in the United States alone.

#16 Nearly half of all Americans now use prescription drugs on a regular basis according to a CDC report that was just released. According to the report, approximately one-third of all Americans use two or more pharmaceutical drugs, and more than ten percent of all Americans use five or more prescription drugs on a regular basis.

#17 According to the CDC, approximately three quarters of a million people a year are rushed to emergency rooms in the United States because of adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs.

#18 The Food and Drug Administration reported 1,742 prescription drug recalls in 2009, which was a gigantic increase from 426 drug recalls in 2008.

#19 Lawyers are certainly doing their part to contribute to soaring health care costs.  According to one recent study, the medical liability system in the United States added approximately $55.6 billion to the cost of health care in 2008.

#20 According to one doctor interviewed by Fox News, “a gunshot wound to the head, chest or abdomen” will cost $13,000 at his hospital the moment the victim comes in the door, and then there will be significant additional charges depending on how bad the wound is.

#21 In America today, if you have an illness that requires intensive care for an extended period of time, it is ridiculously really easy to rack up medical bills that total over 1 million dollars.

#22 It is estimated that hospitals overcharge Americans by about 10 billion dollars every single year.

#23 One trained medical billing advocate says that over 90 percent of the medical bills that she has audited contain “gross overcharges“.

#24 It is not uncommon for insurance companies to get hospitals to knock their bills down by up to 95 percent, but if you are uninsured or you don’t know how the system works then you are out of luck.

#25 According to one recent report, Americans spend approximately twice as much as residents of other developed countries on health care.

Sadly, the pillaging of the American people only seems to be accelerating.

Whether it is as a result of Obamacare or not, health insurers have decided that this is the season to raise health insurance premiums.  Just consider the following excerpt from a recent article on Fox News….

Here is the terse reason CareFirst/Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Washington gave its subscribers for raising a monthly premium from $333 to $512 on a middle aged man who is healthy, is not a smoker and is not obese: “Your new rate reflects the overall rise in health care costs and we regret having to pass these additional costs on to you.”

512 dollars a month for health insurance for a healthy non-smoker?

Are they serious?

Apparently they are.

Things have gotten so bad that an increasing number of Americans are going outside of the country for medical care.

According to numbers released by Deloitte Consulting, a whopping 875,000 Americans were “medical tourists” in 2010.

Is there anyone out there that is not paid by the health care industry that is still willing to defend it?

Is there anyone out there that still believes that the health care industry is not just one giant money making scam?

Feel free to leave your comments below.  In particular, if you have a horror story about a health insurance company, a pharmaceutical company or the health care industry as a whole please share it with us….

  • WM

    I know many people that go to South America for health care issues. Ironically, the doctors are more caring and the better care is so much cheaper. The dental work their is also better and cheaper. I am not saying that there are not good doctors here, but too many are slaves to the system and many are trained to give drugs and conduct surgery. Welness and prevention through lifestyle and diet chzange is near non existant in mainstream heealthcare. Its all about giving drugs and doing test after test after test…to keep the money rolling in. Sadly, the system wants people to be sick…sick people mean repeat business and LOTS of $$$$.

  • Duke

    I bet if you paid the same amount for a C section or vaginal delivery, there still will be a high amount of C sections. Because every parent will sue the Gyn if their baby is any way defective, even if it wasnt the doctors fault. Any hint of a complication, the gyn is forced to do a C section. Much of medical testing is done to avoid possible litigation. No tort reform in Obamacare, guess the great Obama is protecting his lawyer scum friends. Need to get rid of law suits and patients have to accept there will have to be rationing of care in order to have affordable care. Back to doctors holding the patients hands and comforting words. But everyone wants high tech best care at any expense, but no one wants to pay for it. Cant get something for nothing since the country is broke.

  • VegasBob

    The people of Florida elected Republican Rick Scott as Governor in the 2010 election. Scott’s former company, Columbia/HCA paid a $1.7 billion fine to settle Medicare/Medicaid fraud charges.

    So I don’t know if President Obama or Governor Scott is now the Grifter-in-Chief. Scott raked in millions as Columbia/HCA’s CEO. I guess we’ll have to wait to see where Obama gets his millions in swag after he is voted out in 2012.

    One thing I am sure of is that the best way to control health care costs is to eliminate government, insurance companies and lawyers from the health care sector. My guess is that you would see health care costs quickly drop by 80 to 90 percent.

  • From 12 Unsustainable Systems headed for Disaster:

    Big Pharma’s days are numbered — based on economics if nothing else. The monopolistic pricing, the deadly side effects and the corrupt, criminal operations of the industry make it all utterly non-sustainable.

    Big Pharma and the whole chemical approach to medicine is bankrupting companies, cities, states and nations. No nation can economically survive in the long run if it keeps spending its money on Big Pharma sick care schemes.

    Ultimately, those nations that hope to survive will need to ditch Big Pharma and return to natural medicine and preventive nutrition.



    You have choices. Example: If you have certain types of cancer, you can hope it is not metastasizing, you can rely on x-rays and CT scans but they are not optimal, or you can have a PET scan to be certain. When I retired, an x-ray cost less than $100 plus a physician reading fee. A PET scan cost approximately $10,000 plus a physician reading fee. These fees are not fixed out of thin air. The PET scanner cost millions of dollars; frequency is much less; therefore the cost is not spread among a large number of patients. Physicians must have specialized training in reading these scans; the training is not cheap and the time taken to train is time lost with office patients. There are many more costs that do not appear on your bill; they are simply absorbed by the hospital. Simple things like maintaining buildings, updating equipment, janitorial services, etc. are not on your bill but must be paid; these are more expensive every year. Then there is the government Medicare and Medicaid requirements that are constantly changing, mandating personnel who specialize in this area. This is a short, off-the-cuff part of a much longer list. Oh yes……nurses, lab techs, x-ray techs, et. are highly trained and therefore command pay that will make it worthwhile obtaining that training. We did heart catheterizations; these are now taken for granted, but the original equipment and the space for performing them was tremendous. Everything must be continually updated in order to give the best possible care…for two reasons. 1) It is our responsibility and aim to give the best care. 2) Even the slightest error can result in a lawsuit. 3)Lawsuits must be paid for and our only income is from patients; therefore, you are paying for lawsuits, frivolous or nonfrivolous. There is more; this is a sample.

  • mondobeyondo

    The “health” industry – and especially Big Pharma – are not in the business of making you healthy, or curing whatever illness you may have. They are in the business of selling their products to you, and having you addicted to their products, so their profit margins over time increase, and increase. That is why approximately 1/4 of the commercials on evening network newscasts are for pharmaceutical drugs. And have you noticed? It’s always commercials with a happy couple strolling along the beach, or swinging on a swing set in the back yard (don’t forget the tulips and daffodils in the background!), or an elderly couple who behaves like they’re 20 years old again, because they took some feel good/get happy pill. The last commercial I saw? “Sleep well, on the wings of Lunestra”, or something like that. Cute little butterfly fluttering on the shoulders of a sleeping young woman. Wow, cool! Maybe if I take Lunestra, I will see butterflies in my sleep too!!

    Levitra, Viagra, Cialis, Neosporin, antihistimanes, and God knows what else they’re pushing. Yes, pushing. These companies are literally legalized drug dealers. The cocaine dealer sells his product illegally on a dark street corner. Big Pharma sells their products legally over the counter at Walgreen’s.

    The whole thing would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

  • Gods Creation

    Duke, great but inexpensive health care would be easy to get if the government would keep its hands off and money out.

    Medical schools turn out drug pushers and call that health care. Those pills kill over 100,000 people a year, every year. Drug companies spend 60 BILLION dollars a year marketing their deadly wares.

    That translates to $600,000 spent to create one death, and most of the deaths would have been prevented had the victims not been enticed to take the drugs through advertisements.

    There is no excuse for the system that is in place outside of greed and a hunger for power. It has nothing to do with saving lives any more.

    To compound the matter, many people can’t get pain medication they need because the pill pushers are scared of the DEA.

    All we need are common law doctors that contract on an individual basis with PEOPLE (not insurance companies) who may need them.

    Anyone with a medical license issued by the government is nothing more than a government employee. And we all know what kind of results the government provides.

  • I am against testing drugs on animals. I say test them on the FDA and their kids.

  • Don’t ever expect a cure for anything no matter how much they advertise it. One great scam is the cure for cancer. There is too much money to be made in chemo drugs(that dont work). So why would they find a cure for anything.

  • Cathy

    If you read down the list on this article you will realize the American Dream has been going down the tubes for over a decade. It did not just start with Obamacare no matter how much the Republicans would like us all to think that. Check out how the Medicare bill was forced through by the lobbiests and drug companies. How the senators and congressmen/woman were bullied and all but held there until they passed what the drug and insurance companies wanted them to pass. When we stop trying to make it about one political party or the other then we will be able to see the forest and the trees and know who the real culprits of our downfall actually are.

  • Don’t blame it on Obama or “Obamacare”. The bill as originally written was one of the most progressive pieces of legislature to be proposed since the 1930’s. The conservatives, however, refused to enact any part of the health care reforms that would financially hurt their big money buddies in the “health care industry”. They eviscerated it to the extent that it is not so much “Obamacare” as Conservative-Non-Care.

    I’ve been saying for many years that the profit motive needs to be taken out of health care completely. Get rid of the insurance corporations, with stock profits to be made on the sick, and a huge part of the problem is solved. Make the insurance companies compete with “Obamacare” and they’ll learn pretty darn fast how to be competitive.

    It’s all about greed and power, and it sickens me. I haven’t had health “insurance” for about 20 years. The plus side is that staying away from the corporate medical establishment (as opposed to the good doctors out there who won’t prescribe a pill for every ill) is probably keeping me a lot healthier than those who routinely take lots of meds/tests.

    And yes, I do think that malpractice litigation is overused, but I don’t think that’s the main financial drain, so it’s a slightly less concerning issue.

  • Guido

    The problem with medical care is the fedgov. My father was a doctor and I’ve known other doctors and the fedgov is what ruined the best medical care system in the world.

    The real problems started with FDR’s retarded attempt to turn the nation into a Socialist utopia. His regulations, dating from the WWII-era, hampered change. He instituted policies that would prevent insurance companies from selling across state lines, among others.

    Other fedgov regulations prevented construction of new hospitals and acquisition of new medical technology. My dad fought hard to get the first MRI introduced to his town in the 1970s. The city, county, and state couldn’t permit or purchase it, so he had to form a private enterprise to bring the first MRI in. Fedgov regs insure medical operations are hard to expand and improve.

    Other problems come with the DEA, which closely monitors doctors’ prescriptions under the belief the doctors are a threat in the war on drugs. Doctors who write too many pain prescriptions are investigated and charged, insuring doctors are stingy with pain meds.

    Other issues come with the government’s foray into socialist medicine under LBJ, Medicare. I don’t know if you know this, but at 65 you are forced into medicare, whether you want to use it or not. If you were actually to refuse to use it, you would forfeit your social security benefits. Once you do go in, though, you’re at the mercy of a fedgov-run program that even the fedgov’s CBO considers at high-risk of failure and corruption.

    According to the CATO institute, medical costs in the USA started to climb when the fedgov started really meddling with the system under LBJ with the introduction of his medicare the social security act of 1965.

    Oh, interestingly, it takes about 11 years to make a doctor and years more after that to train him to be capable of doing real surgical procedures.

    What American wants to do that when they could rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fedgov student loans and thousands of hours in wasted time versus trying to be a reality TV star or going to the music video major at their local community college?

    Been to a big hospital lately? Like a large university hospital? These days, a significant portion of the students and doctors in this country are foreigners. Americans don’t want to go through the onerous, tedious program to become doctors, but foreigners don’t mind a bit.

    My dad doesn’t blame them, either. When he retired, he told me the system was so screwed up, he was glad he was getting out when he did. He also said he would never want to be starting out as a doctor now.

    One time, my dad was sued by a lunatic for millions of dollars over a claim he was part of a conspiracy to cause her pain. The case eventually made it to his state supreme court before being struck down.

    In another case, he was sued for the death of a child who had been born with an advanced degerative brain condition. The kid was on life support and was, essentially, a vegetable, but the parents refused to let him go. Everyone knew the kid was a case to lose, since there would be no improvement. The kid eventually died, and they sued.

    Some of you, especially Gary or Xander, probably think doctors should be sued. Hospitals should be sued. But let me state up front-doctors are not automatically successful and they’re not all endlessly rich. My dad operated more on the Atticus Finch model-his patients couldn’t always pay him, but we often had preserves, deer meat, and other things around the house. For quite a few years, a starting doctor doesn’t make much at all, plus he has to pay off student debt in addition to all the regular costs of living. It’s not all beer and skittles.

    All those lawsuits, and most of them are frivolous, have a cost. For one, doctors have to pay confiscatory premiums for insurance. One doctor friend of ours who has stayed in business long past when he should have retired, was hit for 50 million in a suit, far above the 1 million he thought was sufficient coverage.

    What do you do when someone hits you with a lawsuit for more money than you can earn in your entire life? What do you do if you actually lose?! In a nation where anyone can sue for any reason, that could mean the end of a competent professional. Who replaces him? Remember, it takes over a decade to make just 1 doctor. That’s not counting what it takes to make him competent.

    Frivolous law suits and insane jury damage awards could easily help run the doctors right out of the system. It’s like killing the goose that laid the golden egg. I’m all for going after actual malpractice. Twits, like 1 lunatic doctor I met once, deserve to be run out of the business, but most doctors are incredibly hard-working and sacrifice more than you can possibly imagine.

    My dad spent most of his life either in the hospital or in the office. The rest of the time he was on call 24-7 for the next emergency case. Family had to wait; birthdays, anniversaries, weekends didn’t matter. He was ready at all hours to go back to work and in some cases spent 24-48 hours on his feet doing his job. Most soldiers never work as hard as he did on a daily basis. Very few people in this nation work like that and I think when you do work like that, you have definitely earned every penny you make.

    So when people look at doctors like some kind of evil, greedy people or as a bottomless money machine for taxes and lawsuits, you might see how I get a little upset. You can kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

    The fedgov is the problem. They’ve made the mess we deal with in medical care, just like in every other realm of our lives. If there’s a solution to it, it is taking medicine out of the fedgov’s hands and putting regulation back at the state and community level. Cutting regulations and letting people do their job would be the best thing we could do, both in medicine and the rest of our world. While I support safety, I think it’s the state’s job to review and regulate the physicians in their state.

    On the plus side, there are always alternatives. For now, we can go outside our borders. When Klinton was pushing socialized medicine, there were rumors of an underground hospital ship that was to be set up off the coast, past the international limit.

    Perhaps Obama’s meddling will drive a similar plan into action. The black market and the grey market always manage to find a way to fill needs created by the government. I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t underground clinics and services on Craigslist or somesuch place soon.

    • Admin


      Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I learned a lot from reading your comment.


    • Doc Cyn

      Guido, You are a lunatic and insulting. To say that no soldier ever worked harder than your father is a crock. I’d like to have seen him in a firefight in Mosul, thank you very much. I don’t make a lot of money either. I’m an Army doctor at a fedgov hospital filled with the lazy wounded fedgov soldiers that fought for this country. The fedgov has given us state-of-the art medical, surgical and prosthetic equipment that, by the way, the current Republican congress wants to cut off. They’ve got programs for PTSD, traumatic head wounds and prosthetics on the budgetary chopping blocks for veterans. Nice guys. They really loved those fedgovs when they were sending them off to war to get killed, but I guess it infuriated them that they managed to make it back and now need money to care for them that could go to some poor billionaire in tax cuts instead. But, oh, well. That’s the way it goes. Support our fedgovs until they come home with traumatic injuries. If your dad worked on his feet for 48 hours straight, I’ll bet it wasn’t amputating limbs non-stop and trying to keep kids alive that had been blown up. As for Medicare being bad, maybe you liked the alternative. You see, my father and grandfather were doctors, too. Pre-Medicare, they told me of how elderly people went bankrupt mortgaging their homes and going into crushing debt paying medical bills that got higher the older they became and the more age-related illnesses they got. They lost homes, possessions, everything to fund medical care for themselves or a spouse. Don’t blame Medicare. Insurance companies started the fire when they saw how much money they could make from paying as little as they could for care. It’s a formula for success that they’re still playing by to this day. As for how rotten Medicare is, well, try going around the country asking elderly people to sign petitions to get off Medicare. Go ahead, do it. See how many takers you get. Even Ayn Rand got on it, the hypocrite.

      Insurance companies exist for one reason and one reason only: to make a profit. They won’t cover anyone who is sick, old or at risk of having an illness or condition. Medicare is the only hope for the elderly. No insurance would ever cover elderly people who are prone to illness as they progress in age; not without huge hikes in premiums that most elderly could never afford.

      Excuse me now. I’ve got to go to work and attend to those lazy fedgov soldiers in the paralytic and neuro trauma units. Maybe see if I can get them to get off their lazies and give me 20.

  • Kathleen

    As someone lucky enough to come down with MS and no insurance I have learned a lot of disgusting info. First that comes to mind is Teva pharma with their $1000+ mo. medicine thats been on the market for years and lobbied congress to keep their patent past the normal period. I hope I can still walk in 2014 when it finally expires-hopefully. After a lot of research I figured out I have to live in complete poverty forever to get a little sub-par treatment. Big pharma is a racket that’s killing people. I want an actual free market so that I can pay a doctor a reasonable fee for an actual beneficial service.

  • Greg

    There are two problems with this:

    1. Government intervention with medicare/medicad increase the prices of medical services due to government influx of money. Because the customer is using insurance to visit a doctor they don’t know how much it costs since their insurance covers it. The insurance covers the costs that arose because of government influx of money because the money they charge is not based on the consumer but by government spending. In addition the federal reserve creating money out of thin air creating inflation drives up the prices and the money we have in our savings is devalued and worth less.

    2. Health care is rotated around treating diseases than preventing them. We are, as a country, mineral and vitamin deficient. If the American people got the required amount of Vitamin C, D, E, B 12, and the others then we can reserve diseases and improve the health of our bodies. In addition we are getting more obese due to the high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, GMOs, and processed foods. By changing the what we eat, getting the various minerals and vitamins, and exercising then we can get off the pharmaceutical drugs and become healthy to where we are no longer dependent on what the FDA and the health care industry demands.

  • Fred

    That is a nice review of the symptoms but not the root cause of the problems.

    First, I would eliminate employer sponsored health care. Employers have NO incentive to hold costs down. They simply pass on the costs to the employees and this significantly reduces competition which increases prices. How does health insurance compare to life, home, and auto insurance that are purchased in an open market? If everyone was free to purchase their own policy, these companies might behave differently!

    Secondly, the whole health care purchasing is upside down. Providers should be required to inform you of the cost PRIOR to the delivery of services. If I get my car repaired, anything over $50 requires my approval. Not so for health care costs. Consumers need to be able to shop for prices. The “first dollar” decisions need to be made by the consumers.

    Third, eliminate all restrictions on Health Savings Accounts (HSA) (which ObamaCare ADDS restrictions). HSAs and higher deductible plans put more power in the hands of consumers.

    Lastly, Cheerios and Skim milk should always be cheaper than Lipitor! Consumers do have options, they just don’t always select the least expensive one!

  • Lori

    First of all, insurance companies are NOT part of the healthcare industry…they are part of the Business World/Insurance Industry. They are NOT one and the same. We healthcare clinicians do not make millions and billions of dollars! Your article is a scam.

  • Bah

    I’m pissd..:: It was a waste of time to read this….. You didn’t even attempt to do a hounest job….. Blah blah profit … Blah blah… Profit next time spend some energy on the means by which those profits are possible…. Your govt made all it possible and they’ll be happy to keep you sick n needy as long as you keep voten for them…. Wake up world … FreeDom Is The Answer !!

  • Richard Luna

    I think that all of you that insist on the term “Obamacare” need to take a little look inside yourselves and I’m pretty sure that you’re going to find that you are bigots.

    Why didn’t you refer to “Bushwars” or “Bushstupidity” when referring to Mr. Obama’s predecessor; certainly he bears a great deal of the responsibility for the mountain of red ink we’re facing, starting illegal wars and failing to fully investigate what really happened on 9/11.

    Just what is the health care reform that you’re proposing – spell it out for me? As long as the system is private it will suffer from the Metastatic Capitalism that rules America and has gutted the middle class in the name of greater profits. Any health care system that involves profit as a reason for existing cannot be reformed; the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, the hospital corporations and the lawyers are all going to take as much as they can when the motive is profit. “The Market” does not regulate itself, it exists to privatise profits and make losses and debts public – it is a wealth concentration system.

    Why should health care be any less of a part of being an American than police, fire and public education (being privatized)? How does it benefit our country to routinely wipe people out financially because of a medical misfortune.

    • schaadrak


      Your argument of “Metastatic (WTF does metastasis have to do with anything, that just means it spreads from one part to another, and although it implies cancer to some people who might know that another form of the is used for, the word in and of itself is neither good nor bad,and most people will correctly assume you a pompous know-it-all blow-hard and roll their eyes at your argument) Capitalism that has gutted the middle-class in the name of profits” has a major flaw in it: the assumption the this problem was created by traditional private based competition driven free-market capitalist system. No one person has the right to choose who his insurance provider is without serious involvement and extreme supervision of the government. That my delusional friend is NOT free-market capitalism, it is bureaucratic fascism. And since no one gets to decide exactly how to spend THEIR OWN MONEY to take care of THEIR OWN BODIES, the insurance companies are allowed to charge whatever the hell they want without fear of losing customers. Why? Because the governments have slowly restricted us on how we are allowed to SPEND OUR OWN *********************************************************!

      Obama “tried to fix” the problem created by all of his predecessors by creating more paperwork and more convolutions to an already over-complicated system. That my friend is stupid. Period. Adding more regulations and structure to any system requires more energy to maintain and supervise on the governments side and more energy to comply with on the insurance company’s and provider’s side. This extra energy requirement is passed on to us as taxpayers AND as customers. That’s twice that WE will have to pay for Obama’s lame attempt to try and fix something. Good job, Ace, you just fixed my ’84 Oldsmobile that the transmission went out on by chaining it to a ’92 Saturn steered by a system of ropes and pulleys.

      In a true competition driven free market system, we would have the right to choose whoever the hell we want to help pay for healthcare. Since we would be able to choose from a wide range of all of the providers, most people will choose the ones with the lowest price. The other companies will either lower their prices to compete or go out of business. That’s how almost every other industry in America works. The only industries that have or have had real problems are the ones with high government intervention that impedes competition.

  • T Paine

    I see the trolls are out in force again.

  • mondobeyondo

    The “healthcare” and “insurance” companies are pretty much sleeping in the same bed with each other. One scratches the other’s back, and vice versa. It’s all about profit, anyway.

    If some pill or drug makes you feel better, and the healthcare or insurance company makes a profit, so be it. If that pill or drug they prescribe turns out to kill you instead, and the healthcare or insurance company makes a profit, so be it.

  • mondobeyondo

    My best advice: Eat apples.

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    And it also keeps Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and their partners in crime at a pretty far distance, too.

    Dump the McFood, and eat healthier fruits and salads.

  • john w

    Good article – and good reply from Guido. But I don’t think most of us feel that doctors are greedy – we agree with the article, which states pretty clearly the problems are caused by the greed of insurance companies, phamaceutical companies, and some of the executive staff of HMOs.

    And is socialized health care bad, or is it just that Americans don’t know how to do it?
    As point #25 states, Americans pay about twice what citizens of other developed countries pay -and virtually all those countries have socialized health care.

    The idea behind Obamacare is fine. The problem is that so many politicians on both sides of the aisle are whores, cowards, or both.

  • Jeffrey

    The number one killer of Americans is prescription drugs.

  • Omar

    Guido, well said, you are right on the money.

    I work for an OEM of medical devices and the cost of bringing a new product to market is astronomical. Outside of the actual cost of R&D and testing you have miles of FDA paperwork to go through as well as patent cost. Then the company only has seven years to make back all of it’s expenses and show a profit before competitors are allowed to start production of similar products. Doctors spend great amounts of money and dedicate much of their lives just to enter their profession, they deserve to receive the financial rewards for their success.
    Insofar as people not having medical insurance it seems that they need to acquire better job skills in order to get better jobs with benefits or more pay so they buy their own. The medical system in this country does not discriminate. When a person enters an ER they receive the same treatment regardless of their ability to pay or their social status. The only reason the federal government want into the health care business is because it does make money and they want more of it.

  • ruth

    here’s a personal example of ‘overcharging the system’: Had a rheumatology work-up.. the lab charges were $1,703.00!!! from this an adjustment of 1,497.00!! Medicare paid $185.96 (probably exactly what all was worth) and my co-pay was 10.00 — Sooo, if I had no Medicare OR other Insurance I would have been billed the ENTIRE AMOUNT OF $1,703.00! Having worked in the medical field for over 25 yrs, knowing a bit about all of this, I firmly believe WE ARE ALL BEING RIPPED OFF, while the fat-cats sit there and get fatter and richer and laugh at the stupidity of the regular Jane Doe!

  • ruth

    one thing I did forget to mention: One of the biggest problems with our health-care system is that most insurance companies are not covering “PREVENTATIVE” Medicine, Eastern Medicine and alternative therapies, which may really work in getting people better…. ohhh… I understand now…. that would cut into their profits having a healthy outcome for patients in care! Hmmm???

  • Chuck

    The solution is simple. Offer homeopathic treatment. In Germany a study found homeopathy reduced hospital costs by 70%.

  • Most doctors are well-meaning. But they have been commandeered by Big Pharma and the other profiteers (like the government kick back congressmen and insurance agencies) who make billions and trillions off of the misery of people.

    I think the person above was correct that the profit motive needs to be taken out of the health care equation. Patients’ needs are secondary to profits, and that leads to very bad results for real people seeking good health.

    It is why the chemical industry, the health care industry and other big corporations seek to perpetuate sickness. Remember that a patient cured is a lost customer to a health care company. This is why deadly pharmaceutical drugs are pushed upon patients, and it is also why any doctors who step outside of ‘approved treatments’ are professionally ostracized, even if they are curing patients cheaply. Actually, that is ESPECIALLY if they are curing patients cheaply.

    But it’s the same story over and over. In my research, there have been numerous people (from MD-PhDs to lay people) who have been destroyed by these massive financial interests when they threaten them by finding cures for big moneymaking diseases like cancer. The facts don’t matter because they control the regulatory apparatus, the licensing of physicians, the testing of drugs, the reporting of news, the composition of the medical school curriculum, and the passing of laws. Big billion-trillion dollar interests buy off all of the people that matter to protect their profits. It’s the same reason that the big auto manufacturers don’t make cars that get 2-500 miles per gallon. The petroleum industry wants you to pay through the nose so they can make massive profits.

    You can call it capitalism, socialism, communism, etc., but it all boils down to the big money people protecting their big money, and keeping you a happy, willing, PAYING victim. And they use any means that they can to have us (whether you’re a liberal, Tea Party, conservative, etc) fighting each other instead of figuring out that if you’re not rich, you’re getting screwed…

  • Canuck

    Remove the ‘for profit’ incentive from health care you’ll be fine. In Canada the doctors are self employed contractors to the gov, the health insurers also. It isn’t ‘gov’ that is the problem, as amply demonstrated by every other OECD nation with a universal care system, it’s the US corporatocracy that’s the problem. It’s called fascism and you Americans has it.

  • Guido

    Luna-you might try reading your US Constitution. Under the fundamental foundational rules that govern how our nation is supposed to operate, none of this meddling is legal. The fedgov has no business interfering in medicine. They have shoehorned all this in under the interstate commerce clause, but there is no historical basis or previous legal precedent to support it. The fedgov has no business telling us how to live our lives. Fedgov has no business interfering in medicine and there is absolutely NO legal basis for requiring Americans to purchase a commodity they do not want. While the states can require us to use a driver’s license and purchase insurance to drive a car on their roads, driving a car is a privilege, not a right.

    For those of you who have never served in the military, military medical care is a good example of what government-run medical care would be like. In case you didn’t know, military medical care is a disaster.

    Military doctors are not required to meet the same standards as civilian doctors and the care you get can be sub-standard at best, lethal at worst. Military members attempting to get care are often left waiting, given second-rate treatment, and are treated as malingerers in many cases.

    Just look at the recent outrages, like the way Walter Reid treated wounded veterans a few years ago or the USAF pilot who went in for a gall bladder procedure and lost his legs for examples. I knew one guy who was on anti-psychotic meds for severe back pain 2 years after his initial injury because he couldn’t get the military to give him an MRI and treat his injury incurred while on active duty.

    I knew another guy who was accused of malingering when he sought help with complaints of an injury to his right shoulder. Thanks to their lack of interest, he now has a 10-20% loss of movement in his right arm.

    The government has no business in your medical care. Again, interference screws it up. If government were not involved, it could work. While I support safety and standards, which the states already control and enforce, the government has no business interfering.

    I didn’t even touch on the insurance part, but others before me are right-insurance warps it, too. For one, you end up paying for the folks who abuse the system. There’s no way an Aspirin costs $50 a pill, but it can when you have to pay for the folks who played the system. The hospital is the same way-they charge you high prices to cover all the parasites and indigent they have to care for.

    Want to cut those costts? Get rid of the illegals. They drive up the costs so high emergency rooms all over the southwest have been shut down, run out of business by rootless, faceless illegals.

    Another problem is the ambulance service. My brother is a paramedic. According to him, a huge portion of the paramedics’ time is absorbed in dealing with parasites and losers who use the ambulance and 911 as a free taxi service. Drunks call 911 to go to the hospital because they can get a free ride to the vicinity of a liquor store. Some people actually call 911 to have someone to talk to! They call for an ambulance so they talk to the paramedics or ask for ridiculous things like a drink from the fridge.

    I’m not making this up! Emergency rooms can be millions of dollars in the red and these people are absorbing resources that could be saving lives. They also know the proper things to say on the phone to get priority service, like claiming the patient is in heart failure or suffocating and turning blue. This insures they get immediate service over your loved one’s heart attack or car accident.

    The problem isn’t capitalism; it’s government interference. There’s no reason medicine can’t be for profit, but it wouldn’t be so warped if the transaction was directly between the patient and the provider without government interference. I include government meddling in insurance here.

    Insurance and big pharma both suckle from the government teat. Thankfully, we have had some whistleblowers from these industries who were willing to tell us what really goes on.

    1 man was a big drug company salesman,–I just found it, John Virapen– then chairman, for Eli Lilly in Sweden. He admitted bribing the government of Sweden for approval of one drug. He also took doctors on wild trips to expensive steakhouses and whorehouses to convince them to prescribe his company’s drugs. The companies wine and dine physicians, provide them with free samples, and then expect the doctors to prescribe their drugs in return for the loving attention.

    According to him, the US drug rules are so loose, they can play games to get around the requirements for testing and experiments. The FDA, which is very skewed to helping big pharma, is no threat to their operations. He even claimed ADD was a made-up condition for which they could market new, unnecessary drugs.

    Another was Wendel Potter, an insurance whistleblower. He explained how they keep costs down by forcing unwanted people off their roles.

    It happened to my company just this year. If a business health plan has too many claims to be profitable, the insurance provider merely raises their premiums %20 to run them off. We had a %20 increase and switched to another big corporation who, after we all signed our insurance forms, arbitrarily raised our premiums by an additional %5. My company was kind enough to pay the difference up front for us, free of charge. I was quite impressed by that one.

    Potter stated Wall St. drives the insurance companies. I can’t really disagree with him. I’ve always thought there was a real fundamental symbolic problem with health insurance-you’re placing a bet against yourself. You’re betting you’ll be hurt or you’ll screw up and hurt yourself or that something terrible will befall you. It always bugged me, but at the same time, statistics would seem to indicate you can’t go through life without SOMETHING happening to you. In any case, I wonder what would happen if I started investing my money in some kind of safe investment with a reasonably good rate of return from the start of my income-earning life and just kept investing in it throughout my life until later when I get sick and need it? That wouldn’t work for everyone, but it seems like an interesting alternative to paying a miserly insurance company that might refuse to pay for my treatments, anyway, after the fact.

    I do not think health care is a right. There is no reason why people who spend a decade or more in school to learn a valuable, rarified skill should be expected to do their work for no profit. There is no reason to expect another person to master the accumulated skills of thousands of years of medicine, only to give away their skills free of charge or at a loss to themselves.

    And there’s no reason to expect the government could run the system better than private individuals and businesses, who have a driving reason to offer the best care possible at the most reasonable price, lest competitors take their business. Only the government can screw that system up. And they have.

    I don’t know how to reform it other than to get the government out of it and start ending their intervention. I figure ending corporate welfare would be a good start. And ending tax breaks for business.

    To go on a tangent, I think everyone should have to pay an equal percentage of their income in taxes, regardless of income amount.

    The Fair Tax seems like an even better solution-it charges a universal %24 percentage on all purchases. If we’re going to labor under the fiction that businesses are legal persons, they should pay the same as everyone else. A universal flat rate for all would be the fair, especially if we’re going to claim everyone is equal before the law. (Somehow, if we’re going to charge rich people more in taxes, it seems like the corollary would be they deserve more service in return for those taxes, which might explain all the hookups they seem to get these days…) The great part about the Fair Tax is it rewards savings, while it only taxes spending. That’s pretty good. Plus, it simplifies the tax code to something even an IRS agent could understand.

  • Guido

    By the way, has anyone heard about the new system that is developing where cash is king? There are doctors opening offices with 2 entrances, preferably on a corner where customers don’t necessarily see the optional entrance. Patients paying cash go through the nice entrance and get hands-on treatment, while insurance patients get second-rate treatment on the other side. You’re in the same clinic, but you might get Economy vs First Class treatment. With the games insurance plays, like shorting doctors on bills, I don’t think you can blame them for treating cash up front patients with special attention.

  • Mathew

    Those poor poor Americans.

    According to the America Journal of Public Health, 40,000 Americans die a YEAR due to lack of coverage. Most of these people deal with the issue of whether to pay rent, or pay the medical bills–and guess which one they go for? See, your system is BUILT on the idea of profiting off of peoples MISERY. And you like it that way. It’s all about FREEDUMB, right? a concept only YOU Americans know about. Every other nation that doesn’t practice your cannibalistic system is nothing but a stinking commie socialist who hates freedom, right? every man for himself and all–that’s the American way.

    Pathetic. And you wonder why your nation is falling apart.

  • xander cross

    @Gudio. The solution is very simple. Get rid of the need for greed. That is the problem with medial industry today, not medicare. Okay, if you get rid of medicare and entilements, what incentive would compaines have to keep thier prices cheap? The answer is simply none. I put it in another way, so there is no government and a truly free market, what’s to stop a company like wal-mart to domiante every aspect of the market and make everyone a slave? answer, none. Oh sure, you talk a good game, but in reality, it’s not real. This is the problem with the tea party and ron paul supports, eventually, greed conques all at the expense of everyone else, in other words, the law of the jungle takes over.

  • James Martin

    Don’t be easy on the doctors- born with a silver spoon, never worked a day in their life before med school. Is it any wonder the work doesn’t get done. Dismantel state medical boards- allow foreign trained medical doctors to practice in the US and overnight medical care would change.
    I know- because I am one of them.

  • WillieG1951

    While I enjoyed this article, it’s old news to me, having been a caregiver for an elderly mother, maiden aunt, and then my late wife, I assure you I know first hand how this works. .

    I could cite example after example of mis-billing, incompetence, and just overall shoddy business practices. . Everything from double priced cat-scans, to $12 swaps to moisten one’s lips. . .

    A seven day stay in a critical care unit of a large hospital resulted in a bill of over $300,000 and printed, itemized bills that when put together rivaled a large city phone book. .

    All this and the person in question did not survive after the seven days. I have no qualms with the nurses or attending physicians, well not too many with the physicians. .but this does need to be addressed, but not in the way Congress did. .

  • terry sommers

    I’ve been living in Taiwan for 10 years, and i am enjoying a sensible, comprehensive public health care system the entire time i’ve lived and worked here. Despite being a legal foreigner, I pay the same rates as locals. My most expensive trip to the hospital was a visit to the late night emergency room, after an ambulance ride, with stitches, medication, and it cost about $75 US. Each month, I pay about 20 bucks for my national health service.
    I have found all the doctors here to be well trained, and the support staff as well. I am struck by the sensibility and affordability of health care, and the Taiwanese are deeply shocked when i clue them in on the state of american sick care. Oh yeah, and dental is covered as well. 6 months ago, i had a root canal and cleaning, which over 3 visits cost me a total of 25 bucks. These guys even speak english! I really feel sorry for all those millions of toiling Americans being robbed blind by the US sick care scam, and the public rhetoric on TV induces vomiting.

  • For all you non-union guys who complain about unions listen to this.
    I’ve been a union carpenter for 45 years, retired now. My health premiums recently dropped $100 per month a few months ago, and I got a rebate at the end of the year as well. How can that happen you might ask when conservatives continually tell us that unions are bad and corporations good?

    Fifteen years ago I was a trustee on the board of directors of a carpenter’s union health and welfare plan. This union plan is a joint managed non-profit organization. Of course this plan has to hire the same kinds of people like: actuaries, lawyers, accountants, fund managers, supervisors and staff—these people are well paid of course but none of these people make million dollar salaries and bonuses.

    A jointly managed plan has an equal number of employer and employee trustees. As a non-profit organization none of the trustees got any kind of compensation for their trustee management duties and responsibilities. I didn’t get a single dime compensation for it. It was all done voluntarily. Imagine that. Our wall street masters tell us that nothing good can happen unless someone makes large profits and large salaries.

    Unions aren’t for everyone. But, it’s a good alternative for those of us who appreciate it. My union did everything it said it would do. However, if you are looking for something easy, and someone to wipe you crybaby eyes, stay away from the union—we like tough people. I got a good apprenticeship training, good job opportunities and good benefits. If you want to see real conservatives, go to a building trades union meeting. If you like deception and control watch FOX and other conservative and liberal MSM.

    I really like this news site, it is very informative.

    • Admin

      Thank you Haallen – I hope that you will visit often

  • Claudine

    I spoke with two different women last week about the cost of their cataract removal….$13,000 for each eye. Approximate time per eye 15 minutes or less. Both women are seniors using Medicare. Makes the $13,000 emergency room for a bullet look like a bargin!

  • twinkiedooter

    I don’t go to doctors period. Last time I was “forced” to go as I had scarlet fever and could not get well without antibiotics (and that was back in 2000). I don’t have checkups either. I don’t take any prescribed medicines either. I don’t have health insurance. I am 64.

    I DID have genital herpes and guess what(?) I cured it myself at home with distilled water and a silver colloid water generator ($125 or so). I suffered for over 5 years taking all sorts of over the counter “pills” and external “cures” until I stumbled onto my OWN CURE. It did take about 2 full months of every day application but it DID finally stop the horrible, painful lesions on my privates. The lesions have not come back either. I had decided NOT to seek “professional” help when a friend of mine revealed she too had the GH and she was spending a small fortune at her doctors for pills and potions that did not work. She was miserable and broke from the stress of the GH.

    Many years ago my late mother (an RN for 50 years) told me NOT to go to a hospital or a doctor unless I was absolutely not able to heal myself at home. Odd advice coming from an RN. I never doubted her advice all these years later. My mom ended up with early dementia due to all the mandatory vaccines she was forced to take over the years as a hospital worker. I do not get flu shots EVER.

    I drink artesian spring mineral water from a deep within the earth natural river. Odd but this winter I did not get ill with the flu or a cold. I won’t have to worry about my drinking water being radioactive as it’s far underground. I would rather lug gallons of this mineral water home each week or so knowing it has no bacteria in it or pesticides. Not everyone has the luxury of this type of water but if you check around online at FindASpring there might be one near your home for you to fillup your jugs as well.

    Stay well and stay away from doctors.

  • Gonzalo Sepulveda


    I am a Doctor myself, and even though I studied and practice in South America, I do agree with your statements about the importance of the Federal Government in the healthcare situation you have right now over there.

    Most doctors are hard-working, sacrificing, common people that chose to learn to heal. The system has corrupted the doctor-patient relationship to the extent that both perceive eachother as a potential threat – overcharge v/s lawsuits. I am no stranger to this. Here we suffer this as well.

    But it is the system that tought us to be untrusting. It is the system that has alienated the doctor from his patient, introducing so many intermediaries that they see eachother for just some minutes at most. It is the system that has introduced so many middlemen, that you end up paying over four times the real cost of the attention or procedure.

    Add to this concoction, as we say here the “inmediacy trend” of today: everything right now, perfect, no mistakes, NO CONTACT; and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.
    The world is not perfect. It might not be what it is if it were.

    I wish a lot more of you could stand up to this injustice, for the system is still dependant on YOU to keep working. Turn off your TV as a first measure. This single prescription improves my patients’ mental health dramatically, and reduces recovery times for a series of illnessess. Get to know your community, talk to your neighbour, plant a tree (a fruit tree!!), become aware through shared knowledge.

    I pray for the future of your country every day.


    • Admin

      I am glad to hear the perspective of a doctor Gonzalo

      I completely agree that the “middlemen” are the biggest part of the problem


  • swiftcall

    1/4 of hospital floor space is dedicated to filling out the paperwork required by the insurance companies, because it is different for each. In Canada, it’s a small room with 2 people filling out the standard forms.

    • Admin

      That is a really good point


  • Lynn D.

    Bush, Obama, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, etc. = PUPPETS FOR THE ILLUMINATI (satanic bankers, secret societies and big corporations). The one-eyed pyramid is CORRUPT from the top down. Those on the bottom are the host, those on the top are the parasites. Democrat vs. Republican is just a smoke screen for those too ignorant to see the big picture.

  • ISamuelII

    We have a bill of rights that can remove many of the restraints on us all. In the 21st amendment they have removed the one major error ever to come into law known as prohibition. The wording goes something like this, “intoxicating liquor”. Our ninth amendment reads in its entirety,

    “The enumeration in the constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    If we the people with all these freedoms actually had the freedom to pick and choose the cheapest form of pain releif, we would drop one of the more expensive parts of this “health care” scam and the DEAs interference with the Doctor Patient relationship.

    Prohibition is not about stopping someone from possibly becoming an addict to any substance, it is all about ‘pay to play’ for your pain relief.

    The one drug cocaine as just one example cost on the street in the early 1980s $120 for an unknown quality per gram. The pharmacuetical cost of a pure gram of the drug costs a whopping $0.02. Just think of the crime, robberies etc that could have been prevented if the coke head could buy the pure stuff from a chemical dispensor like the pharmacist.

    But then look at the government operated job pools that are created with prohibitions in place from the police, lawyers, judges and all the clerks they require, the prisons and jails, all big money lobbiests and a huge drain on us all in far more than just in cash (taxes) terms.

    Freedoms lost to pay for all of these very expensive jobs, all to prevent the future addictions?

    Ending prohibitions will do far more in health care terms than anything else.

    I know there are too many out there that are deeply indoctrined in the sobriety attitudes, but you fail to see that from the isolated tribes of various locations to the top levels of first world cultures, all have had some forms of intoxication and no matter what laws may be passed, is not ever going to stop this natural human trait.

    The most foolish idea is thinking we can keep illegal drugs out of this wide open nation, when even the tightest of the maximum security prisons have drug problems inside.

  • Money is not the only issue here.

    The architects of the New World Order created the Federal Reserve and IRS to control our wealth.

    Now they are trying to control our minds and bodies:

    (1) Nationalized health care (disease maintenance) with required participation.

    (2) Pending legislation to ban alternative medicine and nutritional supplements.

    (3) Pending legislation to ban home gardens.

  • Healthcare are expensive in this country because doctors are greedy. The US doctors make more than twice as much as the UK doctors. The medical profession is attracting the wrong kind of people— the greedy people. ANYONE can find someone who fell through the cracks in ANY system. Selectively hoisting them up on the sacrificial altar of impartiality is not journalism.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit http://www.pathtoasia.com/jobs1/ for details.

  • Guido

    What need for greed? Do you think a doctor would be as reliable if he wasn’t going to be paid? You can not remove the profit motive from trade and expect to get value out of the transaction. I think the Soviets proved that. Remember the line, “they pretend to pay me and I pretend to work?”

    Medical care is not a right you can just demand-it’s another form of transaction of value ($) for value (treatment). There is no way to change that transaction and hope to get good treatment for no pay.

    If you expect a man to go through years and years of education, training, and then additional time working 24-7 in residency as a virtual slave, and receive no value for his hard work and sacrifice, what quality work do you think he’ll turn in? He will have no reason to do his best for you.

    Remember, we’re talking about your life here. What you don’t pay for on the front end, you’ll pay even more for on the back end. Are you sure you can expect a doctor to do his best when he’s not being paid to do it?

    The Soviet medical system actually spread disease, including AIDS, because it was cheaper to re-use needles until they went blunt, sharpen them on a stone, and use them some more. Do you expect anything different in this country if we decide to just dump the profit motive?

    I think Atlas Shrugged will illuminate where we’re going if we follow that route. I think you’ll see an even greater flight from the medical field than you are seeing now. The doctors we have left in your brave, new, socialist world will be the most lackluster lot you ever saw.

    I’ve seen how fedgov workers work, knowing they’re on the clock and paid no matter what they do, and I’m not impressed. I can only imagine what will happen if your ideas about medicine are ever put in place.

    And for the silver spoon guy, Do you really believe doctors are some sort of evil class of people who need to be targeted? That’s such an idiotic and assinine comment, I’m surprised and disgusted. Do you draw the line on arbitrary hatred at race, or do you have a problem with minorities, too?

    In case you didn’t know, doctors are made, not born, and they don’t come from any particular class. Thanks to our educational opportunities, anyone with the intelligence and determination necessary can become a doctor. I know one doc who made it through Duke on a GED, thanks to the military. I’ve met other docs who got their training through the military, too. They might not have had any other opportunity open, but they made their own way and succeeded.

    In any case, what point is there in hating based on class? It’s no better than hating based on any other criteria. You might as well hate other people for being taller. My goal isn’t to envy and hate people with more success than I, but to succeed more in my own life. You can learn more from reading about how others did it than just hating others who did it.

    I think you sound envious as hell and you cloak it in some kind of class-warfare rhetoric. And you’re wrong.

    You could put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, and stand by your words and abstain from all medical care. In fact, abstain from all transactions with people not of your class, or whatever you consider yourself to be. You could look for only the free clinic, I guess, and maybe the free legal aid, and see what you get for it. You might get second-rate treatment, but at least you’ll be true to your principles.

  • Robert Marquardt

    Makes you wonder how they do it in Taiwan! Lets face it, insurance companies are the biggest problem of high health. I recently had an endoscopy in Taiwan, cost was the equivalent of $27US and I had no insurance. Furthermore, they determined I had gerd and gave me medication which I need to take for several months and they claim the gerd will be cured. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with gerd in Colorado and told I’d just have to live with it and take pills for the rest of my life…

    Even Mexico has a a health care program better than in the USA…everywhere has because their governments understand that they exist to take care of their people, not just the rich!

  • George Carlin said it best: They call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    Watch confessions of an ex-pharma rep (Gwen Olson) http://goldnectar.com/home/#gwenolsen

  • windy

    I know 6 people who are sick because of drugs or treatments given by doctors.

    Healthcare for all is a bad joke.

  • O. Hansson

    Just a tip for you guys: Scandinavia. We have roofs for personal hospital bills, we have a common risk pool and everyone is insured, we don’t pay premiums unless we want private insurance, instead we pay it off our taxes. Now, if Americans are anything like the stereotype says, you’ll all be going “OMG TAXES” by now… Here’s the thing: We pay less for welfare than you do overall (taxes+premiums) and our welfare has better coverage. Also, we have smaller income gaps.

    I’ve never seen a homeless person where i live. I saw one in Stockholm once, though. One.

    Think about it! You guys in America have the strongest economy in the world by far… Why don’t you use it for welfare instead of warfare? You could have a level of total riches no one else could. A country is never richer than it’s poorest inhabitant.

    Oh, also, by welfare i don’t mean getting money for nothing (although that is a fundamental part of it), instead i mean affordable health care, unemployment protection and/or state-job guarantees. Welfare is promoting the general well-being of the populace.

  • Jeff

    I developed Raynauds Syndrome in my late 20s. Conventional doctors told me they didn’t know what caused it and there is no cure. Then I read an article by a holistic doctor describing symptoms of adrenal fatigue that fit me pretty
    well. I went to see him and he ran some tests to find out what happened to my adrenals. It was Lyme disease.

    I paid this doctor out of my own pocket and I’m proud of it because I’m really getting better. First he told me that pharmaceutical medicine hasn’t cured anything on a large scale since polio in the 1950s.
    Then he told me to go to a beekeeper and get stung. Sounds crazy, but it works. There’s a
    noticeable reduction of symptoms within 24 hours of a bee sting.
    Here’s a video of me getting stung:

    Here’s the history and science of bee venom therapy:

    The Raynauds is gone, though I still get occasional muscle twitches. I’m now following a bee sting protocol that people with MS use to
    see if it completely gets rid of the Lyme.

    By the way, I recommend Shane Ellison’s book, Over the Counter Natural Cures. It’s a great intro to use herbs for common ailments. It’s readable and he has carefully chosen herbs that really work.

  • rayinseattle

    @ Xander the neophyte.

    Guido is correct. Keeping government out would actually decrease the input cost needed to operate most medical arenas. That would actually lower the prices. When you have multiple doctors in 1 area, the competition will also lower the prices simply from a supply and demand standpoint.

    Also, I find it extremely interesting you bring up Walmart as one of your attacks on Private corporation. Walmart also benefits highly from the Big Gov/ Big Biz mercantile relationship.

    Oh and Unions also suck and are a bane of society. That is all.

  • lifeonmars

    I remember some years ago I went to the hospital for outpatient surgery. When I woke up, and got dressed, I was asked to sit in recovery. I insisted that I wanted to wait in the waiting room for my ride. I was told I could not. When the conversation got heated, they told me I had to sign and waiver before I left the recovery room. When I got the bill, (that the insurance company paid}, they were charging $175 per hour for me to see in the recovery room, so the longer I sat the more money they made. SMDH.

  • dave

    the first mistake is calling it health CARE.There is no healing invoved. Who cares what it costs, it’s worthless.

    • Taylor

      Agreed. I always write “healthcare [sic]” when discussing healthcare. There is little “care” except the greedy concern of those who profit from the industry.

  • paul mezhir

    I worked for the largest “not for profit” Blue Cross HMO in upstate New York. I was paid well and enjoyed my job until I realized just how unjust the whole healthcare system is.

    I was involved in a serious automobile accident while working. My injuries necessitated spine surgery and I had severe upper extremity nerve problems. It took the insurance company I was working for while injured an ENTIRE YEAR to approve the surgery I so desperately needed. I ended up being terminated from a seven-year job once my work-issued short-term disability ran out.

    It took me three months to be “approved” for long-term disability insurance through……of course, Blue Cross and Blue Shield. One of the stipulations of my disability is that I maintain contact with a case manager who is less interested in my health and only interested in when I will be eligible for full Social Security disability. They even sent me papers to fill out to enroll in the government disability program.

    I am being compensated by a workman’s compensation carrier, too……..yes, you guessed it……MY FORMER EMPLOYER. I have to submit to independent medical exams at their whim. They have placed a lien against any third-party award I might receive from the driver who was at fault.

    I have had to work with THREE DIFFERENT ATTORNEYS and share thousands and thousands of dollars to “defend” me in what is an adversarial system. The NEW YORK STATE workman’s compensation rules were changed by the insurance companies and rubber-stamped by our illustrious ex-governor, Eliot Spitzer.

    Essentially, the new comp law puts a limit on the time that damages can be collected for an on-the-job injury. My injuries are considered permanent, but they are also considered “partial,” meaning that I can only collect benefits for a maximum of TEN YEARS. After that, I’m on my own.

    I had to hire a comp attorney, a social security attorney and a personal injury attorney. I’ve had chiropractors call me to encourage me to continue with a third-party lawsuit (obviously fraud) rather than continue to submit to what is essentially ongoing interrogation.

    I have been HIV -positive for over sixteen years. My annual medication cost is north of $40,000 per year. I take numerous antidepressants due to anxiety. My life has been essentially ruined.

    The sad part is I’m not as bad off as many others I know of. I know of people who have lost thier homes and thier credit (and ability to ever work again) due to an on-the-job injury.
    The question I have is


    My life-partner is a resident of Canada. I entertain friends north of the border with stories of the horrors of the healthcare system in our country. Someday, people will realize that our society is being destroyed for the benefit of the filthy rich.

  • Joe Nytro

    Nearly $6000 dollars for having a baby! Who’s doing all the work? Mother should stay home with a midwife and spend the dough on junior.

  • Jayne

    When I was pregnant with my son, I had a high risk pregnancy (pre-eclampsia, Grave’s Disease, and low amniotic fluid). I had to be induced when I was 37 weeks along, and had difficulties attempting to deliver vaginally. Eventually, I ended up having a c-section after four days of labor and no progress.

    My insurance company actually called on the second day of my labor to see why I hadn’t had the baby yet. And when the doctors finally performed the c-setion, the insurance company didn’t want to pay it because they felt the c-section was an “unnecessary” procedure (despite the fact that I was a high-risk pregnancy and had been in labour for FOUR days without any progress). The insurance eventually did pay the bills, but not without months of haggling.

  • eugene

    I am 70 and watching the present political process decide to abandon Medicare to turn everything over to the insurance industry. I know they haven’t “decided” yet but they will. There will not be a confrontation with the health care industry. I worked around the industry for many years. Fraud was normal.

    The two areas that must be addressed if we are to, responsibly, address our financial problems: health care and the military. Instead our bought and paid for politicians (both parties) will abandon the entire lower levels of the population. The much lauded Paul Ryan is the same gutless wonder the Democrats are. Sinking ship, throw the weak, the elderly, the mentally ill and all the rest of the powerless overboard.

    • Lee Thompson

      I find it real interesting 900k people are going out of country for healthcare….Does that tell us something? That was real well said by the way..Medicare people are the ones who built this country and have paid into it for yrs..What is the answer here? 68 million to the ceo…wtf . They have a full staff at each insurance co, that looks for any loop hole they can not to have to pay claims.

    • Jean Mac

      I too am 70 and doing well with herbs and supplements I take on a daily basis. I grew up in a family where doctor visits were rare. Later I worked for market research companies and did in-home interviews on a wide variety of subjects, of which few were health related. Nonetheless I met many elderly people and in conversational manner was exposed to lives that were almost completely dependent on the medical establishment for personal health. I couldn’t believe the faith most of these people religiously put in their doctors and multiple prescriptions. It was an eye-opener for me and for 42 years I’ve avoided any contact with the medical establishment.
      I continue to research in the natural health field for my own health and pass information on to friends who are interested. I don’t draw a lot of social security so am in that “lower level” you speak of. I have no doubt that I’m far better off for having opted out of the grand pharma-medico-insurance schemata designed to cage us in their narrow paradigm while bleeding us financially.

  • Totall Fed UP!!

    WHAT can be done now that the monsters of big government, big pharma, and the insurance companies have gained control of our lives??? HOW do we get rid of them??? If it’s anything like our governmental electons, WE do not really even actually elect any of our presidents either..THAT is ALREADY set either by the electoral college, or Congress…or both. This last “electon” proved THAT… Endings have to be seen here and with the way things are in other “poorer” nations in some cases, WHY can’t WE be doing better???

  • mondobeyondo

    Whether you get your health care and medical aid from Blue Cross or the Red Cross – don’t be double crossed by the insurance company.

  • Andrew

    I am still trying to get my mental health care provider to pay for a hospital stay over a year later for my daughter. She wanted to kill herself. The insurance company decided the stay was not a medical necessity, after the fact and refuses to pay. The bill is 2/3rds of my yearly income.

  • Stephanie Fralin

    I have to share this information with you all because it has helped me tremendously with many ailments. I had a child who had an outbreak of lice and I had tried Nix and everything else I could find to remove them. Nothing worked ! I went online to try to find a natural remedy and I found grapefruit seed extract. Not only did it get rid of the lice but it has over 100 uses as well.


    So tell me why can I not testify to how well this product works? Because it would put the pharmaceutical companies out of business. I used to work for Baxter Healthcare Inc. and I had stock in the company because I knew it was worth a lot of money. We produced 50% of the world’s supply of IV bags in the plant I worked in and profits were soaring until they split the stocks, offered 200 stock options to all employees and then told us we only have 7 years to vest it. When that happened I knew their main priority was to make money. I was producing an IV bag with a solution called Aggrastat which was used by anesthesiologists that sold for 7000 dollars for only 150 ml of solution ! It is a money racket so get educated people and stop giving insurance and pharmaceutical companies all of your money!

  • Uncle B

    Here in Canada – no problem! You go through triage where doctors determine your treatment, how long you will wait to get it, if you can wait for it. Treatment happens, you go home well! No Charge! Veterans, street-people, homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, drunks, business executives plumbers, workers, house-wives, teenagers, babies, old folk, even criminals in the penal institutions, black, brown, yellow, tawny, white, all get the same service. We like it that way. Our Social safety net extends to a lot of other privileges not advertised in Corporatist, Capitalist, controlled U.S. too! We have just finished dissolving parliament, kicking Harper, a conservative corporatist out on his ass, and intend allowing a socialist coalition of the NDP and the Socialist Bloc Quebecois and possibly Liberal persuasions to run the country without bowing down to the Multi-National Corporate land-mines of this world. We have also sold a good part of our oil sands to communist China, not Americans! There money is simply not as stable as the Yuan.
    America needs a good dose of socialism to set all that is wrong with her straight! Works like Castor oil on the Capitalists, bet your bottom.

    • ed

      I dont know where in Canada you are ,but I lived half of my life there and the doctors are drug dealers getting kickbacks from every prescription. Canada health never paid for any of my prescriptions and wanted me to pay out of my own pocket for Canada health.Now Canada health care is following the US example implementing private health ins . Canada Health care has gone from#3 in the world to around #20 in the last 30 years

  • I Just posted the third episode of The Mobuku Chronicles on YouTube last night which addresses this very issue. I tell you how to emancipate ourselves entirely from the whole medico-pharmaceuitcal complex entirely, which I and my wife have done for over 35 years.

  • jim

    First of all, the bills you see are no where the amount of money the hospitals and doctors get reimbursed by the insurance companies. That’s why doctors can’t pay their overhead and hospitals are having trouble with unpaid debt. The insurance companies are more than happy to let people think they are getting a lot for their premiums. It’s an illusion that makes the caregivers look greedy and the insurance company as the knight in shining armor coming to rescue the situation. It’s exactly the opposite. A surgeon gets reimbursed 400 dollars to do an appendectomy. Doing abdominal surgery is not like replacing your brakes and rotors. People have no common sense anymore to not realize that. You can pay more for a pair of sneakers than you pay to get treated for a pneumonia. A single payer system would be all the more efficient (just as a flat tax) and save billions in bureaucratic fees. Just re-filing a claim with the insurance company that deliberately rejected the first one can cost 20-30 dollars ( the insurance companies can collect interest on your premium money while they stall). The C- section rate is climbing because of malpractice costs ( OB GYN is one of the highest…how do you think John Edwards got so rich; would you rather have him operating on you??). If you don’t get a perfect baby, some lawyer says you’re entitled to damages for negligence. When the Lord Jesus returns some day, he will be greeted by a crowd of salivating lawyers who are wanting to serve him papers for all the “acts of God” that caused pain and suffering. The exorbitant costs of prescription meds is obscene…no wonder people are looking for alternative therapies. When Obama gave his speeches on Obamacare, the main people he blamed were the doctors and hospitals…the 2 agents in health care delivery that won’t sell their souls to political figures who peddle influence. He outrageously claimed that doctors get kickbacks for referring patients for tonsillectomies. All the while his political cronies cynically accept kickbacks all the time. Anyone heard of Tony Rezco?? He gave lip service to spanking insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies ( and holding his hand out behind his back for their lobbying money).Health Care IS broken in the US because the system has chosen to bite their nose and sacrifice the servants in the system ( conscientious caregivers) to save their face (to make gobs of money and political power). Someone told his kids 3 rules to understand. 1) It doesn’t have to make sense 2) It doesn’t have to be fair 3) Follow the money. That’s the state of affairs with the US health care system.

    • Jan

      I agree wholehearted with Jim’s comment, and will add that we ought to be looking into natural therapies not only from a cost-standpoint, but because toxic pharmaceutical drugs do not cure anything! If the FDA succeeds in taking control to ‘regulate’ (i.e. protect big pharma profits) the supplement industry, we will lose our very basic and critically important right to choose what WE believe is best for our health! The FDA will most surely deem the most valuable herbal & natural supplements to be ‘drugs’, remove them from the market, and give them to Big-Pharma to reformulate! The result will be a less effective, and potentially harmful chemical product that should not even go into our bodies, AND would require a conventional dr’s prescription! Pretty scary indeed for we Americans who can see the forest for the trees, and are not interested in taking pharmaceutical drugs that DAMAGE our health!

  • John Young

    Guido, I’m sorry you fail to believe in doctors serving their patients because they have a calling to serve their fellow human beings. Our so called society has so corrupted our morals that too many have been brain washed by billions of dollars of corporate misinformation and false political advertising by corporate media and special interest owned politicians into believing that profit is the only valid motivation for any human activity. Any doctor who is in the profession for profit is not worthy and does not belong in that hallowed endeavor on which the quality of everyone’s life ultimately depends. Your misperception that physicians would not be appropriately compensated because of government participation in health care financing defies comprehension. With the removal of millions of dollars of salaries and bonuses out of the $400,000,000,000.00 annual administrative costs of our current health insurance industry, conservatively $300,000,000,000.00 annually could be redirected to the benefit of all those who have been paying for the care they have been denied over the last decade. It would be ludicrous to believe that eliminating the for profit health insurance coverage denying administrators from interfering with the doctor – patient relationship and treatment decisions would not be a tremendous boon to the health outcomes of the citizens of this nation, thus ultimately improving their productivity and reducing health costs, resulting in federal budget surpluses with the reduction of the greatest contributor to our current deficits according to everyone. The corporate owned politicians’ calls for cuts to citizens’ owned programs such as Social Security and Medicare are aimed at stealing more money from the poor to further enrich millionaires and billionaires for larger campaign contributions, because those changes will only increase total health care cost through delayed care and lost productivity, creating unacceptable costs to our nation’s economy. I do sympathize with your perception of the situation from your upbringing, but paying twice as much for worse outcomes than any of the other civilized industrialized countries in the world who enjoy longer life expectancies does not support your view of the reality of single payer Improved Medicare For All health care financing. With uniform nationwide administration, health care providers could devote billions of hours to improving their patients health instead of filling out hundreds of different claim forms, from a 1000 different insurance companies. This savings would result in tremendous increases in productivity with the resulting reduction in overhead costs. Rather than reducing health providers compensation, the increased productivity due to reduced paperwork would measurably increase providers income. Ultimately, saving the 45,000 lives who are lost annually due to lack of health insurance in this nation should be a compelling enough reason for anyone with a shred of decency or an ounce of intelligence to demand our politicians implement single payer Improved Medicare For All immediately. The disingenuous concern about the federal budget deficit while blackmailing the nation into $70 billion plus interest of welfare tax reductions for the wealthy, then risking an economy recovery killing government shutdown over $61 billion dollars, and now causing a Standard & Poor’s rating reduction to “negative” for the benefit of their wealthy constituency who will benefit from the higher interest payments we will have to pay for government bonds that they purchase, must exceed the bounds of tolerable conduct for any ethically conscious intelligent citizen. CITIZENS!!, QUIT VOTING FOR YOUR OWN SELF DESTRUCTION AND START DEMANDING POLITICIANS SUPPORT PEOPLES’ WELL BEING NOT RECORD PROFITS FOR MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS!

  • jess

    In January of 2009, I had a baby. He was jaundiced so we stayed in the hospital an extra day. I was admitted on a Friday, he was born Friday night and we left Sunday morning. No other complications.

    In July of 2009, I broke my foot and went to the emergency room at the same hospital. I had the same insurance that I had when I had my son, 7 months earlier. I was in the hospital (also happened on a Friday) for about 2 hours with the broken foot – didn’t even get a cast, just a cloth boot. It cost TWICE as much money for my 2 hr stay for a broken foot than it did to stay for 2 days and have a baby!! We need to provide health care for everyone so people don’t wait until they can’t take it anymore and go to the ER out of desperation. Its insane.

  • t. j. hacker

    re PPACA, o bhaama care:
    2 judges VIn son, Hud. Son declare UNcon.
    no severability claus. if 1 part declared
    UNcon, the whole bill falls.

  • walt rather

    H Care reform 4 10,
    2 us solons find it NOT constitutional.
    no severability. if 1 pt falls, bill fails.
    tv “BC BS for first time sent
    pt from FL, u.s. to S E Asia for ‘cheaper’
    treatment’ than in u.s.”

  • VLW

    Tonsils out – cost? 28K…NOT including the surgeon…

  • Diane

    I am amazed when I hear of someone delaying their retirement and continuing to work so that they will have health insurance from their employer until Medicare kicks in. It’s as if they really think healthcare insurance is worth something. Mine doesn’t pay for anything, and I have the “good” kind. I have horror stories that would take a novel to tell. And….what about food reform? We would all be much healthier if we had nutrient dense food easily available. One needs an education in nutrition just to eat truly healthy food! I’m sure the mainstream food industry in with big pharma and the insurance companies on this.

  • Consider a plan to transition to an economy with quality universal health care at an affordable cost: http://TheHealthEconomy.com

  • Marjorie

    What’s missing from the article is the author and origin of the article and references for any of the so-called “facts” so that one can make an independent assessment of the information shared.

  • Eaglemount

    It’s all well and good to comment about an issue that needs the attention of citizens. It’s even more important to ACTUALLY DO something significant that will allow necessary changes to be made to improve our country .

    Here is a link that will interest many of you.


  • Eaglemount

    It’s all well and good to comment about an issue that needs the attention of citizens. It’s even more important to ACTUALLY DO something significant that will allow necessary changes to be made to improve our country.

    Here is a link that will interest many of you.



    Joseph Foster, Author, ‘’Destruction of America”, subtitled “Stand up for America’ ’Release date May 2012
    My blog: http://boblupoli.blogspot.com/

    Thanks to the Author an excellent articles that shed some light about America medical fiasco. The American medical system and the De Industrialization of America is part of my book titled ‘’The Destruction of America’’
    My research led me to a hospital that charges the patient $25.00 for a bucket of ice.
    Due to special interest supported by a strong lobbyist group the US is unable to join the civilized world in adopting universal health care for its citizen, as that of western Europe, It remain mired in one of the most expensive health care system in the world.
    The recent health care passed by congress, also referred as Obama health care does not solve America health care needs, it is confusing that many Americans to this day do not understand the program, and for this reason many are asking that it should be repealed.

    Some 14,000 Americans lose their health insurance every single day. Over the last nine years, premiums have gone up three times faster than wages. Health care costs cause a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds. America must enact health insurance reform not the one labeled as Obama health care system, that no one understands and will return us back to high cost unaffordable health care program.
    Here is what needs to be done;
    Outlaw lobbyist activity in Washington. Pass a tort reform bill. Repeal all medical plans currently in existence at the State and federal level; this shall include Medi care, kids care and VA health care system including health care currently provided by the US government. Forth with select, and adopt the best health care system adopted in one of the west European countries. Allow Insurance companies to sell individual health care Insurance for those that want to opt for Cadillac health care plan. Moreover allow private hospital to operate under the free enterprise system for those that can afford private health care.

  • Virginia

    If healthcare is such a scam, why do people buy into it? Wouldn’t people live longer and be healthier plus have a lot more money by just refusing to participate? It seems like a reasonable solution to the problem. Take the mandates out it.

    • margaret jablonska

      there is actually a lot of people who avoid doctors like wildfire unless they dying or something…its very bad…….people are losing all the confidence in a quality care etc……looking for alternative ways …which alternative therapies are outreageously expensive ….

      • Raven Cassidy

        That’s depends on the alternative medicine …. and by the way why do they call the original natural medicines Alternative ???? Because they want to try to stop people from trying it. The FDA and Big Pharma are lovers and in our pockets together… Look who runs the FDA
        Before he joined the FDA, Taylor was the vice president for Public Policy at Monsanto from 1998 to 2001. He has since worked for the FDA in a number of capacities, most recently returning to the administration as senior adviser to the commissioner in July 2009.Jan 30, 2012

  • none of this is new; throughout US history big business has carried on a relentless pursuit to rape the people. Unfortunately we no longer have people running government who will fight it- they are totally owned.

    Now nothing will change until people start getting hurt (them!), or their precious “economy” starts to suffer (absolutely everything is sacrificed for “economy”). If you are a terminal patient, you should really consider doing this world a favor and taking a US diseasecare system, banking, real estate, or stock market executive with you.

    And don’t complain about the ridiculous cost of anything now if you invest in (support) the stock market.

  • Daniel

    so what can we do privatly?

  • Before the DINOs passed Obamacare, they threw Howard Dean and the Progressive Democrats under the bus. Then they threw the bottom 99% under the bus too. They negotiated away Single Payer and Medicare for All even before negotiations began.

    Next year in the Democratic Primaries, vote out all DINOs, especiall DINO Obama.

    Vote only for PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS, because a vote for the lesser of two death panels (DINO vs. Republican) is still a vote for a death panel.

  • Bob Boldt

    Guido is a fool if he thinks the Government is the primary problem with health care costs.If he were correct why is every industrialized Nation in the World able to administer health care to all of it’s citizens at half the cost to Americans and obtain far better outcomes?In America the overhead cost to administer Social Security is between 2 and 3 percent.The overhead costs for Insurance Companies is about 25%.Please explain that to me.It could be because there are no multi-million dollar bonuses being paid out to officials that do their best to withhold payment for treatment.

  • robert bentham

    my horror story of neglect at the expense of cost begins with the VA…. how gratifying “free healthcare” is….

  • John Henry

    Once again the appalling ignorance of the American people and the media’s role in preserving it are at the root of the problem.
    Hundreds of millions of Europeans are receiving excellent health care by any measure you wish to use. They live longer, have much lower infant mortality, etc., etc. and they pay half of what Americans do.
    Ask any Western European if they would like to change their system for the American model. Their answer would be a resounding “NO WAY!”.
    For two decades now I have been the beneficiary of this system and have experienced nothing but excellent care.
    And for two decades I have been listening to American propaganda about how this system is on the verge of collapse; how the Euro and the European Union is going to fall apart any moment now.
    It is nothing but propaganda being fostered by Ayn Rand conservatives who actually think they are the solution to the world’s problems, but who are in fact causing a great deal of them from the neo-liberal caused economic crisis and unnecessary wars to inaction on global climate change, they are leading the world to utter ruin.

  • A new report has found that individual executives in health care are now being targeted in fraud cases that used to be reserved for corporations as a whole. Arguments pertaining to the constitutionality of the federal health care law will be heard on Tuesday in a federal appeals court in Richmond Virginia. This health reform court hearing will be the first held in an appellate court and is a continuation of two court decisions ruling in favor or against the law.

  • I can give you another fact that proves the medical industry is all about the money. I have several teeth that need pulling and are in very bad shape. I don’t make enough to afford it. At $200 a tooth, it adds up fast. I have no medical coverage. I can’t afford medical coverage and even if I could it wouldn’t cover the dental work I need. I just got TWO teeth pulled and currently owe a dental office about $550 which will take me probably 10 weeks to pay off. That dental office was the ONLY one that would work with me in my area. No free dental clinics, no reduced cost dental clinics, everyone wanting the money. It doesn’t cost $200 to remove one tooth. It took all of 5 minutes to pull it. $200 in five minutes seems steep.

    Fact is if you need medical help, good luck if you don’t make enough money. After this dental bill is paid off I still have to somehow find a way to pull about five more teeth before they kill me.

    • margaret jablonska

      people r starting to do these simple procedures by themselves …im not kidding …….

  • Obamacare will be the final straw to bring the world to its knees. Pres. Zero and his minions projected just a few million who wont be able to afford insurance and have to go into the govt. pool. Now we are seeing that that number is in the tens of millions and will cost the u.s. trillions per year. Way to go fools…

  • more and more i’m noticing people mentioning all of the hidden costs incurred with obama’s healthcare plan that were not brought up at its inception. good article!

  • The Medical Mafia, by Ghislaine Lanctot, M.D.

    Ever heard of ‘Codex Alimentarius’ (if not, you might want to find out what THAT is all about!)

    Codex Alimentarius: Big Brother’s Plan to Control Health Supplements

  • Murder By Injection—The Story Of The Medical Conspiracy Against America, Eustace Mullins

  • Thanks for these facts – this one is especially shocking! #13 Between 2000 and 2006, wages in the United States increased by 3.8%, but health care premiums increased by 87%.

  • Melissa Minton

    I am an RN and I am sickened by the way health care in America has gotten. Drug companies and insurance companies lobby to get laws that benefit them and not us. Always get itemized bills, question things you dont understand. This goes on because Americans are not raising hell about it, we need to be lobbying congress, kicking those out of office that vote for some of these crazy bills and electing people that are for us….if your not for US, you are against us!

  • SoonToBeBroke

    My Dental Plan only covers 3K per year….thats about what I spent on my
    dogs vet last year…What US Doctors and Dentists charge is absurd. I may leave the country.

  • Jayvan89

    Hey im doing a research paper about the pharmaceutical industry and how they ignore healthier more natural medicines. I got alot of great quotes from this site the only thing is that i need to cite this and i dont have the authors name or screen-name. Unless its right in front of me and im just blind. But yea a author or a screen name would be awesome :)

    • Michael

      I am the author of all these articles. :)


      • Jaysonvan89

        Well Michael you gave alot of GREAT information about the pharmaceutical industry which definetly improved my research paper! :) Im sure your screen name would be fine for this paper but it would probably look better if i had your last name as well. Do you have any other published work either concerning the pharmaceutical industry or healthier more natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs?

        • Michael

          I don’t have any other published works. Only my ramblings on these websites. :)


  • Lynn

    We’re all being played…When the reality that America is occupied by criminal banksters and two-faced traitors is recognized by the majority of the American people and the world, the “terrorists,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “domestic extremists” (those who love the Truth) will be seen for what they truly are: the righteous defenders of truth, freedom, justice, and the rule of law. If our paradigm is based only on our input from the media of conventional newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Hollywood films, public education etc., may God help us, for we will only see things the way they, the elite and wealthy rulers of this world who control these sources of information, want us to see things!We are poisoned by convenience and oppressed by greed and the powers that be. We proletariat are solely fodder for the money maker. Do not think that just because it’s sold at ChinaMart (walmart) or the FDA says it’s okay that you should embrace it with open arms. Everyone’s a sell out if the price is right. If the government wasn’t allowing us to be slowly killed off, there would be less need for the multi-billion dollar medical, pharmaceutical, insurance and advertising industries…the FDA has the largest police force of all the government agencies. The FDA is responsible for millions of lives lost thru corporate-directed, government enforced drug laws. These laws ban promoting successful treatments dealing with cures from all of 20th century’s plagues like arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression. Their pop designer drugs to “treat” these afflictions fool one into thinking they are doing good, only to find out they are doing more damage. When mainstream media finally tells you it’s been killing thousands, they take it off the market, only to be re-packaged later for more suckers to take. Of course they forgot the warnings the year before because of the heavily flouridated, psychotropic drugs they slam down for depression everyday. They robotically listen to their doctors, that, for the most part, are only good for memorising the literature they are given at government licensed medical schools. This same system is now demanding your child get 55 (FIFTY FIVE!!)vaccines by the time they are SIX YEARS OLD. The FDA is TOTALLY corrupt. The nazis invented using sodium fluoride in the camps to make prisoners docile, and the use of fluoridated water in the west is for the same purpose; to dumb down and control the population. 65% of the US is using fluoridated water, and where they do, the IQ’s are 20 points lower. Sodium fluoride is a toxic waste. It is in rat poison. Toothpastes with it say to consult poison control if swallowed. They seek a “sustainiable populace”. In plain English, there are too many of us..So they make outlaw natural vitamins and supplements, poison the water with fluoride and other toxins, force all cows to have hormone shots among many other evil acts..
    Either democrat, republican, liberal, conservative whatever…..your all being conned in the same card game that has been going on for years. Hegelian Dialectic 101. Create the problem, wait for you lemmings to react and then solve it FOR them.

    • Raven Cassidy

      Loved that .. true as can be

    • Ray Lam

      Nailed it.


    It’s complete INSANITY what Americans pay for health care. TODAY at Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center in Destin, FL – I was billed $1100.00 for an HOUR stay to get a prescription for an antibiotic due to my UTI. I am still sick over spending more than my week’s vacation here. Dateline NBC or someone should really dig into this insanity!!!

  • Daniel

    Why isn’t anyone talking about Single Payer. It is truly the answer our healthcare system is looking for. Check it out at http://www.pnhp.org (Physician’s for a National Health Program)



  • Rosanna

    “The truth is that Obamacare was one of the worst pieces of legislation in modern American history. It did nothing to fix our health care problems. Rather, it just made all of our health care problems much worse.”

    ORLY? Can you see into the future? Because this health care isn’t going into effect for another 2 years.

    I’m also confused about whether or not this person is for or against Obama care. The first part of the article leads me to believe they are wildly against it. But then the 1-25 facts that they listed are all facts about our CURRENT health care situation and that it clearly needs revamping.

    Anyone who is feeding into this BS article – quit being a mindless zombie and actually go read some reputable sources about this health care bill. Chicago Tribune, New York Times, CNN….hell even Fox News is more reputable than this garbage. Read, understand & educate yourselves and then form your OWN opinion from there.

    This article makes me sick.

  • Amy

    It’s a no brainer that this whole health insurance is a scam, a well-organized scam that carries every bit of mafia-type of operations. It’s fundamentally wrong and morally wrong to put human lives on the market. And that’s exactly what the health insurance companies have been doing: they trade human health as a commodity! Those who profit from the health insurance industry are no less than criminals and would only see the gate of hell when they leave this world.

    • Eric

      Anyone who agrees with this comment should watch the movie “Assault on Wall Street.” (It’s on Netflix).

  • Robert Menard

    I live in Canada and ALL medically needed health care is free, there is no copays no deductibles. I can pick and choose my own doctors and hospitals and I am covered from coast to coast. Why you poor Americans have to suffer with private for profit health care is totally a mystery for all of us, Obviously your keepers in office really like the insurance and health care industry to make obscene profits on the backs of the working people of the United States, Michael Moor was totally right about the industry in SICKO, I honestly am glad to be a Canadian and live in Canada, And I feel for all my American Cousins who have to go through such financial hardships for somthing I have until now taken for granted!

  • A. S. Mathew

    If we go to see a doctor for a minor cold, some of them will put us into a battery of tests and find something wrong; prescribe half a dozen medications-then will tell us very seriously to make the next appointment in three to four weeks.
    We are afraid to disregard the almighty doctor’s commandment. So, the routine journey to eternal sickness starts, and in the mean time, some
    addictive drugs are prescribed. The U.S. population which is 5% of the world consume half of the world production of pain killers. The medical industry is a ruthless industry of highway legal robbery. My father was the first doctor in our village in India, it was like a free clinic for the poor people. I used to wash the wounds of half a dozen people every day, starting at the age of 7, before going to school. I got nothing back from them, but felt such a joy in serving the sick. Now, the medical profession has turned like business of blood sucking without any mercy towards the suffering people.

  • I am from India. Since long, some ideas are wandering in my mind and though it may look like boasting, but it is my experience that many things that I had thought in the past for India had seen light of the day a decade or two later.

    Since childhood till today when I am 68 years old now, I never had any medical insurance nor did my father or grandfather had. Medical insurance was unheard of those days and was also not so prevalent till some 10 to 15 years back. I always wonder why I or my father and grandfather were never under tension about our medical needs. Talking about myself, I had not spent more than $ 200/- in 25 years after marriage for myself and my family which is unimaginable in USA and even in India. During last 10 years, I had undergone two minor surgeries which I got done in a charitable hospital to my full satisfaction spending $ 300/- for both and my wife spent $ 1000/- for cataract operations in both the eyes and also $ 200/- for dental treatment. I still have no medical insurance and as long as I am in India, I do not feel under tension. But still the fact is that medical expenses have started rising in India for which medical insurance is the main culprit.

    Once, when I suggested in this forum that medical insurance business should be banned as its profit adds to the medical expenses of the people, most including my friends disagreed. Their contension was that with the new diagnostic equipment like CT Scan, MRI, etc., medical expenses have increased and it has also benefited the people in increasing lifespan of the people. Here, I have observed that when one doctor equips his hospital with a costly medical instrument, he starts making money and other doctors also bring the same equipment as they do not want to fall far behind in earning. But, in the process, there are more such costly equipments in a small town than needed and it becomes difficult for the doctors to pay even the interest on loans. They, then, indulge in making the patients go for tests that are not indeed warranted. Some of them even indulge in malpractice of commission for referring the patients. Recently, in a TV serial, the popular Indian actor Aamir Khan had highlighted many such malpractices by the doctors especially in rural India which created a lot of uproar all over India and a Chief Minister of a state had to take cognizance of the matter who met the actor and promised appropriate actions.

    In USA, such tests are being insisted by the doctors with a view to safeguard themselves against possible legal cases from the patients.

    For many years in India, medical profession was highly respected and doctors used to be honored like God, but the situation is now fast changing with medical insurance business florishing and we are heading towards the same situation as in USA where medical care will be the biggest worry in the life of the citizens.

    I strongly feel that medical insurance business must be banned and government should feel more responsible about subsidizing medical needs of the people. The biggest loophole which the medical insurance companies take advantage of in cheating the people is the condition of not allowing “pre-existing” diseases which is ill defined and always used in their favor.

    There are many charitable hospitals in India which are serving the people without which conditions would have been miserable for many here. However, they are still not able to meet the needs of the people in a large way.

    • asmathew

      Sir, glad to read your comment. I am also from India, came to the U.S. in 1971 to study. Until 1985, to see a doctor in our small town, it was only $ 8.00 for an office visit. But to see the same doctor today, it will be over $ 167.00. I need to pay $ 47.00 from my pocket and the rest from the insurance company. Now the doctors keep the good old stethoscope for decoration, but even to check the mere chest congestion, they will order MRI, and legally rob the unsuspecting patients. The U.S. medical system is the most ruthless highway robbery. GOD ALMIGHTY will not tolerate this robbery much longer. See the number of vice Presidents in the hospitals making $ 200000.00 to 500000.00 simply walking around or having regular meetings, how to rob the patients with unnecessary tests. I did work in a small county hospital of 250 beds, once 8 vice presidents, and most of them have not finished college, drawing heavy salary.

      My daughter felt a pain on her right cheek recently and went to see our dentist, had two cavities. But, the dentist said that she needs to do a root canal at the front teeth. She came home depressed and crying. We went to another dentist and he said, there are two cavities but there is nothing wrong with the front teeth. The first dentist wanted to make $ 2000.00 so easily through doing an unnecessary job. This is the modern medical industry of the U.S., and this trend is spreading to other countries too, including India. Simply wait and watch the closing of many hospitals in the U.S. in the days ahead.
      Professional robbers may be winning for a few months but one day they will be caught.

  • Sri G

    This statement is utterly wrong…”They have been sticking it to us good for the last several decades and they just grab hold of whatever excuse they can find to justify the latest rate hike.”

    The premiums were going up since decades not just when obamacare was proposed or enacted. So the insurance companies does not really care. That is why, Affordable care act has imposed certain conditions on insurance companies so they don’t act on their own will.

  • SMEE80

    I agree with some of your points, but I feel like you are stereotyping each person in the healthcare system. I am a nurse, and I probably teach my patient’s more about patient empowerment than anything else. In regards to obamacare, I did not know who wrote most of it. However, from what I have read on the site, I find the many good approaches. FYI-they are trying to get AWAY from specialists-focusing more on patients having one practitioner that monitors their medications. Also, now if patients develop a hospital acquired infection, hospitals are being penalized. Therefore, as healthcare workers, they are staying on us to make sure that we don’t make any patient errors-and I think that’s a pretty logical idea. It may have it’s bad areas, but I’m just saying from a person on the other side, some of these changes are effective. I KNOW about the hospital-it’s one of my biggest FEARS.-and I work at one of the ‘better’ ones. It’s a severely flawed system, but some of us really are trying to make it better for patients.

  • frustrated

    The system is indeed broken. Obamacare doesn’t even allow for patients to see naturopathic doctors who are preventative holistic specialists by definition. I used to be extremely healthy and paid over 200$ a month for health insurance I never used. Then, due to my “doctor’s” advice I received an unnecessary vaccine. My health went down the drain. I went to all the conventional medical specialists and they said I was crazy. Suddenly my insurance didn’t cover these visits and I’m left with medical bills from people who did nothing but talk down to me and mistreat me. I am beyond frustration at the sickcare system of the “good ole United States of Amerika”.

  • bptr

    You left out the huge fact that the HealthDON’Tcare industry is also spending billions to brainwash the gullible stupid public with BS propaganda – in order to protect their giant scam.

  • bptr

    Personally, I am working on getting my Irish Citizenship so that I can live in the Eurozone and get free Healthcare.
    Guns everywhere and Republicans gladly putting profits for the 1% above all else while letting people die in the streets – while uninformed gullible voters are enslaved yet supporting the very people who enslave them. I won’t miss this country at all.

  • It’s true, the USA healthcare is badly broken and is no longer the best in the world. Trauma care is good, although not #1, as big med claims.

    The real tragedy of “Obamacare” is that it is modeled upon “Romeycare” and more successful plans as in Brazil, Australia, Germany, and every other country in the world with a developed economy and a freely elected government were not even considered.

    There is a nice video at:


    I am very happy that I live in a free. civilized country and not the USA.

  • Patient4Life

    As a cancer patient with a rare, heretofore untreatable and un-researched disease since 1997, I cannot disagree at all that the system is broken… Big Pharma isn’t out to cure cancer but to have patients for life!
    Isn’t it odd that the retail cost of my daily chemo pill nears $11,000 per month. At this moment, I hate Blue Cross because 100% of my doctor visits and diagnostic tests are applied to a $10K annual deductible/co-insurance. I’ll be paying the doctors and hospitals for the rest of my life and then some. But still, I ‘like’ Blue Cross considering their Rx Plan. My Co-pay under my current BCBS insurance is $100 but the company kicks in $50 so my monthly chemo costs $50. But note… when I soon end up on Medicare, I have to pay a very large percentage of this $11K, and will be in and out of the ‘donut hole’ in the first month, and pay 5%, or nearly $500/month thereafter…until January when it starts all over again. But the saddest part is ….. if I have no insurance at all, the drug manufacturer will actually give the chemo med to me at NO COST! So it appears they are bilking the insurance company for as long as possible.
    Another one of my medications retails for $600 per month, but under Blue Cross I only pay $4 (yes, that’s four dollars). Medicare doesn’t list this medication in it’s ‘formulary’ so I will have to pay the retail price, and even if I apply for and am granted an ‘exception’ it is still considered an expensive ‘Tier 4’ medication. Don’t you find this rather odd, since Blue Cross considers this a ‘generic’, yet even with a Blue Cross Supplemental Medicare Rx Plan D, you can’t get it as a generic.
    I always thought that Medicare was to help those who were seriously disabled and who could not afford the medical bills… and I’m going to end up paying much much more on Medicare.
    Yes, the system certainly is broken!

  • Judith Kay Bradley

    Not only have I been permanently crippled by an anesthesiologist but it took me 20 years to find out the name of this awful iatrogenic disease that occurred during an epidural placement during childbirth. Adhesive Arachnoiditis has stolen my life. To make it all worst, I MUST continue to see doctors and am treated like I’m a huge pain in the ass that needs to be covered up. Yet still, our health care system churns us out at an alarming rate. Adhesive Arachnoiditis is a fate worst than death and has been described as intractable pain worst than 4th stage cancer pain EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. No treatment, no cure, no research and no one cares.

    • Michael

      Judith, do not give up on yourself because the medical community says you are not curable. The “impossible” happens every day. Multiple sclerosis, lupus, all cancers, AIDs, have all been shown to be reversible. The human body is designed to work a certain way, and whatever it is inside of you that is causing you to be distressed, it can be eliminated. Your body has the power to heal with the correct practices, not just dietary, but with movement, which can turn into exercise. If it helps there are many videos of people being cured of the “incurable”, and living healthy, fulfilling lives. I know this must be difficult to see from the pain you have lived with, but I believe you will find the answer soon.

  • Chuck

    A recent “Investor’s Business Daily” article provided very
    interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International
    Health Organization.

    Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years
    after diagnosis:

    U.S. 65%

    England 46%

    Canada 42%

    Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received
    treatment within six months:

    U.S. 93%

    England 15%

    Canada 43%

    Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it
    within six months:

    U.S. 90%

    England 15%

    Canada 43%

    Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within
    one month:

    U.S. 77%

    England 40%

    Canada 43%

    Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million

    U.S. 71

    England 14

    Canada 18

    Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are
    in “excellent health”:

    U.S. 12%

    England 2%

    Canada 6%

    And now for the last statistic:

    National Health Insurance?

    U.S. NO

    England YES

    Canada YES

    Check this last set of statistics!!

    • Peter

      Number of families going Bankrupt from medical expenses
      U.S. Many
      England None
      Canada None

  • alpha omega

    Today, I purchased a small piece of medical equipment; the price was marked $147.00

    When at the register, I was asked for my insurance, I replyed that I did
    not have any. She then naturally and casually switched to the
    UN-insured price of $37.00 explaining that she is bound to charge
    everyone Medicare costs unless they’re UN-insured.

    Conclusion: In this example, A medical item sells for 350% more to an insured person.

  • Mrjustice

    In the first place forcing people to buy health care through the government is unethical.Regulating the Greed of Health insurance companies is ethical.Obama care would of been okay if it came out of taxation and the purpose was to help citizens save money and not to help the greedy insurance companies to make profit

  • Paula

    Why do you let insurence companies to make profit On your health? To me, this is not moral. The exces of money should go into research. As long as somebody makes profit in health insurance industry, one cannot be assured that his/her insurence provider acts ethically in his/her behalf.

    I am afraid of this system built on greediness.

    Doctors are intelligent people. They should come up with solutions.

    • Jim Allen

      Doctors are smart people and should come up with something? What are you talking about? They are part of the problem. . .They are greedy bastards too. Two years ago my wife had an illness that required a hospital stay. Towards the end I poured over the bill, even though insurance would cover most of the cost. I was appalled. I get tired of an over-priced industry stating too that the uninsured drive up the cost for the rest of us. . .Liars! Period. Prior to WW2 there really wasn’t health insurance. The need arose when medical costs kept increasing. . .Anyway, luckily I knew a doctor on staff with a whole myriad of sins under his belt including adultery. . .Behind closed doors we discussed my wife’s medical bill. Funny how the costs of things suddenly went down when I suggested I could have my voice heard about airing some dirty laundry.

  • emilhay

    I am doing a research project on health insurance. Would anyone like to email me and give their opinion? @hazegal97@yahoo.com

  • Cedricus

    The Amazon book Natural Preventions and Cures tells it all.

  • Bridgette Hawks

    Interesting read, this article does seem a little one sided in its share of medical frustrations. I also would have liked to have seen some references on where you got your information to write your article and where you got your statistics from. 7 out of 10 deaths in the United States are caused by non-communicable diseases. If 7 out of every 10 deaths are caused by a preventable disease than it falls on to the American public to take better care of themselves, not to slam the health care industry for having to raise its prices to take care of obese, asthmatic, diabetics. Also, your statistic on how ONE billing medical advocate stated that 90 % of medical bills contained gross overcharges should not even have been included in this article. I can go out on the street and find one person to agree with me that liver is the most disgusting meat ever known to man. This would have been a more enjoyable debate if you had included better sources and statistics, and also had the downsides and upsides included.

  • arty

    only reason medical care is expensive is because of the health insurance industry. You got hundreds of thousands of workers who produce absolutely nothing make more money than doctors themselves.

    The real market price for health treatment is much lower than we all think. I work in a privately owned clinic, and my employer would easily charge smth like $100 for an hour of her time but unfortunately because many patients have insurance, that means she has to hire extra staff like me for the sole purpose of sending claims to insurance companies which is a very long and difficult process no doctor knows how to do

    hospitals and large medical facilities work under different laws, and I would never advise anyone uninsured to visit one. As they would seriously overcharge you. The reason they overcharge though is because they charge same insane amount to both insured and uninsured but the trick is the insurance companies would actually only pay a tiny fraction of what theyre being charged because they can decide what to pay and not to pay.

    What happens is in medical billing, every insurance company has its own ways of dealing with stuff. So the medical billing department in hospitals tries to charge as much as possible, to include as many procedures as possible in a claim, so that any given insurance company pays as much as possible. But the payment would still be only a tiny fraction what is charged. And this is where the high cost comes in to un-insured patients. Because they would be given that insane bill that would include any possible procedure.

    So if a hospital sees 2 different patients, one insured and another not insured, they’d both be billed say for 5k. The insurance company for the insured patient would only end up paying maybe about $800, but the non-insured person would have to pay the full 5k. And this is why insurance companies are mafia cartels, because they force high prices on those who refuse to join their system. And even those who do join, highly overpay in premiums (unless you get lucky and get really sick then your premiums might well be worth it)

    a minute in a hospital, simply laying, can cost more than flying in a helicopter. And an hour in an ambulance can be more expensive than flying in a space shuttle

    my advice though is dont get insurance and visit small private clinics for your health needs. Unless youre very sick all the time and have chronic conditions theres no way you should spend more than 1k a year. A complete physical for a woman at my clinic is only like $240. It’d be lower if we didnt have billing staff like me

  • arty

    also regarding pharmaceuticals, the same exact drugs vary highly in prices depending on the pharmacy. A drug in wal mart can cost $2 while the same drug in CVS can be $150

    also, many insurance drug coverage plans are actually stealing money from you when you buy drugs. For example, a plan may require you to spend $10 on a drug and it will cover the rest, but this same drug may cost you only $5 cash at a different pharmacy

    and no, this has nothing to do with a drug being brand or not. Iam talking about the same exact drugs here

    next time you decide to buy drugs, call around to different phamracies and awe in amazement at how vastly different they are in prices. Notably never shop in places like CVS. Their drugs can cost sometimes 50 times more than at costco. no kidding

  • This is interesting. I think what the problem is because the expensive price of current healthcare system. When someone go to doctor in US, they spend more than other people go to doctor in other countries. Of course this will lead to worse problem if it doesn’t taken care seriously.

  • Bob Dobbs

    The medical industry has no intention of keeping anyone healthy. (I don’t understand how they can dare call it ‘Health Care.’) Let’s just call a spade, a spade…. it’s a medical INDUSTRY, a medical MONOPOLY, a medical killing MACHINE that betrays their patient’s trust thru misinformation, fear-mongering and by the destruction of all viable health alternatives that are non-toxic.

    Check out the youtube video “Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business.”

    I’m sure that many of the doctors mean well, but they only know what they were taught in medical school, and much of that info is manipulated (from the very top) with an ‘agenda’ in mind. The agenda: Big money. Life-time customers. I won’t even call them ‘patients,’ a better (unfortunately true) word would be ‘suckers.’ 

If everyone was healthy there would be no money to be made!

    If you look deep into the subject, you’ll see that many pharmaceuticals and medical procedures cause long term health problems, ensuring the medical industry a ‘loyal customer for the rest of their life.’ (Not all, mind you, but many!) That’s how they trick people into believing in their ‘system.’ Help a few, for awhile… and (accidentally?) maim or kill the rest. 

    The US media has been promoting the medical industry since the 1980s when broadcasting regulations were revised permitting medical/pharmaceutical TV commercials. I met an audio engineer who had a job inserting subliminal audio into TV commercials for decades. Subliminal audio and visual was NEVER made illegal in the US by the way – I was surprised to find that ‘fact’ recently. 

Can you imagine why so many people, who are glued to their TV sets, day and night for the past 30 years, totally trust and believe in ‘their’ beloved medical system?

    In the future, when a new audio technology is developed, one that will enable the subliminal audio hidden in the low frequencies of medical TV commercials to be extracted (at this point it is not possible as far as I know) I will NOT be surprised to find the words “Trust your Doctor” and “Ask your Doctor” buried repeatedly in the audio of the past 30 years of big pharma advertising.

    The best option is to take control of your health (don’t give it blindly to some guy in a white coat) and study nutrition and healing. I know it’s a life time endeavor but in the long run very satisfying. I remember a ‘well-meaning’ doctor informing me about 40 years ago: “You’ll have to take this medication for the rest of your life.“ That was my first clue that something was wrong with that system. My second clue was when another one said, “It doesn’t matter what you eat. Eat whatever you want.” And THAT is the path to medical ‘addiction.’

    And please STOP watching your TV. Can you imagine how powerful the subliminal audio technology has become over the past decades? Why is it that when I search on the internet for ‘subliminal audio’ most of the info that pops up is of the old 1950s subliminal audio history? I can guarantee you that the ‘industry’ is wielding highly advance and sophisticated technological subliminal ‘Audio Persuasion’ on everyone’s digital TVs.