22 Signs That Barack Obama Is Transforming America Into A Larger Version Of North Korea

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Obama ChristIf there is one country in the world that you would not want to live in, it would be North Korea.  Unfortunately, the United States of America is becoming more like North Korea with each passing day.  North Korea is a totalitarian police state hellhole where the state rules supreme, the “leader” is lavishly worshipped, no dissent is tolerated, and the government micromanages everything.  America is supposed to be the opposite of that, but now Barack Obama is implementing his version of “change” and he has promised to engage in the “remaking” of this nation and to transform it “brick by brick“.  A tremendous “cult of personality” has been built up around Obama, and under his leadership the U.S. government has become larger and more repressive than ever before.  But do we really want to “change” America so that it more closely resembles totalitarian regimes such as North Korea, communist China, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany?  After all, all of those regimes have a nightmarish history of brutality and death.  Even today, there are starving North Koreans that are eating their own children.  Is that really where we want to end up as a nation?


The truth is that we desperately need to take America in the opposite direction of where Barack Obama is trying to take us.  We need a much smaller federal government, a much greater emphasis on freedom and liberty, a return to true free market capitalism, and politicians that are willing to take a low profile and that are actually there to serve the American people.

But what we need and what we are getting are two very different things.

The following are 22 signs that Barack Obama is transforming America into a larger version of North Korea…

#1 Obama has appointed numerous socialists and communists to important positions in his administration.  The following are just a few examples that were highlighted in a recent article by John Perazzo

  • Obama named Van Jones, a longtime revolutionary communist who famously declared that “we [are] gonna change the whole [economic] system,” as his “green jobs czar” in 2009;
  • he appointed Carol Browner, a former “commissioner” of the Socialist International, as his “environment czar”;
  • he appointed John Holdren, who not only views capitalism as a system that is inherently destructive of the environment, but strongly favors the redistribution of wealth, both within the U.S. and across international borders, as his “science czar”;
  • he named Hilda Solis, a former officer of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (the socialist wing of the House of Representatives), as his labor secretary;
  • and he chose Anita Dunn, a woman who has cited Mao Zedong as one of her “favorite political philosophers,” to serve as White House communications director.

#2 As Paul Roderick Gregory demonstrated in an outstanding article for Forbes, Barack Obama’s economic agenda matches the November 2011 Declaration of Principles of the Party of European Socialists almost point for point.

#3 If a totalitarian regime is going to be successful, it needs a massive government bureaucracy to run things.  Today, the number of employees of the federal government is roughly equivalent to the entire population of the United States in 1776.

#4 In North Korea, dissent is brutally repressed.  In the United States, we have continued to move rapidly in that direction under Barack Obama.  In a recent article entitled “Obama’s War On Whistleblowers“, author Stephen Lendman wrote the following…

He said one thing. He did another. As president, he usurped diktat powers. He wages war on truth. He targets whistleblowers. He prioritizes surveillance powers.

They include warrantless wiretapping, accessing personal records, monitoring financial transactions, and tracking emails, Internet and cell phone use. It’s done lawlessly to gather secret evidence for prosecutions.

In his book “Necessary Secrets,” Gabriel Schoenfeld said he “presided over the most draconian crackdown on leaks in our history – even more so than Nixon.”

Rhetorically he supports civil liberties and transparency. “Such acts of courage and patriotism….should be encouraged rather than stifled,” he said.

At the same time, he betrayed the public trust. He targets free expression and dissent. He pursues police state prosecutions and intimidation.

He claims Justice Department immunity from illegal spying suits. He exceeds the worst of all previous administrations.

His national security state targets activists, political dissidents, anti-war protestors, Muslims, Latino immigrants, lawyers who defend them, whistleblowers, and investigative journalists.

Law Professor Jack Balkin expressed alarm, saying:

“We are witnessing the bipartisan normalization and legitimation of a national surveillance state.” Obama exceeded the worst of George Bush.

#5 Under Obama, the United States has been developing “Big Brother” surveillance technologies that dictators of the past never even dreamed were possible.  For example, a very highly sophisticated surveillance grid known as “Trapwire” is being installed in major cities and at “high value targets” all over the country.  Sadly, the mainstream media has not covered this at all, and most Americans still do not even realize that it exists.

#6 Under Obama, unmanned aerial vehicles are not just used for war anymore.  Police departments are now starting to deploy surveillance drones in the skies over their cities all over the nation.  In fact, this is something that the federal government is greatly encouraging.

#7 It was the Obama administration that came up with the “See Something, Say Something” campaign.  Now the federal government has even created an iPhone app that is designed to encourage all of us to take photos of “suspicious activity” and report our neighbors to the authorities.

#8 It was the Obama administration that first instituted “enhanced pat-downs” by TSA thugs at our airports.  As a result, countless numbers of men, women and children have had horrific experiences that they will remember for the rest of their lives.  You can read some of their horror stories right here.

#9 The U.S. military now has the authority to arrest American citizens and hold them indefinitely without trial.  The Obama administration has no problem with this horrible abuse of power.

#10 A key Obama ally in the U.S House of Representatives, Congressman José Serrano of New York, has introduced a measure that would repeal the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution so that Barack Obama can continue to run for additional terms as president after his second term ends.

#11 The “cult of personality” that has built up around Barack Obama is getting quite ridiculous.  Shortly after he won the recent election, actor Jamie Foxx referred to Barack Obama as “our Lord and Savior Barack Obama” during a television broadcast of the 2012 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Such “leader worship” would fit in very well in North Korea.

#12 Since Obama won in November, there has been an increasing number of incidences in which Obama has been referred to in religious terms.  For example, a recent Newsweek article referred to Barack Obama’s second term as “The Second Coming“.

#13 A painting by artist Michael D’Antuono that is now on display at Boston’s Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery recently made headlines all over the United States.  In the painting, Barack Obama is wearing a crown of thorns on his head and his arms are stretched out as if he was being crucified.  In the background of the painting is the presidential seal…

Obama As Jesus

#14 Relentless praise from the mainstream media played a huge role in each of Obama’s election victories.  The mainstream media is supposed to be objective, but there have been reports of members of the media “swooning” in his presence, and most mainstream news broadcasts leave little doubt that Obama is the “good guy” and anyone opposed to him is the “bad guy”.

#15 The Obama organization has tirelessly gathered data on potential voters.  At this point, the amount of information that the Obama campaign has compiled on the American people is absolutely frightening

If you voted this election season, President Obama almost certainly has a file on you. His vast campaign database includes information on voters’ magazine subscriptions, car registrations, housing values and hunting licenses, along with scores estimating how likely they were to cast ballots for his reelection.

#16 The Communist Party USA is cheering on Barack Obama’s efforts to disarm the American people.  According to one of their official publications, “the ability to live free from the fear or threat of gun violence is a fundamental democratic right — one that far supercedes any so-called personal gun rights allegedly contained in the Second Amendment.”

#17 Under Obama, the federal government is intruding in our personal lives like never before.  The following example is from a recent RT article

Smokers, beware: tobacco penalties under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act could subject millions of smokers to fees costing thousands of dollars, making healthcare more expensive for them than Americans with other unhealthy habits.

The Affordable Care Act, which critics have also called “Obamacare”, could subject smokers to premiums that are 50 percent higher than usual, starting next Jan 1. Health insurers will be allowed to charge smokers penalties that overweight Americans or those with other health conditions would not be subjected to.

A 60-year-old smoker could pay penalties as high as $5,100, in addition to the premiums, the Associated Press reports. A 55-year-old smoker’s penalty could reach $4,250. The older a smoker is, the higher the penalty will be.

#18 Just as in North Korea, our lives are being increasingly micromanaged by a government that is packed with control freaks.  At this point they even are telling us what kind of light bulbs we are allowed to buy.

#19 Federal agencies have become increasingly brutal under Obama.  For example, if you milk your cow and sell some of that milk to your neighbor next door, you could end up having your home raided by federal agents.

#20 Obama has gone to great lengths to demonize his opposition.  Since he has been president, numerous government papers, studies and reports have been released that identify groups of people that are opposed to Obama as “potential terrorists”.  Some of the groups targeted as “potential terrorists” include those that “revere individual liberty”, “conspiracy theorists”, “returning veterans”, anti-abortion activists, those that visit “extremist websites”, those that are “fiercely nationalistic”, those that “believe in the right to bear arms”, anyone that is opposed to illegal immigration, anyone that is anti-UN, and anyone that is “suspicious of centralized federal authority”.  For much more on this, please see this article.

#21 Obama’s abuse of power is not just limited to the United States.  The truth is that he has increasingly been acting like some type of imperial ruler that gets to tell everyone else in the world what they are supposed to do.  For example, according to a recent WND article Obama has actually promised to give eastern Jerusalem to the Palestinians even though Israel has already said that they will agree to no such thing…

Now that he has secured his second term, President Barack Obama has already secretly pledged to the Palestinians he will press Israel into a new round of so-called land-for-peace negotiations, a top Palestinian Authority negotiator told WND.

The negotiator said top members of the Obama administration told the Palestinians the U.S. president will renew talks aimed at creating a Palestinian state in the so-called 1967 borders – meaning in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and, notably, eastern Jerusalem.

#22 Many Obama supporters are becoming enamored with the idea that we should either start ignoring the Constitution or that we should get rid of it entirely.  For example, Georgetown law professor Louis Michael Seidman recently appeared on CBS and said the following to the American people…

“I’ve got a simple idea: Let’s give up on the Constitution. I know, it sounds radical, but it’s really not.”

Hey, if we got rid of the pesky Constitution, we could have a dictatorship just like North Korea does!

Barack Obama could be our king, our lord and our savior for decades!

Of course I am being sarcastic, but this is the kind of dangerous thinking that leads to tyranny.

Let us learn the hard lessons that history has tried to teach us.  We don’t want to go down the same path that North Korea, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and communist China have traveled.

There is an absolutely amazing National Geographic documentary that shows what life is like inside North Korea.  You can view it on YouTube right here.  We don’t want our children and our grandchildren to someday live in a nation like that.

Freedom and liberty are precious things.  They are very hard to win, and they are very easy to lose.

Let us not be the generation that loses everything that our forefathers worked so hard to build.

North Korea Poster

  • Colin

    As one of your sources stated, this is a bipartisanship attack on our civil liberties. Where is the ire for your conservative brothers and sisters?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      When George W. Bush was in the White House I was very, very critical of his attacks on our liberties.


      • Anon

        Hey, can you give me the .gov link to the page(s) about banning lightbulbs?

      • 2Gary2

        just not as critical as you are on Obama.

        • Hammerstrike

          Obama has done more than Bush.

          Remember, the rich got richer faster under Obama than under Bush.

          • Gay Veteran

            Obama is worse than Bush because Obama has given the bipartisan seal of approval to all that Bush did.
            There is NO real difference between the parties.

      • Gay Veteran

        I agree with most of your list. But not:
        “he appointed John Holdren, who not only views capitalism as a system that is inherently destructive of the environment, but strongly favors the redistribution of wealth, both within the U.S. and across international borders, as his “science czar””
        Capitalism HAS been extremely destructive to the environment.

      • Gay Veteran

        “Now that he has secured his second term, President Barack Obama has already secretly pledged to the Palestinians he will press Israel into a new round of so-called land-for-peace negotiations, a top Palestinian Authority negotiator told WND.”
        BRAVO! If the Israeli government wants to continue STEALING Palestinian land then they can do so WITHOUT American foreign aid and American weapons.

  • America is in worse shape than NK for a long long time. Its just the media propaganda and Hollywood that keeps the fake American dream alive. Just few point to convince you that NK is way better than America in many spheres.

    1. In NK weed is legal. YES. You can smoke marijuana in NK, there are no laws against smoking weed. This point itself would propel NK into a heaven for majority of Americans :)

    2. NK has the lowest Autism rate in the whole world. One of the lowest cancer rate in the whole world. They don’t allow Vaccines and medical mafia like pfizer, bayer into NK to make trillions out of misery of human beings.

    3. NKorean foods are all natural, meaning, there is not even a concept of Organic vs GMO debate, which takes half the life of an average American. In NK, its taken that all food they get is GMO free.They don’t allow vultures like monsanto in NK.

    4. The government does not put fluoride into civil water supplies in NK unlike in US.

    5. NK has NO wall street. NO Federal Reserve. No parasitic senate, No political drama called republican vs democratic dog and puny show, when everyone knows they are one and the same thingy called Evil.

    6. In NK there is no IRS. Single tax rate system

    7. NK has NIL teen pregnancy compare to America, take that with NO chlamydia to go around with. 99% of NKoreans are chlamydia, herpes free :)

    8. There are no cops aka bullies aka TSA in NK. Yes, your kids can open a lemonade stand in NKorea with ease and you can grow vegetables, milk your cows and share it with your neighbor in NK.

    9. NKorean cities are way safer than American cities. You can go out freely anywhere in NK and you would be sure to return in one piece.

    10. NK has negligible prison population compared to over 7 million in America.

    11. Over 90% of North Koreans live in concrete homes.

    and many many more….NKoeans eating children is yet another propaganda from the western media. They will never ever tell you the good things in NK. They are just distracting you while creating hell in America.

  • Oboemel

    Am I on file now for visiting this site?
    Do I have the right to see my file?
    Can I ask it to be deleted?
    Where is my consent?

  • I think the vote on laws that do away with our civil liberties was bipartisan and over 300 votes to do so.

    Even though the vote was public, do you know how your representative voted?
    I doubt it. The media is owned body and soul by about 6% of the people. That is Pravada and Pravada will never tell.
    The problem is the Democrat and Republican Party owns the election process at the state level. No other party will ever get a majority in the Congress under the current rules. The democrat/republican party owns it.

    I call it like it is. Despite arguing over issues, it is really one party in control. Has been that way for many years. That is why over 300 people voted the way they did. Take a good look, because those people control our lives. I think it is beyond fixing at this point.

    So when the entire thing comes down amongst their ears, we will all have to start over again. You will still be given the choice of too very unqualified candidates just like we have in the past.

    In the past, we have had many peaceful destruction of the existing power structure of political parties. That all changed with the current scheme of things. And that scheme is over 100 years old.
    The only hope that we have is for those parties to be infiltrated with new blood and new ideas that actually work.
    Lots of luck with that happening.

  • Anon


    But this articles timing couldn’t be worse. America bakes twitter when France what’s the personal info of people who spout racist stuff? France and Germaine’s are the countries we should look out for. I mean, France is traveling a slippery slope, deleting racist comments on twitter. Next it will be deleting comments that say France is a bad place. Don’t look to America for emerging totalitarian states, look to Europe.

    • Anon

      Also, ever heard of a joke? Our “Obama is our savior” is a meme, a popular joke. It goes along with Nyah cat and gangnam style. It will pass. Also, you people have problems with two things, one is taking things out of context, the other is having difficulty differing between humor an seriousness. If I said, “lets all go and hang a Obama for dictator out my window” you’d take it seriously. It’s a joke, sillys!

  • GingerReddawn Hammradio

    I was a very, very, naughty lady this week. I purchased many, upon many, Incandescent Light Bulbs. I placed them in many, small table lambs. I enjoyed the warm glow on my living room wall. I had fun twisting each bulb in anticipation of pulling the chain, and seeing the beauty of the 40 watt bulb! I have a secret supplier. They only cost $1.00 , I only drive a few blocks. I am a bad ass!! I will not be a good slave! I got a fat paycheck, and a small grocery cart! Its goin down again! I will fill up my cart. I willstay true to The Incandescent Light Bulb, until the nazis take them away. Then in my sorrow, i will write in my Diary, how beautiful The Incandescent Sincerely Was!!

  • Anon

    First person to reply to my posts get a cookie!

    • HecatesMoon

      Ummm…what kind of cookie?

      • Anon

        A imaginary cookie.

        • HecatesMoon

          ….Nobody likes an imaginary cookie. >:(

      • Tracking cookie?

  • Anon

    What did the Whitehorse ban?

  • felicityva

    If it is so great over there, don’t you think Obama and Company would be touting it as an example by which America should live? Why haven’t we heard about these ‘good things’ from someone who has actually ‘lived’ it.?

  • 2Gary2

    Van Jones is a brilliant man smarter than ANY conservative. I realize that is a low bar to get over.

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–must be a slow news day. No one has EVER said they want this country to be like N. Korea. You are starting to sound like those low information posters who call everything they do not understand communism.

    If Obama is socialist he is a pretty bad one–business sitting on record profits, the rich still not paying their fair share in taxes, no single payer.

    What you say may make a good headline for the uninformed but any serious look at things will show OBAMA IS A MODERATE REPUBLICAN.

    • Colin

      On Real Time with Bill Maher, President Obama has been compared to a Gerald Ford-type Republican. The problem is that the right has moved onward toward extremism on their side, and the Democrats have moved in that direction in response.

  • Jodi

    We need a new party, ASAP!

  • Cassy_Again

    “Today, the number of employees of the federal government is roughly equivalent to the entire population of the United States in 1776.”

    Using this to support your claim isn’t even logical.

  • A.S.

    The repeal of the 22nd Amendment, limiting Presidential terms, is the most dangerous on the list. I feel this will happen within 2 years, right after the next Senatorial/Representative elections. So, say goodbye to America 100% for sure, once they ultra-liberal communists get into office.

    And you know what else, in number 20, I believe and am all of them, except being a veteran. So, whoever is listening, come and get me! I am a dangerous terrorist according to DHS, because I believe in:
    1. the liberties the forefathers gave is ultimate freedom.
    2. various conspiracy theories
    3. anti-abortion laws
    4. freedom to write and visit websites such as these
    5. being nationalistic and isolationist (e.g. all of the wars the U.S. are in are unconstitutional and illegal)
    6. gun ownership.
    7. legal immigration and the fining, jailing, and then deporting of ALL illegal persons, no matter where they came from!
    8. the U.S. not even being a member of the U.N.; in fact the U.S. should kick the U.N. out of our territory ASAP!
    9. de-centralized federal authority; meaning the U.S. gov’t should be as small as possible.
    10. the U.S. minting its own non-paper currency, and that is also debt-free and interest-free, just like the U.S. Constitution mandated the U.S. Treasury to do. (not mentioned above, but possibly a terrorist activity).
    So yes, according to my admitting my crimes against humanity, come and arrest me for being an honest, upright, freedom-loving, human-caring, G-d fearing person!

    • Stephanie White

      That was the only one that I didn’t have either :)

      • Colin

        Repealing an amendment requires the consent of 38 states. There are 28 Republican-controlled states. I think it’s safe to say that none of these states would support a repeal. This leaves 22 states. Some of these states are controlled by conservative Democrats, who lean Republican. In other words, there isn’t the votes needed to repeal this amendment.

        • 2Gary2

          It does make a good headline for Michael though!

        • Activist

          Why do you believe that the vote tallies we’re being told are true? Living where I do, I know for certain that votes aren’t being honestly counted. Voting is just opium for the masses.

          More direct (nonviolent) action is needed to defend and maintain our Republic and our Rights. Citizens’ arrests of all public officials who are clearly violating the Constitution would be a good start. Just occupy their offices, disrupt their lines of communications, don’t let them sign anything or make their meetings, etc. until they demonstrate that they know their duties under the Consitution and are willing to fulfill them.


          He could use his executive order. There is a bill called PDD-51, I believe that is what it is called that gives him executive power to stay in office in the event of natural disaster, such as civil unrest (which could be started by him and his gov.’t. with all the ammunition and weapons they are buying), war, etc. Look up Operation Garden Plot for some interesting reading on things he could do under executive order. Also, look up assigned concentration camps for each state. It’s coming folks. Get ready.

    • Gay Veteran

      “…because I believe in:
      1. the liberties the forefathers gave is ultimate freedom…
      3. anti-abortion laws….”
      to be free means you control your own body, thus anti-abortion laws LIMIT freedom. In fact, they turn women into slaves.

      • Aonia

        Women who abort the children they irresponsibly conceived are are bunch of selfish whores. They care more about their “right” to control their own bodies. How bout thing begin by keeping those legs closed to every thing that has a penis? That would be the best place to claim control Secondly, stop forcing others to be complicit in the murder of your child.

        • Woman

          What about those women who choose to abort a pregnancy due to rape or other unforseen circumstances..don’t be so quick to judge what a women does with her body is choice..

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The Banana Republic of America (the Third World hellhole that used to be Gli Stati Uniti) is not moving in the
    direction of North Korea or embracing the failed Marxist-Leninist model. But as Gerald Celente has often warned us, the BRA is most definitely moving in the direction of the failed FASCIST model of Il Duce, El Generalissimo, Pinochet, Peron, Trujillo, Duvalier (Papa Doc and Baby Doc) and Somoza (el padre y el hijo también). Benito Mussolini, Il Duce himself, defined fascism as the merger of state and corporate power, which is exactly what we are seeing in the BRA. The criminal regime of George Dumb-Ya Bush
    rejected true capitalism, trashed the Constitution and turned us into a fascist/corporatist state—and his successor, Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama, has continued Dumb-Ya’s corporatist policies. The nightmare that the BRA is
    experiencing is not “communism” or “socialism” any more than it is “free enterprise,” “rugged individualism” or true capitalism.” This is raw, naked, jackbooted fascism, and as tight as the noose is now, it will be getting much tig0hter.

    These informative but troubling quotes shed some light on what has happened to the BRA:

    “Los Estados Unidos has turned into a banana republic, a fascist banana republic.”—Gerald Celente

    “This isn’t communism, as people say. It’s fascism, the merger of state and corporate powers. And we’ve been merged. We’ve been merged with the bailouts. We’ve been
    merged with the buyouts. We’ve been merged with the rescue plans. This isn’t a free country anymore. And I fear for what is going to happen in the future.”—Gerald Celente

    “This isn’t capitalism. In capitalism, no one is too big
    to fail. This is fascism.” —Gerald Celente

    “You can sum up what has killed capitalism in four
    words: too big to fail.” —Gerald Celente

    “We’re getting raped in broad daylight by the money changers and the loansharks—or as they like to call
    themselves today, bankers.”—Gerald Celente

    “It’s Fascism 2.0, the merger of state and corporate powers. Next train to Auschwitz, all aboard! No need to worry about those calories—kiss them goodbye.”—Gerald Celente

    “The New York Fed is one of the linchpin crime syndicate hubs. Timothy Geithner comes out of that crime syndicate.”—Max Keiser

    “Barack Obama is so dangerous because he makes people that are traditionally anti-torture, anti-war, anti-police state just say, ‘Hey, I want NDAA. I want troops on the street. I want TSA sticking their hands down our pants. I want banker bailouts because it’s Obama.’ And strong conservatives went to sleep under Bush because hey, he’s a Republican.”—Alex Jones

    “The problem is not capitalism. It’s monopoly capitalism.”—Alex Jones

    “We are going into a classical tyranny. No one can deny it.”—Alex Jones

    “The corporate state doesn’t want free market competition.
    It’s coming in with regulations shutting down what is left of our industry. It’s a cold-blooded, systematic, military-style takeover.”—Alex Jones

    “The world is kind of waking up to the fact that the
    United States has been seized by very evil forces.”—Alex Jones

    “The game is over. We lost. The corporate state will continue its inexorable advance until two-thirds of the nation and the planet is locked into a desperate, permanent underclass.”—Chris Hedges

    “When there’s a night raid in Oakland in the War on Drugs,
    it looks no different from a night raid in Fallujah. You see command helicopters, militarized command centers, men dressed in black carrying m-16s. And that’s the point: as the disintegration continues, the more brutal forms of control that are used on the outer reaches of empire migrate back to the heart of empire.” —Chris Hedges

    “The assault on civil liberties, which began under the
    Bush Administration, has in fact been accelerated under the Obama Administration. It’s worse under Obama than under Bush.”—Chris Hedges

    “We have a completely screwed up economy because the Fed won’t let the market correct the damage.”—Peter Schiff

    “You can do real time in jail in America for all
    kinds of ridiculous offenses. Here we have a bank that laundered $800 million of drug money, and they can’t find a way to put anybody in jail for that. That sends an incredible message, not just to the financial sector but to everybody.
    It’s an obvious, clear double standard, where one set of people gets to break the rules as much as they want and another set of people can’t break any rules at all without going to jail.”—Matt Taibbi

    “All the themes of incipient fascism are present, to some degree, in our present-day political culture: the fear of The
    Other, the need for a powerless scapegoat, including the theme of expansionism.”—Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com

    “We can expect a continuous and dangerous march towards corporatism and even fascism with even more loss of our liberties. Prosperity for our large middle class, though, will become an abstract dream.”—Ron Paul

    “All the two parties are fighting for is who gets to be the whore, the prostitute for the interest groups.”—Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    “It is becoming increasingly impossible in America to get a good job without being connected to the system that serves
    the elites.”—Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    Some Republi-Cons and Democraps will describe Celente, Jones, Hedges, Roberts, Schiff, Keiser and Raimondo as alarmists or providers of “pessimism porn.” I, on the other hand, think all of them have a very good handle on what is happening in the BRA—and what’s happening is not pretty (unless, of course, one has a fetish for Gen. Pinochet, Gen. Franco or Il Duce). Benvenuti al inferno. Benvenuti tutti alla Repubblica Banana d’America, incubo fascista del terzo mondo. Che dio ci aiuti.

  • Hammerstrike

    “Even today, there are starving North Koreans that are eating their own children. Is that really where we want to end up as a nation?”

    Let´s check it out.

    The Sunday Times told how undercover reporters recorded several horror stories from inside the poverty-stricken nation.

    Gott in himmel! Really? Undercover reporters?

    Michael, you really should know better than believe what the lamestream medias say.

    They couldn´t even get the facts about Zimmerman straight despite months of reporting, they outright lied about the Connecticus Shooting because they where incapable and unwilling to do even basic journalistic work and yet…
    Yet, we are supposed to believe they would have successfully infiltrated one of the most guarded and foreign-closed states in the entire world?
    What next, Kim Jong-Un in league with the moon nazis?

  • Anon

    It has begun, in Hawaii (my home state) they have started a “gun buy-back” program, tricking unwitting Americans into selling their freedoms. I was wrong, OBAMA IS EVIL! (I’m still not Christian though)

    • Anon

      Sorry, it’s still anon, but I can’t log in, lol

      • THEanon

        I crated a new account, this SHOULD work.

    • Slappy

      All gun buy backs do is remove guns from those who don’t need them. Only a moron sells a firearm for 25-50$ when even a Lorcin or a Raven would probably sell in this day and age.

  • Kritischer_Realist

    What America needs is a new Joseph McCarthy!

  • anymous

    the only way to. get rid of the constitution is for everyone to not vote. the rule is that whoever gets more votes wins. if nobody votes nobody wins. at least if there a high percentage of non-voters,people migth spark. The constitution is not by the people, for the people and with the people. Get rid of them. i believe people you says Canada sucks are just jealous because we have a better and financially, economy and health is better. Screw the constitution. They charged water in countries where a family can afford 2 toilet plushes.

  • Slappy

    And yet, for all these entries, we are not North Korea. For one, only a minority of O-bots really believe Barry is anything more than an incompetent out-of-his-depth twit who benefited from the sweetest press treatment ever. Everyone else knows he’s a joke. The rest of the world knows he’s a joke. History will know he was a joke.

    As for the socialism-everyone should have known about that as soon as he came out. It was plainly obvious he was a socialist from the start. If his own words weren’t sufficient, his associates should have been enough. Thankfully, even Americans were upset enough to get Van Jones removed.

    Actually, what we are becoming is a fascist nation. Perhaps Obama is too beholden to TPTB to be a pure socialist or perhaps he’s just in love with money, but the nation is becoming fascist. While the difference between a fascist nation and a communist nation isn’t very great, it is worth noting.

    Mussolini stated when he created fascism that he wasn’t interested in world revolution-he wanted a nationalist socialism for Italy. And he got it. He is also reputed to have said, “Fascism is better known as corporatism, since it is the perfect melding of business and the government.” Can anyone deny that our government and big business are in bed with each other?

    Following this argument, you can prove Obama is a fascist-where are the prosecutions for the bankers and wall streeters who created the economic crisis? When did MF Global’s billion dollar looter, Jon Corsine, get indicted? (never) And why didn’t anyone get punished for the LIBOR rigging scandal or the Linda Green fraudgages? Because the government and big business are turned against the rest of us. Put on a black shirt and join the party.

    I wouldn’t worry about the 22nd amendment being removed-they would never be able to get the votes and if they tried to have a Constitutional Congress, the sheer number of other axes being ground would lead to chaos and, possibly, secession.

    In any case, this whole thing is doomed once the economy collapses. We’re going to be too busy being Zimbabwe to worry about trying to do anything else. Russia showed it’s hard to keep your government apparatus running in an economic collapse.

  • Slappy

    Oh My God. You, Sir, are THE master! You work irony like Picasso worked paints.

  • I MISS MY FREEDOMS !! If only the U.S. Constitution was not in the way we would already be like N.Korea.
    A TIME TO STAND by Oliver is a must read book about good Americans taking a stand against federal tyranny so I recommend it.
    We need to shaking hands and not shaking fists at each other and unite to live a free life as we once had.

    • Kritischer_Realist

      Big government FORCES you to pay for the healthcare of other people – with your tax money. In times more honest this was called SOCIALISM.

  • Abby

    Micheal- I’ve cut & paste parts of an article that you may be aware of- but the readers may not. Keep in mind for those calling you an idiot. Again- this was an interview with someone inside the administration. I’ll give you the web address if you need it.

    “January 23, something called “the Cyber-Warriors for Obama Project” was activated…..as I said, these “kids,” or young people I believe, are known collectively as “Cyber-Warriors for Obama.” They are told: “And the truth shall set you free.” Truth? Really? They were hired on their hacking abilities, or more precisely on their abilities to make postings through proxy servers and effectively use alternate identities and multiple e-mail addresses. Their purpose is to spread disinformation, not truth………. “Divert, Disrupt and Destroy,”….. which included statistics, specific language to use to marginalize different posters, and effective methods to discredit people while maintaining a sense of legitimacy…… through the use of Internet aliases, multiple e-mail addresses, and screen names, a project that employs 3,575 people will have the appearance and effectiveness of maybe 10,000 or more different people. Being paid just over minimum wage, they work from home and have no overhead. Targets are religious sites, conservative Internet sites, birther sites, pro-gun sites, anti-abortion sites. They are to infiltrate web forums, collect screen names, avatars, and posters’ tag lines, and attempt to resolve these to their actual identities.”

    Scary tactics to use on fellow Americans- yet I doubt this administration wouldn’t stoop this low. Keep this in mind for those calling your articles rubbish.

  • Madashel

    Don’t get yourself too concerned about whether or not Obama can get the 22nd amendment repealed, he doesn’t need to, since he will declare marshal law before the end of his term. He is already setting the stage for it now.

  • These new “lightbulbs” are for your own good

  • Kirk

    Until people wake up, get their heads out of their collective asses and face consciously the reality of what is happening in this country…we are helpless. People MUST face this…and realize that it is a call to come “COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY”. The country is being decimated right in front of our eyes. If we do nothing….we will go down in history as the stupidest fools to ever exist and the future generations will pay the price. They will hate us because we let them down. It’s time to grab courage by the balls and take a stand. Because pretty soon….we won’t have the choice at all.