21 Signs That Americans Are The Unhappiest People In The Entire World

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Sad - Public DomainHow can we possibly be so miserably unhappy?  For a nation that supposedly “has it all”, we sure are depressed.  In America today, suicide rates are soaring, antidepressant use is skyrocketing and virtually every new survey that comes out shows that we are deeply dissatisfied about something.  But we live at a time when there are more things to enjoy than ever before.  When I was growing up there was only a handful of television channels to choose from, but now there are hundreds.  We have more movies than we could ever possibly watch, more books than we could ever possibly read, and the greatest video games ever made are at our fingertips.  With all of the entertainment that surrounds us, you would think that Americans would be happier than ever before, and yet we continue to become even more depressed.  Everywhere I go, I see people that look like they have had the life completely sucked out of them.  So why is this happening?  The following are 21 signs that Americans are the unhappiest people in the entire world…


#1 A scientific study that was just released found that U.S. adults are becoming less happy over the years

“Adults over 30 are less happy than their predecessors,” concludes a study published online Thursday in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science, which examined happiness data from more than 50,000 adults, gleaned from the General Social Survey, carried out by NORC at the University of Chicago, a nonpartisan, independent research organization, which has collected information about American adults since 1972.

From 2010 to 2014, adults over 30 had an average happiness score of just 2.18, compared with 2.24 a decade ago. That’s significant considering happiness scores were measured on a tiny scale from just 1 to 3, with 1 being “not too happy” and 3 being “very happy.”

#2 Young people are also becoming increasingly depressed.  Just check out what one study conducted at San Diego State University discovered

Americans are more depressed now than they have been in decades, a recent study has found. San Diego State University (SDSU) psychology professor Jean M. Twenge analyzed data from nearly 7 million adolescents and adults from across the country and found that more people reported symptoms of depression — including sleeplessness and trouble concentrating — compared to the 1980s.

Twenge’s findings show that teenagers in the 2010s experience memory trouble 38 percent more often than their 1980s counterparts. Teens are also 74 percent more likely to have trouble sleeping and twice as likely to see a professional for mental health issues. College students in the study reported feeling overwhelmed by academic and personal demands 50 percent more often than their 1980s counterparts.

#3 Back in 1987, 61.1 percent of all Americans reported being happy at work.  Today, 52.3 percent of all Americans say that they are unhappy at work.

#4 A different survey found that 70 percent of all Americans do not “feel engaged or inspired at their jobs”.

#5 One survey of 50-year-old men in the U.S. found that only 12 percent of them said that they were “very happy”.

#6 The number of Americans diagnosed with depression increases by about 20 percent each year.

#7 According to the New York Times, more than 30 million Americans take antidepressants.

#8 Doctors in the United States write more than 250 million prescriptions for antidepressants each year.

#9 The rate of antidepressant use among middle aged women is far higher than for the population as a whole.  It is hard to believe, but right now one out of every four women in their 40s and 50s is taking an antidepressant medication.

#10 Compared to children in Europe, children in the United States are three times more likely to be prescribed antidepressants.

#11 In America today, there are 60 million people that abuse alcohol and there are 22 million people that use illegal drugs.

#12 America has the highest rate of illegal drug use on the entire planet.

#13 One recent poll found that 71 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction that things are going in this country.

#14 America has the highest divorce rate in the world by a wide margin.

#15 America has the highest percentage of one person households on the entire planet.

#16 100 years ago, 4.52 people were living in the average U.S. household, but now the average U.S. household only consists of 2.59 people.

#17 According to the Pew Research Center, only 51 percent of all American adults are married.  Back in 1960, 72 percent of all adults in the United States were married.

#18 The suicide rate in the United States is now the highest that it has been in 25 years.

#19 According to one absolutely shocking study, 22 military veterans kill themselves in the United States every single day.

#20 The suicide rate for Americans between the ages of 35 and 64 rose by close to 30 percent between 1999 and 2010.  The number of Americans that are killed by suicide now exceeds the number of Americans that die as a result of automobile accidents every year.

#21 The rate of suicide is highest during the holidays that come at the end of the year, and 45 percent of all Americans say that they dread the Christmas season.  The following comes from a Psychology Today article

We are told that Christmas, for Christians, should be the happiest time of year, an opportunity to be joyful and grateful with family, friends and colleagues. Yet, according to the National Institute of Health, Christmas is the time of year that people experience the highest incidence of depression. Hospitals and police forces report the highest incidences of suicide and attempted suicide. Psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals report a significant increase in patients complaining about depression. One North American survey reported that 45% of respondents dreaded the festive season.

So why in the world is this happening?

We have one of the highest standards of living in the world and we are surrounded by massive amounts of entertainment.

Yet we are severely depressed.

And during the “happiest time of the year” we get even more depressed.

Clearly something has gone very wrong.

Even more entertainment is not going to fix us, and neither will more drugging.

So what will finally make us happy?

Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…

  • Jim HIckey


    One might go on and on. And on.

    However, here is one possible prescription. My wife and I make art with messages like this.

    Our “Ten New Commandments” guarantees the highest rate of happiness attainable in any given situation. Or at least that’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

    So here they are! We post them in our Daily Links the first weekday of every month now.

    Thought for the Day

    At the first of every month, a sober reflection on the current pass might repeatedly yield Ten New Commandments for us to follow:

    1. The Golden Rule Reigns Supreme.

    2. All Children Receive Priority.

    3. All Who Work Are Welcome.

    4. All Who Work Are Equal.

    5. All Who Work Have Responsibilities & Rights.

    6. All Who Work Receive Benefits & Provide Support for Others.

    7. All Who Work Own Everything That Labor Transforms.

    8. All Who Work Are Family.

    9. All Beliefs, Congruent with the Golden Rule, Are Welcome.

    10. All Other Matters Are Negotiable.

    • LFRD

      Very reflective & well thought out. Good rules.

  • Kim

    Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need. . .

  • MaxRockatansky33

    Effect of rat race, consumptionism and bad diet (including more and more chemicals put in our food, GMO, fluoride in water). And also – if you have all things you want you won’t be happy after longer time. Why so many celebrities and rich are massively abusing alcohol and drugs?

    • RTL89

      Agree 100% with this. Especially with regards to the rat race aspect of it, since now it’s harder than ever to keep up.. but people are made to feel worthless if they don’t. I’d also have to say that another reason is the social isolation/withdrawal from each other, but I guess this goes hand in hand with the rat race stigma.. It’s no wonder we’re depressed

      • Don’t bother trying to “keep up.” It’s a losers game. Just be happy with what you got; in fact, people should strive to get by on as little as possible. And STOP watching the news!

  • Scott

    Unhappiest in the World? We’ve certainly become unhappy but I’m not sure how we compare to people in North Korea for example.

    • krinks

      …or a Christian in a Muslim nation.

  • Preacher62

    The only true happiness to be found comes from the transformation of the heart performed by Jesus Christ. Those without Christ look for happiness in created things; more money, more security, better health, more recreation, more entertainment, better love life, more stuff, etc. These created things do not bring happiness, only a desire for more created things. It is only when a person denies their own wants and commits their life to the glory of and service to God that true fulfillment and thus true happiness can be found. I know who I belong to and I know where I am going and there is nothing on this earth that I need to bring me happiness apart from that. “For it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me”. Seek God’s kingdom and righteousness and only then will true happiness be yours.

  • science kills

    GMOs, pharmaceutical drugs, microwaves from cell phone and other wireless stuff. Cell towers EVERYWHERE.

  • Robert

    I am old. In my opinion people are more unhappy for several reasons IF the article written above is true.

    I think we are in information overload and are overwhelmed with bad news. Instantly. There is no more slow reading of the Sunday paper. No more easy evening chats with friends on a summer evening. Everything is now and in your face. Rat race is a good metaphor.

    People have come to realize that their opportunities for success have diminished or vanished. White males are now the enemy. Too many ethnic and cultural agendas. Too much adaptation demanded.

    Too many drugs and too easy an access to them. Junkie society with illegal and legal drugs.

    People are collectively losing their grip.

    • Eddishun

      I’d add that maybe filling your life with work work work is not the answer, either, much as ppl push that. Clearly that doesn’t fulfill anyone with a soul. Like dude touched on, you need social and down time. You’d think it was sin now, to hear some talk. That’s what’s happening, and it will continue to happen, cuz we’re not designed to be robots. The mental conflict is killing ppl.

  • John Noyb

    No Jesus – No Peace. Know Jesus – Know Peace. It’s simple.

    • What about my savior, Ralph–the three legged Leprechaun who farts on children for good luck? No Ralph – No Farting on Children. Know Ralph – Know happy children.

  • Christine

    Nothing on this earth can compare to the ‘unspeakable joy’ of knowing by faith that the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ applies directly and eternally to me. Jesus was willing to endure the Cross so He could take my sin and give me His cloak of righteousness forever. Because of that selfless act, I am clean and white as snow before the Father, and can go to Him anytime, for any reason, and He hears me and welcomes me. Our eternal spirits were created for just this kind of intimacy with our Lord.

    For those of us who share that knowledge and hope, we look heaven-ward for the only true joy; to the faithful promise of Him Who created us, loves us, and is coming back for us! All else is sinking sand.

    • Paul F


    • krinks

      I was thinking this very thing when I got to the part about the over 50 crowd being mostly unhappy. Christ conquers all. I would think as you do that being 51 I am a whole lot closer to him than I used to be.

    • John Boyt

      Unless you ask for forgiveness everyday, then your sin for that day has not been paid for.

      Yahshua/Jesus died and paid for your sins that you repented of. Sins that we all commit every day either through commission or omission, still require forgiveness, and forgiveness is not given unless one asks for it.

      That is the reason it was stated in the ‘Lord’s prayer.’

      • iris

        David prayed to God about even the sins he was not aware of having committed. I believe the point is, that in Christ, ALL our sins are forgiven, if we have believed and received Him as God come in the flesh and our personal Savior. He died for sin, once for all, 2000 years ago. All people sin, Christians included, but when the Holy Spirit convicts us of one or more, we simply confess and ask for help, knowing that He is faithful to finish what He started in us as believers, to transform us into His image. It takes a lifetime, but it is His ongoing work in us. The Greek word for workmanship in Ephesians 2:10 is literally translated as poema, poem, or work of art. God is not holding a hammer over our heads once we come to faith, He is in us, delighting in us. It’s a love relationship, one which nothing can break, even when we are unfaithful or unbelieving. It’s about Him, more than us. My hope is in Him, not in my power, understanding or righteousness. God bless.

        • Christine

          Wonderfully put, Iris!

        • You committed sin by typing Christ’s name on a comment. You are, my friend, are a sinner. Me, not so much.

          • John Boyt

            Discuss Much, you are joking right? There is no where in scripture that its a sin to use the name of the Christ.

          • No I’m not joking. YOU obviously haven’t been reading your scripture. It clearly states “Don’t you the Lord’s (aka Jesus Christ) name on a comment thread on some blog.” I can’t be any more clear than that.

          • John Boyt

            Can you quote the exact scripture? Bet you can’t.

        • John Boyt

          Iris, I agree with what you said until you stated that nothing can break the relationship, even if we are unfaithful or unbelieving. This is not correct. Satan was and remains unfaithful even to this day.

      • Joe

        Who told you this drivel. You really need to seek His face more!

        • John Boyt

          The Bible. You should study it rather than just read over it.

          • Joe

            So your saying if I die today and didn’t ask forgiveness for a lie I said earlier in the day that I would lose my salvation and go to the lake of fire for all of eternity. Is that what you are saying?

          • John Boyt

            No. I am not saying that. For one, no one is going to hell for all eternity. This is a myth started by the Roman Catholics. Obviously if one is striving to overcome all sin, if by chance they die before praying for forgiveness, they will be given grace.

          • TomIron361

            Live each days as if it were your last because some one of these days will be your last.

          • Joe

            I don’t care what any of you say, my Father has me in the palm of His hand and He promised that nothing can take me out of it and someday I am going to spend all of eternity with Him. I am NOT going to lose my salvation because I didn’t ask for forgiveness every day or for every single sin because I already asked for forgiveness for ALL my sins when I asked Him to be my Savior. My Saviors got me and you people need to stop scaring people into thinking they could lose their salvation. It’s unscriptural and mean. KNOCK IT OFF

          • John Boyt

            So Joe, you obviously don’t know the words of Paul who stated that even he could become a castaway.

          • Joe

            You are obviously not a student of the word maybe you should seek the Holy Spirit to guide you

          • What does this Bible say?

      • Christine

        I agree wtih you, John, that it’s the sins we acknowledge before the Lord and repent of (turn from) that are covered under the blood of Jesus. Otherwise salvation would be automatic for everyone. It’s our continuous acknowledgement and repentence of sins by faith that ‘activates’ the cleansing power of Christ’s work on the cross. So, though the blood of Jesus has paid for my future sins also, I still daily “work out my salvation” by asking Him to forgive me for sins I’m both aware and unaware of, to help me turn away from (repent of) those sins. I use scripture as a guide, and ask the Lord to “Create in me a clean heart” and to “Renew a right spirit within me” every day. Also, that “the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart will be acceptable” in His sight. It’s a process for all of us, to be gradually renewed to be more like Jesus, in our thoughts, words and actions. And there is a glorious outcome in that intimacy with Jesus – we can count on Him to hide us and shield us from harm, both in the physical and spiritual realms. Here are the Bible verses I use each morning, so I can be clean before the Father: Proverbs 3:5,6, Philippians 2:12,13, Psalm 51:10, Psalm 19:14, Psalm 32:7. May God bless you, and all who happen to read this!

        • iris

          Thanks, and God bless you, Christine!

        • In the Book of Ralph 2:15, it clearly states that all children will hate their parents because they taught them religious fairy-tales instead of real life lessons.

    • iris

      Yes, indeed! Thanks!

    • iris

      Yes, thanks!

    • iris

      So true! What a sure hope we have in Him!

      • Or Her. Don’t forget about Mary. She played a role in all this nonsense, too!

    • There is ONE thing that can compare to the “‘unspeakable joy’ of knowing by faith that the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

      Having you considered my religion Ralphianity? We are followers of our savior, Ralph, the three-legged Leprechaun who farts on children for good luck. I agree with you Christine: Let Ralph, our savior into your heart and all will be well with the world.

  • DJohn1

    Those that give their life for Jesus gain happiness and a life.
    Those that do not lose what life they have.
    There are a lot of other factors. One is the food we eat.
    Go into any grocery store and you will see what I am talking about.
    Look on the labels. They tell an incredible story of artificial ingredients that our ancestors would be horrified to find.
    If a label has ingredients you cannot pronounce the rule of thumb is do not eat it.
    The other is all about sugar in everything we eat. Food is laced with sugar everywhere you go. That sugar tends to go to fat.
    Close to a third of the country is either type 1 or type 2 diabetic.
    Wonder why?
    The meat we eat is factory produced in very bad conditions for the livestock raised.
    And we put up with that cruelty. Well it comes back to haunt all of us in the food we eat.
    Those animals are chemical bombs waiting to go off. Mad Cow disease is a direct result of bad farming practices.
    Moses wrote down a diet we all ought to follow. 60 or more percent of the people examined after death have parasites living in their flesh. Most of which are directly caused by the food we eat.
    Things like Shrimp, Mussels, Oysters, Pigs, and more are guilty of those parasites living amongst us.
    I think it is caused by the food we eat. That is why chemical inbalances in people cause depression.

    • diet is everything

      I’ve noticed I’ve been happier the past few days since I’ve been drinking beet and mushroom powder shaken up in my bottle.

  • BeenThere

    America is not unhappy because it is a non Christian country. To the contrary, more Americans profess Christianity than any other country in the world yet their unhappiness is greater than any other country’s including atheist countries such as Denmark. America’s problem is false Christianity or to be more specific, Calvinism. America’s greed, lack of compassion and other evil attributes stem all from it’s Calvinist origins. These evil attributes, which originated in the predestination based “Christianity” of Calvin, have caused Americans to build the most dysfunctional and unhappy society ever.

    • Preacher62

      Professing and being are quite often not the same thing. There is one Christ that leads through the narrow gate but many invented Christs that lead through the broad gate.

  • So you’re saying if we threw you into the ghetto and took all your money, you wouldn’t be less happy because you have Jesus? Hmm…

    • Preacher62

      The place I was raised makes the ghetto look like the ritz and yes I have been in the ghetto. Sure I would be less happy I suppose but definitely not unhappy by any means. I have been very poor and though I have never been rich by American standards, I have seen times when I did not have to worry about where my next meal was coming from which by much of the world’s standards would be considered very rich. Either way, I am content in knowing who holds my future and who provides for my needs. Jesus has never let me down and has promised that he never will. God Bless.

    • iris

      Look at the 3 fiery furnace guys in Daniel. Their very lives were on the line, but they refused to bow down to the power behind the lie. They knew and articulated that God was able to deliver them, but that even if He didn’t, they would trust Him. God could have let them die in the furnace or they could have come out of it burned but alive, but in that instance, God chose to deliver them out of it completely. Not even the smell of smoke on their clothes. The king saw a 4th man “one like the Son of Man” in the furnace there with them. Their focus was not on this world, but on the one they would have with Him, regardless of what happened to them.

  • Paul F

    Without YESHUA/JESUS there is no peace and happiness in the heart, only decay and misery. I learned this lesson the very hard way. Know I know true peace and happiness and HIS HOLY NAME IS YESHUA/JESUS CHRIST THE LORD!

  • Erick

    Why is America unhappy simple. Our freedoms have been taken away,economy is bad, we have turned our back to Israel which god states in the bible that he will curse those that curse Israel. So what do we got? Low birth rate, increase of witchcraft as a religion, abortions,our animals are dying like the Hosea prophecy, our rivers lakes are drying up, moral is gone, Florida oranges have a plague. How can we be more happy ? bring prayers back to schools,bring a great awake to Christianity, privatize everything and make government small,lower taxes to a flat tax of 10%for everyone! bless Israel and praise The Lord Jesus. Amen

    • Gay Veteran

      “…we have turned our back to Israel….”

      odd, we continue sending them $BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars

      “…bring prayers back to schools….”

      kids pray every day in school…….oh, you meant government sponsored prayers. why? is your religion that weak?

      • jaxon64

        Never miss a chance for a few hateful words, do you GV?
        Nevertheless ..I will continue to pray that God touches your heart

        • Gay Veteran

          what’s the problem? the truth hurts?

  • Christi9

    Most people have unbalanced hormones. There is estrogen everywhere, and often our livers are congested and can’t flush the xenoestrogens out that we are being bombarded with. Your hormones can be balanced again through diet, some choose to use bioidentical hormones if they can’t stick to a healthy, blood- sugar balancing diet. BC pills and HRT synthetic hormones will compound your problems. I believe that is a major cause of unhappiness today.

    • desert nudist

      Maybe the increase in estrogen is one reason why young women are getting all those crazy piercings. I think estrogen is the primary female libido hormone. Piercings are all about libido and young people have higher s. hormone levels. Men have a lower estrogen level but estrogen causes no libido in males. I’m not sure about gays and the kids in India who’re castrated when they’re like 3 years old, they could be different.

      • Christi9

        Some men and women have zero sex drive due to estrogen dominance also, just depends on the hormone levels. It has caused bigger hips and booties in women also.
        Some hypothesize that sex and/or sexuality can be changed in the womb from the mothers exposure to xenoestrogens. I’m not saying that in a negative way and I don’t know if that’s how it works or not, just a theory I’ve heard.
        Americans have messed up guts from our terrible diets and from eating pesticides. If you have a lot of good bacteria, you won’t get stomach issues as easily. My Oma would eat stuff that was growing mold all of the time and wouldn’t often get sick from it. I tried to stop her but she lived during a depression in Germany after WWII and did not waste food. Our diet has also helped screw up our immune systems. It kinda sucks watching everybody around you get sick once a month and taking multiple prescriptions for things that can be reversed or managed through a healthy, clean diet.

        • desert nudist

          I must have estrogen dominance because since I did the life extension (explained below) I’m getting exactly what you said: bigger hips and boot;y. Also my libido has been totally wiped out, so much so that I don’t want it back. Also the breast thing is happening. A few months ago I was like panicking because I’m like “not this soon!” I just had to forget about it instead of live in fear of becoming too big.
          The hot flashes are uncomfortable and I need to look into the menopause herb stuff. Becoming a eunuch shifted my comfortable temperature range to much cooler.
          There’s a ton of things like what I put above that I wasn’t expecting. Even cuts heal slower I guess because eunuchs have slow cell division. Slow cell division means less DNA damage so this must be one reason why eunuchs’ average lifespan is so long.

  • desert nudist

    So what will finally make us happy?
    Since I had kids long ago I reluctantly decided I better do it. I’ve been to several friends funerals and this convinced me to do it. One study showed that the rate of centenarians among eunuchs in the study was 130 times higher than the current rate of intact males in developed countries. The average lifespan increases by like 14-20 years without s. hormones. The number of years of lifespan increase could depend on the age at castration because an intact male will get the normal amount of reactive oxygen damage until he loses testosterone.
    The effects were far more extreme than I ever imagined. Men will never know it but testosterone controls almost everything. My libido was 100% wiped out, attraction to women is almost zero (I won’t say this one to my wife), aggression is non-existent. Maybe 100 different effects.

    Now I wish I did it long ago.
    It turns out eunuchs are happier. It’s harder to think negative thoughts, I can’t get upset, harder to hold grudges, almost no resentment about anything. Almost always calm. There’s also no urge to be naked, it’s just more comfortable when it’s hot. Without testosterone the muscles turn to fat so when most everyone at work is wearing a sweater I’ll be wearing shorts and be hot. The hot flashes are uncomfortable so I bought polyester shirts.

    Men always ask, “Why would you want to?” because eunuchs don’t have libido abilities. Men are terrified of not being able to do it. However being a eunuch is like going from a pig to a human. A pig does not want to be a human and if it could think it wouldn’t understand why humans don’t enjoy the mud pile. If the pig got transformed to a human it will never want to be a pig again and do pig things because it lives higher than that now. All the people who do those crazy libido things like piercings (even ears) just shows that they’re still a pig living in the “mud pile.”

    Another example is lets say your little sister is 5 years old. She begs you to cut paper dolls with her. She can’t understand why you don’t want to cut paper dolls. You’re the 13 year old sister. You don’t want to waste your time cutting paper dolls because you’re more advanced than you’re little sister.

    That’s exactly how being a eunuch is. I don’t want to go back to the libido mud pile because I’m more advanced than that now.

  • chriscas

    It might help if we start by putting CHRIST back in Christmas and NOT make this “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” just about getting and spending and BMW’s wrapped in bows surprising our gorgeous spouses on Christmas morn after that GREAT party with all sorts of good food and good friends and a zillion Facebook followers who you can take pictures of on your snazzy new iPhone 6s (Now with touch!) and blah blah blah. Kicking God out of our lives in any sort of meaningful way where we just become a society where you are who you know and what you own is not helping matters at all! Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison!

    • B Jones

      How’z’about taking the “MASS” out of ChristMASS and quit sucking up to pagan/Catholic demon worship? You thought about THAT?Why don’t “Christians” look up what Mass is and just WHY Christ’s holy Name attached to it is such a SICK practice indeed…..TRUTH or TRADITION…pick one….Brent

  • John Noyb

    As Michael writes this article about how sad Americans are – please remember folks, it can always be worse – much, much worse. Consider the 5 Americans currently being held in Iranian prisons – Pastor Saeed Abedini, Jason Rezaian (Wash. Post correspondent), Amir Hekmati (former U.S. Marine), Bob Levinson (Retired with 33 yrs in the FBI) and Siamak Nanrazi (business man). Please be gratefull that you are not forgotten like these men have been by our great and wonderful negotiators with Iran. Sadly left to rot in a foriegn prison – and poor poor us – we have it so ruff don’t we?!

  • John Doe

    Life is hard but many who have experienced death and miraculously brought back to life say that we are in a birth canal. Once we pass thru this giant vaginal if you will. Heaven awaits ?

  • guest

    I don’t think the Europeans are very happy at the moment. In a week or two, with the invasion of several million more fighting age muslim men, I think they will be even less so.
    Me, I’m alright and hope you are as well.
    Trump 2016.

  • Preacher62

    Being happy is a choice. For those who focus inwardly there is always something that they lack or something they wish they had or something they wish was better, and so every moment is a reminder of how unhappy they should be. For those who do as Jesus commanded and deny themselves for the glory of God and the benefit of humanity every moment is a reminder that the troubles of this life are nothing when compared to the joy that awaits those who Love God.

  • Donald S Young

    Could it be that we expect too much? Could it be that life is getting too complicated? Do we need all the technology 24/7? Whatever happened to good old face to face communication? Between advertising telling us we need everything to be happy to all the technology that takes away real communication to the dumbing down of our kids it just seems like the world is moving way too fast and few of us are willing to just stop and smell the roses, listen to the birds or raindrops, watch a beautiful sunset or share a family meal.
    This article really makes me stop and think…

  • iris


  • Deep Midnight

    In my case, a good job and good work relations, where respect is
    given and earned, and where individualism is embraced instead of always being shoved in this box or that, and where team work is actually team work instead of a nesting ground for harlots, would go a long way; where its less like a gang of spoiled thugs and more like people have your back because they respect you; a place that builds you up instead of constantly tearing you down; and failing all that, a way out or some sort of break from the constant battering of the soul; the possibility to find new work that isn’t exactly like the last would do well. I want to make something or know how to fix something, or at least get paid well for any hard work I preform. I want a way out of this debt slavery, and I would like to retire or at least have the option to. So often, my jobs are so consuming that, even at full/part time, I dont have enough money or time to do anything else, so I buy small trinkets to pacify the realization that i am going nowhere except straight to beer for some sort of break in the madness. I dont want to fight all the time either, though everywhere I look I have to keep an eye out for daggers; at least if I fight for liberty thats something…but fighting over .10 cent raises gets old fast. I want my work to speak for itself, instead of having to re-justify my existence all the time. Basically, I want and need a much more honorable existence with real goals and real value and less slavery; I do not feel free or able to move or to even
    breath. These are some of the things that get me down.

    It just seems like everything is a trap, that all meaning and honor is stripped down to slaughter for the last bread crumb of status, and that every relationship is doomed. While I find small pleasures in a new pair of socks or a new pen, its often trumped by the realization that they will fall apart within a month, and even if they last, I have a void that only honest work, real livable wages, honorable people, and respect will fill. There is no dignity in going through 5 months of real horror between job prospects just to land another job that frankly is the same low paying harlot pit as the one previous, with exception of the rising degree of predators for coworkers. Even then I find I hardly ever fit into any organization; there is no rest anymore, no where to go and no money anyway to make it happen…even our churches are filled with filth and they are closed all the time so I cant get a moments peace anywhere
    unless I drink…and we have guys over every conceivable platform, be it news, radio, books, internet, professing they hold the truth so long as you have $19.95 + shipping; thats another thing, there doesnt seem to be any truth left in our mad dash to matter in this word. Everyone is professing truth, but with exception of a rare few like infowars, they are really just trying to sell you a card or a book or some other dumb thing. Infowars at least puts everything up for free on youtube and other channels, and they make a whole lot sense in most cases.

    But, there is much to be happy about too. Living with other people is sort of nice; least I am not alone during holidays. Not having a phone is awesome actually. Being able to take 3 month breaks in-between 17 month work bursts is great, especially because I realize that I will never be allowed to retire. Having a camp fire in the back yard instead of going camping is kind of nice too. Doing yard work for rent is nice, and figuring out how to live with other people, while challenging, is really super awesome in the end.

    So…to start…a good job with good people would make me happy. Then the ability to get out of debt slavery. Then the ability to purchase my own home. Then the ability to finally retire and go places I have never been to or at least go while I am young enough to embrace the world. I would like a stable family too and not the dysfunctional mess I have. But mostly, in order to be happy, I need to be FREE!!!! And I am not free now, nor does it feel I will be in the future. Part of being in America is the capital system which allows you to be free using money as its vehicle; whatever the
    views on the morality of this aside, no one can make any freaking money anymore, and even if we do find away, someone always takes it from us.

    Hope this makes sense and doesn’t sound like what others would probably call it ‘moaning in entitlement’.

  • keithfromashford

    From the UK.

    In the past the wealthy worked out how to set up the poor for exploitation and its happening again.

    The rich voted and sat in Parliament. They came up with the Enclosures Acts to take away the Common Land of the people, leaving landless peasants who could no longer provide for themselves.

    They now were in need of wages and ripe for exploitation in the factories and on the farms of the wealthy.

    Men, women and children were made to work to keep the land and factory owners in the lap of luxury while they were housed in slums with just enough to keep them alive.

    As Leo Tolstoy commented at the time:

    “Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal – that there is no human relation between master and slave.”

    Today we see privatisation programs to remove everything that was once free, like healthcare.

    Reductions in welfare and benefits to push people into exploitative jobs.

    The idea that “you are free to spend your money as you choose”
    No money, no freedom.
    Money is freedom.

    The people of this country are being exploited again as they have been so many times in the past.

    • keithfromashford

      The UK’s aristocracy has seen social systems come and go, but they all provide a life of leisure and luxury with someone else doing all the work.

      Feudalism – exploit the masses through land ownership
      Capitalism – exploit the masses through wealth (Capital)

      The system itself provides for the idle rich.

    • keithfromashford

      The right wing hero, Adam
      Smith, recognised the dignity of labour and the idleness of the rich.

      Most classical economists differentiated between earned and
      unearned wealth.

      Adam Smith:

      “The Labour and time of the poor is in civilised countries
      sacrificed to the maintaining of the rich in ease and luxury. The Landlord is
      maintained in idleness and luxury by the labour of his tenants. The moneyed man
      is supported by his extractions from the industrious merchant and the needy who
      are obliged to support him in ease by a return for the use of his money. But
      every savage has the full fruits of his own labours; there are no landlords, no
      usurers and no tax gatherers.”

      Bankers and landlords are parasites that should be taxed for
      Government spending, earned wealth should be kept. Bankers create the money out
      of nothing in the first place, there is not going to be a lot of earned wealth
      there with 80% of it going into real estate, asset price inflation.

      Income tax only started one hundred years ago on a permanent
      basis, before that the parasites were taxed.

      In fact, all rentier activity is detrimental to the
      productive parts of the economy, siphoning off prospective purchasing power to
      those that like to sit on their behinds.

      If we were still able to recognise the difference between
      earned and unearned wealth we might realise that encouraging rising prices of
      stuff that exists already is not very productive, e.g. housing booms.

      Same houses, higher prices, higher mortgages and rents, less
      purchasing power.

      As the rentier economy booms, rents and interest repayments
      on debt escalate and purchasing power goes down leading to the current debt,

      We need to re-learn the distinction between earned wealth
      and unearned wealth.

      The productive side of the economy and the unproductive,
      rentier side.

  • Alex Dubois

    I am justified by my OWN good works, not belief in some mystical imaginary “friend” for which there is NO proof and NO evidence of existence. Also, the use of “illegal” drugs does NOT equate to a people being unhappy. Alcohol was “illegal”, the Holocaust was “legal”, wee the difference. One hurts others whereas the other is a PERSONAL choice. Grow up and ditch the imaginary sky daddy.

  • Joe

    I can relate to this article in a very real way. I think he left out one democratic tho. All the children who were abused-i.e. Sexual, physical, verbal mentaly or spiritualy or a combination of two or more or some cases all of them in my case. We grew up and all that abuse has finnaly caught up to us and we are all alone in our pain because the church is ill equiped and not willing to do the hard work of meaningful ministry to us.

  • JB-Stoner43

    I would be more happy if I can get uncle Sam can get his hand out of my pockets, So I can enjoy the fruits of my labor with my family. Eliminate millions of ridiculous laws on the books and become less of a police state. Down size big government. I want the attorney general to start doing his / her job and begin to prosecute corrupt officials including the president. There is a long laundry list of much needed improvements to make America great again that will trickle down to the people and bring back happiness again.

  • Tatiana Covington

    I’m all right, Jack. No Rx’s here. Holidays? Who needs them? I couldn’t care less.

  • Hank

    People are unhappy because they don`t have Jesus in their lives. Because they take all these anti-depressant drugs as the article said. Because people believe they have to have the latest and best “stuff”. They think “stuff” and money will make them happy.
    Because people are so engrossed in entertainment, they don`t take the time to seek the lord and interact with their families.

  • Genevieve Hawkins

    I don’t think a wartime economy was meant to propped up forever, especially since nobody seems to know who we’re really fighting anymore. The type of death and destruction the US is exporting abroad is bound to show up at home as depression and disfunction. Karma’s a bitch…

  • Czonko Bezrski

    This is an interesting thread of posts, I just read. As a former coach I know there is a powerful world-of-potential in each of us to reach beyond fears and overcome the odds with faith. A team has to unite together in a common will with perfect focus to do this. One way I put it to my players was, “Stay in the moment.”

    Exceptional times have arrived and are upon us now. Too late to look back they are already here. Whatever vigilance we have managed in these years has helped, but things are slipping away faster now. To stay in the moment now, is to remain diligent in standing for Truth and to pray constantly.

    Walking in repentance is the abundant life! Because we abandon our image and get real with God. Real enough to be humble. Humble enough to recognize our shortcomings, and honest enough to apologize to God for our mistakes. A good coach can do a lot with a player who has that kind of heart and volition.

  • Deborah Miller

    No one who is in Mental Health nor who listens to the Mental Heath so-called professionals will listen to me, but I believe I have answers based upon my personal experiences with depression. Depression happens when we humans find ourselves severely lacking something in life that we see other humans taking for granted, or when we feel hopelessness. Generally hopelessness is due to all our major issues and problems that are not being properly addressed like global warming, criminalizing poverty and the like, make us all feel inadequate, unnerved, fearful and other negatives.
    In my case my depression began when a family member raped me, and all the other family felt that I needed to just put up and shut up. “You were born female, and as such, at some time in your life you will be sexually assaulted.” My own Aunt told me this. It is false, there is a way to prevent such abuse, however my family made me an outcast for trying to educate them on the alternative. I was a very happy-go-lucky child before that all happened. I found my self all alone, especially when with other family members. (you will never understand depression if YOU happen to be able to afford to look at the world through rose colored glasses.) And if chemicals in the brain are responsible, why was I happy before my own family turned on me? Also it begs the question, If a happy, well adjusted person is kidnapped and abused for years, why then, do they suddenly show signs of being depressed? I believe that my brain chemicals may very well be different than other people, but it is due to the depression, and not the direct cause. I have had to retrain my brain to think differently in order to finally be able to remove myself from my abusive family.
    I was diagnosed as being clinically, severely depressed back in 1997. I do not take the medications nor do I seek counselling anymore. I swear to God, I am healing myself by first severely limiting my exposure to family and their depressive chatter, and then I pray. The stronger my relationship with God, the stronger my SPIRIT, the less depressed, and more in “control” I feel about my life in general.
    So, for the unhappiness of our youth, I believe this is due to the widespread feeling that they really have no future, the way things are. And even tiny babies know all is not well in the world, they feel it instinctively. They know by observation of the adults in their lives, and instinct. We humans are hard wired with the survival instinct, and babies are more in touch with their own instinctual abilities. Adults, after a time become less and less aware of our own basic instinct as we grow older and become complacent. We dull our own natural ability. Babies do not have this barrier.
    We are human. Humans need other humans in our lives, as we are all very social beings. But today, as mentioned by another contributor, we live most our lives in front of the TV, have most of our conversations via keyboard and PC. Today there is no sense of community, no real sense that if something is radically wrong, there will be solutions- like yesteryear. Today we see people just passing the buck, and dismissing facts that they do not like. So, as such our biggest issues just get worse and worse and worse with no end in sight. Worse the negatives like abuse, just escalate and become worse and worse till someone is hurt or killed, unless properly addressed and corrected. These things need corrected, but the current methods are as phony as the day is long.
    How we regard each other is a huge part of the problem. We need to be a whole lot respectful of each other, in general. How can we tell our children that they can grow up to become anything at all that they want, for example, and then bash them and criticize them terribly when they do make an independent choice for themselves? Just because WE think different, or WE wanted “better” for them. And then stupid out of touch society back up that negative thinking with gay bashing, and victimizing the victim. (as was the case in my story) I went and asked the professionals for help. Got help and a healing message to “take back to the nest” and all anyone could manage to do was to find fault somehow or another with these little facts. I was constantly and continually advised by people in society to go back to the clutches of my abusers. And we all know to advise the young pretty girl who has an abusive boyfriend, to just get out while she still can, because we understand that she may be killed by that abusive person if she sticks around. Both situations are the SAME. My family would have eventually become violent toward me. So after a while I was in a daze and wondering, Why is my life, my feelings, my abusive experience less important than that of the young girl and her boyfriend? Is society telling me I am worthless, just like the messaging from my family?
    Fact is that when abused from a young age, you begin to believe abuse is NORMAL. So, a child abused by family is about 90% more likely to get into an abusive relationship with a spouse or boyfriend. And we tell then to LEAVE, and wonder why they stick around to just be killed. Because, I was told over and over again that I had to go back, Family is everything, if you don’t have family you don’t have anything. This is why it is so hard to convince a young girl that leaving an abusive situation is correct. when just last week she was advised the OPPOSITE.
    Sexual abuse of our children by their own families is/has been on the rise. Sooner or later it will be as bad here as it is in Africa for the young and old females alike. So, PLEASE, when advising a person in a truly abusive situation, the answer is ALWAYS to leave the abuse behind, no matter WHO is doing the abuse.

  • rose

    Being grateful and saying thank you is the key to happiness. I practice a montra of saying “thank you” for anything and everything when I find myself unhappy, and I find that Christian music helps me deeply, it gets me in touch with my Creator, and my joy comes back. many times in my car I lift my arms and praise Him with the music on, and my soul and spirit are touched by Gods presence, and I’m lifted in such a powerful way… Remember, the world is under a curse, and we are under a curse, and also the demonic principalities that surround us, including the demonic spirits that pass thru our T.V.’s and music, for satan himself is the “prince of the air”, so the US is under attack because Israel is here, the 12 tribes, and the devil comes to destroy and conquer us, only thru the bible comes healing (reading it ) is the best anti-depressant anywhere, and for people to remember we are fighting a spiritual warfare with these demonic forces… Love in people is also lacking and people die without love, we need to create it inside of ourselves with the help of God of course, I am blessed, I am loved, I am grateful, I am happy, I am joy, I am that I am, THE POWER IN THE WORD!!!! PRATICE, practice, practice, practice!!!!

  • B Jones

    Unless you are born again,there is no salvation.Read the book of John.Read Hebrews.Mass is canabalism in your theology.Look it up.Jesus is THE High Priest.Nobody else is needed.We’ll pray over you,young’n.

    • 123vbe

      What about the foolish virgins?

  • Political Outsider


  • I agree that getting more “created things” won’t make us happy, but for Christ’s sake, believing in nonsense gods and thinking normal humans are divine is ridiculous. The most die-hard religious group are the Muslims, and they have the most miserable people on the planet. Fairy-tale religions won’t make anyone happy.

    • Preacher62

      Job 40:8
      “Will you really annul My judgment? Will you condemn Me that you may be justified?

      For Christ’s sake? Hmmm! Every Human being worships something or someone including you. I have been where you are, worshipping only myself, so therefore I have experience on both sides and there is no doubt as to which side has brought me the most happiness. Repent and believe the Gospel and you can be saved.

      • I don’t worship myself, so no dice there.

        • Preacher62

          Worship simply means to declare the worth of. We declare the worth of something by our actions and acts of service. Every person either worships God or an idol they have replaced God with. For most that is self worship regardless of the form it takes, be it money or material things or whatever. So yes unless you are worshipping the one true God, then you are worshipping yourself. Repent and believe the Gospel and you can be saved.

  • No thanks. You mean grow up like believing in Fairy Tales like you do?