20 Amazing Facts About What Happens Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day In Our Rapidly Changing World

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Our world is changing at a blinding pace that is accelerating with each passing day.  Thanks to the Internet, information travels at a speed that would have been unimaginable at other times in human history, and our technological capabilities are advancing at a rate that is exponentially increasing.  What all of this means is that seismic cultural shifts that used to take decades can now be accomplished in a matter of months or even weeks.  So will all of this change lead to a wonderfully positive future for humanity, or will it result in a dystopian nightmare?  Only time will tell, but what everyone can agree on is that our world is rapidly becoming a much different place than the world that our parents and grandparents grew up in.  The following are 20 amazing facts about what happens every single minute of every single day in our rapidly changing world…


#1 250 babies will be born, and 113 of them will be born into poverty.

#2 500 hours of video will be uploaded to YouTube.

#3 The Earth will travel 1,118 miles around the sun.

#4 McDonald’s will sell 4,500 hamburgers.

#5 Lightning will strike our planet about 6,000 times .

#6 28,500 trees will be cut down.

#7 51,000 applications will be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

#8 65,000 barrels of oil will be used used.

#9 People will watch 64,444 hours of content on Netflix.

#10 120,673 pounds of edible food will be thrown away in the United States.

#11 $203,596 worth of products will be sold on Amazon.com.

#12 448,800 tweets will be posted on Twitter.

#13 527,760 photos will be shared on Snapchat.

#14 3.3 million posts will be made to Facebook.

#15 3.8 million Google searches will be conducted.

#16 5 million pounds of garbage will be generated.

#17 6 million chemical reactions will happen in each one of our cells.

#18 20.8 million messages will be sent using WhatsApp.

#19 25 million Coca-Cola products will be consumed.

#20 204 million emails will be sent.

  • Reds

    All the trees being cut down is disturbing. In the future no wilderness will be left and just solid mas/ ses of human cities.

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    • jaxon64

      #21 The US Forestry service plants over 2 BILLION trees each year in the continental USA–millions of more fruit trees and ornamental trees are planted by citizens and billions more grow naturally worldwide.
      There are FAR MORE trees in the USA now than there were 100 years ago and because of planned planting by lumber and paper companies, the density of trees per acre in wilderness areas is greater than before the first settlers arrived in N America.
      Forest fires ( usually from lightning) used to run unchecked and there is evidence that one forest fire in particular burned an area the size of Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska appx 600 years ago in N America–now these fires are quelled long before that level of devastation.

      Hope you can rest easier now–capitalism often cures these environmental problems as it is more profitable to replace and regrow resources and to maintain modern, cleaner production also.

  • Sean H

    6M chemical reactions per cell and people believe their is no creator of the universe? But humans are amazing creators because they made a car? Praise God who created the hevans and the earth and all the things that dwell on the earth.

    • muslimsuck

      The problem with religion is people use it to justify controlling what others can and cannot do. Christians seek to control others. Muslims are about 100 times worse and use religion to control every little detail of people’s lives.
      Other religions also.

      • Brian Dougan

        Some degree of control is necessary. Governments and police have to place reasonable restrictions on people, and enforce the law. I agree with you that “religions” exert some control over people–often too much. That is an abuse of power; it can’t be used as an argument against “religion.” Why did I place “religion” in scare quotes? Because true Christians are not practicing humanly conceived “religion.” They have been willingly restored to a proper relationship with God. They are not trying to appease God through human effort (religion); but are learning about him, and doing what he requires.

        I know that there are Christians who try to control people. That is not pleasing to God, and brings his Holy Name into disrepute. Nevertheless; God is building a human family; the free gift of forgiveness and reconciliation to him is offered to all people.

        However; most people reject this gracious offer. They prefer to be their own little god, and some enjoy controlling others.

      • Sean H

        That is why Jesus says the path is narrow and he will say to many I never knew you. Christianity is not an American relationship with God. Christians in Africa and China aren’t trying to combine politics and Jesus. American Christians are trying to turn America into old testament Israel. Paul was a Pharasee amd a Roman citizen. That means he could vote for Roman senators and nowhere in his writings do you see anything remotely related to trying to set up a Christian government. As Paul says the nature of God and his holiness was revealed to Israel and the idea that man cannot achieve that through his own actions. Demonstrating mankinds absolute need for a savior, the Son of God Jesus Christ. The deffinitions of what is sin is found in the old testament. That is truth, and accepting our failures and seeking Christ will allow access to the Holy Spirit who will come into your life and gradually make you more like him and all credit goes to God.

  • math

    Sometimes people NEED to watch online videos.
    How else can you learn the math?

  • JC

    25 million Coke products consumed and 65,000 barrels of oil we have to breathe (thanks to government banning high-mileage cars)!

    Now wonder people are crazy and depressed.

  • Christian Gains

    TOO much waste…& wasted time? Me thinks so…

  • John

    You got it all right except the one about the earth travelling around the sun. See ItsHisStory dot com slash globe for the right answer.