19 Numbers Which Prove That Americans Are Angrier And More Frustrated Than Ever

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Angry ManHave you noticed that people are becoming angrier?  You can see it everywhere – in our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces, in our television shows, in our movies, and certainly in Washington.  In fact, many have said that there is an “epidemic” of anger in America today.  And it is undeniably true.  As you will see below, a whole host of surveys and opinion polls show that America has become a seething cauldron of anger and frustration unlike anything that we have ever seen before.  As a nation, we are more divided than we have been in decades, and economic conditions continue to deteriorate.  People are working harder than ever and Americans get less vacation days than anyone else in the world, but median household income keeps going down every year.  Americans are dissatisfied with their relationships, their jobs, their communities and their political leaders.  There is this growing sense that our country is steamrolling toward disaster, and yet there is very little agreement on what the solutions to our problems are.  Instead, blaming others for our problems has become a new American pastime.  The very fabric of our society is coming apart at the seams and the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is beginning to disappear.  What is America going to look like if we continue to go even farther down this road?


The following statistics come from various surveys and opinion polls that have been conducted recently.  Without a doubt, these numbers show that Americans are angrier and more frustrated than ever…

#1 65 percent of Americans are dissatisfied “with the U.S. system of government and its effectiveness”.  That is the highest level of dissatisfaction that Gallup has ever recorded.

#2 66 percent of Americans are dissatisfied “with the size and power of federal government”.

#3 70 percent of Americans do not have confidence that the government will “make progress on the important problems and issues facing the country in 2014.”

#4 Only 8 percent of Americans believe that Congress is doing a “good” or “excellent” job.

#5 Only 4 percent of Americans believe that it would “change Congress for the worse” if every member was voted out during the next election.

#6 60 percent of Americans report feeling “angry or irritable”.  Two years ago that number was at 50 percent.

#7 53 percent of Americans believe that the Obama administration is “not competent in running the government”.

#8 An all-time low 31 percent of Americans identify themselves as Democrats.

#9 An all-time low 25 percent of Americans identify themselves as Republicans.

#10 An all-time high 42 percent of Americans identify themselves as Independents.

#11 Barack Obama’s daily job approval numbers have dipped down into the high thirties several times lately.

#12 Only 38 percent of Americans approve of the way that Obama is handling the economy.

#13 60 percent of Americans believe that the “economic system in this country unfairly favors the wealthy”.

#14 70 percent of Americans do not “feel engaged or inspired at their jobs”.

#15 Two-thirds of U.S. teens “admit to having anger attacks involving the destruction of property, threats of violence, or engaging in violence”.

#16 36 percent of Americans admit that they have yelled at customer service agents during the past year.

#17 73 percent of Americans believe that Obama’s efforts to “reform” the NSA “won’t make much difference in protecting people’s privacy”.

#18 77 percent of Americans believe that the state of the economy is either “not so good” or “poor”.

#19 65 percent of Americans are either “somewhat dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with the direction of the country.

Are you starting to get the picture?

We have never seen anything like this in the United States during the post-World War II era.  People are fundamentally unhappy, and that has tremendous implications for the future of our society.

So what is causing all of this anger and frustration?

Well, of course the economic struggles that tens of millions of Americans are experiencing on a daily basis play a huge role.  The following is an excerpt from a recent local Fox News report

Some are describing this as “America’s anger epidemic.” And there are a few reasons: uncertainty in the job market and the economy, working long hours — on average about one month more now than they did in the 1970s and with less vacation.

So if it seems like Americans are angrier these days it’s because we are.

And it is easy to understand why people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the incompetence and rampant corruption in Washington D.C.

Grim findings have been coming thick and fast. Most Americans no longer see President Barack Obama as honest. Half think that he “knowingly lied” to pass his Obamacare health law. Fewer than one in five trust the government in Washington to do what is right all or most of the time. Confidence in Congress has fallen to record lows: in America, as in Italy and Greece, just one in ten voters expresses trust or confidence in the national parliament. Frankly straining credulity, a mammoth, 107-country poll by Transparency International, a corruption monitor, this summer found Americans more likely than Italians to say that they feel that the police, business and the media are all “corrupt or extremely corrupt”.

Americans are also turning on one another. Since 1972 the Chicago-based General Social Survey (GSS) has been asking whether most people can be trusted, or whether “you can’t be too careful” in daily life. Four decades ago Americans were evenly split. Now almost two-thirds say others cannot be trusted, a record high.

In addition, there are certainly other reasons why people are so angry these days as well…

The “Knockout Game” grows more popular. Athletes throw tantrums that would embarrass most 3-year-olds. Race relations simmer at a constant near-boil, while our leaders engage in enough posturing and name-calling to look more like a modern version of “West Side Story” than the servant-citizens who should inspire peace and mutual respect.

So what do you believe?

Why do you think that Americans are so angry and so frustrated these days?

Is there anything we can do about it?

And how bad will the anger and frustration in this country get when the economy completely collapses?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

Angry Man

  • KYTim89

    Articles like this remind me of what I have been saying to people for a number of years and that is that the US is heading for a second civil war. One thing that the article fails to point out that is causing the rise in anger is the fact that a dwindling number of wealth producers in America have to see their economic fortunes divided up and given to an ever increasing welfare armada of people dependent on government for survival.

    Take some one like myself, for example. As a Millennial not do I have the added responsibility of paying for the retirement and healthcare of the Baby Boomers, but I also have to help pay for the Welfare moochers and government employees with their retirement pensions. Adding in the fact that there are no good paying jobs in America thanks to globalism and free trade, many young people today have a very bleak future in terms of economics.

    In a way I can identify with the growing anger in America. We have a Federal, State and Local government beast that is way beyond control. The public school systems are useless and only used for indoctrinating our kids. We have a growing Fascist police force that is constantly breathing down our neck asking for our Identification (papers). The economy is in the crapper with signs of turning around.

    If trends continue I foresee a very grim future for the United States and its people. However, I do not blame my fellow Americans. Only the ones that voted for big government. This is why the civil war will happen because the country is divided by people that have sold their soul to government to survive and people that can not survive with big government.

    • Speakyourmind

      Don’t forget you have to bailout corporations which is a much larger percentage of money than taking care of the poor. Also, who do you think is pushing for the welfare state ? It is the big corporations that get the revenue from the ebt cards, unemployment, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Imagine if the bailout money had been given to the American public (since it is our money anyway) instead of being given to the big corporations to bail them out. How many Americans could have paid off their mortgage? Those in power want people poor, hungry, sick, tired, overweight, overworked, and dumbed-down because people that are barely surviving are easier to control.

        “He who controls the food controls the people.” -Henry Kissinger

    • Hammerstrike

      IE people should be angry, they have good reasons to.

    • g13man

      you got it with “but I also have to help pay for the Welfare moochers and government employees with their retirement pensions ” by hiring more gov employee’s , the gov has more spy’s for their system

    • It looks like you missed a couple of words.

      “As a Millennial not do I have the added responsibility of paying for the retirement and”

      Should be: “not only do I have”.

      “The economy is in the crapper with signs of turning around.”

      Should be: “with no signs”.

  • Luis

    Like that popular bumper sticker says… “Know Jesus, know peace… no Jesus, no peace.” Americans have sown the wind, and they are reaping the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7).

    • blackciti_fo5

      Amen. I love that bumper sticker saying too.

    • Dee rockin

      Let’s not forget jesus solution. John 2:15. He cast the money changers from the temple with whips and overturned their tables and wares.
      Maybe this Jesus guy wasn’t so bad after all.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        “The only time The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, becomes violent is when he picks
        up a whip to chase the money-changers out of the temple. Nothing has changed.
        It was the money-changers who made The Prince of Peace become violent, and it
        is the money-changers who are destroying the planet. They’re too big to fail. It’s a disgrace. When are the people going to grow up, stand up, and rise up against the money-changers?”—Gerald Celente

      • dadelaw

        Yeah, well may the “Jesus guy” was as bad as the rest. After all, he did create everything (including the moneychangers) in the first place, didn’t he?
        Why do you religious nuts always conveniently “forget” the obvious?

        • Sonokar

          FIrst of all, “moneychanger” is a label for an evil attitude. Christ was not ‘violent’ because men were changing money at the temple. He was angry because men with evil attitudes were disrespecting the House of His Father.

          Second, why do you atheists always associate True Believers with religious nuts? That’s like me associating you with the devil worshippers. Why do you people kill babies and drink human blood?

          • dadelaw

            The absurdity of your rejoinder shows what incredibly weak ground you inhabit. First of all, I never claimed to have anything to do with ‘devil worship’. Kill babies??? Drink human blood??? (Interesting. I’ve never tried that). Secondly, it is clear that when you abandon all semblance of reasoned discussion, you reveal yourself to be nothing more than an ugly, self-absorbed, prejudiced… er… nut!

          • Sonokar

            Not all logic that flies over your demon owned head is absurd and unreasonable just because you aren’t allowed to understand what good guys are saying.

            Ugly? Self-absorbed? Prejudiced?

            Of course, the best response you can end with is name-calling. Duh.

            You’re obviously possessed by one of those lowly demons; hence, I’ll waste no more of my good time on you.

          • VVV

            Nice, lol.

          • dadelaw

            You’re obviously possessed by one of those lowly demons;”
            Straight to the funny farm for you, my lady!

          • Opietheparrot

            They were evil men, but the Temple was where business was traditionally conducted. He went after the evil ones, like the scum who are paying for ads lying about ACA, or the ir political opponents, or companies like WalMart which pay so poorly that their employees need food stamps to be able to eat, and then call Obama the food stamp president when it was the Bushies who caused the problem and the congressional Republicans who have blocked every bill to help the recovery.

        • “After all, he did create everything (including the moneychangers) in the first place, didn’t he?”

          No. What made you think so?

          • dadelaw

            Because (from the Book of Revelations), “He made everything which was made and wihtout Him was not anything made which was made”.
            See? Even I can quote the bible when called upon to do so!

          • “Because (from the Book of Revelations)” etc.

            Doesn’t “He” refer to God?

            “Even I can quote the bible when called upon to do so!”

            Good boy!

      • Hammerstrike

        It was worst than money-lending, te temple had prostitutes, males prostitutes.

        Not many churches today that has such a personel.

    • John

      So why are so many angry? The USA is one of the most Christian nations in the developed world, but the day-to-day behavior of many Americans is anything but Christ-like (not that I’m perfect).

      • graphicartist2k5

        in what way is America a “Christian” nation, seeing as how freemasonry is at the root of this nation, and the founding fathers were ALL deists that held occult beliefs? america is FAR from Christian, and the reason why so many people fail at realizing this is due to all of these so-called “Christian” churches that are on every single corner that are mostly devoid of the Presence of God, and are really owned by the vatican in rome. seriously. do your own research if you don’t believe this to be the truth.

    • g13man

      rev 12;17 & rev 14;12

    • hypnotoad72

      They did? There were no other influences at all?

  • DJohn1

    I predict that the next election in November will be an election of change. That many people secure now in their Congressional positions might find themselves on the out looking in.
    The question is what can they do to change this before the next election occurs?
    Well for a start they can look at what is making the electorate so dissatisfied with their job in Congress.
    I think Obamacare is the biggest disaster that the American Public is angry about because it is costing the average person a lot more money than they put up with before this legislation was passed.

    There are basically two kinds of things that Congress needs to fear. Anything that reminds someone pay check to pay check that they have been had will defeat incumbents at the next election. And that is the public perception of Obamacare. So anyone that voted for it should think about retirement.
    The other thing is anything that keeps people unemployed. Anything that takes our jobs away from us.
    Example being legitimizing illegal Mexicans and giving them citizenship.
    Example being sending people’s jobs to Asia and then bragging about it.
    Example is supporting those companies with government funds.
    We have government by Omission and government by Commission. Republicans seem to be by Omission. Democrats by Commission.

    The problem is which direction do we want to go? Because whomever we put in offices is going to not be people that are going to let stand what the Democrats have commissioned.

    That means that if we do put Republicans back in office they had better undo what has been done by the Democrats that are currently in control.
    We have taxes by Omission. That is Republican tax breaks that have expired since 2010. That is a time bomb waiting to go off and it has in the form of less discretionary income for the general public to spend.
    This in turn means huge retail organizations going bankrupt in the coming year because people do not have the funds to keep them solvent.
    In order for the economy to work, people have to have funds to buy the things they need to do more than basically survive week to week. They have to have discretionary income in enough cases so that industry and retail can survive. The Democrats have eaten into that discretionary income to the point where a Depression looms. Can anyone say Herbert Hoover?

    Well that is the last President of this Country that fell to a depression that was also world wide. He was a Republican. This time it will be blamed on a Democrat.
    I think both parties at this point are ill equipped to handle what is going to come down.
    But a good start is going to be to do what is necessary to protect those people at home that have jobs and to bring back the jobs that have been lost by companies deciding to go overseas instead of providing jobs here.
    I suggest that these companies be fined big time for doing so. I suggest taxes on companies that have done this equal to the amount of money they think they have saved by doing so. Then multiply it by at least 5 times what they had to gain.
    If you want to be in the coming Congress I think that you people in Congress better pay close attention to what angers the American People.

    • Ed

      Yes, a new cult leader. That’s the ticket.

      • DJohn1

        What is needed is a genuine honest person in office that is also not stupid enough to go along with the political parties when they do wrong. If that is a cult leader, then that is what we will need to clean house and get D.C. back in some semblance of order.

        • Ed

          Your cult will never have an honest leader because honest people are not cult leaders.
          You’re where you are because cult members want cult leaders. It wouldn’t be so bad if you and your leaders didn’t force people to join your cult.

    • djc

      I hope (and wish) what you say about a change election is true but both the D’s AND the R’s are practically one in the same. Where did free trade come from……mostly the R’s.

      I voted for Romney but things wouldn’t be a lot different if he won. There would still be the evisceration of the middle class by the elite East Coaster’s.

      • DJohn1

        The D’s and the R’s did not give us a valid choice in the last Presidential Election. That they changed the rules at the Florida Convention is evidence of that. Voice vote? Come on. Even the camera phones recorded it different and voice votes only apply if the clear majority votes for something. Why were they so afraid of a valid result?
        There was a lot of problems with several states where the results were tampered with.
        Romney was PR nightmare and so was his predecessor. Those factory workers he threw out in the cold for profit made him unacceptable to a majority of people in this country. So why exactly did he become the losing candidate for President? I think the whole thing was rigged on the Republican side. Nothing really new there.

    • Gay Veteran

      there will be NO change if you vote D or R

    • g13man

      the biggest failure is not just Obama , but the every senate and congress & President since 1913

  • Anonymous

    There are many people that considered themselves “Independent” before it was cool to stray from the two parties. I am glad to read that others are realizing that just voting “R” or “D” does not seem to be working so well.

    I am glad that it was noted that many Americans are working harder and longer with little to no vacation but bringing home lower and lower incomes. Meanwhile, the cost of living is going up. There are people that cannot afford rent in the city they work in.

    I think it frustrates some Americans when they hear about politicians taking long, often expensive vacations. Yet, many Americans cannot afford the basics, much less take a vacation. I think watching some live so high on the hog (and listening to them tell average Americans to cut back), while others work so hard and can’t even afford electricity, new clothes, food, etc. is what is causing a division. When one reads news that says things like it would take a minimum wage worker 550 years to earn what a CEO earns in one year, people might feel divided and hopeless. When America had a large middle-class, many were quite happy to live middle-class lives. Now, no matter how hard or long people work, it often seems impossible to get ahead. In a country that stated such things as “All men created equal” it sometimes seems we have moved away from that and moved towards a Caste/Class system similar to Europe. In a country that stated “The pursuit of happiness” many of her citizens are wondering why they have to spend all of their time working and paying bills and have no time, energy, or money to pursue happiness.

    • g13man

      we do not need a minimum wage law , we need a ratio law .. used to bo in the 50’s & 60’s the top guy got no more then 15x to20x the lowest payed person . ie say u get 10 an hour , the CEO or president of the company would get no more the 150 to 200 an hour or 20 k a year janitor , = 400k a year CEO …NOT a MILLION [+}

  • Rene Girrard

    I’ll tell you the news media is clueless to what is happening to the middle class–yes even Fox News. They just think we are in a typical boom & bust cycle like we’ve had since WWII ended. We’ve been in recession since Dec/07, and we have never come out of it despite Obama’s lies.

    Pat Buchanan has an excellent artilce about how “free” trade has only helped the 1% and hurt the middle class.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      “It’s not free trade, it’s slave trade.”—Gerald Celente

    • It’s Coming

      I think the media giants know EXACTLY what’s going on. They operate under censorship, and all their journalists are bound by it. Perhaps to your point, if they report a lie long enough, they begin to believe it themselves.

    • g13man


  • Jodi

    I’m angry that Obama is still in office. Nobody will stop this guy. Congress & the media just continue to allow him to get away with the unconstitutional laws, executive orders & endless scandals. Meanwhile, the only important news is Justin Bieber, Chris Christie & now Dinesh D’Souza. What Obama has gotten away with is much, much worse, but no, they are just phoney scandals.

    • Sandbagger

      You mean to say nobody will stop Obama, the congress or the media. They all are in it together.

      • VVV

        Bingo! THAT is the real problem. Big government is big business and enriches anyone in it, media, so called republicans, etc.

  • Rufus T Firefly

    I am as happy as a pig in mud…steady job and good health. The rest of you losers should look in the dictionary for sympathy because that is the only place you will find it. Quit whining and accept your place in the universe.

    • Sandbagger

      Remember Man as you go by
      As you are now so once was I
      As I am now so shall you be,
      Prepare yourself to follow me

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Americans are a tribalist bunch, and one need only read the comments posted online to realize how much the warring tribes in this country hate one another (a lot like the former Yugoslavia). As economic conditions in The Banana Republic of America continue to deteriorate, the anger will increase and tribalist violence will soar. It will be a bloodbath. I’ve spoken to many preppers who talk about leaving the BRA, and I can’t blame them for wanting to escape the nightmare that awaits this Third World hellhole. But this is a global economic storm, not a problem that is confined to the BRA. And as a life-long BRA citizen who has done a lot of traveling abroad, I can tell you that immigration laws are tough in many countries.

    So many Americans will stick it out here, prep as best they can, say their prayers and hope they are not butchered by the police state, economic collapse, FEMA camps, violent crime and tribalist violence that await us. Stay strong, preppers and patriots. And please say a prayer for The Banana Republic of America because we need all the help we can get.

    • gmo2ashes

      Well said.

  • todd

    And you ain’t seen nothin yet!



    • dadelaw


  • edward emmell

    I am angry and unhappy, hope there is a revelution

  • Sandbagger

    “Instead, blaming others for our problems has become a new American pastime.”

    Blame is nothing new for Americans or human beings, for that matter. It goes back to Adam when God asked him about the apple and he threw Eve under the bus.

    Obama has been blaming his entire term. Just the other day he said his approval rating dip is because of racists!

  • SheapSheerer

    Matthew 24
    10 At that time many will be trapped into betraying and hating each other, 11 many false prophets will appear and fool many people; 12 and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah. 13

    • g13man

      rev12;17 &14;12

  • Grizz

    God has brought judgment on America. Obama has changed times and seasons. Propagated the homosexual life style upon us all. Forcing other county’s to adopt this perverse ideology that is an abomination to God. God’s word changes not. For he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their perversion. Why would one think that he would change his mind now with America? They seek to divide God’s land and covenant with Abraham to the Muslims and God will bring such destruction to American to divide this country. As when the U.S. helped divide Gaza bank. God brought Katrina and broke the banks of the gates that held the water back. As Jewish citizens were taken off their roof tops in Gaza. American were airlifted off their roof tops in New Orleans. I personally think that if Obama and Kerry persist in this peace agreement to divide Israel. God will bring such an earthquake to divide American into at the Mississippi. From its mouth all the way the North Pole. America has become so perverted and literally turned their backs on God. The churches do not stand up anymore for fear of losing their tax status or having the government pursue them with hate crimes against the homosexual agenda. Where is the prophets of today. That have the fire of God in them to fight this wickedness. To prophesize against Obama and his evil? To bring again the true word of God back to America.

    • gmo2ashes

      You’re insane. Israel should be wiped off the map.

    • Gay Veteran

      try thinking for yourself

    • soil to restore

      Grizz , you sound like a great american and support every thing you said. grizzly bears are marvels in nature, assuming you like nature like I do ; Go Mother Nature and Go Grizz .
      [ if you run ill be your campaign manager…]

  • SAW

    We (US citizens) supposedly live in a nation that values freedom and personal choice. But we have less and less freedom everyday, and there’s an eerie feeling that we are being watched and monitored, at work and at home. Of course we are angry. Our entire system is one big lie. We don’t trust our government anymore.

  • boris bear

    This world S-U-X. Come on RAPTURE!!!
    Repent and Get Ready, folks.

  • Anonymous

    I was in a public place and I just overheard a conversation in which one of the parties was crying. This person said that her job had cut her hours to 13/week and she didn’t know how she was supposed to pay her bills or feed her children with a minimum wage job and 13 hour weeks. It seems like I hear more and more people gettin their hours and wages reduced. Now people might have time to spend with their family, but if they can’t pay for rent, food, electric, clothes, property tax, etc. what then? How can a mother enjoy time with her children if she doesn’t know how she will shelter, feed, or clothe her children?

    Is it any wonder that people are frustrated?

  • gmo2ashes

    There are several things that can immediately turn America around for the better. Here’s my Top 10 list.

    1) Abolish the Federal Reserve and return to Constitutional US Treasury notes.

    2) Abolish personal income tax entirely.

    3) Ban electronic voting & return to manual counting by humans, overseen by locally elected groups.

    4) Decriminalize both hemp & cannabis, with no regulation by any government agency.

    5) Make it a criminal offense to hire illegal immigrants.

    6) Require all legal immigrants to speak English.

    7) Ban any & all Jewish/Zionist/Talmudist persons and/or organizations from public office, medical professions, teaching positions, legal professions, banking/lending, movie production/distribution, and especially from owning/operating any form of mass media that influences the public.

    8) Restore the public’s right to defend themselves against police injustices, with deadly force when necessary.

    9) Clean up the FDA, the CDC, the EPA and the USDA to replace their industry-serving propaganda with real science and common sense that protects people and the planet.

    10) Make it illegal to promote homosexuality in any way, especially in schools.

    • soil to restore

      I could not agree more; yet; if we had enough time only by doing your top 4 you will have made America what our for father’s had intended. Common sense tax reform is one solution and every politic has promised tax reform and made no change.
      True the vote second, however it is done without redistricting and falsely with corrupting the electoral collages? give all of us honest american citizens a break….define the truth between a republic and a democracy,, they are not the same thing.
      We need only Defend our country’s constitution and Read the.. b asic i ntructions b efore l eaving e arth
      Thank you for YOUR Top Ten better than ESPN

    • g13man

      add no two passport citizens , Catholics and non second generation American citizens to # 7

  • white531

    My view of the problem is quite simple. The ever expanding federal government has taken away freedoms that were originally granted to us by the Founding Fathers.

    This current government is far worse than the one King George III had in mind for us. Far worse.

    Tolerate it, and you are no better than the people who are trying to force it down your throat.

  • Bryan

    Got Jesus? to you know of him or KNOW him? Jesus said in John 3:3 Most assuredly I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. For the soul that sins shall surely die. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. For He made him who knew no sin to be sin for us that through him we may become the righteousenss of God. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the Life no man come to the Father but by me. Nor is their salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given by men by which we must be saved. Acts 3:19 Repent ( have a change of mind about turn away from your sin ) therefore and be coverted that your sins may be blotted out, so that time of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord. How you may say Paul writes in Romans 10: that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved!. For if anyone be IN CHRIST he is a new creation old things have passed, Behold! All things have become new. for in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made Alive! Heaven or Hell it is your choice God is given you free will turn to Jesus and be saved He loves you and is willing that none should perish but all come to repentance!!!

    • g13man

      praise GOD some one knows and spreads the Word , AND repents . most do not even know what sin is 1st john 3;4 , also follow GOD’s commandments, rev 12;17 & 14;12

  • Saint Jude Thaddeus

    We as a country now stand staring into the abyss and there is no stopping our final descent into madness. Maybe it is the karma of our past catching up to us and the transgressions we perpetrated upon the native americans who were before us. I now know how the plains indians must have felt when the buffalo herds were no more.

  • guest

    Americans are evil people and I hope they are all destroyed.

  • BigAl D

    It’s really coming apart now and the disintegration of our society seems to be accelerating. Last night I saw a portion of the Grammy’s and my heart sank. It looked like a pagan worship service all dedicated to Baal, (did you see Katy Perry)? I believe that the globalists are collapsing America so they can bring in their global governance.

    If you think I’m some sort of wacco, do a web search and check out the following for yourself:
    1) “The Earth Charter” is the framework for the implementation of global governance referred to as sustainable development and is on the UN’s UNESCO website.
    2) This was delivered to the UN in the “Ark of Hope” a pagan copy of the Hebrew Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of Hope has five panels representing Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit. These are the five points on the pagan wicca star or pentagram.
    3) The UN’s Agenda 21 is the larger document created for global government in 1992.

    Educate yourself about what is going on. Apathy and government reliance is their friend. Our citizens are being gradually enslaved as we become more and more dependent on the government.

    There are some frightening things going on behind the scenes today. It’s compelling how this global system of government and humanistic religion fits Biblical prophesy.

  • soil to restore

    OUT Standing fact….
    If we do not learn from history we will not have a future!

  • LadyMantle

    Many baby boomers, those who fell for the suburban dream lifestyle of their mom and dad back in the 70s and 80s are probably the most dissatisfied of all with what is going on in terms of economic desparity and lack of opportunity for their kids down the road. Many Americans like to look their noses down on others with less and now that they have less, it is a big blow to their pride and it makes them frustrated and angry because they did everything right and life was supposed to reward them for being “so perfect.”

  • Sam Fox

    All our economic woes are planned. Look up ‘Cloward And Piven Strategy’. Then read Rules For Radicals. Note who this book is dedicated to.
    The US is being taken over from within. For decades we have been attacked. The privately owned ‘Fed’ is one front. Govt regulation & over taxation is another. There are many ‘attack fronts’ the NWO shills are using & big UN-Constitutional govt is the umbrella they work under.
    Luis, you got it bro!!
    Dadelaw, you have no clue. He made the people, true. But the $$ changers CHOSE their own course in life, [ just as you have chosen yours]. Money changers in pure disregard to the Law of Moses & apparently you have disregarded the New Testament & have little understanding of what Elohim was doing in the Old one. This is not meant as an attack or a judgment, rather an attempt to bring ya up to speed. :-)
    It is no coincidence that as we have been kicking God out the public square that our over all national situation has grown worse.

  • D. G.

    You want to see angry dangerous mobs? Just shut off the SNAP benefits for the residents of any major American city – then you’ll see angry people soon enough…

  • Pam

    We may all be pissed off at what is occurring at rapid speeds, but what the heck are we doing about it?

    The rape of our planet is worldwide. If the TPP is put into place, we can kiss this country goodbye. Our governments, state or federal, won’t have to worry about dictating anything because our world will be run corporately, as though it isn’t already, but that will give the corporate mafia card blanch.

    So I ask again, what the heck are we going to do about this?

  • “Eventually, when Americans find that every person in the world is entitled to a job in the USA, except for them ”

    Not neccesarily a job but surely welfare.

  • Firstname Lastname

    Here’s another one: 100% of Americans don’t want to buy a book to tell them what they already know. What Americans need to do is empty the federal government and become a united group of states with no president.

  • hypnotoad72

    We’re a representative republic that is by, of, and for the people. Why do people hate what they have power in?