19 Facts About Abortion In America That Should Make You Very Sick

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Every single day, a silent horror kills more Americans than were killed on 9/11.  Every single year, this silent horror kills about as many Americans as have been killed on all the battlefields in all of the wars in U.S. history combined.  This silent horror is called abortion, and it is a national disgrace.  Overall, more than 50 million babies have been slaughtered since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.  We have become a nation with so little regard for human life that nobody even really talks that much about this issue anymore.  But the truth is that it is at the very core of what is wrong with America.  As I have written about previously, we have become a nation that is obsessed with population control, and we have been exporting this sick philosophy all over the globe.  As you read this, there are workers from U.S. organizations and UN organizations (both funded by your tax dollars) that are on the other side of the world setting up “family planning services” for women in poor countries.  The goal of these organizations (just like we see in the United States) is to reduce the number of poor children being born.  The sick control freaks that run things have decided that overpopulation is a plague that must be eradicated and that mass murder is the answer.  Unfortunately, there are very few people that are still willing to speak out strongly against abortion in America.  So the carnage is just going to go on and on and on.


What will the history books say about a nation that murdered 50 million of its own babies?

The following are 19 facts about abortion in America that should make you very sick….

#1 There have been more than 53 million abortions performed in the United States since Roe v. Wade was decided back in 1973.

#2 When you total up all forms of abortion, including those caused by the abortion drug RU 486, the grand total comes to more than a million abortions performed in the United States every single year.

#3 The number of American babies killed by abortion each year is roughly equal to the number of U.S. military deaths that have occurred in all of the wars that the United States has ever been involved in combined.

#4 Approximately 3,000 Americans lost their lives as a result of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11Every single day, more than 3,000 American babies are killed by abortion.

#5 It has been reported that a staggering 41 percent of all New York City pregnancies end in abortion.

#6 According to Pastor Clenard Childress, approximately 52 percent of all African-American pregnancies now end in abortion.

#7 One very shocking study found that 86 percent of all abortions are done for the sake of convenience.

#8 According to the Guttmacher Institute, the average cost of a first trimester abortion at the ten week mark is $451.

#9 The average cost of a vaginal birth with no complications in the United States is now over $9,000.

#10 A Department of Homeland Security report that was released in January 2012 says that if you are “anti-abortion”, you are a potential terrorist.  Unfortunately, there have also been other government reports that have also identified “anti-abortion” protesters as potential threats.

#11 A while back one Philadelphia abortionist was charged with killing seven babies that were born alive, but witnesses claim that he actually slaughtered hundreds “of living, breathing newborn children by severing their spinal cords or slitting their necks.”

#12 Some abortion clinics have been caught selling aborted baby parts to medical researchers.

#13 Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger once said the following….

“The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

#14 In a 1922 book entitled “Woman, Morality, and Birth Control”, Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger wrote the following….

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

#15 Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions every single year.

#16 Planned Parenthood specifically targets the poor.  A staggering 72 percent of Planned Parenthood’s “customers” have incomes that are either equal to or beneath 150 percent of the federal poverty level.

#17 There are 30 Planned Parenthood executives that make more than $200,000 a year.  A few of them make more than $300,000 a year.

#18 Planned Parenthood received more than 487 million dollars from the federal government during 2010.

#19 The following is one description of the five steps of a partial birth abortion….

1) Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby’s legs with forceps.

2) The baby’s leg is pulled out into the birth canal.

3) The abortionist delivers the baby’s entire body, except for the head.

4) The abortionist jams scissors into the baby’s skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the skull.

5) The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child’s brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed.

How can we murder our own children?

Unfortunately, there are organizations out there such as Planned Parenthood that spend millions upon millions of dollars trying to convince the American people that abortion is okay.  Just check out this jaw dropping propaganda video.

And every single year, politicians from both political parties continue to vote to give hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

Our politicians talk about how we need to spread our values to the rest of the world, but what kind of “values” do we really have when we have such little respect for human life?

There is no hope for America as long as this mass slaughter of innocent children continues to go on all across the United States.

Please share this list of facts about abortion in America with as many people as you can.  We need to wake the American people up.  Most Americans spend their days in an entertainment-induced haze and take very little time to think about the issues that really matter.

And if you think that the issue of abortion does not matter, then you are dead wrong.

The mass murder of more than 50 million American babies is something that cannot be ignored.

Their blood is crying out to us from the ground where it has been spilled.

Yes, this article is going to make a lot of people uncomfortable, but it is the truth.

Isn’t it time that someone started telling the truth in America?


  • Moe Howard

    Thank you for writing that. I know I feel heartsick after reading it.

  • Gay Veteran

    You “pro-lifers” want the government to control our bodies and make us slaves.

    From Karl Denninger (one of the founders of the Tea Party Movement):

    On “Personhood” (Continued)


    “…Let us begin with the 4th Amendment:

    4th Amendment wrote..
    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    Now how do you stop someone from providing — or having — an abortion without violating the 4th Amendment? To be able to meet the 4th Amendment requirements you must find a predicate cause for that intrusion. The USSC in “Roe” found a potential for it beyond the first trimester, and a presumption in favor of it in the third.

    That you, personally, believe abortion is wrong in some — or even all — instances, does not necessarily give you the right to set that standard for everyone else and turn it into a matter of federal criminal statute. There is a tremendous difference between how one chooses to live their life and the right to shove a gun up someone else’s nose and demand they live that way too.

    The problem with attempting to move the “bright line” test that the Founders devised is that doing so has major and unacceptable consequences. These are not unintended consequences either — in fact they’re very intentional and the people who drafted this piece of filth knew exactly what they were doing.

    When people argue for the “Personhood Amendment” what they are actually saying is that the State has the right to effectively take custody of every fertilized egg from that point forward until natural death.

    This means The State has the right to prohibit by criminal law, including the criminal punishment matrix, any act that could or does cause that death through other than the entirely-natural process at any point in time. It also means The State has the right to monitor compliance so it can prosecute any violations.

    That in turn means the 4th Amendment will have been entirely removed from The Constitution.

    Under this premise and black letter of this Amendment your person, your property and your surroundings can be subjected to mandatory government inspection at any time for any condition, substance or act you might have taken or intend to take that has, or could, result in your demise prior to natural death.

    If you’re not frightened of this and prepared to do whatever is necessary to prevent it’s enactment and enforcement you damn well should be. Such an Amendment would be the literal overthrow of the United States Government as the prime founding principle of the nation would be gone….”

    • unknee

      Those who believe that abortion is RIGHT or is a HUMAN RIGHT does not necessarily give you the right to set that standard for everyone else and turn it into a matter of federal criminal statute. (We believe it ISN’T A HUMAN RIGHT. IT IS AN ACT PUNISHABLE BY LAW – NATURAL LAW.) There is a tremendous difference between how one chooses to live their life and the right to shove a gun up someone else’s nose and demand they live that way too. (REMEMBER THE HHS MANDATE.)
      If by human right you mean “The right of the people TO BE SECURE in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,…” and if America’s definition of “TO BE SECURE” is killing their own then by all means do it your way… but please do not export that philosohy where people and culture still believe that real security is not killing one’s own helpless generations.
      And lastly, as for us abortion haters DON’T WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY WHAT WE BELIEVE AND ACT ACCORDINGLY?

    • jaxon64

      Why so passionate about this? It’s not as if you are going to sire any children– leave your convoluted justifications for someone with a stake in the matter.

      I can answer your ridiculously long, circle reasoning with a few simple lines.

      1. The Constitutiion says that our Rights are granted by God–not the government
      2. The right to life is the foremost of all of God’s gifts to us.

      Nobody is being fooled on this thread so take it somewhere else to the sheeple who don’t think. We know the formation of planned parenthood and the abortion movement was part of the American Eugenics agenda and deeply tied to controlling blacks and poor whites from reproducing. One stat Michael missed was the burgeoning % of planned parenthood centers are located in black, hispanic and poorer neighborhoods–the purpose of the infanticide movement is in plain sight for all to see……

      • Gay Veteran

        There is NO mention of God in the Constitution.

        • justadad

          God is implied in reference to securing “the Blessings of Liberty”. Blessings come from a higher source to a lower recipient and thus a higher source than the government is implied.
          AND the date says “in the year of our Lord”. That date was measured to the year of the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ. So not only is God referenced in our Constitution, specifically the Lord Jesus Christ was.
          Oh no! now the ACLU will want to have the Constitution banned because it is un-constitutional.
          Jaxon64 was referencing the Declaration of Independence – you know, that little document that references the Creator as the source of our rights.

    • Blitzkrieg

      “You “pro-lifers” want the government to control our bodies and make us slaves.”


      Yes, because clearly murdering babies in the womb is not control of a human body. You can’t pro-create anyway, why do you even have an interest in this? Your nickname is nothing but a invite for provocation anyhow, hoping to trap someone, don’t act like you never seen it coming.

      • Gay Veteran

        “a invite for provacation”? are you provoked? why?

    • logosIHS

      Prevention is not intrusion. Intrusion is mangling apart a human’s body without them being able to defend themselves.

      Prevention is not custody. To tell someone you cannot murder an innocent being is not to take control of that being.

      Get with the program. Not surprised that your complete abomination of logic led you to your conclusions, including the “gay” and “veteran” ones.

      Might as well tell people to stop intruding on the criminally insane. Don’t they have rights too? If it is in their best interests to be serial killers, if it allows them to be “secure in their persons,” then back off.

    • knightowl77

      At what point is fetus a human? Do you know? If you kill a pregnant woman and her unborn fetus is also killed you are charged with TWO counts of homicide….

      The baby in the womb is entitled to the SAME Constitutional protections as the mother. That baby you would kill, is a LIFE and is entitled to EVERY protection and RIGHT that the mother enjoys.

      So your argument about the 4th amendment is Totally FALSE. Put that in your bong and smoke it.

      • Gay Veteran

        hey knightowl77, you willing to pay more taxes to support all these unwanted children?

        • knightowl77

          Taxes no, charity yes….

          Government waste and fraud on a larger scale no….Catholic charities, the Salvation Army, volunteering Yes….

          Your premise that we should abort babies rather than pay more in welfare is absurd. You are in favor of food stamps, unlimited unemployment compensation, free cell phones, welfare, free medical and you want to save money by killing babies…..Just love your priorities…

          • Gay Veteran

            wow knightowl77, you have super powers if you read my mind!

            so what happens if there is not enough charity to provide for all the unwanted children???

            guess they can just live like unwanted children in the Third World

        • xander cross

          That is a very good question for him to answer. I bet knightowl77 would say no.

          • knightowl77

            I say NO to paying more to the government…I say yes to giving more to charity….

            You libs are happy to have every government program no matter how much it costs, yet your argument for abortion is it saves money????? WTF

            Sounds like ancient Sparta, where unwanted children were just left to die….

    • TM

      While you ponder this topic do know that the desire of the elite is to trim the world population down to 500M. This is written about by persons like David Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc. for those willing to look. Considering they run the worlds central banks, are some of the primaries in orchestrating banking crises, propagating vaccinations that sterilize or harm the immune system, waging wars, stealing assets, etc. they have considerable say over your life, one should take heed. They are depopulating the planet through massive sterilization (via vaccines, toxins, aerial spraying (admitted to by US govt), etc.

      Please factor that into your thoughts on abortion. Abortion is just one of the primary weapons against the people and these people make sure it is funded handsomely.

    • Carson

      Gay Veteran, I agree with you whole-heartedly.

    • J-LO

      Gay Veteran,
      You are right that as a society we need to do more to provide pregnant women with more options regarding adoption. Maybe we can offer temporary adoptive services for pregnant moms while they finish high school and/or college. I would gladly volunteer to care for someone’s child while they attend college, then turn over said child to the mother when she is ready to assume full parental responsibilities.
      I do hope you are a Christian, for if you are ask yourself honestly the question of when does life begin? Life begins at conception. Want proof?…as soon as a female egg is fertilized and becomes a fetus, the child has seperate DNA from the mom and dad. Pro-choice?…should we as human beings be able to choose murder? Abortion is murder, no doubt about it…and sad to say, I am likely guilty of abortion. Did you know that that if birth control pills fail to prevent a pregnancy, the drugs will prevent attachment of the fetus to the mother’s womb? Statistically speaking, this type of abortion, using birth control pills, occurs about once every six months. While married, we used birth control pills for about 10 years. May Jesus have mercy on us; if and when I get to heaven, I may have several children I’ll be meeting for the first time. And for those who have had or been involved in abortion, do not despair. Seek Jesus for forgiveness, for he loves you and does not want to loose you to Satan’s lies. Yours in Christ, John

  • Tim

    I could not read point #19. That is too much for me.

    Is it any wonder that this nation is in the condition it’s in?

    • Candice

      The thing is, Tim, people are shown fact after fact, of how “it” is actually a living, breathing, child in the womb. What was once safe for a child many decades ago is not because of their death being “legal”. They turn away from the pictures of these aborted babies because the reality of what they condone is better off just being ignored, to make themselves feel better about their right for “choice”. This is why we CANNOT be silent. #19 is horrible, that is just ONE procedure out of many. I want to see one day, soon, that babies are once again safe in the womb from man and his evil instruments of death!

  • Xander cross

    This is indeed a sad thing in this world, and let me ask you all something, who’s race is supposed to be cleaner as stated by Mather Sanger?

    • knightowl77

      Margaret Sanger was a white racist whose views were endorsed by Democrat President Woodrow Wilson….Wilson who re-introduced segregation in the military and among federal employees. Wilson who believed blacks were an inferior race….

      Yet democrats today still support planned parenthood and abortion that overwhelmingly hits black families. Why is that?

      • xander cross

        The same reason why you all created sundown town laws against a race of people. It’s all about choices.

        • annoyed

          Dems made and enforced Jim Crow. Dems use the government to control people, not Republicans. The GOP was founded TO END SLAVERY.

          DNC is the pro-slavery party. LBJ (Democrat) was a racist, Bull Conner (Democrat), George Wallace (Democrat)

          Your history is as made up as the rest of your “facts”.

  • Kytim89

    What is the author of this blog’s position on abortion for rape and incest? I ask because there should be exceptions for cases such as when a woman becomes pregnant from a sexual assualt.

  • Colin

    George Carlin on the Sanctity of Life:


    I agree with him one hundred percent. George Carlin has additional comments on the abortion debate, which I also agree with.

  • mark

    On July 10, 2009 Democrat Ruth Bader Ginsburg said’ Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” This Justice of the Supreme Court is a progerssive. This person should be impeached and not have her pension. To think that most of the babies aborted have been blacks and as a voting block they support the democrats which support Ginsburg and her kind. Listen and learn people!

  • r.bitting

    ” The word of the Lord came to me, saying; before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet among the nations ” Jeremiah Ch. 1:4-5. If God was the one who formed the child, then who are you to take it’s life? It is God who gives life, not man. Funny how all those who are for abortion have already been born.

  • Imaplaneiac

    How many would have been the offspring of the 53+ million babies BUTCHERED by the ” doctors ” who murdered them?! Since 1973, America has lost multiple GENERATIONS of children who were made in the image and likeness of Almighty God!

    Our God knew these babies before He knitted them in the womb of their mother! Almighty God had a unique purpose and plan for each baby murdered! What would these babies invented or contributed to benefit mankind; to benefit America?! The sin of abortion is one of the gravest that offends the Creator! Will it be too much longer that Almighty God will administer the Divine Justice for the pre-meditated, deliberate killing of these innoncent babies?!

    Several years ago, I read a book in which the ( reliable ) author reported that there are 50 million babies slaughtered ANNUALLY throughout the World! That number is likely higher now!

  • Eisenkreutz

    Reality Check

    – 1964 Civil Rights Act: Proposed by Republicans, filibustered by Democrats.
    – MLK was a Republican.
    – Jim Crow laws: passed by Democrats.
    – Of the 29 most important pieces of civil rights legislation, Republicans voted for civil rights 80% of the time, Democrats voted against civil rights 60% of the time.
    – Every state in the Confederate States of America was a blue state.
    – The original name of the Republican party was the anti-slavery party.
    -The KKK was formed by ex-confederate democrat generals for the express purpose of keeping white Republicans out of office in the south
    – Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting for Republicans.
    – The first organization in the country to support women’s suffrage was the New York City Republican Club.
    – Andrew Jackson: Father of the Democrat Party. Responsible for the Indian Removal Act of 1820 and the Trail of Tears.
    – Woodrow Wilson: Father of Progressiveism. Vetoed women’s suffrage. Imprisoned dissenters and German-Americans in WW1. Re-segregated the government and the military.
    – FDR: Father of modern liberalism. Interred Japanese-Americans in WW2.
    – Democrats started every war in American history until 1990.
    – First back Speaker of the US House of Representatives in 1879

    • Gay Veteran

      sorry, but white Southern racist Democrats became white Southern racist Republicans

      • knightowl77

        Al Gore Sr begat Al Gore Jr, still a dem
        Robert Byrd member of the Klan a dem till he died…

        You are full of hoooey

        • Gay Veteran

          and Robert Byrd REPENTED of his membership in the Klan

          AGAIN, white Southern racist Democrats became white Southern racist Republicans

          of course facts have a well known liberal bias

          • knightowl77

            You “cite” no facts….

            Which Southern racistss Dems became Southern racist repubs?

            A former Klan member can find a home in the dem party….

  • Major Carpenter

    This is something I can write about. Gay Veteran, I have to say your argument is null and void. The 4th amendment has absolutely nothing to do with abortion. The foundation of the bill of rights, however, does. It says that we have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are also noted to be FROM OUR CREATOR not something ‘gifted’ to us by some government of men.

    How can someone have a right to live if their brains are sucked out before they can even be naturally born? Is that what you would call freedom? Obviously – yes. Well, you’re flat wrong.

    So I can hear the liberals whining already “well what about the rights of the woman”? Here’s a newsflash for you – the baby is not her property to do what she wishes with. It is a live human being. It is not merely an appendage of her body to dispose of as she wishes. It only shares 1/2 of her gene pool, does it not? It is not ‘of’ her body.

    I’ve been reading an extremely interesting book in my Pastoral studies entitled Under The Influence – How Christianity Transformed Civilization, author Alvin J. Schmidt. If you wish to look it up at a library, or order it from amazon, the ISBN is 0-310-2637-1.

    I’d strongly recommend it as a read for anyone who has always thought Christianity simply is of no use; of all feminists; and all Christians, as well.

    Pastor Glenn

    PS I’ve ceased writing about or studying anything political relating to what used to be the United States, so you’ll see my writings here much less often. This is because I’ve concluded it is too late to save the United States from self-destruction. There is no scope for political or social upheaval to repair the country, in my humble opinion. The ship of state has long ago hit the iceberg and it is mathematically impossible for the nation to stand much longer – just as it was mathematically impossible for the SS Titanic to stay afloat once so many bulkheads were flooded. In essence, I now consider it a spiritual warfare – so I still feel free to write about foundational issues – and you can’t get much more foundational than murdering our young.

    • Gay Veteran

      well Major, how many unwanted babies have you adopted?

      always amazed how some are so willing to impose a burden on others that they themselves are UNwilling to bear

  • Major Carpenter

    By the way, out of the past 15 years, I’ve probably been able to go to 10 or 12 anti-abortion protests in September in my town. Peaceful, prayerful protests during which family oriented people with children are shouted to, sworn at, given the finger and abused by a small percentage of useless eaters also known as liberals, who are anything but. It is not ‘liberalism’ to claim to ‘allow’ all opinions – except for the ones you disagree with. That’s called HYPOCRACY.

    I always want to engage the people who stop to assult (ie verbally abuse me) and say “you know what, despite the fact that you are a rude boor, I’m still glad your mother didn’t believe in abortion, so you could be alive. Why won’t you give the children of today the same benefit of life?” But we’re asked to not engage with people verbally, but to be quite and prayerful.

    • Eric

      Yes, please be “quite,” you worthless purveyor of repugnant HYPOCRISY.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Only a few weeks ago, the Discovery Channel showed a documentary entitled: ” Life Before Birth “. Actually, the show was aired twice that week. It showed the life cycle from ejaculation and the stuggle of sperm in their quest to achieve their objective of implanation and fertilization of the egg! Literally thousands of sperm struggle to reach the chamber in which this occurs! Yet ONLY three ( 3 ) survive their journey! The show illustrates the development of the fetus / baby … to birth. It was astonishing to see a show so forthright on a SECULAR TV network! I highly recommend this documentary! It leaves NO DOUBT that abortionists DO KILL a baby; at ANY stage of its development! I think a DVD is available from the Discovery Network. It would be a fine tool for homeschooling bloggers to use to instruct their children about the ” Birds and the Bees ” ! BTW, parents, it’s YOUR responsibilty to instruct your children about sex – NOT government schools!! Or it could be shared with your church ” family “! This documentary is SO WELL DONE that it’s possible that EVEN a DEMONcrat could comprehend it!?

  • mart469

    I think abortion is great. We, outsiders, do not know the story. If YOU are willing to pay for the cost of a new born to 18, then stand up to do that.

    • brooke

      your *********** stupid bro. there are MILLIONS of wanna-be parents waiting to adopt kids, they deserve a damn chance. it dosnt matter about “not being able to raise it” , shoulda thought about that before and kept the legs closed. and just because a birth mother cant support it, dosnt mean she should MURDER it. thats no reason to take a life. Your very ignorant and an obvious exampple of someone who knows nothing about what they are talking about.—–even jesus loves idiots like you

  • Eric Minske

    This is the dumbest post by The American Dream – a site that always talks about the problems of America – I expected better:

    #1. You are constantly telling us about the country’s debt and entitlement problems. I couldn’t agree with you more on those issues. However, if we don’t have abortions won’t that make the debt issues worse? Babies aborted are unwanted babies and many are from very low income families that are already having way to many babies that go straight to welfare and medicaid. The people that are anti-choice want things to get worse.

    #2. Have you ever posted anything on the world’s population and resource problems? the current rate of population growth is UNSUSTAINABLE. We don’t have all the resources to feed everyone. Technology will not come close to solving this. What is your suggestion to have a lower population? Don’t you think preventing abortions will make things even worse.

    #3. If rich people still want abortions they will get them. They can fly to other countries, etc. and pay lots of money. On the other hand the poor can not so this will just make the gap between the rich and the poor worse.

    #4. Why can’t people decide for themselves? You
    keep calling it murder. Do you want to lock up Mary Joe down the street with rapists and bank robbers in prison? She obviously don’t think it is murder and it is disgusting how people like you think they can tell others what they believe. Just because something may look like it is developing into a human doesn’t mean it is one. You can not argue that people have different opinions.

    #5. You are a hypocrite. You constantly tell us how the gov’t is taking away freedoms – i agree i with you on that. But now because you believe a certain way you want the government to decide. Your views are completely unconstitutional.

  • mondobeyondo

    Abortion is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. End of story.

    • mondobeyondo

      You didn’t create that young life. Therefore, you have no right to end it. Doing so is a selfish decision on your part. That’s right, I said it. SELFISH!!

  • Gary2

    Its my understanding that legalized abortion is why the crime rate has dropped???

    Here is the thing-I agree abortion is sickening and I would never counsel anyone to have one.

    However-the conservatives and their sickening policies of once the child is born to stop almost all support strikes me as hypocritical. They constantly try to cut WIC and healthcare for the poor.

    So as usual the conservatives say one thing and do another. No news here.

    As sickening as abortion is I think that ship has sailed. Get over it and move on. I say this to not be insensitive but the reality is it will never be ileagel. The rich conservatives are using the poor social conservatives as cannon fodder by saying they are against abortion and giving it lip service and then screwing the social conservatives by advocating policies that funnel wealth to the top.

    • Tim

      “I say this to not be insensitive but the reality is it will never be ileagel [sic].”

      Abortion has never been “legal.” Abortion is murder, and what God forbids cannot be “legalized.”

      You are lost, sir.

  • nobody

    Fact 1: There is no life without sentience. Proving sentience in a fetus is not possible. And you never used the word ‘fetus’ in your article, even though fetuses are the target of your article.
    Opinion 1: Without sentience, a fetus is much like a body part, much like a gall bladder that often gets removed.

    Fact 2: You use the word ‘kill’ nine times in your article.
    Opinion 2: See Fact 1. You cannot ‘kill’ what isn’t really aliive and/or sentient yet.

    Fact 3: A fetus is not an infant, referencing your Margaret Sanger quote..
    Opinion 3: Your quote of Sanger is not really about fetuses (See Fact 4.)

    Fact 4: “…mass slaughter of innocent children” is a direct result of the war on drugs and its failed policy of incarceration of minorities who are trained in prison to be full-time criminals upon release. Children emulate.
    Opinion 4: You do your argument damage when you start with fetuses, then call them infants, and then call them children. Some would think you don’t really have a focused train of thought.

    Fact 5: Denial of global overpopulation is real.
    Opinion 5: Reproduction and personal control is a female freedom issue, and men are usually the ones trying to impair that freedom. Reproductive freedom is not really about overpopulation.

    Fact: I’m a man, and I defend women. Thank you for allowing me to remain anonymous.

    • knightowl77

      …you may be anonymous, but you are not defending women….you are attacking human babies.
      You claim to be God and know when a “fetus” becomes human….what a pompous arrogant Adam Henry…..

      Your Fact1 about no life without sentience is pure cow manure…by your standards you could kill a baby 3 to 5 months after it is born….You have no idea when God endows that “fetus” with a SOUL and that is what makes that fetus a human baby. I say it is at conception and will err on the side of safety.

      Fact 2 isn’t a fact….a growing “fetus” is by its very definition ALIVE….

      Sanger and eugenics (look it up) was about “inferior races” and ethnic cleansing….Hitler liked her ideas and took them to a whole new level with the holocaust….She will burn in hell and those who support her work, anonymous though you are likely to join her…..

      Defender of women, pure hokum….

      • Carson

        Just because it’s “alive” doesn’t mean it is sentient. It is a living group of stem cells that could potentially become a person.

      • Tim

        Well said. But Margaret Sanger is already in hell.

    • Carson

      Dear Nobody,
      I love you. You are AWESOME. Thank you for defending my body.

      • Randome-11

        No condoms = STDs

        What does your body say about that, huh?

    • Deborah

      Thank you nobody. You rock. I am not personally in favor of abortion, but I feel that no man should tell any woman what to do with her body. period. Furthermore, before roe v. wade women would die trying to end an unwanted pregnancy. Also, some women use contraception for hormonal imbalances. Why can’t women just be left alone. I like the libertarian principles in this blog, but women’s health is a woman’s business. leave us alone.

    • Randome-11

      “right” to kill things without sentience? Start with ************.

  • shypuffadder

    Then why all the shouting and stomping against birth control pills? Shouldn’t we be much more concerned with preventing conception in the first place? Any female that doesn’t want and/or can’t support a child should have access to quality birth control. It is always better to prevent a problem. Gotta run! The viagra man is coming down the street with his heavy cart of goodies… cheap too.

    • knightowl77

      Some religions do not believe in contraception, and therefore should not be forced to provide it. Where oh where in the Constitution does it say you have “A Right” to FREE contraception? Where?

      Where in the constitution is the authority for the president to order someone to provide free contraception??? Hint; it isn’t there and the president has NO such authority.

      your argument that “Any female that doesn’t want and/or can’t support a child should have access to quality birth control.” Is not what we are talking about….Birth control pills are available, she should just have to buy them herself….

      This president or any other cannot just start ordering people to violate what their religion teaches, nor can he just order people to provide birth control for free…He is not a dictator (though he thinks he is) yet…….

      • Xander cross

        @knightowl77. Sure he can especially when these religious groups receive government (stolen) money to their benefit. You did not mind this when blacks are counted as 3/4 of a person as it was stated in your constitution. The president did not force anyone to provide conception just like no one order the catholic church to accept government either. You are wrong on this matter.

        • knightowl77

          Sorry…they receive government funds because the government demands that they treat everyone, not just those that can afford care….So they are forced to accept the funds rather than go out of business and care for no one…..So by this circular logic the government creates the problem forcing the others to accept government funds so that they can tell them how to use those funds…

          Neither you or I were alive when the constitution was written so give it a rest…Besides that clause which agreives you so much was put in to abolish slavery…That very clasue which you object to wasput in to deny or lower representation of the slave states in the Congress, so that eventually the free states would be able to eliminate slavery….and blacks were not counted as 3/4 of a person, slaves were…the whole point to reduce the power of the southern slave states….once they were freed they counted like everyone else….

          • Gay Veteran

            “That very clasue which you object to wasput in to deny or lower representation of the slave states in the Congress, so that eventually the free states would be able to eliminate slavery”


    • Gay Veteran

      because the anti-abortion people are also anti-birth control

      • Willing To See The Truth

        GV, your comment is totally incorrect. Catholics (I am one, by the way) and others DO NOT object to natural forms of birth control. We object to ARTIFICIAL BIRTH CONTROL – many of which act (as proven by documents & research by OB-GYNs)as abortifacients – meaning they abort the conceived baby AFTER it attachs to the womb.

        • Xander cross

          You are lying on this one.

        • Gay Veteran

          a LOT of Catholics use artificial birth control

  • James

    And if that child grew up, (and needed government assistance, for a disability) the pro-lifers would say “let’em die!” If you notice, pro-lifers only care about life In utero. Pro-lifers=hypocrites

  • Mom of 3

    Vaccinations require the use of a fetus in the formula.
    While the number of abortions are staggering, imagine the number of families on welfare if that weren’t happening.
    “A nation with so little regard for human life”…when have we been one with complete regard for human life? Abortion in one form or another has been in existence forever. Slavery, racism, homophobia, sexism, hangings, tar and feather… Our nation has never valued human life as a whole.
    You are completely jaded in your words.

  • Gay Veteran

    if I was approached by an anti-abortion protester, I would ask one question: how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted?

    if they politely say none, then I would point out they have no moral authority to speak on the subject

    if they are not polite, then I would say they need to shut the h*ll up

    • mb

      Don’t be afraid to use the word hell sodomite. It is a very real place, which you will find out soon enough.

      • Gay Veteran

        judge not lest ye be judged, pharisee

    • justadad

      You are still confused about “moral authority”.
      To imply morality you have to choose a set of standards.
      Mine? Nope, I’m a flawed human being.
      Yours? Nope, you can’t even figure out the proper use of your own anatomy.
      The Government’s? You and I both agree, we don’t trust them.
      That leaves only one other source of standards – The Creator of Life’s.
      He says “Thou shalt not kill.”
      And the first mention of eye for eye, tooth for tooth and life for life in the Bible is refering to the baby in a woman’s womb.

  • WM

    Gay Veteran: Here we go again. Boy. you really are against the things of righteousness aren’t you?
    I love your link to Karl Denninger. It almost makes Christians seem against the 4th ammendment. I agree with you regarding the government possibly being able to justify taking certain freedoms away should the 4th be disregarded regarding abortion rights. This is a concern of mine. However, I care what God cares about first and foremost and even above what my government defines as rule. A woman has a right to her body, I have never and will never debate that or take that from a woman.

    When a woman is pregnant however, the perspective changes. Why you may ask???

    Because she is carrying ANOTHER human being in her body. So the moral question is really simple: Does a person have the right to dictate the rights of another human being based on their freedom of choice? If I have a mentally disabled child and I as the parent decided that it is my “freedom of choice” to kill that child, would that be right in your eyes? Some would say: WM, we are talking about a born child and a fetus still in the womb. Well, in the eyes of God,they are the same. In the eyes of the Living God, murdering a fetus in the womb is the exact same as mudering that mentally disabled child.

    I say, what right does a woman have to decide whether another human being lives or not?

    What we should do is openly and without shame of being labled un-politically correct, call abortion for what it is: MURDER. Make it crystal clear to the woamn considering having one, that abortion is in fact murdering another human being and that they will have to answer to a Holy God on judgement day for their action, and their need to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus for foregiveness to be made right with God.

    “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
    Revelation 21:8

    Sadly, most abortions are for convienience sake so that woman can engage in fornication and not take the responsibility for their actions.

    Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God…”
    1 Corinthians 6:9-10

    “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;
    ensure justice for those who are perishing.” Proverbs 31:8

    In the United States it is currently legal to abort an unborn baby,
    but it is illegal to murder a human child or adult.

    The issues are: “When is a baby considered alive?” and
    “What does God say about abortion and the unborn?”

    We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life–the unborn–without diminishing the value of all human life.”–Ronald Reagan
    [Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation, 1984. pp 15-18)]

    “The chief purpose of government is to protect life. Abandon that and you have abandoned all.”
    Thomas Jefferson [Harold Lane, “Liberty, Cry Liberty!, p. 31]

    Americans have debated this topic, some saying that a baby is not considered alive until he/she is able to live on his/her own outside of the womb. [Never mind the fact that a baby is just as totally dependent after delivery as before!]

    But what does the Bible say about abortion?
    Does God consider an unborn fetus [at an age when he/she would not be able to live on his/her own outside of the womb] to be a living being? Does God consider this unborn baby a life??
    Consider the following Bible verses:

    God considers any unborn baby to be alive.
    God considers the loss of that life by another’s hands to be murder.

    Exodus 21
    22 “If men who are fighting hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman’s husband demands and the court allows. 23 But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.

    1) If a woman gives birth prematurely, but there is no serious injury–i.e. the baby lives without harm,
    then a fine results to compensate for the assault.
    2) If a woman gives birth prematurely, and the baby dies, then the assailant is to be given the death penalty. This point is HUGE!!! What God is saying here is that the value and worth of an adult man is equal to the value and worth of an unborn fetus who was young enough, or injured enough, to die. God equates the loss of an unborn baby as the loss of a life, for He says, “you are to take life for life,…” This point cannot be emphasized too strongly. God considers the unborn baby alive, and the loss of that life is considered murder. This murder is punishable with the death penalty. This verse demonstrates three truths:
    a) The unborn’s life is equivalent in value to an adult’s life in God’s sight
    b) This also outlines God’s Law against criminal feticide.
    c) The killing of the unborn is murder

    God created us in our mother’s womb

    Psalm 139
    13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
    Psalm 139 and DNA; God’s “book” of our members
    Job 31:15

    Did not He who made me in the womb make them [Job’s servants]?

    Did not the Same One for us both within our mothers?

    1) We are a unique creation of God. We were formed directly by God before we were born. This means that unborn babies are special to God. Should we abort a baby that God is working on? Should we interrupt Him and destroy his “wonderful” masterpiece????
    2) The womb is intended to be a place where God works His creative action, not where man works his destructive action.

    The Bible tells us that life begins at conception

    Psalm 51:5
    “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”
    Here the Bible states that David [and all mankind] were sinful at the moment of conception. Surely we could not use the term “sinful” to describe a piece of tissue that is not alive! To be “sinful” you would at least have to be alive! As humans we have inherited a sin nature [a.k.a. the flesh]. This sin nature was inherited at the moment of conception. A sinful nature is not found in “primordial tissue” that is without life. The term “sinner” refers then to those who are alive.

    Judges 13:7
    “”But he said to me, ‘You will conceive and give birth to a son.'”
    This phrase is used quite often in the Bible; “conceive and give birth to a son”. Notice that the term “conceive” is the beginning of the process that leads to birth. Conceiving and birthing are events. These events happen with a woman and a son [or daughter]. The Bible does not say, “You will conceive tissue, which shall become a baby, and then you will give birth to a son.” The sentence describes events that take place involving “a son”. This concept, in conjunction with Psalm 51 shows that the Bible speaks very freely and often about life as beginning at conception.

    The Bible uses the term “Baby” whether he/she is born or unborn

    Luke 1
    41When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

    1) Here an unborn “fetus” is referred to as a “baby”. The greek word “BREPHOS” refers to a baby, whether he/she is unborn or not. In Luke 2:12, the angels announce to the shepherds in the field that they will find the baby Jesus wrapped and lying in a manger. The word “baby” here is “BREPHOS” again.
    2) The Bible makes no distinction, and has no separate word for a baby who is unborn versus a baby who is born.

    The Bible specifically condemns partial birth abortion as against God’s will
    Exodus 1
    15 The king of Egypt said to the Hebrew midwives, whose names were Shiphrah and Puah, 16 “When you help the Hebrew women in childbirth and observe them on the delivery stool, if it is a boy, kill him; but if it is a girl, let her live.” 17 The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt had told them to do; they let the boys live. 18 Then the king of Egypt summoned the midwives and asked them, “Why have you done this? Why have you let the boys live?”
    19 The midwives answered Pharaoh, “Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women; they are vigorous and give birth before the midwives arrive.”
    20 So God was kind to the midwives and the people increased and became even more numerous.
    **The king of Egypt commanded the midwives to kill a male baby just as he becomes visible from the birth canal. This is known today as partial birth abortion. The midwives FEARED GOD [because doing so was against God’s will] and did not do it and so God blessed the midwives
    1) Notice that even the king of Egypt recognized partial birth abortion as murder when he told the midwives to KILL a baby as he becomes visible.
    2) God blessed the Hebrew midwives for not carrying out partial-birth abortion

    God tells us to choose His ways, instead of our own ways; shameful acts done secretly do not please Him.
    Proverbs 1
    29 Since they hated knowledge and did not choose to fear the LORD,
    30 since they would not accept my advice and spurned my rebuke,
    31 they will eat the fruit of their ways
    Ephesians 5
    10 and find out what pleases the Lord.
    11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
    12 For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.
    God tells us to CHOOSE to fear the Lord. He tells us to find out what pleases Him. Is God pleased when we end a life that He was in the middle of creating? We should exert a lot of energy and prayer, and Bible study into finding out what pleases the Lord. Often times what pleases Him is not what we would normally do.
    Have you ever noticed the secrecy behind abortions? Women can go secretly to have them done. Even underage girls don’t have to tell their parents! I am a physician, and when doctors get together, they often talk about their work and what they do. I have NEVER heard of an abortion provider openly talking about his/hers abortions that were performed that day. There is a mild to moderate amount of secrecy and even shame that surrounds abortion. Most women feel shameful even to mention what they did. It is rare indeed for a woman to talk as openly about her abortion as she would a hysterectomy, tubal ligation, or other gynecological procedures. Likewise, it is as rare for a doctor to talk as openly about his abortion practice as he would other parts of his practice. This is truly a shameful, secretive practice.
    Find out what pleases the Lord!!!

    A society that hates God, loves death

    Proverbs 8
    35 For whoever finds me [the wisdom of God] finds life and receives favor from the LORD .
    36 But whoever fails to find me harms himself; all who hate me love death.

    A society that turns from God will find it acceptable to kill the unborn, kill those who are being born, and those who were just born. A society that has turned from God will accept euthanasia, and assisted suicide. Death in all its forms becomes less horrible to us, then. We choose “selective reduction” of unwanted babies instead of life. And even those who wouldn’t do such things believe that we should still allow others to practice them.

    Only fools think that this genocide can go on forever, and seem to think God is asleep and overlooking these things. Take heed! God is very angry with this and the sword of the the LORD is coming upon this earth. Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus today to be forgiven your sions and be made right with God and become saved,before it is too late!

    • knightowl77

      The baby in the womb is human and therefore has the SAME 4th amendment protections as the mother. The rights of one do not trump the rights of the other…
      There is no 4th amendment contradiction here…

      • Xander cross

        I like how you all ignore the old testament about baby killings and mass murder. Let’s see, during slavey, many white people killed black babies and sold them to the highest bidder (yes, in museums, they have the actual price for selling a black child) and yet, you all claim to be against abortion when it befents your agenda? Hypocrites.

        • knightowl77

          I was not around when slavery was in practice…Neither were you. Many awful things were done in that period, but what the hell has one abomination have to do with this abomination?

          You act as if I approved 1 abomination under slavery, and hated the other….Absurd, show me how I am in favor of slavery?????or what happened more than 150 years ago????

          • xander cross

            Don’t have to be around slavery to understand the unjust that was forced upon a race of people by another race of people. You are defiently against black people and it messes with your mind (just like most tea party members) that a black man is in the white house. This is why you say things like “I want my country back” back from who exactly? I stand by what I wrote because it’s true of your character. Millions of black babies were killed during slavery and now, you all claim you are against abortion, when whites were selling blacks for profit? You’re an hyprocrite. Plan and simple.

    • Gay Veteran

      WM, I’m all for righteousness. Just against people forcing their religion on others.

      And your arguments would be entitled to some consideration if YOU have adopted an unwanted baby. Have you?

      If abortion is murder, then the woman should go to jail for murder. Do you support that?

      “…Sadly, most abortions are for convienience sake so that woman can engage in fornication and not take the responsibility for their actions….”

      wow, you truly are sexually repressed

      • WM

        GayVeteran: If abortion were illegal, the woman should go to jail for murder, but since it not against the law the point is invalid.

        How is anyone forcing a religion upon you when they declare a simple truth: That abortion is murdering a human life and that it is wrong? Are you saying it is ok for a woman to decide to take the life of an otherwise helpless human?

        So, I am sexually repressed because I think woman who get abortions for convienience sake and that it is the result of fornication that is somehow wrong? I don’t get it, I am missing something in your comments.

        By the way, thank you for your service to your country.

        • Gay Veteran

          opposed to abortion? then don’t have one

          opposed to birth control? then don’t use it

          opposed to same sex marriage? then don’t marry someone of the same sex

          but don’t use the power of the state to impose your religion on everyone else

          • knightowl77

            On that we agree…….though the question of abortion is different….

            If as we believe that the “fetus” is a human being then the killing of that “fetus” is murder…

            You will be judged for your views and me for mine…Good luck there…

  • Cinderella Man

    That doctor who stabbed the babies needs to be punished severley. I would say what I would want to happen to him but this is a family website! I personally know a woman who used abortion as birth control, she had five of them and finally kept one baby. Makes my heart very sick and sad. I cant have babies, I believe I have been chemically sterilized by the foods I have ate in the past, or from the flu shots I used to get regularly. I dont see babies as a problem to population growth, I see the problem is that too many evil people live into their 90’s and good people like missionaries are killed by terroists and drug cartels and sweet innocent babies are being chopped up and sold like commodities. Im only pro choice in the case of rape or incest. Other than that there are millions of childless couples that are sterile like me that genuniely love kids that would love to adopt. Babies are not the problem and only non breeder liberals care about the constitution when it applies to them but are silent about the illegal wars and police state that this adminstration does frequently.

    • this doctor is evil incarnate

  • Har

    I assume the author of this article is a christian? God doesnt have a problem with abortion..he performs the most abortions period.

    • mondobeyondo

      Ahhh, you mean miscarriages, right? Yes, those happen. As a Christian myself, I have to say miscarriages are within God’s purpose. It is part of a plan He has for all of us. He created that life, and He has the right to end that life.

      Abortion is different. Some person at Planned Parenthood or wherever, decides to “play God” and end a young life. Scientists can’t even create an amoeba in a lab dish. People have no right to terminate the life of a fetus.

      • Xander cross

        Well, you have to prove thar a god exists first and speaking of god, is it god’s will to enslave a race of people and sell their babies and burn them? You know that the bible was used to justified slavery right? Oh, that’s right, you all ignore the old testament.

  • psychopathsareeverywhere

    Are you guys psychopaths? Or are you being manipulated by them? At it’s heart the anti-abortion movement is one of psychopaths fearful that their kind will aborted out of existence.

  • Lynne

    Excellent article – watch http://www.180movie.com for more eye-opening info about abortion.

    • ihateabortion

      hey y’all. Just wanted to say that the fetus’ in a woman’s womb’s heart starts beating at 4 weeks. the fetus grows. How can you call that baby “not living”?
      GOTY THAT????

  • Tatiana Covington

    This is the dilemma forced upon us by the facts that we are placental mammals who are sexually dimorphic, who are mortal and who thus must replace our losses to death, and who even now still have only one method of so doing.

    Come back in 2100, who knows? Things might be different.

  • Doug Diggler

    If you want to control women and their bodies please move the ********* to Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Israel or any other Bronze Age-emulating ****************!

  • It’s murder and God will judge

  • LM

    God bless you, Michael, for having the courage to write this article. Abortion is possibly the most unnatural and inhuman act known to mankind.

    • justamom

      Well said. Thank you Michael. It is not a popular message, but one that must be given. I admire your righteous courage in the face of such opposition. Bless those who curse you and pray for them…great is your reward in heaven.

      • Michael

        Thank you for the kind words.

        I know a lot of my readers are going to be kind of upset about this article, but it is a very, very important issue.


  • Diane

    Abortions should not be aloud at all!!!!!!!! Only God has the right to decide to take a life away and getting an abortion is killing a human being! Who has the right to make such decisions? Only God does. Abortion totally discuss me!!!

    • Carson

      Prove there is a god, then prove that he is anti-abortion, then we’ll talk. MY BODY, I won’t be forced to go through the havoc that is pregnancy against my will. Nope.

      Plus, abortion is a great form of population control. There are too many people on this planet in the first place. Those who get abortions are doing you a favor, leaving you with more resources.

      I think anyone who wants a baby should have to pass an IQ test, and a parenting course. All other “babies” (fetuses) should be STOPPED.

      • Carson

        P.S. I am a birth mother who placed her baby with a wonderful family to give him more. I am not against going through with pregnancy and choosing adoption. My pregnancy was intentional, so I did not feel it right to get an abortion. Things changed and I was not able to keep him.
        If I were to get pregnant unintentionally, while using birth control, I would definitely get an abortion.

      • Las

        Woa, Carson:
        Your heart is like stone. The anger and bitterness you must be feeling are coming through your words. Only Jesus can heal a heart that is hurting. Ask Him to heal you. He will. Peace.

  • Luis

    “They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Hosea 8:7

  • Peter

    Pro-Choice to Pro-Life! What changed their minds…in Seconds? 180 “The hottest movie on the internet” One million views in 22 days.”180′ is 33 minutes of video adrenaline,shock,and hope.” Kirk Cameron(Actor and TV Co-Host) Watch it online for free at 180movie.com

  • “180” The full interview with Alicia

  • “180” The full interview with Alicia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7L75krgvE&list=PLF7A79

  • Carson

    What makes me sick is that the pro-lifers want to control my body. They want to force me to carry a baby against my will, as well as deliver it.

    Tell you what, if I ever go for an abortion, I will just offer to have the fetus transferred to a pro-lifer’s body.

    Not everyone uses abortion for birth control, but I think more people should. Population on Earth has skyrocketed and we need to control that.

    Pro choice does not mean pro death. It means pro making your own choice that is best for you and your family. If I unintentionally got pregnant, I would have an abortion. I use birth control as scheduled, and I decide when and if I want to have a baby. Not my government.

    • It’s still murder, nevertheless

  • “180” Features: “180” Movie;”180″Pelicula(Spanish version);”180″Full interview with Alicia;sharing 180;”180-lives saved,minds changed.”;etc. http://www.youtube.com/user/thewayofthemaster/featured

  • roe vs wade is an evil supreme court decision that proves that man is limited & therefore not GOD as he is trying to be & prove through secular reason & logic. You can be logical but wrong.

  • Kathy

    To all who believe a right to there own bodies is wrong! God is the rightful owner thus we must treat the body as a shrine.


    Now for the unbelievers do you want to risk this?

  • Edith

    The fact that people know that

    4) The abortionist jams scissors into the baby’s skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the skull.

    5) The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child’s brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed

    and still don’t have a reaction but feel it’s perfectly okay to that, says alot about what we have become as society. COLD and pure evil. It’s sick and inhuman.

  • Magdalene

    So since the babies of the poor women will cost so much in welfare payments, we should just murder them?

    Rape and Incest? Still a child, an innocent with the right to life in spite of the crime of the father; why should the baby be executed in a most brutal fashion?

    Not a woman’s body! may be a different blood type and gender. She already made a ‘choice’.

    Promiscuity and perversions are being promoted by our government the world over and not just promoted but forced sterilization (long deemed inhumane) is on the horizon. A one -child policy like China perhaps? So the population is unsustainable? So just kill off people? Maybe everyone in the 40s??? Who chooses who to declare no longer persons or worthy of life? Lets see: the native Americans, the slaves, the Jews, the unborn…maybe the elderly, disabled, and sick next. Maybe YOU.

    Our nation will go down. It is infallible. Our sick society will destroy itself. The wages of sin is death. We are going to see it. We thought nazi Germany and the communists were inhuman: what we are doing is no different.

  • Elizabeth

    I would like for all of you prochoice people to ask yourselves this one question !!! If Jesus was walking this earth at this time, Would Jesus Take an instrument, insert into a woman’s womb and cut up a child and abort it ???
    You must see the Truth, and follow Gods rules , not the rules of man especially when it is in opposition to God. The Ten Commandments we given to all of us,
    So we would know Him and follow Him, for He is Meek and Humble of Heart !!!

  • “While you where in your mother’s womb, I knew you” God

  • Gary2

    Conservatism Thrives on Low Intelligence and Poor Information. Reading many of the replies on this site this is so true. It is hard to believe people can think the way conservatives do. Its akin to believing the world is flat. How could anyone think that way?

    Friends I am passing this along so the conservatives can reassess their world view-you too Michael.

    The Canadian study published last month in the journal Psychological Science, which revealed that people with conservative beliefs are likely to be of low intelligence.


  • cjf

    Only have one problem with abortion. Usually one generation too late.

    Of course, there is “post-natal” abortion. That’s still popular.

  • Gary2

    Conservative ideology is the “critical pathway” from low intelligence to racism.

  • Mark

    It is real simple. If a gov’t that can declare one class of humans as non-humans allowing said gov’t to kill these non-persons, there is no end to whom they can kill on a whim. The idea that who the abortuaries are killing aren’t people and hence isn’t murder was the defense the Nazis gave during the Nuremberg trails as an excuse why killing Jews wasn’t murder. Do you really want Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Bush, Clinton, et all to have the power to murder citizens on a whim?

    • Mairin

      Thank-you, Mark! Well said.
      Those infected with Liberalism have a hard time understanding that their boundaries end where someone else’s begins. Their malignant narcissism propels them toward removing obstacles to their myopic pleasures. Other people’s deaths, at their hands, whether through formal or material cooperation with evil, leaves them untouched. They see these casualties as justifiable and necessary.

      It is ridiculous to think that one’s very existence as a human person could be so arbitrary as to eminate from a woman’s mere “feelings” at any given point in the state of pregnancy. The said unborn could find him/herself a human person, a non person-during morning sickness or a break up with baby’s dad…and back again when she gets a ring….oops birth pains “GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!!”

      Personhood cannot be decided by people’s whims of selfishness or benevolent feelings. To truly be free, we have to allow personhood from conception to natural death.

      • Gay Veteran

        “a hard time understanding that their boundaries end where someone else’s begins”

        WOW!!! that’s incredible when you are trying to make slaves of women

  • randy crawford

    If you watch real abortions in an abortion mill, you will soon learn that with their assembly-line butchery set-up, they only spend less than $10 to do each abortion. That’s what their bulk-supply paper gowns and gloves cost. The rest is hardware that is re-sterilized for pennies. The hundreds or thousands of dollars they charge for each vivisection and dismemberment is pure blood-money profit to the killer doctors and to their enablers. Times a million baby murders a year, that is how they get so much money to bribe crooked politicians, lawyers, prosecutors, police, and journalists to spread depraved propaganda for them. Are any of these people really “pro-choice?” Not hardly. They reveal their murderous hypocrisy because they are unwilling to choose themselves. No system of justice executes the innocent, and America does not have a system of justice as long as it continues to execute the innocent.

  • Mr Carpenter

    Mark, the government already has the power to kill anyone on a whim. NDAA remember? Also, the ‘ordered’ murder of a couple of US citizens without benefit of capture, fair trial, 4th Amendment rights – anything – by the so-called President earlier last year, now codified into ‘law’ by NDAA.

    Not to mention the quite literally weekly abuse or murder of citizens by the police forces of this country (check out youtube some time).

    Gary, you truly think that a so-called study of intelligence showing conservatives being less ‘bright’ than communists – I mean liberals, is not bogus? I’m sorry to have to break this to you, but those of us who live in the real world – not our mom’s basement – beg to differ.

    A couple of example, if I may.

    A conservative who is vegetarian, simply doesn’t eat meat. A liberal who is vegetarian doesn’t think anyone else should have the right to eat meat.

    A conservative who wishes to be able to defend his or her self or family from criminals buys a gun, a liberal claims that they should not do so and try to elect people to stop others from doing so.

    A conservative who believes that abortion is murder will adopt a child if their life situation allows, and will peacefully assemble year after year to protest the slaughter of innocents. A liberal will think that the protests are fools and that they somehow deserve derision and cursing at – in front of children.

    I guess that even if liberals are supposed to be more ‘intelligent’ I’ll finish with the statement that the Germans were highly intelligent – it’s renowned, in fact. Yet they voted Adolph Hitler into place – a National Socialist – and made him a dictator, which was the ruination of millions of lives and the German state. Yeah, they were smart, weren’t they, Gary2?

    • gary2

      than communists – I mean liberals

      You perfectly made my point thanks! The study is so true!

    • Gay Veteran

      A conservative who believes that abortion is murder will adopt a child IF their life situation allows?

      And yet they think nothing of the “life situation” of the woman

      • knightowl77

        So the woman has the right to kill her baby while it is in the womb to improve her life???? Why then do we not allow the women to kill their kids after they are born to make their life better…..I mean “ it is all about the life situation of the woman aferall that concerns you….

        • Gay Veteran

          you pro-lifers need to care as much for actual children as you do for a fetus

          so put up the money to support all these unwanted children or shut up

          • justadad

            Pro-life means ‘pro’ life.
            What part of pro-life don’t you understand?
            When have you ever heard any pro-lifer say ,”We only care about the unborn”? No.
            Pro-lifers fund agencies that help unwed mothers through pregnancy and adoption.

            It is YOU that keeps calling them “unwanted”.
            Please stop playing your ignorant broken record.


  • It is all part of an “evolution” started around the end of WW2. Check out this explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPrrmCFqs7Q&feature=related
    The future may look quite different than it does today.

  • Michele

    Sad, just encouraged to blow off concerns about disease and the guy bringing up the point is seen as a “bad guy” and “trash” who does not know what he is talking about and you just need to go to “Planned Parenthood” to get all you need. No contraceptive, not even condoms, and certainly not abortion protects from AIDS.

  • Common Sense

    If you went to KFC and ordered a bucket of chicken and paid for it, and they brought out a batch of fried eggs, and said those were chickens, would you accept that line of reasoning? Probably not.

    On the other hand, sucking out a baby’s brains and calling that vicious act “abortion” of a “fetus” is purely and wholly evil. Murder, pure and simple.

    It has been demonstrated that babies in the womb respond to music, and recognize their mother’s voice, at least at some point in their development, if not already on the morning after fertilization.

    Can’t we find some reasonable compromise between calling a fertilized egg a “person,” and calling a 9-month-old baby a “fetus?” Why does each side in this debate take the most extreme and unreasonable position it can come up with? Is it because our nation has too many lawyers and we all aspire to be ignorant assholes like them?

    (What do you call 1,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? Answer: A good start.)

    Thomas Paine wrote a treatise called Common Sense. It seems that after 1776, that commodity took wing and flew away from this sorry country, to be replaced by grandstanding, bigotry, extremisim, hatred, and rank stupidity.

    Come on, people, let us try to reach a commonsense solution. Let us test the reactions of fetuses to stimuli, to see when they begin to respond in a sentient manner, and not just like earthworms do when prodded. At that point, they should be declared live sentient humans, not before. Is that so difficult? Or is it only difficult because neither side wants to cede an inch of ground to the other?

    • DownWithLibs

      At the moment of conception, it is a human. I’m sure God will be more than willing to explain all of this to you someday!

      • Eric

        Who needs God when we’ve got you, precious?

  • Gerard

    This is America’s Holocaust…but on a much grander scale than Hitler’s holocaust and the World Wars combined. Put your mind around that. Of course we don’t feel the pain that the aborted baby feels but this will come back to haunt America in ways that we don’t even know yet.




    This article is outrageous. You totally miss the point of what this debate should be about. Abortion, in and of itself, is not the greatest of outcomes one can imagine. But it has an important function for three specific reasons:

    1. Rape 2. Incest 3. Safety of the mother

    I personally believe that abortions should only be performed for these very specific reasons. However, comma, I do understand that some women and young girls may fall into other categories such as being mentally unstable and therefore incapable of raising a child. In that circumtance I would recommend adoption rather than abortion. However, comma, I can not presume to infringe upon the freedom of a young woman to make up her own mind on whether to give birth or have an abortion. A woman’s freedom does not end during pregancy. And I do not presume to believe that the rights of the living are null and void to convey some false form of protection to the unborn for religious reasons.

    Abortion is a tough issue to sort out. However, I believe that cooler and rational heads must prevail in order to come to a logical resolution on this. The far right lunatic notion of no abortion period under any circmustances vs the far right lunatic notion of abortion on demand for any reason are totally unacceptable in my view. The only sensible, logical, policy is for abortion to occur only on the three grounds that I specified, and for all other to give birth, and if they are unable or unwilling to care for the child, then said child should be put up for adoption. And for those who don’t qualify for an abortion and who wish to give the child up for adoption, then the state must pick up the tab for the medical costs, since it would be the state who does not wish for abortion on demand to occur in the first place…………..

  • justadad

    Michael, thank you for posting this article.
    It is sad to see how dark our nation’s conscience has become and this is echoed by many of the replies to your article.
    As a nation we have rejected the reverence of God and thus moral issues become so devisive because we have (re)moved the ancient foundations.
    We no longer use common sense and logic because we have rejected the basis for absolute truth.
    We have turned our back to the Almighty: no wonder we call evil good and good evil.
    Until we repent and return to God, we will continue to call innocent human beings an inconvenient burden and throw them in trash cans.

  • Mind Candy

    Michael, you are very good at researching and finding solid numbers on ailments within our existing society. You of all people know how drastic our financial debt, welfare burden and crime rates are.

    Assume that NO abortions had ever happened in this country. Abortions from the early 70s would now be old enough to have children and even grandchildren of their own by now.

    What do you think our current unemployment, food stamp, welfare, homeless and crime numbers would look like with another 100 million or more people in the population?

    From a practical standpoint, it seems to me that you can be outraged about the economy or you can be outraged over a policy that would make the situation even worse, but you can’t have it both ways.

    • Victoria

      Have you ever considered the businesses that might have been started, the tax base that would be so much greater, and the potential for brilliance in overcoming disease or cagricultural productivity that has been lost because of abortion? Never say that our children are our future if you are willing to have almost half of them ripped to pieces in the womb. You can’t have it both ways. The reason social security is in trouble is because there are so many fewer people paying into it.

      • Mind Candy

        The reason social security is in trouble is Reagan’s Congress voting themselves (and subsequent Congresses) the ability to drain it dry.
        Unwanted children growing up (if they survive to grow up)on welfare are about as statistically likely to form a solid tax or business base as my dog is to cure cancer. I applaud you on having that level of “what if” optimism, but it simply not realistic. For every one that might have climbed out of that hole there would still be tens of thousands left behind. Again, from a PRACTICAL standpoint, we’d be in much worse shape economically if these abortions had not taken place. I’m not looking at anything I can’t have both ways, I’m looking at hard numbers from a practical – and not emotional – standpoint. Which is, again, why I’m surprised Michael chose to do this write up. He knows how bad the economy is. Anyone who is a regular reader here knows. I stand by my statement that it would be exponentially worse if these abortions hadn’t taken place.

        • pat green

          Tell that to Tim Tebow’s mom! Good thing that your mom didn’t decide that you weren’t worth all the trouble or your pitiful reasoning here would not even require a response. These 50 + million had every much as right to live as you do! You got a chance and they didn’t. How will you answer your creator? Of course being a ‘practicul’ person and not ’emotional’ you may quote numbers and statistics that based on your opinion justify MURDER! Roe V Wade was the start of the moral decay of our once God fearing nation. Our money still says it God we trust, but I’m sure that too will soon be deleted as liberal intellectuals just like you try to convince people that you are wiser than the Almighty!

  • Cinderella Man

    Now I know why Gen X is smaller in population numbers then the Boomers. Alot of us were chopped up!

  • Please add Fact # 20:

    “Abortion genocide is also the population decimation of future generations:”


  • Dr House

    The evidence is clear.The baby does react to pain and will move away from impliments of destruction that are inserted into the womb.How would you feel if some chased you around with a knife and a hose to suck up the piecey parts and use the viable parts for others in need? I’m a donor but that’s for after i die and not to be murdered at the hands of “Parts For Profit” Jesus is coming,and boy,is He **********. Just another crazy christian patriot. The Truth is written all along the pages.The Word of God.KJV.Not the new one that removes the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • Thanks for this fascinating article. The pro life cause is gaining pace and more and more people come to terms with the (awful) truth about what abortion really is. We need to PRAY for a conversion of minds and hearts to the TRUTH that those who talk of ‘rights’ may not be on the side of this holocaust and evil. The womb is the most dangerous place on earth at the moment, statistically speaking. Because the victims are innocent and it’s the mother, abortions are even more grave. Please join us in our prayer campaign at The Siege of Jericho so that the walls of abortion will come tumbling down!

  • In the UK the cause against abortion is really beginning to heat up in Parishes so please US citizens take heart. This is the Citizen’s rights movement of our century and it’s a privilege to be involved in it and to pray for the unborn though I pray for the mothers and the staff in clinics more as the babies are safe in Heaven. It’s the spritual cost of soulsthat’s at stake as well, a spiritual crisis the Lord is merciful but we need to repent, be sorry and ask for mercy before receiving it!

  • Thomas Warne

    I very strongly believe that it is wrong to call a fetus a human. To me that is like saying that sperm is a human or an egg is human. If you do not like abortion then don’t have an abortion, but do not tell someone else not to have one. Do not take away a womans right to choose.

    • justadad

      I very strongly believe you are wrong.
      The term ‘fetus’ is latin for ‘baby’, so where you prefer to hide behind a latin term, I will use its English equivalent.
      If the ‘baby’ in the uterus is not a human ‘baby’, please explain to me what species it is.
      Every human being that ever lived (except Adam & Eve) started out as an egg cell fertilized by a sperm cell. Once that process, called ‘conception’, occurs a fully unique, genetically complete human being has sceintifically come into existence. There is no other way to become a human being and there is no other definition of that initial cell (zygote) except ‘human’.
      You are trying to define a human being by the number of cells he/she contains. Do not forget that at some point in your human development you were a mere single cell.
      If you leave that human ‘baby’ alone it may or may not make it to a live birth. That is up to its Creator.
      I very strongly believe no other human being has the ‘right’ to abort-kill-murder that innocent human ‘baby’ (including the woman upon whom that innocent human ‘baby’ is now dependent.)

    • Kender

      @Thomas Warne…from your name it sounds as if you are male. Therefore, you have no right at all to even speak on the issue. When YOU personally are able to have an abortion, then you may wax eloquently about “choice”. Until then, what do you know about “taking away the woman’s right to choose”? Murder is murder, regardless of anyone’s choice to participate. Please reverse your argument, and let us suppose that it was a woman who posted about removing the organs neccesary for her to get pregnant. Let us say that we shouldn’t take away a man’s “right” to keep his balls….or should we? I mean, after all, without them, none of us would even be here. So, with cloning available, who needs men? Deadweight. Are you going to turn your balls over to the nearest knife, because it has been decided that you are no longer viable?

  • reb

    I never hear anyone tell young men to be more responsible.
    In China and India baby boys are preferred over girls leading to abortions and the abandoning of baby girls.
    Years of poverty or sex slavery is worse then death. 500+ girls commit suicide every day to stop being used like this.
    No one “wants” to have an abortion.

  • jcomps

    I myself and wife ae pro life. With that being said I do not find it right for the government to tell couples they can’t have one, nor do I support the government to fund it. It is up to the couples.

  • Larry

    The debate should not be about whether killing a baby is wrong, that is hysterical rhetoric. The discussion should be about at what stage a foetus can be referred to as a living being. Personally I am pro-choice but against late stage abortions except in exceptional circumstances. There are plenty of dying children in the world who we are neglecting in our self-absorbed indignation (500 million starving alone), and this is a bigger blight on our collective conscience. I am a spiritual individual, but I refuse to accept references to an old testament deity who killed millions, babies included, as any sort of moral, let alone intellectual authority.

  • Gay Veteran

    wait a minute! what about all the snowflake babies?!?!?!? you know, embryos left over from in vitro fertilization

    round up some female slaves so these “babies” can be born too!

  • Adele

    A woman’s right to choose is when she decides to perform the marriage act not after the baby is conceived. Just as a baby grows from conception to childhood, to adulthood, to maturity and eventually senility so does a culture. When a culture is in the stage of senility it accepts abortion, infanticide, euthanasia etc. and will destroy itself which is where we are today.

    • Larry

      “…decides to perform the marriage act…”, sounds so romantic when you put it like that :) I’m not promoting abortion, and it would be nice to live in a world where situations don’t occur that mean women feel they have to make this choice, but I believe we are still in our infancy and have enough faith in the universe, God, karma, whatever you prefer, to believe we can continue to develop and blossom as the enlightened beings we are destined to be. We shouldn’t give up and embrace the idea of destruction and abandonment of our collective journey just because at times we can not see the meaning of things, and because the world can seem cruel and bewildering to us. Our current culture is an emergent one of the last 60 years, that has only begun to fully germinate in the last 15 years with the effects of globalization and global communication, and I for one am not ready to write this essentially new era of humankind off at its inception.

  • Bob Marshall

    Margaret Sanger, “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infants is to kill it. Adolf Hitler– Mein Kampf…The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective off spring…represents the most humane act of mankind. 1933, abortion was quickly legalized in Germany.In 1933-1935 there were 500,000 abortions each year.

  • nobody

    I was wrong. I thought this was an open forum.

    My latest post was deleted. And those who agreed were also deleted. You probably won’t see this message, but I post it anyway.

  • Annabeth Salt

    Don’t want any abortion? Then don’t get one. Why are you fiddling around with this in the first place? Let’s be honest, this isn’t about babies. It’s about controlling women, hello, let’s admit a few things, folks. Women forced to breed uncontrollably are not out working, having sex, messing things up or saying things they shouldn’t.

    We as a country don’t give a rat’s knackers about babies. Please. It’s about controlling women. Why be coy? You believe women are too stupid to know what goes on below their necks. Are too stupid and slutty to make decisions concerning their own lives. One on four pregnancies end in termination of the fetus– that’s spontaneous abortion, folks. There’s an estimate it’s as high as 40% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous miscarriage. Please go out and start punishing ALL THE WOMEN YOU HAVE EVER KNOWN.

    Guess what. Ending an unwanted pregnancy methods have been around since human kind has been around and it’s not going away. Making it harder to get or illegal won’t stop it. Sorry. But it won’t. Education, birth control and choices, though, will. How many women have died because of botched illegal abortions over the years?[ I bet you know stories, don’t you. I bet you know of women who died. ] How many women die every year, just here in the US, of complications due to childbirth and pregnancy? Stop punishing women for their own biological functions. It’s cruel. It’s not your business. It’s not your business. You don’t care about children, I’ve seen it first hand. Nobody does, not in America. There is no compassion in this crap, none. No sense that real people are faced with this choice, and it is a choice, no matter what laws are in place.

    Are we headed back to the days of coat hangers, sticks, and broom handles? Don’t compare 9/11 to women deciding an abortion is their best choice…just don’t. I was there, and it’s not comparable, not in the least. Help the kids that are already here. Help the women who need help, who are already here. Help families care of for children that are already here. That would put a tiny dent in the needy and wanting in this country. I have. Have you??


  • You know, my ex-husband said if I would not abort my second child he was leaving me, and wanted a divorce. My reaction? I WANT FULL CUSTODY. And I got it. I HAD that baby that others tried to co-erce me into KILLING. And THAT BABY… turned out to be an extremely intelligent young lady who FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL AT AGE FIFTEEN. And BEGAN COLLEGE A FEW MONTHS AFTER SHE TURNED SEVENTEEN…and is getting straight A’s and B’s. My heart would not allow me to kill that innocent LIFE and I am so grateful I did not listen to people who said I would be poor all my life and never have a life if I had that SECOND child. Sure, I may have waited an extra decade and a half to go to college, but I am now working on my bachelor’s so I can help OTHER poor families to rise above this poverty thing instead of doing everything the WORLD’S way. So as far as all your blah blah blah… women’s right CRAP, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

    Why do liberals have the right to kill an unborn child, but I don’t have the right to defend it?

    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  • pat green

    Poor GayVet. Lost in his own immorality so as now to also offer his ungodly opinions on abortion. God has spoken how he feels about all matters of sin. As long as the lost continue to be lost and deny their creator then they will reap what they sow. We are all commanded to LOVE the sinner, but HATE the sin. The defense of the sinner is to say that they are being judged. There is only ONE that is justified to judge. Accept him or deny him. That is your choice. Just remember that all
    choices have consequences. I firmly believe that “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is lord”. I pray that you will also come to that belief. Jesus wants you to know that he loves you. He knew you before you were born. No matter what you have done he laid down his life for you. No one is justified save one. God’s grace is sufficient for you!

  • sally

    Anyone offended by abortion should NOT move to Japan.

  • asd

    american women love killing their babies!

    • It is almost like a sacred rite to them like when the caanite women sacrificed their babies to the Pagan god MOLECH in the Old Testament!

  • Eric

    Abortion is a gift from God.

    • God has nothing to do with it except that one day He will punish these SOCIOPATHIC abortionists.!!!!


  • You should see what a life they have in the womb!!Isaw a pair of twins about 4 months in 4D and one baby kicked the other one and the other responded by slugging him.Ialso saw a 4d image where this unborn chick was playing with her foot!!Quite the little people and all these were less than 5 months old!!!

  • Lino Dial

    Abortion Law is almost forty years old.
    Action needed : Repeal, amend, cancel the Law.
    Obama care is new. There are a lot of efforts to Repeal the Law.
    It has to be done in Court.

    Another disgusting, despecable disgrace : Doctors and Hospital committing Crimes
    Read details at : California Superior Court Case No. 87291

  • Mackenzie

    Dear Eric,
    Are you for real? God Says in the bible that abortion is wrong. Just like he says murder is wrong. God says that life is a gift. How would you like it if you were murdered? You wouldn’t would you? No, because your mother decided to have you. Instead of killing you. And you like life. You don’t even have any right to say that it is a gift from God. Because if you believed in God, you would have never said that. I am a 16 year old girl. I’m a christian and I’m Pro- Life all the way. Yes, i know me saying this stuff might now change your mind. But do you even know how abortion happens? I bet not, it is sooo awful. Look up partial birth abortion, and then tell me it is still a gift from God. “For You formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother’s womb.

    I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” (Psalm 139:13-14)

    “What then shall I do when God rises up? When He punishes, how shall I answer Him? Did not He who made me in the womb make them? Did not the same One fashion us in the womb?” (Job 31:14-15)

    John 3:16 (KJV) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  • Someoneagainstabortion

    I work at a daycare i love watching these kids grow up into the young adults they are becoming and if I didn’t know all these little kids now because some ugly stupid person aborted them I would quit my job and become a protester and probably get arrested and spend some years in jail or something along the lines of that

  • kayla

    my opion is that abortion is bad an should not be in the world no more…. if uu can go to jail for manslaugter ii feel uu should go to jail for abortion

  • Haha

    These procedures aren’t even that bad I’ve seen worse on procedures for heart disease and such. Hell its still a tumor at this stage in development
    not able to feel pain or anything, the only shocking thing about this article are the comments you guys are making.

  • im seriously going to cry, and you know what else is so sick is that there was a mom she tryed to abort the baby out of the woom three times but could’nt so she tried burning the baby out of the woom but could’nt so the baby was born and was fine and was just normal and so the mom raised her and never told her that she tried to abort her three times so when she turned 18 she got her moms health record and read this and got so upset and hated her mom, never spoke to her again and this whole time i was thinking how horrible or loving it is to never tell her how discrasful i woyuld hate the mom too!good for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon

    Partial birth abortions aren’t exactly legal in America.

    And over 70% of Planned Parenthood’s services go to STD screening and treatment and contraceptives. Another 14% goes to CANCER screening and prevention. Abortion makes up a measly 3% of what their services. Get your facts straight before you yell at an organization that is saving people’s lives.

  • Catholic church: Lets steal $150 million dollars a minute from the sheep who follow us. No god. Just crazy people who are SO happy they don’t have to (shudder) think for themselves and get to think they go to play in the balls up in the sky when they die. We will follow pedophiles in black dresses who rape our children. We will parrot what they tell us to say. Tax ‘religion.’ Ban religion, picket religious institutions.. Down with religion, which has killed more people, women and children, number one, than any number of political wars in history. All religions are cults and all the ‘faithful’ are cult members who need to be institutionalized until and unless they can be cured.

  • Religious people are crazy.
    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
    – C.S. Lewis
    (i.e., crazy religious cultist pedophile followers. Just Gross.)

  • Brooke

    Gay Veteran, you are wrong on so many levels. It doesn’t matter that people that are pro-life haven’t adopted an unwanted child. You got lucky that your own mother wasn’t for abortion when she had you. Women who have unwanted pregnancies should have to go through the pregnancy anyway. That child had nothing to do with his/her mother getting pregnant. It isn’t the baby’s fault that the mother is pregnant. Therefore, the baby shouldn’t be punished. He/she should be given the right to live, just as you were given the right to live. You should pick up a bible sometime and give it a good read. You would learn a lot more than sitting at the computer arguing over something you know nothing about.

  • Critical

    The development of the cerebral cortex (the part of the brain which allows perception, feeling, emotion, reason, and judgement, in other words, thought)isn’t functional until late in the pregnancy, in the third trimester. It’s illegal to obtain an abortion then in any case, because the baby can survive outside the mother’s body at that time. Pain sensors don’t develop until 24 weeks into the pregnancy, about halfway through. The majority of abortions occur before the 20th week. My point is that there’s an important and defining difference, in my opinion, between a fetus and a baby- a baby has feelings, concious thought, and can experience pain as well as happiness. A fetus, at least before the 20th week, has no capacity to feel horror, pain, love, or any type of thought. In an abortion before the 20th week, one cannot hurt the fetus in the literal sense of the word, because the fetus cannot feel hurt. Yet, were we to ban abortion by law, desperate women who want an abortion would still pursue abortion; however, this type of “back-street” illegal abortion is unsafe,often painful,and can be fatal if done incorrectly. We are obviously certain the woman will feel pain while dying. I love babies, but I believe fetuses are not yet babies, and I believe women have the right to safe abortions, at least before the 24th week.

    Verification (brief, but you can find more with research):




    I know, two are from wikipedia, but again, the information is easily verifiable.

  • Jesus was not born as a human baby in our time. He was born to a virgin of perhaps 14 years old. He was not aborted, but lived a sinless life and then died on the cross, was buried, and rose again to redeem those who will put their trust in Him as Savior and LORD. Praise God that Mary let Him live! We, as women, have the responsibility to let our unborn children live. They will become something wonderful! Only God can decide when someone will live or die. Let’s put that authority back in His hands!

  • I believe that all the christians who feel abortion is wrong should do this favor.Ima start by saying I believe in god wholeheartedly but will not constantly stress myself on biblical rules.where was god when he allowed the girl to get raped and then pregnant. Your saying she should carry and bare a child that will constantly bring up such a hurtful haunting memory.. Or where is god when he allows a single mother of 2 already to fall in love with a man she thought loved her living in a 1 bedroom apartment working her ass to feed the kids she never sees and now up she is pregnent again. I mean If you all are going to hold each mothers hand listen and truly feel her story or were she comes from or even plans to go to which she has made her decision. Helped her bare that child feed carry and internally love that child and watch her give that child away to never see love or hold again knowing she cant take care of them. Or took that child into your own care and provided for them.. God says thou shall not pass judgement and as his”speakers” you have no right to judge anyone but the face you see in the mirror..

  • Deb Wilson

    No matter the replies pro or con to my original post – I stand by it. A woman’s freedom to choose what is right for herself and her body is the only issue here “in MY opinion…which is not to say that I think my opinion is the only one that matters…because I don’t. BUT – did you ever hear the saying “don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in THEIR shoes?” NO one person has the right to judge another. Period.

  • Olivia

    I’m glad everyone who posted on this site’s mom didn’t have an abortion and end their lives early. It’s nice to be alive, isn’t it? We are each very precious and valuable in God’s sight, so special and important to him that he sent Jesus to die on the cross, receiving the punishment for our sins so we can be spiritually free and go to Heaven when we die. Most people don’t know their own worth so it’s easy for them to disregard someone else’s and even to throw away a baby that is not yet born. Logic tells us that a baby in the womb is as human as a baby outside the womb, but man often goes into denial and justifies questionable means in order to support selfish ends. Proverbs tells us, “There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death.” We need a spiritual awakening in this nation, a humbling of ourselves and a turning back to God because James 1:20 says, “For man’s anger does not promote the righteousness God wishes and requires.” Arguing and protesting won’t put and end to abortion, but the Holy Spirit can do it. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit” (Zech. 4:6).

  • non-biased person

    you people are so biased, *******. what if you are a clueless thirteen year old that got pregnant, and got told that the pregnancy was going to kill her? think of it in other people’s perspectives. the thirteen year old girl is worried and majorly stressed that she got pregnant and has her whole life ahead of her. what would you do? say you were the girls parents and dont believe in abortion. would you let your daughter die just because you think abortion is murderous? so then you, the parents, would have a newborn to raise and have lost your daughter! what would the thirteen year old do? die for the baby or continue her life and maybe grow up to be a very important person in the world????????!!!!!!what would you do in this situation, being the thirteen year old or the parents? and dont go on about adoption and scientific percentages. open another section of your brain. i am not attacking anyone: just think about other situations more.
    i really hope this comment isn’t going to be deleted because my views are different than everyone else’s……

    • E

      I love the extremist points FOR abortion too. Let’s say there are exceptions and we give you your points, are you willing to admit that those cases are VERY rare, and that 90%+ of all abortions are done out of convenience for people who refuse to take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions? You argue FOR the life a a 13 year old “teenager” but don’t fight for the life that is taken in the OTHER 90%+ of cases? See the Hypocrisy? Now go ahead and be brainless by arguing that it is not a life…pathetic!

  • Tammy

    Who the hell is Pastor Clenard Childress?

  • See LaRouche Movement against Euthanasie…


  • Saved By Grace

    I disagree with you KyTim89…I was raped at 14 and became pregnant and there is nobody in this world who could try to talk me into abortion. At 14 I understood my baby is still apart of me and as for the rapist his wrongness isn’t my child’s legacy. I would die for my child just like how Christ died for me. Abortion is wrong I feel in any circumstance. A baby may be a surprise but consider him or her a life changing gift…God called that child’s name and even though I was raped, I don’t choose to wallow in self pity but stand strong and help others. I’m now 23 and have 3 wonderful boys whom I thank God for every day…I would be filled with guilt to play God for a day and terminate my child. Abortion is called a silent scream. I’ve seen a video where a baby fought for its life with a wide mouth screaming as each limb being torn from its body. Its a shame and no mother of any age or circumstance should put their child through that. I know a lot of you may disagree but to the Fatherless there is a Father who loves you more then anybody could ever…let your knees touch the ground and be amazed by God’s grace. To the poor trust in the Lord for he is your provider waiting for you to come to Him and to the Broken Girl you don’t have to stay the broken girl no more for God has his arm around you waiting for you to let him guide you. There is no excuse in this world that can or should be given to make abortion right. I love my children and they know they are loved. My boys don’t have a earthly father but they do have a heavenly Father who they trust in. I get the biggest smile when I walk into a room to see my children with hands raised thanking Jesus…It blesses me ;-) Children are a gift not a burden and to those who think they can’t dont underestimate yourself because you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

    • Michael

      Great comment. Thank you for sharing that.


  • michael

    THis is just a part of life that we have to face.

  • CMA

    thank you for posting this it really helped me with my Debate

  • Dear Melissa Ohden and End of the American Dream,




    Many of us have now heard about or seen the latest POTUS Commercials featuring underage kids that can’t vote yet, making an appeal to us who can vote to save them and be their advocate…but who at least will eventually get to vote.

    I only wish the end or a sequel commercial would be about those aborted children and partial birth aborted babies who WILL NEVER GET TO VOTE because their opportunity was snatched away from them from the womb forever!

    And how about equal rights for unborn women and the right to life in the U.S. Declaration of Independence…that is if you managed to get yourself born! If you don’t have a life, your ability and privilege to vote has been stolen.

    *Answer is not precisely zero, because some babies survived abortion and will grew up and be able vote in 2012 and beyond. Here is an abortion survivor that will be able to vote:


    Quote me if so inspired!

    Here is my short video CRY OF THE INNOCENTS:

    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist

  • anyone who is for abortion is sick, and you will go to hell.hope you like it HOT !!!

  • Guest

    There are not enough people willing to adopt 50 million unwanted children.And even if there was,who is to say they would be good parents? How is any woman to know she is adopting out to someone who won’t just torture,abuse,or neglect her child?

    People throw the word murder around like it is always a bad thing.Sometimes,the worst thing is to be alive.Killing can be done out of mercy.The world is not a kind place,especially to those who are unwanted or have some sort of disability or problem.

    I was raised by a crazy woman who was schizophrenic.She made my life hell until I lived on the streets at age 15.When people tell me I should be grateful I was not aborted,it makes me laugh.I have suffered for years with serious depression,anxiety and hopelessness.
    If I got pregnant,I would have an abortion so I would not pass on these genes of mental illness any further.I do not think I would be a good parent,and I don’t trust strangers to be either.I don’t think preventing a life of torture is a bad thing or murder.It is MERCY.

    And for all those so concerned about the innocent babies being murdered,it is funny I never hear anyone complaining about the billions of animals brutally slaughtered each year just to feed us “superior humans”. Those animals are more innocent then any human and they are not destroying the earth as we are.They are not killed painlessly as a fetus is via abortion,but actually tortured first in horrible ways.Anyone who doesn’t believe this,do your own research.
    I also do not believe some mystical man in the clouds is going to punish me when I die.
    If I did,I don’t think he would waste his time on women who are left to make hard choices on their own.
    I support abortion,and no amount of fear mongering or bible quoting is ever going to change that.

  • Alastorchang

    115000 fetus are destroyed a day… 3000 in the united states. that makes us less then 3% of the problem. Rationally speaking of course, we are not doing that bad. However what both sides want if I understand it is a solution. As for the adoption idea the amount compared to the number of orphans in the world we have more then enough orphans we dont need a increasing amounts of fetus carried to birth simply to sustain the demand. The solution should be ‘Free and sound birth control and sex education’ available to the public that is taught to our children how to use it by our schools on a regular annual system. This would significantly lower the amounts of fetuses destroyed… both sides want that. No one has sex just to get a abortion. You can’t condemn prochoice people because they believe deeply in free will. Free will is important. Middle ground needs to be found. And don’t get all religious with this because when God flooded the earth how many babies drowned, how many pregnant women. Your god isnt everyones god.

    • For real

      Actually he is everyone’s God, all just refuse to accept that he is…..however he is still there.

    • There’s only One God, One Creator, and ONLY ONE person who will be able to save you from your sins -and an eternity in hell (no other “god” even claims to do that). His name is Jesus and hope you get to know Him and BELIEVE before your time comes or the rapture for yourself and for your family!

    • Alastor


    • Alastor

      i keep posting a reply but it keeps on getting denied

      • Alastor

        great and this one got posted in 2 seconds

  • me

    I think I am pregnant and at this point this time in my life I don’t think I am ready for another kid. I have a seventeen year old and I am no spring chicken not to mention that the would be father and I aren’t together, I had a tough time raising the the kid that I have now but I did it she’s a straight A student and have a few colleges that would love to have get join their school. Her dad has been there to help bur not living with us provided she have two homes my place and Hus he is a great father but it would’ve been easier if we were together. The father of if I’m pregnant baby I really don’t know much about we only dated for seven months and I’m not sure if he’ll even be around to help I know I should’ve been more careful than careless but I am human and by no means perfect, I’m afraid and confused please HELP

    • lala

      None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. But don’t let your mistake lead to another. But don’t let your baby suffer because of your carelessness. ADOPTION IS ALWAYS AN OPTION!

    • abbasgirl

      I f you are pregnant and do not want the baby please give it to me. I will give the baby the opportunity of a good life.
      An abortion will destroy you mentally once you realize what you have done. Blessings to You.

      • dont think it’s legal to just give a baby away.. I never could have any kids either..and have always wanted kids, or at least one kid.I am very happily married. but now I am 42 and I am ok with not having any..if God dont want Me to have any, then I dont want any..afterall Father knows best…but if it was legal.. I would take any baby in a heartbeat….I pray You wont abort..May God be with You and the baby always,

      • An abortion will destroy you mentally? Really? Have you had an abortion?? You really should not be giving advice.

        • Februarybaby

          Hi Myra, I had an abortion at age 17, 23 years ago and it not only affected me mentally and emotionally, but it also destroyed my body, making me infertile. The suction device damaged my fallopian tubes. However, through God’s mercy and forgiveness, I became pregnant through IVF and now have a beautiful baby at 40. God has since then led me to volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers, because I don’t want another woman to go through the anguish I have gone through and is also leading me to open a clinic that provides ultrasounds and searches for families to adopt your baby instead of abortion. I plead with all women to not do this terrible thing. There is much the abortion centers don’t tell you….and not a day goes by that I don’t regret with an aching heart my terrible decision. God Bless us all !

          • Johnzena

            You had a freak accident.The mistake was the doctor’s.Normally abortion should not make you infertile or destroy your body.I’m sorry for what happened to you.I know you believe in god,and I’m not here to bash that believe,but please give the researchers,doctors and scientists credit because without them there would be no IVF and you would probably have not gotten pregnant.

          • Februarybaby

            I completely agree with you that it was a mistake on the doctors part and I also accept responsibility for my own actions. Way back when I had this done, they didn’t say that infertility or damage could happen, at least not to me they didn’t. But, it can sometimes be an unfortunate complication. I also, believe that God has gifted many doctors with the knowledge and the smarts to figure out ways to help people like me get pregnant. However, even with all the technology available, I know that God is still the giver of all life and my precious baby would not be here if God did not give the word. Just like he hand picked you out of all of the possible babies that could have been born, He looked at you before you were ever born and said Yes! to your existence. He saw something precious in you that He could use for his purposes on Earth. I know you may not have a relationship with God, but I can honestly say He has changed my life

          • Johnzena

            So can you tell me why didn’t your god gift doctors with the knowledge of ivf 3000 years ago and let the women of that timw to suffer

          • AKR91

            I would like to point out that you are not from that time and so I question your ability to speak for the women of that time. Did one of those women speak to you? Secondly you clearly don’t know this God and so how may I ask can you speak against what he has and hasn’t done when I would argue that you can’t possibly rationally speak about someone you don’t know. I also would like to point out that our God chose to create you and loves you enough to die for you. Now that is mercy.

          • Nesta Callahan

            Because in the olden days, there were no abortion clinics and if people were unable to conceive they either lived according to the word of God and some of them adopted a poor mother’s baby.

          • infiniti1027

            Moses, d*psh*t.

          • Free bird<God Is Not Dead<

            :-) < < < :-)

          • Blake

            If you were able to have a baby, even through IVF, you’re not infertile. It made things harder for you, but not impossible.

          • Februarybaby

            Yes, but the damage was done to my fallopian tubes, which did render me infertile. I never conceived again from the age of 17 until 39. Two surgeries from two different doctors both doctors confirmed the damage done was from the abortion. And yes, while my uterus was still technically ok, after they cleaned it out, in my case, an egg would never have reached my uterus on its own due to the damage. So thankfully to God I had $14,000 to pay to have IVF done, but most people don’t have that kind of money lying around and are left childless. My whole point is, while it may not happen to everyone, abortion CAN cause internal damage and I am living proof of that .

          • Santrella Smith

            This really helped me. I’m pregnant now and the father of my child don’t really want another child. I really don’t want another one I already have two that I’m raising by myself. I’m only 25 and its very hard. I thought about abortion so many times but my God won’t allow me. I remember my promise I made to him. I’ve had two abortions and they have kilt me mentally and physically. The blessed me with a handsome baby boy after those two and I promised him I would never do that again. Right now I’m so depressed but reading some of these comments really helped me. With Christ I could do all things. I was careless and got pregnant so I just have to suck it up and trust that God will see me thru this. Thanks so much for all of your help.

          • Februarybaby

            I know that it may seem difficult at the moment, given that you have 2 children, not to mention the pregnancy hormones playing with your emotions, but, you know in your heart that you are honoring God in keeping your sweet baby. The enemy loves to make us wonder and worry that we can’t make it, and I have usually found that he works the hardest against our mind when God knows the wonderful things He has just around the corner for us, if we will only trust Him, instead of selling out to the enemies lies. We know that God has great plans for us if we will seek Him with all of our hearts. God will bless you and will make a way when there is no way :-)

          • prochoicer

            in 23 years medicine advances and procedures change. I’m assuming you were probably forced into the abortion which also adds to the regret.

            Also society makes it regretful because they are putting pressure on you.

            your regret has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with your abortion but with society. Admit it you regretted it because somebody told you you were a monster for doing it.

          • infiniti1027

            Soooo … abortion was ok for you but now you want to step in and meddle in other people’s business. That’s called hypocrisy lady.

          • Free bird<God Is Not Dead<

            Share this on other sites . Maybe you can help change minds on Abortions . I am glad you were able to have a Child .
            I am sorry for your regret .Remember one thing Your Child is with the Lord . One day toy will see your Child .

        • Mary

          Have you ever tried your own poop? No? (if you have then idk you have some issues but whatever that’s your problem.) Then how do you know that it’s disgusting. You don’t need to have actually had an abortion to know that it destroys you mentally. There’s scientific research that proves that a majority of women who get an abortion experience some sort of mental trauma.

        • WSandoval

          Guess it depends on the person, many, MANY women are haunted their whole lives over it, You certainly don’t speak for everyone. Sounds like they sucked your brains out instead.

        • okay Myra, do some homework and look at the largest study of 500,000 women in Europe who had abortion over 90% DO REGRET IT. You become a slave to your consciousness for the rest of your life, just think about this, if you right now killed a person because what ever reason, you would think about his person for the rest of your life, abortion is the same

        • have you? if so then give YOUR advice but dont bark at others for trying to help.

    • Maria Ed

      You need to talk with someone in your community and explore your options. It is your life and you need to think about how this can affect you and your older child.

    • Katie

      Hi me I just wanted to let you know it must be very difficult what you are going through. People love and care about you, and if you are pregnant there are many resources you can go to besides having an abortion. You can get a pregnancy test at many pregnancy resource centers too.

      Having an abortion is very hard on your body and that is a fact. No matter what age you are, there are risks involved.

      If you feel you you simply cannot have a child contact your local pregnancy center and they should be able to refer you for adoption options in your area. Don’t be afraid you do have options no one said abortion was one size fits all. If you decide to keep your baby there are pregnancy resource centers that can give you the help you need. Including baby formula, baby clothes, car seats, baby bassinets, and other items you may need.

      True choice is knowing all your options not just one that people commonly use. Life is very precious and I know you love your child so you will do whats best for your unborn.

    • Xyleena

      I’ve read countless stories of uncontrolable crying and mental scarring and guilt after getting an abortion. Please don’t take this child’s life from it. it’s depending on you to carry it. Don’t get an abortion!

    • klkl

      if u really dont have the money or the time for the child i hope that you still give buirth, but once you do i balieve its best if u give it up for adoption, or have a famil meber you trust take care of it… its also best the you try to get child suport for the child, from both fathers, so that it helps you out more.

    • Izabela Dav

      honestly contact near pregnancy centre and BELIEVE ME when I say they DO really care about you and your baby, they will not drop you off as soon as you give birth they provide long term support (our pregnancy centre gives free clothes etc. to children at even 18 years old!. you will find understanding and shelter, think about it they have nothing to gain just help you through you difficult times where as plan parenthood just wants your money and does not give a shit how you feel after abortion.

    • oh and one more thing when I was in college I saw this girl in my class very pregnant girl (7mo) not married just walked around with her head UP HIGH, till this day I admire her she did not care at all about other people but proudly carried her baby around :) and even joked around in class say “I make humans” :) really inspiration to young pregnant students. We all loved her because of her attitude. It is all attitude

    • afriend

      I’m going to just tell you this. I know society is pressuring you one way or another. Dont let them do this to you. It is wrong as hell. If you give into pressure one way or another you WILL regret your decision because it wasn’t your decision.

      Do what you feel in your heart is right. Nobody on the internet knows the full extent of your situation. I can’t even tell you to make your decision you must make it for yourself.

      Just remember do your research. Weigh the pros and cons. Think deeply about this. Its not a decision about what toy to buy its a decision on whether or not to create a life. After your abortion there are places to get support. There are also places to provide the fundings for your pregnancy and raising that child. And make sure to make your choice as early as possible. Late term will harm the fetus, and do more damage to you. You can easily get a safe early term abortion before the fetus can feel the pain.

      But remember at the end of the day if you gave enough thought, and weighed all your choices, you made the best decision. There is no need to regret your choice. You will regret it at first but that’s because of hormones. Whatever choice you make you can always find somebody to give you support.

  • @MrsPuffsum

    i think abortion should be illegal .

    • @MrsPuffsum

      why would you kill a new life? i understand that the women that have abortions can’t take care of the baby or anything, but they can put the child they have in an adoption center or put it up for adoption.

      • You are wrong

        Yeah, because every baby gets adopted by a rich family who really really wants a baby because they can’t have one for themselves. There are tons and tons of people like that out there.

        • Elizabeth Cohen

          However, there are many married couples out there that are not rich but can not conceive and they are looking to adopt. So, even one baby can have a home with the love and dignity he or she deserves. Murder is never right.

          • Amber Rose Turner

            Elizabeth…adoption centers make it nearly impossible for the poor to adopt a BABY…the older they are, the less they are worth apparently. Otherwise, the cost is between ten to twenty thousand dollars. I was going to adopt just to do a good deed in this world, but that will NEVER happen.

        • Nojuan Especial

          Maybe if people spent less time trying to advocate baby killing and more time fixing adoption then MAYBE there WOULD be more people. Please tell me how the possibility of a bad life is justification for murder? Do YOU have a rich family? Does everyone? What a stupid bullshit excuse for killing..

          • kay G.

            an who are they to say that the child will have a bad life!?

          • Sarah

            I would rather have a bad life than no life.

          • Cornelius

            You wouldn’t rather do anything if you weren’t born. The concept of the term rather would not exist for “you”, because “you” would be nothing, and incapable of experience.

          • guest

            Good, let’s legalize murder of born people as well. Because even though I would rather live then die, it would not matter because I would be nothing and incapable of experience.

          • Cornelius

            That’s completely illogical. There are perfectly good reasons for getting an abortion, and the fetus isn’t capable of caring. THINK about it.

          • Brandon Hearton

            Life is life and they all matter, ur opinion matters and your life I am thankful we are so privileged

          • Kayla C.

            Not everyone who is adopted has a bad life. I am adopted and have a loving, caring family. FYI we are not rich so..

        • kay G.

          I myself cannot have kids I was told at a young age. and the joy it would be to be able to adopt. I cant see how any woman that is able to have their own child would choose not to have the child and to kill it. im sorry but I will never understand.

          • Free bird

            Never be sorry for not understanding why !! May the Lord heal and restore you to be able to have a child !!

          • Dean Winchester

            Then PLEASE adopt! And actually take care of the kid(s)! Plenty of people adopt and then don’t care about the kid, which is annoying.
            It’s OK not to understand and to have your own opinion as long as you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else to keep your opinion.
            Thanks, have a good day(night?)

          • Unicorn Sparkles

            Plenty of people say that abortion is “a good thing” because otherwise the child would feel unwanted all their lives. Hello! Abortion is WRONG. If you put your child up for adoption, at least they’ll have a life and a loving family… They’ll have life. I totally agree with you

        • hi

          Adoption is not an alternative to abortion. It remains a woman’s choice to keep the baby or give it up for adoption but statistic shows that fewer women give their babies up. Only about 5% of women has given their baby up each year. Adoption is an alternative for parenting but the onlt alternative for childbirth is abortion. Because the pregnancy can be unexpected (which it usually is), she does not want to handle dealing with carrying the baby and dealing with labor. Giving up your child can be as scarring as aborting a fetus.

          • Rachael Burgess

            Is it about how the women’s life might be scarred or is it about protecting life? Adoption is an alternative because it really isn’t about the mother it is about the child.

          • Wow.

            “It’s not about the mother. Even if the mother dies, gets raped, who gives a crap about that innocent woman. The zygote that doesn’t even have a brain yet is much more important than a woman who is making the decision to not put a baby through misery, not put the baby through adoption, or to simply not die.”

            That’s basically what you’re saying. Did you know even if abortion is illegal, experts estimate that more than two hundred thousand women die each year in developing nations as a result of illegal abortions, so what’s to stop it from happening here?

          • Kayla C.

            How is it that a cell on Mars is life but a cell inside a women’s womb is not alive??? Am I the only who doesn’t understand this??

          • Dean Winchester

            Its because people want to have an issue with every little thing that happens and its all about making someone the victim with abortion the most ‘logical'(to some) victim is the ‘poor helpless baby’ so yeah.
            Thank you have a nice day.

          • becca

            or she could you know keep her legs closed if she dosnt want a baby THAT bad that shes wiling to kiil it

          • Order23

            I am shocked you would even say such a thing!

          • Li

            Right. Cause it’s always the girls fault, never the dudes fault. And guys walk away from the women they’ve gotten pregnant because they are scared and or have changed their minds. But that’s ok. Right? Every guy that sleeps with a woman is because he wants a baby? Hahahahahaha. Bs!

          • Kayla C.

            But at least with adoption you didn’t kill the child.

          • Cornelius

            It’s not a child yet.

          • Free bird

            Tell that to God on the day you are face to face with Him !!! I bet you will feel shame that you were wrong !!!

          • Cornelius

            I’ll tell it to god or anyone else because that’s the fact of the matter. Too bad god isn’t real though. You’re a slave to your religion.

          • Free bird

            I beg God to save you !!! I beg God to open your eyes ,to let you what we as humans can not see !!! I beg God to Forgive you !! I am standing in the Gap for your soul !! I beg God to reveal His truth to you and to give you understanding !! Jesus LOVES you !!

          • Cornelius

            9 months later, the same time it takes to give birth to a fully grown baby, I come to you and say… your prayers did nothing, Nice try though.

          • katie

            Jesus loves you, and I pray that one day you will be able to realize that. He sent His one and only son, Jesus, to die on the cross so our sins could be forgiven! Not just for me, but for you too. You are a precious gift from God and He created YOU. Don’t run away from Him in troubled times, run to Him. He will take care of you if you want Him to.

          • Cornelius

            It has now been 13 months since the above commenter prayed for me to reveal this “truth” to me. Still nothing. “Prayer” is nothing more than a mental formula which enables one to alter their physical life through visualization, emotion, and a few other key factors. It has nothing to do with a deity. How about I ask you, why do YOU believe in god? Do you think it’s a coincidence that religion was forced upon the citizens of a given continent and then is still perpetuated later? Why aren’t you Hindu or Buddhist?

          • infiniti1027

            I adore your comments! Thank you for being on the side of logic, reason and intelligence!

          • Petrus

            Commenting here 4, 3, 2 years ago. . . and yet it’s other people that you consider ‘enslaved’. Interesting that you should use the name “Cornelius,” as that was the name of a Roman centurion considered one of the first Gentile converts to Christianity, his feast day February 2. Aside that, what we have here in this comment of yours is the proof that God endowed us with free will, so much so that He allows us to do the stupidest of things and reject Him, as heart-wrenching as it must be for Him, knowing what the effects will be of such rejection. Oh, but “God isn’t real,” You have some proof? Empirical? “The fetus isn’t capable of caring” – neither are you, apparently, yet your mother obviously didn’t agree that “There are perfectly good reasons for getting an abortion” and so you live. But you’re determined to deprive others of similar opportunity. How perfectly selfishly. You think about it, and have a good 2018.

          • Hope

            It is a human life, abortion ends a human life. Unless the analysis of the unborn babies DNA shows up as say matching a puppies DNA, and then as soon as the baby is born and the umbilical chord is cut, a magical change happens and the baby becomes human in that moment, you are wrong. I see no difference in a human life and the word child, they are living and share the same DNA.

          • Cornelius

            Of course the DNA matches. You can get DNA from the most miniscule of samples. So, a fertilized egg is a human then? No? When do you draw the line? How many weeks? How developed does it have to be to be considered a human?

          • Amber Rose Turner

            You do know that a fetus has a beating heart at just the age of four weeks, right? Most women find they are pregnant at approximately 6 weeks. Is a beating heart not something LIVING?

          • Cornelius

            Since I have to do your research for you, this is from Mayo Clinic: “The fifth week of pregnancy, or the third week after conception, marks the *beginning* of the embryonic period. This is when the baby’s brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs begin to form.” And onward it says the “heart” beats at 6 weeks. And here’s the kicker (abortion joke there) from week 7!!!!! “By the end of this week, your baby might be a little bigger than the top of a pencil eraser.” I’m sure you’ve squashed spiders bigger than that, eh Amber?

          • Chris

            ok…. so spiders and humans are on the same level now…? Interesting….. and I should add that it appears your heart never developed.

          • Petrus

            Some “research” – don’t quit your day job: from the very same Mayo Clinic, “Find out how your baby grows and develops during the first trimester.” I repeat: “baby”.

          • Chris

            I’ll answer for you brethren, 18 days after conception it has a heart beat. I define human life as beginning at conception, however, you seem like a man to not accept that so my final answer to you is 18 days, it is a human.

          • Cornelius

            A heart is nothing more than a blood pump. Will you mourn a water pump if I destroy it as well? It’s the brain that matters, and not just having a brain, having a brain developed enough to be capable of sentience. You probably eat a bunch of bacon, and a pig is as smart as a three year old! As if you’re so morally superior.

          • Try and reason here.

            Pigs can’t talk, ask questions, make jokes, play dollies, etc… That statement is probably looking at tasking intelligence. Not personality, originality, innovative ability, determining right and wrong, empathy, planning… The gap between is so huge it is mundane to suggest such a statement…yet people do.

            I love Bacon.

          • Cornelius

            I love fetuses… in my omelet!

          • Try and reason here.

            Nice how you avoid everything. Nothing let to say.

          • Cornelius

            I have everything left to say because I have medical science on my side. But sometimes shouting at a wall of ignorance gets tiring.

          • Try and reason here.

            Did you not read the last post? Contraception, percentage of actual medical abortions vs just for convenience, being responsible…you haven’t quoted or mentioned any science, you just blathered how it’s OK with nooooooo science behind it.

            Your right, it is tiring speaking to an ignorant wall.

          • Cornelius

            So birthing a rape baby is responsible huh? Let’s spread those rapist genes around, yeah! As for convenience, seeing as how IT’S NOT A PERSON YET, there’s no problem doing it out of convenience either.

          • Try and reason here.

            You have no reason. Where’s your science? Your facts? Your….morals? You have no argument other then it’s “what I want”. Thats is how children argue.

          • Cornelius

            Why do I want it for myself? I cannot get one. I have never needed a partner to get one, and if I knocked someone up, I’d be happy to have the child. This is about women having a choice. There’s a reason they limit how long after conception that you can get an abortion. You empathize too much with the fetus. It’s really not a person yet. It’s biological material. Women have miscarriages all the time without knowing it. Why aren’t you up in arms about fixing that issue? It’s a far bigger issue statistically.

          • Try and reason here.

            Generally misscarrages are not something of choice, but of uncontrollable circumstances.

            we’re biological matireal as well. if this is about women having the right to choose, choose control of your sexual habits. And men should respect their choices, even if they think a condom is uncomfortable. Also, choose to educate yourself on sexual functions and the pros and cons of the choices you make.

            We live in a generation of unaccountably, and this is just an excuse to be unaccountable for your choice.

            Everything You posted about baby devlopement is true. What is neat is that the DNA code you carry in your cells is the same DNA you had at conception. That DNA had everything in it to execute your growth and development as soon as the spirm and egg nuclei fused together. Also neat at 6 weeks your nervous system is communicating with your brain registering four senses. That brain is learning how to control it’s body, and interact with it’s environment. That baby can touch, determin pressuere/temprature, smell, taste and see variations of light. It is learning exactly how you would using those sences.

            Your reasoning earlier was that the baby wouldn’t know or have had memories or friends so it would not matter to it if it died. Guess what, if we died it would not matter to us at all either because we can’t think after we die and miss things.

          • Try and reason here.

            Anyways. I live in Canada, here abortions can be carried out up to full term. Its what Canada has in common with only China and north Korea.

            Sorry if I seem offensive, but think about why usa and other nations put limits on the age when you Carry out abortions. It is still In the womb, what changed if un-born=not living?

          • Petrus

            Well, well, well – so the true reason why babies in the womb are to be unempathically dehumanized into mere “biological material” is so that women could be knocked up and told that they are granted the choice to get rid of the inconvenient evidence.

          • you would want to be that baby

            first if you knew your science just because the rapist genes are there does not mean its going to grow up being a rapist that baby, kid , whatever could turn out to be a nice loving kid. and did you read the steps for partial birth abortion that baby is obviously still alive you need to get a life

          • Petrus

            Ah, “you’re so morally superior” when you want to shift the punishment from the guilty of a crime to the innocent victim. And for what? For convenience. Why spend time and effort looking for the criminal, collecting evidence, trying the case in the court of law and then carrying out the sentence when you have the innocent right there, incapable of escaping and self-defense on whom you can carry out capital punishment without all the aforementioned bother right away and call it a day.

          • Try and reason here.

            How about accountability for your actions. The vast majority of abortion occurs for convineance. Rape and medical reasons make barely five percent. If people used contraception and a bit of self control, abortions a year could go down 80%(4560000 less abortions a year). Thats a reasonable thing to ask isn’t it?

          • Petrus

            With “a bunch of bacon,” when you yourself have stated that “a pig is as smart as a three year old”?

          • Petrus

            Sentience, you say? Which meaning: the state of being capable of experiencing things through senses; awareness, or sense perception not involving intelligence or mental perception; feeling? Either way, you have a problem here.

          • Petrus

            Yes, indeed: when do you draw the line. Why not when a person starts telling others who cannot defend themselves that they have no right to live? It’s not a human yet, if it has no compassion.

          • Dean Winchester

            I dunno about you but I’m planning on going to Hell and playing poker with Lucifer(Satan).
            Don’t go on about God on the internet if he actually cared don’t you think he would have stopped this a long time ago?!
            OK thanks for reading.
            Good day(night?)

          • Free bird<God Is Not Dead<

            Ritght now you joke about it . But ,when the comes you will see that Satan is real and so is God is real .
            on the day (((((YOU))))) are face to face with (((((YOU))))) will have no excuse as many tried to reach you .
            < < < God < Is < Not < Dead < < < < And<
            < Jesus (((((((((LOVES))))))))))) < (((((YOU))))) . <

          • katie

            God doesn’t allow bad things to happen in this world. God created a perfect world intending on it staying perfect forever, then MAN sinned against God and brought sin into this world.. The reason we even have sin today is because of MAN, not God. Thankfully, God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross for us so that all of our sins could be forgiven. I’ll pray for you.

          • preach

            amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! preach

          • guest

            The wheat and the weeds. Jesus said the world would reach a point where if the days we’re not cut short, no flesh would survive. So that means he will intervene to stop us from destroying all flesh(all life). Then they will know, only Jehovah has the right to rule, because people have thoroughly proven incapable. This is one of many issues to enblazon it’s self, of many more to come. The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.

          • Dean Winchester


          • Tyrone

            After 18 days it has a heartbeat… and yet you still say it isn’t a child, what then do you say is the basis for life.

          • Dean Winchester

            I don’t know some ‘parents’ can be pretty brutal.

          • Sarah

            Scarring in a different way. At least they gave their child life, at least they gave them a chance.

          • Free bird

            May God change your heart one day !!!!! You and many others are so wrong

          • Unicorn Sparkles

            but the baby will have a life…

          • Chris

            So basically you are saying that killing someone is equal to giving up a baby to adoption so that it has a better life because you know you can’t raise it?

        • becca

          the kids that don’t get out r not the newborns. they r the teenagers like me. tbh I would rather have a hard life than no life

          • Kayla C.

            Me too!

        • Syrin

          Abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, a medical secret that has been largely buried but is absolutely true.

          • just the facts ma’am

            Absolutely NOT TRUE. NO secret, and certainly not fact. But hey, don’t let :
            The World Health Organization
            or The American Cancer Society
            or The U.S. National Cancer Institute
            or The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
            or The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
            or The German Cancer Research Center
            or The Canadian Cancer Society

            get in your way.

            None of which agree with you and have proven there is no basis in fact or science for that conclusion. There was a “study” ,that has been debunked, by a known anti abortionist and perpetrated as fact by all sorts of religious entities, as a scare tactic. And here you are attempting to do the same. It is hard to argue actual facts and well designed empirical studies.

    • Dareian Hill

      Yes i agree with you!!

      • @MrsPuffsum

        I kNOWW !

      • Dareian Hill

        Totally dud im seating right next to you just talk to me now lol!!:)

        • @ MrsMustachio

          Okayee WIll DOoo . .. . . . .. . . . .. ? Or will i ?

    • Dareian Hill

      i dont know will u?>_<

      • @ Darieon’s Friendd

        – Maybeee ?

    • Johnzena

      And btw I think that people should be allowed to decide what they can or cannot do in their personal lifes

      • Mary

        Really? Well i agree with you that people should be able to decide what they can and cannot do in their personal lives but not when that decision involves the murder of an innocent human being. Why should anyone be able to decide who gets to live and who doesn’t? Your argument is invalid.

        • Johnzena

          A Fetus is not a viable human tissue until the 24th week,therefore not a human being.Even then on the 24th week its chance of survival is only 50%.What i’m saying is that abortion should be available to women who are under the 24th week of pregnancy because the fetus is not viable and therefore not a human being,so you’re not murdering anyone.My argument still stands and is still valid,please read some book on pregnancy.

          • Xyleena

            Have you heard the fines and jail time you’d recieve in jail if your hurt an eagle egg? Is that egg an eagle yet? Is it only an eagle once it’s born? If you break open the egg before it does, will is be likely to live? So why then must we charge people and put people in jail for hurting them? Those little children cannot defend themselves. But one day, they could become the person who discovers the cure for cancer, or is the next greatest composer. Even if you don’t want to keep the baby, someone else might. We talk about the women’s rights to her own body, what about the one inside of her? Doesn’t that child have a right to life?

          • hdshkjk

            An eagle is an ENDANGERED species. Therefor, under the laws of the EPA, it is illegal to touch or even come close to an eagle’s nest and habitat. Are humans endangered? No. Also, that fetus that wasn’t aborted can turn into the next Hitler for all you know… And the clue in your last “point”. Women’s Rights. A woman should have the decision on what to do with her body. Without the body of the woman, the fetus cannot live. It is dependent on the woman’s body. The woman is fully supporting the fetus, not the other way around. Therefor, the woman should have all the right in the world to decide what or what not to do with the fetus inside of her.

          • Nesta Callahan

            And it could be the next Noah!

          • alcarrie

            Sure, it’s all good. A fetus is not human, and You can do what you want. That does NOT make it right. 86% of abortions are for convenience. How can you justify killing a baby because you are irresponsible and can do what you want? What you abortion advocates do is the height of selfishness.

          • peacefulinvasion

            No its not

            You pro-lifers are selfish in my opinion. You never stop to look at things through the mom’s point of view or bother to ask “what happens to the baby”

            Nope once that fetus is squeezed out the tube there is no need.

          • Student

            The problem is when a baby is aborted, you know what happens to it. It dies. How many people with a “low quality of life” would tell you they’d rather have been aborted?

            At 8 weeks a baby can feel pain. A fetus is not part of the mother’s body, it is it’s own life. If it doesn’t survive the pregnancy and the pregnancy ends in a miscarriage, that should be a tragedy not a thanksgiving meal.

            In my family there is a beautiful young girl who likes to play Wii and wants to learn the guitar. She is in school and struggles a little with math. She is as happy as any other young girl you could imagine. But you know what? She could have been aborted. She wasn’t born out of a an illegitimate pregnancy. She lives with her grandparents now who just love her to death.

            And pro-lifers are selfish?

          • Jamie Pataky

            Well Said~ DO pro-choicers even stop to think about the what if’s on the other side… What do you think the effects of 53,000,000 lives aborted has done to the US economy. What has it done to our society as a whole? We could have very well aborted the next Albert Einstein, or the human being who was destined to find a cure for Cancer… My MOTHER aborted twins.. MY only full blooded siblings.. YES I think about how our lives would have been different if she would have kept them. She would probably been forced to stay with dad… Which BTW would have given her a better life. Or maybe she would have met someone else and started a whole new life.. Maybe finished her education and so on.. Maybe dad would have grown up sooner and not had to work so hard now! IDK.. IM not GOD BUT we all think about these things.. POINT is I was not happy all 4 times I found out I was pregnant. MY husband and I had struggles, we were poor, we lived in a trailer with no extra room.. BUT we made it! We accepted our fate and the life hand we were dealt and we took responsibility despite our own selfish wishes… We raised ALL 4 of the kids and we could not be happier today because of it~~ YOU SEE GOD knows the end of the story and his plans are bigger than we can see. SO I WILL STAND FOR LIFE>.. He is the giver and taker of life! My youngest son is a teenager now and we are so blessed by all of our kids.. They have purpose and a plan~ and I cannot imagine my life without any one of them!

          • Madeleine

            Ok when a mother has an a abortion it’s not pain free. There are scars. A lot of the people who have an abortion don’t just hurt physically but have the images in their head. It’s emotional too. I just got back from the march for life and there were a million stories about how there friend had an abortion and is almost always depressed. You can’t just forget what you did. Also pro choice thinks that women have the right to their own body. They do but when pregnant there is something else in their body. Another body and you have no right over that body. That’s another soul is there. That part is not YOUR body. You do not own it.

          • infiniti1027

            If a fetus is not part of the mother’s body, why is it completely dependent upon the mother’s body???

            Do you eat eggs? Eggs are, in essence, a human-induced abortion on an unborn chicken.

          • Dean Winchester

            Dude, everybody is selfish! You, me, teachers, everything on this piece of rock is selfish!
            Thank you have a nice day.

          • Just saying

            Humans are selfish! another reason to abort.

          • infiniti1027

            Please do share where you got your statistical expertise. 86% of abortions are for convenience, huh? Really? Can you cite your source, please?

          • Kjohnson

            The baby may turn into the next Hitler, but it also could turn into the next Albert Einstein, Thomas Edeson or Abraham Lincoln. Why do you think you have the right to decide who gets a chance at life and who doesn’t?
            Also,the baby is still fully dependent on the woman after it is born, so does that mean the mother can decide to kill it then if she doesn’t want it?
            Once you get pregnant you have a responsability to not just your own body but the body growing inside of you. The baby is not actually a part of the mothers body. The baby has unique DNA and a completely seperate circulatory system.

          • infiniti1027

            Why do you get to decide?

          • Order23

            actually, I think humans are endangered. .. from overpopulation.

          • Dean Winchester


          • flower

            Eagle’s are close to extinction, there is no comparison. Fetuses are not babies or children. No matter how many times you say it, it will not make it so.

            50% of all pregnancies end in miscarriages (from March of Dimes site) so not all pregnancies are meant to come full term.

            Also every minute, at least one woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth – that means 529,000 women a year. In addition, for every woman who dies in childbirth, around 20 more suffer injury, infection or disease – approximately 10 million women each year. According to World Health Organization

          • Sarah

            Okay, if the “fetus” isn’t a baby, then why else would you be trying to end it’s life by aborting it. You have NO validity to your statement. No matter how many times YOU say it, life is life the very moment of conception

          • Bob

            You are so right !!!

          • Rachel

            Do you realize that what you just said is saying that the lives of eagles are more valuable than the lives of HUMAN CHILDREN because freaking eagles are endangered. That is some fantastic reasoning.
            You are right on one account though, there is no comparison. human life is the MOST valuable thing on this planet.

            What is next?? We have a lot of children so hey, why don’t we just go all out and start treating them like lab rats because hey! why not! they are just humans! We have LOADS of those! No big deal! just slaughtering a human being with a mind body and soul.

            This is sickening on so many levels.@flower3305:disqus

          • Jamie Pataky

            THIS IS BS…. I have been delivering babies for 7 years and I know of two… women who died from complications of childbirth!! BOTH were medically preventable , but a result of poor health management or unknown issues that arose. A hole in one girls heart that was congenital, and severe PIH, or preeclampsia that resulted in severely high post partum B/P resulting in a stroke and a repeat heart attack and death. BOTH babies survived and were healthy. THESE things happen,they were not induced by the CHOICE of another… IF over 500,000 women die in childbirth each year I will bet it is in underdeveloped countries with a limited access to appropriate healthcare… IT is NOT in AMerica where we abort 9000 + babies a day!!

          • Just saying

            Eagles are not over populating and destroying the earth!

          • Bob

            So you are saying that humans, which means you, bc you are a human, are overpopulating the earth? Which you are right, you are destroying the earth with your inhumane attitude towards human life!!!

          • A Friend

            The viability of the tissue does not change the fact the, under normal circumstances, life cannot start without conception and you are preventing a life from coming to light, not to mention disrupting natural order, by aborting. Also, the comment below also makes a valid point (Xyleena). You are punished for disturbing eagle eggs. But, why? It’s not “technically” an eagle yet, right? So “technically”, you’re not messing with an endangered species, right? I feel a great deal of sadness that we value eggs more than a human being’s life.

          • youropponent

            Here are some statistics to explain things about endangered species and why its bad to kill or destroy their preborn young.

            Animal A is an endangered species consisting of 50 members. Now lets just say a member of this species made a nest consisting of 5 eggs. Those 5 eggs have the potential to increase the population by 10 percent and therefore help in saving the species.

            Animal B is not endangered it has 5000 members, 100 times more then animal A. A member of animal B also made a nest consisting of 5 eggs. Those 5 eggs can increase the population by 0.1 percent. On top of that since animal B is thriving that 0.1 percent isn’t as important to the overall survival of the species.

            Another numbers statistic. Who would a 100 dollar paycheck that never came be harder on. Bob who has 1000 dollars for the month or bill who already has 5000 dollars for the month. This is of course assuming they have the same expenses.

            Now do you see why that is. The enviornmental protection agency is trying to increase the eagle population and the nests are the key. The fact is the less the number the less the impact.

          • AKR91

            Not a viable human being? That makes you sound ridiculously uneducated. First of all
            why don’t you define “life” for us all since you have such an
            extensive knowledge of this topic? While you process that I will go ahead and give you the scientific one:

            1. Living things are highly organized. (Just so happens a fetus is even at conception)

            2. All living things have an ability to acquire materials and energy. (Guess what? a fetus can do this too)

            3. All living things have an ability to respond to their environment.(A fetus does this too)

            4. All living things have an ability to
            reproduce. (The fetus has cells that are dividing and reproducing)

            5. All living things have an ability to
            adapt. (Do I really need to say it?)

            * (Found in Basics of Biology and any other biology book you decide to open)

            Furthermore, nothing is added from the time of conception to the time that the baby is born. It has all its DNA and human chromosomes present.

            The fact that you can even think to say that because they can’t survive on their own, the babies are automatically not viable humans makes you sound more like a monster than human. By that definition the 80 year old grandmother or even the 5 year old
            little boy who is on a feeding tube, oxygen, and other forms of life support aren’t human. And to ask you an obvious question, what baby outside of the womb can actually survive on its own anyways??

            Do you even know how far developed a baby is at 24 weeks? By that time the abortionist would have to crush their head in order to get the baby out of the birth canal
            and yes the baby would feel it because its brain is fully developed.

            This makes me absolutely sick. We are all about women’s rights in this country so I am choosing to use mine by saying that this is murder and absolutely barbaric. How can you say that you are for abortion when you are already alive? You are blessed with your life and yet millions of babies don’t get to choose that?

          • Benny

            This is a brilliant argument. Simple and brilliant. I wish more pro-lifers would do their homework as you clearly have.

          • Rose

            I’d say its comparable to liposuction or skin removal. Those cells reproduce and respond, but you don’t see anyone getting lynched for exfoliating.

          • Tristan Blackburn

            HAHAHA! im guessing you found all that on wikipedia. nice try

          • Order23

            Tell that to all the cows, sheep, chickens, pigs etc. that you murder every day to eat, when there is perfectly good food that is not part of an animal.

          • infiniti1027

            So, so, so many things wrong in this 1965 edition of whatever generic biology book this genius pulled this very outdated, very erroneous information from. I’m not even going to go through the multitude of corrections. I sincerely hope that anyone who reads that opts to pay attention to my warning here and go research reproductive information in a more current, modern science book. Good grief, I cannot believe this idiot actually thought everyone would buy that drivel without question. Some people. SMH

          • Chris

            you know why she isn’t going through the corrections? It’s because she doesn’t know the corrections.

          • Petrus

            This entire discussion is too pathetic. “I’m not even going to go through the multitude of corrections” – well, why not? Because you “sincerely hope” that people “would buy that drivel without question”? Or because you’re afraid you could be proven wrong after you called someone else an “idiot”?

          • Lydia

            A baby is not a car, they do not have to have their motors put in to be ‘running’. A “fetus” is alive since the moment of conception. Do you really think that the little tiny babies are not alive and that they do not feel when they are murdered? Just think of what happened at Sand Hook Elementary. Were you not outraged by the senceless killing that happened there? And yet every year over a million little babies are killed and America turns a blind eye.

          • E

            THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Makes so much sense. So true.

          • infiniti1027

            Well considering it’s not even a fetus at the moment of conception, and not even a fetus until the beginning of the 2nd trimester, your ignorance renders your entire argument invalid.

          • Guest

            BULL SHIT. Over half of premature babies born between 23 and 24 weeks of pregnancy will survive delivery and live to see life outside of the NICU.

          • infiniti1027

            WRONG. Babies between 20-25 weeks gestation have over 50% mortality rate. Those who may survive have an 80% chance of serious defects requiring multiple surgeries, round the clock care, and the potential need for permanent, lifelong care is increased by 40%. No thank you. So glad you do not have any right at all to make decisions regarding MY body … or anyone else’s. You can’t even look up facts properly.

          • alcarrie

            That baby has all its body parts and its soul. You are a victim of of the lies of the left.

          • anopponent

            can you show me the baby’s soul please

          • mommy

            can you show your soul?

          • E

            Nah. It’s invalid. If you support abortion, your logic is repulsive, immoral, and disgusting. Who would support harming a child. What if your family couldn’t take care of you and they tried to throw you away? It would be wrong, but when a baby is getting thrown away it’s okay. This world is so evil and backwards.

          • Sppiky Pineapple

            it still has a heartbeat

          • Guest

            Lets pretend for a minute you are the fedus under the 24th week, Are you still ok with the abortion? SInce there is no life right? Put yourself in their shoes and the desicions EASY. Life.

          • infiniti1027

            Yep, I’m ok with it, because I’ll never be aware. Derp. Logic is so lost on you idiots.

          • Rachael Burgess

            The fact that a baby cannot live outside of the womb does not mean it isn’t a human. That is as ridiculous as saying you are not viable without food and water therefor you are not human therefor it is moral to kill you. How sad that people justify this way.

          • Free bird

            Good luck on the day you meet the Lord !!! You will need it !

      • klkl

        really? well it was the persons fault for having sex, that was there diction, if it there decision, that’s why they got prego…. yes i agree ppl should have there own decisions, but not when it comes to then killing a person, based on a stupid decision they made….. ppl know that sex makes babies, wellllll when u have sex think about babies, and think about the number of babies killed because of stupid selfish baby killers of parents!!!!!!

      • i understand what you are trying to say, but how ever, it is not THEIR life. they are not killing themselves are they?

        • Nesta Callahan

          Yes it is killing a piece of themselves! Forever they will have it in their memory and forever they will wonder if they had done the Right thing. You know that there is always adoption which existed even in the time of Noah!

      • Nesta Callahan

        Have you forgotten who created you? Not your mother and not your father alone. But the Lord God infused your life with an Eternal soul from the moment that you were conceived in your mothers womb. Have you ever thought for one minute that your own mother could have tried to abort you? It is true that there are many mothers and fathers who would love to have the little baby that you may be nourishing within your own body. The correct way, according to the Bible, is to give it to someone else, as was shown to us in the Bible from the life of the mother of Noah.

      • alcarrie

        Not when “doing what you want” results in murder. Your premise is selfish and self-serving.

      • Rachel

        You think people should be able to decide what they can or cannot do in their personal lives.. okay. So if I were having a particularly crumby day and I decided to walk into my home and slaughter my family that would be okay? I mean it would be my own personal life decision. Murder hidden under the title of abortion is reviling. you might as well just call it what it is. Murder.

    • victoria

      i hella agree

    • VIKA


    • Dwight

      But if abortion is made illegal then I’ll never get to use my one free abortion gift card for my repeated business and George’s abortion clinic, “George’s abortion you rape em’ we scrape em'”

      • Dwight

        Located down an alley on Main Street next to the vacuum and cloths hanger wear house

    • Cornelius

      Making things illegal only makes a hole for illegal methods to fill it. No different than buying drugs.

    • Amen sister.

    • Unicorn Sparkles

      I don’t know why America legalized it. It’s sick and wrong.

  • Dareian Hill

    I think abortion should be illegal. Why kill a new life your own flesh and blood i just dont thin its right!

    • @ Ariesssssss ‘ ! <3

      You dont thin? lol no im juss playinn’ ! But Language Arts is boringgggggg ! : /

  • Abortion > Christ

    • Mary

      Christ> Abortion

  • You are idiots

    Who cares. Babies under three months of age haven’t developed into anything more alive than an appendix. Don’t take out your appendix because it has a brain and really wanted to stay inside you!

    • JoBeth

      Appendix’s don’t have a heart beat. And you sound like the one who needs to be educated.

    • Katie

      Excuse me but you need to check out the development of a child. You said it yourself baby and a baby is a child.

      why do you think Planned Parenthood advocates abortion its to make money off women who have unplanned pregnancies. They claim abortion is safer then having a child, guess again an abortion can leave you with an infection(when they forget to take of pieces of the child from your body, infertility, hemorrhaging, and even death. A young girl never told her parents she had an abortion and she hemorrhaged to death in her bed from the abortion and her parents couldn’t help her.

      Sorry to burst your bubble but you obviously don’t know what your talking about.

      below is a 12 week baby and the baby is barely over 3months
      so the development is very little different. So you are either a liar or simply ignorant one of the two.


    • stupid and I am no right to lifer but you are a idiot.

    • Mary

      HA shows how much you know!!!! Okay at the age about 7 weeks (roughly about a month and a half-2months) the baby has already started to form it’s limbs! Limbs are arms and legs just in case you didnt know. Do you have arms? Do you have legs? Yes? Well then you are a human beings and so is the baby that you say hasn’t “developed into anything more alive than an appendix” Even if you dont have arms or legs, you’re still a human beings right? You’re argument is so invalid that idk it’s just invalid. Do some research before posting dumb shit like this.

  • Some people simply do not want children. People will not stop having intercourse. When Conservatives shout and scream for “abstinence-only” sex education, they are thus contributing to the problem. Human beings have been controlling their own fertility for millennia, and will continue to do so regardless of some other assholes opinion on the subject. “Put it up for adoption” is an idiotic retort. With over 400,000 unwanted children in foster care in the U.S., why would adding to that population be a solution to ending an unwanted pregnancy?

    I didn’t ask to be born, it just happened.

    I never once regretted my abortion. I would have regretted bringing another being into this world, however. I never liked or wanted kids and it’s my right to not have one, not that of state or government to decide.

  • Kelly

    All of this is absolute crap. That is not how and abortion is done, they don’t suck out its brain then it’s skull collapses!!!!!

    • Guest

      And you would know this how????? That is an approved abortion method KELLY!!!! Look it up!!

    • Guest

      I think you should get a little more informed about what’s going on with abortions. That is one way.

  • Elizabeth Cohen

    This is simply shameful. I am horrified that we do this to our babies. What has happened to our values and morals, oh yeah, they went in the trash with the fetuses of our dead babies.

  • Thank You

  • thesmart one

    the bible said that the blood is the life. a single drop of blood is what the baby starts out as. so there fore the baby is alive from the moment its started and shouldnt be hurt for your convenience. if you knew what that child would be like i know you wouldnt the same decision. unless of course you are sitting in a dark corner with a joint between your fingers as you contemplate the meaning of string

  • 14yearold

    A baby is a gift from God it is innocent and brings people joy why would anyone want to kill a gift and joy?! What did an innocent thing like a baby ever do to you? Everyone must remember that if Hod brings you to it, he WILL bring you through it!

    • Alastor

      a baby is actually a gift of guy climaxing inside of a girl. and maybe breakfast if he is nice

      • Mary

        aha, if that’s your perspective on this you really shouldn’t even be posting anything. Anyway, at least you agree that a baby is a gift.

  • ImFly

    What a huge load of crap this is!

  • Elsie

    excuse me, could you please give me websites that can back up the information that youve stated… im doing an essay on why abortions should be banned and i think your ideas could be very helpful . thanks

  • lleli

    I am 16 years old, I had the thought that I could’ve been pregnant at one point but I wasn’t. Not once did the thought of abortion cross my mind. A child is a gift, its a blessing, you should be thankful ur mother didn’t KILL you! abortion is a cruel thing. Every child should have a chance to live.

    • you are smarter than most university graduates that I know :)

  • elijah

    but why

  • jack

    jacl lewis

  • I think that if you can not decided to abort by the third month you need to have the baby give it up for adoption and get your tubes tide because a baby is viable in the second trimester and as much as a humane being will ever be in the third trimester just study first grade anatomy , these md who give abortion in the second and third trimester is murder and I an no right to lifer i do believe in choice to a certain limit with in normal reason first grade anatomy …

  • A women has a right to do with her body as she want but not in the third trimester a baby is as much of a humane being as the one who killing him in his third trimester first grade anatomy..

    • First trimester or third, you are still murdering a baby, your own child!

    • Februarybaby

      Wow….what makes a baby not a baby in the 1st or 2nd trimesters, but suddenly its a baby in the 3rd? The baby is a baby from start to finish! Here is an example:
      From an environmentalists standpoint…they go to great lengths to protect Eagles nest eggs…why? It has not been born yet…but they KNOW that even though it hasn’t been born yet, they know what it is and what it will become! And to them it is precious….very sad that animals are treated better than human lives who have a soul….a definite sign of the times.

  • Dweetta Adams

    If you to far along in your pregnancy to have a D AND C you need to not have sex until you can afford some kind of birth control un less you was rape.. I am no right to lifer but just study the anatomy will you please it wrong ..

  • How sad to have a hardened heart as such! I pray Jesus heals you and transforms you!

    • Alastor

      May God bless you with hundred of painful births from many different men who are faster at running down a dark alley then you, can I get an amen, may those children burden you financially until you work two and a half jobs just so decide whether to feed your kids and go homeless or have a roof over you head and listen to the growls of their stomachs CAN I GET AN AMEN

      • s

        Wow, why would you pray like that? God will condemned those who wish ill will on others and save those who love Him and thy neighbors.
        I pray that you may get your mind straightened out and become enlightened in His Divine Light and Love

  • SuZieCoyote

    The problem with you folks is you see only the fetus. You “believe” there is no population problem, when every global indicator, every piece of evidence, everything your own *eyes* can tell you says otherwise. You have absolutely no regard for the already existing billions of humans on earth, the planet’s health or the long-term survivability of our home on earth. Every year 90M or so people are added to the planet. There is plenty of humans around and plenty more on the way. You have your “choose life” stories that result in choosing death for other humans and other species. Even if you believe human beings are far superior to every other species that God put on this planet and “dominion” gives you the right to destroy them to squeeze in even more millions of humans; you are foolish to believe humans can survive without the home and other life companions He has given us. God didn’t create this planet to be a desert teeming with starving humans and little else. That isn’t what “be fruitful and multiply” means. And don’t give me that “technology will fix it” because it hasn’t and it won’t and there is no evidence to the contrary. Only ONE technology stands to help human-kind and that is birth control (something most of the anti-choice crowd also fights.) If you hate abortion, then fight for safe, reliable, affordable and widely-available birth control with every fiber of your being. Other technology has only made the problems worse, while creating short-term seeming improvements that will fail when the oil runs out. Human populations have grown to the point they are squeezing out every other form of life on the planet and making deserts of once lush, green forest areas all over the world. Hundreds of species go extinct EVERY day (killing MILLIONS of other life forms); 80% of the forests have been destroyed (98% of the *natural* forests, the rest difference being planted monocultures that don’t have the same bio-diversity). Civilization is running out of living things to convert to dead things. “The USA, China and Australia all share one thing in common today — they
    have been found to be three of the top-ten most environmentally
    destructive countries in the world.” We are stripping the world bare.

  • Lila

    Well done! And thank you! You helped me very much with my essay!!

  • You are a very sick minded person and in desperate need of help. I feel very sorry for you.When you face God for judgement, give HIM that excuse and see if he cares about you. I wish you death in the most painful way.

    • kat

      It makes me sick every time people bring religion into a REAL issue. Not everyone believes.

  • Prion

    For all the religious arguments referring to how abortion is wrong according to the bible; cool, don’t have an abortion. Don’t enforce your beliefs upon others. That was the basis of this country. Religious Freedom. Having the option of an abortion doesn’t impede your beliefs; its just an option open to you.

  • Stephanie I completely agree with your view on abortion. I believe that by advocating a woman’s right to choose, the right education and the right individuals will follow. Religion just hinders people from looking at the issue through a genuine perspective. To all the other comments below; your heart is not hardened, you are smart, you are strong. Everyone else is in the dark. I wish we had more individuals like you.

    • Mary

      Religion does not HINDER anything. If anything it brightens your perspective on certain things and it enhances your ability for compassion (which you clearly lack). Why is trying to save a baby’s life not a “genuine perspective”?

    • WSandoval

      it;s very obvious that you are one of those rationalizing your actions, and I think you know why, because you know it’s wrong, that’s why you advocate so hard for it. “Methinks thou dost protest too much” Google it.

  • Jessie

    Argueing about both sides is pointless. If we want to make a stand against abortion take action and pray if that’s all you can do. Educate others and love them like Christ loves us! My sister was a victim to abortion. So instead of argueing with others I’m going to get on my Knees and pray. Women who have abortions a lot of the times are scared and confused or hurting and believe they have no other option. Tweet face book this article. It’s time to sow and let God reep against this holocost! Pray that Jesus in love reaches hurting teen pregnant girls who need help for there baby’s sake!

  • catti b

    i believe in the blender, dead babies are fun to throw at the wall and taste very good

  • Sora

    The problem with this really is that most women use abortion as a form of birth control. It’s not always because someone got raped or they can’t take care of the paper; adoption is where those children go, or foster care. Their life can be bad or it can be good, depends on THEIR perspective. At least they’d have clothes and food and something of an education. Anyway, abortion is used as a means of birth control too often, that’s the other part of that problem. If you don’t want children, then you really shouldn’t be having sex, or you should at least have protected sex to prevent it. If you don’t, it’s really your fault if you get pregnant. I’ve been pregnant twice and each time I miscarried. Even at first did I not think abortion would be the solution. I was okay with it. Cool, a kid might teach me more responsibility. Maybe my dad would appreciate me more. So, I went with it. Pregnancy really isn’t all THAT bad. You get wicked mood swings and weird cravings and that’s about it until later. There’s no reason you can’t work pregnant, carry the baby until it’s ready to be born, what have you. None. If you don’t want it, give it to someone you trust by signing over parental rights. If you don’t want it, put it up for adoption, someone will love it. If you don’t want it, it could end up in foster care. But hey, it’s better than nothing, right? I don;t believe that women should have the right to choose an abortion over life because of the convenience factor. That is disgusting and wrong. However, I believe it’s okay if one or the other’s life is at stake. Emergency care is necessary in those cases. I strayed from my point, but I was just trying to say that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things. Killing your baby isn’t the right way. I’m sorry you didn’t want kids, but that’s kind of your fault. The worst you could do is love it and appreciate it. Or let someone else do that.

  • 1123

    I’m saddened by individuals like yourself that don’t realize what they’re saying. I’ll pray for you.

  • Xyleena

    Have you heard the fines and jail time you’d recieve in jail if your hurt an eagle egg? Is that egg an eagle yet? Is it only an eagle once it’s born? If you break open the egg before it does, will is be likely to live? So why then must we charge people and put people in jail for hurting them? Those little children cannot defend themselves. But one day, they could become the person who discovers the cure for cancer, or is the next greatest composer. Even if you don’t want to keep the baby, someone else might. We talk about the women’s rights to her own body, what about the one inside of her? Doesn’t that child have a right to life?
    I highly suggest you all look up the eagle thing, it should be the 20th thing on this list.

    • Februarybaby

      A great response! The story of Gianna Jessen is a wonderful story of an example of a late term saline abortion gone bad. She survived with mild cerebral palsy and is a prolife activist, a beautiful Christian lady with an amazing voice. In her own words, regarding Obama’s stance on abortion, she said “if Obama had his way, I wouldn’t be here” So that tells me that if she could have spoke in the womb, she would have said let me live!

      • Craig Reilly

        She still got hers’, and look at how successful she apparently became! A raving hypocrite, but successful, and free of a baby.

        • Februarybaby

          Who are you talking about?

  • no1

    Who will take care of these kids? most women that have more then 3kids already are poor… they want you to have a certain number of kids b4you can get your tubs tied .. a real women would never want to give her child up for adoption.

  • Charlie Brown

    Sad but 100% of the people who are in favor of abortion have already been born.

    Let’s end this horrific practice now.

    • Craig Reilly

      100% of the people who have been born know a bit more about the workings of the world we live in, and will make their own decisions about what they bring into it.
      Sorry, who they bring into it. Let’s remember we’re talking about individual people with too many differing stories for you to write them all off with a quip.

    • Caitlyn Ellis

      Wow! That is so true, it kills me inside when i hear an innocent child being slaughtered ,because of their mother’s selfish acts. There is always adoption!

  • Samantha

    if we had an extra 53 million americans in the US right now, I’d go ahead and abort myself with a gun

  • kat

    Who are you to judge who will go to hell?

    • Februarybaby

      She wasn’t judging, simply stating a fact. The Bible (not me and not my opinion) teaches that there is only one sin that will forever separate us eternally from God and that is the rejection of Jesus Christ. It is clear that whoever rejects Jesus will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

    • Dez T

      guys come on, stop arguing about religion. This isent a website for people to scream their views on god about. What i don’t find right abortion is a person can be charged with murder twice if he murders a pregnant lady (no matter how far along the BABY is) but a woman can murder her own child..hm… sounds pretty messed up to me.

  • WSandoval

    i understand that some people don;t want kids. Get your tubes tied. Yes, “Human beings have been controlling their own fertility for millennia, and will continue to do so regardless of some other assholes opinion on the subject. ” They HAVE controlled it, without abortion. Maybe YOU are the Asshole with the Opinion.

  • stefani

    this is absolutely ridiculous. so what happens when a girl is raped ? then what?

  • choice

    Its good to trust a “news” story that has no sources listed.

  • I thought about it

    This seems like an anti Planned Parenthood article. Morning after pills are part of the abortions per year figure. Do they have a heartbeat at 10 hours? With so many anti abortionists being church going republicans that want to cut social programs, who would take care of all these unwanted children? Do you know what growing up with no parents is like? What about rape? Incest? Should a woman or girl be forced to carry here rapists child? In India fathers often force raped daughters to marry the man that raped them. Should we start doing that here?

  • Isabel Nieto

    I hate abortion with a passion. It just pisses me off when someone says “oh well some people cant provide for the baby”…well DAMN if you knew that keep your legs closed and stop being hoes. Yea i know sometimes its rape that happens, but it isnt the babys fault. Any baby should have a chance at life, life is a gift and not to be messed with. my mom told me that my grandmother told her to abort me, and i thank my mom every day for not listening to her, and 17 years later and my grandmother still gives me kisses and hugs me and told me one day im glad your mother didnt listen to me and for that im making somthing outta my life. Abortion isnt only wrong but a sin and if you do have a baby, im sure sother couples who cant have babies will appreciate it very much. i also think abortion should be illegal and if you dont agree your not human but a heartless ass and i dont give a damn what anyone else thinks of this.

  • XLent

    I see drug addicted babies being born everyday. Those who survive will more than likely have learning disabilities. Some are sent back with their drug addicted parents after a few ineffective parenting courses. These children would have been far better off aborted as a fertilized egg than to live hardship as in this environment or in our less than adequate abusive fostering and/or orphanage systems.

    • abortioniswrong15

      i was a drug baby and everyone who thinks abortion is right is plain out stupid im 15 years old and am against abortion yea if u get raped its a horrible thing but that doesnt mean that baby wont grow up and be amazing in life i once told my sister ” if i was raped and got preggo id keep that wonderful baby no matter wat,its still life , its still a baby. its still Gods child and seriously its living life at 1 week. God gave me this baby so i can raise it or birth it for a couple who cannot have babys” babys are amazing, they cuddlie, happy , energitic and just full of life. most of u guys have siblings wat would u do if one of them was aborted, i have a baby bro and hes just so adorable, itd kill me to know i wouldnt meet him or hold him. babys r supossed to be cherished not killed. people will turn a blind eye on abortion but not on animal abuse, im against both but they should fight as hard agaimst abortion as they do with animal abuse. thats my opinion either agree or just deal with it!

  • No

    You’re a moron. Its the persons fault? Is it their fault if they were raped? Or was it there fault when the contraceptive didn’t work? Think and wake up people…

    • he said IF it was their fault. dont ASSume he meant otherwise.

    • E

      So if someone’s raped, then they can kill of a baby because of the man’s mistake. They can send it to another family? Oh DUH. Killing the baby would make it better. NO. That’s beyond repulsive and the government has hypnotized you and made you jump on the bandwagon. Don’t believe it!

    • Rye

      Yes it’s their fault if contraceptives fail. All contraceptives are not 100%. So there is no guarantee it will not result in a pregnancy. If contraceptives were at fault then companies would be sued for making that claim. Abortions should be made illegal with exceptions of rape, unviable fetus, life of mother; as it was before roe vs. wade.

      • infiniti1027

        Who are you to determine the value of a fetus and when it deserves to be brought to term and when it’s permissible to abort? You’re a hypocrite hiding under the pro life propaganda machine.

    • John

      1% of abortions are Rape.


    i think this wrong and your killing gods creations

  • omar gutierrez

    i feel that who ever worte this didnt thing avout the 10000 of girl that were raped those girls have a saying in this that baby would know all the porblem that was cost be this raped the money the pan of geting raped i this abortion is good but there r some problem with this

  • Someone who cares

    What could ever give someone, anyone the right to choose who lives and who dies.

  • Chantal

    I think all of your facts are good except #11.. It was sort of random…. You are explaining about abortion and then #11 comes in talking about a doctor that killed babies who were already born… and im guessing out of thier parents… living and breathing… i got a little confused… and then # 12 is a fact but I dont think it supports your topic very well… I mean its not like the doctors should just throw the babies in the garbage… And no one will be very happy if they burn the bodies…. so using them for medical purposes isnt a bad thing… Its because of these medical purposes we have the medicine to take care of our babies now…
    Sorry if I offended anyone… I was doing a research paper and came across this website… I just had to say something it was bothering me…. Sorry :)

  • Timsmith9647

    It’s funny; you people want to keep these fetuses alive long enough to be born, then as soon as they are, they just become problems to you. Nobody wants to better education, nobody wants to let the lower class have more welfare. People like you don’t understand what it’s like to actually be in a position in which you would seriously consider abortion. A baby becomes a problem to a mother when there is no father, when there is no money. To these people it would be a greater injustice to bring a child into a world where they cant give it the life it deserves than to abort it before it actually becomes a child. But instead you people want to butt your heads in on your religious agendas and immediately make it your business what someone is allowed to do with their own body. The moral thing to do is to mind your own business and not make yourself a nuisance to people who are already in a state of bereavement at the fact that they are pregnant but know they are incapable of doing good for the child. It’s selfish to impose your own doctrines upon someone who’s position you cannot possibly imagine.

  • Alyssa Cumella

    #20. Pro Life Women have abortions, just secretly. I pray this

    I really do.

    I am Passionately Pro Life and absolutely sickened by this statistic.

  • Mekayla

    The thing that gets me is , people who are just having sex all over the place & without protection are to blame . A lot of children came about through surprised pregnancies but , still if people took precautions and had safe , monogamous sex or maybe remained celibate until they are ready for a baby ….abortion wouldn’t be an option. Period. Same thing goes for the teens and young adults who have sex , end up pregnant and are afraid to have their families find out.

  • Openmindedness

    Most pro lifers tend to be religious. While I myself do not see abortion as a moral practice, I don’t believe in making it illegal. Many people choose abortion because a.) they were raped b.) they do not live life by a book written over 3500 years ago that dictates between what’s “right” or “wrong” (the bible) or c.) they have their whole life planned ahead of them. Maybe they are about to finish high school. Having a baby would not only slow down the process of graduating but also possibly ruin the mother’s future of getting a well paying job. Many of these things must be taken into account. In some cases, when unplanned pregnancies occur, the baby is put into the foster system. The foster program is not always the greatest thing. Many foster kids fall into depression which may or may not lead to suicide. The Unites States of America is also not a religious-based state. Most anti abortion laws are based on religious morals. People have to realize that not every single person in America is religious. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans consider themselves “un-religious”. Based on that fact, I believe that basing laws off of religious morals is immoral. It is like forcing a vegan to eat meat. People should understand that the government and the religious systems are two separate things. On that note, although I believe that abortions are wrong, I don’t believe in making abortions illegal. Politicians and voters should take into account the whole of the population rather than just their own religious based societies.

    • cali4nian

      And which school did brain wash you? You spout cliches without any meaning, just like well seasoned politician.
      What then if I don’t like a rule about killing others? The Bible says not to kill, but if my beliefs differ, then I should be OK? Not stealing- what’s up with that? It’s not in my code as well, since we live in “not a religious- based state”. Cannibalism might be just a right thing for someone. Or pedophilia, or incest. They all are a no-no for Christians, but we won’t force them on everyone else, right?

      On the other hand, I also believe that abortions shouldn’t be prohibited no more than suicides. If intellectually deficients want to limit procreation of their own kind, they are welcome to it. They should not complain, though, about baby destroying their school plans because school won’t do them any good…

  • Burberrylicious

    We live in a very sick society plus I remember reading an article about how some food companies use fetuses to enhance the flavorings of their products!

  • fanackerpants

    Telling the truth in America?
    There are 200,000 abortions performed in Britain each year. Lets not point fingers at America.How about the rest of Europe?if not the world.
    Most of Americans spend their time in an entertainment -induced haze? Since when? I have lived in North Carolina for over 40 years , most people are hard working honest individuals.
    Get your facts straight speak the truth if you dare.

  • Truth hurts

    Give us your alternative then? Would you rather see the destruction of our country?
    Do you not realize that before long there will not be enough food for the people to eat, it will be impossible to feed the masses if something is something isn’t done to control the population.
    You haven’t seen anything comparably violent until you’ve seen millions of starving people run rampant. It will be chaos, anarchy, horrific.
    There simply will not be enough food in the next twenty years if things continue the way they are, take away abortion and that will cut our time down to ten years.
    Preventive would be the best solution. But have you seen the average abortionist? The problem isn’t abortion, it’s the stupidity of the American public. See if you can fix that while you’re at it.

    • Truth really hurts

      Imagine all the Einsteins, Gandhis, Edisons, da Vincis, and Jobs that
      are being be killed before they take their first breath. Imagine if the
      genius that would have cured cancer was aborted yesterday. In actually,
      he/she could’ve been and no one would have been the wiser. In the end,
      abortion is hindering our species as a whole to evolve. With more people comes greater innovation, then comes greater ways to expand, then comes a better Earth. Resources wouldn’t matter becomes we would have advanced far enough to use other alternatives. You may blame the American public but it’s your ideology that is the inhibitor of our existence.

  • Craig Reilly

    We should be thankful for the people who can perform the aborsh, and the people who get aborshes. Clearly they don’t want the resulting babies that would be born if they DIDN’T get the aborsh necessary to stop said babies from being born.
    Does this present a problem, for you, personally? The answer is always no.

  • alcarrie

    The American people have been hoodwinked by the agnostic left.

  • Sam

    What is wrong with “family planning services” for women in developing countries? Lots of these women do not have the access to birth control and cannot afford to have so many children. I don’t understand why you brought this up, when you are talking about abortion and not birth control. Also I don’t think abortion is thought of as a way to control population size.
    Over population is a problem in many countries, but who is saying murder is the answer?!

  • unknown

    What rights dose a 16yr old have that is being forced into abortion by her mother? The young couple is open to adoption because they want to five life to there child

  • Jill

    After reading through these comments, it’s obvious most people here who are pro-murder hasn’t been properly educated about the whole process. People should always know their facts before making ignorant, uneducated comments.

  • Kirsten

    I am not christian or catholic, so please don’t give me the god-talk for this.

    I’m 14 years old. If I made the mistake of having sex and becoming pregnant, do you think I’m ready to have a child? Regardless of what choice I make-keeping the baby, putting it up for adoption, abortion-it’ll always have some sort of negative effect. If I keep the baby, I could possibly be damning them to a hell of a life because I can’t care for them. They might feel unloved by me. Or the dad. And we’d be poor, so I wouldn’t be able to support them too much, would I? I wouldn’t be able to put food on the table, pay for school, etc. I wouldn’t be able to make time for myself. I wouldn’t be able to do the things I wanna do before I had a family-I’d have to look after that kid, and, even though I may love them, it’s probably best guaranteed they wouldn’t have the happiest life ever.

    If I put it up for adoption, I’d always know there was someone, someone that looked kinda like me and kinda like the dad out there. I would know that they’re loved by someone else, and they don’t know a thing about me. I would know they don’t love me. I would know they’d kiss their other mom/dad on the cheek before they leave for school, skip off to school perhaps. I’d know they’d wonder about me, if they knew they were adopted-they’d always feel like there was something missing. They’d wonder, but they would not love me. All they know is that they’re an accident and that their real mom and dad were too lazy to take care of them and love them. They’d be there, in my mind, for the rest of my life.

    Then, if I decided to abort the baby, I’d always wonder what it might’ve been like to see that child grow and laugh. They’d always be my biggest “What if”. I’d wonder what they looked like, how they would act, what they’d be when they grew up. And, they, too, would be in my mind for the rest of my life.

    I am completely pro-choice….it’s just up to the woman to decide which consequence she wants to live with, which one she thinks she can handle. Personally, I don’t think I’d ever get an abortion-but that doesn’t mean I don’t support it. Every choice has it’s own consequence. Personally, I would just have to live with the fact I have a kid somewhere on this planet but they don’t love me and we have to be strangers. That would be my decision. But…yeah.

  • peacefulinvasion

    I’d like to state a few pro-choice facts considering how many facts this one sided fist fight argument has left out.

    Durring the first trimester which is actually within 14-17 weeks, plenty of time to get an abortion, the fetus is unable to feel pain. The brain hasn’t developed enough to think. A beating heart alone doesn’t determine if your human its deeper then that. If a beating heart determines humanity then a duck is a human.

    Secondly abortion methods are actually more merciful then methods used in a slaughter house. Think about it you can abort a fetus before it can feel pain, Have thoughts, feelings, and emotions. However that cow you are eating had thoughts feelings and emotions before you killed it. Anybody who says animals cannot feel has never bonded with a pet dog before. They don’t know how protective a mother bear is over her cubs. How is abortion any different from what we do with animals. That cow did have a beating heart that you prolifers seem to use to prove its human.

    Something needs to be done with these non aborted children you wish to save. Do you really think the adoption system can find a home for over a million children every year or even support them? You’d be lucky to get foster care. If we didn’t abort we’d have millions of starving children in the foster care system dying of starvation. Whats more merciful. A quick death preformed before you feel pain, or death caused by starvation and disease? Either our economy would crash or some kids will just have to starve. Either way children needlessly suffer.

    Some abortions are preformed to save a mother’s life. Usually if a mother died during pregnancy the infant dies with her. Meaning nobody gets to live. No lives were saved. Whats better? save one life or save no lives? As for rape is it really right to take a woman’s choice away when she never had the choice to concieve in the first place?

    Finally convenience is a controversial subject. What do they mean by convenience? There are surprisingly very few woman who abort to fit in a bikini. Most woman abort because they cannot keep the child. If you want the woman to keep the child set aside funding specifically for woman who cannot afford prenatal care. A pregnancy without prenatal care is highly dangerous.

    Prenatal care allows for complications to be detected before there is a problem. It could easily mean the difference between life and death. A woman can die from a pregnancy without prenatal care, because the complication will pop up when it does become a problem. Or you could end up with a worse senario of bringing a child into the world that will only suffer and die one month later do to some defect such as being born without a vital organ or end up living a life not worth living being paralyzed for his entire life. Never knowing the joy of running or feeling touch.

    But of course this prolife artical left out quite a few facts. Go ahead and flame me for bringing this up but the fact is banning and illegalizing abortion is going to do more harm then good.

    You want to do something help the mother who is in that situation. Provide her with the fundings for prenatal care. Be willing to pay for the food stamps used to feed the child. Make programs that do so more well known by promoting it. You can’t benifit from the unknown charity. Fund programs that provide free birth control and condoms. You cant end a pregnancy if it doesn’t begin.

    Those steps will do more good then illegalizing abortion. Illegalizing it will only result in late term abortions which ARE the bad abortions, and back ally abortions which are even worse.

  • Joanne

    Let me explain it to you simply. Does the baby magically come to life as it passes the twenty-four week mark? No. Is it made of cells? Yes. Does the presence of cellular life indicate that something is ALIVE? Yes. So what makes you think that since the fetus is ‘not alive’ it is okay to kill it? ‘Kill’ implies death, and only LIVING CREATURES can die! Adoption is the best option. If a woman is raped or doesn’t want it, she can put it up for adoption. How difficult is that?

    Said the 13-year-old.

    • Daniel Flores

      It isn’t always that simple, but I agree with your general idea.

  • victoria

    leave me alone

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  • Galax(The Seventh Sage)

    Quoting a book and paraphrasing the quote in question to win points for an argument is wrong. Kindly don’t.

    The actual quote is this:

    “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

    Is this still okay? Not really. However, I do see what is meant – if a family is large, it is less able to care for yet another child. The middle ages seemed to like large families – look how that turned out. I don’t agree with it, but I can see the point.

    Then again…

    The woman was part of the KKK, from what I’ve read at any rate. It seems this quote was even spoken to a women’s sect thereof. If you would use that in your arguments, tread carefully.

    Next… “Birth control must ultimately lead to a cleaner race.” This is the exact quote. Thank you for getting it right, hey?

    Buuut it’s advocating a Spartan-style execution of any and all handicapped or deformed children before they can grow up. The weak and the deformed were to be left to die, because they do not fit the ideals of the strong warrior-centered culture and society of Sparta. We are changed from those days.

    This is an outdated idea. However, as we change, we should remember that both sides of this debate seek to remove something from life.

    If you wish the child to be born every time, you take away the choice of the mother.

    If you wish to continue to allow abortion, you take away the potential of a human life to be lived.

    This is why I stand on the fence, and stand there resolutely. Neither side is right, and neither side is likely to yield.

    Go ahead and type abuse to me for it. Feel free to express how wrong I am to not support either cause, to call them both out as wrong. I will remain unaffected.

    Life is not easy, nor simple; It is a mountain, not a beach. From where I stand, it is not always a kindness to allow a child to be born in to this. It can be a cruelty. The problem comes when deciding: Do you commit that mercy killing? Or do you take the chance?

    …But I support neither decision. There is no winning here. That, ultimately, is fitting; Because there’s no winning at life, either.

  • Kathryn Gittinger

    Why don’t make jobs and better pay then we wouldn’t have this problem you cant raise kids on welfare anymore you cant raise kids on 9.00 dollar pay and then pay bills, I had to do it twice with my fiance I didn’t want to I want to be a mom so bad but don’t want to raise my kids poor

  • Itzel F.

    People should be aware that there are other options out there other than abortion. For example adoption. Abortions are inhumane and are killing children.

  • Blitzkrieg

    Michael… I have been reading abortions have topped 53/55 million for over 5 years now. The stats have to be much higher than 55 million. My guestimate would be 65 – 70 million, and increasing exponentially due to the decay of morality and ease of access. It’s tough to find the real number, though, because everything is skewed or unaccounted for.

  • You’re wrong

    If abortion is murder then masturbation is genocide

  • You’re wrong

    The only thing I have against abortion is women having a choice

  • Diana

    Lol this doesn’t make me sick. Abortion is great,it allows women to destroy/kill/eliminate something that can ruin their lives and body, if I ever get pregnant I will gladly have an abortion.

  • GlazedDonut42

    if you are really pro-life… you should focus on this…. before you focus on abortion https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151988961771961

  • Sandbagger

    Go to freepatriot (dot org) and look for /2014/03/04/pro-choice-must-read-nurses-heart-wrenching-stories-live-birth-abortions/

    It’ll break your heart. :(

  • Reality

    Women desperate for an abortion should just have a hysterectomy and so they can keep their legs open without having to murder a baby every year!

    • Jack

      And what surgery would allow you to keep your mouth open without us having to her it?

  • Just saying

    What if one of these “slaughtered babies” was going to be the next hitler, I say thank you abortion

    • Daniel Flores

      The opposite extreme is just as possible, dumbass.

  • Justin

    I believe abortion should be done exclusively in China, better than throwing their daughters in the river right?

  • Jules

    Listen. You can all go on discussing this for the rest of time. Maybe you’ll change some minds, maybe you won’t. The fact is, there are always going to be people who are for abortion and there will always be people against it.
    First of all, being pro-choice does not mean you are anti-life. I doubt that there is any pro-choice person who thinks that abortion should be the first option. Abortion is scarring, and it should not be done without considering the pros and cons first. Every situation is different, though. Do whatever you feel is the best decision.
    The thing that disgusts me the most is the fact that some people want to take away my right as a woman to choose. MY RIGHT. If you get pregnant, by all means keep the baby. By all means put it up for adoption. By all means abort it. That is your choice, and I won’t dispute it. In return, I would ask that you kindly keep out of other people’s live when uninvited because it is really none of your business whether or not they get an abortion. And, taking away my right to CHOOSE is the worst of it all. This is a free country. I have that right, and the fact that you want to take that away from me, to force your beliefs upon me, is disgusting. If you don’t like the fact that abortion is legal in this country, then go somewhere else. If you’re unable to, then I’m sorry, but deal with it. Not everyone can get their way all the time; I certainly don’t always get mine. In the end, though, my right to choose is just that: MY RIGHT. If you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t get an abortion. No one is forcing you. But please don’t stop thousands of other women who have legitimate reasons. That is their choice. Just like I respect your views, try to respect mine.

    • Jane

      How can you respect someone’s view when they kill their own children? Do not baby’s have bodies, too, therefore rights? Does our nation not stand for ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?’ ‘Life’ meaning life before liberty and life before happiness. We live in a free country where everyone is the right to life. When you kill an infant, you take take away that inalienable right, born or unborn. Think for moment if Einstein was aborted because its his mother’s ‘right’ to kill a child? Think about all the great geniuses that are being aborted as you read… abortion is crime against humanity; it doesn’t matter if you get a permission slip or not.

  • Get your facts straight

    This article is filled with fake data. Mainly #19, that is not how a “partial birth” abortion is done, the actual procedure is very different (specially, it doesn’t involve damaging the fetus directly). The author obviously is manipulating information and citing sketchy sources to support a highly biased opinion. Get your facts straight first before going around telling what people should or shouldn’t do with their own bodies.

  • Tristan Blackburn

    This is all bull, its not a silent horror. its helping people who cant afford to have a child save them selfs. nothing wrong with that, and there is no digrace. Who are you to tell somone what they can and cant do. Its not your choice so back off.

    • Tristan Blackburn

      By the way there are way too many people on this freaking earth anyway

  • Order23

    it could also turn into the next Charles Manson. Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy to name a few. How many lives would have been spared if they’d been aborted?
    .. or Hitler, as someone else points out.

  • Order23

    They can create a beating heart on a lab bench so should that be preserved too?

  • Mark DellaBarba

    just makes me so sick.. God help us..

  • bethany

    I just wanted to say that I believe that the fact about the poor being ‘targeted’ should not be on that list. It seems wrong and unjustified. by the way, making abortion completely illegal is a little over the top, there should just be a cut off period depending on the development of the baby. So that women out there who need one can get one, but if they are too far along then they can do adoption. I’m probably going to get attacked for saying this but hey thats what freedom of speech is for.

  • fightmehaters

    confused as to why these facts show that abortion is bad…just seems like a bunch of numbers to me.

    • Try and reason here.

      Well that’s how people view life, just numbers. Ever listen to the news and a drone killed supposed terrorists along with civilians? Its all OK as long as the civilians death toll is less then the terrorist. No one fussed. So I understand your thinking. But it goes to show how desensitized the world is. You could be in that figure.

  • daleetaylor

    If we as a nation think God is not going to bring judgment on America for killing over 55 million babies and counting, we have become a nation of fools. Abortion should make all of us sick and fearful of destroying God’s beautiful creation. God forgive me for not crying as I should

  • Free bird

    God tried to stop us fro sexual immorality ! Some ask why ??? He tried to save millions of unborn babies from abortions !!! And save us from many sickness !! Too bad we did not listen to God !! God help our unborn babies !!!!!!

  • Lady justice

    First of, that ‘partial birth abortion….’ you’re talking about it not a real thing. It’s a scary myth made up by people like you.

    And second, are you sure you want that 72 percent of aborted poor people being born? Seeing how you’re probably on a right-wing or religious extreme somewhere, I’m going to assume that you are also against people who need to be supported by welfare, right?

    Are you sure you want poor people to have more children who have no future because they can’t afford one? Are you sad those thousands of children without a chance of a solid upbringing aren’t born?

    Abortion is not an excuse to avoid taking responsibilities. Abortion is not about not begrudging life, it’s about sparing you life.

    “But any life is sacred.” I’ve heard that one so many times that I’m just going to end with a George Orwell quote:

    “All are equal, some are just more equal than others.”

    • Real Lady Justice

      Imagine all the Einsteins, Gandhis, Edisons, da Vincis, and Jobs that are being be killed before they take their first breathe. Imagine if the genius that would have cured cancer was aborted yesterday. In actually, he/she could’ve been and no one would have been the wiser. In the end, abortion is hindering our species as a whole and any who stand for it are as bad as any killer that has ever lived. Also, any mother who would rather save her own life than her child’s is a bottom feeder that will only pollute this world with her dribble. Reassess your view of life: if it is simply self-preservation than you are truly ignorant.

  • Close your legs. Take a highly skilled defense class to knock the predator in the balls..Take the plan b pill. Lots of solutions to prevent abortions…

    • educateyourself

      it’s really degrading to yourself and the entire female race to assume any woman who gets an abortion is a whore. would you say that to a 14 who was raped? like “you should have taken a highly defense class” like women are all supposed to know they’re bound to get raped sometime? Lots of solutions to prevent pregnancy and guess what? 99% of them are capable of failing. stupid girl

      • Your opinion is null and void because you rant like a child. Stupid girl? I don’t need to prove anything to you as far as intelligence goes, but you are a keyboard warrior and that speaks volumes. You degrade yourself by supporting abortion. End of discussion, court is adjourned.

  • Our generation is the generation that promotes eugenics and death. I will not be a part of it.

  • infiniti1027

    Mother Teresa was a sadistic nightmare. Read a book.

    • Dean Winchester

      Yeah, OK, that was a good one. :)

  • infiniti1027

    No, not glad at all. Totally ambivalent about my mother having not aborted. That’s what you don’t get. Babies/children are not grateful they’re born, and aborted fetuses do not grieve their own death. Logic. Get some.

    • Chris

      how can they grieve if they’re dead, murdered…………..

  • Li

    But it’s not up to any of you. And don’t speak for God, you don’t know what God considers to be life.

  • Dean Winchester

    I say leave people who get abortions alone! I don’t think they want to kill someone but they might not have a choice and I know people are going to say “Uh, but why don’t you put the kid up for adoption?!” because as shocking as it is not that many people get adopted and then the kid gets stuck in the homes.
    And please people, do you know that the world is becoming over populated!? Approximately every minute 200-300 kids are born! Approximately 2,730 people commit suicide everyday! I know I sound like Hitler but plenty of these kids would be dead before their thirteenth birthday!
    Is it worth putting your own life on hold until the kid gets old enough to go to school?!
    I know that I would never get an abortion and most of the people on this page wouldn’t get an abortion but come on! Don’t try to pass a law and ruin someones life just to save something that might die within two years or something that you never met!
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

  • Free bird<God Is Not Dead<

    I know you made your comment A year ago . But people are still coming reading ,So here goes .
    I was a victim of rape at the age of 13 .At the time of that rape I was Pro-Life ,During that rape I was Pro-Life and after that rape ??????????????
    I am still Pro-Life .
    I agree with you . :-)

    • Andrew Dunbar

      HECK YEAH!!!!!!

    • Andrew Dunbar

      I am sorry that someone stole your innocence from you and your future husband
      but I am glad you stick with your beliefs

      • LadyFreeBird<God'sNotDead

        thank you !

  • Andrew Dunbar

    You all are really pretty brainwashed. If you believe in survival of the fittest and that crap then shouldn’t we have the right to kill the eagle just as much as the baby? because survival of the fittest is all part of the evolution bs shoved down our throat. Read what you believe before you post crap, and stick to it. If you truly are an atheist, a species dying out is all part of natural selection.

  • mementomori

    The only one that made me sick was #9

  • KitKatLexiii

    should be illegal because it offends God and life starts at the moment of the

  • Cornelius

    Your argument is just as effective as the argument for a war on drugs. People will get what they want whether you like it or not. Would you rather they use a coat hanger, or have a medical professional handle it? That’s the only question that must be asked.

    • guest

      If you plug your ear’s and go “lalalala I can’t hear you” you can make anything go away. Next time your on your way some where and somthing out of your control causes you to miss it, don’t worry because your OK with doing it all the time to people on their way to life.

      Whats the commonality you ask? If you didn’t want to go to the football game, it would not matter if things we’re in place to stop you from getting there. That process never got started. but if you did want to go, boy you would be mad. Likewise, sperm fertilizes egg, the process is started for life.
      You can lie to people when you steal and say you didn’t do it, how would they know? You can “steal” a baby’s life while it is in the womb, how would it know? A person with a concise would feel guilt stealing property from an other person. Why not life from an unborn child? You can’t choose one and not the other without lying to yourself.

      • Cornelius

        Why mourn the loss of a life which never existed? The fetus didn’t make a bunch of friends, date people, travel the world, do great things. It was never someone’s child, and if it were, the only ones mourning would be those very parents who made this tough decision. You need to know the difference between “life”, and sentience. The first one matters about as much as squashing an amoeba without the latter one.

        • Try and reason here.

          You missed the point.

        • Try and reason here.

          My wife is 18 weeks pregnant. We went for an ultra sound. The kid moves, taps it’s legs, roles around sucks it’s fingers, feels it’s face. The ultrasound technician was very surprised how active the 18 week old fetus was. 8 cm long with all it’s parts. With that activity, it’s learning thinking and being aware of it’s area and it’s parts. How is that not conciderd life? Why is a baby born prematurely at 6 months a person, while a baby aborted at 9 months not conciderd worthy of life?

          • Cornelius

            You can’t abort a baby at 9 months, that’s a full term pregnancy. Also, learn to spell. As for your 12 week old fetus, trust me, not a lot going on there. it basically still looks like an internal organ, and its skin isn’t even opaque yet.

          • Petrus

            Trust you? As in “believe”? So now you’re some god trying to impose beliefs and enslave citizens with your religion? (While taking away even their liberty to spell as they want. They ought to be able to get what they want, whether you like it or not – you said that, remember?)

    • Petrus

      Oh yes: since people “will get what they want whether you like it or not” and what they want is to stop abortion, what ineffective argument for waging a war on that.

  • abortioniswrong15

    i so agree with you, ok lets say a woman gets preggo then aborts it then a couple years later has a kid and is happy but doesnt want that first baby? wrong

  • Rebecca Yost

    what if a woman fell in love with a man had a wonderful little girl and waited 5 years for this 60 year old man to stop with the girls and be a family so he finally buys a house in another state and asks for over a year for her to bring his daughter there get married and become a family he tells her he had a vasectomy and she has birth control the first few weeks are great then he starts becoming emotionally and verbally abusive to her she has no family are friends she can turn to she gave up housing and her own apartment cause after a year of him asking her to move he had seemed real and shes in love and wants her baby to grow up with her daddy now she is in the process of finding another place finding a job and dealing with the wrong choices she made she loves being a mom more then anything in the world and will be at risk for not finding a job if shes pregnant she has always been against abortion but doesn’t know what to do what do you all think I should tell her please help

    • Try and reason here.

      You help her. People organize charities all the time for disadvantaged people. You can help her get in contact with her and or your family to help raise the child. You can help her make friends, you can baby sit time to time. She’s not on an island, don’t treat her like she is.


    This is honestly pathetic. Abortion should be ILLEGAL because if it isn’t okay to kill a human after birth, then why is it okay to kill them before birth? That’s just wrong, so wrong. And for you people who are being hard headed about it, listen. Poverty, rape, or just “unwantedness” are sufficient reasons to kill a human after being born, they should be sufficient reasons to kill a human before birth either. Its murder. So stop it.

  • Fitz

    The abortion industry is a formidable foe. They are extremely powerful and very well funded. Our greatest tool in the fight for the soul of America is education. Educate the public that abortion is harmful; emotionally, physically and spiritually to women, men and families, so that it becomes unacceptable for anyone to recommend abortion as a ‘fix’ for a problem pregnancy.

  • Christy Dawne

    This is just so sad… How can people do that to the poor babies. I cried. I never cry!!! How sad!!!

  • guest

    Its selfish. Me first society, women’s right to choose what happens to her body. The baby dident choose to be conceived, and even if it’s by rape it’s not the baby’s fault. it to, is a victim like the women. The world is rigged to have the least kind thing to be promoted. Good is bad, and bad Is good. It is illegal to destroy a bird nest with eggs, yet its beautiful to abort humans on a whim. When did unborn seagulls and robins become more valuable then human life?
    This world is too evil and cannot be fixed by people. It has sunk too deep in the pit.

  • Babiesarepeopletoo12

    Does it not bother anyone that babies can feel pain while in the womb? Abortion is just murder inside the womb. That baby is its own body! So when a woman says it’s their body and their choice, well they are wrong. That baby in there is a whole different person from you. And deserves a chance at life!

  • Anni Mock

    Funny how all of the people that are “for abortion”…have already been born!

  • Lmao

    This article was actually garbage, maybe if the writer of this article had been aborted i wouldn’t have had to read this, good day

  • Brandon Hearton

    This blog does nothing comments nothing, unless someone does some thing or every one stands together we live in a society where pointing out statistics and facts isn’t enough any more no one of high power is going to respond so we the people have to something

  • kluu

    The best way to reduce abortion is to give meaningful alternatives. Yes there are already alternatives but to make them meaningful and so more likely to be used they need to be made less expensive and open to any eligible person. Adoption being the best alternative needs to allow more people to adopt based on having a desire for a child and the means to raise it. This doesn’t mean making over $150.000 a year but reasonable means to raise a child. The cost of adoption should be reduced greatly to as little as a thousand dollars at most and the cost of giving birth should be very low as well, if not almost free. Charitable and religious organizations should be given to taking in children and finding parents for them as it used to be before the government decided it had to put its nose in to it to control more of society. Birthing clinics should be able to deal with most pregnancies and the child birth for a very low cost especially if they are backed with government grants as well as charitable donations. Instead of giving money to abortion clinics give it to birthing clinics and allow our future to be born and have a chance at life.