17 Reasons Why A Vote For Mitt Romney Is A Vote For The New World Order

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Once again, the Republican Party is being tempted to vote for “the lesser of two evils”.  A lot of Republicans are actually considering voting for Mitt Romney because they have bought the lie that he has “the best chance” of defeating Barack Obama in 2012.  But just because he is the Republican candidate that is most like Barack Obama does not mean that he has the best chance of defeating him.  The truth is that no self-respecting Republican should ever vote for Mitt Romney.  A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the New World Order.  Romney comes from the financial establishment, he is being showered with money from the financial establishment and he supports all of the goals of the financial establishment.  This year, millions upon millions of dollars are being funneled into Romney’s campaign and into pro-Romney organizations.  The New World Order is literally trying to buy the 2012 election for their dream candidate.  Romney would be the ultimate Wall Street puppet, and if you cast a vote for Mitt Romney you are playing right into the hands of the financial elite.


If you do not believe that a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the New World Order, just consider Mitt Romney’s positions on the issues….

#1 The Federal Reserve

To the financial elite, there is no more important financial institution in the United States than the Federal Reserve, and Mitt Romney is a huge supporter of the Federal Reserve.

During one Republican debate, Romney actually tried to explain to all of us why “we need to have a Fed“.

Not only that, Mitt Romney has stated that he is not really concerned about what is going on over at the Federal Reserve.  Mitt Romney has publicly stated that he is “not going to take my effort and focus on the Federal Reserve“.

That kind of talk is music to the ears of the financial elite.

Also, Romney fully supported the reappointment of Ben Bernanke as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve despite his absolutely horrific track record.

#2 Money From The Bankers

Mitt Romney is getting far, far, far more money from Wall Street bankers than any other Republican candidate.

In a recent article entitled “The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying To Buy The 2012 Election“, I detailed how numbers compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics show that Mitt Romney is getting more money from the employees of the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks than all of the other Republican candidates combined.

The following is an excerpt from that article that shows how much money employees of those banks (and their spouses) gave to various candidates for president during the first 9 months of 2011….

Mitt Romney: $813,300
Barack Obama: $198,874
Tim Pawlenty: $101,515
Rick Perry: $58,900
Jon Huntsman: $28,250
Ron Paul: $13,104
Herman Cain: $2,715
Michelle Bachmann: $1,500
Newt Gingrich: $1,250

Even though Romney’s poll numbers have been in the mid to low 20s most of the time, employees of the big Wall Street banks gave him $813,300 during the first 9 months of 2011 and they only gave $105,719 to the rest of the Republican candidates that were still in the race at the end of the third quarter combined.

#3 The Wall Street Bailouts

During the last financial crisis, Mitt Romney was a very enthusiastic supporter of the Wall Street bailouts.

Back in 2009, Romney delivered a speech in which he made the following statement about bailing out Wall Street….

“I know we didn’t all agree on TARP. I believe that it was necessary to prevent a cascade of bank collapses. For free markets to work, there has to be a currency and a functioning financial system.”

During the Wall Street bailouts, gigantic mountains of money were transferred from the pockets of U.S. taxpayers into the hands of greedy Wall Street bankers.

Wall Street would definitely like to have someone in the White House who will bail them out once again when the next great financial crisis strikes.

#4 Health Care

Republicans are supposed to be against Obamacare, and yet millions upon millions of them plan to vote for someone that came up with the plan that Obamacare was based upon.

Barack Obama has admitted that much of his health care plan came directly from what Mitt Romney did up in Massachusetts.  In fact, a recent MSNBC article brought to light some new information about the relationship between Romneycare and Obamacare….

Newly obtained White House records provide fresh details on how senior Obama administration officials used Mitt Romney’s landmark health-care law in Massachusetts as a model for the new federal law, including recruiting some of Romney’s own health care advisers and experts to help craft the act now derided by Republicans as “Obamacare.”

The records, gleaned from White House visitor logs reviewed by NBC News, show that senior White House officials had a dozen meetings in 2009 with three health-care advisers and experts who helped shape the health care reform law signed by Romney in 2006, when the Republican presidential candidate was governor of Massachusetts.

Conservatives all over the country have been loudly denouncing the individual health insurance mandate in Obamacare, but Mitt Romney has had the gall to claim that the individual health insurance mandate that he signed into law as governor of Massachusetts was based on “conservative principles”.

So how has Romneycare worked out for residents of Massachusetts?

Well, according to the Daily Caller, health care costs and health insurance premiums have gone up dramatically in Massachusetts….

Since the bill became law, the state’s total direct health-care spending has increased by a remarkable 52 percent. Medicaid spending has gone from less than $6 billion a year to more the $9 billion. Many consumers have seen double-digit percentage increases in their premiums.

That doesn’t sound good.

Romney now says that he wants to “repeal” Obamacare, but what he means by repeal may not be what you and I mean by repeal.

Someone should ask Romney what he meant when he stated that he wants “to eliminate some of the differences, repeal the bad, and keep the good” in Obamacare.

#5 Free Trade

One of the key goals of the New World Order is to create a one world economic system.  That is why so many of our politicians continue to push “free trade” even though tens of thousands of U.S. businesses and millions of U.S. jobs have gone overseas.

Of course Mitt Romney is a huge advocate of the “free trade” agenda.

The following quote comes directly from the Romney campaign website….

Access to foreign markets is crucial to growing our economy. We must reassert American leadership in international negotiations, follow through on commitments we have already made, and push aggressively for advantageous new agreements.

But the results of this “free trade” agenda have been absolutely nightmarish for the United States.  According to U.S. Representative Betty Sutton, America has lost an average of 15 manufacturing facilities a day over the last 10 years.  During 2010 it got even worse.  That year, an average of 23 manufacturing facilities a day shut down in the United States.

In all, more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have permanently closed down since 2001.

Globalism is ripping our economy apart a little bit more every day, and if Romney is elected the globalist agenda will only accelerate.

#6 Taxes

The New World Order loves to extract taxes from the American people.  It was not a coincidence that the Federal Reserve and the individual income tax came into existence at nearly the exact same time nearly 100 years ago.

During his time as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney significantly raised taxes. The following is an excerpt from a CBS News article….

Mitt Romney’s Harvard MBA and gold-plated resume convinced many business leaders he would follow in the tradition of corporate-friendly Republicans when he was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002.

Within three years, some had a vastly different opinion, after Romney’s efforts raised the tax bill on businesses by $300 million

That same article also notes that Romney jacked up “fees and fines” on Massachusetts taxpayers substantially during his tenure as governor….

Romney and lawmakers also approved hundreds of millions in higher fees and fines during his four years in office.

Many in the Massachusetts business community were quite disgusted with Romney by the end of his term.  Peter Nicholas, the chairman of Boston Science Corporation, says that “tax rates on many corporations almost doubled because of legislation supported by Romney.

#7 Government Spending

The New World Order loves big government and big government spending.

And let there be no doubt – Mitt Romney is a big spender when it comes to government money.

Government spending in Massachusetts increased significantly under Mitt Romney.  This was especially true for the last two budgets passed under Romney.  In fiscal year 2006, government spending in Massachusetts increased by 7.6 percent.  In fiscal year 2007, government spending in Massachusetts increased by a whopping 10.2 percent.

#8 Global Warming

It turns out that Mitt Romney is a believer in the theory of man-made global warming.  In fact, Al Gore recently praised Mitt Romney on his blog. In a post entitled “Good for Mitt Romney — though we’ve long passed the point where weak lip-service is enough on the Climate Crisis“, Al Gore lavished the following praise on the former Massachusetts governor….

“While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party”

Not only that, it is also very important to remember that while Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts became the very first state to pass a law to regulate carbon emissions.

#9 Cap And Trade

If Mitt Romney becomes president, he is going to cram the radical green agenda right down our throats.

While campaigning for president in 2007, Mitt Romney said that he would fully support a global “cap and trade” carbon tax scheme as long as the entire world goes along with it….

“I support Cap-and-Trade on a global basis but not the USA going alone. I want to do it with other nations involved and on a global scale.”

#10 Illegal Immigration

Mitt Romney is very, very soft on illegal immigration.  Back in 2007, Mitt Romney made the following statement….

“But my view is that those 12 million who’ve come here illegally should be given the opportunity to sign up to stay here”

Of course that will only encourage millions more to come here illegally, but Mitt Romney does not seem too concerned about that.

#11 Gun Control

One of the key goals of the New World Order is to disarm the American people, and Mitt Romney has been a huge supporter of gun control laws.  When he was running for governor in Massachusetts, he made the following statement….

“We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts- I support them…I believe they help protect us, and provide for our safety.”

#12 Abortion

Mitt Romney has a long record of supporting the population control agenda of the global elite.

He claims that he is “pro-life” now, but Mitt Romney also once claimed that he was more “pro-choice” than Ted Kennedy.

Not only that, Romney once forced Christian hospitals and Massachusetts taxpayers to subsidize abortions in the state of Massachusetts.  You can see evidence of this right here.

If he becomes president, Romney will be just like George W. Bush – a president that gives lip service to the pro-life crowd but that does next to nothing to actually stop abortion.

#13 The Pharmaceutical Industry

Just like the banking industry, the pharmaceutical industry is almost completely dominated by the New World Order.  And the pharmaceutical industry has been absolutely showering money on Mitt Romney.

According to the CDC, the percentage of Americans that say that they have taken a prescription drug within the last 30 days has risen to almost 50 percent.

If Mitt Romney becomes president, it will be a new “golden age” for the pharmaceutical industry and that number will likely go even higher.

#14 The TSA

It recently came out that very elderly women are being strip-searched by TSA agents at U.S. airports, but Mitt Romney continues to fully support the TSA.

So if Romney becomes president we will continue to have to endure incredibly dehumanizing searches before we are allowed on to our flights.

#15 The Homeland Security Apparatus

Mitt Romney has stated repeatedly that he wants to make “homeland security” even stronger.

I have previously written about how Bush and Obama have turned America into a giant prison where virtually everything we do is watched, monitored, listened to, tracked and recorded in order to keep us all “safe”.

Well, Romney believes that all of this is necessary as part of the “war on terror”, and if Romney becomes president he will almost certainly push the envelope even farther.

#16 Guantanamo Bay

Mitt Romney has publicly stated that he would like to double the number of prisoners in Guantanamo Baby.

Just check out what Romney said during one Republican debate….

Now we’re going to — you said the person’s going to be in Guantanamo. I’m glad they’re at Guantanamo. I don’t want them on our soil. I want them on Guantanamo, where they don’t get the access to lawyers they get when they’re on our soil. I don’t want them in our prisons. I want them there.

Some people have said, we ought to close Guantanamo. My view is, we ought to double Guantanamo.

#17 NDAA

Barack Obama just signed a law which allows the U.S. military to arrest American citizens on U.S. soil, detain them indefinitely and ship them off to Guantanamo Bay for endless “interrogation” sessions.  Mitt Romney has not taken a position against this horrible new law.

The truth is that if you look at the history of what he has done (not what he now says), Mitt Romney is virtually a clone of Barack Obama.

If the 2012 election is Romney vs. Obama, it really does not matter which one of them wins.  Either one of them would do the bidding of the New World Order.

But millions of Republicans are being fooled.  They don’t realize that Romney will say just about anything to get elected.

Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, once made the following statement about her husband….

“He can argue any side of a question. And sometimes you think he’s really believing his argument, but he’s not.”

So how do we know if he is telling the truth now?

The following is an epic video which demonstrates very clearly how dramatically Mitt Romney has flip-flopped over the years….

Sadly, most elections in America are not determined by the voters.

Rather, most elections in America are determined by money.

Republican candidates spent more than $10 million on television and radio ads in Iowa in the month of December alone.

Those ads have a huge impact on voters.

So who is spending the most money?

Well, according to a recent article in the Des Moines Register, pro-Romney forces are spending the most money even though Romney is not even really campaigning in Iowa….

Together, Romney and the super PAC going to bat for him had over half the ad buys in Iowa in December among the spending the Register examined.

If you can believe it, one pro-Romney “super PAC” actually spent $2.85 million in Iowa during the month of December.

$2.85 million can buy quite a bit of propaganda.

Sadly, in federal elections the candidate that raises the most money wins about 90 percent of the time, and Mitt Romney has raised far, far more money than the other Republican candidates have.

It would be nice to stick it to the establishment for once, but the reality is that it is really hard to go up against a candidate that is backed by millions upon millions upon millions of dollars.

But even if Mitt Romney only wins 30 or 40 percent of the delegates during the nominating process, that is still going to make it nearly impossible for any other candidate to win the nomination before the Republican convention.

In a previous article, I described how the new Republican voting rules are going to make a “brokered convention” much more likely….

The key is that most Republican primaries and caucuses will now allocate delegates using a proportional system rather than a “winner take all” system.  Back in 2008, John McCain did very well in early “winner take all” primaries and wrapped up the Republican nomination very, very quickly.  Nothing like that will happen in 2012.  In fact, if the field remains crowded it is going to be very difficult for any candidate to accumulate more than 50 percent of the delegates by the time the Republican national convention rolls around.

If Mitt Romney wins more than 50 percent of the delegates during the primary season, the Republican establishment will let him have the nomination of course.

But if he is unable to do so, the Republican establishment will move heaven and earth to make sure that a candidate that they do not like does not accumulate more than 50 percent of the delegates.

Either way, the Republican establishment is going to do everything that they can to end up with a candidate of their choosing to go up against Barack Obama.

So can a miracle still happen?

Of course it can.

But just realize that it is going to take an all-out effort to overcome the power of the establishment.

A half-hearted effort simply is not going to get the job done.

  • Kelly

    I saw on the ‘news’ that most Iowans like ron Paul but find Romney more electable. Paul doesn’t have a chance..congress will see to that. Makes me scared and depressed to be a young person in this country. I honestly don’t think ron Paul’s phone from home program will make any real difference either. I participated and most people who picked up the phone were rude or became rude when they heard who I was promoting.



      You are talking about people with severe brain damage. Those minds you will never change. If war party republican voters vote for anyone but Ron Paul they are getting exactly what they want, and deserve…………

    • Craig

      The dollar will crash very soon, this is pretty much guaranteed, this time it will come right into peoples living rooms. Unfortenetly it will take the downfall of the financial system to change the type of indoctrinated group think. I mean who wants war, no jobs, kids getting drafted.

      At least Ron Paul understands the monetary system. The system will fall, 6 Countries are already breaking away from the US Dollar and using their own currencies – Brazil,Russia,India,China,South Africa,Iran

      This is a big, big deal

      Iran accepts payment in gold for oil, not US Dollars

      even mainstream media knows this.

      Who would be most knowledgeable to handle the financial crisis?

      Ron Paul, I mean give the guy a chance to help fix this, or we will be in a true depression sooner than you may think

      We have nothing to lose, but everything, at this point.

      He can win.

  • Kelly

    In these pictures Romney clearly visits the tanning bed. My boyfriends dad does. Maybe tanning is a pastime shared by all losers.

    • Colin

      What does that say about the DNA you’ve chosen to cuddle up with?

  • Gary2

    All of the Republican candidates share at least one thing in common: an economic agenda that will benefit the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans at the expense of the other 99 percent.

    Each and every Republican candidate has called for trillions of dollars in new tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and corporations — all while calling for ending Medicare as we know it and dramatic cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and countless other programs and services that Americans depend on each day.

    This is why I will vote for Obama. Yes I am disappointed in his being too conservative, however, The worst dem (I am thinking the Ben Nelsons) are better than the best republican although that is not too a high bar to get over.

    • KT


      You are sooo brainwashed by the archaic “Two Party System” it is almost funny… LOL

      Corprate Lobbyists control BOTH Democrats and Republicans.

      Your boy Obama has continued George W Bush’s Agenda 100% if not more.. FACT

      Obama’s main campaign promise..

      CLOSE Guantonomo as first act of President


      • Jim

        Obama can’t close Gitmo by his self. Congress would have to vote to close it. Thats why he hasn’t closed it.

        • Me at Mine

          He had a democrat controlled congress his first two years, so that is no excuse. He could have done it, he decided it wasn’t good politically.

          • Craig

            He could have signed one of his famous executive orders to close it. Instead he put all of use in Gitmo with one signature… his.

  • ScoutMotto

    I figured Romney a globalist from the get-go. I cannot support any candidate who is pro-central bank.

    Ron Paul is the only good choice we have.

  • Gary2

    I love watching republicans implode!

    • A Dodgy Bloke

      Don’t be too sure your side will skate though. Gas goes to five bucks and the repubs could run a cut out of Bozo The Clown and beat BHO. Don’t be so myopic the Welfare State and Western Civilization is dying, don’t be so quick to usher in the Dark Ages. Starvation, and living in fear is not what’s it cranked up to be.

  • NWO Alert

    In addition to all of the above, the New World Order will include:

    The end of Christianity and other major religions.

    The end of families and marriage.

    The end of free speech access to most kinds of information.

    The end of home ownership.

    The end of privacy.

    Death panels and the demise pill (voluntary suicide by senior citizens)

    Financial control.

    Food control.

    Population control.

    Weather control.

    Travel restrictions.

    And much more…


    • Gary2

      Why can’t people get that we already have death panels-their called for profit insurance companies!

    • sup2

      You haven’t done much research, have you? Romney is all about religious freedom and he is in absolute defense of the family and marriage. If you’re going to argue against someone, at least make sure your argument is valid. Just seeing that your first two arguments hold no merit already make me doubt the rest.

  • Gary2

    Did you see this dolt get owned? I love watching the right implode. They do not even need any help destroying themselves by my side they do it too themselves.

    Unfortunately for Cantor and his press secretary, reality is stubborn. The facts are indisputable: in Ronald Reagan’s first term, he signed off on a series of tax increases — even when unemployment was nearing 11% — and proceeded to raise taxes seven out of the eight years he was in office. The truth is, “no peacetime president has raised taxes so much on so many people” as Reagan.

    • KT

      “Gary2” = TROLL ALERT

      Obama has added more debt than every other President in the history of the U.S.


      • Mma

        If you vote for Mitt Rommy, you will see the worst economy. Christianity will be out of the window. This is when you will realise that corporation are not people. Exactly what he did in Bain will come alive.Rommy tells Americans what they want to hear. He is a Pathological liar. May God help Americans from this con man.

        • sup2

          Ron Paul also tells his supporters what they want to hear. That’s what politicians do. Be aware of your own personal favoritism and things that you’ve come to believe because of rumors. That goes for both Ron Paul AND Mitt Romney.

    • Craig

      The real progress Reagan did make is to have an investigation of haw much
      taxes actually go to well “anything?”

      “100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt … all
      individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services
      taxpayers expect from government.”

      -Grace Commission report submitted to President Ronald Reagan – January 15, 1984

  • Justa Guy

    You’d have to be an idiot to vote for Romney. He is just another double-talking, status-quo, used car salesman type. Money can buy lots of things, but it can’t buy your brain. It’s not hard to tell who’s a phony, just look at their past record of what they’ve stood for. There really is no need for Americans to even listen to commercials and debates. All that needs to be done is to look at their record. But nooo, Americans just love to be brainwashed by t.v. entertainment, and will vote based on the best acting on their screen. Wake up dummy Americans and use your brain, before it’s too late (if it isn’t already).

    • Colin

      So……you’re going to vote for Obama?

      • Justa Guy

        I will vote for the best candidate, rather than the lesser of 2 evils, which is what 99.something% of dummy Americans will vote for.

        • Colin

          I’ll vote for the janitor before I vote for Obama, no matter who runs.

          With 3 years down, you should already know that Obama wouldn’t be the best candidate……

          • Mma

            The mess President Bush left behind in eight years of his administration is what you expect President Obama to clean up in three years. You must be dreaming.

      • Gary2

        yes! what did you think?


    • Gary2

      if praying worked I would be rich. Looks like it failed you too. Ron Paul is toast!



        And if Ron Paul is toast, who do you think will be next?

        • Gary2

          Obama will easily win

  • William

    Folks, we have a VERY serious problem with the national 2012 election. While I think Dr Paul is the only sane choice for those who love America FIRST, I doubt if the GOP establishment or the CIA/FBI would allow Dr Paul to serve as President, if elected. The GOP nomination will be stolen, just as the Smirking Chimp and war criminal stole the election in Ohio in 2004. So, we will have the choice of a lunatic BOMB IRAN FOR ISRAEL nutcake on the Republican side, and the failed Obummer on the Democrat side. Now do you understand WHY America is doomed??

  • Dresnat

    Mitt Romney is far worse than he lets on. An Asset stripper at Bain Capital, he does damage to business and does not build.
    Also note that his national security advisors include rabbi Dov Zakheim, who was comptroller (yes, the person who oversees the funds) of the pentagon when between 2.3 and 3.3 trillion dollars went missing, which Donald Rumseld announced the day before 911 (Some coincidence huh). But Dov may not be the worst. Indeed, another of Romney’s national security advisors is Michael Chertoff, yeah, you know that guy from the Department of Justice who was overseeing the FBI and the evidence regarding 911 when all that evidence went missing. As a reward for destroying all of the evidence from 911, Chertoff was rewarded by being appointed head of the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, Chertoff profited off of the false flag Christmas day bomber (search Kurt Haskell and review his testimony on the setup that was the Christmas bomber out of Amsterdam airport). That event was used by Chertoff and the corrupt Mainstream Media to push the installation of the TSA radiation scanners in US airports- you know the ones which are cancer causing.
    Do we really need two Israeli dual citizens who have shown themselves to be completely untrustworthy and likely criminal in overseeing national security.
    Finally, is the appointment of Zakheim and Chertoff designed to make certain that the crime of 911 which was committed by elements of the shadow US government and Israeli (as well as other nations’) intelligence agencies will never be investigated.
    We can’t afford Romney. We can’t afford his advisors. Send this criminal back to the Bush cabal.

    • You and I are sharing the same info it seems. Not many know about Zakheim, though many know about Chertoff. Let’s hook up.

  • mondobeyondo

    Frankly, Mitt Romney makes me nervous. The Fed and big banksters would play him like a fiddle, and vice versa.

    Interesting to note that at this time, Romney and Ron Paul are practically tied, just before the Iowa caucus. Romney has the big corporate and financial support, while Paul has swelling grass roots support. Let’s hope the “good guys” can finally win for once.

    Romney is the mainstream media’s Boy Wonder at the moment (no insult intended for Batman’s sidekick), but Paul would be a real superhero for this country.

    • Colin

      Although Paul’s fiscal policies are spot on, he is a wack job through and through and has no business running our country.

      He is being thrown up in the polls to make Obama look really good! Don’t any of you see that!

      Can you imagine Paul vs. Obama in the general election debate??? It won’t even be close!

      • Justa Guy

        Who has been telling you he’s a wack job? You apparently recognize that economically he is what the country needs, and yet you argue against your own judgement. It seems like someone(the MSM?) has brainwashed you out of your rational conclusion by telling you, “he can’t win, don’t vote for him, he’s a wack job”. The Constitution is what made this country great, and if Paul’s the only one who is willing to stand by it, then he is the only one who deserves our vote. Who cares if they call him President Wack Job, as long as he returns this country to its roots.

        • Colin

          I knew I’d strike a chord on that one. Paul believers act like I insulted their father!
          MSM I am not. I have a pretty good idea of which direction the wind blows. Although Romney isn’t the best choice (as the article well illustrates) he has the best chance to beat Obama. Besides, Paul will never get his agenda to go through! Seriously, you guys actually believe he can accomplish what he says???

          Paul vs Obama in an election? Who ya got? I’m being a realist here.

          Do you ever ask why he is being thrown up as a Republican to go against Obama in the first place?

          If he goes against Obama it won’t even be close! Obama will be re-elected by a large margin.

      • Rob

        Hi Colin, it’s folks like you that will have a lot on you conscience in years to come … Paul is not a wack-job. He’s a highly-intelligent guy who has a clear vision for America’s future, one that is bound to constitutional principles. I live in Canada and I despair for your country when people like you would actually prefer a power-lusting establishment man over a man of principle like Paul.

        • Colin

          Don’t take things so personal. Paul believers nowadays are akin to Obama believers in ’08. I’m a realist and I do this to test my conscience. I’ll be at peace. Say Paul gets elected, do you really see him accomplishing his agenda? Do you ever question that he is simply telling people what they want to hear?

          • Justa Guy

            Obama doesn’t seem to have a problem accomplishing his agenda, regardless of what Congress wants or the law states. Why couldn’t Paul?

  • mondobeyondo

    Romney actually said “we need to have a Fed”. Paul advocates for abolishing the Fed. If those two ever had a debate together, the sparks are sure to fly!

  • us citizen

    Although I’m not fond of Romney………I would vote for him to just get rid of BO!!

    • Colin

      Yes! Thank you. Obama NWO > Romney NWO and that’s all there is to think about in election 2012!

      • Justa Guy

        Great, we’ll just take the scenic route to the same destination, and we’ll all wonder why we’re exactly where we didn’t want to be when the next election comes around. Makes a lot of sense (not). If you want change, you need to go someplace different, not just to the same place via a different route.

  • mark

    The voters will not vote for someone that will cut their welfare. We will not have a president that will work with congress to cut spending in a big way and lower taxes at the same time. That is what will help this economy in the long run. Washington is scared of the riots that would come with the cuts. They will try to kick the can down the road for as long as they can. Much of what you have said about Romney can be claimed about most of the others also. At least I do not think that he is a socialist as Obama seems to be. All of you out there should be careful about beating up all the other choices than Obama. I do not see anyone worse than Obama running for president.


  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Ok Ron Paul has no shot, even in the unlikely event he gets the nomination the MSM with crucify him. What the right seemingly doesn’t get is that national elections are won in the middle. Most of the Lemmings err… Moderates are not even paying attention too many people in this group get thier info from the MSN. The Lame Steam media is the enemy and they will beat Paul like a Hebrew Slave, every slight, every miss spoke, every time he used the wrong fork will be screamed from the roof tops. The Lemmings will believe everything with put a second thought (How do you think we got here and the only outrage is here). Nothing is going to change until the majority of the sheeple pull thier heads out of thier nether regions and see the light.
    Oh OTW the Libertarians are a clown show I watched the debates in New England a couple of weeks ago and I was not impressed with Still or the other guy. It’s going to be Mitt and Perry, against BHO and whoever (Maybe Hillary, but don’t bet on it) deal with it, so start a garden and get a gun you’ll need both.


      A Dodgy Bloke,

      So who do we vote for? Murderer A. democrat or murderer B. republican? Anyone who votes for either a democrat or a republican is a card carrying member of the war party, plain and simple. A Romney/Perry White House would solve everyone’s problems by ending the world permanently…………..

  • Prison For Your Mind

    These are great videos…


    • Bill Sanders

      Great site ! That 1954 version of ‘1984’ was the most powerful I’ve ever seen. It really DOES look like and feel that today and I hope people wake up. I first read ‘1984’ in ’67 while in the Air Force and it changed my thinking forever…Thanks… ** Ron Paul 2012 **

  • Kelly

    I just don’t understand his sanctorum or whoever, suddenly got 1st in Iowa. I suppose he paid several big people..I was at first disappointed to see Dr.Paul in 3rd, but his speech afterward refreshed my spirits. I just don’t think American citizens get to really choose important things, especially who will be president. I was enraged when that soldier on the news promoting ron was cut off. Yeah, Romney, santorum nobody guy, and Obama are essentially more of the same.

    What does everybody think of Finland and Sweden? Might have to run off here in a couple of years…I wonder of the public will wake up before we go into a full blown crisis/police state.

  • JJ

    Now all of you see how evil Romney is. He supports OWG, one-world religion, RFID chips in everyone, etc. you can see where I’m going with this. Obama is just incompetent, but Romney is pure evil. I would hope everyone here would support Obama over Romney.

  • Gay Veteran

    A lot of people need to get a clue: BOTH parties are controlled by the elites who run this country.

    If there is no climate change then why is the Department of Agriculture studing it? The northern range of plants is moving further and further north.

    Don’t like abortion? Then don’t have one! And it is not “pro-life”, it’s pro-birth because so many don’t care what happens to the baby once it is born.

  • Loveless One

    As far as I’m concerned, whoever has us in this mess already has our next president lined up. I still for the life of me can’t understand why people continue to vote in our Banana Republic. All your senators, congressmen, state officials and presidents are bought and sold, your vote makes NO difference, especially if you vote for the big two. The illusion of “voting” is to placate lemmings who still believe we live in a Democracy.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if ol’ Barry won, he’s been everything you could ask for in a puppet. Same with the other neo-con stooges in the Republican party, either way the powers that be get their inside man.

    As much as I agree with Ron Paul (which any sane man would) I feel an uneasy deja vu harkening back to ’08. Sorry guys, Paul is a pie-in-the-sky candidate, like others said, if even in the remote chance he won the msm would murder him. You think that whole stink over Obama’s fake birth certificate was bad? Imagine the uproar if Ron Paul didn’t follow through with attacking Iran or improved border security or (hold on to your hats!) STOPPED BORROWING MONEY!

    If you listen closely you can hear the din of an angry mod and the dull light of torches on the horizon!

  • Ed Smith

    Anyone who will vote for a politician who supported the NDAA has serious mental defects and are a danger to America.

  • Curt

    There is no new world order. It is actually much worse. Politicians are just morons who’s main skill is getting people to believe they are smart. They than take their “intelligent” options to stuff they don’t understand and mess it up.

    The Euro is one of them.

  • brian

    Please give it up If you are Dem trying to get Romney out because your scared then boohoo. You are way off track and Romney is the best choice all around. Obama is a dumb ass and needs to go. President Romney here we come

  • Airt1776

    A vote for Mit Romney is like a vote to have the CFR Councel on forign relations continue running our government from behind the scene ,a gorup of low lifes that are not elected but our influencing and desroying the name of this great country.

  • Okay now, doies anyone know where Newt stands on the NWO ??????

  • John

    Ron Paul is a man of principle. We haven’t had anyone like him in Congress since the Founding Fathers. He is not for sale, and strives to return this country to its constitutional roots. He is the only person on Capital Hill who ever tried to help me fight the FDA, and we are in the documentary film “We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom”. He is the rarest of politicians, an honest man, with a good heart. Someone who genuinely cares about people. He deserves our respect and support.

  • Stefi

    Vote for RAUN RAUL. A vote against NWO.

  • Tip Calaman

    Romney: The Puppet Press Won’t Ask the Hard Questions

    All this dancing around the real issues by the Puppet Press makes me want to vomit!

    The real questions for Romney:
    • What are your ties with the Bush Family, specifically:

    • What about the Bush family’s con artist Judge Michael Certoff and the scams that he is involved in? Particularly the post Katrina scam and all those USACE hundreds of billions that you blew on the phony reconstruction of Louisiana. Could have bought all the damaged homes, bulldozed them and reestablished Mississippi River Flood plains. Instead Bush, Certoff the USACE and their fellow scam artists had to build a bunch of hard to maintain levees and flood gates. Levees that will prove counterproductive when needed most!

    • And what’s about the other Romney-Bush SS Trooper, Colonel Michael Hayden…co-author of the “Patriot Act” and the TIP (Total Information Program). You know that bank of computers that monitors all of our telephone, computer and even snail mail communications. Ever hear of the Fourth Amendment, Colonel Haden? Ever study the Fourth Amendment, Colonel Haden?

    • And what about the Colonel Michael Hayden-Michael Certoff total body scanner. A multibillion dollar rip off that the Clintons and the Bushes are siphoning off billions from.
    It literally makes me sick when I think of the puppet press and the way they avoid addressing the issues of the Bush Family and their handpicked stooges that constitute Mitch Romney’s “Foreign Policy Advisers, especially Certoff and Hayden

    Wake up America! Refuse to ask only the above questions until the puppet press and Governor Romney answer these questions about the Bush moles that will be controlling President Romney. Just as they have done with their current puppet Barry O.

    Tip Calaman
    Flood Plain, Mississippi

    • dee

      This is an excellent point and I am so glad to see that someone else see’s the correlations going on here. I just wish more people were awake and could see this!

  • As you know or don’t know? American’s are living in the days that try our souls. Our Freedoms and the American way of life as we’ve known them are now on the precipice of demise! Our fundamental rights that were divinely written in to law to protect us and our Republic have become and continue to be systematically absolved under the guise of political correctness by the progressive elites. They have infiltrated schools, colleges, state/federal courts and/or manipulate many positions in our government including the current hope and change administration. Now, the administrative elitist hope that America’s won’t notice the fundamental change occurring, even though the transformation is obvious to us, the elites hope their change doesn’t wake millions from their normalcy bios.
    Help Wake Up America To Help Make The Corrections To The Government You Want To See Corrected!
    Promoting Constitutional-Conservatism and the reduction of big government!
    Empowering personal initiative and self-reliance through individual enterprise!
    Reviving the entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit of American Exceptionalism!
    Join me@ http://www.wakeupamerica.com/constitutionalbelievers just as thousands of other people have joined WAKE UP AMERICA! I believe thousands more, hundreds of thousands, if not millions more will help take back Our Republic with Wake Up America! So The POTENTIAL IS HUGE!
    If we don’t WAKE UP AMERICA Now!!! This Is Our Future! http://www.infowars.com/government-censors-document-revealing-plans-to-wage-war-on-americans/
    Take Care and GOD BLESS!
    Constitutional Believers
    Mr. Harris

  • rocky

    I thought most of you would be more organized. Have more of a resonable reason to why you vote for a or b, but your not. Some silly reasons like abortion, Socialist. If most of you are poor, what are you doing? shooting yourself in the foot. There are no good options for democrates and they are worse in , they don’t do a thing. worthless party, but you are right in saying obama is a republican. He did a few democrate things because he is by far more republican, he even loves republicans. Democrates, liberals, is just a name for hope for the majority of ameircans, that makes them feel like sisies and when in office, nothing happens. This system is riged by banks and upper class system. We don’t stand a chance but we are surviving and in the next few years will see our world become poor/rich. Just that the boarder of mexico will look just like if it was part of our country. Homes deteriorate, why did you pay 600,000 for something made in 1930-50. Why did you believe europe wasn’t pushed into this mess by the US. Europe has Kings, the US has Corporations. Both the same. The US is becoming europe, hard to find work, but look at it this way, europeans are happy. Maybe someday we will be happy to. They go out every night, have bars, people have more vacation days, they spend spend spend everything they have everyday. We have credit cards , so do they and they banks charge them for using them. Ours don’t , the bank charges you just for having your money in the bank.Ours would like to. Banks are our in the white house, they where next to reagan when he was giving a speach, chiding him on what he was saying. Our presidents are choosen by us, but the upper class get in the white house by the same people we choose, no matter what party. Nice.. I wish I was in that group. You would never need a job.

  • Jeffrey Lear

    Hey Flipper… I mean Money-Bags… Yeah, the Rich get richer… Why would anybody spend a BILLION dollars to get a job that pays $200K+ a year? it’s spelled C O R R U P T I O N ! ! All Romney does is flip on his stances… Trying to “please all the people all the time”… Well that don’t work Flipper… Lie lie lie… That’s your game…U must have got it out of Adolph’s playbook! “Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, and long enough and people will eventually believe you.” Adolph Hitler

  • Price Charles

    I’d never thought it would come down to the strong possibility of a 2nd American Revolution, or Civil War. Look out for one come soon after this election for President. The thing with this next possible potential clash is that the ************ think they’ll be safe in their bunkers, but they’ll be the first ones to experience it!

  • Mitt Romney for president?

  • Frank Benjamin

    Mitt Romney and the Fourth Amendment

    To understand Mitt Romney, simply look at two of Romney’s selections to serve as “foreign policy” advisors:

    • Colonel Michael Hayden….the little weasel who dreamed up the TIP….the total information program….that giant Defense Department Super Computer (white elephant) that was to keep tabs on everybody and everything …credit card transactions, emails, all phone calls, facial recognition street cameras, college courses, organizations, memberships and all the books that you checked out from the library.….TIP!!!

    • And Colonel Hayden was the co-author of the so called “Patriot Act” which essentially voided the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution….the law by which, even today, the Government can do warrantless wiretaps, searches without warrants, open and read your mail, place transponders on your vehicles and so forth….

    • And then there’s scrawny little Judge Michael Certoff, author of the giant post Katrina rip off, former head of “Homeland Security” and the money behind those intrusive total body scanners for airline passengers. And the “beefed up TSA “ complete with pat downs of your children and your grandmother. Colonel Hayden and Judge Certoff are longtime members of the Bush-Clinton Cabal. They are Bush-Cheney holdovers.

    • Curiously, it was Bush and Cheney who shut down the investigations of those nineteen (mostly Saudis) enrolled in 767 and 777 flight schools in Vero Beach, Minneapolis and Phoenix. Had the Bush clan not shut down these three FBI investigations of their friends, the Saudis…if they had not shut down these investigations, there would have been no 911, no Police State and none of the above mentioned Fourth Amendment transgressions…..

    Wonder if Governor Romney even knows the evils that Hayden and Certoff have thrust upon the American people? Or does he just go on his way, a marionette, manipulated by Poppy (GHW) Bush and clan, blithely smiling, giving out autographs and robotically mouthing his favorite phrase…”Hi, nice to see you again.” Even though he hasn’t never ever laid eyes on that (obviously ill informed) citizen.

    Wake up America! If you are waiting for Wolf Blitzer, Diane Sawyer or Gwen Eiffel to ask penetrating questions about Romney and his relationship with Hayden, Certoff, the Patriot Act, the TIP, the TSA, the total body scanner and the Fourth Amendment, why you are in for a long a wait!

    “Hi, nice to see you, again”

    Frank Benjamin

  • dee

    You know you also have to figure in the mormon church into this one. Mormons are very run by their church and answer to them. So who do you think that good old mitt will answer to first? I know personally that the church comes first with them above everything. This guy really gives me the creeps and I cannot believe how stupid americans are to even give this guy the time of day.

  • Bob Marshall

    Judge Andrew P. Napolitano’s book A NATION of SHEEP clearly points out why so many presidents and administrations have been bringing about the destruction of constitutional government in America.I believe Obama and Mitt Romney both would continue the U.S.down that same path.

  • Bob Marshall

    Who runs America? The Council on Foreign Relations. If anyone doubts this, visit their site and see who the members are and which corporations are under their control. You will find Wall St. in the list. If Obama has 27 former members of Wall St. in his cabinet and administration then how many will Mitt Romney appoint if he is elected since he received so much money from Wall St? I see Mitt Romney as the lesser of to evils, but still evil. Norah Webster: “If we vote an immoral man into office we are a traitor to our country.” Is either or both immoral is the question we need to ask? Mitt flip flops and Obama lies.

  • Bonnie

    I will never vote for you due to the fact the only reason said n your party says .. ‘ To Defeat President Obama”
    Mitt you have not come across n your record to show me that your care.

    all the best
    Bonnie D Packan

  • Todd in Sacramento

    The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) does indeed run the show here in America. The RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs – AKA Chatham House) runs the Parliament in Great Britain. The ******** (not the ***************) run the two of them. This is the real ‘Axis of Evil’ we have to be concerned about. Their quest for a New World Order is real but it won’t happen until they destroy the American Republic. Since they (the CFR) control both parties and choose who we elect they will accomplish their goals. They select these bastards like Obama and Romney and then let the general public elect them. Their control of the media makes it easy. And the sheep eventually get slaughtered.

  • Jane

    I am a registered to vote, and will usually choose a republican candidate mainly because of the moral issues. I know in my heart that both candidates are not humble, God-fearing men so either one will not be make any progress in fixing many of the problems that exist in America. We have sold out U.S. manufacturing to China basically, we do not have any morals-they are all relative, and we are selective. The men who are in the political realm think of themselves as gods, who do not really care about what is best for the people in this country. They care about themselves and their families only. We are hastening towards a one world order. Why would Obama say that Russia is a friend, as well as China? I guess the politicians think that every man is ignorant and doesn’t know their history. Russia is not a friend to America. Heck, individuals in America will do you in a faster than you can blink your eye. Christ is really our only true friend, but people will not give Him the glory because we think we are gods and that we are innately good and don’t need saving. The Antichrist will be what people are looking for. He will appeal to our human desire of “god-hood” and appeal to all religions, etc. People will not be able to resist him unless they love the Lord. I really don’t know who to vote for. We are hastening towards end anyway. Perhaps voting for one over the other will buy some more time until the New World Government is instituted, but that is all that may happen. No one who takes office can stay completely honest and humble for long.

  • Mee

    Barack Obama >>>>>>>> Mitt Romney

  • Mee

    VOTE OBAMA , He cares about the U.S. and his people, he WILL NOT lead us stray. I encourage you all to VOTE BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!