17 Facts About The Orlando Shooter That Every American Should Know

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17 Sign - Public DomainAmerica is in shock.  On Sunday, a 29-year-old Islamic terrorist named Omar Mateen shot 102 people at a gay club known as Pulse in the heart of Orlando, Florida.  49 of those that were shot died, and 53 were wounded.  So how in the world did this happen?  Well, when you combine radical political correctness with extreme government incompetence and the dramatic growth of radical Islam inside the United States, you create an environment which is absolutely primed for Islamic terror.  The truth is that the FBI knew about this guy well in advance.  In fact, they had even interviewed him three separate times over the years.  And at one point the government had been investigating the mosque that he had been attending, but that investigation was shut down by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.  Mateen had told the FBI that he hoped to be a martyr someday, and those were not just idle words.  His twisted ideology fueled his actions, and so the choices that he ultimately made should not have come as a surprise to law enforcement authorities.  But now that this has happened, will it change the way that the government approaches Islamic terror?  The following are 17 facts about the Orlando shooter that every American should know…


#1 According to the Director of the FBI, Mateen had “links to al-Qaida, Hezbollah, and the Islamic State“.

#2 Mateen’s father has openly expressed support for the Taliban on YouTube.

#3 Despite those links to terror organizations, Mateen was allowed to work “as a security guard at a local courthouse“.

#4 Mateen wasn’t directly hired by the courthouse.  Instead, he was officially an employee of the largest security services company in the world

The Orlando nightclub terrorist who pledged allegiance to ISIS worked almost a decade for a major Department of Homeland Security contractor, raising alarms that ISIS sympathizers and agents have infiltrated the federal agency set up after 9/11 to combat terrorists.

Officials say Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, an Afghan-American who held two firearms licenses and a security officer license, was employed by the security firm G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc. since Sept. 10, 2007. The Jupiter, Fla.-based company merged with the Wackenhut Corp. after 9/11 and assumed federal contracts.

#5 It turns out that this U.S. subsidiary of G4S is a company that works very closely with “the Department of Homeland Security, the US Army, and federal and local law enforcement.”

#6 Mateen’s ex-wife says that he would repeatedly beat her while they were married.

#7 He started to become radicalized after separating from his first wife.  While they were together, she said that he didn’t show much interest in religion.

#8 He made pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and 2012.

#9 He claimed to personally know the Boston Marathon Bombers.

#10 According to the FBI, Mateen has “been on the radar before“, he was interviewed by them three separate times, and they conducted a 10 month investigation of his activities in 2013.

#11 He is being described as “unhinged and unstable” by his former coworkers.

#12 Mateen once declared that he hoped to martyr himself someday, and the FBI knew all about this.

#13 Despite everything that the federal government knew about Mateen, he was still permitted to legally buy guns just last week.

#14 In an odd twist, it also turns out that Mateen was a registered Democrat.

#15 A respected Islamic scholar was urging Muslims in Orlando to “get rid” of homosexuals just a couple of months before this shooting took place

Farrokh Sekaleshfar – a British-born doctor and Muslim scholar – has gained a following by urging Muslims to ‘get rid of’ homosexuals.

And in April, he took his speech titled ‘How to deal with the phenomenon of homosexuality’ to the Husseini Islamic Center in Sanford, just outside Orlando, Florida.

Two months later, 29-year-old Omar Mateen carried out the worst massacre in US history by opening fire on a gay club in the same city.

#16 Hillary Clinton’s State Department shut down an investigation of the mosque that Mateen attends because it “unfairly singled out Muslims“.

#17 Just moments before the attack, Mateen reportedly called 911 to swear his allegiance to ISIS.

When is it going to finally sink in for our politically correct politicians that Islamic terror is a major threat?

There are lots of other Omar Mateens out there.  And as radical Islam continues to spread both inside and outside this country, the threat is only going to get a lot worse.

Barack Obama is a perfect example of just how clueless many of our top politicians are about all of this.  During his speech to the nation, he did not connect this act of terror with radical Islam in any way, shape or form.  But the only reason why Mateen did what he did was because of his worldview.  He felt perfectly justified in picking up a weapon and gunning down dozens of people, and martyrdom was a reward in his eyes.  If he had not been immersed in the world of radical Islam for years, he never would have done such a thing.

Wrong beliefs lead to wrong actions.  We see this in action all around us every day, but most of the time the consequences are not as dramatic as we just witnessed in Orlando.

As I have been warning about for some time now, Islamic terror attacks inside the United States are going to continue to get worse.

If you think what happened in Orlando was bad, just wait until these terrorists get their hands on chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

The detonation of a single weapon of mass destruction in one of our major cities would instantly change life as we know it for every man, woman and child in this entire nation.

The ideology that fuels these terrorists continues to grow, and over time it is inevitable that they will acquire increasingly more powerful weapons.

So yes, gunning down dozens of people in a crowded nightclub is an atrocity that is so evil that it is hard to find words to describe it.

But someday we will see far, far worse in this nation, and at this point we are completely unprepared to deal with that reality.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.*

  • Jim Davis

    #14 In an odd twist, it also turns out that Mateen was a registered Democrat.

    Nothing odd about that. It was expected. Most Muslims are registered Democrats. They know that the Democrat Party supports the destruction of European values and European-descended people thru “multi-culturalism” and “diversity”. Both of which are code words for white genocide. The Republican Party supports this too, of course. They just aren’t as open about it.

    • oy vey this goy knows whats goin on shut em down!

    • Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

      “Most Muslims are registered Democrats”
      Not in the US though. That is completely 100% untrue. Most muslims here do not register for voting. And in muslim majority countries muslims vote VERY much like fundamentalist/evangelical Christians do here. They hate gay people, they get offended at atheists/non-believers, they want their countries laws to be based on their religious beliefs, they hate abortion, they want their schools to teach religion, they believe men should rule and women should submit/follow, they hate society moving away from their/our god’s word, in short they hate everything democrats stand for but love everything republicans stand for.

  • paul mullin

    Why are these 17 facts news? CNN has been saying these things since Sunday morning. C’mon Michael. Everyone already knows all these facts. This is nothing new. This isnt the End of the American Dream. Smarten up..

    • William Lutz

      Don’t be ungrateful. He is only emphasizing the truth, which has already been claimed by the mainstream media. Doesn’t mean it’s pointless to share it.

  • Paul Patriot

    Great article Michael. It’s disturbingly ironic that the FBI had all this knowledge about this nut job, yet, if an American says they are a “Constutionalist” they are labeled as a fringe, terrorist. If someone says a prayer at a graduation, “in the Name of Jesus Christ” they are labeled Intolerant and violating that fictitious “desperation of church and state” and somehow lose their 1st amendment right of free speech, although it’s ok for racist remarks and death threats to be made by Muslims and Trump haters……

    Someone needs to hold the FBI accountable if they truly did “miss” some things about this man that should have raised serious red flags.

    This nation is far more broken than most folks can imagine.

    • iris


    • vaccines autism

      The elite NEED MASS SHOOTINGS in order to outlaw guns.

      • iris

        Yeah, kinda makes one wonder, doesn’t it. Last I heard, half the people of NYC don’t trust the “independent” panel’s findings on 9/11, and think it was an inside job. Things didn’t line up.

  • K

    Let me add number 18. G4Sis also owned by yet another foreign entity. Do you wonder how he could be investigated so many times, and no trouble? Do you wonder how so many co-workers could complain about him, and nothing happened. This same company provides security at many nuclear plants. It is traded on the stock exchange as Wackenhut Pakistan Ltd. Yup the whole company no matter what name it operates under. Is solely owned by Pakistani interests.

    • iris

      Oh, my, and yet this is what we should be expecting to see. I think I’m going to cry, but to be forewarned is better than being in the dark. Oh, my. Where did you find that information, K? God bless.

      • K

        I did not find it, the report I read was erroneous. Wackenhut Pakistan did not buy G4s. But rather bought themselves away from G4s who used to own them. My humble apologies.

        • iris

          Thanks, K. The info we do have is still quite incriminating evidence, don’t you think?

          • K

            Boarder wide open. More so called refugees coming in each day. A religion that believes killing people, gets you to Heaven. Yes, more than enough.

  • Paul Patriot

    The knee jerk reaction is again raising its head to remove guns from citizens.
    My best friend was killed by a drunk driver when he was 24, I say ban all alcohol and ban cars too. This my freedom loving friends is how freedom to own guns is taken away. I promise you it is coming unless people stand up and say enough is enough. I lived in Connecticut during and after the sandy hoax ordeal, and due to liber a, progressive, anti-self defense,gun hating bean heads, along with knee jerk reaction from politicians, freedom was taken. All (legally purchased) ” black evil” rifles were banned, unless you registered them, (with the state)and you even had to register all your”evil high capacity” magazines as well. To disobey, and get caught would mean a felony. I love when folks in “free states” that say ” the 2nd Amendment is my right to own and carry”………..No its not, should your state politicians pass draconian gun legislation as a knee jerk reaction to an event person using a firearm to commit their act, as I found out in Connecticut. Shame on the police for be will I g to “just follow orders” and arrest someone for not “registering” their legally purchased rifle and (normal cap mags) that some politician (Malloy, Murphy, Bloomenthal) deem illegal!!!!!!!!! I think legal gun owners are not get involved enough or getting angry enough because they think ” that won’t happen here” or they refuse to believe that those in power along with the leftist media has an agenda to disarm America. A little reading in the Bible books of Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation will reveal that we are entire route to a one world global system. It’s ironic when other members of society protest and jump up and down over something the government does the they don’t like. Liberty loving gun owners of America, need to shut the tv off, and skip the football game if necessary, and star t getting involved and start making some real noise, or your freedom to self defense with a firearm is going to be taken away.

    You read the comments of the haters….they so demonize the NRA blaming that organization for the action of a murderer.

    They are so brainwashed by the pied piper of propaganda. I wonder if we asked the Founding Fathers if eliminating legally owned guns would make us safer……..or ask folks in Germany, China, Russia if the gun confiscation done by Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc made them safer……gun confiscation has caused millions upon of millions of people to be murdered by their own governments. Yet these f liberals always try to students the fact that millions of people in America are armed legally, and whenever someone uses one of these evil devices to committee evil, the entire population of legal, law abiding gun owners are going to be punished for that??????? I think we should make alcohol illegal the next time a drunk driver kills someone. Or how about making cars illegal and blaming the liquor companies and car companies and penalizing everyone for the actions of someone else????

    • iris

      Yes, indeed.

    • kfilly

      The Second Amendment is your right to own firearms. All laws that go against it are Unconstituional. Unconstitutional laws do not have to be obeyed as they are criminal laws. I am not saying the criminal courts of the banana republic will see it that way, but that is how it was supposed to work. We are a nation of ignorant sheep. Most do not even understand such a simple concept. Most do not know that firearms cannot be restricted by a simple majority vote in Congress or an illegal treaty that directly violates the Constitution. These politicians are TRAITORS. They deserve the penalty for high treason.

      • john robel

        AMEN, my Brother, AMEN.

      • Paul Patriot

        I agree, but if your state says it is a felon to own a certain rifle, and you get caught with it, you can cry that “unconstitutional laws do not have to be obeyed as they are criminal laws” while the police cuff you, charge you with felony and confiscate you guns and prevent you from ever being able to legally excersize your second amendment right.

        You are right, constitutionally, firearms cannot be restricted…..but they are. I moved from Mass and Connecticut
        And can tell you that (correct) attitude will get you arrested shoukd you break any laws made by the tyrants even though they go against Constitutional rights.

  • iris

    I don’t think anyone that high up is clueless. Saw a short video this morning by Alex Jones that makes a lot of sense, he thinks this phenomenon in the EU and now here, has been planned, partly to disarm law abiding citizens. I think it might be much broader than that, the larger goal being global governance on a scale unimaginable in the past, including a farther reaching police state. Tptb want international personnel placed in different countries, as it will be easier for them to enforce ordinances on people not of their own culture. I wonder if the FBI communication, referring to this man saying that he longed for martyrdom, was fully, partially or at all, recorded. Perhaps that communication was actually a job interview. I believe we can expect the announcement or appearance of the antiChrist anytime, now. And I agree, Michael, we are probably just getting started with these “birth pangs”. The Lord will return and reclaim His rightful throne, and bring justice and peace to this worn out, sin sick place. I hope it’s soon.

    • 123vbe

      Yes, Hillary / Obama now has the perfect excuse to get the guns!

      • iris

        Yes, since she probably won’t have to go to jail, like she should.

      • They’ve had dozens of gun-driven mass slaughters over the last few years; why haven’t they taken that magical excuse and done anything about it yet?

        How bad do the mass murders have to be before the left ACTUALLY commits to this gun grab that so far has only ever been talked about in conservative circles? It seems the right talks about it, and the left does even less!

        • vaccines autism

          After the Sandy Hook false flag they heavily restricted some type of assault weapons but I’d have to look it up.

          • If “they” restricted assault weapons, should we lament it? Who the bleep needs assault weapons? Assault weapons are on par with Plut0nium. Yeah, if *I* had some Plut0nium, *I* could be trusted with it, so I should be able to buy it, right? Same with assault weapons.

            I’m anti-pharmaceuticals 100%. Today we see countless people with psychiatric problems who are prone to violence, delusional thinking, and paranoid ideations. Something must be done… pharmaceuticals are terrible… so what’s left? Locking up people who aren’t “sane enough”? Awesome. But who makes the determination? We know that people in power tend to abuse that power and far over-step bounds, so even people who mildly disagree with certain stats quo could end up locked up.

            So, we have dangerous, disturbed people… they oughtn’t be medicated… and they oughtn’t be locked up by people in power… so what’s left?

            Many hysterical mass murderers were prescribed drugs but refused to take them. Yet some people claim it’s “Big Pharma’s fault” for all mass murders. Other mass murderers met no psychiatric level of troubled thinking in the first place. They just don’t get their way and they feel entitled to lash out violently. Until we can lock people up for thought crimes, we’re going to be beset by mass murder (and the more mundane murders as well of course).

            I personally think it’s nutrition. We’re filling ourselves with garbage and don’t care. We’re also beholden to violence on TV and in movies — there are even multiple p 0rn genres which glorify violence and gore. We’re simply never hearing that “bad stuff is bad, stop doing bad stuff” anymore.

            I’m not anti-gun; my husband is a 20 year [now retired] veteran, he teaches hand-to-hand combat and gun safety classes a few hours per week. Our kids know how and when to use them. But none of that keeps them safe from people who buy assault weapons and have mental problems.

          • vaccines autism

            We need “assault” weapons to keep government power in check. The purpose of the 2nd amendment was to ensure that a king doesn’t seize power and make us all slaves.
            Every single school shooting in US history was done because the person was on drugs. Likely all the other US mass shootings as well with the exception of those who do it for someone like Allah.
            There was 2 links about the drug connection but not approved.
            This site is way too moderated to discuss much.

          • Gay Veteran

            yeah, let’s ban “assault weapons” because we all know that criminals obey the law

          • Exactly how I feel: assault weapons are on par with Plutonium. Criminals want something, criminals get it.

            The difference being, no one would miss assault weapons when we have a plethora of other equally easy-to-get, murder-ready firearms to choose from.

      • Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

        when is it going to start happening? when is obama finally going to start the gun grabs we keep telling eachother is gonna happen?

        • 4K

          the new concealed carry bill has many gun restrictions
          u should look into that & hopefully theres a way to stop it

          • Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

            democrats are all frantic over the CC bill though, not the republicans. democrats see it as a gift to the right because the restrictions are not at all restrictive.

          • 4K

            I thought they changed. it at the last minute. i dont have time for politics now

    • watchmannonthewall

      The anti-christ will not be coming anytime soon. I too hope it is soon, but soon is a relative term.
      The 10 kings have to come on the scene who then give their “power” unto the beast. “Mystery Babylon” has to appear and she begins riding the beast with the 10 horns, but when the kings give their power to the beast, all of them together destroy the whore. (Rev. 17:16) That is when “he” can exhalt himself above all that is called god, showing himself that he is god. We are still looking for the formation of the 10 kings and the great whore, who must be in place before the anti-christ comes.
      I believe the great whore is in the formation process as people such as Joel Olsteen, Rick Warren, Kenneth Copland and many other wolves among God’s people have meet recently with the pope. We shall see if they decide to join him for his RCC’s “jubilee” celebration next year (October 2017).
      It seems likely the 10 kings will appear, if they aren’t central bankers, when there is an economic collapse. They allow the “whore” a place of prominence initially, to retain control over the nations, until they have policies and people in place to overthrow her. Speculation: I think it may well be there are two entities referred to as “Mystery Babylon” in Revelation and Jeremiah 50-51. It is one reason why this scriptural topic is quite confusing. One may be a nation and the other a relgious system.
      The wars still have to come to soften up the people and then the one comes of which it is said, ‘Who is able to wage war with him?!” (Rev.13:4) He comes as a “lamb”, a man of peace, but speaks like a dragon. Many will be deceived, thinking they have endured the Great Tribulation and the Lord has now returned. This means things must get so bad they actually have to believe the Great Tribulation occurred. We are there yet but the chess pieces are moving into position.
      Those who really know the Law of God, will know this ‘lamb” is not following that Law and will see he is the anti-messiah. Most of those who have rejected God’s Law, claiming it has passed away even though Jesus said it wouldn’t UNTIL heaven and earth pass away, will not recognize him. “Forever, O LORD, Thy Word is settled in heaven.”

      • iris

        Thanks. The one who appears as a lamb but talks as a dragon will be the false prophet, though. Of course, he will speak for the beast.

        • watchmannonthewall

          He speaks for the beast, but yet the beast is an individual separate from him since both the beast and false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire, while the devil is thrown into the bottomless pit, at the return of Yeshua. It seems kind of odd to me but God knows. The more I read about what our current western religious leader has to say the more he sounds like a dragon.

          • iris

            I agree. I do think we need to keep an open mind and listening for the Spirit’s gift of discernment, because although God’s word is perfect and true, we might be misinterpreting or getting a few wires crossed here and there. False teachings have also taken their toll over the centuries, some of which are still entrenched today, i.e., the acceptance of Supersessionism, also known as Replacement Theology. I trust He will strengthen and guide His own, though.

          • watchmannonthewall

            Right! We frequently talk of the necessity to ‘hold all things loosely” regarding our understanding of the end times. Prophesy is almost always, if not always, fulfilled in a way we never thought of. It can only be understood retroactively rather than prospectively. I think God turns on our “understanding” genes according to His timing. Just kidding, but maybe not?

      • Joan Camara

        We have to wait for a 7 year peace treaty to be signed between Israel and Palestine. The we enter the 7 year Tribulation, which will be horror unlike anyone has ever seen!

        • watchmannonthewall

          I have said it before: The passage of scripture in Daniel 9:27 regarding the covenant for a “week” is one of the most controversial passages of scripture translated into English. The “he” in the passage seems to actually be two different people and we don’t know which is which.
          There have been theological Ph’ders who have argued different points of view on the meaning of this passage. It is not wise to hold to the idea we will be able to identify this agreement for a “week”. Possible, but not a sure thing. Some, who have looked at the original language, think it is a 7 weeks of years agreement, meaning 49 years! Of course, a Jubilee would immediately follow.
          Frankly, it really wouldn’t be like God to give such a clear, prophetic, sign. We are told by Jesus, “But keep on alert at all times, praying in order that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Lk. 21:36) The parallel passage in Mark (13:33) reads, “Take heed, keep on alert; for you do not know when the appointed time is.”
          Who needs to keep alert if all we really need to do is look for a 7 year agreement between Israel and the Palestinians? We are to be consistant in our walk, day in and day out.
          If all Christians have to do is wait for the agreement and then start doing what God said, all the rest of the instruction in scripture is kind of pointless until we reach that time, isn’t it? We can all get saved and start living right, just before the end. I have no doubt many are already counting on this sign to inform them of when they need to clean up their act.

  • James Dohnalek

    #1 through #17. Seal borders from Islamic immigrants.
    DO NOT LET THEM IN. Close down all Mosques. Export all muslems
    out of the US.
    If not done. There will be more massacres, just wait and see.

    • iris

      Jews have been kicked out of countries for centuries, (and they were blessed enough to keep their lives in the process), for no other reason than being Jewish, not for violence of any sort. Countries have exiled citizens, etc., many times in the past. I wish we could have all faiths living here, but have to agree, if this is for the safety of our country, and at this point, it appears that this may become reality for the nation.

      • Oblomov

        Jews were expelled due to their malevolence. They oppressed the people with usury and constantly did all they could to subvert Christian society. You ought to read The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by Dr. E. Michael Jones and Two Hundred Years Together by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. They are not the poor irrationally persecuted helpless victims they make themselves out o be.

        • iris

          Yes, and Russia slaughtered and stole from many thousands of Jews and through their infamous pogroms for centuries. My grandparents barely got out in time, just before 1917. The Communists hated Jews as much or more than the Czarists did. And my grandparents’ parents were farmers and priests, hardly into usury or malevolence.

          • Oblomov

            If the Russians or Poles had wanted to massacre all Jews they would have done so. The Pogroms, while often going too far were a reaction to the tyranny of Jewish tax-farmers and usurers who kept the peasants in debt slavery. This didn’t trouble their consciences as the t-a-l-m-u-d teaches that it is not only permissible, but a duty to defraud, oppress and if possible exterminate the g-o-y-I-m. Whoever deleted my previous comment is filthy contemptible toady, lick those Jewish feet whoever you are cockroach, I’m sure they appreciate it ha ha ha!

          • Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

            ur disgusting.

      • vaccines autism

        “I wish we could have all faiths living here”
        Aren’t you a Christian? The Bible says the Ishmael people are wild and against every man.

        • iris

          Definitely Christian, but I still think other faiths should feel safe living here, besides, believers might be able to share the gospel with them. Any race or religion should be safe here, and we were founded as such. The government is not to prohibit the free exercise of any religion, nor is it allowed to mandate one faith over another.

          That said, the line gets crossed if crime is committed in the name of a religion, i.e., the KKK or Aryan Nations lynching Blacks, Jews, etc, (Christians in name only) or Satanists killing animals, (hopefully, not people), or radical jihadists murdering people. When those things happen, justice according to law must be served to protect the rest of the society around them.

    • john robel

      When and where do we start? Patriots are on the southern border yet restrained by the very Government that is derelict in it’s duty.

    • Gay Veteran

      I agree with Gerald Celente:
      1. bring the troops home
      2. seal the borders, NO immigration
      3. rebuild America

      NO foreign entanglements

    • The man who did the latest mass murder was not an immigrant. And he committed his murder spree against gays out of his own homophobia.

  • Razors Edge

    The greater the perceived threat, more intense the fear, Evil feeds off of fear, American sheep driven by chaos,& fear.. the enemy has entered into the sheepfold, to divide & conquer, (racial division/ class warfare)we are being undone by enemies with in our own halls of power, who have opened the doors, welcomed the wolves in. America is in its last days..God has removed His hand of protection.

  • Robert

    Who is shocked? Really? I have been around a number of people the past couple of days in the regular course of my day and NOT one person has said a word about Orlando and the attack. We are used to such news. We are inured to violence. TV and movies assure that not to mention violent games where young folks, and some not young, can sit for hours gunning down the next “bad guy”. Please don’t use the word “shock” or “outrage” because none of these are true. We are shocked by goodness and honesty nowadays. There is a national reaping of what has been sown for the past 50 years or so. We live in a valueless waste dump. There are no boundaries. When the first graders were slaughtered in Connecticut, you would have thought that would force some sort of attention to our lifestyles but we moved on from that quickly. Nothing shocks. The truth is, most don’t give a rip about the Orlando nightmare. Tomorrow is another day.

    • iris

      You’re right, we have been inundated with violence, thanks to the 6 entities which control 95% of what we are shown in the news, magazines, television, radio, theaters, newspapers. That doesn’t change the fact that EVERY human life is precious.

  • William Lutz

    Thanks for discussing this Michael. As an Orlando native/resident, this is depressing and very disturbing. I could have been in that area while it was happening. I’m literally afraid for my loved ones’ safety and mine.

    I want to do all the cool things I wish to do before I disappear or possibly become a victim to one of these bastards. My life and future is at stake. Lord help us!

    • iris



    The massacre in Waco, TX was the worst in U.S. history. The government killed 74 men, women and children — including 12 children younger than 5. Fire trucks were prevented by the FBI from approaching the inferno.

    • iris

      good observation. Not to mention the massacres of Native Americans by Army personnel, via bullets.

      • kfilly

        Yes, you would probably be referring to Wounded Knee. The place where the US government murdered 290 native Americans. Most of the dead were women and children.

        As for this incident, none of these facts surprise me. The government wants these people in this country. It builds two narratives. The first narritive is that the people will need to accept greater tyranny, I meant increased security from the state, in order to stop terrorist attacks. The other narritive is that we will have to go to war in order to stop this problem at its source. Look out Syria, you are the next target.

        • iris

          Good observation. It would be a “win, win” in their minds for them to do both, and is probably on their books. Saudi Arabia has been involved under the table, with much of the tensions in the ME, and we wouldn’t want to disgruntle them, since certain oil families, we won’t name names, are in lock step with them, knowing what side the bread is buttered on. Saudi Arabia and the UN, privately of course, will have to ok whichever country is deemed appropriate to war against, next. Will that be Israel? They’d love that, in fact the rest of the ME would, too. The Lord is in control, but I hope He returns quickly!

    • watchmannonthewall

      Interesting observation. Doesn”t the FBI report to the executive branch of the government? If I remember correctly, Democrat president Bill Clinton was the executive at that time and received a free pass on the Waco event from the “free” press. It might be coincidence that our current “D” president and wannabe president want to bring in thousands of these people and resettle them within the nation, but it appears the party may be very willing to wage war on its own people while the opposition likes to wage war on other nations. It seems lately though these lines are being blurred.

      But also, weren’t there about 194 murdered in the Oaklahoma City bombing? It seems terrorists come from all different persuasions of life and nationalities. Now what?

      “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, MURDERS, adulteries, deeds of coveting, as well as deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride, and foolishness. All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man.”

      How are we going to legislate against such actions and then enforce it IN the heart of man before it can be observed outwardly? Where does one go to get a new heart, and what if someone doesn’t want one? Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • LawnJockey

      Or the Mountain Meadow Massacre.

      • bbarnicle

        Or the flooding of the tribe at Kinzua Dam, PA.

    • john robel

      Thank You, WACO was of course, brought to us by our local democrat party. Where is old “gas and burn” janet reno now that we have MOA compounds all over?

    • lonebear

      The worst massacre in US history was not this and not waco. It was the battle at Wounded Knee when the government mowed down nearly 300 American Indians, raped the women, killed babies for sport and what they didnt kill they left to freeze in the dead of winter.

      • JIMBO

        You are correct. Wounded knee was a horrible massacre. I read the book and it brought tears to my eyes. What doe tar have to do with with what happened in Florida?

        • iris

          I agree to an extent. We do not choose the color of skin or race we were born into, and while this mass murderer killed 49 precious people in Orlando, there should be a distinction made between how one is born vs what choices he or she makes. Reality has basis in fact.

          There was a white 5’6″ man who went to speak to a classroom of university students recently. He told them he was Chinese, “Great, you are whoever you think you are!”, was the unanimous response. Then he became a Chinese woman, then a 7 year old Chinese girl, all met by the same unanimous replies. Finally, he said, “I’m also 6’5”, and one young lady, just one university student among all those critical thinkers and independent minds, said, “but you’re not, you’re kind of short”.

          That terrorist wasn’t living in reality, either, when he committed such an arrogant, atrocious crime.

    • But those were U.S. government operatives doing the mass shootings, not the straw-enemy, MusIims.

      See, it’s OK when the Anglo-Saxon Christians do it. It doesn’t count unless the murderer is brown & MusIim. Forget Robert Dear, Dylann Roof, Rusty Hauser, Timothy McVeigh, and so on…

      • vaccines autism

        Do you hate white people and Christians?
        Also, Timothy McVeigh was a patsy.

        • Do you hate brown people and MusIims?

          I don’t hate white people or Christians… except when they are mass-murdering criminals. I hate criminals. I hate people who take away MY rights and the rights of other law-abiding citizens because THEY chose to break laws in such an atrocious fashion. In the United States, those individuals (who commit the most frequent mass murders) are white and Christian.

          Does their skin color and their religion make you look the other way? If so, you are every bit the scum that they are.

          And now for a fun troll moment ツツツ At least we can agree they all have one thing in common — whether white or brown, Christian or MusIim, old or young, straight or gay — THEY ARE ALWAYS MEN. M-E-N men. If we cared about the safety of goodly people, we would lock up all the men or at least send them “back” to Europe, Africa, Mexico, or the Middle East. ツツツ The fun trolling moment has now ended. The author of the fun trolling moment does not wish to see the plans depicted in the fun trolling moment; she only wants people to see how STUPID it is to make extreme plans by profiling groups in their entirety by the actions of a few.

          • iris

            Well, we’re not supposed to hate anybody, hate evil, and the destruction it brings, absolutely! But I dare say that those who claim the name of Christ and commit mass murder are just that, in name only. The village thief steals the parson’s hat and coat before he robs the bank, and everyone thinks they saw the parson do it.

          • Wonderful response. And in my more ideal moments, I would better strive toward what you describe.

            So I hope that you can also say you do not hate brown people or MusIim people either then, as they are simply a different shade of the same people across the planet. “Hate the sin, not the people who sometimes look like the sinner”. (I know, I know, that’s not how that goes.)

          • iris

            Nope, don’t hate anyone. Get angry at the harm done and concerned for the people doing it, but I’ve done harm, too. I think the verse in Ephesians chapter 6, verse 12 in the NT, says it perfectly, For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly (demonic spirits) places, parenthesis mine, NASB.

          • Steamer

            Are you saying Lizzie Bordon was a transvestite?

          • And the Reading Comprehension Award of the Year goes tooooooooo…. *Not You*.

            But thanks for A.) thinking that the fully-acquitted Lizzie Borden was accused of mass shootings that no one but you knows about, and
            B.) showing how effing far back in history you had to go to scrounge up one singular event that possibly didn’t jibe with the narrative that you know to be true.

            Also, “mass murders” of any sort require at least three dead (not including suicides), so you even fell flat on that.

          • Steamer

            Actually I did read and comprehend! I enjoyed yanking your chain; however, if you want to be taken seriously please document that most mass murderers are Christians. ‘Thou shall not kill’ is a commandment to true Christians so show us the statistics!

          • I had mentioned Xtians Robert Dear, Dylann Roof, and Rusty Hauser as my examples. I would teach you how to use Google, but I do charge an exorbitant fee for that service. See, anyone who doesn’t already know how to use Google promises to be a difficult student. And I tend not to deal with difficult people for free.

          • Steamer

            Christians attempt to lead life in accordance with the Bible. There are a lot of people that profess to be Christians that by definition are not. Google, you or even the serial murderer themselves proclaiming to be Christians does not make it so. Since you appear to be a typical liberal, I will mention that Tashfeen Malik was very active in the 14 murders in San Bernidino. SHE was neither white, male or Christian! I can’t buy into your sexist, agnostic and racist biases, and don’t tell me that it can’t be racist when the judgement is directed against whites. Look it up on google!

          • “don’t tell me that it can’t be racist when the judgement is directed against whites. Look it up on google!”
            I looked it up on Google, and you’re wrong. Bing, Yahoo, and even aol agree with Google, sorry!

            Tashfeen was a good, obedient wife to her MusIim husband. The Bible/Q’uran preach that women have to be that.

            If you think I appear to be a typical liberal, then you appear to be a typical lazy debater. My disqus name is Beleaguered Conservative, and that does not equal liberal. It just means I’m someone who isn’t moving to the psychopathic Re!ch wing of the Republican party like so many others are doing. Republicans USED TO BE the party of caring, the party of helping, the party of giving a daam about those in need. It is being taken over by the sickest, most hate-filled big ots the country has to offer.

          • Steamer

            Is it the people that want the government to follow the U.S. constitution with whom you have issues? I didn’t realize that it was necessary to research someone that goes out of their way to “paint all white men with the same brush”. You may consider yourself a “beleaguered conservative”, but I consider you at best a sexist moderate and I consider Tashfeen Malik an “obedient” murderer just like her husband. I am not against all followers of Allah, but I have no use for the Jahadist animals that video tape the beheading of helpless prisoners and hope to be martyred for the 40 virgins and the streets of honey! Yes, many of the headless victims have been white males so I’m sure that makes it all better for you!.

          • Oblomov

            Conservative my foot! You sound like a typical J-e-w-I-s-h- subversive. Your hatred of God and His Church make you fit in much more with Lenin and Mao than real conservatives such as Joseph de Maistre, Donoso Cortes, Prince Metternich, Francisco Franco and Antonio Oliveira Salazar. You will say “None of them are Americans.” Quite right as the U.S. is quite as materialistic and atheistic as the Soviet Union was. It can not bring forth an anti-revolutionary, or reactionary party any more than an ape can become a man, which absurd poppycock you likely believe in having probably had your brain washed in it from an early age. You dare to impugn the Holy Scriptures and compare them to the quran, who the flying flip do you think you are? Infidel cockroaches ought to keep their lying calumniating mouths shut, especially in regard to that which their foolish minds have no understanding of. how about the filthy putrescent t-a-l-m-u-d-, what have you got to say about it? Probably not much. Ideally the U.S. would become a monarchy along the lines of Austria-Hungary but with a more effective police apparatus to keep subversives in check. The day of God’s Wrath is coming. Russia will be the instrument of His vengeance, He will crush the vile lice who think they will mock Him and escape. Russians and Eastern Europeans in general are superior to the decayed, effete and cowardly people of the west. The western plutocracies will inevitably come to be dominated by them. Get ready to salute President Putin ha ha ha!

    • MaxRockatansky33

      What about Oklahoma Federal Plaza bombing? It was even more bloody. And th e top is 9/11 of course. Also false flag.

      • TooTall7

        2thise are so passe. Bombs and airplanes? They can’t be regulated or confiscated in the context of a terrorist attack Now firearms? That’s something we can sink our teeth into. Shift blame from cowardly politicos? Works all the time every time.

    • JIMBO

      What is you point???

      • How is the point not very evident? There are some people who are trying to make this latest mass murder “a MusIim thing” rather than yet another pointless attack on innocents. This article rightly focuses on “terro rists” but makes too little of “Domestic Terro rists” like the one that you’re asking “what’s the point?” to.

        The point is that this hom ophobe killed 49 people, making his mass murder not the most prolific mass murder. Waco was a great example of Domestic Terro rism killing more of its own citizens, as are the various mentions here of Native American slaughters by various undocumented immi grants (or European settlers).

        This kid killed 49 by gun, and that’s not a record by a long shot. There were slave ships which “lost” more African lives than that on a simple trans-Atlantic slave delivery. Yes, this hom ophobic terro rist let religion tell him it was OK to hate gays, but his hom ophobia differs from many other Americans’ hom ophobia only by the fact that he went out and DID something. The Daily Stormer and Return of Kings is congratulating the guy for his “good deed”. Bad Americans are split between being happy scores of gays were hurt and being happy it was a non-Caucasian that did it. There should be NO HAPPY in the equation.

        {please forgive the faulty spacing; this site has ridiculous levels of cen-sor-ship}

        • Oblomov

          The man was wrong to usurp a prerogative which was not his and go out as a private citizen and put to death sodomites and their sympathizers. That being said they were certainly not innocents. Some, including yourself write as if he had slaughtered helpless children or something. In a just society unnatural vice would be a capital offence. This is only right as unnatural vice and paedophilia, with which it goes hand in hand, notwithstanding the vociferous protests to the contrary, are the essence of Satanical rebellion against and subversion of the rightful order which was given by God Himself. Sodomites, socialists and other subversives are like bacilli which proliferate until they are able to weaken and finally overrun and kill the host. Executing them is protecting society. It is compassionate to do so, not only in regard to the decent people who will thereby be spared their assaults, whether physical or moral, but also in regard to the sodomites and various other subversives themselves, as on the eve of their executions they may enter within themselves and at last perceive the true state of their souls which have become rotten with sin, and because of this make their peace with God and be saved from eternal condemnation. General Franco did this, and while he ruled Spain was a beautiful, serene and well-ordered country. After he died the new socialist government brought in American “freedom” meaning licence, and now Spain has become an open sewer like the rest Western Europe. That says it all, by their fruits you shall know them.

          • Two things: Jesus — by every Biblical account — fit the definition of a Socialist.

            Secondly, YOU are a danger to society. I hope you are on one heckuva lot tighter watch-list than this kid was. He wasn’t half as deranged as you are, and you likely think that you’re perfectly sane. So did Jeffrey Dahmer.

          • Oblomov

            Ha ha, That’s about what I thought you would say. Our Lord founded a hierarchical Church, He the Creator made things unequal. He was not a socialist. As far as that goes your hero Josef Stalin criminalized unnatural vice, not because he was a good man, but he was intelligent and realized what disorder would be caused by permitting such things. He wanted strong healthy soldiers, not effete disease-ridden cowards who only thought of one nauseating thing all the time. As for Jeffrey Dahmer, you really ought to have some sympathy for him, as he was one of your beloved f-a-g-g-o-t-s after all, or didn’t you know that.

          • Gay Veteran

            you need to check into a mental hospital

          • Oblomov

            It is quite the other way round. When one lives in a criminally insane society it is a matter of course that those who are mad will denounce the few remaining who are sane. The worthless west is on its way down. Prepare to salute President Putin.

          • Gay Veteran

            no, seriously, check yourself into a mental hospital

          • Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

            hey you were right about us getting president putin!

          • Gay Veteran

            “…This is only right as unnatural vice and paedophilia, with which it goes hand in hand….”

            your’e a vile LIAR, Pharisee

            and Franco was a murdering dictator

    • It was so many years ago that I had forgotten about the fire trucks having been prohibited by the FBI.

      That was a sickening day in our history.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Islam must be outlawed.

  • jeff

    I know they media said it s a gay bar, however I have friends who live in Orlando that are not gay and have told me that many straight people also went to this club because it was a fun place to go. It seems this club brought a mix of people together both gay and straight. I also saw where the ACLU made a statement that it (the shooting) was the fault of the Christians hate speech the prompted this attack. I guess they weren’t listening as media reported that the gunmen praised ISIS and several Muslim groups but not ANY Christian groups. just saying……..

  • Jared Drury

    This was not even remotely the “worst massacre in US history “.

    • Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

      yep, this site seems to be heavy on the reactionary and very light on the facts.

    • MaxRockatansky33

      Viva Las Vegas!

  • marhlfld

    Well this American is not in shock… being well-informed, I knew it was just a matter of time this would happen, not “if” but “when”. Just didn’t know where the next one was going to take place…

  • sm

    This needs to be said right now:
    It’s a fact that Islam categorically prohibits the killing of innocent men, women, and children and it prohibits oppression. What Mateen did was both in the holy month – a horrible crime against humanity! The moderates STRONGLY CONDEMN THE ACTIONS OF THIS DERANGED LUNATIC. Mateen does NOT in any way represent the majority of Muslims in this country who don’t share his ideology and contribute in positive ways to society. The radical jihadist scum are using the religion for their perverted motives and their goal is chaos. They need to be dealt with harshly and effectively.

    • iris

      That may well be, sm, but what do you think about what has happened in the EU refugee camps and EU cities? Christians in the camps and others in the cities are getting beaten, raped and killed by jihadist refugees. What can be done?

    • Stan

      You’re defending a cult that is in dire need of a reformation…..

    • Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing…
      but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun(the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)” (Translation is from the Noble Quran) The verse prior to this (190) refers to “fighting for the cause of Allah those who fight you” leading some to believe that the entire passage refers to a defensive war in which Muslims are defending their homes and families. The historical context of this passage is not defensive warfare, however, since Muhammad and his Muslims had just relocated to Medina and were not under attack by their Meccan adversaries. In fact, the verses urge offensive warfare, in that Muslims are to drive Meccans out of their own city (which they later did). Verse 190 thus means to fight those who offer resistance to Allah’s rule (ie. Muslim conquest). The use of the word “persecution” by some Muslim translators is disingenuous (the actual Arabic words for persecution – “idtihad” – and oppression – a variation of “z-l-m” – do not appear in the verse). The word used instead, “fitna”, can mean disbelief, or the disorder that results from unbelief or temptation. This is certainly what is meant in this context since the violence is explicitly commissioned “until religion is for Allah” – ie. unbelievers desist in their unbelief.

      • Also:

        and many more…

      • iris

        What’s so ironic, is that he had fled from his enemies and found refuge among the large Jewish population at Medina. Once he built his military strength back up and came up with a strategy to defeat his foes in Mecca, he called on those Jews who had given him asylum to help defend him and finance his war campaign. When they refused to aid and abet or to sponsor him, for the first time in his new religion, he turned against all Jews. Originally, he called Christians and Jews, the people of The Book.

  • MaxRockatansky33

    This massacre will probably make Trump a President of US. He was warning about islamic extremism and danger of allowing muslim refugees to enter USA.

    • Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

      you were right. even tho omar wasnt a refugee trump still got the votes of the uneducated and easily fooled.

      • MaxRockatansky33

        Nice archaeologic excavations. Nobody could expect that somebody will write a comment to a 18 old month story. Congrats dude.

      • MaxRockatansky33

        Trumpet will cause WW III with his attitude. North Korea? Middle East?

  • AverGo

    False flag, learn to see the fakery.

  • rentslave

    Being a registered Democrat means nothing.In my town,your car will be constantly ticketed if you’re an open Republican.When I went to vote last week,I wasn’t even asked to which party I belonged.

  • rmc9


  • ISA41:10

    Liberals are SCUM!!!

  • 123vbe

    #18 The bar was a gun-free zone.

  • DJohn1

    I think we should be investigating government officials shutting down investigations with discrimination against any group whatsoever.
    Perhaps we should be discussing recall and the possibility of impeaching the people that do this “shutting down” because it discriminates against a group.
    We are talking about life and death investigations not civil rights.
    So far the tab is fairly small for shutting down an FBI investigation.
    What happens when it is done in a sports stadium with thousands of people?
    Until this Congress does its job and holds the executive branch accountable expect more of the same.

  • DJohn1

    The hero was the bouncer that got those people out.

  • Ray S.

    “If you think what happened in Orlando was bad, just wait until these terrorists get their hands on chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.”…

    They already have. Evidence out there points to it and it’s a matter of time when they will use it against us.

    • john robel

      Wonder what they’d find at Muslims of America compounds? Not good.

  • RCN

    Great article. Please share your insights on Islams “Taquiyya” so the sheeple can understand the deception the leadership of the world, starting with the current Occupant of the WH is either ignorant or worse yet an accomplice to this treasonous act. For you who are not aware of it. Look it up.

  • MaxRockatansky33

    Fact 18. According to some reports, Omar Maleek was closeted gay.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…#2 Mateen’s father has openly expressed support for the Taliban on YouTube…..”

    the Taliban are fighting to free THEIR country from foreign invaders (that would be U.S.)

  • lookinforawayout

    #18 – they are now saying that he was a homosexual who occasionally visited that club in the past.

    • guest

      They are desperate to change the narrative. ” Oh no, this has nothing to do with his satanic religion of slaughter, he was gay and only disarming American citizens can solve this”.
      It’s obvious what is going on here.
      Traitor obama should be tried for treason, aiding and abetting and once found guilty, hung from the neck until dead.
      Same with the entire clinton and bush cadres, as well as the bulk of congressional reps.

  • iris

    Yep. He did a lot of damage. Things started going downhill with the sellout by 2 or 3 powerful Congressmen to the Federal Reserve taking over our banking system and money printing, and then taxes became mandatory not long afterwards, regardless of the fact that the SCOTUS has never upheld the constitutionality of individual income tax, either 5 or 7 times, now. One better have a darn good tax lawyer if trying to challenge the IRS, though. This is the way of the world, however. Until Christ’s return, there will always be a person or group which ends up trying to take control of everyone else.

  • iris

    Yes. I do think there are moderate Muslims in our country, but if one is taking the Quran as literally as the radical jihadists are, they are fulfilling a mandate which includes killing those who refuse to convert or submit.

  • I would like to add to the excellent list:

    In Islam, the only sure way to go to heaven is to die while ‘defending Islam’ or ‘promoting Islam’.

    Not only do you get your 72 versions. But, you also get to take another 72 people with you, guaranteed.

    That’s why there are so many suicide bombers. It’s an automatic ticket to heaven, if you’ve been a ‘bad boy’. Otherwise you need to work hard to get your good deeds to outweigh your bad.

    Works-based salvation?

    I’d rather live by faith.

    John Little
    omegashock dot com

    • iris

      Yes, and living by faith in Him results in righteous love, peace and joy, which is quite a different outcome. At Judgement Day, Revelation says that those who do not have a personal, saving faith in Christ, will be judged according to their works. All good works apart from God’s doing, will never measure up, as He demands perfection. To refuse the mercy shown us in Jesus, is not a smart decision.

  • JT

    Hmm yeah it wouldn’t surprise me if he had the intention to kill homos from the get go and simply followed the “script” e.g. creating the persona that he was gay or even bi so as to infiltrate the gay nightclub scene i.e. be seen there a few times scoping the place out; create a “history” of being gay or bi via befriending other gays on gay-oriented apps or Facebook; etc. The fact that his wife knew of the plan seems to me like he wasn’t really gay at all, but told her of his plans (maybe she was his “handler” in some way?) and she either couldn’t do anything about it or sanctioned it.

    • iris

      certainly possible.

  • iris

    Have to agree with you, although racism is better than it used to be here. Please don’t view all white people as bigots, though, and compared to how foreigners of different colors are treated in some other countries, I think it could be worse. Still, lots of room for improvement. God gives us our appearance, and it’s a wonderful thing to appreciate that difference.

  • MEP325

    Wow, what a way to paint all white people with a broad brush. What the hell is a typical “White-American”? And why are white people supposed to feel guilty for something that happened so long ago? I was born in Eastern Europe and when I was about a year old, my parents immigrated to the US. I’m white but my ancestors had nothing to do with slavery or the Indian massacres. Why should I feel “forever ashamed”? Did your black historical college teach you that it was other Africans who sold Africans to the Europeans? Did they teach that there were black slave owners? Did you ever hear about how the native tribes fought each other and committed their own atrocities against each other, well before the Europeans even arrived? No, it’s always the evil white man’s fault.

    • Charles Reece

      I’m not necessarily advocating that all White people in America “forever” be “ashamed” of what their ancestors did to my people during slavery and racial apartheid; but what I’m indeed pointing out is how White Americans’ current racist behaviors towards Blacks (from subtle slights on the job, to outright violence from the cops) all show how they are still in “denial” — as even up to today — of their own subconscious “hatred” for Blacks that started all the way back when it was at first the British Empire that brought slaves to the Original Thirteen Colonies on the east coast of the continental United States. White people are most hesitant to “let go” of this same hatred that began with their “British” ancestors who migrated here to North America centuries ago.

      • MEP325

        Again, you’re using broad brush to paint “White Americans” as all being automatically racist. Where’s your proof? That is quite an assertion. Basically, you’re saying that any human being in the United States with a white skin pigmentation already has a subconscious hatred and racism for blacks. You need to provide some proof for a claim like that. Your little anecdotes of “subtle slights” on the job and “violence from the cops” does not make your case. I’m sure black people have experienced subtle slights from other blacks in the work place. And last time I checked, blacks kill each other far more than cops kill blacks. Blacks like to scream police brutality but there’s not much outcry for black brutality. Just this past weekend alone, Chicago saw 8 dead and 36 wounded due to shootings. I guess that was the fault of the white racist police.

        I don’t mean to be scathing but you need to stop with this racism crap. You have no business telling other adults what they are and aren’t. Labeling someone racist is a horrid thing because racism itself is horrid. I have friends who are black, latino, asian, arab, etc. I and many white folk like myself do not judge a person based off the pigmentation of their skin, but rather the content of their character and the grey matter in between their two ears. I’ve even had a black person tell me he felt far more comfortable around whites than he did with blacks and he despised the thug ghetto culture.

      • And yet when I worked in Liberty City in Miami the blacks were real nervous to be seen with me on the street, and it is not even subtle when several university chancellor have lost their jobs because they did not persecute whites hard enough over a comment or even over a wrong battle flag that thousands of blacks fought under voluntarily.

        What about Towaegah, direct culpability of blacks’ favorite candidate, Hildabeast? 10,000 dead blacks killed by all Qaeda, financed and armed by Obama-Clinton to overthrow Gaddafi to stop his pan-African currency?

        And you worry about subtlety? Research Margaret Sanger, a not so subtle racist friend of literal Nazis.

      • Plus Congolese warriors are eating Pygmies for dinner, literally. Christians trying to help relocate them. See treatment of Ota Bengals at the handoor of Darwinians. Aborigines skulls at Smithsonian, hidden along with Ame Rican history. Never believe gov.

        • iris

          true and hardly ever, anyway. Our rep in Congress is an exception to the rule, but I think RR was the last good president and honest man we’ve had in that office. He wasn’t perfect, but, still…

          • Reagan maybe, maybe started okay, but after Hinckley almost killed him he stopped pushing.

    • bbarnicle

      The first official American slave owner was black. It’s on record.

    • JIMBO

      Good answer.

    • To answer your question: in this case, a “typical White American” is the kind of White American who gives no darn whatsoever about the systematic campaigns of slaughter against the non-Whites throughout early U.S. History. Undocumented immi grants galore landed on this continent and violently ended the bloodlines of the natives who had lived here since (???).

      Not content to have only killed the natives into near-oblivion, the undocumented immi grants then preposterously took “ownership” of entire generations of their fellow ho mo sapiens against their will and abused them and stole from them their destinies. (Not to mention many slaves were also simply murdered for various reasons.)

      And the “typical White American” sees nothing wrong with these scenarios, in fact some particularly egregious Americans even make excuses for it all. I would like to hope they are not “typical” however.

      • MEP325

        Read the guy’s post again. “And some things that would make White people forever ashamed of their atrocities.” Seems pretty clear to me what he’s trying to convey. And I’m sure many “typical White Americans” that you have mentioned are not losing sleep over what happened all that time ago is because they’re doing things like working, paying bills, raising a family, you know, working world stuff. As for me, I said before, I’m an immigrant myself, my ancestors were in Eastern Europe and they were on a different continent when slavery and the Indian war happened. I can asknowledge slavery was a terrible thing. But last time I checked, the Indians and blacks were not the only ones to suffer. The Scots suffered horribly under Edward Longshanks and history is full of examples of people being conquered and driven from their lands.

        • “Seems pretty clear to me what he’s trying to convey”

          Well, to those of us born here, there is no such conveyance that you are feeling. In fact, it’d be better to not use your “feelings” in touchy debates again, lest you “feel” people are trying to convey things they are not. It’s OK though, it is a common enough mistake while debating. But it always guarantees that you’ll lose the discussion.

          “[…]and history is full of examples of people being conquered and driven from their lands”
          No duh. But just because gen ocide, tort ure, kidnap, ra pe, and forced removal from your own land has happened a lot already does not mean it’s on par with “spilt milk”. “Yeah, yeah, it happened to people for thousands of years, so what if it still happens?” is NOT how to look at it… there’s the platitude about not learning from history and consequently dooming yourself to repeat the worst parts of it. We (humans) committed atrocities against our fellow humans, even though the humans who did the conquering are all dead and gone. We can still feel grief about it. In fact, that would be the proper usage of “feelings”.

  • Bob332

    #18. The POS is burning for ETERNITY with the rest of the POS Radical Islamic terrorist’s who “died” for their “Allah” .

  • Lots of whites opposed all that. Some Mormons battled the feds as allies with an Indian tribe. In tyrant Lincoln’s war against state sovereignty, thousands of whites gave their lives as an anti-slavery scarifice. Wilberforce gave his entire life to ending slavery. David Livingston refused to divulge locations of mines to protect his beloved Africans.

    There were many white devils and dark-skinned too.

    Planned Barren hood was created to reduce the population of blacks in America AND EAST EUROPEANS TOO.

    • iris

      Absolutely. Hitler was a fan of Sanger. We’ve lost 1/3 of those Black Americans who would have been born here. Dr. MLK Jr.’s daughter talks around the country about this.

  • bbarnicle

    The father was running for Pres. of Pakistan. He’d been visiting the State Dept. – hello! I saw a picture of him posing with Charlie Wrangle. How obvious does this have to get?!

    • iris


  • Richard

    #18> The owner of a gun shop a few miles from Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’shometown in Fort Pierce in Florida said he tried to warn the FBI that the man was dangerous.

    Robert Abell, co-owner of Lotus Gunworks in Jensen Beach says Mateen came to his shop to buy body armor and 1,000 rounds of ammunition about five weeks before the rampage.

    Abell says the shop declined the sale because the customer raised
    suspicions. Mateen requested a high grade of body armor typically used by law enforcement, and when the shop claimed they didn’t carry such body armor, made a phone call in Arabic and then requested 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

    Mateen left empty-handed when an employee declined the sale, and the
    gun shop called the FBI to report a suspicious person, said Abell.

    • iris

      Bingo! Thank you. We need to get off our high horses here and look at facts. If this wasn’t an inside job, I don’t know what was. The perfect scenario to pit straights against gays and vice versa, non Muslims against Muslims, the secular liberals against Christians and gunowners. They want martial law instilled because of a civil war they’re trying to instigate. Martial law will be much easier to enforce if law abiding U.S. citizens are disarmed.


    This article says it all. How do we get to the Clinton crowd so they know that she is just another Obama in denial. In fact she may even be worse than Obama, if that is possible. If anyone knows how to get this message and many more like to the liberal Clinton fans, please let me know. Thank you and Think Donald Trump. In spite his of shortcomings he is our only hope to make this country safe again.

    • iris

      I’m glad to see that Cruz is staying involved with trying to hold the establishment GOP’s feet to the fire. It would be a wise move for Trump to tap him as a running mate, if either would agree to it. Cruz has legal and political savvy and plenty of experience with both and is a true conservative. I don’t like a couple of things he did while campaigning, but I think he would have made a good president.

  • Andino Mining

    You should give thanks your ancestors were brought here as slaves. Try Africa for a while.

    • That is grotesque. That is what that German father, Josef Fritzl, said to his grandchildren — whom he’d “fathered” via his own daughter he held captive for decades. “You wouldn’t even BE ALIVE if it weren’t for what I did! You should THANK me!” You’re both sickos.

      If Western Blacks hadn’t had their ancestors kidnapped and enslaved, if all Africans had been allowed to fulfill the destiny they should have been allowed to fulfill, then not one Black person who exists today would exist… because their parents would never have been born… nor would any of their ancestors likely have mated with the identical ancestors they had mated with to create today’s Black Americans. Those Africans would have coupled off ad created many progeny in their own homeland, and those hypothetical Africans who never got the chance to be born would NOT be on par with the Black you just instructed to “thank” the slave trade for.

      • Andino Mining

        As Muhammad Ali said in Zaire, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!” Case closed.

        • So the words of one man speak for all? Hmm, might I direct you to a website where men (such as yourself) pay beautiful women thousands of Euros to kick them in the te$ticles as hard as humanly possible, and afterward the men say, “Thank G-d I have enough money to get this enjoyment”?

          Because you seem to be under some unique impression that if ONE person says something, it is “case closed” that all such people must wholeheartedly, with no dissent, agree with the singular sentiment set forth.

          Or we could just look at the hundreds of thousands of non-Cassius Clays who said, “Too bad my granddaddy was violently ripped from his family and enslaved until he was murdered for trying to save himself”.

      • Andino Mining

        You might also read “Native Stranger”, by Eddie Harris. American blacks are AMERICANS, not Africans, any more than I am an Englishman. Sorry Triggly Puff.

        • There is not one American black who does not know that he or she is not African. American blacks know that they are American.

          Whether or not you are an Englishtwat is yet unknown to the rest of us.

          And whether or not you’re a proud Englishtwat has no bearing whatsoever on Josef Fritzl, the comment to which you’re “responding”.

  • iris


  • “I’m not going to be told by people like you that I have to feel ashamed of it.”
    See, you keep imagining that anyone is instructing you to feel ashamed of things that literally no one is instructing you to feel ashamed of.

    The same goes for the rest of your delusions that you’re not operating on hurt feelings, as though someone is trying to get you to feeeeeel something that no one cares enough about you to even tell you to hurt over. You don’t care about the plights of others, cool. The world is clotted with others *just like you*, so you’re not all that special of a snowflake after all.

    Lastly, you’d best be concerned about your own impaired reading comprehension skills before you start assuming it’s everyone else with your problems. Pointing fingers at people when you’re the one who’s got the issues doesn’t cure anything.

    • MEP325

      HEY GENIUS! For the third time, read what the guy said! He was not talking about baking cookies! Wow, you really are dense! “The world is clotted with others just like you.” You don’t know anything about me so your stupid comment means nothing to me. I sense there’s a fascist hiding in you somewhere. Ah, do you need your safe space now? Did you get triggered because you don’t like what another person posted? Boohoo

  • jbstoner43

    I’m a black man and you can’t the blame white folks for everything. It’s not their fault that you had to wait until you got to college to study balck history. That’s your parents fault, as a youth, they should have been educating you themselves and making you read black history books at home. These days I don’t have an alarm on home in fear of whites, or hesitate going to the ATM at night, getting rob,shot,etc by whites, it’s young black untammed thugs that I’m on the lookout for.

  • Catholicism killed as many. Although I know that those with agendas always pretend that the Catholics had nothing to do with the Pope or the Crusades. {long sigh}

    As for the gender with more testosterone doing more killin’ — you don’t do men any favors by pointing out female serial killers… it is akin to pointing out how many cats maul pitbulls when the topic is pitbulls mauling cats. Yes, there are ***certainly*** examples of things happening the other way around, but when you point out that some cats women did indeed commit the standard pitbull man-stuff throughout history, it only shines the glaring light upon who the overwhelming guilty party has been in reality. (Sorry, pitbulls! I know most of you are very sweet! #notallpitbulls)

    • vaccines autism

      I got banned on lifesite news and my comment deleted because I said how many people the Catholic Church murdered.

      As for women being less aggressive, I wonder if a toddler girl had her ovaries removed and started on a male dose of testosterone until she’s an adult would she look and act like a man?
      I know the sooner after birth a male is castrated, the more he’ll look like a woman when he’s an adult.

      Will you tell me what water filter you have?