14 Incredibly Creepy Surveillance Technologies That Big Brother Will Be Using To Spy On You

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Most of us don’t think much about it, but the truth is that people are being watched, tracked and monitored more today than at any other time in human history.  The explosive growth of technology in recent years has given governments, spy agencies and big corporations monitoring tools that the despots and dictators of the past could only dream of.  Previous generations never had to deal with “pre-crime” surveillance cameras that use body language to spot criminals or unmanned drones watching them from far above.  Previous generations would have never even dreamed that street lights and refrigerators might be spying on them.  Many of the incredibly creepy surveillance technologies that you are about to read about are likely to absolutely astound you.  We are rapidly heading toward a world where there will be no such thing as privacy anymore.  Big Brother is becoming all-pervasive, and thousands of new technologies are currently being developed that will make it even easier to spy on you.  The world is changing at a breathtaking pace, and a lot of the changes are definitely not for the better.


The following are 14 incredibly creepy surveillance technologies that Big Brother will be using to watch you….

#1 “Pre-Crime” Surveillance Cameras

A company known as BRS Labs has developed “pre-crime” surveillance cameras that can supposedly determine if you are a terrorist or a criminal even before you commit a crime.

Does that sound insane?

Well, authorities are taking this technology quite seriously.  In fact, dozens of these cameras are being installed at major transportation hubs in San Francisco….

In its latest project BRS Labs is to install its devices on the transport system in San Francisco, which includes buses, trams and subways.

The company says will put them in 12 stations with up to 22 cameras in each, bringing the total number to 288.

The cameras will be able to track up to 150 people at a time in real time and will gradually build up a ‘memory’ of suspicious behaviour to work out what is suspicious.

#2 Capturing Fingerprints From 20 Feet Away

Can you imagine someone reading your fingerprints from 20 feet away without you ever knowing it?

This kind of technology is actually already here according to POPSCI….

Gaining access to your gym or office building could soon be as simple as waving a hand at the front door. A Hunsville, Ala.-based company called IDair is developing a system that can scan and identify a fingerprint from nearly 20 feet away. Coupled with other biometrics, it could soon allow security systems to grant or deny access from a distance, without requiring users to stop and scan a fingerprint, swipe an ID card, or otherwise lose a moment dealing with technology.

Currently IDair’s primary customer is the military, but the startup wants to open up commercially to any business or enterprise that wants to put a layer of security between its facilities and the larger world. A gym chain is already beta testing the system (no more using your roommate’s gym ID to get in a free workout), and IDair’s founder says that at some point his technology could enable purchases to be made biometrically, using fingerprints and irises as unique identifiers rather than credit card numbers and data embedded in magnetic strips or RFID chips.

#3 Mobile Backscatter Vans

Police all over America will soon be driving around in unmarked vans looking inside your cars and even under your clothes using the same “pornoscanner” technology currently being utilized by the TSA at U.S. airports….

American cops are set to join the US military in deploying American Science & Engineering’s Z Backscatter Vans, or mobile backscatter radiation x-rays. These are what TSA officials call “the amazing radioactive genital viewer,” now seen in airports around America, ionizing the private parts of children, the elderly, and you (yes you).

These pornoscannerwagons will look like regular anonymous vans, and will cruise America’s streets, indiscriminately peering through the cars (and clothes) of anyone in range of its mighty isotope-cannon. But don’t worry, it’s not a violation of privacy. As AS&E’s vice president of marketing Joe Reiss sez, “From a privacy standpoint, I’m hard-pressed to see what the concern or objection could be.”

You can see a YouTube video presentation about this new technology right here.

#4 Hijacking Your Mind

The U.S. military literally wants to be able to hijack your mind.  The theory is that this would enable U.S. forces to non-violently convince terrorists not to be terrorists anymore.  But obviously the potential for abuse with this kind of technology is extraordinary.  The following is from a recent article by Dick Pelletier….

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to understand the science behind what makes people violent, and then find ways to hijack their minds by implanting false, but believable stories in their brains, with hopes of evoking peaceful thoughts: We’re friends, not enemies.

Critics say this raises ethical issues such as those addressed in the 1971 sci-fi movie, A Clockwork Orange, which attempted to change people’s minds so that they didn’t want to kill anymore.

Advocates, however, believe that placing new plausible narratives directly into the minds of radicals, insurgents, and terrorists, could transform enemies into kinder, gentler citizens, craving friendship.

Scientists have known for some time that narratives; an account of a sequence of events that are usually in chronological order; hold powerful sway over the human mind, shaping a person’s notion of groups and identities; even inspiring them to commit violence. See DARPA proposal request HERE.

#5 Unmanned Drones In U.S. Airspace

Law enforcement agencies all over the United States are starting to use unmanned drones to spy on us, and the Department of Homeland Security is aggressively seeking to expand the use of such drones by local authorities….

The Department of Homeland Security has launched a program to “facilitate and accelerate the adoption” of small, unmanned drones by police and other public safety agencies, an effort that an agency official admitted faces “a very big hurdle having to do with privacy.”

The $4 million Air-based Technologies Program, which will test and evaluate small, unmanned aircraft systems, is designed to be a “middleman” between drone manufacturers and first-responder agencies “before they jump into the pool,” said John Appleby, a manager in the DHS Science and Technology Directorate’s division of borders and maritime security.

The fact that very few Americans seem concerned about this development says a lot about where we are as a nation.  The EPA is already using drones to spy on cattle ranchers in Nebraska and Iowa.  Will we eventually get to a point where we all just consider it to be “normal” to have surveillance drones flying above our heads constantly?

#6 Law Enforcement Using Your Own Cell Phone To Spy On You

Although this is not new technology, law enforcement authorities are using our own cell phones to spy on us more extensively than ever before as a recent Wired article described….

Mobile carriers responded to a staggering 1.3 million law enforcement requests last year for subscriber information, including text messages and phone location data, according to data provided to Congress.

A single “request” can involve information about hundreds of customers.  So ultimately the number of Americans affected by this could reach into “the tens of millions” each year….

The number of Americans affected each year by the growing use of mobile phone data by law enforcement could reach into the tens of millions, as a single request could ensnare dozens or even hundreds of people. Law enforcement has been asking for so-called “cell tower dumps” in which carriers disclose all phone numbers that connected to a given tower during a certain period of time.

So, for instance, if police wanted to try to find a person who broke a store window at an Occupy protest, it could get the phone numbers and identifying data of all protestors with mobile phones in the vicinity at the time — and use that data for other purposes.

Perhaps you should not be using your cell phone so much anyway.  After all, there are more than 500 studies that show that cell phone radiation is harmful to humans.

#7 Biometric Databases

All over the globe, governments are developing massive biometric databases of their citizens.  Just check out what is going on in India….

In the last two years, over 200 million Indian nationals have had their fingerprints and photographs taken and irises scanned, and given a unique 12-digit number that should identify them everywhere and to everyone.

This is only the beginning, and the goal is to do the same with the entire population (1.2 billion), so that poorer Indians can finally prove their existence and identity when needed for getting documents, getting help from the government, and opening bank and other accounts.

This immense task needs a database that can contain over 12 billion fingerprints, 1.2 billion photographs, and 2.4 billion iris scans, can be queried from diverse devices connected to the Internet, and can return accurate results in an extremely short time.

#8 RFID Microchips

In a previous article, I detailed how the U.S. military is seeking to develop technology that would enable it to monitor the health of our soldiers and improve their performance in battle using RFID microchips.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but RFID microchips are steadily becoming part of the very fabric of our lives.  Many of your credit cards and debit cards contain them.  Many Americans use security cards that contain RFID microchips at work.  In some parts of the country it is now mandatory to inject an RFID microchip into your pet.

Now, one school system down in Texas actually plans to start using RFID microchips to track the movements of their students….

Northside Independent School District plans to track students next year on two of its campuses using technology implanted in their student identification cards in a trial that could eventually include all 112 of its schools and all of its nearly 100,000 students.

District officials said the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) tags would improve safety by allowing them to locate students — and count them more accurately at the beginning of the school day to help offset cuts in state funding, which is partly based on attendance.

#9 Automated License Plate Readers

In a previous article, I quoted a Washington Post piece that talked about how automated license plate readers are being used to track the movements of a vehicle from the time that it enters Washington D.C. to the time that it leaves….

More than 250 cameras in the District and its suburbs scan license plates in real time, helping police pinpoint stolen cars and fleeing killers. But the program quietly has expanded beyond what anyone had imagined even a few years ago.

With virtually no public debate, police agencies have begun storing the information from the cameras, building databases that document the travels of millions of vehicles.

Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the District, which has more than one plate-reader per square mile, the highest concentration in the nation. Police in the Washington suburbs have dozens of them as well, and local agencies plan to add many more in coming months, creating a comprehensive dragnet that will include all the approaches into the District.

#10 Face Reading Software

Can computers tell what you are thinking just by looking at your face?

Don’t laugh.

Such technology is actually being actively developed.  The following is from a recent NewScientist article….

IF THE computers we stare at all day could read our faces, they would probably know us better than anyone.

That vision may not be so far off. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab are developing software that can read the feelings behind facial expressions. In some cases, the computers outperform people. The software could lead to empathetic devices and is being used to evaluate and develop better adverts.

#11 Data Mining

The government is not the only one that is spying on you.  The truth is that a whole host of very large corporations are gathering every shred of information about you that they possibly can and selling that information for profit.  It is called “data mining“, and it is an industry that has absolutely exploded in recent years.

One very large corporation known as Acxiom actually compiles information on more than 190 million people in the U.S. alone….

The company fits into a category called database marketing. It started in 1969 as an outfit called Demographics Inc., using phone books and other notably low-tech tools, as well as one computer, to amass information on voters and consumers for direct marketing. Almost 40 years later, Acxiom has detailed entries for more than 190 million people and 126 million households in the U.S., and about 500 million active consumers worldwide. More than 23,000 servers in Conway, just north of Little Rock, collect and analyze more than 50 trillion data ‘transactions’ a year.

#12 Street Lights Spying On Us?

Did you ever consider that street lights could be spying on you?

Well, it is actually happening.  New high tech street lights that can actually watch what you do and listen to what you are saying are being installed in some major U.S. cities.  The following is from a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson for Infowars.com….

Federally-funded high-tech street lights now being installed in American cities are not only set to aid the DHS in making “security announcements” and acting as talking surveillance cameras, they are also capable of “recording conversations,” bringing the potential privacy threat posed by ‘Intellistreets’ to a whole new level.

#13 Automated ISP Monitoring Of Your Internet Activity

As I have written about before, nothing you do on the Internet is private.  However, Internet Service Providers and the entertainment industry are now taking Internet monitoring to a whole new level….

If you download potentially copyrighted software, videos or music, your Internet service provider (ISP) has been watching, and they’re coming for you.

Specifically, they’re coming for you on Thursday, July 12.

That’s the date when the nation’s largest ISPs will all voluntarily implement a new anti-piracy plan that will engage network operators in the largest digital spying scheme in history, and see some users’ bandwidth completely cut off until they sign an agreement saying they will not download copyrighted materials.

Word of the start date has been largely kept secret since ISPs announced their plans last June. The deal was brokered by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and coordinated by the Obama Administration.

Spying On Us Through Our Appliances

Could the government one day use your refrigerator to spy on you?

Don’t laugh.

That is exactly what CIA Director David Petraeus says is coming….

Petraeus says that web-connected gadgets will ‘transform’ the art of spying – allowing spies to monitor people automatically without planting bugs, breaking and entering or even donning a tuxedo to infiltrate a dinner party.

‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,’ said Petraeus.

‘Particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft. Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters –  all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing.’

Petraeus was speaking to a venture capital firm about new technologies which aim to add processors and web connections to previously  ‘dumb’ home appliances such as fridges, ovens and lighting systems.

For many more ways that Big Brother is spying on you, please see these articles….

Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make – 14 New Ways That The Government Is Watching You

30 Signs That The United States Of America Is Being Turned Into A Giant Prison

The things that I have written about above are just the things that they admit to.

There are also many “black box technologies” being developed out there that the public does not even know about yet.

So how far will all of this go?

Has Big Brother already gone way too far?

Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below….

  • A.S.

    Anonymous, we need you! Please put viruses in all these technologies.

    • factoid


      Hate to break the news but Anonymous, like the other hacking groups, are connected to the CIA and FBI, at least some of them being creations of the CIA. Anonymous was used as the excuse for moving the Iowa election vote count to a secret location where Ron Paul’s votes would disappear. These groups’ activities have also been cited a lot as a convenient reason to pass Internet censorship legislation.

      • Your right.

      • Sara

        AND, they have also been proven to be closely tied to & funded by Soros himself.

    • i’vegivenup

      An EMP attack would be just what the doctor ordered….

      • Kathy

        Don’t you dare, give Up!!

        Whatever, we are all in this – remains to be seen what
        will happen first and what we’ll need to do!!

  • Cinderella Man

    The one about the mind control scares me the most! They will use this on us if their propagana machines called mainstream media fails to convince the angry, broke masses that their govt. is great theres no recession, war is good for children, your not hungry ect, ect. It is terrifying to think they could pacify us not to go out and protest just stay at home be a drooling sheep dont question authority. ***** I hope this is for real the world ends this year! Time to clean house!

    • mhbeard

      i think the ironic thing is that they don’t need mind control. They already have the majority of people domesticated and brainwashed, ready to shout ‘conspiracy theory’ to anyone who dares question government.

      The scary thing is that they are intensifying it all. Why? They know what is around the corner, and they know the people that are awake will use that opportunity to strike back. The coming crisis will wake people up, especially those who are scared to admit they know we’re close to when SHTF.

      Why else would they be trying to stop privacy online, censor the internet and convince people that drones are a good idea. They already control the mainstream media, so it’s blogs like these that they are worried about.

      • Sara

        They are in “hyper-drive” mode…. Increasing the GMO’s, fluoridated water, chemtrails, you name it, or shall i say, pick your poison?! they are attacking us steadfastly, from every angle.

  • Colin

    I am comforted by the thought that if our society is hit by a freak solar storm, or by an EMP burst, that many of these technologies will be rendered useless.

    • Kathy

      Yes, but so would all of our cars, security, computers,
      many household items and most probably most systems because they are
      ran by computers – even farmers watering systems…

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I know this is way off topic but does anybody know anything about large demos going on in Mexico?


  • Kevin

    Even if you don’t believe the technology in this article is not available right now common sense dictates that the above and more are soon coming.

    You couldn’t write a two hour accurate science fiction movie about the control technology will have over our lives in 30 years because thought will be controlled. There would be no story to tell.

  • I wish i could get off this planet or go back in time to the 1800s
    or some other time-period when life was just simple and easy.

    • Chris also…

      This. I would rather worry about getting knocked off by disease than be a subject to insane control freaks….

    • TheDorkTuna

      You said it. Hell, I would venture to go further back in time for that matter. The 1800’s is too close to now! I just don’t understand what is so wrong about living a simple life without all of this garbage.

      • Kathy

        Hopefully, advancement in life takes place and it has.
        It’s always about “GOOD” vs evil, OUR CHOICES, our mental
        attitude (choices) and…

        Good Day, dear!!

    • Kathy

      Your here now, in the right time!! planned

  • Tatiana Covington

    The deepest root of this is that we are primates. Thus we all have that insatiable monkey itch to poke and to pry, to tamper and to meddle, until finally it all blows up in our faces.

    Even then, we just can’t learn to…

    Keep our hands to ourselves
    Mind our own affairs
    Leave others alone
    Not interfere.

    I have seen this again and again in my life. It sometimes has been so bad that others have blamed me for their self-inflicted misfortunes caused by tampering and meddling– when I was as much as 2000 miles away from free adult agents!

    So I just let them suffer the consequences of what they had done by themselves: everything from a lost car to a self-inflicted heart attack.

    Recall that I have no control over others’ thoughts and actions. I live that fact.

    I also have an amazing super-power: I just keep my hands to myself!

    There was once I was ordered (not asked politely) to help a child in danger of drowning. Offended and angered, I just let the child drown. “Volunteer yourself!”, I said.

    • OldPhart

      “I just let the child drown. “Volunteer yourself!”, I said.”

      I personally would be delighted to meet you.

      Two seconds later I would be delighted to **************************************************************.

      While what you may have wrote was extremist and designed to elicit attention, your callousness is what is fundamentally wrong with our country.

      I have personally been in many situations where the only thing holding me back from inflicting fatal damage to an adult regarding a child was, usually, a rather large law enforcement official. There are some things mature adults simply do/say to actual sane and rational adults.

      I would accomplish the threat knowing full well that I would be put away, possibly, for life. I would activate the threat knowing that it was worth it.

    • Ameen

      @Tatiana Covington. Great post but that last bit bothers me: are you serious, you let a child drown??

      • Gary2

        do you expect any thing else from the libertarians who subscribe to selfishness as the most important vitrue??

        • xander cross

          and their god is Ron Paul.

  • Guido

    All this is somewhat self-applied. If you don’t mind giving up convenience, you can avoid most of this stuff completely. But are you willing to live a low-tech, unsophisticated life?

    Imagine how most of this stuff fails when targeted at Iraqi or Afghani tribals who couldn’t give a fig for facebook and couldn’t tell you what an ISP or smart appliance is. I’m not saying you need to live in a cave, but it’s merely an issue of convenience here.

    You would have to be willing to give up the smart phone, limit or give up the internet, dump social media, and be a lot more anonymous.


    Every high technology solution has a low technology response that renders it impotent.

    Drones over the US? Don’t do things where they can see you. Knock em’ down. Hack them-It could be very easy for those with the techknowhow.

    IR cameras watching you? Shine an invisible IR light right back at them.

    Cameras? They’re not indestructable, nor are they cheap. Detroit is finding out just how expensive lights are and has cut off street lighting all over the city to save money.

    Reading your fingerprints? Don’t go to that gym. Depending on how they do it, simple gloves might be the solution. Hackers have figured out how to beat fingerprint readers with gummy bears or just condensation from breath, so it isn’t exactly tough to fool. Or you could get a heavy-duty manual job that literally wears your fingerprints right off your fingers!

    Don’t want your computer looking back at you? Go with an older monitor. deactivate/cover/destroy your cam/mic.

    Don’t want your IP read? There’s already software out there for that.

    Don’t want your thoughts read? I imagine it’s not hard to block that, as well, if you don’t mind looking silly.

    Smart appliances? Get older models or filter your power line so it can’t transmit.(if the power line is the xmission method)

    Worried your TV is watching you? Dump cable. It’s stupid, anyway.

    Afraid of money going away? There will always be a medium of exchange outside of credit transfers. Drug dealers and homeless people are now trading in Tide Detergent! Something will always be there as an alternative…

    RFID? It can be blocked by tinfoil. It can be read and spoofed. It can be destroyed easily. It only works if you don’t otherwise mess with it. I wonder if kids ever just trade their RFIDs? http://hackaday.com/2009/12/22/terminate-rfid-tags/

    Don’t want to get busted for internet piracy? Go to a LAN party and trade all the files you want with like-minded associates.

    Sure, it sucks they do this garbage to law-abiding citizens, but these high-tech problems all have low-tech solutions. You just have to be willing to give up some convenience.

    • anonymous


      Great reminders man. In such a high tech society one of the best decisions you can make is to remain low tech (that’s what I do.) I see everyone with their smartphones and what not & I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t fall for that. That’s part of the game of the ‘controllers’, to make people so dependent on this technology, this machine convenience, that they get trapped in it in the erroneous belief that their lives would be lost without these things. If you don’t want them to control you, don’t give in to these false promises of convenience; that your life will only get better so long as you purchase every new gadget on the market; it’s a LIE! It’s a trick to lead you into a fools paradise, a paradise that’s not real. Their dream is your nightmare.

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    No words can truly express my disgust at these “people” who believe themselves so superior that they believe they can control us, and our lives. No words…
    -Young Patriot

    • xander cross

      Hyprocrite. Just like Ron Paul, who amazingly, was at the bilderberg group metting that you liberty people were protesting. He was in attendence in the confab. Him and Rand Paul that is. You are a sad person.

      • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        YOU are the sad person, attempting to force your view onto others whose body belongs to no one but themselves, and whose soul belongs to no one but Jesus. You go around (unsuccessfully attempting) to insult people, and then go crying back to big corp (also known as the gov’t) whenever someone else stand up and bloodys your nose. So to put it simply: You are the sad one.
        -Young Patriot

      • John

        Do you have a source to back that up or are you just spouting off whatever nonsense pops into your head?

  • mondobeyondo

    They know when you’ve been sleeping. They know when you’re awake.
    They know when you’ve been bad or good…

    They are the federal government, and you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll have a live hand grenade sitting under the tree Christmas morning. That’s if you’ve been a good little boy or girl.

  • Eisenkreutz

    The idiot populace deserve exactly what they get. Everybody focused on damn stupid cell phones, twitter, iphone, ipod, dancing with the stars and other useless diversions instead of developing useful skills and stopping an out of control government from growing. When the SHTF most people wont be able to cope because they have no clue how to function as an individual.

    • lee

      I agree with that idea, you reap what you sow; but its not their fault that for decades; those in charge just used most of the people.

      I live in Houston and illegal immigration has been an issue for 50 years, yet nothing has been done.

      I imagine that Houston and most of Texas would look completely different today, be more successful , less financial troubles and much less crime. Now, its too late; in 20 years; Texas goes liberal democrat forever and that may be it for the US and turning back federal controls. It’s not the peoples fault that the government hasn’t protected its sovereignty for 50 years.

      • lee, I agree about TX. I’ve been in Ft. Worth 33 years now. These republicans are so stupid as to let illegals pour into this state knowing it would be the end of them eventually. When the state of TX goes lib/dem, you’re right, America is over as we know it.

        • anonymous

          Dude, America was over loooong before that. Since when does a TWO party system represent a Democracy? It was over when America stopped being a freakin’ Democracy. The dems and repubs are equally culpable in the demise of this country. Believing that democrat or republican is the answer to anything is a pointless exercise in futility.

    • I’m 55. Never owned a cell phone in my life except for 2 months I was forced to because of job situation. Never made a single tweet, never owned an iphone or ipod, and never watched one episode (or even part of one) of dancing with the stars.

    • Jewely

      Hey, don’t knock Dancing With the Stars! Lol

  • Stan522

    “Technology”, really is a double edged sword……

    I’d gladly go back to the days where wireless communication devices were something we saw on Star Trek with William Shatner. There were so fewer worries.

  • Rowell

    I find it funny that half of the comments section here is done using the Facebook API, which is renown for privacy violations. Good job there. ;)

    • Why worry about privacy ? you don’t have It In the first place.

  • Jodi

    These articles you write on creepy surveillance technologies are most definitely the scariest articles. I wanted to say “You’re just better off never leaving your home” but you can’t even get privacy even in your own home, because of computers, cell phones and now they want to spy on you with your appliances. Privacy is dead and I high doubt these problems will ever go away.

    • Michael


      It is true – the privacy that many enjoyed in the past is gone. We are going to have to adjust to this strange new world.


  • WM

    Melissa mad a great comment (top of page) about the sheeple being too distracted by pop culture that they don’t even recognize whats going on. This is perhaps a good reason why people are not speaking up and fighting back, because everyone seems to be too distracted and most don’t believe that our freedoms will be lost…hey, this is the land of the free right????

    Sadly, most people spend no time whatsoever reading Gods Word and seeing what not only is expected of us, how we can be saved from the wrath that is to come, but sadly, many so called Christian churches today are afraid of speaking and teaching about prophecy. The Bible has a LOT of very detailed information about what lies in the, (what I believe) is the very near future. If you read the Book of Daniel and Revelation, you will see in great detail about the coming world leader, (antichrist) and all the little things that have to fall into place for this leader to arise, make “peace” in the middle east, establish a peace treaty with Israel, Israel will rebuild their temple in this short time of peace, and then antichrist will reveal who he really is, claim to be god, get killed and raise from the dead. You thing the deception is great now, this world leader will be very cunning ( yes even more than obummer), and more evil than Hitler could ever dream of being.

    This is why I call all the sheeple to wake up and see what the Bible has to say about getting right with God before its too late.

    This entire article is very revealing as to some of the technology that the world leader will most likely implement to control the world.

    I am finally convinced that 9-11 was not a random act, nor was the housing/banking crash, nor was “Homeand Security”, Patriot Act, and globalism….and nor was the election of obummer, as he has purposely ushered in a new age of drastic, irreversible “change” to America, change that is implemented for one reason: The demise of America and all its freedoms, liberty,and constitutional rights, and aligning the nations in preperation of the coming New World Order, revised roman empire, most likely arising out of europe, headed by who the Bible calls antichrist.

    • lee

      youre right.

      russia getting close to iran and syria, the US backing off, increased volcanic activity; lots of signs these days.

      i’m not sure i believe it yet; but if this is the beginning of armageddon; i will not be suprised.

    • All of this technology to track and spy people is part of
      Satan’s Mark of The Beast System, WM. And yes the sheeple
      like watching Hollywood and Reality TV Shows and are brainwashed.

      • anonymous

        I can believe that.

        I know that we have citizen spies/informants out & about because I’ve been the subject of those subhumans for a good five years or so now. I don’t talk about it because it sounds too insane to be true but, considering the times we’re living in I don’t think it’s terribly far-fetched. I live in an apt & these trolls are always trying to listen in to the convo’s that I’m having whether in person or over the phone. I hear them walk right above my head every time I’m on the phone or otherwise trying to chat with someone in person; it’s uncanny and if I hadn’t been experiencing it for the last five years I wouldn’t believe it either. They ‘left/vacated’ for about month in June, then came back at the beginning of July… me being a spiritual person & all, I ultimately see this as an aspect of spiritual warfare, especially when it boarders on harassment which it FREQUENTLY does. They’re just subhumans, they must be lower than animals to live their lives like that. I know I’m not the only person experiencing this phenomena either; I’ve read similar accounts on the web that are even more severe than my own.

  • i’vegivenup

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it yet again…TECHNOLOGY WILL END UP DESTROYING ALL OF US….

  • Gary2

    In a recent speech from the White House President Barack Obama came out and said “let’s end the tax cuts for the rich.

    Amen tax the rich hard. Use these technologies Michael talks about in the above post to get the rich MF money and give it back to the rightful owners the workers!

    • xander cross

      Indeed Gary. Amen to that.

      • Cinderella Man

        Look its Dumb and Dumber!!! So which on of you got Freda Feltcher first?

    • lee

      the problem is govt officials and lawmakers, not the rich.

      if glass-steagal wasnt repealed and the community reinvestment act not allowed to go crazy; the 2008 economic crisis might not have happened for the US.

      you can increase the rich tax rate all you wish, its not going to lessen the deficit hardly at all; history has shown this. govt spending and ruling is why we are where we are.

      the facts are. its a global economy now. the good news is that companies still want to produce in the US. i mean, there are foreign cars being built all over the south and both boeing and airbus were looking to build planes in the south. if the US was so bad, jobs wouldnt be coming here from the far east. theyre just not $30 an hour anymore, theyre 15 and that didnt just happen to the US; europe went thru the same.

    • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      So Gary, going by that logic, then all politicians (repubs and dems) should also get increased taxes, with how much they make each year. But no, you libs only say increase the taxes on the hardworking people who made a living honestly (not saying all are honest, but calling them all dishonest is a greater lie). I say, instead of increasing taxes, we decrease gov’t spending to a manageable amount, and cut all of the gov’t programs, and fire all gov’t employees who aren’t doing anything for this country. We could then use the leftover money to start paying off the deficit, instead of lining the gov’ts pockets. It is not the rich that are the problem. It is the government that is wasting money better spent paying off the deficit, repaying social security, etc. But that will never happen with our modern day politicians of either party. And it certainly won’t happen if the majority of America shares your view of things.
      -Young Patriot

      • Gary2

        no we need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth. Oh yea those hedge fund scum really work so hard for their pay, NOT! dude you need to get a brain cell.

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          Gary, the majority of those who are rich worked their asses off to earn it. Yes, there are some who lied and cheated their way to the top, I will not deny that. Taxing the rich until they are poor is NO way to solve a problem; in fact it will only make the problem worse, no matter what you believe, it is actually the private sector (and those who run it) that create jobs. Not the federal government. Once again, you are the one that needs a braincell. Thank you for your time.
          -Young Patriot

        • Col. Wilson

          Taxing the rich will NEVER pay off the massive debt – its a physical impossibility so I dont know why you keep promoting such lunacy.

          To pay back 1 trillion dollars at $1 per second would take 32,000 years & that is withOUT interest. The fact that the U.S. has about 120 trillion in total debt shows your position is not based on reality.

          Please do NOT toe the line when it comes to the democrats ‘solution’. IOW you need to get a brain cell.


    • Les

      So you believe a millionaire standing in front of you telling you he is going to tax the rich? Seriously, you can’t be that stupid. I guess millionaires are no longer considered rich. So all of Congress and the White and lots of other millionaires are all middle class folks. What are you smoking?

    • Kathy

      Gary are you any different with more money in your pockets?
      As, I learned it, we are ALL GIVEN UNALEINABLE RIGHTS to liberty,
      pursuit of happiness… Fair is Fair!! What you TAKE from one you should
      take from the next. Many people have done nothing but work their entire lives,
      they usually have earned and saved a good deal of money (usually they do because
      they did the work to get it AND VALUE what it takes to get it – THEY DID THE WORK).

      I do not see it fair to even ask a higher % from them, than from me or you!
      That’s another issue in our America, we do not know the value of hard work and listen to the Unfairly and unknowledgable often unprincipled people say, tax those dirty bastards more – we all know they got their money through being greedy and corrupt! THAT My dear, is a wide-spread False UNFAIR judgment and it stinketh*

  • lee

    If you believe in the Bible and its armageddon, these are just more signs, especially the microchips as a mark on every person. When the government assumes control over its people; thats a big sign.

    If you don’t believe in that, its still scary. I have been thinking for years after seeing cars and phones essentialy becoming tools for control that by 2025, the US govt would be able to monitor anyone and everyone and once and control anyone they deemed needing control. I might be bumping that up to 2015 now.

    Seriously, if there’s anything you like doing or have a big trip you want to take at some point in your life; i’d suggest taking it before 2013. If the ecnonomy crashes in 2013(my prediction), you might find wage controls and travel restrictions.

    Think i’m kidding, Scranton PA; just dropped all public employees to 7.25 an hour; try going anywhere if your pay gets cut like that. I’m planning on spending 5 days in Breckenridge and 5 days in Lake Tahoe before it collapses and i dont get a chance to do it again if my pay gets cut.

    P.S. i found this off of the economic collapse, its a great site !

    • Michael


      Thanks – I actually run both this site and The Economic Collapse Blog. :)


      • lee

        I thought so, but wasn’t sure; theyre both great and daily stops for me.

    • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      Isn’t $7.25 an hour less than minimum wage? I thought it was $8.25 (unless you’re in the gov’t of course, then minimum is much higher).
      -Young Patriot

      • Gary2

        look at your paycheck

  • Jon

    There certainly do appear to be a gazillion simpering, cowardly but wipes on this earth. ****, I would hate to be them….everything from the neighbor who snoops to the highest officials in Washington…all of you are pitiful.

  • Charles

    Oh, goody ! Before this, they had to use humans to bully, badger, blacklist, and harrass. Now, they won’t need all those people.

    And, many of them know too much and expect to be taken care-of, for their loyal services. Think of the savings

  • Corrupt Government

    All the above surveillance actions are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Implementation of such unacceptable actions by ANY authority against the U.S. Voting Public repududiates all liberties that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States guarantee to all American citizens.

    If the activation of such pervasive surveillance measures occurs in the United States, the former “land of the free” becomes effectively a police state.

  • Jack

    I think you all are acting like a bunch of old woman & children.

    Those of you who are ‘dispensationalist’are barking up the wrong tree. The “Mark of the Beast” is in fact that your given over in mind(forehead) or by association(right hand)to the the AntiCHRIST religious/political system.

    If the “Lord Jesus Christ” is not your current active ‘sovereign/King’ then you are already ‘marked’.

    Whilst this technology might be used in securing Mankind from a physical point of view,
    it is secondary to the above proposition.



  • banepollock

    Yes, don’t worry. God will save us all…..somehow. In this country, if you don’t read the Bible, you are a heathen and you deserve to go to hell. If you don’t support Ron Paul, you’re one of the “sheeple.” And if you don’t believe anything that’s being put on this site, well, you don’t deserve to be in the country.

    It is this mindset that is tearing this country apart. Paranoia and hatred towards others is just another way the American people are failing. The right is wrong. The left is lopsided. And libertarians are just people who don’t wanna pay taxes or have any form of sturdy government in this country.

    If it weren’t for idiots like you, we wouldn’t have something to fight against. All you want to do is cause war, bash other religions, and target people who aren’t like you.

    Get over yourselves and stop spreading your poison.

    Bane Pollock

    • Pull your head out of your ********, that will help you see the truth.

  • Leftist Wanker

    The government is not out to get you. This is pure Left wing panic artist trash. The Left is trying to scare the pants off of you that the big bad government meanies are out to get you. While government is not perfect in any country it doesn’t mean they have the resources to waste trying to watch if you are into something that is illegal. Sure if there is something that is suspicious like drug trafficing, money laundering or terrorism on the internet then maybe they sure are going to try to track you down but you know most of you THC consuming people they really don’t give a crap about. That is the THC in your system telling you that they are out to get you. Paranoid delusions are the feed of the extreme Left. Resist this culture of fear that the extreme Left is trying to nurture. Think for yourselves and don’t become sheep to the BS propaganda that the Left always wants you to be afraid of “Big Brother”. And no we don’t need any chiche quotes people to show how smart we are. The Left have you all living in FEAR!!

    • mhbeard

      The extreme left?
      There is no left and right anymore.
      There is only those in favour of government expansion and intrusion, those against, and people like you that have no clue what is happening (or a scared and think denying it will make it go away).

      You must be oblivious to the fact that with each new President, they increase the power of the executive branch. What about the revolving door between Government and security/surveillance companies (and Monsanto, but that’s another matter)?

      Technology, social media and the internet have all been co-opted by the ruling elite. Not the left and not the right. Until people realise that, they can use this left-right paradigm to trick people into thinking they have a choice come November.

    • Kaleyedoscope

      You have got to be kidding me…

    • Al Alias

      ….and then Eric Snowden gave us unequivocal proof that those big bad government meanies do, in fact, have the resources to do everything this article mentions and so very much more. I’d get a kick to see what your reaction to that bombshell is.

  • Knoxvkid

    We have always been watched by God.

    • mhbeard

      so why is he/she/it ignoring us?

      Why do think god will get us out of this mess, when he could have stopped it centuries ago? Don’t tell me ‘god works in mysterious ways’.

      For example, why is it a miracle when one child survives a flood where hundreds of people are killed. If god saved that child, were they not the one who put them in danger in the first place?

      I find it hard to believe that a benevolent god would cause catastrophic events only to step in and be the hero. Sounds like someone else we know who are increasingly omnipotent and extremely dangerous. Although we have proof that they exist.

      Don’t rely on your god when SHTF. You need a plan, not prayer.

  • Kodibear333

    Why do we have to go along to get along? Where is the spirit that demanded King George get the F out of our lives? “Every once on a while the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of patriots.” Thomas Jefferson. We need to and must stand up to these technological invasions. And, YES to answer the original question this article proposes, Big Brother has gone too far. They want to take away your guns in case you get too fed up with their impositions. See a drone? ***** it down.

    • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      We do not need to all get along, it is the beauty of free speech and individualism that allows a person to take input from the world, add in their morals, values, and virtues, and come to their own view of things. Obviously as a result of this, things will happen. But it is better said things happen and we are able to learn from them than for us to be forcefed our opinions, morals, and values by someone who deems themselves of more importance than us. They do not like individualism, and want everyone to conform, and they are gaining power and popularity (especially in the younger generations (‘talkin’ bout mah generation)( Who reference)) It is a scary and sad thought to see what the world is coming to.
      -Young Patriot

  • mhbeard

    although i love this blog, and others like it, until you stop allowing other websites scripts running in the background, articles like these are hypocritical.

    You are allowing the possibility of cross-site script attacks from sites such as facebook, twitter, addthis.com, tweetmeme, linkedin, google and ebay. Its also the same way facebook collects data from you without ever logging into facebook.

    if anyone is interested in increasing security on the web, do as i’ve done and download firefox or a mozilla client and get the add-ons, noscript and better privacy. It will mean only you can decide who can run scripts whilst you surf the internet. Also use duckduckgo instead of google for searches. They aren’t watching your every move.

    • Gary2

      agree with the scrpits–they really slow down the web site responsivness and speed of loading. Michael–you can also loose the ads on the side.

  • Gary2

    Hijacking Your Mind–hey could this be used to make republicans not be do damn dumb? I know any type of “mind scanner” will not have very much to work with on conservatives but maybe…..

  • Dennis Pine

    after reading this I can’t help but think…… what are we waiting for? we need to organize and rally the U.S. citizens against these atrocities. are we waiting until the government actually does all of these things, and more? we need to act now, and fast as a united country. the government is for the people and by the people. not the other way around.

    • Kaleyedoscope

      This will not happen. Too many U.S. Citizens are too dumb to open their eyes and realize what is really going on in the world, they like being hand-fed false information to make their lives seem like a false fantasy world.

  • Dennis Pine

    just like the top of this page says…. “..The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming The American Nightmare.”

  • stefanie

    Some of you need to get a grip. Although I won’t deny that a lot of these things are available I do want to ask. When one of you get to a stop light and somone forces you out of your car at gunpoint and then they drive away with your kids in the backseat. Are you going to complain they use the overhead cameras to track the criminal down? I was in the military and the drones are used over seas, if they are flown conus its for training and testing, big brother may have its nose annoyingly far in our lives but do you really think they care what you keep in your car? And I fly quite frequently, those aren’t “pornoscanners” and if you think they are, stop being ignorant and do some research. I’ve seen them first hand at the airports and no one is there looking at your “private parts”

    Some of the suggestions here are a little silly and some are accurate. But many can be justified as things that improve life. People who get offended that they are selling online information, do you think some person is readin what you blogged? Its all about marketing, they look at your interest and then cater ads to it. Settle down, there isn’t a government agent assigned to you stalking you around and eavesdropping on your life. If ever you cross paths with their all watchful eye, if you aren’t commiting some sort of crime then they aren’t going to keep looking at you. Quit crying and move on with your lives.

  • turkeylurkey

    All it took was 1 big thunderstorm and all that fancy surveilence junk was offline. No power=no computers, cellphones, traffic light cameras and so on. We were all back to cash only and playing old board games by candlelight with the neighbors. We were lucky,and got power back after only 5 days. In a way it was kind of nice

  • 8 Bit

    Those interested in the future New World Order could look at the past. See New Order of the Barbarians by Dr Lawrence Dunegan at these pages:


  • Whatever you do, just make sure it’s above board & legal then you need not worry about who is watching you.

  • OLD NEWS; the government has already been carrying out torture murder campaigns all across america for depopulation for profit.

  • For my German intelligence to tell them , every info is on net …….. wastage of time , money and resources :) ……

  • Buzzardsnack

    2 hours before a police raid in Trail B.C.Canada.The targets cellphone turned on remotely and a message announced that GPS is now engaged!

  • anonymous 2

    New world order my ass….. new world order this! LOL kiss my ass.

  • anon

    I dont get half your facts. Most of them are misinterpreted. I cant see how tracking elementry school children for their safety is a bad thing. “oh i lost my kid, i have no idea where he/she is!” *looks at screen and finds kid* “yaay i found my child, now nothing bad can happen to him while he is lost!”

    • skipfoss

      I bet you beleive in Santa , what has been told to you in this article is totally true ,as I was reading the article the news came across with figures that the government last year alone the administration made over 1,686.450 reguest for email accounts ,as far as you or I know one of those request could have been for ours . I have seen these so called harmless drones over my community for several months now ,the Air Force has a secret base or something se up in the mountains near my home that none of knew about until a couple buddies of mine were scouting for deer sign and four guys in camo came out of nowhere armed with AR 15’s an told them they would have to turn around and get the hell out and to put the word out that the area they were in was off limits to hunters and others because this was a military area turns out an area of about 6 sq miles were off limits we found signs posted that anyone caught in these areas were subject to leathel removal now what the hell are these suckers doing in the back woods of Tennessee?

  • cosmos110

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquent, it is a force like fire. A dangerous servant and a fearful master”
    —George Washington

    “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian.” —— Henry Ford

  • Porphyry

    #4 appears to be something on the order of “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow zap bad guys with a magic ray that’d make them like us?” Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  • They are creating a self fulfilling prophesy, making the world crazy and thus more crime thus more need for enforcement and so on. This HAS to STOP!

    • Studio4289

      The unethical aspect as well as human nature to be slightly sinister and drunk with ego and power they have mind f¥}cked so many individuals that it is creating an ocean of mentally ill people that go on meds and thus supporting pharmacuitical companies and the whole unethical racket of short term and long term disability. You are right and anyone that gets ill from the reindeer games should get hazzard and wounded warrior pay since it is mostly homebased military and there families.
      Shame on you……….

  • om

    doing this is a crime to the people of the us

  • Anne Jam

    but who is going to stop it…we all know what is happening but it is like a horrror movie it wont stop until the climax

  • This is what your ‘smart appliances’ are. Surveillance devices connected to the ‘smart grid’ by your newly installed ‘smart meters’ that communicate directly with the electric companies and other utility companies. These utility companies can also directly control your smart appliances remotely whenever they wish. They can power down or shut off your appliances during peak hours, they can reduce your power by a certain percentage, or they can simply shut you off. All by your smart meter. They will also be able to tell when you’re home and when you’re not by being able to read and keep a power usage history of your household power consumption.
    There is no question that our own appliances are going to be used to control our lifestyles and our ways of living. We will have little to no control as the power companies will be able to regulate and control how warm or cool you keep your house, how many lights and how bright you can light your house, etc… all by the smart meter, smart grid, and smart appliances.
    Do some research on this, contact your electric provider and find out if you already have, or will be getting smart meters in the near future, and then FIGHT it!

  • TheTriggerT

    They are in the mountains near Tehachapi Ca. as well. A collegue told me a story similar to yours.

    There is a foreign owned company which is some kind of cement plant at the far west corner of the Antelope Valley. They have signs posted way before anyone could see close enough about warning people of proposition 65(health hazard). I had sent an email to California’s governer at the time stating my concern for my health living close by and he responded quickly and told me it is out of his hands, basically. I moved.

    I have heard stories of underground cities we may just have one of those out in the high desert of California. I would think it is top secret so i say no more, it’s not my business!

  • Renee

    The Bible talks about a 7 year tribulation period that will happen, most likely after Christ comes for us (rapture). The book of revelation through chapter 3 is a picture of the church on earth. Chapter 4, the church is in heaven. There is a huge difference between chs. 3 & 4. The opening of the seals, Mark of the Beast (tribulation period) all happen in chapter 4. I say all this because the things that the writer, John, saw are things that Jesus showed him would happen. He recorded them so that we would watch and know. All this crazy technology is preparation for the Mark of the Beast, which will be government’s plan to bring order to the chaotic event called the rapture. Things are lining up just as prophesied (see also Daniel and Ezekiel). If you turn away from your sin, toward Jesus, and accept him as your Savior, you will be raptured and will not have to endure.

    Didn’t intend to preach, but these things are as plain as day to me.

    Matthew 11:15: He that hath ears to hear, let him hear
    Blessings all!

  • JB Smith

    I am a victim of “the
    brain initiative”. It is the great deception. Law enforcement are
    implanting everyone with radio frequency communication chips aka nerve
    stimulators or wireless in-body antennas. In Virginia, state and local police
    give you three options: 1) be put in a stabilization ward and be tortured, 2)
    be put in jail and be tortured, or 3) be infected with an infectious disease.
    They have tried the first two and are threatening the third. The chip is
    protruding from my cancer surgery scars. Even though it was implanted without
    my knowledge and consent by Dr. Lawrence Chang of Pariser Dermatology, surgeons
    refuse to remove it. It uses technologies like the audio spotlight by
    Holosonics. They sync the sim card in your phone with the one in the microchip – phone cloning. They bombard your mind with obscenities, cursing, and all manner of
    evil things. Wireless tazing with lasers that come through the electrical
    outlets – see network world (hacking your computer through elctrical outlets).
    The Army at Picatinny created a laser induced plasma channel and steered
    lightening at a target. Police use lasers and steer electricity at my mind,
    body, heart, and private parts. State Trooper Jared Vance informed everyone
    they come through the electronics in your home. They use radio frequency software,
    lasers, and millimeter wave transmitters to create holograms and tap into your
    mind seeing through your eyes what your brain sees and hearing what you hear.
    (See The Mind Weapon by DARPA scientists). It is a microchip implant initiative
    to enable law enforcement ubiquitous surveillance. See Safeguards in a World of
    Ambient Intelligence by Springer to learn about the project. At lease the
    European Union is trying to inform their public and protect them. After
    everyone is defamed, defrauded, unemployable, crippled and suffering, who takes
    care of us. Will there be indentured servitude? Even the Federal District Court
    Judge knew I was in excruciating pain (according to her own clerk of courts)
    and she refused to grant a motion for cessation of torture. This is the weapon
    of the anti-Christ and the mark of the beast. These law enforcement officers
    are criminals and do not uphold the Constitution. People need to read about
    these new weapons. (See Mental Illness and Terrorism: New weapons mimic mental
    health disease). See forbes.com and search Brandon Raub. Virginia has one of the highest suicide
    rates in the country! Check out Brian Castner’s book The Long Walk – our vets
    are being tortured into suicide. He says, “this is my new life. It’s
    intolerable.” I never served in the war, but I know how he feels. I am no
    longer free to live my life. I am enduring it.

  • whiteboypussyspy

    this is only the tip of the iceberg. they can watch what you are doing via van eck phreaking. they can listen to your thoughts via ultra low radio frequencies. hacking your computer via the power lines. the list goes on and on. it’s real.

  • Anthony Monnier

    i live at hunters oak in greenville ohio its run by an ex- greenville detective Roy Harrison and he has survalice cameras in there i live on 3 floor for a month they have been spying on me in my apt.

  • jason

    666 is coming and no one can stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jewely

    The thing that makes me really sick is that the bad guys think they are the good guys. IDIOT TOOLS!

  • free humanity

    I am a subject to surveillance for 4 years because I was falsely reported by a neighbor. feel like a soviet slave again.

  • disqus_TmyPuzsH0j

    this is all so bullcrap

  • Duhh

    There is a solution… Resistance is the only sane response.

  • Robert Perkins

    I found this article while researching for a college project and I have to say I knew that we were being watched but I had no idea that it was this serious. Our government has been out of control for some time and I am waiting for the sh*# to hit the fan. I hope soon that America will get tired of all the BS and stand up to the government but it is going to take us as a whole to accomplish this not just one or two. I am waiting and ready for it to happen. I hope anyone else that reads this article feels the same way, if not maybe you need to find you another country to live in. Maybe one that the government makes all your decisions for you and you have no freedoms. I fought for this country, gave up 17 years of my younger life proudly and I will be the first to say that I am ashamed of this country and our government. specifically this knucklehead we have now that is running this country into the ground.

  • Liem

    As a targeted surveillance of the liberal part of the United states they have done every low down dirty anti government in the book. It’s amazin what I seen especially about the street IR omni directional cameras. If the students of today take civics instead of hands on training than.. Our freedom is gained. Feel free to contact me at lieminator1@gmail.com