12 Signs That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To War With Syria

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Are you ready for another war?  Now that Barack Obama and most of the other major leaders of the western world are publicly calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, we are getting dangerously close to war with Syria.  It is not going to happen next week, and it is almost certainly not going to happen next month.  But right now the U.S. government is going down the exact same road that it went down with Libya.  There is all kinds of talk about how Assad has lost “legitimacy”, “human rights violations” have been declared, sanctions have been imposed and Syrian government assets have been frozen.  But just like with Gaddafi, Assad has no intention of ever stepping down.  He is not going to resign just because the U.S. and the EU ask him too.  The opposition in Syria is certainly not strong enough to remove Assad, so just about the only way that it will be accomplished is through direct military action.  Right now the U.S. and the EU are basically painting themselves into a corner with their bold declarations about Assad.  But when the time comes will they be willing to risk starting World War III in order to remove him from power?


So what is all the hubbub about?  Well, the Syrian government has been cracking down on the recent protest movement really hard.  Some human rights groups estimate that at least 2,000 people have been killed and at least 10,000 have been arrested since the protests began last March.

And as we have seen in Libya, the U.S. and the EU are now willing to conduct military operations in foreign nations in order to protect civilians from their own governments.  The precedent for a “humanitarian” military operation has already been set.

But with Syria things are going to be different.  For one thing, Syria has much closer ties with both Russia and China than Libya did.  Russia and China are not about to approve any military operation against Syria.

And the Assad regime is much stronger than the Gaddafi dictatorship.  In Libya, if Gaddafi gets killed the game will more or less be over.  In Syria, taking down Assad will not end things.

Right now it appears that Assad is trying to cool things down.  He has told the United Nations that operations against protesters have stopped.

But that didn’t stop a chorus of leaders in the U.S. and the EU from declaring today that Assad has lost “legitimacy” and that he must step down.

The Obama administration and the EU have now put Assad on the same level as Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.  There is no going back.  They aren’t going to turn around 6 months from now and say that now it is okay for Assad to stay in power.

They have crossed a line and there is no going back.  It is the same roadmap that was used leading up to the airstrikes in Libya.

The relationship between the western world and the Assad regime will never be the same again.  You can count on that.

The following are 12 signs that we are getting dangerously close to war with Syria….

#1 Barack Obama is demanding that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down….

“We have consistently said that President Assad must lead a democratic transition or get out of the way. He has not led. For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside.”

#2 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was far more blunt in calling for Assad to resign….

“The transition to democracy in Syria has begun, and it is time for Assad to get out of the way”

#3 British Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel issued a joint statement in which they demanded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down….

“Our three countries believe that President Assad, who is resorting to brutal military force against his own people and who is responsible for the situation, has lost all legitimacy and can no longer claim to lead the country”

#4 EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is calling for Assad to resign….

“The EU notes the complete loss of Bashar al-Assad’s legitimacy in the eyes of the Syrian people and the necessity for him to step aside.”

#5 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that Assad should “vacate his position, relinquish power and step down immediately“.

#6 The U.S. government has imposed a fresh round of economic sanctions on Syria.  These include sanctions targeting Syrian oil and gas sales.

#7 There are reports that EU officials will also impose new economic sanctions against Syria on Friday.  These sanctions will also reportedly include sanctions targeting oil and gas sales.  Approximately 90 percent of Syrian oil exports go to the EU, and oil and gas account for about 25 percent of Syria’s GDP.

#8 The U.S. government has frozen all Syrian government assets in the United States.

#9 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney supports these moves against Syria and believes that we need to do more to “move” Syria “toward modernity”….

“America must show leadership on the world stage and work to move these developing nations toward modernity”

#10 At least 12,000 refugees from Syria have flooded into neighboring Turkey, and Turkey has been reinforcing its military forces along the border area.  In recent days Turkey’s warnings to Syria have become more heated.

#11 The United Nations is “temporarily” removing some of its staff from Syria.

#12 A U.N. fact-finding mission has determined that the Syrian government is guilty of multiple human rights violations….

“The mission found a pattern of human rights violations that constitutes widespread or systematic attacks against the civilian population, which may amount to crimes against humanity”

Without a doubt, the pressure on the Syrian government is going to be very intense?

So what if Assad gets desperate?

What will he do?

What is his play?

Well, if he really feels backed into a corner he may pull out one of the only cards that he has left – a war with Israel.

There would be nothing like war with Israel to unite the Islamic world.  It would be a way that Assad could get all of his neighbors in the Middle East back on his side.

But in the event of a war between Syria and Israel, there is a very good chance that the U.S. and /or the EU would intervene.

And that could potentially be the spark that sets off World War III.

Even before this recent crisis in Syria, tensions in the Middle East were rising to very dangerous levels.  Another major war could literally start at any time.  The Middle East is a timebomb that could go off at any moment.

We live in very unstable times, and it is almost as if someday is trying to push the Middle East towards war.  Let us hope for peace, but let us also realize that war is becoming more likely every single day.

  • coco199

    The presidential building down/parliament down/television down.
    The Assad’s pilots flying to Jordan/Turkey/Iraq.
    The all world(except Iran) understanding that Assad is not only a dictator but a crazy leader.
    It’s difficult for arab leaders to convince them to defend a country against Israel…but to convince them to attack Israel…I doubt.

    • 5th Neocon war

      He missed the most important one: US Embassy in Damascus began pulling staff out a couple weeks ago.
      5th war for Israel in a decade- without them having to spend a cent or risk one troop. Big kills every other year. Let the evangelicals pay.

  • Jane

    Collapse. WW3. Recovery. Do your homework and you will see the patterns….

  • ScoutMotto

    WW3 would not surprise me at this point, though I prefer it not happen of course. It could be the distraction the Fed needs to keep its theft going. Same for the ECB.

  • A war between Syria and Israel will quickly involve Hezbollah (Lebanon) and Hamas (Gaza). Israel will see thousands of missiles landing all over the nation. It is likely that chemical weapons will be used against Israeli cities. Ultimately, this will be an all out push to destroy Israel. The existence of Israel will be threatened.

    What happened the last time the existence of Israel was threatened?

    In the 1973 Yom Kippur war, it initially looked like Israel would lose the war. At that time planes were being readied with nuclear weapons. The engines on these planes were being warmed as the pilots waited for the go ahead to take off. They never took off because miraculously the war turned around and the nuclear weapons were not needed.

    Do not be surprised if Israel uses nuclear weapons to obliterate its neighbors in the next war.

    What does that mean for the US?

    It means the US will be at risk of nuclear retaliation from Russia and China by the following spring.

    OK, you don’t believe that nuclear war will come to the US. What about Iran? Did you know that Iran is working very hard on a super-EMP weapon that can be launched from a ship in the Atlantic Ocean? This is a small nuclear weapon that throws off massive amounts of EMP that would fry our electronics and cause 90% of the US population to die within one year because they can’t get food. So if Russia and China don’t extract revenge, then it is almost certain that a few years later Iran will.

    The bottom line is that if the Middle East has a nuclear war, then you need to leave the US in a timely manner – before the next spring.

    One last thing. If Russia and China attack America, it will be a surprise attack just like Pearl Harbor. One day everything is fine, then in the middle of the night while you are sleeping the country will be obliterated. You won’t see it coming. It will come as a thief in the night.

    Today there are a lot of signs that a large part of the entire world is about ready to collapse. America, Europe and Japan are in an economic pre-collapse (It won’t take much to cause a collapse) state. Russia and China are in a pre-collapse state. The Middle East is in a collapse state. If the world is a sandpile, then it is coming down soon.

    • Guido

      I don’t think we’re really at risk of a nuclear war over Syria. There’s no reason to fire a nuke over Syria. Russia and China have no interest in them so important they would be willing to do that on their behalf. Syria is a worthless marginalized terror-supporting nation with nothing of real value to offer. Russia and China can sit back and watch us blow our economy, waste our troops, and make clowns of ourselves while blowing our credibility on another stinkhole country.

      Russia does sell them weapons, however, so I’m sure they’ll be happy to see what their toys can do to US aircraft. I’m sure Iran will be happy to provide them more support and weapons to use on us, too.

      Did anyone ever hear about the 2007 Israeli raid on a suspected Syrian nuclear plant? The Israelis flew in, hit what the Syrians claimed was an empty military facility, and no one would admit what it was, but sensors did detect radiation afterward. The Israelis later claimed it was a nuclear facility built by North Koreans.

      • jasehawk

        Guido, you are thinking logic though. The world is upside down. Whatever seems logical, WONT be the course of action

    • rich

      Hamas and Hezbollah are the reason why the US sent 12,000 troops into Israel who are specialists in making a missile defense system. They have now successfully tested the missile defense system so the missiles from Hamas and Hezbollah will be shot down. War is coming and it could possibly be World War 3. The bible speaks of a war that will start somewhere along the Euphrates River that will kill a third of mankind. The Euphrates river does run through Syria.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Nobody is going to war with Syria the military is badly stretched now the French and the Brits can barely keep up what they are doing now in Libya. The British Military is facing massive cuts the French don’t have the ordinance the Germans and the rest of the Northern Europeans in NATO wont fight. BO has serious issues on his left wing his base is starting to become disillusioned with him over many issues three of which are the three wars he in now in now. One more war might be enough to bring out a primary challenger out of the woodwork, Howard Dean or some other left wing crank.
    Nick Cleg stampeded in BO into Libya there where real fears of a blood bath, now there are real fears once Gaddafi is toppled the Libian opposition could start fighting each other.
    Nobody is chomping at the bit to go charging into Syria sure they’ll sell a hunk of wolf tickets, but that’s it. And don’t forget everybodies broke.

  • Concerned Reader

    Michael, do you support Ron Paul for the presidency? Do you agree with his stance on Iran? Personally it is not the job of the US to interfere with the internal of foregin nations. However, if the nation poses a significant threat then we have the right to clean house.

    • She’ll B right

      He’s a good, decent fella.

  • Gary2

    Can’t Israel simply deal with this? Its their backyard.

    This must be the war that I hear Gerald Celente talking about.

    Why do we care so much about what is happening in other country’s as ours goes down the tubes?

    I sure as hell would not send my kids to fight over anything in the middle east. There is NOTHING worth dying for over there.

    Let them fight it our amongst themselves and we can get oil from the winner.

  • Ken

    Watch for a false flag op that will be blamed on Syria.

    • JohnFromIreland


      You could well be the only guy on this forum with the slightest bit of common sense.
      There are false flag events fairly frequently and yet most people just repeat the mainstream media line – Terrorists are everywhere and they want to murder you, the government wants to protect you and never harm you or an innocent haha.

  • Ben Dover

    Wait until there are massive protests in USA. Will the US government be so worried about “human rights violations”?

  • In a desperate attempt to save his presidency, the democratic party, and the economy, President Obama may start another war. Many people still believe that world war II ended the great depression. Here is one economist with a different opinion supported by facts.


    Since we are trying to get another war started, how about a little more gas on the fire. Here is a war ready to go between Israel and Iran.


  • Kindra

    The united states CAN NOT afford another war!! The United States CAN no longer POLICE the world.. that’s why the U.S. is Hated! Our current politicians want war war war. What ever happened to diplomacy and peaceful resolutions? Or better yet, how about keeping our nose out of their business!!! END THESE SENSELESS WARS. vote RON PAUL 2012

    • martin topple

      Very tempting. Watched him on the debate for the Iowa straw poll. You can tell most don’t like him because he does not approve of our unconstitutional involvement in overseas conflicts where the outcome will be yet another Islamic nation that has no love for the US. Our forces are supposed to be used to defend the US not embroil us in other nations internal or local conflicts. We are not fighting a Hitler who has taken over one and parts of two other continents by force of arms. We need our young ones home to defend our borders .

  • Guido

    Why do we care about Syria?
    And why does Obama’s Iraq exit strategy seem to be cobbled together from a late-night RISK game? “OK, so we then we go into Egypt, then West Africa, then we cross to Brazil, invade Venezuela, seize Central America, and we’re home-unless you want to go East via Kamchatka… (http://www.atpm.com/7.07/images/risk-ii-1.jpg)

    Didn’t I read a year or two back the Russians sold a passel of S300 anti-air missiles to Syria? That might make a Libya-style no fly zone a little interesting.

    I can’t help thinking Syria connects to too many other issues to get involved in. You got Turkey, the Kurds, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Iran, Lebanon, the Med. I don’t think it would lead to WWIII. Why would Russia or China go to war over Syria? Better to sell them weapons, make us look like fools at the UN, and watch us blow our economy to bits on our own.

  • Tim

    Who are we to meddle in the affairs of other sovereign nations? What right did we have to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.? So, there are human rights violations in Syria? What about the countless Iraqi civilians that have been killed as a result of our invasion of that nation on the pretext that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction? (Bush later joked about there being no WMD at a White House dinner.) What about the way U.S. military personnel treated Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib? Weren’t their rights violated? The USA is an abomination. Is it any wonder that our economy is in the condition that it’s in? It’s God’s judgment on this nation for its wickedness. Unjust wars, abortion on demand, unjust weights and measures (our currency), state-condoned sodomy, covetousness. These are just a few our sins. There’s no turning this nation around. I don’t care who’s elected in 2012. America is going down.

  • Also watch Venezuela, Chavez has the nerve to demand his counties gold reserves from London and New York banks!

    I see a world war coming!!


  • Paul in AZ

    And all this at a time when, just yesterday, it was reported that there were several terrorist attacks in Israel. It was also reported that a missle was fired into Israel from the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. It makes me wonder if the wheels have not already been set in motion by Syria’s allies to provoke Israel into a multi-front war. Alas, only time will tell.

  • Fedupwithmorons

    Just remember that, American Dream means one thing to we the people, and another to the commies intending to destroy this country from within. American Dream is not what it is cracked up to be. It’s a code for commies and their collective salvation ideology.

  • William

    War based on LIES by a bankrupt America…..way to go, GW!!

  • Mr Carpenter

    When (not if) you see Damascus destroyed and vaporized in one afternoon’s time, then you will know that Christ’s time for His return is very very near.

    After Christ’s return, time will then cease, along with physicality. The Church Era will have ended.

    Eternity will have begun and the first thing each of us will see will be His face.

    Are you ready?

    Have you been reading His book, obeying His voice, listening to His love and sharing it too?

    If not, you’d better stop, turn around and think, read and digest.

    You mock? Check out The Bible. Open it up, start studying the prophesies – 99% of them HAVE COME TRUE. So go ahead, fool, mock Christianity as a religion of backward people led by a book written by “savages 4000 to 2000 years ago” – stick your head back into the sand and see how far that gets you through eternity.

    Michael, you do a great job here.

    See you in paradise some day soon.

    • Bill

      You’re a damn heretic.

    • Highspeedloafer


      • Highspeedloafer

        That’s an amen for Mr. Carpenter.

    • Gary2

      Dude-are you in some cult??

  • Rowell

    I have to agree with several comments here. There will be no world war because of Syria. I doubt that NATO will even treat Syria as another Libya. There are several middle eastern countries involved that are simply apalled at how Assad’s military are treating the citizens of Syria. Why would, say Turkey, be upset about Assad leaving when he is responsible for the deaths of thousands of his own people. Assad is in a tight place. He’s lied to the world, he’s resorted to base thuggery to keep control. There will come a point when the peaceful protests will turn into an outright revolt. At that point things will change. Those people in Syria that used to attack Israel will turn their attentions to “liberating” Syria from an oppressive dictator. Syrians can take care of themselves, and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the way they want it.

  • Isaiah 17:1:
    “The burden against Damascus.
    “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,
    And it will be a ruinous heap.”


  • El Pollo de Oro

    Gerald Celente has often said that when American politicians cannot revive the country’s sick, failing joke of an economy, their next step will be to take us to war. He’s right: it’s only a matter of time before the Democraps and RepubliKKKans get The Banana Republic of America into another war. It is inevitable.

    The thing I find laughable is that even though President Barack Obama has been a major war hawk (Justin Raimondo, the libertarian/paleoconservative who publishes AntiWar.com, considers Obama a big-time imperialist), Obama still isn’t bloodthirsty enough for the neocons. You remember the neocons: they were the imperialist rats who lied us into a war in Iraq and gave us a huge federal deficit and an anemic currency in the process. And most of today’s RepubliKKKans are neocons.

    Libertarians Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are staunch anti-imperialists; they are the type of patriots who Jonah Goldberg (that disgusting little neocon cockroach at the National Review) calls the “Give Peace a Chance conservatives.” But except for Paul, Johnson and a few other libertarian patriots, most of the GOP can go to hell. And if you have kids, don’t let them go to war. Don’t let your kids shed a drop of blood for the imperialist war machine. Get them out of the country if you have to.

    Imperialist war-mongering will not save The Banana Republic of America, a rotting, decaying Third World empire that is headed for total collapse. War will only hasten the BRA’s downfall.

  • Dean

    All is safe and good in the hands of God. Read Psalms Chapter 83 and rejoice.

  • john hand

    there was a letter from the head of the masons albert pike to the head of the italian mafia saying the where going to need two world wars and possible a third the third would be between the nialists[communists] and the christian and moslems they had to destroy both christian and moslem society because neither would accept there new world order.the war is to be so bad not many people left. sounds like revelations to me.

  • Rick

    All of these thing that are happening now were foretold of thousands of years ago in the Word of God and they are falling into place rapidly. Let’s don’t forget a major earthquake or two every day, massive flooding and droughts, disease and famine, and the coming global economic collapse. The stage is being set for the emergence of antichrist but He cannot be revealed until the Restrainer (God the Holy Spirit) is remmoved. The rapture of all believers in Christ is at hand and the world will be the object of the wrath of God. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and escape this. Come with us.

  • Gay Veteran

    Great web site, love the articles! But there are problems with some of the “religious” people on this site: “…Unjust wars, abortion on demand, unjust weights and measures (our currency), state-condoned sodomy, covetousness. These are just a few our sins….” State-condoned sodomy? What adults do in their bedrooms is none of our business. And you do understand that heterosexuals also engage in sodomy? eyeroll

    “…And as we have seen in Libya, the U.S. and the EU are now willing to conduct military operations in foreign nations in order to protect civilians from their own governments….”

    well, that is certainly the EXCUSE they use. Other oil-rich allies of the U.S. abuse their citizens and we do nothing. China gets involved in Libya oil fields and we attack.

  • Sanyobabe

    Mr Carpenter;
    You are right on.

  • I am a Syrian who grew up in Damascus and have extensive ties all over the country. The US and NATO need to topple Bashar Assad for the Safety of the Western Democracies as well as to do the right thing for the people of Syria. Approx 80% of Syria are Sunni Muslims and we all hate our 41 year Terror Regime. We have no free speech, no free press or tv, no real courts or trials, secret police everywhere spying on everyone and giant statues and posters of the Dictator and his family on every street and corner.. We all have personal stories of relatives and neighbors and friends who have been “disappeared” and killed by the Assad Regime and most of Syria will welcome the US and NATO troops with Roses if the invade to Liberate us from this Monster Assad. Also half of the Syria army will defect immediately and the criminal pro assad alawite half will run away when the Marines hit the beaches at Tartus and Latakia.
    Overthrowing the Assad Regime will be a mortal blow to Hezbollah, and will isolate Iran and push them way back geo-politically. We will kick out the Russians and Chinese and give their contracts to the Europeons and Americans. Lastly we will shut down the Russian naval base at Tartous, the only base they have outside of the Black sea.
    We Syrians say “Please USA – Invade Us. It will be a WIn-Win proposition – We get to be free and you get to change the whole middle east chessboard.

  • Prat

    I may sound like a quack but it wouldn’t be the first time. First off, US law implies that if there was a war during any presidential voting schedule, votes would be held until after the war. Good ole Mr. Bush II set that little tid bit up when he was president hoping to remain in office longer than his term. But since obama knows people are not with him of course he wants war so he can stay in office to f**** up more things here in america or to try and bring some honor back to his name. 2nd. Syria will be destroyed one way or another. It will happen. Isreal will win any war that is thrown at it. Period! All her enemies are bound to end up 6 feet under sooner or later. All we can do is sit back a watch it happen, take notes and watch the fires burn.

  • mondobeyondo

    Ever since Jacob stole the biblical birthright from Esau long, long ago (with a little fashion design help from Rebekah [Isaac’s wife.. read the Bible for more info] – as in, making Jacob’s smooth skin feel as hairy as Esau’s), there has been trouble between Arabs and Jews. The battle is about to reach its climax.

  • A.S.

    As an Orthodox Jew and supporter of Israel, especially since the outcome will be very good Israel (i.e. Israel will be more secure if Syria is destroyed), I find the wars of America to be ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, AND DISGUSTING. How dare America go into another country under the guise of “freedom and democracy,” when it can’t even provide these to its own people!

    If such wars continue, America deserves everything that it gets in return. G-d forbid, if WWIII begins because of this, this may actually give Obama unlimited terms as King of the USA, leading FEMA/Marshall Law.

  • A.S.

    This is a test to see if my personal image will be placed next to my comment.

  • leo

    I agreed with Mr. Carpenter. Come to Jesus before is too late.

  • Bob Marshall

    US nation building is going to cause WWIII.

  • Nothing’s going to happen. Syria is just another country that no one really cares about but they feel like they have to speak out against Asad out of principle. That’s the sad truth.

  • Mitt-question for you, who appointed you to move anyone? or the USA? and by modernity, how is Syria not “modern”? is it because they do not want ****************, the MTV culture, “gay rights”? Wre we to assume that it is because they do not worship the Great God Democracy????

    Romney, clueless and not qualified to be a elected leader of anything…

  • Sab

    The never-ending war America is having overseas is ILLEGAL n against Human Rights. With an economy constantly declining n with increasing internal problems, is it logic to leave Americans on their owns n try to ‘intervene in other nations’ (always using false-flag excuses)?Whats the point? Is it a diversion for our economy problems? Or to prove America’s Supremacy? Either way, i believe these wars are just creating more enemies to the US!!!

  • well the big war happen now in syria and is the most big happen now so we can say the war happen when the preant bashar he dont go out the the people get angry from him he fight thim to right now