Could We Actually See A War Between Syria And Turkey?

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In recent days, there have been persistent rumors that we could potentially be on the verge of a military conflict between Syria and Turkey.  As impossible as such a thing may have seemed just a few months ago, it is now a very real possibility.  Over the past several months, we have seen the same kind of “pro-democracy” protests erupt in Syria that we have seen in many of the other countries in the Middle East.  The Syrian government has no intention of being toppled by a bunch of protesters and has cracked down on these gatherings harshly.  There are reports in the mainstream media that say that over 1,300 people have been killed and more than 10,000 people have been arrested since the protests began.  Just like with Libya, the United States and the EU are strongly condemning the actions that the Syrian government has taken to break up these protests.  The violence in Syria has been particularly heavy in the northern sections of the country, and thousands upon thousands of refugees have poured across the border into neighboring Turkey.  Syria has sent large numbers of troops to the border area to keep more citizens from escaping.  Turkey has responded by reinforcing its own troops along the border.  Tension between Turkey and Syria is now at an all-time high.  So could we actually see a war between Syria and Turkey?


A few months ago anyone who would have suggested such a thing would have been considered crazy.  But the world is changing and the Middle East is a powder keg that is just waiting to explode.

Since the Syrian government began cracking down on the protests, approximately 12,000 Syrians have flooded into Turkey.  The Turkish government is deeply concerned that Syria may try to strike these refugees while they are inside Turkish territory.

Troop levels are increasing on both sides of the border and tension is rising.  One wrong move could set off a firestorm.

The government of Turkey is demanding that Syrian military forces retreat from the border area.

The government of Syria says that Turkey is just being used to promote the goals of the U.S. and the EU.  Syria also seems to be concerned that Turkey may attempt to take control of a bit of territory over the border in order to provide a “buffer zone” for refugees coming from Syria.

What makes things even more controversial is that the area where many of the Syrian refugees are encamped actually used to belong to Syria.  In fact, many of the maps currently in use inside Syria still show that the area belongs to Syria.

War between Syria and Turkey has almost happened before.  Back in the 1990s, the fact that the government of Syria was strongly supporting the Kurds pushed the two nations dangerously close to a military conflict.

Today, the border between Syria and Turkey is approximately 850 kilometers long.  The military forces of both nations are massing along that border.  One wrong move could set off a war.

Right now, it almost sounds as though the U.S. government is preparing for a war to erupt in the region.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently stated that the situation along the border with Turkey is “very worrisome” and that we could see “an escalation of conflict in the area”.

Not only that, but when you study what Clinton and Obama have been saying about Syria it sounds very, very similar to what they were saying about Libya before the airstrikes began.

In a recent editorial entitled “There Is No Going Back in Syria“, Clinton wrote the following….

Finally, the answer to the most important question of all — what does this mean for Syria’s future? — is increasingly clear: There is no going back.

Syrians have recognized the violence as a sign of weakness from a regime that rules by coercion, not consent. They have overcome their fears and have shaken the foundations of this authoritarian system.

Syria is headed toward a new political order — and the Syrian people should be the ones to shape it. They should insist on accountability, but resist any temptation to exact revenge or reprisals that might split the country, and instead join together to build a democratic, peaceful and tolerant Syria.

Considering the answers to all these questions, the United States chooses to stand with the Syrian people and their universal rights. We condemn the Assad regime’s disregard for the will of its citizens and Iran’s insidious interference.

“There is no going back”?

“Syria is headed toward a new political order”?

It almost sounds like they are already planning the transitional government.

The EU has been using some tough language as well.

A recent EU summit in Brussels issued a statement that declared that the EU “condemns in the strongest possible terms the ongoing repression and unacceptable and shocking violence the Syrian regime continues to apply against its own citizens. By choosing a path of repression instead of fulfilling its own promises on broad reforms, the regime is calling its legitimacy into question. Those responsible for crimes and violence against civilians shall be held accountable.”

If you take the word “Syrian” out of that statement and replace it with the word “Libyan” it would sound exactly like what they were saying about Gadhafi just a few months ago.

The EU has hit Syria with new economic sanctions and it is also calling on the UN Security Council to pass a resolution condemning the crackdown by the Syrian government.

It seems clear that the U.S. and the EU want to see “regime change” happen in Syria.

The important thing to keep in mind in all of this is that Turkey is a member of NATO.  If anyone attacks Turkey, NATO has a duty to protect them.

If Syria attacked Turkey or if it was made to appear that Syria had attacked Turkey, then NATO would have the justification it needs to go to war with Syria.

If NATO goes to war with Syria, it is very doubtful that Iran would just sit by and watch it happen.  Syria is a very close ally to Iran and the Iranian government would likely consider an attack on their neighbor to be a fundamental threat to their nation.

In fact, there are already reports in the international media that Iran has warned Turkey that they better not allow NATO to use their airbases to attack Syria.

So if it was NATO taking on Syria and Iran, who else in the Middle East would jump in?

Would Russia and China sit by and do nothing while all of this was going on?

Could a conflict in the Middle East be the thing that sets off World War III?

Let’s certainly hope not.

More war in the Middle East would not be good for anyone.

Unfortunately, tensions are rising to frightening levels throughout the region.  Even if things between Syria and Turkey cool off, that doesn’t mean that war won’t break out some place else.

Riots and protests continue to sweep across the Middle East and the entire region has been arming for war for decades.

Eventually something or someone is going to snap.

When it does, let us just hope that World War III does not erupt as a result.

  • Gary

    who cares? I say we let them kill each other in the middle east. Who ever wins we can get oil from them. I am so sick of hearing about isreal/palastein etc. WHO CARES???

    • Michael

      A lot of people care Gary.

      • Gary

        Michael-it would be a cold day in hell before I would send my children to die for ANYTHING in the middle east period. If you want to intervene than go for it. You can lead the charge. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is worth dying for/getting maimed for in the middle east or else where.

        We need to control the things we can control like it says in the serenity prayer.

        DO I care if people are warring and dying in other countries? Of course but there is nothing we can do to solve every conflict. where does it end?

    • Ben Dover

      Or we could exploit our own energy resources and not be slaves to the ME.

    • Ben Dover

      A REAL “peace plan” for Israel will be implimented only after one side has been mercilessly pounded into submission. Paper “peace plans” never work for long.

    • Guido

      Yeah, because Turkey and Syria are huge sources of oil. We can invade Syria and take all their oil! Get with the program, Gary-Syria’s gross national product is terrorism.

      • Ben Dover

        USa’s gross national product is chewing tobacco.

      • Xander cross

        Something is wrong with guide.

    • Momma

      So you care about stealing someone’s money but you don’t care if people slaughter one another? I am not sure if your head is on straight.

      • Momma

        That comment is for Gary, not you Michael.

        • Gary

          Look-when and only when we fix the problems here in America would I give 2 shits about the middle east etc, If we can not reduce our childhood poverty and poverty in general here we have no business worrying about over there.

          It is their countries in the middle east and elsewhere and not ours. They can solve their own problems. We need to stop empire building.

          And yes I am a liberal who agrees with Ron Paul on this. (it goes to show that even a broken clock has the correct time twice per day)

          • Michael

            Gary agrees with Ron Paul?

      • Gary

        We can not solve the worlds problems.

    • Tim

      The world doesn’t revolve around you, Gary.

    • JasonD

      It’s been observed in the past that when political upheaval happens in an oil producing region the production is never again quite the same due to the inevitable destruction of infrastructure.

    • Calling Out a Moron

      Gary (and Gary2) are total morons.

      • Gary

        I’ve been called worse…

  • Concerned Reader

    “Could a conflict in the Middle East be the thing that sets off World War III?”

    Honestly, I believe that we are in the early days of World War 3. With tensions seemingly rising around the world it just seems as if the world is one powder keg away from experiencing another global war. Every single continent has a potential poweder keg and the declining economic fortunes of the poorer masses of the world is not helping to ease tensions.

  • Maria

    With all of our knowledge about the history of the world, with all of our modern technology, with all of our scientific discoveries, with all of our high ideals, why are we still lost in the hopeless efforts of war?

    Why do billions of people around the world allow themselves to be led down the path of self destruction?

    And who are these “leaders” that decide it is in our best interest to send our population to die?

    For what cause? Is it really freedom? Or is freedom only a guise covering the more sinister schemes of a small but powerful society who foments war only to financially benefit from both the annihilation of one nation and the triumph of the other? A once secret society who desires a “solution” to the ever increasing and resource ravenous “useless eaters” of our world’s population. A once secret society who now openly desires the formation of a “one world organization” to rule the earth and all its ignorant inhabitants. A one world government that will be ushered in once the collapse of the world’s economy is achieved through the use of internationally entangled derivatives and other tools of the fiat banking system. A world government that will unleash tyranny through horrific scientific population controls which the world has never known.

    How can we ever attain our true capabilities for which God created us, if we allow ourselves to be led by such despicable and evil creatures?

    With all of our sophistication and modernization, are we really any more knowledgeable or superior than our ancestors? Or are we just as easily manipulated as they were? Maybe the luxury of sophistication and modernization has made us even more so.

    • Well stated. I believe we have to become an independent thinker and do for ourselves the best we can. The systems don’t work for us anymore so we must breakaway from them. Hoping that they will change for the better(the populace) is hopeless.

    • Luis

      I suggest reading “The Secret Terrorists” and “The Enemy Unmasked” by Bill Hughes (you can read both books online). He does an excellent job of exposing just who the schemers are, and the website exposes their ultimate agenda. Hope you check it out sometime.


      Agree 100% with Marie. I’d just like to add that if we keep taking from Mother Earth and not putting anything back there won’t be anything left to fight over.Then again most religions are obsessed with the after life and not interested in this one.hOW CAN WE Call ourselves civilised when most of the world’s population live on the edge of starvation whilst a few live in luxury and the rest in relative comfort.

  • Maria

    I just dropped in to your American Dream website to see if things are progressing as well as they are in your Collapse blog. Unbelievable what I am reading in the comments of these articles!

    To all of you who support Agenda 21 and the depopulation of the world, do you realize you are advocating your own elimination? You are also assuming that humans have reached perfection in their management of the planet’s resources. We are not even close! Some of you are fine with wiping out 90% of the Earth’s population, to include yourselves, without even considering the benefits of simply improving the way we live. It doesn’t require population control! It requires intelligent and unhindered scientific research into process improvements and product development WHICH GENERATES JOBS PEOPLE. GOOD JOBS!

    I can’t believe people think the mega corporations are so wonderfully perfect in the job they’ve done so far in industry and finance. They are corrupt, greedy and completely devoid of any ethical management! Before you A21 90% of your family members, maybe you ought to consider axing some of the multi-national corporations and banks that are buying up and controlling the world’s resources to purposefully create the horrific environment we currently have. Has it ever occurred to any of you that eliminating monopolies makes it possible to have an equitable finance and trade structure?

    According to this website there are 52 million sq miles of hospitable land surface on Earth which divided by 7 billion people comes out to about 135 people per square mile. In America, many of us thought the American Dream was a lot in the burbs on about 10,000 square feet for our entire family. That leaves a heck of a lot of land for cities, farms, parks and everything else necessary for a balanced ecology including more people. You want less traffic, start developing more efficient transportation like high speed rail which means more jobs! GOOD JOBS!

    It is obvious the public indoctrination education system is working wonders on the minds of all you “free thinkers” out there. Something tells me God didn’t make a mistake when he created the world. I know, I know, many of you don’t believe in God. You find it difficult to believe in the truth of the Creator and the Savior and the Holy Spirit, but you buy the lies of multi-national corporate funded Agenda 21! Wow, are you in for the surprise of a lifetime when you kick the bucket!

    Thanks, Michael, for another great effort to wake the sheeple from their mind numbing MSM agenda!

    Keep swinging for the fences!

    • Michael

      Thank you Maria – I very much appreciate that you keep visiting the sites and that you keep leaving such great comments.


    • Ben Dover

      I do not advocate population control. I simply believe that it will be brought about via human stupidity and finished through natural processes.

  • Ben Dover

    the government of USA will have to eat it’s words when they begin to slaughter it’s citizens wholesale.

  • Nexus

    Personally I think that WW3 has been going on since the end of WW2 as a series proxy wars and contained conflicts, etc.

  • Guido

    I don’t think Turkey needs to go to war with Syria. Thanks to the Kemal Attaturk dam, all they need to do is cut off the Euphrates and let the Syrians sweat it out for a while before asking if they meant to be quiiiite so hotheaded.

    I don’t think the US will allow a regional war between Turkey and Syria.
    1-it places the Persian Gulf and the Suez in danger, which could drive oil sky-high and hurt everyone.
    2-If we got involved and Iran got involved, our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan could come under additional threat. They’ve always been the barrier to attacking Iran, since Iran could easily go after them. Iran already runs Iraq, so it wouldn’t be hard to turn Iraq into a nightmare for US troops.
    3-Any conflict in the area probably brings Israel in, since they won’t permit Iranian and Syrian ships to bring weapons or troops past their coast.
    4-Israeli participation would probably suck much of the Arab world into war against them. It also brings on increased attacks from the Palestinian terrorists.
    5-Iran might violate Iraqi territory to fly or move troops and weapons directly into Syria. This could suck Turkey into Northern Iraq, where the Kurds run their own country. The Turks already want to go after the Kurds, who Syria supports. The war could get even bigger on that one, since the Iraqi army up there IS the Kurdish army.
    6-Where does Greece stand when their most-hated neighbor is involved in a war in their backyard???
    7-Egypt’s stupid new regime is made up of anti-Israeli Muslim hard-liners. What will they do if their Muslim brothers are in a war across the pond? They already stated they want to attack Israel.
    8-What do Central Asian republics, where we also have troops, do in support of their Muslim brothers?
    9-What happens if NATO gets involved in Syria with their violent Muslim minorities? The recent Libyan conflict indicated NATO probably can’t do much, anyway. (Paper Tiger, anyone?)
    10-What happens if this conflict is occurring during the run up to a US election?
    11-What happens with the violent Muslim minorities in the US?

    I think the US will be making some incredible moves to stop this conflict before it really starts.

    • Ben Dover

      Libya painfully illustrates how the USA has carried the defense burden of Europe for decades and that without USA supplying the majority of the fighting people and equipment NATO is impotent.

  • Start getting Ready

    Most Everyone ALREADY knows that the ship is sinking, “the current economic system” is collapsing right before our eyes.

    For some it is happening in slow motion.

    For others it is happening as fast as a bolt of lightning.

    We are like people on the deck of the titanic, looking at each other and waiting for a cue when to start panicking and going into survival mode.

    What might be the panic buttons?

    when major food chains have no real staples of food for weeks in the isles and the media blames it on fuel shortages.

    frequent power outages in major cities while energy companies ration out home energy for heating and cooling.

    Or the government implements alternate fueling up days and limits each to 5 gallons of gas.

    loaf of Bread or a pound of butter reaching $10. each.

    protest Marches on the steps of Washington by the millions upon millions of unemployed.

    What will be the panic buttons?

    Most of us are waiting with bated breath.

    But guaranteed it is coming, brace yourselves and prepare people
    oh do prepare.

  • TK

    Yes we could see a war between Syria and Turkey, and it will affect everyone in ways we haven’t imagined.

    Many years ago, if a war broke out in Africa or some other country, it did not affect us much. Now when a war breaks out, because of how closely the world is tied together, it does affect everyone. Due to our technology, war has a more far reaching effect then it ever did.

    Do I want war to break out? No. Will war break out somewhere in the World? It is not a matter of if, but when.

  • Barton

    I think too many people care and that’s the problem,
    I think the U S Should stay out of other country’s
    Business and worry about our own problems.
    Screw all those in the middle east, we have our own problems,

    • Gary

      Amen brother!

  • It looks like Turkey is our stalking horse for now. It really look to me like the US is determined to start WW3.

    Be careful out there people

  • ===
    This very well may occur, and this WW-III/IV maybe economically productive minus nuclear weapons. World populations are stressing global human resources to support them. Prune population is always good.
    The reality of all wars are based on economics political values only, and everything else is propaganda broadcasted by news medias, past to present.
    All wars are preplanned by corporate political global leaders from behind closed doors. The sheeple are always blind followers of propaganda otherwise shunned by society.
    Global populations and society, basically are all zombies cattle’s for the corporate whims of slaughter and economic servitude.
    War is for corporate political profit and nothing more.
    History is written by the victorious, and mislead by propaganda is always proper.
    ME URL:!/potassium.iodide1

    • Gary

      your link does not work.

  • mondobeyondo

    What an excellent opportunity for the U.S. to stick its nose into yet another foreign conflict!!

    As if Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya weren’t enough… Just allow Syria to push Turkey a bit too far, send a few Syrian troops across the Turkish border – and we’re coming in to defend our Turkish allies (under the NATO flag, of course). Maybe we’ll even put in a no-fly zone or something! Oh, goody…

    Oh yeah, we happen to be close friends with Israel, too. Syria and Israel – not close friends. Iran, Lebanon and Syria – pretty close friends.

    Yup, things could get quite interesting.

    • Ben Dover

      Sadly, since Turkey is a NATO member, USA is treaty -bound to come to their aid. Sucks because we all know that Turkey couldn’t and wouldn’t provide much, if any, aid to USA if needed.

  • Idealist


    Anyone intelligent will care because wars cause all kinds of economic, political problems. I care because I am not a cold, heartless savage. I care about democracy and human rights. If everyone had a pig ignorant apathetic attitude, there would be no hope and people would not work together for freedom.

  • A.S.

    I still don’t understand one thing: if Syria’s government wants to kill all the protesters, would not it be better and cheaper for them to just let these protesters seek asylum in Turkey?

  • brian

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, maria

  • Barton

    I say help when it’s asked for!
    Not because (we) think they need help,
    Let these country’s fight it out themselves,
    Why put our troops in the middle again in
    A fight that has nothing to do with the
    United States,come on people really

  • Ben W

    This could be the world nuking that is so desperately needed to cleanse this planet of the human filth that is destroying it…

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Gerald Celente has often said that when all the bailouts, stimulus, etc. fail to revive this country’s desperately sick economy, the response of politicians will be to take us to war. In other words, the politicians of this collapsing, dying empire known as The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) will hope that a major war will serve as a giant economic stimulus package. Signore Celente is right: get ready for war. But another war will not save the BRA’s dying economy. It will only add to an already humungous federal deficit. And as Celente, Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo (, Alex Jones and other anti-imperialists have pointed out, empires are not sustainable. So many countries that used to have empires (France, Spain, England, Russia) gave them up because they were not sustainable. Imperialism carries a heavy price tag. But the lessons of history are lost on all the neocons, neolibs, RepubliKKKans and Democraps who can’t wait for another major war.

    “When all else fails, they take you to war.”—Gerald Celente.

    Where will the BRA be going to war? Iran, Turkey, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Venezuela, Lebanon? There are many possibilities given all the economic turmoil that is going on in the world. Another war will not save The Banana Republic of America from total economic collapse, but that won’t stop our politicians from trying.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I just don’t see a war happening, why? I don’t see an up side for anybody? It’s not as if the Syrians don’t have enough on their plate even with the backing and active support of the IRG (Iranian Revolutionary Guard). Iran has an interest in challenging Turkey to leadership in the Middle East but now? Why not wait until you get some of those Mushroom Makers built and the situation in Bahrain sorted out, then you can slap the Turks around. If Syria went to war with Turkey Iran would have to back Syria thier only real ally in the Middle East Iraq is iffy and Arab (The Iranians are ethnically Aryans not Arabs).
    I don’t see a war starting over 12, 000 refugees, but then some guy in the summer of 1914 would have scoffed at a European war starting over the death of some dimwitted Arch Duke and his wife.

    • Guido

      You are correct, Sir! I think your read on the situation is pretty good.

  • Tatiana Covington

    If it weren’t for nuclear weapons, I would say, “Let them kill each other off!”

    Then finally we could get some peace and quiet.

  • Guido

    I can’t see NATO doing much to support Turkey-they can’t even support the Libya operation effectively. Soooo it will be us, I guess.

  • kyagb

    Does anybody remember the sub launched ICBM fired off the Ca. coast in Nov?? That was a warning!! Others do have the capability of nuking the US…(China?) Just dont forget, WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones! Pray WW3 never happens…if it does, kiss your a__ good bye!! Its really to bad humans never learn and history repetes its self…

  • My prayers are with the folks in Libya


    Did you see the frightened ones?Did you hear the falling bombs?Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when thepromise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear bluesky?


    brave new world TIC TIC TIC!!!


    US does not have any other reasonably working option but to instigate a really big (world) war in an attempt to restore its previous positions. With the only industry still working in America being the military sector the US flow towards a big war is now just a matter of months, not years. The impact of the military industrial sector on the Government, Congress and Senate is continuously growing, and we are all heading towards the world war at an accelerating rate.

    It is going to be Fukushima all around (all of) us.

  • jack nichols

    War=Money With all this debt the world has no choice. We will be engaged in WW3 and Nuclear weapons will be used. The issue is very simple really, what are YOU going to do about it? Personally I am preparing I hope I survive.

  • Wallenstein

    World War 3?

    Maybe, but to do so, we would have to borrow the money from China. Use that money in order to buy the electronic components for our weapons from the Japanese.

    “Brilliant” war strategy, eh?

  • emix

    Turkey is 6th at the rank of strongest army in the world. and Syria is on 35th so..(google it)..i give them 3 take over all syria..its a piece of cake for Turkey..ofcourse this is the last thing we all want..cos there are families,kids,wifes,mothers.. only thing Turkey wants is that Syria must stop killing his own people in order to keep them quite..its a free world Turkey wants to see freedom and democracy,.And in that region Ottomans are the boss..and its always been so since centuries..

    • mert

      syria can have the other countries behind their back but most of the countries need turkey for trade and other political reasons bc turkey is the border of asia and europe. no other country will take their risks to go against turkey for any other reasons. turkey is small but turkey’s population is almost more than the whole europe. no one will mess with turkey on this war.

  • mert

    emix is right and if the war starts it will start because of the syrians burning the turkish flag. Flag means a lot to the turks and it is disrespectful to the country. turkey is just waiting for the right time. the war will start. syrians are just teasing turks. turks are just waiting for the last mistake that they will make. one more move and turkey will take over syria no matter what. burning the flag is just disrespect and pulling turkey to war. it will happen soon.

  • US, UK & Israel are currently engaged in a shadow war with Iran. Massive US troop withdrawals from Iraq & Pakistan. Will they disband or be reassigned elsewhere? Iran?

  • Recep–Turkey

    Let them kill each other??? Lets not forget the main root cause of the problem in the middle east is the USA itself. this has been proved many times throughout the history, and we will see now if America is a good ally of Turkey.. Turkey is the most powerful country in the region and dont need any country or help to defend its borders. Turkey have a lot of enemies such as greeks, armenians, russians, arabs, kurds, etc. If Turkey was a weak in terms of military power and economy, we wouldnt be allowed living in this region in peace. Now, we are being pushed into a war, but we can handle it. we have 80 miilions of soldiers who are ready to die for our flag and country.. see our history, no need to talk much.. our ancestors defended this country against our enemies for centuries, and we ruled the region.. if this stupid syrians dont know the history, it’s time to learn. lets not forget: HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF..