12 Signs That America Has Become A Politically-Correct Madhouse

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What in the world has happened to the United States? We are rapidly getting to the point where political correctness is in danger of becoming our national religion. Of course most people would not even call it a “religion”, but for most Americans this unwritten set of rules shapes everything that they think, do and say. Many had been hoping that the spell of political correctness would be broken by the election of Donald Trump, but that obviously has not happened. The forces of political correctness still have a stranglehold on our education system, on all forms of entertainment, on our legal system, and on most of the politicians in both political parties.


The unwritten rules of political correctness are shifting and changing all the time, and if you don’t keep up with them the penalties can be extremely severe.

If you do or say the wrong thing at the wrong time, you could lose your friends, you could lose your job, and you could potentially even lose your reputation.

In fact, there have been numerous people over the past year that have been publicly crucified in the court of public opinion for doing or saying something that was not politically-correct.

And with each passing day, the forces of political correctness take a little bit more ground. The following are 12 signs that America has become a politically-correct madhouse…

#1 According to Time Magazine, a book entitled “Santa’s Husband” will be released on October 10th by a major U.S. publisher that depicts Santa as “a gay man in an interracial relationship”.

#2 A middle school in North Hollywood is facing substantial budget cuts because they have too many non-minority students

Outrage has grown at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, as the school faces layoffs and increased class sizes due to a law limiting funds for schools with a higher white student body.

The Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30 percent.

In a letter to parents, the district noted the highly regarded middle school had been above the percentage for the past couple years.

#3 According to Michael Moore, historians will mark “March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began” because Donald Trump has rolled back Obama’s climate change regulations.

#4 One of my readers just sent me a photo that his 16-year-old son took at school. It is a photo of a slide that was being projected on to a large screen at the front of his classroom that contained this message: “Polls show that young people today are more accepting of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people than ever before. Why do you think that is?”

#5 An elementary school in California has banned the game of “tag” because it is too dangerous.

#6 At one high school in Iowa, students were recently denounced as “racists” for dressing up in red, white and blue for a basketball game.

#7 In North Carolina, as early as the first grade a “gender unicorn” is being used to teach children “about sexual orientation and gender identity“…

Just last year in our home city of Charlotte, North Carolina, the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System used the “gender unicorn” to teach students—as young as first grade—all about sexual orientation and gender identity. This cute, little, fury animal was used to promote the idea that sexual orientation asks the question, “Who do you go to bed with?” while gender identity asks the question, “Who do you go to bed as?” And these can be fluid, of course. Kids can change whenever and however they want.

#8 According to Dr. Michael Brown, bathroom scales have been taken out of the gym at one college campus for a very strange reason: “Administrators at Carleton University have removed the bathroom scales from the campus gym, claiming that ‘being fixated on weight’ does not ‘have any positive affect [sic] on your health.'”

#9 A Christian university in Minnesota has told professors “to stop using terms such as ‘man’ and ‘mankind’ because they are too masculine“.

#10 Snickers bars will soon be sold in rainbow wrappers “as part of a pro-LGBT ad campaign“.

#11 A 32-year-old man will now compete in international volleyball events as a transgender woman, and may end up qualifying for the Olympics as a female athlete…

The now 32-year old says volleyball has been the constant in a life full of changes. In January, she was just approved by USA Volleyball to compete as a woman. Before that, she was required to play in the men’s division at all USAV sanctioned events.

USAV requires transgender women to undergo hormone replacement therapy consistently for at least one year — with proper documentation — and they also have to change their identification, like passports and birth certificates, to female. Before, some organizations, including the Olympics, would require trans athletes to have sex reassignment surgery.

#12 Planned Parenthood has killed millions of children, but nobody from that organization ever seems to get into trouble with the law. Instead, two activists that exposed the fact that Planned Parenthood is auctioning off baby parts to the highest bidder have been charged with 15 felonies in the state of California.

In this type of environment, people like me are becoming dinosaurs. If you follow my work on a regular basis, you know that I am not afraid to do or say things that might offend some people.

Of course I am not actually trying to offend anyone, but I won’t let the forces of political correctness dictate what I can or cannot say about a particular topic.

Ultimately, political correctness is a tool that progressives use to silence the opposition.

They want to make it a crime to think or say anything that they might find offensive, and to a substantial degree it is working.

Our founders intended for us to permanently have a right to free speech, but now we have moved into a time when saying the wrong thing can get you brutally persecuted.

I would like to be optimistic that we can start to roll back the forces of political correctness, but as I noted at the beginning of this article, they have control of our schools, our courts, our entertainment and most of our political leaders.

But of course we can never give up the fight, because if they win life in America will ultimately become a complete and total nightmare.

  • Paul Patriot

    I suggest reading “the snapping of the american mind” by David Kupilean, he addresses exactly how Marxist and communist propoganda will eventually wear objectors out and they give in.

    I thought the American spirit was tougher, but sadly the ideology of folks like Saul alinsky, Karl marx has over taken tjhe American mind

    • Capitalist

      I find such notions to be of interest; I have been an unwavering capitalist since the third grade. I do not believe most people wallow in their economic woes in the manner most assume.

      The anti capitalism displayed on the left is less obfuscated and more blatant. Such delusions do not require an explanation.

      However, right wing anti capitalism is much more difficult to detect. The manifestation of such iniquity can be found in mainly blue collar and working class individuals, who have only opprobrium for us productive capitalists, and the vital intelligentsia that fuels innovation.

      Such people choose retrogression and stagnation over economic growth and progress of exponential nature. They believe in perpetuity that the stock market will collapse, for they possess an entitlement attitude, similar to some leftists.

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    • watchmannonthewall

      According to Ezekiel 38-39, it is the Communists and the Persians who are dealt with at the return of Messiah. From that point on, notice that all the nations know who Yehovah is!

      “And I will set My glory [Jesus Christ] among the nations; and all the nations will see My judgment which I have executed, and My hand which I have laid on them. And the house of israel WILL KNOW that I am the LORD their God from that day onward!

      And the nations will know that the house of Israel went into exile FOR THEIR INIQUITY BECAUSE THEY ACTED TREACHEROUSLY AGAINST ME, and I hid My face from them; so I gave them into the hand of their adversaries, and all of them fell by the sword.

      According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions I dealt with them, and I hid my face from them.” (Ez. 39:21-24) The following verses (25-29) deal with the restoration of God’s people and chapters 40-48 tell us of the Millennial Reign of the King of Israel. This series of chapters is a chronological order of events at the end of this age and the beginning of the next!

      To be restored God gives very specific instructions to His peiople: These are found in Leviticus 26 and correspond with Daniel’s example in Daniel 9 and John, in the NT, in 1 John 1:9. WE have to agree with Him as to our sin!! If we truely want Jesus, Yeshua, to come and restore His people, we have to follow the process He laid out with Moses 3500 years ago. This is a LEGAL requirement!!

      • Paul Patriot



  • davidnrobyn

    Recommended reading: The Rise of Political Correctness by Angelo Codevilla. Very insightful.

  • davidnrobyn

    Hey, Carrie (check verified), where are you? I’m surprised you’re not weighing in on this to debunk it. And also I’d be interested in hearing your debunking of the 15 felony charges brought against the two who made videos of Planned Parenthood people discussing selling/disposing of fetal body parts. Hmmm?

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    • i

      A number of things on the list don’t fit the dictionary definition of politically-correct but otherwise I’d fully agree with the title.

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  • The problem is you were led to believe America is the greatest country ever..That was brainwashing number 1 now it has become easier to mind control Americans because they were born with believing in BS.

    Americans needs to check the inflated EGO, live a VERY SIMPLE LIFE and not thing they are SPECIAL.

    All problems will vanish in a day

    • groove

      Every nation thinks they’re the greatest.

    • Paul Patriot

      The fact that millions from nations world wide wanted to come here kind of proves your “brainwashing” statement as nonsense.

      • erm

        No, actually more Americans than ever have renounced their citizenship.

        • ZeitTrash

          About four thousand last year out of a population of 300+ million. And millions continue to pour in from around the world. You don’t understand stats very well, do you?

          • erm

            The vast majority of people who would like to move could never afford to.

            millions continue to pour in for the welfare just like millions are pouring into Europe for

          • Katana Man

            Foreign immigrants are hardly true Americans. Non integraters.

      • Katana Man

        Your mob kill millions overseas too. Proud?

    • Marino

      ‘hasta’ lavista. America is STILL the greatest country in the world–otherwise all the illegals and misfits wouldn’t want to come here to mooch off our success. If you want to bi tch and moan, go somewhere else–ASAP.

  • George W Hill Jr

    WHAT WILL THEY DO WHEN THE $$$ DOES NOT WORK … THAT IS WHEN IT IS NEAR ZERO … the “liquidity” crisis in China was caused by us T bonds already T bills refused for payment for a debt.

  • James Staten

    It’s an Insanity of Evil

  • Ray S.

    I sure do miss the 80s… life was great back then.

  • Hollywood

    Murica is doomed.

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  • AnotherLover

    Hey just thought I’d throw this out there — the very moment a friend told me what PC was — we’re talking 1992-1993 here — I immediately saw it for what it was: mind control, in short. I saw that it prevents in real-time, live, the thoughts from becoming words. That was the key mechanism. It removes the speaker from the moment.

    You can look at boxing, let’s say, as a contest between two men each trying to reach the present moment first. Whomever makes it closer to the present will win. Like when Spider Man gained his powers (Just bear with me. It’s a great scene if you’ve seen it). Everything slows down. That represents the fact he’s closer to the present moment.

    PC takes away that ability. It removes you from the moment. It takes away your ability to fight and win. That’s how I saw it immediately upon hearing about it. And then I watched for the next 25 years as PC did exactly that — prevented meaningful discussion. It’s been doing the exact same thing for 25 years now, among a growing list of other crimes against freedom. Time for the boot!

    • Eileen Kuch

      PC has its origins in the long defunct Bolshevik Russia under Vladimir Lenin as early as 1918, although not as entrenched as in present-day USSA. Back then, PC was limited to criticizing Jews for being Jews.
      It was Leib Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky who invented the term “anti-Semitism”, which was the beginning of the PC movement, and it wasn’t expanded until the 1960’s, spurred on by the academicians of the Frankfurt School, when non-Whites were added to the “special privilege” category. However, it wasn’t until the 1990’s and beyond that sexual orientation was added. 21st Century USSA is now the USSR on steroids.

  • SantosGarcia

    Our primary weapon in this ongoing spiritual warfare is Prayer! https://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2007/07/04/praying-for-the-healing-of-america/

  • TheDrewtho

    “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.” – George Carlin

  • Ma Mor

    All this stuff is happening ever since the Christian churches in America decided to stay away from politics. Who filled the vacuum? You guess!

  • William Lutz

    We can ignore the political correctness standards, but attempting to defeat the forces behind it is a lost cause. They won’t win; we will be at war with them.

  • Ivan

    Welcome to Russia, we are glad for everyone, who is without rainbow flag.

    P.S. hope, that Trump will do America grate again.