12 Signs Of Extreme Optimism In America Now That Donald Trump Has Been Elected

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hope-despair-public-domainThe election of Donald Trump has brought a giant wave of optimism to conservative America unlike anything that we have seen since probably the days of Ronald Reagan. Millions of Americans that were once deeply pessimistic about the future of this country now have hope again thanks to what many consider to be the greatest miracle in the history of U.S. politics. And just like so many of the pre-election polls, the predictions about how the nation would immediately respond to a Trump victory have turned out to be completely wrong as well.


Instead of a historic stock market crash as many in the mainstream media were projecting, we have seen an unprecedented stock market rally in the days following Trump’s win.

Instead of an immediate economic downturn, many economic indicators have surged to their highest levels in quite some time in recent weeks.

And instead of feeling gloomy about the future, many Americans are feeling really good about what is ahead for the first time in a very long time.

The following are 12 signs of extreme optimism in America now that Donald Trump has been elected…

#1 The U.S. dollar is once again the strongest currency in the world. It has soared in value since Trump’s stunning election victory and on Wednesday the U.S. dollar index hit the highest level that we have seen since March 2003.

#2 Stocks continue to skyrocket in the aftermath of Trump’s win. On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a brand new all-time record closing high of 19083.18.

#3 The University of Michigan’s consumer expectations index has hit the highest level in 18 months.

#4 The percentage of Americans that believe that the U.S. will experience “continuous good times” over the next year has risen to 46 percent, which is up 11 percent from the reading in October.

#5 Some other newly released numbers show that U.S. consumers are the most optimistic that they have been in a decade

According to the latest report, in some cases, Americans are the most hopeful they have been in more than a decade. For the first time since 2006, 37 percent of households said they expect their personal finances to improve in 2017. Also hitting decade highs: real income expectations, as wage growth continues to gain strength in a broadening swath of the economy.

#6 Investor optimism about stock prices has risen to the highest level in 21 months.

#7 U.S. manufacturing PMI has hit the highest level in 13 months.

#8 The number of U.S. oil rigs in operation has hit a 10 month high.

#9 The Federal Reserve appears to think that the U.S. economy is now “strong enough” for a hike in interest rates in December.

#10 Now that Trump has won, gun stores are reporting that sales are down significantly as Americans embrace a more positive outlook regarding the future.

#11 A new Gallup poll has found that 51 percent of Americans have become “more confident” in Trump’s ability to lead the country since the election, and only 40 percent have become “less confident”.

#12 As I discussed just a few days ago, Gallup has also found that the percentage of Republicans that believe that the U.S. economy is “getting better” jumped from 16 percent just prior to the election to 49 percent after the election.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that the U.S. economy will become stronger than ever before.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that the U.S. military will be rebuilt and will become so strong that nobody will ever dare to mess with us.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that the United States will once again become the most loved and most respected nation on the entire planet.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that relations with Russia, China and other major foreign powers will significantly improve.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that we are on the verge of a “financial harvest” unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that honor and integrity will be restored throughout our judicial system.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans believe that “law and order” will be restored to our cities.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that we are entering a new golden age of peace and prosperity for the United States.

None of those things are true.

You may not believe me right now, and that is okay, but ultimately all of the things that I have been warning about are going to hit America. We are headed for the worst times that this nation has ever experienced, and in the end it isn’t going to make a difference whether Donald Trump is in the White House or not.

About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The Most Important News. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

  • Guest

    LOL. When I saw the title of this article, Michael, I thought that you had changed your view of things.

    Personally, I’m tired of it all. Maybe I spend too much time on the internet reading alternative news sites. My goal is to fast from the internet tomorrow. I’m going relax and spend time with my family and give thanks for the blessings in my life.

    • palsiewalsie

      Mike got a job and got out of the basement. I’m glad he’s happy. I just want to see restaurants booming again, it’s sad to visit a franchise restaurant like Olive Garden or Red Lobster, or Longhorn at noon, and no other customers? On a Saturday at lunch?
      The ink spot on America will soon leave and everything will be good again as long as Romney is replaced as State Dept. pick, wasn’t Hillary bad enough? Nicky Haley as UN whatever puzzles me, she’s a right old cow, don’t see the attraction. And way down the road, after Mike Pence puts in his eight years, I think lovely Tulsi Gabbard should be our first woman President, she’s intelligent and accomplished, and showers daily unlike goblin Clinton.
      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • This is madness. At one point they told me, America is done, its finished and I packed my bags, never to come back to America. Now you telling me, its all good and that America really will be great again.

    endofAmericandream, economiccollapseblog site names have become an oxymoron. In this scenario, Micheal should seriously consider changing his site name as well :)

    • paul mullin

      Did you bother to read the last paragraph in his article? Dont be so quick to judge

  • David

    just the fact that the Wall Street Elite have lost Trillions of Dollars on a FAILED Hillary run doesn’t mean things will be rosy after Trump’s inauguration & that is even if there is one. The Elite won’t let us “Deplorables” off that easy you can bet on that.

  • “Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that […]”

    Welp, let’s not forget that up until the day after Election Day “many Americans were convinced that” Hillary Clinton would win not just the popular vote, but also the Presidency, so…

    And yes I read the final line. And as always, it matters not one whit what “many Americans believe”. Neither facts nor reality are bound by any laws to follow what anyone happens to have convinced themselves of :(

  • medicalkidnap.com

    Gun owners and people who didn’t want a huge surge in “Allahu Akbars” are sure relieved she didn’t win!

  • winrob

    This is a classic example of a pessimist venting! I have never seen the value of pessimism. It is of NO help in addressing a problem, or boosting one’s confidence, or inspiring others. In the last two months I have gone blind in my best eye due to temporal arteritis and my beloved dog Vulcan died of liver cancer. If I was a pessimist like this writer, I’d be dead too. Instead, I’m adding insulation to our henhouse for egg production through my prediction of a colder than average winter and practicing driving my Tundra without stereo vision. Readers: which one of us do you want watching your back?

  • Hope makes it’s own magic

    Hope is what we need, now.

    And realize, that it’s all about ethic behavior.
    From the government, the people, just everyone.

  • SantosGarcia

    Unfortunately your last paragraph Michael clearly shows that you are out of touch with the LORD Jesus Christ’s desire to bless America one more time for a season of great prosperity, that our nation may be a beacon of Hope and Light to a sin-ravaged world. I BELIEVE ALL the indicators will manifest. Our fervent intercession with fasting [according to 2 Chronicles 7:14] ARE being answered. You may want to look up Mark Taylor and Kat Kerr and their prophecies of what is ahead for the next several decades. Besides your timeline of ‘gloom & doom’ is very premature! https://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/prayer-the-church-and-the-next-great-awakening/

  • Robert

    Half the country is euphoric and half is depressed—for now. Nothing has changed. Trumps election rhetoric is meeting reality and reality will win. Just because the “establishment” has taken a big hit means little. This is a 15 round heavyweight fight. There has been no knockout by a long shot. Ones own attitude and economic position dictate responses. Nothing would change for me regardless of who won. It is unlikely to change for most. This is all theater. What counts is where you stand financially now. If you are in debt up to your nose you still will be next year. No one is coming to rescue you. If Trump could just stop these stupid wars that would help. I am betting he won’t.


    Come on Michael, don’t be such a stick in the mud. The Clinton are out of power. I’ve waited 30 years for this.

    Have you seen Hillary? She looks like Speigle on The Lord of the Rings. Some just can’t let go of power.

    • spb

      Don’t get your hopes up yet. Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for congress!

  • pubpubpub

    Well, that was cryptic. Why not explain why you think that?

  • carson

    good article to consider upon.
    trumps not to set out to reverse most all the things that make america just another country OF the world and to be OF the world is to not be of Christ.
    But some people might equate prosperity with godliness or prosperity with holiness and that too is just another sign of the times.

  • Jim Davis

    Now that Donald Trump has been elected, many Americans are convinced that we are entering a new golden age of peace and prosperity for the United States.

    Peace is easily achievable. Just stop starting wars in the ME for no damned reason!

    As for prosperity, that’s a little tougher. But we will certainly be better off with Trump than with Hillary, and the last eight years of the Marxist Muslim/Kenyan Kommie in the White House.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Beware of short-run, small-sample statistics.

  • roy

    as quoted by the LA times?