12 Reasons Why Ron Paul Is Very Different From Most Of The Other Contenders For The Republican Presidential Nomination In 2012

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Even though most of the potential contenders for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 have not formally announced their intentions yet, the truth is that the race has already begun.  Just look at all of the Republican politicians that have scheduled visits to Iowa.  Potential candidates are gearing up their campaigns and it should be one of the most interesting primary seasons in ages.  But is there anyone in the field that is really that much different from George W. Bush and John McCain?  Is there anyone that is not just going to trot out the same tired old ideas?  Is there anyone that would actually do something substantial about government debt?  Is there anyone that actually wants to shut down the Federal Reserve?  Is there anyone that would actually work to restore our civil liberties?  Well, the truth is that most of the potential Republican candidates are virtual clones of George W. Bush and John McCain.  There are very few in the field that offer any hope whatsoever.  But there is one man that does stand out as being very different.  His name is Ron Paul.


Is Ron Paul perfect?  No, of course not.  Nobody is perfect.  But at least Ron Paul is against a lot of the nonsense that went on under George W. Bush.  At least Ron Paul would fight for our civil liberties.  At least Ron Paul is courageous enough to publicly oppose the Federal Reserve.

When you look at the rest of the potential Republican candidates for 2012, most of them are very, very similar.

What the Republicans need in 2012 is someone new and fresh.

The following are 12 reasons why Ron Paul is very different from most of the other contenders for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012….

#1 Ron Paul Is Against Big Government

For decades, nearly all Republican politicians have given wonderful speeches about the dangers of “big government”, but when they have gotten into office nearly all of them have supported the expansion of government.

For example, George W. Bush gave speech after speech in which he railed against the dangers of “big government” and then he went out and expanded the size of government more than any other president that had ever come before him.

Well, Ron Paul is one of those rare Republicans that is actually not a RINO (“Republican in name only”).  In fact, there are so many RINOs running around that even the word “Republican” has become a bad word to many people.

But when Ron Paul talks about smaller government he actually means it.  Just take a look at his voting record over the years.

Not only that, but Ron Paul’s son, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, just publicly proposed 500 billion dollars in spending cuts in the Wall Street Journal.  Both Ron Paul and Rand Paul are men of their words.  If Ron Paul became president, we would finally have someone in the White House that would actually be serious about smaller government.

#2 Ron Paul Wants To Shut Down The Federal Reserve

Who wrote a book entitled “End The Fed”?

Oh yeah, it was Ron Paul.

Who spearheaded the push to audit the Federal Reserve during the last session of Congress?

Oh yeah, it was Ron Paul.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve has never been the subject of a true comprehensive audit since it was created in the early part of the last century? The reality is that the people of the United States have a right to know what is going on over at the privately owned central bank that has almost complete control over U.S. currency and banking. The Federal Reserve played a leading role in creating the horrific economic crisis that the U.S. is currently experiencing, but right now the Federal Reserve has very little accountability to the U.S. Congress or to anyone else for that matter.

Ron Paul wants to fundamentally change that.

So how many other potential Republican candidates have come out and declared that they want to shut down the Federal Reserve?


#3 Ron Paul Wants to Abolish The IRS

Talk about a great idea!

The truth is that we do not need a personal income tax and we do not need the IRS.

In fact, the U.S. got along just fine without a personal income tax for most of our history.

Ron Paul wants to permanently get rid of the IRS.

So how many other potential Republican candidates are proposing that we abolish the IRS?

The silence is deafening.

#4 Ron Paul Would Enforce Our Borders

Many Republicans talk a good game about enforcing our borders, but very few of them ever actually do anything about it.

Ron Paul is different.  Ron Paul believes that we should stop the endless flood of illegal immigrants that is coming across our borders.  He would be the first president in generations that would actually do something real about this problem.

Ron Paul is against amnesty for illegal aliens and he also believes that children born in the United States to illegal aliens should not be automatically granted citizenship.

Illegal immigration is a national crisis and we need a president that would take this issue seriously for a change.

#5 Ron Paul Is Against Globalization

Nearly all of the potential Republican candidates for president are in favor of the globalization of the economy and nearly all of them love all of the free trade agreements that the United States has agreed to.

Well, Ron Paul is different.

Ron Paul would put the breaks on a lot of this globalization.

Ron Paul is against NAFTA and thinks it should be repealed.

Ron Paul voted against CAFTA.

Ron Paul voted against the U.S.-Australia free trade agreement.

Ron Paul voted against the U.S.-Singapore free trade agreement.

Ron Paul voted against the U.S.-Chile free trade agreement.

Ron Paul has voted to withdraw the United States from the WTO.

Not that Ron Paul is a total protectionist either.  But the truth is that he would take much more of a stand against the globalization of the world economy than just about any other potential Republican candidate for president.

#6 Ron Paul Was Against The Wall Street Bailouts

At the same time that George W. Bush, Barack Obama and John McCain were all running around promoting the Wall Street bailouts during 2008, Ron Paul was one of the most outspoken opponents against the bailouts.

Ron Paul did not understand why countless billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars should go to Wall Street elitists.

In the end, many politicians wished that they had been against those bailouts.  They ended up being a really bad idea.  Large numbers of conservatives and large numbers of liberals were both disgusted by them.

Well, let us not forget that Ron Paul was right about those bailouts from the very beginning.

#7 Ron Paul Would Protect Our Civil Liberties

Ron Paul said that if we passed the “Patriot Act” and all of these other fascist police state pieces of legislation that we would lose our individual liberties.

Did that not happen?

But neither major political party is taking any action to repeal the Patriot Act.

Under George W. Bush, Americans lost huge amounts of liberty and freedom.

Many Americans had been hoping that Barack Obama would be much better in that regard.

Well, it turns out that Barack Obama has been even worse.  He has implemented some things that George W. Bush never would have been able to get away with.

Have you been to an airport recently?  It is completely and totally ridiculous out there.

Ron Paul is against these abuses and would fundamentally change the direction of the United States when it comes to civil liberties.

#8 Ron Paul Would Not Have The U.S. Trying To Police The World

Did you know that the U.S. has forces in 130 different countries today?

It is absolutely ridiculous!

We simply cannot afford to be the police of the world.

If we endlessly bomb, invade and occupy other countries and torture everyone in sight then people around the world are going to end up hating America.

Many Americans had been hoping that Barack Obama would change the course of our foreign policy when he was elected, but that did not happen did it?

Instead, Barack Obama is promising to keep at least some troops in Iraq for many years, and he has sent a lot more troops to Afghanistan.

Well, Ron Paul is different.

Ron Paul is the only potential Republican candidate that actually voted against the Iraq war.

Ron Paul would dramatically reduce the number of our troops deployed overseas and he would be determined not to interfere in the affairs of other nations.

That would be quite a switch, wouldn’t it?

#9 Ron Paul Is Against Carbon Taxes And The Global Warming Fraud

Tens of millions of Americans blindly believe in the environmental quackery of Al Gore, the “eco-prophet”, who is trying to “save the environment” by viciously attacking carbon dioxide. Ron Paul is one of the few members of Congress who is willing to publicly stand up and tell the truth that carbon dioxide is one of the fundamental building blocks of life on earth and that it is NOT causing global warming.

But the American people did not elect Ron Paul back in 2008. Instead they elected Barack Obama who wants to impose an insane “cap and trade” carbon trading scheme that would decapitate the U.S. economy.

Well, now that the American people have seen the insanity of what Barack Obama is trying to do hopefully they will be ready for something different in 2012.

#10 Ron Paul Is Deeply Concerned About The U.S. National Debt

Did you know that right now our national debt is $14,104,021,737,251.53?

Did you know that if the federal government began right at this moment to repay the U.S. national debt at a rate of one dollar per second, it would take over 440,000 years to pay off the national debt?

Ron Paul is one of the few members of Congress that actually has a voting record that shows a consistent effort to reduce government spending and government debt.

Many other Republicans talk a good game about these things, but their voting records tell a whole different story.

#11 Ron Paul Would Provide Real Leadership

The liberty movement in the United States desperately needs a true leader right now, and Ron Paul can provide the kind of inspirational leadership that most other Republican politicians simply cannot. Tea Party activists are inspired by Ron Paul. They respond to his leadership. The truth is that the Republicans have not had a truly inspirational conservative leader in the White House since Ronald Reagan. It is about time they had another.

Not only that, but most of the other potential Republican contenders have a ton of skeletons in their closets.  Ron Paul is one of those rare politicians that still has his integrity intact.

#12) Ron Paul Has Perhaps The Best Chance Of Defeating Barack Obama

Poll after poll has shown top Republican contenders such as Sarah Palin getting absolutely destroyed in a potential matchup with Barack Obama.

Most Americans view most of the potential contenders for the Republican nomination in 2012 as simply newer versions of George W. Bush and John McCain.  In fact, when you listen to most of them talk, that is exactly what they are.  They are just rehashing the same tired ideas that establishment Republicans have been pushing for decades.

If the Republicans want to win in 2012, they need something different.

They need someone that is a sharp break from George W. Bush and John McCain.

They need someone that can get us back in touch with the U.S. Constitution and with the principles that the millions involved in the Tea Party movement have been trying to restore.

So is Ron Paul the right choice?

That is for you to decide.

  • Bilbo

    Damn right….I am a political atheist, but I would donate money, and even join the campaign, and volunteer…Paulnfor Prez..

  • kurt cobain

    I love ron paul and would vote for him in a hearbeat. He raised more money in one day than any other candidate in 2008. The problem is the brain dead zombie neocon hypocrite shills. They wont let paul speak and if they do they set him up to act like he is a kook. He doesn’t support the military industrial complex and therefore he can’t win as a republican. The only way I see ron paul winning is if he can get both republicans and democrats to support him. Hard to get democrats to support him in a republican primary though. I hope he runs but I’ve lived with and been around neocons my whole life there is no way in hell he can get their support. Their prejudice about things and people they are scared of and ron paul scares them.

  • VegasBob

    Unfortunately, Ron Paul will be 77 years old by the time Election Day 2012 rolls around. That’s probably just too old. We had our chance to change the direction of this country back in 1992 when Ross Perot ran as an Independent.

    All we can do now is wait until the thieves and criminals in Washington and on Wall Street ratchet up the level of debt to the point where the whole sorry mess collapses.

  • David Cripe

    Ron Paul is clearly THE Best choice and the ‘Thomas Jefferson’ ot our time…, but the liberal news media won’t even give him the time of day when it comes to fair and balanced media exposure. I can remember during the 2008 campaign that Ron Paul was pretty much left into obscurity (on purpose).

  • john

    I for one would definitely vote for Ron Paul. I have listened to him for years, and have watched his actions. He truly talks the talk and walks the walk. Unfortunately, when we do get a good man in office, he is assassinated, just like Kennedy. Rothschild who owns 57% of the Fed said: “Give us control of the money supply, and we care not what laws you make.”

  • Russ in PA

    Nice article, and I will also vote for Dr. Paul, even if he doesn’t run… The man stands for principle, why shouldn’t we?

  • Mark W. Stroberg

    Essentially correct except for one point: Ron is not against a global economy, and, in fact, supports absolute free trade. He is against all those “free trade” agreements which are actually government managed trade agreements. He is not against a global economy, he is against global one-world government.

  • Voice of Reason

    If Ron Paul runs for POTUS, I’ll give heart and soul to the campaign. He is the only candidate who would truly change the world… just like everyone hoped Obama was going to do… before he disappointed everyone by being more of the same.

  • MG

    I would be happy to vote for Ron Paul in 2012

  • zack

    #13 – Ron Paul actually votes in a manner consistent with his rhetoric. In fact, he’s been saying the same things and voting the same way for the last 30 years. He’s never voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget, and is perennially named The Taxpayer’s Best Friend according to the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union.

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  • Duke

    It would be awesome to see Ron Paul get elected as President. The problem he will have and that past presidents have had (even Reagan with VP George H.W. Bush) is that a CFR member Vice President candidate will be forced onto his ticket. This will allow the Bilderberg/CFR/Tri-Lateral Commission Establishment to get their cronies into key cabinet and administrative positions thereby cutting Paul off at the knees. Most Americans don’t realize that all past presidents have become puppets to this Establishment and any good they try to do for the American people is squelched. I’m afraid that even if Paul gets the GOP (or Independent or other party) ticket, it will inevitably end up like all of our past presidencies.

  • linda sikeston

    Yes I believe Ron Paul would attempt to do these things.However, do you believe for a moment that those in control would ever let him live These people are ruthless individuals who would kill him in a heartbeat if he gets to close. I fear for his safety.The best thing you can do is to get out of the country while you can. America is finished.

  • Jim Fox

    Ron Paul is the Champion of the Constitution; he is the embodiment of principle over politics; he has correct on the big three: 1) non-interventionist vs. global militarism; 2)for liberty and constitutional rights vs. groping police state; 3) he wants to audit and end the FED, the global pig trough for off shore global bankers on the FED and central bank dole (at the expense of the average Joe not only in the US but worldwide)

    The townhall strawpole is bogus. One of its ads said Gingrich (51%), Palin (25%) and Romney (23%) a matter of days ago. I pointed out to them and others that this is impossible in that it already added up to 99%. They’ve parlayed that earlier Feb. ad to the figures shown. I have NO CONFIDENCE in their poll. It’s a lie prima facie.

  • H H

    The rich don’t let Ron to become President. What do we want to do about it?

  • Tao Jones

    Ron Paul is controlled opposition, a Judas Goat to lead the somewhat more aware into investing more belief in the System.

    The System is broken. This government is an illusion; as long as people still believe in ‘votes’ they will not accept the fact that they have absolutely no control over their Rulers.

    Ron Paul is another insider. How long has this guy been in Congress? 20 years? And what, exactly, has he accomplished to further actual FREEDOM? Aside from providing rhetoric to keep people believing that they can VOTE a solution into being?

    Either ron Paul is an insider shill as I say, or he is too ineffective to bring about any concrete change in 20 years.

    Either way, he’s a non-starter. There is no political solution. We have to remember that we are FREE MEN. We do not have to beg and grovel and plead for these criminals to do as The People say.

    We simply have to stop obeying them.

    They have no power except the power we give them over us. Ron paul is no saviour.

    We have to save ourselves.

    Rise up and remember that YOU ARE FREE.

  • Kev

    If Ron Paul doesn’t run in 2012 he’s given up hope, and if he can’t do it no one can. The sad truth which took so long to realize is finally trickling down to the masses; we’ve been going up a creek without a paddle for over 100 years and we just reached Niagara Falls.

  • Colin

    I will not vote for Ron Paul.

    As for his beliefs on global warming, let’s ask Venus how she got to where she is now, shall we?

  • rebecca

    Ron Paul does collect money from Medicare for eye surgery doesn’t he? He is anti-choice. Getting away from the war machine should be a choice for everyone as well as getting us out of those other countries. Do you suppose what he says he would do and what he could do if put in office would match? Libertarians would demolish many systems for roads, schools, libraries, parks, etc. Our society can not exsit with whole sale destruction of many of our institutions.

  • If we have an election in 2012, anyone interested in the White House will have to run as an independent.

    A few questions for Ron Paul

    (1) After you reduce the size of the military and federal government, how would you create jobs for displaced employees?

    (2) What would you do to reduce our trade deficit and bring manufacturing jobs back to the US?

    (3) After you eliminate the Federal Reserve, how would you manage the money supply and interest rates?

    (4) After you eliminate the IRS, how would you finance the federal government?

    (5) The federal government is bankrupt – what financial obligations would you default on?

    (6) Would your balanced budget require higher taxes or just less spending?

    (7) How many illegal immigrants in the US would you deport?

    (8) How would you reduce the US dependence on imported oil?

    (9) What is your solution for the housing crisis?

    (10) What changes would you make in airport / transportation security?

    (11) How would you reform health care?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Those are the reasons are way Ron Paul will never get though the primaries.

  • Justa Guy

    To all you naysayers, I guess it’s easier to criticize Ron Paul and just vote for more of the same (pain), or not vote at all, huh? If you want change, you have to try something different (or, in this case, return to what worked, the Constitution). Maybe he hasn’t given you an answer to all your questions, but at least he knows where to look, the Constitution. Sure he will probably make some mistakes, but compared to the 100% mistakes we have walking around our executive and legislative branches, he’d be a massive improvement. Just vote for the man (and real change), and stop making excuses why you have to vote for the same and keep whining about how bad things keep getting.

  • mondobeyondo

    Ron Paul sounds like a man of his word. A man who says something and actually gets it done. His voting record is testament to his true convictions.

    And for that very reason, he will never get elected President.

    The establishment, and the public, want a Dr. Feelgood. Someone who is a great orator, and will brainwash the masses into giving them “hope and change”. Someone who will conveniently fit the agenda of the elite. Obama fits the bill perfectly. Ron Paul does not. He doesn’t fit the corporate agenda.

    If Paul does run in 2012, expect a lot of mudslinging, rude accusations, “conspiracy theory kook” and “not fit to be president” comments, and so forth. It’s just par for the course.

    Personally, I like the man. But…he’s trying to push a boulder up Mount Everest. It just won’t work. I would be pleasantly shocked if Paul even gets nominated.

  • Pogue

    Did you know we are in debt over 14 TRILLION DOLLARS???
    Did you know we have an unfunded liability for over 112 TRILLION DOLLARS?????
    Did you know we have a deficit of 1 TRILLION DOLLARS?????????
    A Trillion Dollars is a 1 followed by 12 other numbers. 1,000,000,000,000
    These are scary numbers to me.

    Keep that in mind because this week the Republicans and Obama are both talking proudly about making cuts in our spending in the billions. Billions? Who are they kidding? Billions of dollars is mere chump change at this point. It’s a joke. And both parties are laughing at us.

    Want to see leadership? I want to see someone have the guts to demand we cut our spending immediately by the approx. 1,316,913,897,000+$ of the current deficit. http://www.usdebtclock.org/
    (I can’t give an accurate estimate, since when you look at the debt clock, the interest is rolling so fast the last 3-5 digits are spinning too fast to get an accurate count.)

    I’m not an economist, but shouldn’t we cut our spending back by that trillion dollars?

  • Buck

    @ rebecca

    Are you currently living in the United States? These things you mention , roads, schools, libraries , parks, are you saying they are in good order as we speak? We have no idea what it would be like with a Libertarian.

  • Buck

    @ Pogue

    I thought the debt was so we could have all those good roads, schools, libraries, and parks.

  • Buck

    @ Gutter Economist

    We know Ron Paul will not be president. I’m betting if he were asked your questions he would provide input.

    The sad thing about the fall of the American Empire is that NO ONE else is providing answers to those questions. Can we name anyone that is addressing them in the grand illusion of rock star politics?

  • de Malfosse

    Re: gutter economist

    Try reading his many books and other materials and you’ll find answers to your snarky questions.

  • Idaho Jim

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul, the all American dream ticket with the experience of age and his young son Senator Rand as V.P. to back up president Ron, if his age were to slow him. Two great men that would do their best to save America from the path of destruction.

  • No Ron Paul Please

    He ran for president one under the Libertarian Party and one under the Republican Party (he did not get nominated), he lost both time and only got less than 6% in both elections.

    Every politicians and the American people want the same things as what Ron Paul and others promised, but never did anything?

    What has he done during his 75 years of his political career? He didn’t try to stop the Patriot Act.

    NO RON PAUL PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Buck

    @ No Ron Paul Please

    Why do you think someone that votes according to COTUS, has campaigned against the Fedearl Reserve and cnetral banking systems and questioned the legality of the Federal Income tax system just to name a few cannot draw more interest from the American sheeple? There is no hope for the electorate in this country. Their vote will continue to be swayed by FOX, CNN, MSNBC …all the major media mind control shills. I watch NONE of this crap period. They all have agendas tied to corporatocracy. Look the word up , do a search on the Internet. The word has yet to make Websters that I can find but its definition is real for a very , very long time in this country. Gee!

    In Ron Paul’s book Revolution he did in fact address the Patriot Act and he was among the outnumbered that voted against it’s extension last week something many of the so called Tea Party Republicans spoke up as being opposed to during the election cycle. All smoke and mirrors from that group of Tea party patriots and once again an example of politicians blowing smoke where the sun does not shine in order to gain the vote. I fear we will never learn.

  • thomas

    Simplistic solutions to complex, multifaceted social problems appeal to frustrated, disenfranchised feeling Americans who squirm under the efforts intellectual scrutiny requires, preferring jingoism, provincial attitudes and past Reagan myths of rugged individualism and American exceptionalism. Past and current escapades such as undeclared wars, arms for hostages, sanctuary for corrupt ex-leaders, tax breaks and government policies that favor the wealthiest do not endear me to Republicans or the thorn in their sides with equally simple sounding ideas to turn the country around. You can have the Paul’s and the Palin for they are not the way out of the morass we have gotten ourselves into.

    • jordan

      thomas, i loved your wording in your post and agree greatly, but am curious as to what you believe will get Americans out of the “morass” we are in?

  • Keryx

    I listen and want to like the guy. Hes told truths I didnt want to hear! But his squeaky/ squawky delivery is simply too off-putting to ever get enough votes. He gets so excited he ends up sounding like lunatic fringe candidate instead of the highly intelligent man he is.
    Gosh I hate to knock him because his values are surely closest to mine but its hard to see it happening for him (us!).

  • Ron Paul would have a decent chance if guys like Donald Trump would shut up and support someone like Ron Paul.

  • Sum Dum Guy

    Thomas, you’re my hero. One voice of intelligence in a sea of hypocracy and idiocy.