10 Things That The Egypt Riots Can Teach Us About What Happens When Society Breaks Down

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The rioting in Egypt is perhaps the biggest single news story so far in 2011.  The pace at which Egyptian society has been transformed over the past week has been absolutely breathtaking.  A few months ago, nobody would have ever dreamed that there would be huge riots in the streets of major Egyptian cities calling for the resignation of Hosni Mubarak.  But it has happened, and now Egypt will never be the same again.  So what does the future hold for Egypt?  Well, many are hopeful that this revolution will bring about a better government in Egypt and a better way of life for average Egyptians.  Personally, I am not nearly so optimistic.  In fact, I believe that there is a great danger that an even more repressive government could take the place of the current regime.  But in any event, there are important lessons that the Egypt riots can teach all of us about what happens when society breaks down.  Societal collapse is often a very messy, very violent affair.  Someday if the global economy completely implodes, we may see economic riots erupt all over the world (including inside the United States) and we all need to get prepared for that.


So far more than 100 people have died during the rioting that has rocked Egypt over the past week.  Other reports put the true number of dead much higher.  Scores of shops and businesses have been looted.  There have been dozens of rapes.  Groups of citizens have formed vigilante groups to protect their own homes.  These are the kinds of things that happen when society breaks down.

But could such a thing happen in the United States?  Of course it could.  Just remember what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Imagine what would happen in this country if a disaster on an even larger scale happened.  What any of us be truly safe?

In a previous article, I detailed some of the things that all of us can do to get prepared for the collapse of society.  Unfortunately many Americans will never start to prepare until it is far too late.

But for the rest of us that are willing to learn, there are some things that have happened during these Egypt riots that are important lessons for all of us….

#1 When society breaks down, people look for whatever weapons they can find.  Over this past week, abandoned police stations throughout Egypt have been stripped of their arsenals by looters.

#2 When society breaks down, nobody is safe.  Average Egyptians “armed with sticks and razors” have formed vigilante groups to protect their homes from the crazed looters that have emerged during the rioting.

#3 When society breaks down, you better protect your women and children.  At least 60 rapes have been officially reported since the rioting began.  The unofficial number is surely far higher than that.

#4 When society breaks down, criminals do not fear the law.  There are reports that at least 4 prisons have been attacked and that thousands of convicts have escaped into the streets.

#5 When society breaks down, authoritarian governments begin hoarding food.  The Telegraph is reporting that governments throughout the Middle East and North Africa have started stockpiling huge amounts of food in response to all the rioting that has been going on.

#6 When society breaks down, food shortages can happen shockingly fast.  As commerce has been brought to a standstill in Egypt, serious shortages of some of the most important basic food staples are starting to be reported.  Many families in Egypt only have enough food to be able to survive for a couple more days.

#7 When society breaks down, respect for personal property goes out the window.  All over Egypt shops and businesses are being broken into and totally looted.

#8 When society breaks down, mobs will start doing some of the most stupid things imaginable.  According to Egypt’s top archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, looters broke into the Egyptian Museum during the rioting “and destroyed two pharaonic mummies”.

#9 When society breaks down, it always creates a “power void”.  The Obama administration is calling for an “orderly transition of power” in Egypt, but there is absolutely no guarantee that is going to happen – especially in a nation that has no history of legitimate democracy.

#10 When society breaks down, often outside influences are involved.  The individual being touted as the new “leader” of the protest movement in Egypt is Mohamed ElBaradei.

So exactly who is Mohamed ElBaradei?

Well, Paul Joseph Watson of prisonplanet.com describes him this way….

ElBaradei serves on the Board of Trustees of the International Crisis Group, who today issued a press release protesting the decision on behalf of Egyptian authorities to place ElBaradei under house arrest.

International Crisis Group is a shadowy NGO (non-governmental organization) that enjoys an annual budget of over $15 million and is bankrolled by the likes of Carnegie, the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Soros himself serves as a member of the organization’s Executive Committee. In other words, this is a major geopolitical steering group for the global elite.

Well isn’t that convenient?

Let us hope that the protests in Egypt result in some positive changes being made for the Egyptian people.  But let us also understand that those with their hands on the levers of global power are going to try to direct events in a way that benefits them.

In any event, one of the main things that the rioting in Egypt has taught us is just how rapidly society can change.  Will someday we end up seeing scenes in the United States similar to the ones that we have witnessed in Egypt over the past week?….

  • mondobeyondo

    The Egyptians are rioting because they have finally gotten fed up with their local Sith Lord, um, President Mubarak. It’s been brewing for years. Now the pressure cooker has finally blown its lid.

    The American government likes Hosni. Kinda, sorta. It’s not a cozy relationship like, say, Israel. But a pro-American government in Egypt is good for the U.S. It keeps the oil flowing, if you know what I mean.

    It comes at a price, of course. I read somewhere that the average Egyptian lives on two dollars a day. That’s not even enough for a Big Mac, much less clothes, electricity, water, etc. Food is becoming unaffordable. They are blaming Mubarak for this, and rightly so. The Egyptian people are getting screwed. Most of us (Americans) don’t care. As long as WE aren’t the ones getting screwed.

    Mubarak’s response? Fire the entire Cabinet, and appoint a resident stooge (Mohamed ElBaradei) as vice president. That solves nothing. Egyptians want to see Mubarak get on a helicopter and head for retirement somewhere in Luxor. (a la Richard Nixon). And take ElBaradei with you!!

    Those fighter jets and tanks that were in Cairo today? They were American-made. THAT is why many of them hate America with a passion.

    Bottom line: The U.S. government has propped up the Mubarak regime for 30 years. It’s been good for America, but hell for the average Egyptian. So they’ve taken to the streets. They want a new leader who will help them (well, who wouldn’t!)

    It may not be good for us here in the U.S. But the Egyptians don’t care at this point.

  • mondobeyondo

    What does it mean for us here in the U.S.

    Well, when the same thing happens here (a matter of when, not if), we will take to the streets demanding the resignation of President Obama, or President Palin. Not with golf clubs, with guns.

    Crowds will gather around the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. They’ll try to storm the place and burn the Spirit of St. Louis airplane, totally destroy the Wright Brothers’ aircraft, and damage the Apollo space capsule.

    Grocery stores, department stores and Wal-Mart will all be looted. Canned foods and bottled water were sold out 8 hours ago. No, there will be no more shipments – the trucks can’t get through because there’s no diesel available. Best Buy will be under lockdown. Circuit City? They’re out of business, so it doesn’t matter.

    DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, or her replacement, will try to instill calm. “We do these things to provide for your own security!! Terrorists are a major danger to our democracy!” she’ll say. She won’t be successful.

    Good luck!

  • Gary

    Riots in the USA can be avoided by taxing the rich and spreading the wealth. The rich should be very afraid at what they see happening in Egypt. It will happen here if the wealth is not spread around more evenly.

  • edgeman.au

    #8 – i read some message boards claiming that al jazeera the media agency had reported that the vandals were captured and revealed to be agent provocatuer’s working for the current government.

    seeing as they were caught in the act …its likely they are dead or not feeling too well about now.

  • Colin

    I feel that I am seeing a repeat of history here. 21 years ago, the nations of the Warsaw Pact began revolting successfully against the Soviet empire. One nation after another were gripped by a people’s revolution which saw to the end of many dictators and the beginning of democratic reforms. I am reluctant to believe that the revolutions occurring now will lead to similar results, but I am struck how eerily this mirrors what happen in 1989.

  • William

    Yes, Americans should demand that the US Constitution be followed, that international treaties and agreements should be followed, and that federal, state and local laws be enforced. But, that won’t happen.

  • Mark …

    Since when are Mirage 2000 planes, and T72 and T80 tanks built in the States?

  • Tao Jones

    Mubarak is just another dictator propped up by the criminal cabal calling itself the U.S. Government. It’s amusing watching these criminals mouthing empty platitudes about freedom and democracy while jockeying to install another puppet in the person of this Mohamed ElBaradei. I cannot understand how anyone can still be taken in by the obvious farce that is our ‘democracy’.

    The real lesson here is this: the People have all the power. We are all ruled over through fear; when the People finally rise up and say No! there is nothing that can be done.

    Human race, get off your knees! Shake off the shackles and live free.

    We have nothing to lose.

  • Robert


    How is taxing a person who worked hard for their money, and giving to people who did nothing to earn it good for the country?

  • Rebeecca

    When ever stressful situations happen civility is very thin. Look at the aftermath of Katrina.
    That wasn’t an evolution but it was certainly a dangerous situation. So was Rwanda when it fell apart or Viet Nam when we pulled out. Argentina went thru it’s troubles in the 70s and Bosnia blew up after the Russians left. How fun was Hatiti after the earthquake. This isn’t new.
    If Mubarak agreed to step down to a newly elected president so much would be accomplished with so much less violence and pain.

  • mondobeyondo

    My understanding is that those planes were F-15 fighter jets, and the tanks were M-1 Shermans, built right here in the good old USA.

  • John

    “vigilante groups” doesn’t seem like the right way of describing people who are trying to simply protect their homes. Vigilantes are those who illegally punish others that they believe have broken the law. These people protecting their homes and/or neighborhoods would probably be more accurately described as neighborhood security groups or something similar. Defending yourself, your home, your family & neighbors really isn’t vigilantism.

  • John

    I enjoy your articles with all the lists of facts. Good stuff.

    When the families begin running out of food I imagine that this crisis will get even worse.

  • Elle

    Ah, but … when their society breaks down, their humanity emerges.

    There are two sides to this coin, and the fact is the Egyptian people, without a leader, have banded together to take care of their country and their neighbors. Chanting things like “Muslim, Christians, we are all Egyptians.” Cleaning their streets. Protecting each other. Asking for the world to stand with them.

    This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time …

    It will be not-beautiful when the government decides to use force.

  • Gary, we don’t need to spread the wealth, we need to be allowed to keep what we have. What we really need to do is abolish the bloodsucking central banks, that would end the endless printing of fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. Redistributing fake money will do nothing to create equality because fiat currency is always subject to inflation which basically robs us of what we have managed to earn and save. It will never be any different because that is the very nature of paper money that has no value. Redistribution has been tried, and always fails because it is a vile assault on the very liberty humans demand. Do you have any idea how many millions of people have been slaughtered in the name of the greater good? No two words ever uttered have resulted in more misery, death and destruction in all of human history. Why don’t people ever learn? The state is the enemy, and it has never been otherwise. Why do you think we are in the situation we are in today?

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    When the SHTF is not the time to start getting ready, because everybody else is going to panic. All you need is a dozen over weight panicked goobers in thier Dodge Rams to put a large dent in a Super Wal-Mart by the time you get there the parking lot will look like something out of the movie. Take away the Cops and you have real problems.

    Getting prepared is not all that hard there are plenty of discount food stores you can stock up, jut do a little recearch. I got 6 gallons of water and 48 bottles of water from Big Lots for under $15.00 add that to the 13 gallons I already have. I don’t have enough but if there is a disruption in the water supply I have water. I have a water filter on my facet, but I’m looking at something a bit more robust. I have some more canned food, pasta, rice, meat right now I have enough for anything short term my goal is to have enough for six months and some to share. Not enough for a SHTF Mad Max but I don’t think we’re going there right away.

    Believe me you would much rather watching some breakdown on the boob tube wile cleaning your Glock then being in the madness.

  • Hiram

    M-1 Shermans? Are you an idiot?

  • Curt

    Gary, great idea on taxing the rich. Lets tax the people who provide the jobs. These people have the means to get up and leave and take the jobs with them. Reading stuff like this makes me depressed, I guess American Capitalism is D.O.A. America is a shell of what it used to be thanks to guys like morons like Gary. Doesn’t anyone take pride in the American virtues of rugged individualism anymore or has everyone just bowed to this bullshit socialistic renaissance because they think Obama is gonna pay their mortgage.

  • The bottom line is that the implosion of the United States would make this Egypt crisis look like a sitcom.

    The reason why you have the situation in Egypt is because the society is still in a neo-feudal state – that is, well-connected families are vying for power. This is the state of MOST developing nations at this point. The backing by developed countries is simply a matter of keeping these countries from descending into civil war (and/or genocide/auto-genocide) so that international free trade can continue unhindered. The “developed” governments (and globalists) don’t care WHO is in power – as long as the population is under enough control to remain docile and thus not interfere with trade (ex. oil, technology, cheap labor, etc.).

    The educational systems in these countries are so controlled and propagandized that the people would not know how to truly protest if the opportunity really presented itself.

    Now contrast this with the situation in the U.S. You basically have two classes – the “over” and “under”. The “over”class has been brainwashed by the higher education system and is too busy working and filling themselves with Mocha Latte’s, prescription drugs and preservatives to be any real threat to the establishment. The corrupted educational system (in addition to the fact that they are being productive – in a sense) has quelled their revolutionary potential. This group includes (of course) the corporate string-pullers who are orchestrating the circus.

    The “underclass” is composed of a bunch of angry thugs who are full of McDonald’s, dressed in Walmart and chomping at the bit waiting for an abrupt interferance in the supply-line of Ethiopean slave-labor beans to Starbucks – as the neo-yuppies are left in a traumatized state of caffeine and scone withdrawal (thereby leaving a vacuum of power which will allow the underclass to embark on a rampage of rape and pillage which will put the dark ages of Europe to shame).

    As a result of this, the “authorities” (a.k.a. “the corporate goons (a.k.a. the police and eventually national guard) will be called in to squash the rebellion. Unfortunately for them, they will be outnumbered by the sheer number of underclass crack dealers and illegal immigrant landscapers that the whole affair will naturally descend into civil war.

    The solution??? There is none. It is the natural cycle of history playing itself out again in the 21st century – where the weapons and forces of social control are simply more powerful.

    The result??? Breakdown of society and a cleaning of the slate so that the process can begin all over again.

    The only thing that could have prevented this rapid progression of events would have been investment in the foundational institution of education decades ago. However, the educational industry (just like the pharmaceutical, media, and others) have been hijacked by greed and politics – thereby decimating their true functions and preying on the very recipients who could have made the necessary decisions to avoid the current path to self-destruction.

    The current state of affairs COULD have been alleviated (or at least postponed for another century) if the right decisions had been made.
    However, they weren’t – and now nature is going to take its course.

    Join The Resistance!

  • Tom

    M1 Shermans?

  • bobinsherwood

    If the “Bill of Rights” is one side of the spectrum and “Pick your Tyrant” is the other side, where will they land? The only magic bullets for unemployment is growth, welfare, or government(military) service. With 60% of the population under 30, I suppose Egypt could build the largest standing Army in the world. I wonder what would come next?

  • Gary

    curt-there is no such thing as rugged individualism. There is no such thing as a self made man/woman.

    You prosper because of the work of others before you and that are here now and the infrastructure of this country.

    Quit wining-you are part of the problem and not the solution. You need to be taxed and pay your fair share.

  • mark

    Curt said:
    February 1st, 2011 at 4:41 am

    “Doesn’t anyone take pride in the American virtues of rugged individualism anymore….”

    There’s no such thing as ” rugged individualism” or “self-made” men. There never were such things. These “rugged individuals” got what they have by using slave labor conditions to pad their wallets, by under paying those who made their products and then stealing the money of the production workers. These “self-made” men operated in a communal context when they set up their businesses—a workplace of people turning out products or services, all cooperating to get the job done but then they screwed the workers when it came to dividing up the money. These employers were not operating as “individuals”.

  • TDK


    You’re an idiot! Tax and redistribute this you dweeb!

  • polly

    Gary… spread the wealth? what sorta fool are you? A poor one i would guess because it is the have nots that want the profits from someone else’s labor. It is the ‘wealthy’ that take risk and make jobs. Without them you would be in a gutter. You can not see the hand in front of you. The wealthy are what supports you. You really need a JOHN GALT moment.

  • Unfortunately we already know what will happen in America during a crisis.

    Now is the time to make a Survival Game Plan to start preparing to protect our wealth and families.

    We need to takes steps to start becoming less dependent on “the system”.

  • Riots in Egypt are the news of the day. Egyptians are fed up with their oppressive government run by president-for-life Hosni Mubarak.

    What few seem to understand is that we in the United States have our own Mubarak. Most of us argue that we have a democracy or that we we have a republic. We have neither. We have a Mubarak (um government) run by an unaccountable bureaucracy. Our Mubarak is that entire federal bureaucratic government that operates autonomously and mostly outside the bounds and authority of the Constitution.

    Elections change nothing. Whoever is president is merely a figurehead. Neither Congress nor the courts have the will or integrity to bring the bureaucratic government under control.

    Federal workers (mostly unaccountable bureaucrats) in 2009 made an average of $123,049 in salary and benefits. Local, state and federal employees comprise approximately 10% of the workforce. Supporting that huge Mubarak (um government) hogs 25% of our Gross Domestic Product.

    We Americans are in two groups — those who pay for this giant bureaucracy, and those who demand more from the welfare/police state it runs. Far to many of us are in both of those groups.

    There is much dissatisfaction in this nation and it won’t take much for this general dissatisfaction to be released in widespread uncontrollable violence. Martial law will be imposed, but will be unable to control the chaos and panic.

    The only action that can stop the violence is to prevent it by bringing the government in to full compliance with the US Constitution. Doing so will give free men and women the liberty our forefathers fought for. Having their right to property restored, these free men and women will once again voluntarily use their wealth to lift up their neighbors.

  • JOV

    @Gary. I trade money to an indiviual(s) for their time. I show them what to produce and inturn I sell the product for a profit.

    With the profit I can do a number of things, increase the work, employ more, expand my product line, buy myself and family a reward etc….. or I can pay more taxes and feed little blue retards.

    I prefer to decide how I spend my money for people that appreciate my talents. Nothing stops you starting your own business….. except taxes.

  • Bill Mubatin

    Gee, all of these things you talk about pretty much happened here during the hurricane Katrina thing. You can see how much respect for central authority disappeared when people were shooting at rescue helicopters.
    As a 23 year police veteran, I can tell you people have to be able to defend themselves when central authority is overwhelmed. Group hugs go out the window, fear of armed persons is all that you have left (be they police or citizen groups).

  • Death to Marxism.

    Gary needs to get a job, pull his neo-marxist head out and grow up. Americans in some cases are among the highest taxed population of Earth.
    I have paid MORE than my and likely his share fore decades and am sick of being broke for all my work.
    Rugged individualism was killed by the thinking of lazy, thieving idiots just like him. Gary, take that “will work for food sign” you stand on the offramp with and that make the government support me crap and stick it up your arse.

  • Smokey

    Curt Said:

    “Gary, great idea on taxing the rich. Lets tax the people who provide the jobs. These people have the means to get up and leave and take the jobs with them. Reading stuff like this makes me depressed, I guess American Capitalism is D.O.A”

    Curt, American Capitalism is D.O.A. because the creators of jobs have already taken the jobs over seas so they can take advantage of what equates to near slave labor. They get all the advantages of our society without any responsibility to help sustain it.

    What do we have to do to get those jobs back? Work for little to nothing and live in slums?

    One of the things that amazes me in the United States is how concerned poor people are for the plight of the rich while the rich could care less about the plight of the poor.

    Right now, plenty of already rich people are making money hand over fist and don’t use their riches to create jobs here in the U.S. because for many of them, creating jobs in no longer needed for them to keep getting richer and richer.

    Just watch. As the number of middle class earners gets smaller and the gap between the very poor and the very rich gets bigger and bigger, what happened in Russia when they turned to communism will happen here because people living in squaller will try anything when they finally have had enough.

  • Karen

    You are mistaken about what happened after Hurricane Katrina! The people who were supposedly caught looting were actually trying to get water, medical supplies, food, and shelter for the survivors. Many of these people were shot by American soldiers while trying to serve their fellow man. The American soldiers were also responsible for the conditions which arose because they were given orders not to render aid.

    It is only once those who are employed by these devils can start to care more about their fellow man than their pay packet that things are going to get better.

    I wish the Egyptian people all the best, but the truth is until they see the true nature of events they are caught up in they could very well be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    The only way the world and its people will know peace is when we choose peace, all of us. Unfortunately the elite like friction because it means the industrialized military complex will have reason to spend even more money on bombs, guns, and weapons of mass destruction. How many hospitals, educational centers, food, and homes could this money provided?

    We need to put the 6,000 people who are running this world, their cohorts, and the handful of people who tell the 6,000 what to do, on a little rock in the middle of the ocean where they can only do harm to themselves. This would be an disincentive to those who wish to control other human beings too.

    Anything or anyone who tells you that they know what is better for you then yourself is a wolf in sheep clothing. And yes, this includes all priest, ministers, and reverends. This is why Jesus Christ called them a ‘den of vipers who led the people astray’, these same den of vipers are still doing what they did 2000 years ago, just like the money lenders (IMF and banks) are still using the system of usury to loot the public and strip them of their wealth today.

  • Bubba

    Who is John Galt ?

  • Not So Bad.

    Thanks for writing this article. It was informative, and the comments brought up some very valuable points.

    And Gary, don’t mind your detractors. You’re entitled to your opinion regardless how others feel about it. People can get very ugly when it comes to losing their money. That’s why I’m glad I haven’t got any: I can’t be angry about something of which I have none!

  • Patrick C.

    I’m sorry, but this article is garbage. Most of your points were not even an issue until pro-Mubarak protesters were given priority entry into the square. Many cases of looting were government-supported (particularly the initial ones that started the downward spiral of panic).

    There is so much stacked against the peaceful crowds of reformists that it hurts. They’ve done a wonderful job of protecting their historical artifacts, foreign journalists (Anderson Cooper, for one), and any other domain that needs protection. They’re looking after their own by operating into the nights (defying curfews), and baking bread. They’re patrolling their streets.

    As a westerner, I find Egyptians inspirational to those who’ve sometimes doubted the collective humanity that surrounds us in this world.

    I appreciate the effort you put into writing this piece, but I believe YOU ARE MISTAKEN.

  • Patrick C.

    And to those talking about guns and making comparison to Hurrican Katrina:

    88/100 Americans own private guns.
    3.5/100 Egyptians citizens own guns.

    There were only even significant reports of gunshots after the pro-Mubarak supporters came into the square today. It’s amazing how effective and level-headed people can be when they protect their neighborhoods with sticks. Also prevents police from gettings antsy, and takes away their support during crackdown on protesters easily identified as peaceful.

  • Patrick C.
  • Guido

    Yeah Gary, because insuring equality of outcome as opposed to equality of opportunity has worked so well. The fact is, in life, there are winners and losers. Wild Kingdom should have taught you that. Taking money from me to give to someone who can not/did not/will not earn their own is not the solution. While it makes you feel warm and fuzzy to take away others’ belongings to give to yet others, it isn’t right and it certainly isn’t part of America’s core values. If you want to help people so much, why don’t you give them what YOU have? Seems like lefties never want to give their own money up. I see a Ted Turner or an Alec Baldwin lamenting he isn’t forced to pay more in taxes and it makes me sick. Uncle Sugar will take your donation, should you make one, or you could give directly and cut out the wasteful middleman.

  • Ian

    Either way you look at it this could get really bad down the line for everyone around the world. My only hope is the people of the world will unite in getting rid of this NWO for good. ‘POWER TO THE PEOPLE’

  • Guido

    Bubba C- “I am, and I will shut down the engine of the world…”

    Karen-If that’s true, what about that famous picture of “Lootie,” the crazy-haired guy with the cooler full of Heinekens, including the one in his back pocket?

    Bill Mubatin-What was your experience during the hurricane? I understand many officers ran and, so I’ve read, tossed their badges in the gutter as they went. Where you involved in the post-storm house-to-house gun raids? What did you see? I mean no offense, I’m just taking advantage of an actual eyewitness over the internet rumors and lamestream media stories.

  • Guido

    You know, I thought perhaps they meant the M4 Sherman, and I was about to rag on them, too, but I looked it up-Egypt has been permitted to purchase M1 Abrahms tanks! I didn’t know that! I didn’t know we let anyone have them, which seems like a bit of risk to me. Were I in charge, I wouldn’t sell anyone a weapon comparable with my own. I would sell at least them at least one or two generations removed from my own. The Soviets made it a policy to only sell dumbed-down models to customers, insuring they would never face T72s, BTRs, etc of equal strength to their own.

  • Phasmatis

    Prisons attacked isn’t the term I would use. More like the Prison population was let out by the Police under the egyption government orders to create chaos. Look it up if you don’t believe me. http://www.rense.com

  • Cynthia Stoddard Ganea

    Could someone please tell me who wrote and sings this music? I think it really punches this video into high caliber. Thank you.

  • chundini

    One would think that after over 7,000 years of recorded opression, world wide humanity would get get together to give Egypt a break, a small respite. If you know anyone that deserves it as much with untold million of gallons of blood spilled in their desert sand; Egypt would certainly qualify to finally taste a true and a pure democracy. Democracy nevers comes cheap. Take your eye off for a fraction of a second and it will whisper away faster than a grain of sand twirling in a sand storm. Nevertheless, they have paid, overtime more so than any of us duly recorded. They have earned it more so than all of us to date.

  • Rebeecca

    The Egyptians are doing great and I’m glad we’re not charging in and pushing people around.
    For the looting and law break down looks an awful lot like Iraq did. With Iran, Tunesia and Eygpt now, hopefully the governments will turn over to the populace as we say we want. “Democracy is coming….to the USA-Leonard and everywhere else I hope

  • GaltShruggedAlready

    There is no rugged individualism left, unless you mean the jobless workers scratching out an existence because the elite wanted a few more percentage points of all the wealth of the former U.S. of America.

    Jov, who claims to understand Rand is deluded. The government of “Pull” (corruption) Ayn Rand outlined is already here. Galt already left this corporate-welfare state and is in Galt’s Gulch.

    Was it “capitalism” that led us to bail out failed elites and their banks? What happened to if you made the investment, you took the risk and the loss if it came? Not anymore. You go whining to the congressperson your industry group bought in the last election and get corporate welfare. Or you get the rules changed and shorting of financial institutions gets suspended. Or whatever you need at the expense of 99.5% of the rest of us.

    You “haves” have bought and paid for this farce you want the rest of us to believe is still capitalist America when it is actually corporate facist totalitarianism. The wal-mart wearing have guns and will fight back. Better get that private jet fueled and waiting like they did in Egypt because your $8.00 an hour rent a cop won’t protect you when it hits the fan.

  • GaltShruggedAlready

    Also, I am sick and tired of people calling things that I paid for with MANDATORY payroll deductions “Entitlements”. I’ve freaking paid into social security since I was 15 and medicare and unemployment (which I have only used once when my coked-out bosses wrecked the company I worked for doing blow and buying mercedes Benz and BMW cars and thinking they were soooo cool now).

    I paid for these so called entitlements and what am I going to get back for my stolen money??? Nothing but a bunch of worthless hyperinflated dollars and some elite calling me a welfare cheat. I can’t even retire when everybody else could because they raised the age on me!!! I PAID THIS MONEY IN and I deserve to get it back with interest or are you stating that the so called u.s. government should default on that “investment” it took out of my paycheck without asking??? Corporate welfare cheats like the wall street and corporate criminals have gotten far more welfare than any homeless or elderly people have ever gotten or will ever get so get over this welfare entitlement crap, unless you are talking about the corporations who got bailed out and don’t pay a dime in taxes.

  • Mubarak can not resign, and if he did, there would be no reforms, it is in the Constitution that the constitution can only be changed when a President is in power, and if he left, an election would be held in 60 days, making the Egyptians wait longer for reforms. The Egyptians need to go home and live their lives.

  • Writ

    Curt, Gary’s idea to tax the RICH is essential. It’s a myth the rich are creating jobs. What they are doing is shipping jobs overseas. These rich bankers, corporations and industrialists, should be branded traitors to the United States. US corporations owe US citizen allegiance first and foremost. Now, if they decide to leave the country, then government should levy HUGE fines and PENALTIES against these companies. The Bankers are funding both sides of wars so they are in a win-win situation as they see it. This should be spotlighted and banks doing this should be penalized and even prosecuted. Stop the fear-mongering and dismantle the Patriot Act that takes away US citizen’s rights and sets America up for a police state. Mayor Bloomberg for example, went against the wishes of NYers when they voted only 2 terms. Bloomberg agreed to this and then decided to buy himself a 3rd term through the city counsel. NYers voted back 2 term limits, furious Bloomberg’s ego was so huge he thinks he can rule over people who do not want him. But the point is, no politician seeking reelection should have the right to change a vote set in place by the people. Since Michael Bloomberg did this, he should pay. He went into office initially with less than $12B, now he has $17billion. With just one of those Billions he can pay off the state debt plus take care of the MTA woes. Since be ramrodded his way back into office against the will of the people, he should be made to spend the billions he has received via the people, on the care of the people. Bloomberg is just one UBER RICH individual that needs to be taxed. Even if the rich paid 4% more in taxes it would clear up a lot of this nations debt. These rich no longer can say they are creating America’s jobs when they send jobs overseas.

  • Wally 1

    Writ, you obviously must live in a large metro area, therefore you are somewhat clueless to what will happen when SHTF. When it happens here (economic collapse) within a month inner cities will look like a battle zone. The rural areas in America that have fresh water, food and weapons will be the winners. As far as taxing the rich, they are the job creaters. Why do think they are moving the manufacturing and businesses overseas? You can thank your liberal congress that has been in power for years causing more goverment regulation, gov’t mandates and enviromental regulations that have made it not profitable to do business in America anymore. Just try to get a building permit in your local juristiction. It’s a nightmare of regulation and red tape. With this business crushing regulation, why would big business invest in America? They won’t because of taxing and regulation. Wake up, get off the couch, put down your bong. when the change does come, it’s not going to turn out like you liberals think it will. There won’t be much discussion. The answer will be from the barrel of a AR-15.

  • i hope this was a good idea.

  • BigMike

    “The answer will be from the barrel of a AR-15.”

    Just one? In my ‘Hood there is ~1 per household. Those that don’t have an AR have at least a lver action