• Paul Patriot

    If Hillary gets in, this, for me will be a confirmation of the finishing touches on God’s judgement on this nation.

    If she gets in, kiss Constitutional freedoms good by, get ready to have sharia law in Amerika, ( of course guns will be taken from law abiding folks, so expect beheadings by faithful Muslims, and a police state that Helliwood could only dream of.

    If she gets in, the Nwo will be have its opportunity to be instituted.

    Shut your “American idol” off, it’s now or never in this nation to repent of our wicked ways and unbelief towards “nature’s God”

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I couldn’t even imagine what this nation would look like after four or eight years of Hillary.

      • Gay Veteran

        Bush, Obama, Hillary: that’s the trifecta!

        • Soldier Of Zion

          Of course Jeb Bush is the answer. His grandfather Prescott Bush was involved in financing Hitler ( and most likely Mussolini but who knows). George Bush Sr. began the bombing in Iraq, resumed by his son, continued by Obama and will no doubt be pursued with Jeb.

          • Gay Veteran

            no war profits without war

    • Gay Veteran

      “…get ready to have sharia law in Amerika….”

      quit wetting your pants over sharia law, it is the government itself that terrorizes us

      • Paul Patriot

        OK???????? And its the liberal leftist government that will bend over and allow sharia law to dilute or replace Constitutional law.

        If you understood the implications, you would understand why I am “wetting my pants”

        • Gay Veteran

          ROFLOL, wow

  • K

    No republic can long last, when the majority of the citizens are uninformed. And yes, in this case they choose to be so.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very well said K.

  • DJohn1

    I once experienced the totally dumbed down electorate process at a local union level. I worked hard, got a position on the executive committee that made decisions.
    A middle-aged woman also was on the committee. Her last name was a verb, Counts. So when she went for election her first name and last was J***** Counts. I have deliberately mispelled the first name as I have no wish to bring attention to her personally.
    The point I am making is that name can be everything and history and judgment calls do not matter at all because people do use subliminals to make decisions at the election booth. Mostly they vote but do not do their homework on who they are voting for.
    This is the majority of people that recognize a name and vote for them regardless of how bad they have been in the past.
    Hillary Clinton is a recognized name and by that alone she will gather a lot of votes of those opposed to the Republican Party regardless of how good or bad she actually is. And that is the danger of democracy and republics. Name recognition.
    Part of the reason I was elected was because i have a short easily recognized name. Yet every pensioner in that local was able to send in a vote by mail. At least one of which was dying in a nursing home. I think he died 6 weeks after the election.
    That local had 400 pensioners in it and approximately 200 working members. But name recognition got the same people elected for 20 or more years. No one could beat them.
    Hillary Clinton is no prize. But she is likely to win unless the Republicans put up a decent candidate against her and listen real close to the PR managers that get them elected.
    If she is using bad language around the help then she must think that is the only thing they are likely to understand, that is drill sergeant language. It is a really bad approach to someone responsible for your life, might take a bullet for you, or any number of things that can go wrong in a heart beat. As a person trained by the U.S. Air Force Air Police, I know little about what they go through in VIP circles. I do know that interferes with their job.
    I do know that anything that gets in the way of the job will cost the candidate their life if it interferes with them doing the job. I wouldn’t want that to fall on anyone.
    Perhaps we should concentrate on who will replace her if she does something totally stupid concerning those meant to protect her.
    Might be a good time to elect a really good second in command.
    ‘On the plus side, Hillary Clinton, has been around the Presidency for almost 16 years off and on. She does know from personal errors the job she wants to take over.
    The damage done by people without that knowledge is sending an amateur boxing person in to fight the world champion. So IF we make a republican into a President there is going to be a learning curve. The only way anyone is going to run successfully against this woman is going to be if they put a really good candidate, ultra-clean background, and someone wise enough to lean on the last administration’s advisers to get the job done.
    Those people that run against her better have the best PR Manager that money can buy. Anything less will be a defeated candidate no matter what you do.

    • Gay Veteran

      doesn’t matter, democrats=republicans

      • LowellST13

        Democommunists = republisocialists = Republifascists=Marxistfascists = all the same evil and the same in corrupt power

  • Gay Veteran

    “…The Clintons could probably sacrifice children to Baal on national television and most of their supporters would still love them. There is no way in the world that Bill or Hillary Clinton should be running for anything at this point. If we actually lived in a just society, they would both be in prison….”

    very true

    and the following was true back in the day: The Bushs [W] could probably sacrifice children to Baal on national television and most of their supporters would still love them. There is no way in the world that a Bush should be running for anything at this point. If we actually lived in a just society, George W. Bush would be in prison.

  • Gay Veteran

    you can say one thing about Hillary, she proved women can be psychopaths just like men: when asked about the murder of Gaddafi in Libya, she said “we came, we saw, he died”. Now Libya is in chaos and 1000s have died

  • Bob Russell

    hitlery is scum and a danger to liberty!!!!!

  • Jay

    You were told not to give women the right to vote and you did it anyway because you thought you were smart.

  • nekksys

    I have a solution for Hillary… It’s a good one that gets right to the point and does it’s job well…

  • Babylonandon


  • LowellST13

    Isis was born in the closed off rooms of the CIA, in Langley VA. THE US Government created them through CIA handling. WE have to an enemy to continue to feed the beast. The majority of american’s “low case intended” due to lessened ability to learn something. The majority believe all the lies that the one party system continue to pronounce, FREE TRADE, GLOBAL WARMING, etc… etc… We need American’s that want to work, believe in American’s not a NEW WORLD ORDER….