An Increasing Number Of Americans Are Living In Their Homes With The Water And The Power Turned Off

The U.S. economy is literally collapsing right in front of our eyes.  Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and their homes.  Others are trying to hang on any way that they can.  As more Americans than ever switch over to “survival mode”, some strange new phenomenons are occurring.  For example, an increasing number of Americans are now living in their homes with the electricity and water turned off.  That’s right – they are camping out in their own homes without any power and without any running water.  In the “richest nation on earth”, millions of Americans can no longer afford electricity and water.  Utility shut-offs have been rapidly increasing as more Americans than ever before find themselves simply unable to pay their debts.  So is this what the American Dream has come to?  Sitting in our homes with the water and power turned off?


The video footage posted below is absolutely jaw-dropping.  It contains footage of real California homes where families are living without any electricity or water….

The reality is that hordes of middle class Americans are really suffering right now.  Maybe that is why faith in the economy is plummeting like a rock.

The Conference Board recently announced that its Consumer Confidence Index slipped to 50.4 in July, which was down from a revised figure of 54.3 in June.

American consumers are getting scared.  They don’t understand what is happening.

But it is actually quite simple.

The U.S. economy is collapsing.

You better get ready.