14 Gifts That You Should Definitely NOT Give To Your Liberal Friends

Have you ever been given a gift that totally offended you? In today’s highly charged political environment, it can be so easy to “trigger” someone, and the gifts in this article could definitely “trigger” your liberal friends. So while they may be absolutely hilarious, I would definitely not give anything on this list to anyone other than a Trump supporter. Hopefully political civility will make a major comeback in America someday, but for now our nation is very deeply divided. The other day I was doing some research, and I came across a recent survey that found that politics is the number one source of stress for Americans today. And unfortunately the amount of stress that we are experiencing about politics is only going to intensify as we approach the 2020 election.


Last year I actually ran for Congress, and so I understand how stressful politics can be. I really wanted to get to Washington and make some positive changes, but a massive flood of PAC money came pouring in from outside the state for another candidate and that totally turned the tide of the campaign. In fact, the PACs spent more money on the campaign that any of the individual candidates did by a very wide margin. It was a very painful lesson, and it taught me a lot about why our political system is so deeply corrupt.

Laughter can be great medicine, and sometimes I find it helpful to laugh about what is going on in Washington right now. With that in mind, the following are 14 hilarious political gifts that you should definitely not give to your liberal friends, and each link will take you directly to Amazon via an affiliate link…

#1 Nancy Pelosi toilet paper: Pelosi has become the face of the impeachment sham that is currently unfolding in D.C., and considering how unfairly the Democrats have been treating President Trump, what conservative would not be at least a little tempted to put this toilet paper in their bathrooms?

#2 Full Set of Democrat Monopoly-Style Board Game Money: The Democratic candidates for president seem to be competing with one another to see who can promise to give the voters the most free stuff, and so this gag gift seems very appropriate for the 2020 election season. The money features the faces of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris.

#3 Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide: This book has more than 3,000 ratings on Amazon, and it has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is almost entirely blank, and because of that President Trump has called it “a great book for your reading enjoyment!”

#4 The Impeachment Case Against Trump: Funny Trump Political Humor Gag Gift: This is another book that is almost entirely blank because the truth is that the Democrats have no case at all.

#5 All The Reasons To Vote For Biden: Needless to say, this is another blank book, and I expect it to become a lot more popular if Biden can actually win the Democratic nomination.

#6 Clown Show Trump Haters T-Shirt: Can you imagine Pelosi, Schumer, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Nadler, Pressley, AOC, Waters, Biden, Sanders, Mueller, Warren, Omar, Beto, Comey and Tlaib on a single shirt? And what makes it even better is that they are all in clown masks.

#7 The Hillary Clinton Coloring Book: This is definitely not a coloring book for children. The following is what the seller says about it: Acclaimed artist Tim Foley offers colorists thirty-one black-and-white illustrations of Hillary in all her pant-suited, empowering magnificence. Foley has transposed the former first lady into a wide variety of famous paintings and photographs. From placing her face on the Statue of Liberty to transforming her into Rosie the Riveter or Uncle Sam taking on Trump, Foley masterfully incorporates Clinton into a variety of scenes that are sure to be loads of fun to fill with color. This book also features her as Amelia Earhart, Wonder Woman, Nancy Sinatra, and more! Even good ol’ Bill and Elvis make appearances!

#8 Hillary’s America: Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza got into an enormous amount of trouble for making this film, but it may have helped push Trump over the top in the last election.

#9 “Annoy Liberals – Use Facts And Logic” Coffee Mug: This mug has a great slogan, but it is probably not safe to take to work or anywhere else where you could potentially trigger liberals.

#10 “Impeach Pelosi” T-Shirt: President Trump once suggested that Nancy Pelosi should be impeached, and he is absolutely correct about that.

#11 “Hillary For Prison 2020” T-Shirt: After all this time, Hillary Clinton has still managed to stay out of prison. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if justice was finally served in 2020?

#12 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – AOC – Zero Cents Penny: This fake coin is actually a little bit larger than a real penny. And considering the fact that AOC isn’t displaying any sense at all when it comes to public policy, it would appear to be the perfect monetary denomination for her.

#13 Socialism Survival Kit: Are you ready to survive in socialist America if Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren get elected? According to the seller, this kit contains the following: Kit contains symbols to remind of the failings of socialism. Toilet paper for a failed market, adhesive bandage for failed medical care and for Government oppression, and a candle for failure of basic infrastructure like power. A reminder of the brutality, inhumanity, and oppression that socialism has brought in its first 100 years.

#14 Sweet Warm Cup Of Liberal Tears: Those on the left were crying plenty of tears in the aftermath of the 2016 election, and there will be a tsunami of tears if Trump is able to emerge victorious once again in 2020.

Obviously, any of the gifts on this list would be likely to greatly anger any of your liberal friends, and that is probably not something that you want to do.

So I have a suggestion.

If you have a liberal friend and you can’t figure out what to give, I would give that friend a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

After all, most liberals have never read it, and if they actually became acquainted with it they might just stop trampling on it.

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