Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 Are Starting To Pop Up Literally All Across The United States

Over the past few days, local officials have been announcing newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 all over the country.  For a while, it had been hoped that by isolating ourselves from China we could prevent a widespread outbreak from happening inside the United States.  Unfortunately, this virus is now spreading like wildfire all over the globe, and even the CDC is admitting that “this might be bad”.  We still don’t know if this is going to evolve into a horrifying global pandemic that will kill millions of people, but it is undeniable that this crisis has significantly escalated over the last three days.  All across America people are really starting to freak out, and it appears that the worst is yet to come. (Read More...)

We Are Being Warned That The Coronavirus Could Cause “Shortages” And “Empty Shelves” Here In The United States

We have already seen it happen all over the globe.  In China it is becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary citizens to get essential supplies, there have been very long lines to buy face masks in Hong Kong and elsewhere, and in Italy crazed residents have stripped store shelves empty of pasta and other staples in recent days.  As the number of confirmed cases continues to rise at a very frightening pace, the “panic buying” that we have been witnessing is going to get even worse.  Meanwhile, global supply chains are becoming increasingly strained due to this coronavirus outbreak, and it has already become quite difficult for many stores to get certain things for their customers. (Read More...)

Really Big News About The Coronavirus In The United States Just Dropped

The CDC has announced that there is a newly confirmed coronavirus case in northern California, and authorities have no idea how the victim was exposed to the virus.  This particular individual had not traveled to a foreign country lately and also had not had any contact with a known infected patient.  In other words, it appears that this individual was infected by someone that the CDC does not know about yet.  As soon as this news dropped, financial markets started freaking out and there was an explosion of speculation on social media.  Have the efforts to contain the coronavirus in the United States failed?  And if people are going this crazy even though not a single American has died from this virus yet, what is going to happen if people start dropping dead in the streets? (Read More...)