3 More “Conspiracy Theories” Which Have Just Been Confirmed

Just because someone labels something a “conspiracy theory” does not mean that it is not true.  In fact, in recent years so-called “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be accurate time after time.  Of course not every crazy theory that people throw around on the Internet is accurate.  In fact, I come across nonsense all the time that is flat out false.  In this day and age, deception is coming at us from all angles, and it is so important to think critically.  Just because someone says that something is true does not make it true.  And just because someone says that something is false does not make it false.  Ultimately, we all need to do our own research and come to our own conclusions.  In this article, I will discuss 3 “conspiracy theories” which have just been confirmed. (Read More...)

There Is No Way That America Will Survive If We Stay On This Path…

Abortion was the central issue that everyone was talking about on Tuesday, and it enabled the Democrats to win key race after key race all over the nation.  As survey after survey has shown, the American people absolutely love abortion.  In fact, survey after survey has shown that support for abortion has actually increased since Roe v. Wade was overturned.  And every time abortion has been on the ballot since Roe v. Wade was overturned, pro-life forces have lost.  At this point, we need to face the reality of where we are as a nation.  Since 1973, more than 60 million babies have been slaughtered in the United States, and the American people don’t want that to stop any time soon.  Of course if we stay on this path, there is no way that America will survive. (Read More...)

The IDF Is Making Major Progress In Gaza, And That Makes Intervention By Hezbollah Much More Likely

If Hamas had been able to hold off the IDF, the entire Islamic world would have greatly rejoiced and Hezbollah would have no need to escalate the war to the next level.  But instead, the opposite is happening.  The IDF has successfully surrounded Gaza City, the perimeter is being tightened with each passing day, and the tunnels that Hamas is hiding in are being systematically destroyed.  On top of everything else, the bunker of the top military commander of Hamas has been “isolated”, and we are being told that he will soon be dead.  All of this is going to create tremendous pressure on Hezbollah, because radical Muslims all over the globe are calling for the terror group to intervene before Hamas is completely wiped out.  Of course there has already been fighting day after day along the northern front.  In fact, video footage of a massive explosion that just happened in southern Lebanon is being widely shared on social media. (Read More...)

An Alarming New Variant That Is “Taking Off” In Europe Causes A Disgusting Red Rash On The Skin

Are we on the verge of another major health scare?  When COVID first erupted several years ago, it was often difficult to identify who had it.  But now a new variant has emerged that is really “taking off” in Europe, and a disgusting red rash is one of the primary symptoms.  The variant is currently known as “JN.1”, although I am sure that they will give it a fancy new name once it spreads widely enough.  We have hardly heard anything about this new variant in the United States, but they are really buzzing about it on the other side of the Atlantic.  “JN.1” is a direct descendant of the Pirola variant, and one doctor told the Express that Pirola can “cause visible facial symptoms” such as “a red rash that might appear on your face”… (Read More...)

Is Joe Biden Planning To Bring Back The Draft?

Let’s hope that Joe Biden has some sense and that all of this talk about bringing back the draft turns out to be nothing at all.  Because bringing back the draft would tear our nation apart.  Most young Americans definitely do not want to go to war, and I believe that resistance to a draft would far exceed anything that we witnessed during the 1960s and 1970s.  But our politicians have been talking about implementing a draft anyway, because we could soon find ourselves fighting multiple wars simultaneously. (Read More...)

This Is The Final Confrontation Between Israel And Hamas

Hamas has always been committed to wiping out the nation of Israel, and now after the terror attacks of October 7th Israel is committed to wiping out Hamas.  So what we are witnessing is truly a “death match” that will produce only one survivor.  Hamas is desperately hoping that all of Israel’s enemies in the region will unite and try to destroy the nation of Israel once and for all.  Meanwhile, Israel is attempting to slowly but surely strangle the terror group out of existence.  In fact, it is being reported that the IDF has now “completed the encirclement of Gaza City”(Read More...)

Is Hezbollah On The Verge Of Entering The War In The Middle East?

There are all sorts of rumors floating around on social media that Hezbollah is about to join the war in the Middle East.  In this article, I am going to go over what has been confirmed and what has not been confirmed.  If Hezbollah chooses to enter the war, things are going to get really crazy.  The terror organization has approximately 100,000 highly trained fighters, and it possesses well over 100,000 missiles.  If thousands upon thousands of missiles start raining down on Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities, the response by the IDF will be overwhelmingly forceful.  In other words, we could be about to witness a truly apocalyptic scenario play out right in front of our eyes. (Read More...)

Iranian Proxies Are Starting To Join The War, And That Is Really Bad News

It is beginning to happen.  We have been told that a worst case scenario for the war in the Middle East would be for Iranian proxies to join the war followed by Iran itself.  That sort of escalation could lead to an apocalyptic conflict that spirals completely out of control, and so great efforts have been made to try to keep the rest of the “Axis of Resistance” on the sidelines.  Unfortunately, those efforts appear to have failed, and that is really bad news. (Read More...)