Are You Nauseated By How Politically Correct The NFL, The NBA And Major League Baseball Have Become?

The forces of political correctness ruin everything that they touch, and that includes our major sports leagues.  I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, and that was truly a golden era for sports in America.  Back in those times, men were still men, entire cities would erupt with euphoria when an important game was won, and the most intense rivalries spawned legends that will never be forgotten.  When the newspaper arrived each day, I couldn’t wait to devour the sports section, and that is because the sports section was actually about sports in those days.  Today, our soulless sports leagues inspire very little joy, and most of what constitutes “sports journalism” at this point is absolutely sickening.  Sadly, most stories are about who has done something that is not sufficiently politically correct and needs to be punished by the media. (Read More...)

Is The Drama Unfolding In New York Setting The Stage For David Wilkerson’s “Thousand Fires” Prophecy To Be Fulfilled?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has decided that purging thousands upon thousands of important municipal workers will make the city a safer place.  But instead, could it actually be setting the stage for complete and utter chaos?  Earlier today, when I visited Steve Quayle’s website I noticed that he had mentioned David Wilkerson’s prophecy about widespread fires in New York City.  I instantly remembered the prophecy that he was talking about, and I decided to go look it up again.  For those that are not familiar with it, here is the relevant portion of that particular prophecy(Read More...)

Is This Foreshadowing Something? – Facebook’s New Name Means “DEAD” In Hebrew

Is there a hidden message in Facebook’s new name?  Like most of you, I was quite surprised to learn that Facebook is going to be called “Meta” from now on.  As one of the biggest corporations in the entire world, this is not something to be done lightly.  I am sure that much deliberation, research and market testing went into that decision.  So either a colossal mistake was made, or Facebook chose a name with a very particular Hebrew meaning on purpose.  According to the Jerusalem Post, Facebook’s new name actually means “dead” in Hebrew… (Read More...)

Public Schools Are At The Epicenter Of America’s Values Implosion

It is often said that children are the future, and America’s children are being raised in nightmarish propaganda centers that are cesspools of sex, violence and just about every type of evil that you can possibly imagine.  All the way through my education, I attended public schools, and they were really bad in my day.  But now they are so horrific that I don’t know why any parent would ever want to subject their children to such an environment.  When they are in class, children are being systematically taught “values” that are completely and utterly un-American, and when they are out of class that is when the real danger begins.  Just when you think that our public schools can’t possibly sink any lower, somehow they find a way to do exactly that.  For example, consider what just happened at Hazard High School in Kentucky(Read More...)

It Turns Out That Fauci Has Been Doing This Sort Of Thing For A Very Long Time…

Why aren’t more people crying out for justice?  Are we really that far gone as a nation?  This week, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s puppy torture scandal has blown wide open.  We now know for a fact that Fauci approved and funded “experiments” that cost millions upon millions of dollars in which countless beagle puppies and other animals were ruthlessly tortured in some of the most inhumane ways imaginable.  Anyone that has any morality at all should be deeply sickened by this.  But most of the country seems to think that it really isn’t that big of a deal.  In this article, I am going to share even more shocking things that have come out in recent days, and most Americans probably won’t care about them either.  In fact, Fauci could be sacrificing children to Satan on the White House lawn and many Americans would still probably fully support him. (Read More...)

Unspeakable Crimes Are Being Committed In America’s Laboratories. So What Will We Do Now?

The scandals that have been revealed this week should be shaking America to the core.  As I detailed yesterday, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his minions approved and funded experiments that involved drugging beagle puppies and locking their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies “so that the insects could eat them alive”.  In another case, 44 beagle puppies had their vocal cords slashed so that they wouldn’t bark while Fauci’s scientists experimented on them.  As a result of these absolutely shocking revelations, the hashtag “#ArrestFauci” was trending on Twitter on Sunday(Read More...)

You Don’t Have To Wait For Halloween To See Monsters, Because They Are Already All Around Us

A lot of Americans will dress up like monsters this Halloween, but there is no way that they could ever be as frightening as the actual monsters that walk our halls of power on a daily basis.  Some of the things that I am going to share with you in this article are deeply disturbing, but they need to be revealed because the people that have been doing these things need to be held accountable.  Real life horror movies play out in secret facilities all across America day after day, and much of the time the incredibly sick things that are being done to animals are being funded by our tax dollars.  But because the corporate media keeps very quiet about these “experiments”, most Americans never hear about what is really going on behind closed doors. (Read More...)

As The Shelves Get Emptier, How Long Can They Keep The Charade Going?

They keep telling us that everything is going to be just fine, but an increasing number of Americans are beginning to realize that what we are facing is not “temporary” at all.  From coast to coast, store shelves have been getting emptier and emptier, and supply chain experts are warning us that things aren’t going to be getting better any time soon.  But Biden administration officials continue to smile and insist that they have everything under control.  Do you believe them?  At this point, I don’t know why anyone would still believe that they are capable of handling any major problem after what we have witnessed in Afghanistan, at the southern border, etc. (Read More...)

End Of The American Dream