America Is Being Invaded

In less than two and a half years, the Biden administration has released nearly five million illegal immigrants into this country.  That number is greater than the population of 28 different U.S. states.  When they were processed, those illegal immigrants were given court dates, but only a very small minority of them ever show up.  Once they have gotten in, most of them disappear into our communities and are never heard from again.  America is literally being invaded, and now the end of Title 42 is going to make things a whole lot worse.  If you are not familiar with Title 42, the following is a pretty good summary from Fox News(Read More...)

Do They Actually Want World War 3? Now The West Has Decided To Give Ukraine Long-Range Cruise Missiles…

We are getting dangerously close to the “hot phase” of World War III, but most people in the western world don’t even realize what is going on.  They simply trust our leaders when they tell us that we will never have to be directly involved in a conflict with Russia, but meanwhile those same leaders continue to push us ever closer to such a scenario.  Earlier today, we learned that the UK has now delivered long-range “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles to Ukraine… (Read More...)

We Are Witnessing A Nationwide Campaign Of Harassment And Persecution Against Christians Because Of What They Believe

Christianity is rapidly becoming synonymous with “hate”, and that puts us in very dangerous territory.  Because once a certain class of people becomes classified as a “hate group”, they become targets.  Unfortunately, Christians are already being systematically targeted right now.  Matt Taibbi and his colleagues just put out an excellent article about the “Censorship-Industrial Complex” that is rapidly evolving all around us.  Dozens of major organizations are working together to suppress speech that they do not like.  Once an individual or a group has been identified as being problematic, they can suddenly be hit from multiple directions all at once.  That can often mean having their social media accounts “deplatformed”, but it can also mean being “de-banked” by financial institutions.  In fact, JPMorgan Chase is being accused of “de-banking” quite a few Christian organizations simply because of what they believe… (Read More...)

Oklahoma Farmer: “I Think We’re To The Dust Bowl, About The Same Or Worse.”

Our food prices aren’t just going up because our leaders pumped way too much money into the system.  All over the world, crops are failing, and that includes right here in the United States.  Earlier this year, CNN warned that we are in the midst of “the worst food crisis in modern history”, and so we really need this to be an extremely successful year for our farmers.  Unfortunately, that just isn’t happening in much of the country.  In fact, one wheat farmer in Oklahoma says that his farm is experiencing “the most severe drought I’ve ever seen”(Read More...)

All Over America, People Are Afraid To Live Their Normal Lives

Has our rapidly changing culture caused you to significantly alter the way that you live your life?  If so, you are definitely not alone.  Thanks to rapidly rising crime rates, unchecked illegal immigration, record high mass shootings, rampant homelessness and the worst drug crisis in U.S. history, millions of Americans are now scared to live their lives the way that they once did.  Social decay is spreading like a very aggressive form of cancer all over the country, and to a lot of us it seems like a very substantial portion of the population has completely lost their minds.  The thin veneer of civilization that we all depend upon on a daily basis is disappearing very quickly, and the outlook for the future of our society is extremely bleak. (Read More...)

This Is Why Experts Are Warning That A Massive Tsunami Could Potentially Hit The West Coast…

We all live on a giant rock that is flying through space, and the truth is that this giant rock is not very stable.  There are dozens of significant earthquakes around the world each day, and as I write this article volcanoes are erupting all over the planet.  In addition, scientists are starting to detect a lot of very unusual activity on the floors of our oceans.  Hydrothermal vents can heat water to temperatures greater than 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and a team of researchers recently discovered a “sprawling field” of such vents in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean… (Read More...)

Is Someone Trying To Provoke Russia Into Using Tactical Nuclear Weapons Against Ukraine?

When you are standing on the brink of the unthinkable, it can be way too easy for someone to come along and push you over the edge.  I don’t know who just attacked the Kremlin with drones, but it was obviously done for a reason.  Whoever did it knew, or should have known, that the Russians would strike back really hard.  Just imagine how we would feel if there were explosions at the White House.  Russian leaders are extremely angry, and some of them are openly talking about using tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine.  But if that happens, our world could be completely turned upside down.  The Biden administration has hinted that the U.S. would use tactical nuclear weapons against Russian forces if the Russians use tactical nukes against Ukraine, and so let us hope that cooler heads will prevail. (Read More...)

Take Care Of America First! We Are Sending Mountains Of Money Overseas But Our Own Communities Are Dying

Why do our politicians insist on showering other countries with money when our own communities are degenerating into rotting, decaying hellholes right in front of our eyes?  We just learned that the Biden administration has decided to give Ukraine another 300 million dollar aid package.  That is on top of the several dozen other aid packages that have already been announced.  Of course the Ukrainians are not the only ones that are receiving our hard-earned tax dollars.  In 2020, the U.S. gave “foreign aid” to 157 different countries.  That is madness!  We are 31 trillion dollars in debt and our cities are rapidly decaying but we are handing our prizes to almost everyone else in the world as if we were Willy Wonka. (Read More...)