4 Ways That Joe Biden Could Get America Into A Nuclear War

Have you ever looked at Joe Biden and wondered if this guy is going to get us all killed?  If so, you are definitely not alone.  Biden is an ill-tempered lunatic that is not all there mentally, and his foreign policy team includes well-known warmongers such as Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken and Victoria Nuland.  Over the past two years they have been provoking our enemies every chance they get, and that has pushed us to the brink of war with several of them.  They keep telling us that they know exactly what they are doing, but if they get this wrong we are not going to get a “do over”.  Once the missiles start flying, there will be no going back.  The following are 4 ways that Joe Biden and his minions could get America into a nuclear war… (Read More...)

5 Theories That Are Swirling Around The Internet About Why Fox News Fired Tucker Carlson

Why in the world would Fox News fire Tucker Carlson?  He had the highest-rated show on cable news by far, and he is wildly popular with millions upon millions of Americans.  Unfortunately, if you want to survive as a cable news host in this day and age, popularity is not enough.  You must please the elitists that own your network, the advertisers that are paying the network’s bills, and the political establishment in Washington.  For years, Tucker Carlson has repeatedly said things on his show that no other cable news host would dare to say, and it was inevitable that this would get him into big trouble. (Read More...)

Should We Be Concerned That So Many UFO Sightings Are Happening All Over The World?

Extremely strange aircraft are spotted flying through our skies every single day.  This is happening in every part of the globe, and those that are having experiences with these aircraft come from a wide variety of different cultures.  It has become exceedingly obvious that something is going on, but of course there is a tremendous amount of disagreement about what all of this means.  Some argue that these aircraft have an extraterrestrial origin, others argue that they have a terrestrial origin, and yet others believe that most of these sightings can all be explained as “experimental military aircraft”, drones, weather balloons or other man-made anomalies.  But at this point nobody can deny that there is lots of strange activity happening above our heads, and it appears to be accelerating. (Read More...)

Anger Is Rapidly Growing As Economic Conditions Steadily Deteriorate All Over The World

We are in the early stages of a global economic collapse, and people all over the globe are getting extremely angry.  Here in the United States, higher prices are an inconvenience, but in other parts of the world higher prices can mean the difference between feeding your family or not.  And once people get to a point where they cannot even survive on the incomes that they are bringing in, they can become very unpredictable and very violent.  For example, a large economic protest that just happened in Lebanon quickly descended into violence as protesters aggressively clashed with government security forces(Read More...)

The 3 Wars Of The Apocalypse Are Getting Dangerously Close

If you aren’t concerned by what has been happening around the globe the past few days, it is probably because you just aren’t paying attention.  Extreme violence has brought the Middle East to the brink of war, China has gotten very aggressive with Taiwan, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov just stated that the U.S. and Russia have now reached a “hot phase” of the conflict in Ukraine.  What I am going to share with you in this article is so important, because we have reached a point where literally three different major wars could erupt at any moment.  Just one would be bad enough, but if all three were to happen simultaneously we could potentially be facing a truly apocalyptic scenario very rapidly. (Read More...)

The Condition Of Our Society Has Never Been This Bad, And It Is Only Going To Get Worse…

A lot of people seem shocked that the fabric of our society is steadily unraveling all around us, but the truth is that this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  What we are witnessing is simply the law of cause and effect in action.  We have discarded the values that this nation was founded upon, and we have replaced them with new “values” that are diametrically opposed to the old values.  So now we live in a hellhole of our own making.  Just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is exploding in our society, and crime rates have been rapidly rising all over the nation. (Read More...)

This Is Why We Need Other Countries To Fight Our Wars For Us…

Let’s just hope that the U.S. does not need to fight a major war any time soon.  Right now, the U.S. Army is actually shrinking because so few young people are being recruited.  Interest in serving in the military has plummeted dramatically, and meanwhile the percentage of our young adults that actually qualify to serve has fallen to a depressingly low level.  According to a recent Pentagon study, 77 percent of all Americans from age 17 to age 24 are ineligible to serve in the military for one reason or another.  That is a pathetically low figure, and it is the main reason why we need other countries to fight our wars for us at this point.  Just look at Ukraine.  We are providing the funding, the equipment, the ammunition and the intelligence, but they are providing the warm bodies.  If that changes and our young people are actually forced to fight in a major conflict, they will quickly find out that a real war is nothing like Call of Duty or Fortnite. (Read More...)

Will The Discovery Of The Ark Of The Covenant Soon Be Publicly Revealed To The Entire World?

When the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant is finally announced by the Israeli government, it will be the greatest archaeological bombshell in the history of the world.  Authorities in Israel have known where it is located for a long time, but trying to remove an object of such immense importance from deep under the Temple Mount was always going to be complicated.  In fact, when the Israelis finally unveil the Ark they may not even admit where it was hidden all this time due to conflicting claims of jurisdiction over the Temple Mount.  If the Israelis openly admit that they took the Ark from under the Temple Mount it could potentially set off riots all over the Islamic world.  This is such a sensitive topic, and it really will be a miracle when the discovery of the Ark is finally revealed. (Read More...)