Guess Who Is Buying Up Farmland All Over The United States?

Those that control our food supply wield an immense amount of power.  Small family farms have been integral to the success of the United States all throughout our history, but now such farms are being gobbled up at a staggering pace.  Corporate behemoths, foreign interests and eccentric billionaires are voraciously buying up farmland, and many consider this development to be extremely alarming.  The farming industry is being systematically consolidated, and a lot of people have pointed out that some of the new owners may not have our best interests at heart.  This needs to become a major political issue, because our national security is truly at risk. (Read More...)

Ranchers Are Selling Off Their Cattle In Unprecedented Numbers Due To The Drought, And That Has Enormous Implications For 2023

Thanks to the horrific drought which is absolutely devastating ranching in the Southwest, ranchers are now in “panic mode” and are selling off their cattle at an unprecedented rate.  In fact, some are choosing to sell off their entire herds because they feel like they don’t have any other options.  In recent days, seemingly endless lines of trailers waiting to drop off cattle for auction have gone viral all over social media.  Everybody is talking about how they have never seen anything like this before, and if the drought in the Southwest persists the lines could soon get even longer.  In the short-term, this is going to help to stabilize meat prices.  But in the long-term the size of the U.S. cattle herd will steadily become much smaller, and that has very serious implications for our ability to feed ourselves in 2023 and beyond. (Read More...)

We Appear To Be Very Close To Peak Global Oil Production, And That Has Enormous Implications For The Entire Global Economy

What do you think is going to happen when we get to a point where the world simply cannot produce any more oil than it is already producing?  It is often said that “energy is the economy”, and to a large degree that is true.  Very wealthy nations with large GDPs tend to use a great deal of energy, while very poor nations with small GDPs tend to use a lot less energy.  Just about every form of economic activity requires energy, and so those countries that have a high level of economic activity require more of it.  Of course we live at a time when the total population of the world has been steadily increasing and global demand for energy has soared to unprecedented heights.  Production has struggled to keep up with demand, and now it appears that we will soon reach a point where we are simply not able to produce enough for everyone. (Read More...)

Microplastics Are Literally Everywhere, And They Are An Existential Threat To The Future Of The Human Race

History will look back on us as “the crazy plastic people”.  We produce approximately 400 million tons of plastic each year, and a great deal of that plastic ends up being discarded in various ways.  Over time, the discarded plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces.  Once they get small enough, the little bits of plastic become “microplastics”, and today our planet is being polluted by trillions upon trillions of these “microplastics” and the problem becomes worse every year.  Total global plastic production is rising at an exponential rate, and that means that the crisis that I am going to describe in this article will continue to get exponentially more severe. (Read More...)

Everything Is Dying: We Are Witnessing Mass Extinctions On An Unprecedented Scale, But Most People Don’t Understand What Is Happening

We were warned that if we stayed on the path that we were on that we would eventually see mass extinctions all over the globe.  Unfortunately, nothing was done and now it is already happening.  The creatures that inhabit our oceans are dying off.  The insects are dying off.  The birds are dying off.  All around us there is death on a massive scale, but most people don’t understand what is taking place.  We all stay in our own little protected bubbles, and we all keep listening to the corporate media tell us that everything is going to be just fine.  But the truth is that everything is not going to be just fine, because we are literally destroying the Earth and everything in it. (Read More...)

The Absolutely Terrifying Truth About This New Monkeypox Pandemic

A lot of people out there are downplaying this new monkeypox pandemic, and I believe that is a huge mistake.  If a smallpox outbreak had suddenly erupted, everyone would be totally freaking out.  But the general public doesn’t seem very alarmed about monkeypox even though it is very closely related to smallpox.  According to the official CDC website, monkeypox “is part of the same family of viruses as variola virus, the virus that causes smallpox”.  In the past, monkeypox has not spread easily among humans, but something has changed that has now made that possible.  As I detailed last week, scientists are telling us that approximately 50 key mutations have turned this bug into something new that we haven’t seen before. (Read More...)

On The Menu For The Remainder Of 2022: War, Pestilence, Famine

Enjoy this summer while you can, because global events will soon escalate to an even more alarming level.  Needless to say, if 2022 ended right now it would be remembered for a lot of really bad things.  Prior to this year, we didn’t have a war in Ukraine, nobody was talking about monkeypox, inflation was a relatively minor concern, food riots weren’t erupting in poor countries, and we weren’t facing the prospect of a very painful recession.  So much has happened in the last six months, but I have a feeling that the next six months are going to be even crazier. (Read More...)

5 Things That You Should Start Doing Immediately To Prepare For The Severe Recession That Is Ahead

Do you remember what economic conditions were like in 2008 and 2009?  Well, what is ahead of us is likely to be significantly worse.  There will be severe pain for those that get blindsided by this new crisis, but those that choose to get prepared in advance will have the best chance of successfully weathering the coming storm.  This week, we learned that the rate of inflation in the United States surged even higher last month.  And this is happening even though the overall economy is steadily slowing down.  At this point, the vast majority of the population understands that economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating.  In fact, one recent survey discovered that 70 percent of all Americans now believe that an economic downturn is ahead of us… (Read More...)