For The Middle East, There Is No Turning Back Now…

There is no way to avoid an apocalyptic war in the Middle East now.  Too much has been said and done, and both sides have pushed things past the point of no return.  It won’t be too long before thousands of missiles are flying back and forth, and that is going to have enormous implications for all of us.  This war is going to look far different from anything we have ever seen in the Middle East before, and the level of death and destruction that we will witness will shock the entire globe. (Read More...)

“Escalation” Is A Word That You Will Hear A Lot This Year As The Globe Erupts In Flames

2024 has just started, and already we have seen major escalations in the Middle East and in Ukraine.  Unfortunately, I believe that both of those conflicts will spiral out of control in 2024, and the U.S. military is simply not ready for such a scenario.  This year, we will see things happen that once would have been unimaginable.  But there is no turning back now.  World War III has begun, and over the next 12 months things are going to get really crazy. (Read More...)

Can The U.S. Fight 3 Major Wars Simultaneously?

Before our leaders drag us into the middle of World War III, perhaps we should step back and take a hard look at our own capabilities.  Military recruiting has been way down, ammunition levels have fallen to dangerously low levels because of how much we have sent to Ukraine, and our enemies have developed cutting edge new weapons systems that we cannot match.  But Joe Biden and his all-star team of warmongers continue to push everyone around as if this was the 1980s and everyone is still deeply afraid of the U.S. military. (Read More...)

The Reality Of The Supernatural

If you are trying very hard to ignore any evidence of the supernatural, you are probably not going to like this article.  Our society has trained us to view literally everything through the lens of Darwinism.  Therefore, any supernatural events that may happen are to be regarded with extreme skepticism or are to be ignored entirely.  In other words, if there isn’t a perfectly acceptable natural explanation, it didn’t happen.  Those that reject the supernatural are thought to be “reasonable”, while those that openly talk about supernatural things are thought to be “unreasonable”.  But the truth is that supernatural events really are happening around us all the time.  We just need to open up our eyes and acknowledge them. (Read More...)

2024 Will Be A Year Of Catastrophic War In The Middle East

The war in the Middle East that began in 2023 is going to go to an entirely new level in 2024.  As you will see below, fighting along Israel’s northern border has escalated significantly in recent days, and this is causing a great deal of concern.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly stated that he plans to finish the conflict in the south before dealing with Hezbollah, but he may not have a choice in the matter.  Hezbollah forces continue to fire at targets in northern Israel and the IDF continues to carry out strikes in response.  In fact, it is being reported that the IDF just attacked “a Hezbollah military headquarters in Lebanon”(Read More...)

Have You Ever Wondered Why There Is An Endless River Of Sewage Coming Out Of Washington D.C.?

If you don’t understand how broken the system has become, you will never understand what is necessary to fix it.  Every election cycle the American people just keep sending the same faces back to Congress, and then they are shocked that those politicians just keep doing things that are against the interests of the American people.  The reason why we see key votes go a certain way time after time is because most members of Congress have been compromised in one way or another.  If members of Congress that have been compromised get out of line, their dirty little secrets will be publicly exposed.  During a recent interview with Benny Johnson, U.S. Representative Tim Burchett explained how this works(Read More...)

It Looks Like “The Gates Of Hell” Have Opened In Iceland As Our Planet Continues To Tremble In Wild And Unpredictable Ways

Those that insist that what is happening to our planet is perfectly “normal” suffered another blow on Tuesday when we witnessed an absolutely massive volcanic eruption in Iceland.  Since it sits directly along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland experiences quite a bit of seismic activity, but one prominent volcanologist named Porvaldur Póroarson is warning that the eruption that just took place is “a different creature” from anything we have ever seen before.  The eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula sent fountains of lava shooting up to 330 feet into the air, and residents of Reykjavik are being warned that toxic gas is heading their way(Read More...)

We Are Facing A Demographic Collapse Of Epic Proportions

Birth rates have plummeted to record lows all over the industrialized world, and this has very serious implications for our future.  If something is not done to reverse this, native populations will fall very rapidly in wealthy countries during the years ahead, and there won’t be nearly enough young workers to support the entitlement programs that the elderly are counting on.  Meanwhile, nations where birth rates are still above replacement level (such as in the Islamic world) will become more powerful and will play a more dominant role in world affairs.  Despite all of our advanced technology, population numbers still matter, and we really are facing a demographic collapse of epic proportions. (Read More...)