The Genocide Of Christians Is Escalating All Over The Planet, But Most Westerners Don’t Even Know It Is Happening

Did you know that vast multitudes of Christians have been killed and hundreds of churches have been attacked in recent months?  If you live in the western world, there is a good chance that you haven’t heard anything about this.  That is because what becomes “news” is very tightly controlled by a handful of exceedingly powerful corporations.  So you are going to get the “news” that they want you to have.  For example, earlier today Yahoo News posted a “news story” that was entitled “Kim Kardashian Appeared To Accidentally Post An Unedited Selfie This Weekend”.  With everything else that is going on in the world, that is what they want us to focus on? (Read More...)

Details Of Saudi Arabia’s Shocking Plan To Divide The Holy Land

One of the most important international agreements in modern history is being secretly negotiated behind the scenes, and once it is publicly announced it could fundamentally change the geography of the Middle East.  I wrote about this last week, but I have learned more since that time.  As part of a blockbuster deal to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the Saudis want to achieve some sort of a diplomatic breakthrough for the Palestinians.  That won’t be an independent Palestinian state, because Benjamin Netanyahu would never accept such an outcome.  But the Saudis have floated another plan that might be acceptable to Netanyahu’s government, and it would result in a historic division of the Holy Land. (Read More...)

Is There A Secret Plan To Merge Jordan, Gaza And The West Bank As Part Of A Normalization Agreement Between Israel And Saudi Arabia?

Negotiations that are intended to lead to the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia have begun, but they aren’t the only parties that must agree to a potential deal.  These negotiations are being conducted very quietly, because they are touching on issues that are extremely sensitive.  As you will see below, we are not likely to learn much about the exact details of the deal that is being formulated until it is finalized.  The Biden administration is brokering these peace negotiations, and one thing we do know is that there will be no normalization of relations unless Israel is willing to make major concessions regarding the Palestinians.  Benjamin Netanyahu is unlikely to agree to recognize a full-blown independent Palestinian state, but another plan is being floated that could potentially be acceptable to all of the parties. (Read More...)

The Masks Are Back

Schools all over America are starting to bring the masks back, and many parents are responding with outrage.  After everything that we have been through the past few years, many were hoping that the days of masks, restrictions and mandates were behind us.  But now we are being told that COVID cases are on the rise, and many officials are deciding to implement the same measures that they did in 2020 and 2021.  If this is already taking place while the number of COVID cases is still relatively low, what will happen if we see a huge spike in cases this winter? (Read More...)

There Is Talk In Russia About Hitting Targets In The U.S. Because Nuclear War Has Become “Inevitable”

Most Americans have absolutely no idea how close we are to nuclear war.  Our politicians confidently assure us that the war in Ukraine will never spark a nuclear conflict, and the mainstream media in the western world rarely talks about such a scenario.  But over in Russia, things are completely different.  They regard the war in Ukraine as an existential conflict between Russia and NATO, and there is constant talk on Russian television about the possibility of nuclear war.  Here is the latest example that I have come across… (Read More...)

We Are Being Warned To Brace Ourselves For A “Super Pandemic” – Will It Arrive This Winter?

We have already been through so much the past few years.  COVID turned our society completely upside down, the monkeypox outbreak continues to cause excruciatingly painful skin sores all over the world, and the  global bird flu pandemic has already killed more than 100 million chickens and turkeys in the United States and Europe.  If bird flu mutates into a form that is easily spread among humans, the death toll could be catastrophic.  As I have repeatedly warned my readers, we have entered a period of time when nightmarish pestilences will become increasingly common.  Apparently, Google’s AI chief agrees with me.  In fact, he is warning that we need to brace ourselves for a “super pandemic” because the ability for normal people to cook up deadly new bugs any time they want has become one of the most serious threats that humanity is facing(Read More...)

Now We Know Why It Was Not A Good Idea To Put Up A “Chapel Of Babel” At Burning Man…

If you put up a blasphemous 60 foot tower and call it “the Chapel of Babel”, you should probably brace yourself for some consequences.  Every year, the Burning Man festival pushes the envelope farther and farther.  It really is the perfect “Mad Max” festival for our rapidly degenerating “Max Max” society.  This year, more than 70,000 people made the trek out into the desert, and that included hordes of celebrities and social media influencers.  At Burning Man, clothing is optional, weirdness is encouraged, and there is very little sexual restraint.  In fact, “the Orgy Dome” at Burning Man has become world famous for the activities that happen there. (Read More...)

Wild Mobs Of Young People Totally Out Of Control

If young people are the future of this country, we are in really big trouble.  We are supposed to be a civilized society, but now we are facing an entire generation of young Americans that is completely out of control.  Violent crime is surging all over the nation, theft will cost U.S. retailers more than 100 billion dollars this year alone, and at this moment we are dealing with the worst drug crisis in the entire history of the United States.  Needless to say, all of these problems are primarily being fueled by Americans under the age of 30.  These young people have been raised in a society that has largely rejected traditional values, and now we are reaping the consequences. (Read More...)