73,000,000 Abortions Happen Worldwide Each Year

It is almost midnight, but at this stage most of the population doesn’t even care about the endless procession of babies that are having their lives snuffed out at our abortion mills.  Terms such as “massacre”, “slaughter’ and “genocide” are not nearly strong enough to describe what is taking place on a daily basis, and the vast majority of us seem to think that there will never be any serious consequences for what we are doing.  But the truth is that we shall surely reap what we have sown. (Read More...)

The World Is Bracing For An Apocalyptic Future

When you imagine our collective future, what do you see?  Today, most people do not envision a positive future for humanity.  Our movies, our television shows, our video games and our talk shows are filled with apocalyptic themes, and there is constant speculation about what is ahead of us on social media.  Global events have really started to go haywire in recent months, and faith in our leaders has never been lower.  A lot of people are realizing that when things really start hitting the fan nobody is going to come riding along to rescue them.  So sales of emergency food and supplies have soared to record levels, and millions of us are planning for life in a world that has gone completely and utterly mad. (Read More...)

California And Nevada Have Been Rocked By 945 Earthquakes In Just The Past Week

Have you noticed that the state of California has been getting absolutely monkey-hammered by earthquakes lately?  According to the Southern California Earthquake Data Center, California and Nevada have been hit by a total of 945 earthquakes within the last seven days.  That is a whole lot of shaking!  As you can see from this map, southern California has been getting pummeled more than anywhere else.  Could it be possible that the trillions of gallons of rain that were dumped on the region earlier this month have something to do with all of this?  As I have discussed previously, scientists have determined that flooding can put an enormous amount of stress on fault lines.  And without a doubt we have seen an unusual level of activity along California’s fault lines in recent days. (Read More...)

IDF Airstrikes Pound Damascus As Syria Warns That It Is Ready For War With Israel

If you haven’t been paying close attention to what is going on in the Middle East, you need to start doing so.  As I have discussed previously, I believe that a Great Middle East War will be one of the conflicts that defines World War III.  For months, the fighting has mostly been limited to Israel and Hamas, but events on the northern front are really starting to heat up.  In fact, as you will see below, the IDF just pummeled Damascus with more airstrikes and the Syrian government is saying that it is ready for war with Israel.  So could we soon see a scenario where Israel is fighting an all-out war with Hezbollah and the Syrian army simultaneously? (Read More...)

Have You Seen Tucker’s Interview With Vladimir Putin? The Reason Why The Elite Are Freaking Out Is Because They Don’t Want Peace

This week, the biggest news story in the entire world is Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin.  Honestly, it was kind of a bizarre interview, and  you can watch it for yourself below.  But I give Tucker Carlson a ton of credit for going to Russia and sitting down with Putin.  I think that the real reason he did this is because he wanted to see for himself if there is any hope of avoiding a cataclysmic conflict between our two nations.  Every day we get even closer to the unthinkable, and so it would make sense for both sides to pursue a peaceful way out of this mess.  But at this point the western elite are not interested in peace, and they don’t want any talk of peace in the media.  So they are going to great lengths to discredit Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin, because they don’t want their carefully crafted narratives to be disrupted. (Read More...)

The Guy That Could Replace Putin Warns That War With The West Would Result In An “Apocalypse” And “The End To Everything”

The Russians have warned us over and over again that they will use nuclear weapons if they are forced into a direct war with western powers.  So why are most western leaders not taking those threats seriously?  Ukraine is not worth fighting a nuclear war over.  Both sides would be wise to try to find a peaceful resolution while it is still possible to do so.  But instead, we continue to see escalation after escalation.  In particular, the Biden administration seems determined to see how close it can go without pushing things completely over the edge.  This is very foolish, because the Russians are very serious about fighting a nuclear war if they are pushed too far. (Read More...)

Has The Stage Been Set For “The Big One” To Hit California?

Trillions of gallons of rain have already fallen on the state of California, and more rain continues to fall as I write this article.  Billions of dollars in damage has already been done, but of even greater concern is what all of this water could mean for southern California’s fault lines.  As you will see below, geophysicists have discovered that the additional weight that flooding puts on fault lines can help trigger earthquakes.  Of course we have been warned for many years that “the Big One” is way overdue in southern California, and when it finally happens it will be a disaster unlike anything we have ever seen before. (Read More...)

12 Absolutely Insane Examples That Show Just How Far The U.S. Has Fallen

When I was young, I often wondered what it must have been like to live during the fall of the Roman Empire.  Unfortunately, now I have a pretty good idea.  Just like the Roman Empire, the United States is falling.  Every day our decline gets even more pronounced, and you can see evidence of this all around us.  Virtually all of our major institutions are crumbling, and virtually all of our most critical systems are failing.  We tend to blame our problems on our politicians, but the truth is that the rot that is rapidly spreading throughout our society runs a lot deeper than that.  Millions upon millions of us have completely rejected the values that this nation was founded upon, and so now we have a giant mess on our hands.  The following are 12 absolutely insane examples that show just how far the U.S. has fallen… (Read More...)