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The following are friends of this website and people that I have met along the way….

Bill McIntosh:

Ray Gano:


Bless An Orphan:

Brad Scott:

Josh McDowell:

Bree Keyton:

Jerry Beavan:

Gospel For Asia:

Chris Walsh:

The Jesus Film Project:

Bill Schnoebelen:

Barbara Fix: Survival: Prepare Before Disaster Strikes

One Hope:

Dan Catlin:

Laurie Roth:

Campus Crusade For Christ:

Perry Ennis: Prepare for the Coming of Messiah: A Message of Love, Restoration, Warning and Hope

Mark Biltz:

Hand of Help:

Cam Mather: Thriving During Challenging Times: The Energy, Food and Financial Independence Handbook

Iris Ministries:

Deborah Shambora:

Chick Tracts:

Pastor Butch Paugh:

Bruce Booker:

Michael Burns: The Horn


Christ For All Nations:

Andrew J. Jackson:


M.D. Creekmore: