You Won’t Believe What A Liberal Protester Just Did To An Effigy Of Donald Trump…

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Effigy Of Donald TrumpLiberal protests against Donald Trump are becoming increasingly violent.  On Friday, I warned that this would happen, and over the weekend we witnessed extremely disturbing confrontations in both Arizona and Utah.  No matter whether you are a supporter of Donald Trump or not, what we are watching unfold should deeply alarm you.  Are violent protests, riots and confrontations with police going to become a daily occurrence until the election in November?  Will this become the spark that sets off widespread civil unrest all over the nation?  Unless Donald Trump wins the election, I have a feeling that he is going to end up deeply regretting running for president, because now his entire family lives under the threat of constant attack.  Is this what “political discourse” is going to look like in this country moving forward?


Just consider what we just witnessed in Salt Lake City.  Liberal activists strung up an effigy of Donald Trump by a noose, and then one of them proceeded to behead it.  I have posted video of this incident below

Remember, this happened in one of the most conservative states in America.

If this kind of thing is happening in Salt Lake City, what kind of scenes will we see in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles by the time election day rolls around?

And can you imagine the media uproar that would ensue if someone did this to an effigy of Obama?

It would be front page news for weeks on end.  But because it was done to an effigy of Donald Trump, it apparently is not that big of a deal.

Of course this was not the only disturbing incident in Salt Lake City.  On Friday night, there were lots of violent confrontations between protesters and supporters of Donald Trump outside of a Trump campaign event at the Infinity Event Center.  At one point, liberal activists tore down Secret Service security checkpoints and tried to storm the doors of the Infinity Event Center, but fortunately the police were able to repel the attack.  The following is just a sampling of what we witnessed…

This is the kind of think that you might expect to see in a third world nation.  The United States is supposed to be far more civilized than this.

On Saturday, there were more violent confrontations at Trump events in Arizona.  The following comes from Bloomberg

The Trump supporter who struck the demonstrator in Tucson was a black man angered by another protester who was wearing a white sheet over her head in an imitation of a Ku Klux Klan hood. At the time, Trump termed the protester wearing the hood “really disgusting,” saying that agitators at his events were “taking away our First Amendment rights.”

Authorities on Saturday also removed about a dozen protesters from the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Outside the rally, more than 100 demonstrators were positioned so close to the entrance that it was difficult for supporters to enter. Earlier on Saturday, near Phoenix, protesters blocked a major road leading to Trump’s rally, triggering three arrests.

If Trump secures the Republican nomination, which is still a big “if”, I have a feeling that what we have seen so far is only going to represent the tip of the iceberg.  I believe that this could very easily become the most chaotic election season in modern American history.

As my wife and I have been explaining, things are starting to rapidly change in this country, and the years ahead are going to be very tumultuous.  And things are going to be particularly tough for those that live in areas with a very high population density.  When you are surrounded by millions of people, it is going to be very difficult to avoid the consequences of widespread civil unrest.

It would be quite difficult to overstate the gains that the radical left has made with our young people.  Millennials are far more liberal than any other adult age group, and they are turning out to support Bernie Sanders in droves.  In some states, Sanders is winning more than 80 percent of the Democratic Millennial vote.

I just want that to sink in for a bit.  These young people are so radical that not even Hillary Clinton is liberal enough for them.  They are angry, they are frustrated, and they are willing to act out in very violent ways.

Personally, I am convinced that we are on the initial edge of a wave of civil unrest, chaos and violence that is absolutely unprecedented.  What we are going to see in the months and years ahead is going to completely shock this nation.

Hopefully we still have more time to get prepared, but I wouldn’t count on it.  This is the most divided that America has ever been in my entire lifetime, and all of the anger and frustration that have been building up under the surface in this country for years is starting to explode.

I had hoped that the anti-Trump protests would be at least somewhat peaceful for a while, but this weekend showed that it isn’t going to be realistic to expect that.

The radical left is extremely angry, and now Donald Trump has provided them with a giant target for that anger.

So how will all of this ultimately end?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

  • K

    As I have stated before. There are people being paid, to make these protest turn violent. That along with angry people that are easily influenced. I am not a big Trump fan. I am a big fan of freedom of speech. No matter what damage riots may cause. We will lose something far more precious. If we allow these radicals, to silence him.

    • kfilly

      This could also be a catalyst to a civil war and martial law if things get bad enough. Hoping that doesn’t happen, but I am not holding my breath.

      • iris

        Agree! Kinda looks planned, don’t it?

        • joe

          All these riots are planned.

          • iris

            Yep. The ones in the 60’s were, too. Card carrying Communists were paid to go in, as well as the Students for a Democratic Society. Spoiled rich kids, they soon traded in their peace symbol, the broken Cross, for the Mercedes symbol and have had much control of our government, since. Now their kids have been trained to follow in their footsteps.

  • im4truth4all

    The following information is for orthodox Catholics. A recent book called “The Five Beasts of St. Hildegard – Prophetic Symbols of Modern Society” describes 5 brief historical periods that must take place which are back to back and prepare the way for the Antichrist. The 5 Beasts represent the brief historical periods. There is also no conditionality to the prophecy. St. Hildegard was made a Doctor of the Catholic Church by Pope Benedict.
    The book is easy reading and only 84 pages. The author makes a very compelling case, in my opinion, that we are coming to the end of the 4th period if we have not already completed it. What is particularly alarming is the violent nature of the 5th period. At the end of the 5th period will come the son of perdition.

    • Gay Veteran

      found in your local library’s fiction section

      • im4truth4all

        You can get it from Amazon.

        • Gay Veteran

          sure, Amazon sells fiction too

  • William Lutz

    Donald Trump did indeed provide the target for the deranged protesters. He should have watched his mouth in the first place. Don’t get me wrong; I dislike the violent anti Trump agitators just as much as I dislike Trump. However, if you are this egotistical billionaire with a fishy record who spews divisive rhetoric and alienates certain individuals, you should expect this out of people.

    My advice to Trump: If you demand respect from the others, quit speaking obnoxiously.

    • joe

      How about freedom of speech? I prefer that to a teleprompter or a memorized speech written by some one else. There is no substance in those they were lies most of the time…

  • VigilanteCaregiver

    These SLC protests happened many miles from our house, and we’ve been at the hospital all weekend (wife developed Grand Mal seizures :(, been really frightening as this isn’t her normal seizure. Folks with post-traumatic epilepsy can develop new kinds of seizures overtime. I grabbed her when it started so she didn’t get any trauma and knew what to do, but she and the kids are still shaken up, bless ’em.) So I didn’t see these protests and don’t recognize majority of the protesters.

    Utah is a collection of federally mandated reservations (meant to control the Mormons and American Indians back in the 1800’s – that’s how the feds got control of over 70% of the land, and our State Constitution doesn’t mean $%^& to ’em); so knowing your neighbors and local agitators is very commonplace. Many of these folks are not from here, or recently moved.

    Plus the tiny minority of leftists here been getting quite violent over the last several years. State’s been cutting welfare and fighting their viewpoints, so it’s understandable; they’re failing and collapsing.

    • iris

      Hope things are better with your wife’s seizures, now, VC. Have been praying for your family.

      • VigilanteCaregiver

        Thanks iris!

  • iris

    Timely article and good comments below. I’m so in favor of what Franklin Graham is doing right now, not endorsing any political candidate, and instead, going around the country calling for revival. It seems he has learned from his father’s mistake; in that he brushed shoulders too easily with politicians. In my opinion, Billy Graham ended up compromising his beliefs with some of his statements and actions over the years. That is not to say that Billy Graham’s ministry didn’t have a wonderfully positive effect on our country, especially in his earlier years of ministry, or that there are not politicians and judges who have had the character to stand for constitutional rights and and freedoms. It’s time for us to look to God, for our times are in His hands. Very sad, that this time of what could be great rejoicing because of what He has done for us, giving His own life to take the punishment of our sins and then raising from the dead to prove the efficacy of the Cross and our justification when we receive His free gift in faith, is being hijacked with such a petty focus. Man’s wrath can’t accomplish the purposes of God. Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t perfect by any means, but he did a lot of good by utilizing peaceful protest.

    • joe

      I agree that some people do God’s work but there is a saying: god gives you a lot of goods but it will never store them in your bag.You have to do your work in order to have those goods…Freedom is one of them.

  • Jeb

    The Trumpening will happen, despite the protests.

    White, Conservative, MALES identify with him, and they pay 65% of the taxes that keep this farce alive. Furthermore, women gravitate to STRONG men who have demonstrated their sexual market value (by knocking up hot women), which Trump has Trumpened several times over,

    Trump 2016!

    There will be hell toupee!

  • Sharon Kutz

    These are idiots, being paid to act like fools. In America, we have a right to free speech. These cretins need to be arrested and to pay huge fines.

    • iris

      I agree with you, Sharon. When things get violent or threats are made, free speech ceases and freedom of speech is crushed, and the martial law which “the powers that be” hope to instill, edges ever closer. Someone’s agenda has certainly been at play, maybe even regarding Trump’s almost overnight popularity.

      I’m sad to see that conservatives with proven track records have dropped out, imo, in huge part, due to the lack of coverage they’ve been allowed by “the powers that be”. Carson wasn’t a politician, (neither is Trump), but Carson and others had the mettle and track record to indicate that they would have done a fine job as POTUS. Perhaps Trump would, too, but election fraud or any other trick in the bag, won’t keep us from getting exactly whom God wants in there. My citizenship is in heaven, not here.

  • Jack

    Soros paid shills….

  • knifemare69

    Obama carpet bombs Libya to steal their oil and gold, killing over 30,000 brown people, nobody cares. Obama bombs Syria to steal their oil and arms cannibal jihadis to kill another 250,000 brown people, STILL nobody cares. Obama gives the Saudis weapons to kill another 6,000 brown people in Yemen and guess what – STILL NOBODY CARES!!!

    Donald Trump says ‘mean things’ about immigrants and Muslims, the leftists run riot. Because you’re not fighting for ‘social justice’ if you’re against wars for oil that kill brown people. You gotta SUPPORT genocide if your own president is brown, you see. But you can only be a ‘social justice warrior’ if you throw a hissy fit over ideas that didn’t come from Wall Street sock puppets like Soros and Hillary…

  • Sameold

    Just like the rapeugees the EU creeps are coddling

  • yep

    blame soros and ckinton, these asholes are doing this and they don’t care

  • AzDi

    I am a senior citizen and the only time I have seen it like this was in the 60’s with the Vietnam war protesters, and college kids protesting. There was a lot of stupid stuff going on. Again, much of that was because of government doing the wrong things. That is when the education system was taken over by the liberal left. And it has continued and the kids today do not know much about the founding of America.

    Michael is correct about the liberal Millennials. It is a very sad America today because somehow, the republicans became more corrupt and only concerned about what they can get from big businesses. The democrats are going more towards communists/socialists The American people have been left behind.

    I also feel, this government has caused much of what is happening today with the political discourse. Obama in 7 years has made the country and world so much more dangerous, and his policies in the US have turned against God, and God’s people. Yes people are angry… about so many things, not just politics.

    My Grandmother back in the 60’s thought for sure…. Jesus was coming in her lifetime. Well, that didn’t happen, but I sure feel like my Grandmother today…..

    I absolutely hate seeing our country like this. Growing up in the 50’s and even the early 60’s was a wonderful time and place. No more. I feel very sorry for children today who will never know what a wonderful country America used to be.


    • iris

      I agree, AzDi. There were a few good things which came out of the 60’s; racial equality and women’s rights, but at the same time, those same movements have actually hurt minorities and women, as much or more than helping them, in some major ways.

      in Aaron Russo’s documentary, America, Freedom to Fascism, he recalled a meeting he had with an at that time friend, one of the Rockefellers, who was laughing about the women’s lib movement of the 60’s and 70’s, and explained to Russo that the whole movement was intended to broaden the tax base by getting more women into the public work force. Now, our nuclear families are unraveling, and women still don’t fare as well as men for the most part, even in the U.S. He laughed about the “mark of the beast”, too, and told Russo that when that one comes down, because of their friendship, Russo would be issued one that said, “kiss my a%*”.

      All of this has been going on incrementally for many decades. Now, because it’s exponentially increasing, people are shocked, confused and angry, just what the “powers that be” want. “This too shall pass” and God will win in the end, though! I have to keep remembering that when I see what our children and grandchildren are facing. God bless.

  • joe

    These are the useful idiots and they better learn where their place is and respect the Constitution…If they do not like the Constitution they shall leave or respect the rights of the people who know it . Real patriots take that kind of attitude very seriously…

  • joe

    I’m baffled..Why would someone want to do that to a person who wants to make America great again?!!! Secured borders, the jobs stolen by the globalists back in the country, sane healthcare, strong military and good deals for America …Why all these things would upset a normal individual”?

  • rawhunger .

    I bet I could find “evidence” on YouTube that show violent Trump supporters too. Probably a lot more.

  • Hyakkidouran

    People are just more openly violent now. People of the past were probably violent, but they were so in a more hidden fashion : they would never have tolerated public displays of violence like we get on the news, and in movies and video games now.

    As soon as you bring this up, you get a flood of defenders of video games on you, telling you games do not create real violence.
    …But even if that is right, the fact that we are willing to let products like GTA5 exist and be easily available to teens is proof enough that we accept the showing of violence way more than we used to.
    Being dark and violent is often even regarded as being “cool”, these days…

  • Zaphod Braden

    Bitch at “your” politicians …
    You – Your tax dollars BILLION$ of them go to DHS — WHERE IS DHS?
    George Soros is “Providing Material Aid and Support” to these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.
    Soros and his PAID Terrorist AGENTS should all be in prison.
    WE pay $BILLION$ every year for “Homeland Security” to protect us from TERRORISTS.

  • iris

    Agree about both paragraphs, but to the second, would add, and Jews and small business owners and the middle class, well, anyone who doesn’t have his exact same worldview, it seems.

  • reader

    to paraphrase Bruce Lee: effigies don’t hit back

  • alpha_protagonist

    It’s real simple…if you want to teach them a lesson in red, white and blue etiquette, be sure you drag them behind the woodshed and no cameras are present.

  • Mike M

    TRUMP 2016 We are watching the godless, evil, deceived people who enjoy screaming, yelling, using vulgar language & soon fire bombs & guns. Nothing new…….saw the same thin during the Viet Nam era, but now it’s their grandkids. WOE TO THEM!

  • Steven Geller

    1. There’s no evidence at all that Trump or his family are under any more threat than any other presidential frontrunner in decades. There were far more threats to Obama in 2008 than we’ll ever see toward Trump.
    2. There have been tons of Obama effigy dolls that have been shot at and otherwise destroyed. So no, they aren’t the top news story, they’ll make a local news report and occasionally go viral and be covered for a day.
    3. Trump is at least as much to blame for violence than the protesters are. When he says “punch this guy in the face and I’ll pay the legal costs,” that is an incitement to violence. When he says “well, that person had a disgusting sign, so he deserved what was coming to him and worse,” that’s a suppression of free speech and an explicit threat of violence. When citizen posses are forming to enact Trump’s mission to throw out all of the illegal aliens, what do people think this is going to look like? Are these groups going to be really careful to differentiate legal Hispanic citizens from people here illegally? Will some in these posses be over-eager to rough up people as they’re “removing them” from their families, and will some illegals react to this by shooting back against these vigilantes? Will Trump then declare that illegals are now all terrorists, and that now it is open season on violence against any Mexican immigrant “terrorist” and anyone who is harboring them? You can’t have this policy and then blame the other side for escalation. Trump’s policies are incredibly dangerous and the Left is justified in its worry about him.
    4. Hillary Clinton is nowhere near a Liberal, and there is no “radical Left” in America. Sanders essentially supports most of the same types of things that Eisenhower did. He is the most small-c conservative in this race, looking to bring America back to a day when everyone prospered, not just the richest 100,000 people. Also, a lot of Trump’s support comes from people who are as angry about the system screwing them as Sanders’ supporters are. It is just that instead of rightfully blaming the corporate elite that disenfranchise, rob, poison, divide and suppress them on a daily basis, they have been propagandized into blaming Blacks and illegals and Muslims for their problems, and thus have been voting against their own interests for 35 years. If Conservatives would let go of their fear and rage, they’d support Sanders overwhelmingly because he is the candidate most interested in their well-being.