Will Russian And Chinese Military Forces On Syrian Soil Prevent Obama From Bombing Syria?

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Everyone knows that the Obama administration has been steadily gearing up for a military campaign against Syria.  Everyone also knows that Russia and China do not want to see this happen.  Now Russia and China are sending military forces to Syria.  It is being reported that Russia, China, Iran and Syria will be conducting the “Middle East’s largest ever military exercise” next month.  Apparently tens of thousands of troops will be involved.  This will be the first time that the Russians and the Chinese have jointly deployed large numbers of troops in Syria.  Will this show of military power be enough to prevent Barack Obama from bombing Syria?  Or will Obama go ahead anyway and risk ruining relations with the Russians and the Chinese?  Tensions are rising in the Middle East and the region is a powder keg that could erupt at any time.  If someone makes the wrong move we could end up with World War III.


A number of sources have reported that the Obama administration has been contemplating a military campaign in Syria similar to what happened in Libya.  The U.S. would institute a no-fly zone, bomb the Syrian government and the Syrian military, and provide heavy military hardware for the rebel forces on the ground.

According to a recent Debka report, the plans for such a campaign in Syria are close to being finalized….

As the violence in Syria continued to go from bad to worse in scope and intensity, US official sources had this to say Saturday, June 16,  about planned US military operations in the war-torn country:

“The intervention will happen. It is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when.’”

A Syrian Free Army rebel delegation is now in Washington to talk about their requests for heavy weapons from the Obama administration. In their meetings with US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and the State Department’s expert on Syria Fred Hof, the rebel leaders handed in two lists for approval: types of heavy weapons capable of challenging Bashar Assad’s armed forces and selected targets of attack to destabilize his regime.

debkafile’s Washington sources disclose that the administration is very near a decision on the types of weapons to be shipped to the Syrian rebels and when. Most of the items Washington is ready to send have been purchased by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and are ready for shipment.

The White House is also close to deciding on the format of its military operation in Syria. Some sources are defining it as “Libya lite” – that is, a reduced-scale version of the no-fly zone imposed on Libya two years ago and the direct air and other strikes which toppled the Qaddafi regime.

What the Obama administration fails to grasp is that Syria is not Libya.

Syria has a lot more friends, and any attack on Syria would almost certainly cause a wider Middle East war to erupt.

For Russia and China, Syria is a red line that must not be crossed.

Now Russia and China are sending substantial military forces to Syria for “war games”.  Obviously this is just an excuse to get troops into Syria.  The following description of these upcoming “war games” is from a recent article in the Jerusalem Post….

According to ShamLife, China had gained Egyptian approval to allow 12 Chinese ships carrying military equipment to pass through the Suez Canal, and that these vessels would reach the Syrian ports of Tartous and Latakia in two weeks’ time.

ShamLife said Syrian air defense missiles and its coastal defense would be put to the test in the military exercises, and that 90,000 troops from the four countries would be involved in the war games along with 400 aircraft and 1,000 tanks and “hundreds of rockets.”

The exercises would be carried out after Syrian troops had “cleansed” several cities where “armed groups” – meaning Syrian opposition forces fighting against government troops loyal to President Bashar Assad – were gathering.

It is also being reported that the Russians are sending warships from the Black Sea Fleet to the Syrian coast to protect the Russian military base at Tartus.

The following is from a recent Los Angeles Times article….

Russia is preparing to dispatch a pair of warships carrying a contingent of Black Sea Fleet marines to its logistics base in the Syrian port of Tartus, the Russian Interfax news agency reported Monday, in what appeared to be another sign of the deteriorating security situation in the strife-ridden nation.

The report quoted an unidentified Russian naval source saying the amphibious ships Nikolay Filchenkov and Tsezar Kunikov, accompanied by the rescue tug SB-15, were “preparing for a non-routine departure” for Tartus, Russia’s only Mediterranean base.

In addition, according to a recent article in the Telegraph, a Russian ship that was apparently taking attack helicopters to Syria has been stopped off the coast of Scotland….

A Russian ship believed to be carrying helicopters and missiles for Syria has been effectively stopped in its tracks off the coast of Scotland after its insurance was cancelled at the behest of the British government.

Obviously the Russians and the Chinese are trying to stop an attack on Syria.

Things are getting very tense, and that is not going to change any time soon.

Just check out how a recent CBS News report described a private meeting between Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit in Mexico….

“The two men barely looked at each other. You could just feel, sort of, the tension between them. And the body language really represented how far apart the two leaders remain on the issue of Syria.”

Needless to say, it was not a pleasant conversation.  In fact, Putin reportedly was very direct with Obama….

“Apparently President Obama got a bit of a lecture from Putin about some other failed transitions that are going on around the world.”

When Barack Obama was elected, many Americans expected him to keep his campaign promises and greatly reduce U.S. military action around the globe.

Instead, Obama has actually greatly expanded U.S. military action around the globe.

It isn’t reported on much in the mainstream media, but the U.S. military is actually at war in Yemen, in Somalia, in Pakistan, and in a whole bunch of other countries all over the planet.

The following is from a must-read Wired article that just came out….

The center of the US drone war has shifted to Yemen, where 23 American strikes have killed an estimated 155 people so far this year. But you wouldn’t know about it — or about the cruise missile attacks, or about the US commando teams in Yemen — by reading the report the White House sent to Congress about US military activities around the globe. Instead, there’s only the blandest acknowledgement of “direct action” in Yemen, “against a limited number of [al-Qaida] operatives and senior leaders.”

The report, issued late Friday, is the first time the United States has publicly, officially acknowledged the operations in Yemen and in nearby Somalia that anyone with internet access could’ve told you about years ago. But the report doesn’t just fail to admit the extent of the shadow war that America is waging in the region. It’s borderline legal — at best. The War Powers Resolution of 1973 requires the president to inform Congress about any armed conflicts America is engaged in. Friday’s report isn’t just uninformative about Yemen. It doesn’t even mention the US campaign in Pakistan, even though the Defense Secretary says America is “at war” there.

Obama has shown contempt for Congress on so many levels.  Not only does he not ask them when he starts a new war, he barely even informs them of what is going on.

In the past, Russia and China kind of stood aside as the U.S. imposed its will all over the Middle East, but that is no longer the case.

Russia and China are clearly saying “no” to military action against Syria.

Will Obama back down or will he defy the Russians and the Chinese?

It is going to be very interesting to watch.

And this emerging alliance between the Russians and the Chinese is going to be something to keep a close eye on.  We have been seeing increasing cooperation between the two nations in a bunch of different areas.

If the United States is not very careful, it could find itself in a direct conflict with both Russia and China in the years ahead.

The Russian military and the Chinese military have been very busy preparing for such a conflict.  The U.S. military has been focused on other things.

Sadly, most Americans know much more about “America’s Got Talent” and “American Idol” than they do about geopolitics these days.

  • Ameen

    That last sentence says it all. As a result, the world is getting “nut-ser” by the minute!!

  • marK

    We should no go into Syria. The rebels are not any better than the Assad government. They both hate us and each is willing to kill another tribe that does not support them. I understand about all the killing going on but whoever is in power will continue to kill the others. We are broke and we must understand that we can’t be the policeman of the world any longer. We can protect our own interests if necessary, but not everyone elses.

    • knightowl77

      Concur 100%….it isn’t worth WWIII

  • It is I only

    I, just wonder how many NATO & US special forces died in “training accidents” lately??

  • r.bitting

    Never mind American Idol, if people would spend some time in the bible ( Ezekiel CH. 38 & 39 ) they would be better informed still. Those who are informed in regard to both Ezekiel CH. 38 & 39 and the current geopolitical situation in the Middle East know that time is very short and the events described in the Book of Revelation will soon begin.

    • Nexus789

      What stupid comments. Religious fairy tales and fables.

      • Jemine Cricket

        You will find out soon enough whether or not the Bible is a fairy tale. Jesus is coming back and this time not as a lamb but as conquering Lord over all. Best get ready or die and go to hell.

        • MadChengi

          Wait for jesus or go to hell….nice interpretation of christian philosophy. The bible, the isntrument of the power-elite since Constantine 1st converted..zzz. Believe in Jesus, meantime we rob, rape and cheat you…then the messiah will come….Sheep, pray and wait till it’s too late – you dumb fools!!!

  • Kevin

    It’s interesting that Syria without oil has more friends (with military means) than Libya with oil. Can someone explain that? Does Syria offer some great geographic location of strategic value? Principle is something generally for public consumption not geo-political reality.

    Where is the geo-political logic for China and Russia to now get involved?

    • Nexus789

      Syria does have oil I believe – 400,000 to 500,000 barrels produced per annum. Not enough to lead to the vaporisation of civilization. I guess it is because Syria is an ally of Iran.

    • Mike

      Syria is in the same neighborhood as Russia and China. It would be about like one of them declaring war on Mexico…..we wouldnt go for it no matter the reason. They have already allowed us to have conflicts in Saudi, Iraq and Afghanistan…..I dont blame them in drawing a clear line somewhere because it appears that we have no intentions to stop, Iran would be next.

    • Guido

      They’re a deeply indebted customer of Russia.
      Russia doesn’t want to see the government toppled and lose their cash cow.

  • Dave Webb

    I would also be watching what is going on in Taiwan.
    Would China start a war? Perhaps we should be looking at the possibility.
    If the currency war they started with the rest of the world leaves them bankrupt after bankrupting the rest of the world, what do they do with all those people out of work?
    China traditionally has taken a military strategy of human waves with no concern as to how many die. China dead 1,000,000, American dead 1. Pretty soon no more Americans. That is the thinking.
    Russia plans strategy like a chess game.
    They will leave the dirty work to China, then move in after it is all over with.

  • mondobeyondo

    After watching some of the local mainstream media broadcast on what is happening in the Middle East (not to mention a few after hours screwdrivers [vodka and orange juice, fyi]).. hic.. burp… ummmm.

    A few questions.

    1. Why Syria? It’s just a big, brown desert – right?

    2. If Syria is such a barren, desolate land, why are Russia and China so interested in it? (wow, that one’s easy!)
    It’s because Damascus, its capital, is very close to Jerusalem. And we all know how important Jerusalem is, in prophecy, history, etc…

    3. Could the United States defeat both Russia AND China in a prolonged armed conflict? (Answer: Without an international coaliation – nope.)

    By sheer population alone, no way. With technological advances – maybe. But remember, China and Russia have bombs, too. WWIII would be an equal opportunity annihilator. Not gonna be a good thing.

    4. Is the USA doomed?

    *Open question* – It depends, on countless factors. Doomed? Maybe, maybe not…

    Time is growing short. If enough people don’t wake up now, they will sleep forever. I’m willing to take a stand. But when everyone of my “loyal friends” who vow to be “patriotic”, runs for the hills in times of trouble – umm, that makes things a bit problematic. Know what I mean?

    I can say one thing though – it doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.**

    ** Bob Dylan

    • Nexus789

      Not just the wind but the eventual radiation cloud.

    • Guido

      Seriously? Who cares? I couldn’t give a damn about Syrians either way. In fact, I really couldn’t get myself worked up if everyone in that part of the world tried to kill each other or not.

      It’s not America’s problem and we’ll never be able to convince people with grudges that stretch back thousands of years to play nice. You can’t make people like each other. Interference only makes it worse.

      If Russia and China want Syria, let them have it.
      If Turkey takes it, let them have it. There is no vital geopolitical interest for the US there. They have nothing we need and they don’t have anything we can use. The best thing we could do would be to sell weapons to both sides and let them fight it out over there while we sit here and mind our own business. Russia and China, who have no real strategic interest in invading the middle east (it hasn’t worked out well for Russia in the past) would gain very little from the adventure, aside from another bloody Afghanistan-style conflict.

      On another note, I don’t let religion interfere with my politics too much, but if the Russians really did want to attack Israel for some strange reason (And there’s absolutely no evidence they care), so what? Doesn’t the bible says they’ll lose, anyway, so why get so worked up about it?

      With all the important things going on in the world, why anyone would care about Syria is beyond me.

      Well, unless you consider this all as an elaborate show to keep us from paying attention to really important things, like the presidential elections, Obama’s pathetic record, the collapsing economy, and our eroding standard of living. With a nation on the brink, no wonder we have this “Wag the Dog” scenario.

      Besides, if there really was a threat, Turkey holds the biggest stick in the world-The Euphrates River. Take note-The Kemal Attaturk dam system is capable of shutting off Syria and Iraq’s Euphrates River water supply for over 6 months. If Turkey wants, they can turn Syria’s water off like an angry landlord at the height of the summer heat. If they do that, the war is over, the government is toppled, and the people are on the rampage. Plus you get the bonus of chaos in Iraq, too. So alllll this media speculation is a joke. The truth is, if the powers that be really wanted to stop Syria, they could do it quietly, quickly, and with no drama.

  • JJ

    Finally China and Russia are standing up against the evil, war- thirsty military industrial complex that controls the US and most of Europe (and Israel)!!

    I hope this stops World War III!!

  • Seen

    “A number of sources have reported that the Obama administration has been contemplating a military campaign in Syria similar to what happened in Libya. The U.S. would institute a no-fly zone, bomb the Syrian government and the Syrian military, and provide heavy military hardware for the rebel forces on the ground.”

    It seems that the US Generals or administration is overlooking that in Libya; Libya’s closest allies were not capable of providing much aid due to lack of necessary munitions to counter the US and NATO equipment and munitions passed onto the rebels, but the Arab Spring had also destabilize much of the region in particular Egypt, which would have been necessary to enable Iranian and/or Chinese aid to arrive. Even if this wasn’t the case, Libya was mainly a trade interests of China, and it’s a major European oil exporter. The US and NATO had also placed naval assets to create a geographical choke point that would intercept Russian, Iranian, and/or Chinese aid anyhow. At the time, Russia and China were also more quietly dumping US Dollars in denominated trade and US Dollar surpluses if I recall correctly. The only nation I can think of that this strategy and tactics would likely work would be Chinese friendly Sudan. If Kony 2012 had garnered the support necessary to amass NATO to take him out, US friendly South Sudan would have a major source of supplies and reinforcements against Sudan as a result (Kony’s range is west of South Sudan and even slightly overlaps quite a few nations in the region. South Sudan also effectively controls the White and Blue Nile, and as far as I know has not signed the treaty Sudan, Egypt, Ugunda, and others have regarding the flow of the Nile River.

    “What the Obama administration fails to grasp is that Syria is not Libya.

    Syria has a lot more friends, and any attack on Syria would almost certainly cause a wider Middle East war to erupt.

    For Russia and China, Syria is a red line that must not be crossed.”

    Syria isn’t the only red line either. Syria, Jordan, Iran, and Pakistan aside from a nation who houses a US and Russian air force base in northern Middle East along China’s border (Kyrgyztan pardon the spelling) largely stands from the West and Russia’s underbelly. To put this in prospective on top of strategic resources, this would be like the Cuban Missile Crisis for Russo-Sino because Cuba rests on the US’s vulnerable geographical underbelly. Syria is a red line for Iran as well as it is the main nation who offers a counter pincer to US/NATO forces launching an invasion of Iran from the west. To nullify that threat, Syria must fall afterwards Iran would be relatively easy. Far from Russia and forces China to focus on the west or east with Taiwan and South Korea.
    Frankly, if the red line is crossed, I largely suspect; the situation will simply explode. The US and NATO attacks Syria, and this sparks incursions into Europe by Russia and its western allies (Those dependent on Russian resource exports in particular), Russia, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, and China hit US, Israeli, and NATO forces in the Middle East, and North Korea and China lunges south into South Korea. This doesn’t include the overtures that Russo-Sino have been making in South America either. By generic general definition, I was taught that a war or conflict expanding 3 or more continents is generally defined as a World War.

  • Everyone knows World War III is impossible. No one will ever attack the US with nuclear weapons. No one wants to see their country destroyed. No one wants to commit suicide.

    What if reality is not quite so simple?

    What if China and Russia think they are probably headed for war with the US anyway? What if the leaders of China and Russia are looking at internal revolutions in the future – where they may die? What if the leaders don’t have to commit suicide by launching a nuclear war because the US can now only retaliate one time? What if stability in the past does not mean stability in the future – think Arab Spring? What if the world is at an historical turning point – empires in decline, economic volatility and ethnic conflict (the historical signs of 20th century war?)

    If Israel enters the mix by attacking Iran, then it is all over. While the US may stay out of Syria because of Russia and China, Israel may destroy Syria in the next war. And the next war may occur this summer if Israel attacks Iran.

    What would Russia and China do if Israel destroys Syria this summer?

    • Guido

      What did they do when Israel raided Syria a couple years ago to take out their secret nuclear complex? Not a damn thing. Because no one is really going to war over Syria. Russia and the US can rattle swords, but Russia just wants to protect their indebted customer and stick it to the USA. Who doesn’t?

      Let’s ask it a different way-Who is ready to sacrifice their life for Syria? I’m not. Are you? Any soldiers out there who see any value in getting killed for Syria?

      No one is going to nuke anyone over Syria.

  • 1% fan

    Time to hit that “reset button” again, Barry.

  • HERE COMES GOG AND MAGOG!!Gog means ruler; meaning roof; meaning man on top; Magog means head; Hebrew word Rosh means head;Dean Stanley-great Hebrew scholar states word Rosh should be Russia; Bishop Lowther stated name rosh in Ezekiel taken as a proper name signified Scythians from whom modern Russians derive their name. Russia was first called Muscovy derived from Meshech; Ivan the 4th, also known as Ivan the Terrible, Czar of Russia, took Muscovite throne 1533; Meshech and Tubal sound a lot like Moscow and Tobolsk. NOW ISN’T SYRIA BY ISRAEL???

  • Today the land the Bible calls Magog is dominated in the west by Russia—which is reasserting control over the region it once possessed through the ussr—and China in the east.CHINA IS MAGOG!!

    • Guido

      Can you actually cite sources for this? Because it sure does seem like you’re reaching here. I would love to believe someone had all the answers, but I rarely see someone who can interpret prophecy without sounding like they’re really reaching to stretch their answer to fit the facts.

      Drawing a parallel between modern day word “Russia” and old Hebrew word, “Rosh,” seems pretty tenuous, especially since Russia didn’t really exist as a name until much later. The earliest you can get is about 800AD with the Rus spreading out across the region. Moscow wasn’t founded until the 12 century. Even then, it wasn’t a capital for many, many years. So wouldn’t the name applied by much, much different? Doesn’t the similarity seem a little convenient?

      I don’t buy it. Not being an expert, I found a random link and this guy points out the whole Rosh thing hangs on how you translate the Hebrew in the first place-is it a noun or adjective? http://www.tedmontgomery.com/bblovrvw/GogAntichrist/moredetails.html

      He also points out the territory being dealt with is more likely Turkey and Iran, which would make a lot more sense.

      According to the entry at wikipedia, your theory has been fairly popular since the Cold War, however the Northern Enemy has been a subject of interest for centuries now with suspicion falling on pretty much everyone in the Western Hemisphere.

      Also, while it’s popular to think of Russia as an evil enemy, take a step back and think about it for a minute. Is Russia really an evil enemy? If you’re a Cold War kid like me, you were raised to think that way, but what evidence is there that Russians are any more evil than we are? The ones I’ve met have all been very nice. Their leaders believe they’re acting in their best interests, the same as ours. And they see, or at least many of them see, themselves as very Christian, too. Their Christian tradition is much older than America’s. Is there any reason why they would be more susceptible to Satan than we or anyone else?

      If recent history is any teacher, we’ve caused a lot more chaos in the middle east than the Russians. Unless you can cite something really compelling, I don’t think China deserves comment.

  • Proftel

    Para chegar ao Irã é melhor primeiro invadir a Síria.

  • Yes, please may Obama ruin our relationship with China!! Please! Bring back those millions of middle class manufacturing jobs that have gone there, and let’s end the 300 billion trade deficit we have with them. Ruin it Obambam!! Go Obama!!

  • Cinderella Man

    I like your point that Obama rarely asks congress for any aproval and it you notice the man has absolutely no respect for the Constitution. If he cant get what he wants by those methods he will bypass them. Dream Act fails? No problem. Just make an order bypassing it. Wars not approved by congress? No problem declare a humanitarian mission with UN aproval! Hey you forgot about commandos looking for the fake boogeyman Kony! Hell maybe we can be in a fight on every continent! Im sure we can declare war on the Al CIAida penguins so we can fight on Antartica! You know them penguins have them badass WMDS just ask Batman!

  • DEFCONStudios


    Not in the years ahead but in the very close future. We aren’t talking about World War III down the road but within either this year or next year. This is a massive Geopolitical showdown with two main factions being the SCO and NATO. The SCO has already drawn the line in the sand with Syria and Iran. Both China and Russia have stated an attack on Iran is a violation of their own sovereignty and in November 2011 a Chinese general said China will not hesitate to protect Iran even if a Third World War breaks out.

    Stop paying attention to Syria and look at the General geopolitical plan and buildup to World War III. Syria is NATO’s path to Iran. However there are countless other flashpoints around the world such as the South China Sea , Russia-Georgia front , China-Japan island dispute , North-South Korea , and so forth…

    History is repeating before our very eyes and Humanity fails to learn from it’s mistakes. H.G. Well once said
    “If we don’t end war, war will end us.” and it applies here.

  • James

    Many people overlook the fact that the U.S. military runs on oil. Now, with most of our oil coming from the Middle East, all the Russians and Chinese have to do is close off the oil fields to us, and the U.S. military is dead in the waters. The Russian/Chinese armies have a home court advantage in this regard, They don’t have to rely on aircraft or ships to get their weapons and equipment from the U.S. to the war theaters. They can transport their stuff overland, or in the air where the U.S. would be at a disadvantage. If the U.S. government decides to divert the bulk of the oil/gasoline from the American people, guess what will happen? There will be an outbreak of violence in this country as food and other items can’t be transported to the super markets, people won’t be able to use their cars, businesses would have to shut down because of non-delivery of inventory or lack of customers, you get my griff? Soon this country will die a very quick and painful death, with the U.S. military experiencing a very quick dispersal and possibly leaving the soldiers stranded due to a lame duck, broke government with no means of getting them back home.

    • Alyssa

      USA gets more from Canada than the ME by a large margin.

      China and Russia have never really liked or trusted each other. Without USA as the tip of the spear, NATO is impotent. Look at Libya. USA will do nothing. Under Obummer, USA has only attacked countries that in some fashion have been friendly to USA in the past. Syria has not.

      Israel will continue to scream, but will not attack Iran unless confident that they can drag USA along. In a war with Iran without direct US military support of Israel, Israel will lose, and they know it. Nukes are their only option, and it may well be a suicide mission.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Barry O is not going to bomb anybody. In case nobody has noticed this is an election year and Barry O and the Obots, are pulling out all the stops to bring thier vision of European utopia to America.

    • Colin

      No, that is the Republican Party’s job. Haven’t you seen how wonderful austerity programs are working in Europe? Well, the Republicans have, and they want to import these programs into our country. :->


  • i’vegivenup

    The entire Middle East is on the verge of a widespread war. This will be the war to end all wars….

  • Donald Wilson

    If it comes to war between Russia and China we wiill lose. Because in a conventional war we will get our asses handed to us. The only way to win through the use of nuclear weapons everyone loses, end of story.

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    If he declares war, the next thing he’s going to do would be take “emergency war powers” enabling him to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he wants without repercussions. If WWIII breaks out with him as president (or Romney for that matter), then we can kiss the rest of our freedoms goodbye. Then again, in my generation, people view that as a good thing (somehow). To quote a famous person I do not remember the name of (if you can supply me the name I shall be much obliged)
    “You can take my life, but damnit, you cannot take my freedom!”
    Also Patrick Henry’s famous
    “Give me LIBERTY or give me DEATH!”

  • Guido

    I doubt he’ll take on Russia. Barry’s inherently weak and has a deeply flawed understanding of the world and how it works. Other leaders know he’s a clown and treat him accordingly.

    Faced with a growing coalition against him, if Obama really wants to support the rebels-which I doubt-he could just arm them with weapons and let them fight it out.

    A few surface-to-air missiles, some anti-armor rockets, and a bunch of AKs would be better than speechifying the public, but Barry’s not interested in their freedom or in peace in the region, so I doubt he’ll do anything.

    But beating the war drums sure does keep your attention off his collapsing residency, the calls for Holder’s resignation, and the withering economy, doesn’t it? Barry’s going to draaag this thing out through the Summer like a much-anticipated Hollywood Blockbuster and hope to ride it into reelection.

    And if that fails, there’s always the race card.

  • innocent

    Russia doesnt have to nuke any one, they will just use the father of all bombs

  • wb

    maybe this is all a ruse to scare the american public into giving up what little freedom remains? after all, an image of war with russia seems to get people into this country into soiling their panties so why not use this as a way to get americans scared enough to get them calling for the government to do something? after all, most fail to realize their commander in chief is a communist and takes orders from one worlders already. maybe what is being planned is a limited op designed to give control of nukes to the united nations. really, a few missiles hit here, a few hit russia, then both populations agree that peace under any circumstance is better than war. one world rule is installed with very little objection and those who do will be targeted by angry crowds afriad for their own safty. this is a brilliant maneuver and one that will be very effective.

  • James

    everyone is talking only about the US vs Russia and China. the US is not alone NATO includes great military powers like Italy, Spain, France, UK etc so Russians and Chinese do not have an upperhand

  • Tremendous issues here. I am very glad to look your article. Thank you a lot and I am looking ahead to touch you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  • innocent

    Why think of nukes??? Russia would just sink NATO navies in 20 minutes and the war is over. yuo nothing about wars. 100 warships could all get dead in a minute

  • innocent

    Russia has deadly formidable convectional missiles to annihalate a coalition of any number of forces in the world in just few minutes it will be done

  • innocent

    It is not the question of Obama, is USA willing to go to war against the Mighty Russia?

  • JCLincoln

    I’m tired of hearing what “the Obama administration fails to grasp” !
    Let me tell You Something. The Obama administration doesn’t suffer from failure to grasp, it’s eyes are directed on its goal of destruction of America, bringing in the NWO, and couldn’t care less where all the rest of the chips falls……or who falls.
    Obama knows that everybody hates him and he’s gonna bring as many people down with him as possible………..just like a good Satan would! That’s called “SUPREME ARROGANCE”!