Will Pam Bondi Be The Next Vice President Of The United States? 8 Reasons Why It Might Actually Happen

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Could it actually be possible that Mitt Romney is considering selecting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi as his running mate?  Most Americans have never even heard of her, but there are now indications that she has made the short list of VP contenders.  Over the weekend she traveled up to New Hampshire to campaign for Romney, and Republican activists all over the country are buzzing about the fact that her name is seemingly being “floated” at a stage when it seemed like the list of VP hopefuls was being narrowed down.  So what do we know about Bondi?  Well, she is 46 years old, she is very accomplished, she is both articulate and attractive, and she was the lead attorney general in a national lawsuit against Obamacare.  But would Romney actually risk selecting a woman as his running mate just four years after there was so much criticism of Sarah Palin?  Everyone has just sort of assumed that there was very little chance that a woman would be selected, but the truth is that the selection of a woman is much more of a possibility than most Americans might think.


So far, most Republicans have been urging Romney to make a “safe” pick like Ohio Senator Rob Portman, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, South Dakota Senator John Thune or Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

But all of them have a major problem.

Mitt Romney is already looked at as an old, boring white guy and all four of those guys are considered to be even more boring than Mitt Romney is.

If Romney had a comfortable lead in the polls, then a safe pick might be the way for him to go.

But the truth is that this election is going to be exceedingly tight, and Romney really needs to make an impact with this VP pick if he hopes to win.

Other names that have been floated as possible VP picks include Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan and Chris Christie, but none of those guys really has the “sizzle factor” going for them either.

Marco Rubio would definitely help Romney with the Hispanic community, but the Romney campaign has only seemed mildly interested in him and there are serious questions about whether or not he is truly eligible to be president.

So what about a woman?

Well, the Romney campaign has really tried to find a woman who could potentially be a suitable fit for Romney, but the choices on the national level are less than inspiring.

Both New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte and U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers have had their names floated, but both of them deeply suffer from the “yawn factor”.  Neither of them would really be an asset on the ticket.

Condoleeza Rice had her name floated a while back, but the suggestion that she could be VP drew a strongly negative reaction from the conservative community and there is concern that she would cause Americans to link Romney very strongly with the Bush administration.

So that brings us to Pam Bondi.

Pam Bondi is definitely not an old, boring white guy.  She would definitely bring some “sizzle” to a campaign that is seriously lacking it at this point.

The truth is that emotion plays a significant role in national elections, and even though Barack Obama’s star has badly faded, Obama still generates much more enthusiasm among Democrats than Mitt Romney does among Republicans.

At the moment, most Republicans are much more excited about voting against Barack Obama than they are about voting for Mitt Romney.

Romney desperately, desperately needs to get some positive emotion flowing for his campaign if he wants to win.  Negative emotion about the other candidate can only take you so far.

So will Mitt Romney actually pick Pam Bondi to be his running mate?  The following are 8 reasons why it might actually happen….

#1 Pam Bondi is a woman

Most people greatly underestimate the role that Ann Romney plays in the campaign.  She is not someone that just fades into the background.  The truth is that she was very instrumental in getting Mitt to run again, and she also appears to be quite enamored with the idea of having a female running mate for Mitt.

For example, the following is from a recent Huffington Post article….

Mitt Romney’s wife has confirmed a tidbit about the vice presidential search process her husband largely has been keeping secret: He’s considering choosing a woman.

“We’ve been looking at that, and I love that option as well,” Ann Romney told CBS News in a joint interview with her husband that was broadcast Thursday.

#2 Pam Bondi is young

Mitt Romney is not doing well with women and he is not doing well with young people.

And Mitt Romney is especially not doing well with young women.

In fact, some polls have had Obama leading among young women by a 2 to 1 margin.

Pam Bondi is one of the few VP choices that could change that.

#3 Pam Bondi is from Florida

Mitt Romney is simply not going to win the election without Florida, and Pam Bondi would definitely help Romney in that key swing state.

#4 Pam Bondi and Obamacare

Pam Bondi was the lead attorney general in a national lawsuit against Obamacare.  This could help deflect criticism that Romneycare was the basis for Obamacare and that Mitt Romney is not really that serious about overturning Obamacare.

#5 Pam Bondi is attractive

Perhaps such things should not matter, but we all know that they do.

In this day and age, any candidate for national office better look good and better sound good in front of the camera – especially if you are a woman.

#6 Pam Bondi is articulate

Pam Bondi has made regular appearances on Fox News, and she reportedly kept an audience at the Broward County Republican Lincoln Dinner “spellbound” during a recent 30 minute speech.

If Mitt Romney did decide to select Pam Bondi it would set off a media firestorm, and she appears to be the kind of a woman that could handle that kind of an onslaught.

#7 The Romney campaign needs an emotional boost

Do you remember Michael Dukakis?

Or Bob Dole?

Or John Kerry?

Those guys were all considered to be “electable”, but they failed to generate the enthusiasm needed to win.

Mitt Romney is going to be the next John Kerry unless he does something to add some “sizzle” to his campaign.

#8 Pam Bondi would bring much needed publicity to the Romney campaign

Right now, watching news coverage about the Romney campaign is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Pretty much the same thing was true about the McCain campaign four years ago until Sarah Palin came along.

If you will remember, Sarah Palin gave John McCain a huge boost in the polls initially.  Later on some of her weaknesses were exposed, but at first the selection of Palin looked like a stroke of genius.

So could Pam Bondi provide a similar boost to the Romney campaign without the weaknesses of Sarah Palin?

That is a very good question.

We do know that there are a few problems with Bondi.

For one, she has quite a bit of personal baggage.

According to Business Insider, she has already been divorced twice and cancelled a third wedding at the last minute….

But Bondi also comes with some political baggage, not least of which is her complicated marital past. Bondi is twice married and divorced, and earlier this year postponed her wedding to her current fiancé under strange circumstances. According to the Miami Herald, Bondi had planned a destination wedding in the Cayman Islands this May, but unexpectedly cancelled the nuptials at the very last minute.

Secondly, and most importantly, there is the question of whether or not a woman who has never held an executive position or a national office would be capable of being president of the United States.

Many Republicans are strongly urging Romney to select someone “experienced”, and the selection of someone like Pam Bondi may be deeply disappointing to those that were hoping for a more “responsible” pick.

In any event, it is kind of fun to hear a new name introduced into the rumor mill.  If you want to find out more about Pam Bondi, you can find her Facebook page right here.

It probably won’t happen, but there is a chance that Mitt Romney could pick a “wildcard” like Bondi to shake up the race.

If he did make such a move, it would definitely be interesting.

And I want to make it clear that I am not endorsing any candidate in this article.

I believe that Barack Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States, and I believe that Mitt Romney would be a terrible president as well.

In this article I am just analyzing the political landscape and evaluating how a Pam Bondi pick would impact the race.

So please do not criticize me for promoting a particular candidate.  Obama is not right for America and neither is Romney.

America is faced with a horribly depressing choice in November.  Either candidate would continue to take America down the wrong path, and at this point we cannot afford that.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Interesting idea, but Bondi would face the same MSM onslaught as Palin. A few years as a state attorney general will be poo-pooed, as was Palin’s 2 year stint as governor. I have little confidence that Romney will make the drastic changes necessary, but I will vote for him because 1.) he is not BHO, and 2.) because Gary Johnson (whom I like) has no chance. For me its anyone but BHO who is in the running with Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter as the worst president in our history. IMO JC Watts is the best choice, assuming he is willing.

  • Orci

    Waste of time article pondering elements of the kabuki theater. The Empire continues to decline unabated.

  • Dave Webb

    Look very closely at the symbolic relationship of a woman, an attractive woman, or any woman as vice. Pam comes with baggage. Divorced twice. Runaway bride on another wedding. There is a problem. The problem with very young attractive and even brilliant women is subliminal! The subliminal here is obvious. James Bond as a female. Woman as wild and exciting. Runaway bride as in the movie with Julia Roberts.
    She is extremely model quality for a womam. Don’t think a look-alike woman will not be found to protray her in comedy skits all over the country and even probably likely as lite porn. The Media is capable of doing this and did this with Sarah Palin. She is obviously a brilliant lawyer. That will not stop the attacks portraying her as something she is not.
    Then there is the personal angle. Romney is happily married and to someone other than this woman. How are the subliminals going to work? Is he the strong father figure to her daughterly image? Or is it more likely that she is portrayed subliminally as the other woman in his life. After all, he is a Mormon. Even though this image of plural marriage is over 100 years old, it will be dragged into the situation by desperate opposition.
    I do not speak of her qualifications. I do speak of her being an attractive young vibrant candidate for Vice President. People will look at her and think, she is one heart beat away from the responsibility of being President of the United States. That is a vote stopper. The opposition has no morale compulsions about not pulling out all the stops in this campaign. They will not stop at fair.
    It is not fair. Society is never fair. I speak of images in the back of people’s minds not fairness.
    If Romney has an incredible crew of Public Relations, it is possible it might work. Otherwise it will doom is attempt to get elected.
    I would go with safe and less vulnerable in the public eye. Portman would be his best bet from an image standpoint.

    • Gary2

      Pam comes with baggage. Divorced twice. Runaway bride on another wedding

      Pretty sums up most Christian/republicans–they always decry in others what they themselves are guilty of. Think Rush pill head 4 wives being the spokes person for the right.

  • Gary2

    Michael–it does not matter who Mittens picks as he will be loosing. I would even go so far as to agree with some of the previous posters on this site that Mittens was chosen to loose. It was not that long ago that the conservatives were deriding mittens and now he is their guy??

    Regardless of whop mittens picks to run for VP with him the fact remains that you can not polish a turd.

    Mittens is so obviously 1% out of touch that he has NO CHANCE of beating Obama.

    • sunshine

      *losing…. *lose…*who

      Whenever I come on this site I always see you bashing republicans and pretty much everything else Michael puts on this site. If you only have negative things to say, why even bother reading what he writes?

  • Gary2

    PS–even the Gerald Celente types are predicting Obama to win.

  • BeenThere

    No Michael, I will not accuse you of promoting a particular candidate. I agree with you, both are equally awful. Unfortunately not all those who make comments here will see it that way. As you quote on your site the Economic Collapse: “The left absolutely hates Mitt Romney the Republicans, and the right absolutely hates Barack Obama and the Democrats.” Yet both will make bad presidents.

  • WolfHound

    “Marco Rubio would definitely help Romney with the Hispanic community”

    No, no he wouldn’t. This lie, or whatever you want to call it, has to end. The Hispanic community will never support the republican party anymore than the very few who do already. The “Hispanic” community will always go for the democrats, in a landslide, because they are the party of freebies.

    It makes no difference the amount of pandering that is extended to them by republicans, or the amount of freebies dangled in front of them. Republicans cannot outdo the democrats.

    VDare and other sites can fully document with iron clad certainty that the republicans cannot win over the “hispanic” voters, and why they shouldn’t do it to begin with. They need to stop selling out their base and the principles they claim to stand for for votes they will never get.

    Pam Bondi sounds like the best person floated around yet for that nitwit Mitt to pick. He better find his back-bone and start re-connecting to the base that can win this election for him…but maybe he is as much a ringer as McLame was in 2008, he is sure behaving like it.

  • Nexus789

    So Mitt the Twit may pick a blond bimbo. Romney is the American Borat. America is now in its Titanic phase so all that is required is a captain to go down with the ship. Step up Captain Romney.

    America is an awful country, a dysfunctional empire that has slaughtered millions of innocent people around the world since the end of WW2. Now its sociopathic leaders want to commit genocide against the Iranian people – a civilization that goes back over 3,000 years. The only thing that Americans relate to is war. Pity you are not even good at that.

    • xander cross

      Most people on this site support attacking Iran, including Gudio, knightowl77, r.biting and Michael, for the only reason that Iraians are not christains and yes, they do live in religious state of government. This site is pro Israel and Israel is never wrong about anything, not even the genoicde against the palisteians, but of course, Michael wont talk about that.

      • knightowl77

        I do support Israel attacking Iran, if they feel threatened. I would urge restraint, but it is their call, NOT OURS. I do NOT support the US attacking Iran as they are no threat to us….
        I support any country’s right to self defense…
        I actually support all of our allies, the UK, Japan, France, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Australia etc etc…so what exactly is your point? Who do you support? China, Russia, Pakistan, who exactly?????

        • Gay Veteran

          attacking a country just because you “feel threatened” (shades of our war of aggression against Iraq) is a war crime

          I do not support continued U.S. imperialism in the Middle East

      • Guido

        Xander, some day I hope you get a clue. Until then, your primary purpose on this site is comic relief. Keep up the good work.

    • Alyssa

      If you hate America, you will really looooooove whomever replaces her.

    • smithdblue

      shut up stupid

  • Cleo

    We are at a crossroads, and Obama must not be re-elected. And if you think Romney is going to be the conservative Messiah and set things on the right course I believe you are sadly mistaken. He can, however, slow the sinking into the abyss of total government control….we are far from done if he gets elected. It will take a decade at least to turn the ship around.

    Personally, if I were Romney I would take a look at Rand Paul for VP….a move which would bring a lot more libertarians into his corner. And he doesn’t have the “crazy uncle” image of his father, and image that I do not personally share.

    • xander cross

      You forgot to metioned his latest obey meeting in Israel and how Romney supports attacking Iran. But that’s what you conservative chrisians like so much. Damn.

  • Paul

    The failure of Palin had nothing to do with her being a woman and everything to do with her being an idiot, ensuring the Republican ticket was unelectable for that campaign. That way they didn’t have to resort to overt vote fraud to get their then current puppet Obama in. You just sucked up that “Change” hogwash like the nation of TV and movie watchers that so many of you are. How many picked correctly that the McCain/Palin ticket was set up to fail right from the start? It was obvious to many outside the US.

    • knightowl77

      Yea, the professional politicians we have now are doing such a wonderful job. /sarc
      I would vote for Palin before voting for anyone of the current tools now in DC….
      She may not have gone to an Ivy league school (that is a plus in my book). She may not be a member of the elite – which is another plus…
      She is more like an “average” American than any of the crap that inhabits DC.
      Keep putting her, and people like her down.

      • Gay Veteran

        she’s a grifter and now a has-been

        • knightowl77

          oh you mean like Bill Clinton? She may never have been relevant to you. Fine. I would still take her over any of the current crop….

          • Gay Veteran

            oh, so you do admit she’s a grifter? and yeah, so are the Clintons

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    It’s Ron Paul or Ron Paul.

  • GA

    I’m from Florida and I do like our Attorney General. She is often on the radio and you are spot on when you state that she is articulate. She willingly took the lead against Obamacare not just in the state, but nationally as well. The AG is still relatively new to state level administration, around two years and this would be an unrealistic jump to go from a 2 year AG up to the #2 in the nation. Like I sAid, I like her down here in her curren role…maybe governor one day…but VPOTUS? Come on.

  • “And I want to make it clear that I am not endorsing any candidate in this article. I believe that Barack Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States, and I believe that Mitt Romney would be a terrible president as well. In this article I am just analyzing the political landscape and evaluating how a Pam Bondi pick would impact the race. So please do not criticize me for promoting a particular candidate. Obama is not right for America and neither is Romney. America is faced with a horribly depressing choice in November. Either candidate would continue to take America down the wrong path, and at this point we cannot afford that.”

    Truer words have not yet been spoken (at least not by any of our benevolent government officials). Here’s a little tongue-in-cheek humor for everyone to help lighten the mood…



    Hey, whose got the popcorn? This election is going to be fun to watch…

  • whoknows

    so question if you think obama is a horrible president and romney would be terrible too. then who do you think would be a good fit? is anyone at this point?

    • sunshine

      Ron Paul!

  • lee

    YES ! YES ! YES !

    If you thought women liked Obama because he’s attractive, you ain’t seen nothing yet if you put Pam on the ticket !

    Just kidding, she’s and impressive woman all around.

    Hmmm, Bondi, Palin; popular, accomplished, conservative, GOD fearing women; yes; all us conservative guys just want to keep them in the kitchen; NOT !

    • xander cross

      Damn, the stupidity just does not end with people like you. So because she is a christian, you like her. Guess who else is a christian, why members of congress of course. You don’t like Obama and he is a christian. Oh, I know, you don’t like obama because he is black. Just like how you lke Bondi because she is a white woman who works for the state. I am convinced that none of you here are truly conservatives or libertarians, I think you all are lying just to increase the hits on this stite. Because there can’t be on way that you all are this stupid to support someone espeically a politican because they say that religious beliefs are christian, same goes for obama.

      • knightowl77

        that you dismiss her for “being a white woman” speaks to your racism, not ours…Why is it that you are the one to bring up race????

        I despise Obummer, I also despise Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chucky Schumer, Dicky Durbin, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barbara Boxer, Mitch McConnel, Scott Brown and 3/4 of those in DC…What do they ALL have in common? It ain’t race. It is that they are ALL friggen left wing progressive idiots!!!!!!!

        • i’vegivenup

          Mitch McConnell is not a left winger for sure. Right wing fascist…YES!

          • knightowl77

            Mitch McConnell is a demoncrat in republican clothing….He and 90% of the Republicans in DC can go pound sand along withe Dems in DC

    • Gay Veteran

      “Hmmm, Bondi, Palin; popular, accomplished, conservative, GOD fearing women”

      hmmmmm, guess God doesn’t have a problem with divorce

      but I’m sure she’s a big proponent of “protecting marriage”

  • liberranter

    Pathetic, truly pathetic. It would be nice to think that the Amoricon sheeple would see through pandering when they see it, but since most of them are eager participants in the fraudulent farce called presidential “elections,” that is of course far too much to hope for.

    As for Ms. Bondi’s particulars, she is an attorney general. That means that she id a former prosecutor/DA, and we all know what amoral criminal scum DAs have morphed into in today’s Amerika. We can therefore readily assume, in complete safety, that Bondi is responsible for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people now rotting in Florida’s prisons who are either innocent of any crime, or who were convicted (probably on the flimsiest of evidence) of such victimless crimes as drug possession/distribution/intent to distribute. One can only imagine what kind of VP a Reich-wing former AG/DA would make for today’s Reichssicherheitsdienst-run Amerika, especially given the fascist blood lust we’ve already seen exhibited by the assclown with whom she would campaigning.

    For those stupid enough to insist on participating in the November farce, you have no choices other than Tyrant A and Tyrant B. If you’re shallow enough to base your decision on the cosmetic differences between your two choices of puppet, then by all means choose that way. The end result will be the same.

    (Just for fun, and to let the people peek behind the facade, why don’t Barry and Willard just swap VP candidates for this election: let Willard take Biden and let Barack take Bondi. Even for a figurehead position, VP is truly a non-job, so why would it matter?)

    • HecatesMoon

      What if we all voted as a write in “You’re ALL fired”?

  • JasonD

    What a piece of ******! I want to go out with her! This message brought to you by my limbic system.

  • Cleo

    Although most view the VP job as essentially a figurehead job, you have to realize that the position is 1st in line to become President if the POTUS is incapacitated. That’s also why even the Speaker of the House deserves a lot of scrutiny. Would we be happy folks with Pelosi as President? ******************!

  • El Pollo de Oro

    The late Irv Homer, a Libertarian talk show host who was well known here in Philadelphia, used to say that he would rather vote for an unelectable third-party candidate he liked and not get what he wanted than vote for something he knew he didn’t want and get it. I totally agree. I also agree with Gerald Celente when he says that having to choose between the Democraps and Republi-cons is like having to choose between the Gambinos and the Bonanos.

    “We have an election coming up between Romney and Obama. It’s not the lesser of two evils: it’s the greater of two stooges. These are no choices……If you vote for the lesser of two evils in a criminal organization, you are an accessory to a crime—the crime being committed against democracy and freedom in America. If you voted for one of the two members of the two-headed one-party system, you are an accessory to the crime.”—Gerald Celente

    Signore Celente has been urging people to boycott this election and stay home on election day. Although I agree with him most of the time, I have a different take on that: I would rather express my disdain for the two-party system by voting for a third party than express it by staying home.

    • liberranter

      “We have an election coming up between Romney and Obama. It’s not the lesser of two evils: it’s the greater of two stooges.

      I missed that one. Count on Gerald to come up with something so brilliantly witty and yet so painfully true!

      • Gary2

        I also missed that one but its right on.

  • LM

    I live in Florida and do like Pam Bondi as an AG, but… If
    Romney picks her, he is clearly throwing the election.

  • Buzzy Watts

    Let’s all vote for whichever pairing proves the more obviously clueless and idiotic. The collapse is inevitable, so we might as well base our decisions on who would make it the more humorous and farcical.

    • liberranter

      You might just be onto something there, Buzzy.

  • Cheryl GB

    For gosh sake, this isn’t the Barbie and Ken show. I can already see Pam Bondi on Saturday night live (and Jay Leno and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert et al.) She has too much baggage not enough experience. I think it would be even worse for the GOP than Sarah Palin was no matter how articulate Ms. Bondi is. The liberals would trash her to bits within a day and choosing her would insure an Obama victory. I wish Romney would choose Alan West or Paul Ryan, or possibly Marco Rubio.

    • liberranter

      I wish Romney would choose Alan West or Paul Ryan, or possibly Marco Rubio.

      That’s like choosing feces, vomit, or urine as the side dish for your dinner. Each of these three individuals is a warmongering, liberty-loathing fascist who wants to see government grow bigger and more oppressive. Then again, given who they’re to be paired with and given the fact that he’s no different than the incumbent, no one of these three is any more odious than the other. As other posters have emphatically stated, THERE IS NO CHOICE IN THIS ELECTION IF YOU LOVE LIBERTY.

      • Gary2

        he would be choosing one of the three stooges. At least if he chooses ryan we in WI would be rid of this dolt who never held a private sector job. The dem Rob Zerban had 2 successful small businesses and walks the walk and not just talks the talk like ryan. Ryan has been on the gov dole his whole life yet conservatives love him as he throws them red meat.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I think this is much to do about nothing. Elections are seldom won or lost over a VEEP pick. I think this election will be about Guns and the Economy. The moderate wing of the Democratic Party, as well as political operatives knows it it’s a loser (Ask Slick Willie, see gun sales, how many of you know a new gun owner or somebody who is thinking about getting one). The hard left sees the events in Aurora as a chance to make a major dent in gun ownership. The hard left sees events, as they would like it to be not how things really are, it reflects the information vacuum most lefties live in. Gun control is a loser but it won’t stop the hard left from trying making it an issue in the election.
    All indicators show large parts of Europe are in recession, growth in China and Germany are slowing. Many of the more sober heads I listen to are expecting a 2008 style crash sometime late this year. If the dive comes before the election Mittens could pick Lassie and hammer BHO.
    James Howard Kunstler’s blog this week has a list of pretty good economic blogs and pod casts. Most of these guys I listen to and the others I’m going to give a try. The MSN are lying to you or downplaying how bad things are. If you want to live in ignorance fine but don’t cry when you’re blindsided.
    To the easily offended, the name of the blog is going to offend you. I’ve learned listen to the message not the messenger consider your self warned.


  • Alasha

    well she is pretty…. lol

  • JR

    There are two reasons to vote for Romney:

    a.) We could recover from a Romney presidency; we will NEVER recover from 4 more years of Obama

    b.) Whom do you want appointing the next Supreme Court judges?

    No, I don’t like Romney. But, yes, I am going to vote for him.

  • feck

    dont vote 2012.. dot legitimize a completely illegitimate function of force…

  • Nathan Nigel Havers

    She is gorgeous. All people make relationship mistakes.

    She won’t be VP and Romney won’t win.

    Our nation is cursed with abortions and drugs, divorce and the erosion of morality in private and public life. We will slowly decay unless a big bang event brings WWIII.

  • it doesn’t matter who gets in, they all answer to the bankers. Its what the bankers are planning that we need to worry about, and stop getting distracted by the rubbish they feed us.

  • Gary2


  • Abby

    I hope he doesn’t pick a woman because he will lose the election and ruin her life at the same time. S.Palin was more than qualified and look what they did to her. If he goes with anyone from the Bush past, he will lose. He needs to pick a black man (Cain, West or Keyes) or a Latino or another male minority such as Jindal. He needs to bring Ron Paul into the fold offering him a position such as Sec.of Tres where he can make REAL change. Chris Christy as Attorney General, Newt as Sec. of State & if Cain isn’t picked as VP- give him Sec. of Commerce. Thats a team America needs to get us out of this hell hole we’ve dug for ourselves.

  • Rusty

    “But would Romney actually risk selecting a woman as his running mate just four years after there was so much criticism of Sarah Palin?”

    I can’t believe you wrote that. Listen, Sarah Palin was not rejected because she was a woman, conservatives have lots of women running conservative organizations. Palin was rejected because she was a liberal doofus and a slimy opportunist. Conservatives didn’t want trailer trash representing them.

  • Dorothy

    Forget her–Get CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER as Vice President. He is qualified for President. He is not a RIGHT or LEFT GUY–He is MIddle of the road. True American. We need people like Charles Krauthammer !!