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Power Companies HATE This Man...
Power companies are scared that people will learn how to slash their bill and beat Obama's electricity monopoly using this 47-year-old patriot's "weird" trick. See how before they shut it down.
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Question Mark

Question Mark

  • David Webb

    The most important question to me is: Who is backing these policies both in government and in the private sector? Who is pulling the puppet strings?

    Do our Congress persons separate their personal beliefs from what they do in the Congress? If so, how can we trust them?
    If push comes to shove, how much of the justice system is in direct violation of the original Bill of Rights?
    Andrew Jackson had the right of it. Enforcement of the law is everything. If the executive branch will not enforce the law, then the law becomes a bad joke. And that is what is happening to our Bill of Rights from both sides of the fence in the Congress. When a huge majority votes away our bill of rights, then we need to know who they are and who they really represent.

    The one principle laid down in the original document that everyone seems to ignore is a modern day computer programmer principle: KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid! Why are our lawyer representatives making it so complicated that only a fellow lawyer can follow what they have legislated?
    Could this be what is happening in California, and ten years from now, possibly in the entire nation?
    Who watches the policeman? Age-old question with no real good answers.