Why Are Rick Perry And Mitt Romney Getting About Twice As Much Talking Time During The Republican Debates As The Other Candidates?

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Considering the fact that no real votes will be cast until next year and considering the fact that the polls are constantly changing, shouldn’t all of the candidates participating in the Republican debates be given roughly the same amount of time to talk?  After all, what kind of a “debate” is it when certain candidates are given double (or sometimes even triple) the amount of talking time?  Why is it that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have been getting about twice as much talking time as the other candidates during the Republican debates?  It is amazing that more people are not calling into question the credibility of these “debates”.  Whether you support one of the Republican candidates or not, we should all be able to agree that one of the goals for these debates should be to treat the candidates as fairly and evenly as possible.  Unfortunately, as the numbers you are about to see indicate, that is definitely not happening.


According to blogger Wes Hemings, the following is how much talking time each candidate received during the last Republican debate….

Romney 12:09
Perry 11:10
Huntsman 7:41
Santorum 7:06
Cain 6:23
Bachmann 6:13
Gingrich 5:44
Ron Paul 4:33
Johnson 4:10

So was it just Fox News that was so slanted?

What has happened at other recent Republican debates?

Well, Hemmings also analyzed the distribution of talking time during the recent Republican debate on CNN….

Perry  13:54
Romney  10:56
Ron Paul  7:34
Bachmann  8:35
Newt  7:32
Cain  5:42
Santorum  7:06
Huntsman  7:50

Wow – that debate certainly did not seem fair either.

Hemmings also broke down the talking time allotted to each candidate during the recent MSNBC debate….

Perry 14:59
Mitt 11:57
Paul 9:19
Bachmann 9:05
Newt 6:53
Herman 5:41
Santorum 6:11
Huntsman 8:52

In all three debates, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney received far more talking time than any of the other candidates.  They are always positioned at center stage and the attention never stays away from those two for very long.

These debates reinforce the perception that none of the other candidates even has a chance.  For example, a recent USA Today article entitled “GOP debates signal a race between Romney and Perry” made the following statement….

The debates have bolstered what most polls of the Republican race have shown; it’s a two-man race between Perry and Romney.

All of the major news networks spend far more time talking about Perry and Romney than they do about the other candidates.  Then during the debates, Perry and Romney receive far more talking time than the other candidates do.  Then after the debates, most of the talking heads spend most of their time talking about how Perry and Romney did (even if their instant online polls show that one of the other candidates won the debate).

There is something fundamentally un-American about what has been going on in these debates.  How is our choice of candidates supposed to be legitimate when two candidates keep getting pushed to the front?

Another thing that the numbers above reveal is a significant bias in favor of “establishment candidates” on the part of those running the debates.

Okay, if they want to give Perry and Romney extra time because they are leading in the polls, then why don’t those rules apply to all the other candidates?  For example, Jon Huntsman (an establishment candidate) has been averaging 1.2% support in recent polls.  Yet Huntsman received more talking time than any of the other “second tier” candidates in the last debate.  In fact, he received more than 50% more talking time than some of them.

If polls are going to mean so much during these debates, then it is not just Perry and Romney that should benefit.  For example, during the recent debate on Fox News, the first question went to Rick Perry (1st in the polls at the time), the second question went to Mitt Romney (2nd in the polls at the time), and then the candidate that was running third in the polls at the time (Ron Paul) was completely skipped over.  In fact, they didn’t come back to him until well into the debate.

Herman Cain is currently getting more than 4 times the support in the polls that Jon Huntsman is getting, and yet Huntsman has been given significantly more talking time during each of the recent Republican debates.

So why is Huntsman getting so much talking time?

He barely even registers in the polls.

What in the world is going on?

It seems as though there is a less than subtle attempt by the mainstream media to feature establishment candidates such as Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and John Huntsman.  But if any of them is actually elected, things will continue to run pretty much the same way that they did under Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

No matter who we seem to elect, not much seems to change.  We could really use some fresh thinking in the White House, and yet the mainstream media continues to push establishment candidates into our faces.

The favoritism for Rick Perry and Mitt Romney has become so obvious that even Saturday Night Live is making jokes about the fact that none of the other candidates seem to have a shot at winning.  You can see video of the Saturday Night Live spoof of the recent Republican debates right here.

No real votes are going to be cast for Republican candidates until next February.  What would be the harm in giving each of the candidates an equal number of questions and a roughly equal amount of time to express their views?

I was deeply insulted by how Fox News, CNN and MSNBC handled the recent debates.  It should be obvious to any thinking human being that Perry and Romney are being favored.  Republican voters are being highly manipulated and it is disgusting.

How is it fair that Mitt Romney got 18.65% of the talking time in the last debate but Michele Bachmann only got only 9.54% of the talking time?

How is it fair that Rick Perry got 17.14% of the talking time in the last debate but Herman Cain only got 9.80% of the talking time?

How is it fair that Jon Huntsman got 11.79% of the talking time in the last debate but Ron Paul only got 6.98% of the talking time?

Even if you support Perry, Romney or Huntsman, you should still be in favor of fair and balanced debates.

Right now, the Republican Party is losing credibility because of these debates, the mainstream news media is losing credibility because of these debates and our entire political process is losing credibility because of these debates.

Is there anyone out there that is able to defend the shameful favoritism that is going on?

If so, please step up to the plate.

In fact, if anyone out there would like to share their thoughts on the recent Republican debates, please feel free to leave a comment below….

  • mark

    Like it or not TV time goes to better looking people. If you are a guy and you are more handsome you will have more attention paid to you. Look at all the the make up that goes on a womans face when they are on TV. Is this fair? No, but TV is a for profit business like it or not. I guess the others running for president need better hair.

  • cshellz

    Chris Christie 2012!!

  • Michael

    Sorry, this post might offend many people.

    Fact: If voting is not rigged, it is obvious Obama nor any democrat will be elected. This might sound shocking to those who watch CNN or NBC.

    This is nothing to look hopefully upon. A few of the republicans running are merely moderates. Let’s omit Romney from this since it’s clear he’s just a degenerate form of John McCain, who was/is a fake war hero and senile doof… that says a lot.

    Rick Perry is a sell out. This loser took credit for generating economic prosperity in a state that does not have any whatsoever. Be sure on one thing – no jobs have been created in comparison to those lost in the last three years.

    The jobs Texas is famed for creating are minimum wage jobs, and not production or manufacturing based either. The mentality is to just keep building walmarts, fast foods, retail stores, and some malls here and there… call that prosperity? Reality is that it’s in many ways worse than Ben Bernanke printing up hundreds of billions of dollars (or a few trillion down the line).

    (I digress here, why do Texans take pride in being the best of the worst!?)

    If the latter is heavily acted on, we would at least save the pain by having the inevitable occur faster – the loss of our paper currency. Until this happens there can be no recovery, there is nothing to recover! It is a dead end economic system; corporate socialism, not capitalism, and in the coming years until the event horizon, will bring about the suffering of roughly a couple hundred million Americans.

    Well, considering the amount whom are imprisoned, on drugs, immoderate drinkers, diabetic, autistic, bipolar, suicidal, depressed, sociopathic, in front of the TV or facebook several hours a day, under five years of age, older than 70, loaded with food and water, it would be more realistic to reduce that number to maybe 30 million.

    My final argument is the candidates you tend to refer to as the lesser of evils; Bachman, Ron Paul, and Cain. Honestly, when I hear these praises about Ron I can’t find accord. That guy is so uninspiring. Though, he certainly is the sweetest smelling of the shit pile.

    Bachman and Cain are crap faces backed by FOX, which is of course the main media outlet of Wallstreet. Their focus, like the right wing hosts on FOX; Beck, Hannity, anyone on Fox Business, etc. is to keep everything perfectly the same! See, even if we all sink into poverty and have to eat our own feces for survival, they will tell you we’ll make it through, the system is good the way it is, and you too can get rich. They’re happy with their social and financial lifestyles no matter what conditions fall upon the country. FOX exists to promote larger military and wallstreet.

    CNN, NBC, ABC, and such, controled by the left wing of the elites, while holding a somewhat smaller audience collectively, intend to push for government expansion, regulations, and espousing google in order to aid the dumbification process of America.

    This once great country is really screwed people, regardless of what idiot takes the office.

  • From a prior article on this site:

    #10 Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg Group meetings in 2007. Associating himself with that organization should be a red flag for all American voters.

    It is a done deal – Rick Perry will be our next president.

    The major news networks are just using Mitt Romney to keep Rick Perry on center stage for American voters.

  • callmecordelia1

    I watched the Fox News debate the other day. I usually don’t leave it on to hear all the talking heads prattle on about “what just happened here tonight”, but I was washing dishes and didn’t want to electrocute myself by turning off my computer. One of the commentators said “Boy, Bachman just faded right into the background tonight, didn’t she?” and another one said something like “Yeah, do you think she’s losing steam?” I laughed out loud to myself right into my dishwater. She tried her darnedest to butt in here and there, but when you’re not asked the questions, there’s only so much you can do.

    I’m pretty cynical these days (when it comes to politics, anyway), and don’t think anyone of substance will have a chance, but I watch the debates anyway. It is SO biased and “rigged”. My gut feeling is that Rick Perry is the “golden boy” chosen by the powers that be to be the candidate. I think they focus on Mitt and Huntsman as his “competition” because I think they figure that a Mormon doesn’t have a chance at the polls. I’m a Mormon, and it’s sad that there is still so much bias against us, but the truth is that it’s still very real, and there are a lot of people who wouldn’t vote for them for that reason alone. I’m not a big fan of Romney or Huntsman anyway though– Ron Paul would have my vote if they ever let him get far enough. Which they won’t. And if he did make it that far, I’d sure be concerned about his safety.

  • Highspeedloafer

    I have watched 3 of the so called debates. I noly listen to candidates like Gingritch, Cain and Santoram. The rest I just tune out because it is so obvious that they are the MSM candidates.

  • Texan Patriot

    An absolutely shocking revelation of the antidemocratic establishment of this country.



    It does not take a genius to figure out what is afoot here. The political and media elites always pick their chosen guy/gal in any race. It is up to the “masses” to reach rather different conclusions. It does not matter to me if Slic Rick Perry or ********* Romney get all of the talking time and no one else gets any. Under no circumstances what-so-ever will I ever cast a vote for ********** Romney or Slic Rick Perry or any other GOP warmongering fool or Democrat warmongering fool. Will the masses play the role of useful idiots again in 2012? Seems like they will……………..

  • Joe

    It’s obvious that these “debates” are simply corporate media infomercials, geared towards the typical mindless American voter who cares more about party loyalty than getting the right person in for the job. The way corporate media works with the people in control is obvious and they did the exact same thing during the last campaign, the campaign before that and so on. The difference is now it’s easier because they have gotten a majority of America to rely on their information they provide in their daily 24 hour propaganda networks. Most R’s will simply vote R and most Ds will simply vote D, regardless of who the actual candidate is. The media’s job is to ensure that the final two candidates in those party positions are both already bought and paid for by corporate America.. It’s so transparent, yet most of America is so gullible, they can;t even see they are being played.

  • Mainuh1

    Politics and politicians are crooked. There will NEVER be an honest politico.

  • I guess its because they are the anointed ones.
    Didn’t Perry go to the Bilderberg meeting????

    Those who love liberty will not vote for these bums, its clear who the people should vote for isn’t it? The ones who get the least debate time!


  • Guido

    I would think it is obvious-the powers that be want us to have the freedom to choose from the safely irrelevant choices.

    None of the actual conservatives will be up for serious consideration. Perry and Romney have both proven they’re vanilla choices. Neither one will rock the boat. I would vote for anyone else.

    I don’t know why anyone would trust NBC or CBS to run a fair debate. It’s astonishing, really, that anyone would expect fair coverage from the Big 3 networks. I don’t even bother watching. I would expect a more fair debate from Fox, but I’m not too surprised. Short of personally being there to see what happens, I don’t trust anyone to tell me the unvarnished truth.

  • Guido

    Interestingly, even with the poor treatment the so-called 2nd tier candidates get, Paul took California, Cain took Florida, and Bachman took Iowa. Paul also took several polls in Iowa, Georgia, and Louisiana, while Cain has taken a couple in Georgia and elsewhere. Romney gets some of the polls, but these “other” candidates are edging him out all over the place.

    Romney’s been in the news for a while and he had a machine set up 4 years ago-but he’s not very authentic. He’s a fake and at least a few people know it.

    I’ll never forget his lie about being a life-long hunter and 2nd amendment supporter. It’s not much to base a choice on policy-wise, but it matters to me and I think it is indicative of who he is. We don’t need another stuffed-shirt fake vanilla RINO. We got plenty of those and no one wants them.

    I think we need a real leader with Conservative values who isn’t afraid to tell everyone what he thinks. I believe voters will get on board with someone authentic who actually tells the truth. Hell, I would vote for the candidate who promises to dismantle the last 4 years first thing and then work to see what else he can dismantle of the last 40 or more.

    • mark

      Guido, I agree with you that we need a real very small government type of person for president. We need an almost complete change in the congress also. Ronald Reagan wanted to get rid of the department of education. It never happened. You can change alot as Obama has for the worse, but even with the democrats in power his first two years he was limited.

  • Gary2

    The only Texas miracle is that perry made it out of high school. My heavens-is that bunch of morons the best the right can do?

    What do folks think of a Ron Paul/Ralph Nader ticket on a third party? As much as I disagree with Paul on MANY things if we put aside our differences and fix the things we do agree on-no more crony capitalism/foreign wars etc maybe just maybe the other things will also be fixed by simply fixing the issues we do agree on.

    • DeathSpiral

      I like Gerald Celente’s pick: Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano.

      The elites have found their golden boy and now attempting to sway the sheeple.

  • Joe

    This whole thing is smoke and mirrors. The only one you could really trust is Ron Paul, but he has no chance since he is not the establishments choice. Furthermore, Ron Paul has Jesse Benton running his campaign, which has not changed his strategy since 2008. He did not learn from last time and it is certain he will be doomed for failure again. The American people are still more concerned on getting drunk, eating MacDonalds, pizza, and watching and playing sports. When Americans finally go hungry, they will wake up. Until then, forget about liberty!!

  • The mainstream media is the devil and can’t be trusted for the most part. Big corporations have already decided who they want to be president and they’ll do anything they can to get their boy.

  • Caroline

    This is why I don’t watch them. They’re dog and pony shows, for the old media to manipulate Americans perception of candidates. They are pushing Romney. I won’t vote for him. How can I vote for someone who implemented socialized medicine, and at one point said he believes in global warming? Even Rasmussen is in on it. They show Obama beating Perry. You have to have a single digit IQ to buy that.

    When they’re out campaigning, this is when you want to listen. They are not given silly questions by these ignorant people with a camera and microphone. Have they ever asked a question about the legitimate function of the Federal Government? No. Ever a question about enumerated powers? No. Ever about Defense being the primary job of the Federal Government, and not much more? No. What good are these people. I don’t think they have the knowledge to ask the right questions. They’re stupid questions that don’t even pertain to the proper roll of the Federal Government. Save yourself the anguish, don’t watch. Go elsewhere to get your information. Suggestion, quit watching FOX. They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    Roger’s Reality Show
    Sep 25, 2011 10:00 AM EDT
    First, Ailes dialed back the Tea Party talk. Now he’s turning the GOP race into a political X-Factor—and steering the election agenda one more time.

    • Guido

      Great point! Their style is to ask “Boxers or Briefs?”

  • Caroline

    Rush Limbaugh doesn’t call the “Presstitutes” for nothing.

  • imaplaneiac

    Fox News’ Megyn Kelly just had a several minute long interview of the ” Hermanator ” ; about an hour ago. I’ve seen several other recent such appearances of Herman Cain on FNC, as well: including Fox News Sunday and Hannity.

    Living in Georgia, I’ve listened to Herman Cain’s local radio show, a few years ago. He has also guest-hosted Neil ( Neal ? ) Boortz’ Radio Show, as well. Based on what he has said … my assessment of him is that he’s a GENUINE Conservation – not a pretender! Furthermore, early in his career, he worked at one of the Federal Reserve Banks; in Kansas or Missouri, if memory serves. So, he has an insider’s perspective of the so-called ” Federal ” Reserve. Noteworthy is that he ABANDONED that position! Perhaps because he realized the REAl OBJECTIVES of ” the Fed “?

    A few years ago, he ran for election for a US Senate Seat of Georgia. However, Johnny Isakson was elected. I voted for Herman Cain because he was the REAL Conservative. If he becomes the Presidential nominee of the GOP, I’ll vote for him again! Yes We ” Cain “; Cain is able!

    I’m delighted that the folks in Florida disregarded the media’s shenanigans / buffonery – as noted in this blog – and cast their votes for the Hermanator!

  • We are going to get a new president! All of the unemployed will go back to work and everything will fall into place: education, the economy, the infrastructure, our tax system, the deficit…
    Everything! Yes, in our dreams while we’re asleep. This doesn’t mean that it’s much better under the current administration, no way. The title of this website is absolutely correct, it’s the end of the American dream unless you’re asleep. If you are, keep dreaming….
    What I forgot to mention is that when we wake up, we think that there is no price to pay!

  • JD

    Its obvious to me that Fox News wants to pick the GOP canadate for us. I feel like these two hacks (Romney and Perry) are being shoved down our throats. Its like Fox News is selecting these guys because they look like the Hollywood version of a president. They both look the part but they are con artists that make me sick everytime I hear them. Didnt Romney get a clue in ’08? Well get it now Mitt!! WE DONT WANT YOU AS OUR PRESIDENT! GET IT THROUGH YOUR WELL COMBED HEAD!! We dont trust him or Perry. They are the typical double-talking liars that we had to put up with like Lil Bush. These ass-clowns will say anything to get elected. I made me sick when they were up on stage talking about their stupid books that nobody read. Neither one of these guys gets me excited about voting next year. Our only hope Ron Paul whenever he speaks gets rudely interrupted and treated like hes a freak cause he dosent want America to be the world policeman anymore. But I hear the boos whenever Perry starts talking about his stance on illegals. I love it when that ass talks about caring about the scantity of life when he never pardoned any death-row inmate during his entire term. When Romney talks about repealing Obamacare he gets flustered when they throw Romneycare in his face. These guys deserve each other. They will have their own reality show when this is all done. It will be called Rick and Mitt’s Bookstore or something retarded like that. As ive said before, Write Ron Paul in on election day. If it worked for that old hag Murkowski, It will work for Ronny.

    • Guido

      Perry was in the news calling other Rs heartless on their stance towards illegals. That line, alone, should be enough to end support. First, he’s not conservative. Second, and very important, a true R has no need to stoop to leftist emotional rhetoric about feelings when it comes to law and order issues.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    I stopped watching after the first debate there just seem to be no point. I’m starting to come to the conclusion it really doesn’t matter who’s in charge. Anybody who may make a difference will be demonized marginalized and basically regarded as some sort of kook. The last conservative was Uncle George he ran up the debt brought us TARP two bungled wars and spent money like a drunken Chicago Democrat. Mitt and Rick like George will say all the right things Rick may take it upon him self to run around with a Bible under is arm like George. Nothing will change can anybody find a difference between George and the present occupant of 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue? Other then one ran around with a Bible under his arm and this guy maybe just an atheist of a follower of Mohammed I can’t tell.

  • InArizona

    Yep it makes me sick, I don’t want any candidate shoved down my throat!

    But remember last time, it was Guilliani and Thompson in the “lead” positions and they just disapeared. How mcShame got it, I will NEVER know, but it wasn’t the MSM annointed ones.. I guess that is some hope?

    It is a sham, even if we choose our candidate the electoral college gets to determine the president, and I hear there might be some tinkering to change the way the ec votes are credited.

  • Buford

    I think you can use the fact that the establishment is making sure that only their candidates get the most publicity. Perry is obviously an anti-Constitutionalist and I expect the same of Romney because of the attention given. All America needs at this point is more of the same old “One World” doctrine running the next administration! That would surely seal America’s fate in being assigned to the dust bin of the history of nations.

  • raisin az

    It’s obvious the establishment Republicans and media have decided which candidates they want us to choose from. How can we get the message out that we want a REAL debate where the candidates have equal face time and a variety of questions? Is there any point in contacting Bloomberg, WBIN, or The Washington Post (sponsors of the next debate)? Your suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Guido

    Check this out-NC’s governor, Bev Perdue, who has had so much plastic surgery she now resembles Jack Nicholson’s Joker, is floating a new idea from the left-let’s cancel next year’s congressional elections so our fearless leaders can focus on ending this financial meltdown. Purdue floated it as a trial balloon, then said it’s just a joke. I wonder if Obama has considered the same thing???


    Perdue jokes about suspending Congressional elections for two years
    Submitted by jbfrank on 2011-09-27 13:57
    Tags: Under the Dome | Congress | Gov. Bev Perdue

    Editor’s note: Additional comments have been disabled, as this page is no longer being moderated tonight. Comments already posted will remain on this page tonight.

    File this in the random-things-politicians-say file. Speaking to a Cary Rotary Club today, N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue suggested suspending Congressional elections for two years so that Congress can focus on economic recovery and not the next election.

    “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that,” Perdue said. “You want people who don’t worry about the next election.”

    The comment — which came during a discussion of the economy — perked more than a few ears. It’s unclear whether Perdue, a Democrat, is serious — but her tone was level and she asked others to support her on the idea. (Read her full remarks below.)

    Later Tuesday afternoon, Perdue’s office clarified the remarks: “Come on,” said spokeswoman Chris Mackey in a statement. “Gov. Perdue was obviously using hyperbole to highlight what we can all agree is a serious problem: Washington politicians who focus on their own election instead of what’s best for the people they serve.”

    The Republicans sure are taking it seriously as they look to score political points. Here’s a statement from GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood:

    “Now is a time when politicians need to be held accountable more than ever. To suspend an election would be removing the surest mechanism that people have to hold politicians accountable: the right to vote. Does the Governor not believe that people of North Carolina have the ability to think for themselves about whether or not the actions of elected officials are working?”

    UPDATED: GOP House candidate Paul Coble didn’t think much of Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue’s idea that congressional elections be suspended for two years so Congress can concentrate on the economy.

    “That’s a proposal that only the politicians that have worsened our economic mess could appreciate,” said Coble, who is chairman of the Wake County commissioners. “Governor Perdue and the politicians in Washington may fear the message voters send next November.”

    Read more: http://projects.newsobserver.com/under_the_dome/perdue_suggests_suspending_congressional_elections_for_two_years_was_she_serious#ixzz1ZFRYJYJn

  • Gary2

    I love it that the leading repube is ken doll Mitt Romney, the creator of Obama care. And here I thought all the repubes hated Obama care? Ha Ha Ha.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    Answer: Because they are Yes-Men who would look good on TV and be able to hold a smile and a straight face while the military-industrial complex drops bombs on women and children overseas.

  • lynn

    i don’t know if you look back over 30 years ago… the only one that fought for our constitution and rights of the people and is still doing it that is ron paul he is the real deal… but most don’t see it because most look at how people look on the outside and rather believe the bogus promise than the real deal. ron paul is fighting to save america and her people… too bad most do not see this. sometimes the truth isn’t what you want to hear … look up and study from old talks from years ago… and see who fought for this nation to stay on track so we wouldn’t be in the fix we are now in… a big constitutional crisis and freedom.we need to vote w/ truth and not by bogus promises or how the person looks… but truth and mending our once great nation back from debt waste and freedom being removed little by little. we need tranny to stop… no false promise but … repaired. and our debts needs to be repaid.

  • This is a false question, from the start. WE HAVE ONE PARTY IN THIS COUNTRY – THE DEMO-PUBLICAN PARTY. Period. Morons!

    Organizer Labels Own Poll Irrelevant After Ron Paul Wins
    (Results only count if establishment Republican is victorious)

    by Paul Joseph Watson