Who Decided That It Would Be A Good Idea

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  • Doc Holliday

    You could think about this on a different level.
    Has it occured to you that the reason so many of the things coming out of Washington might be caused by the outsized influence of major corporations and banks on regulatory policy?
    These people own the politicians and thus control the levers of power, not the voter.
    The voter is given a steady stream of propaganda, from Fox and other sources which keeps the head spinning with confusion.
    Occupy understands this and this is why we refuse to allign with any politcal party, useless.
    If we don’t get the 1% corporate/banking hacks out of our government and run this place as a Democracy of the people, for the people and by the people you might as well set fire to it and be done.
    I have noticed on this site that the major issues facing us are carefully avoided, such as the real reason for Climate Change, the Deregulation of the Financial Sector and the failure to admit that the very Captialist System has worked so well it now owns the people.
    Does this entire site have its head in the sand?