What One Husband Is Doing For His Wife During Her Excruciating Battle With Cancer Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

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How far would you go to support someone that you love during a life or death battle with cancer?  What one husband decided to do while his wife was in a period of strict isolation during her radiation treatment is going viral all over the Internet.  Last October, Marci Newman was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and anyone that has ever had thyroid cancer can tell you how excruciating the treatments can be.  She was forced to spend last week in isolation in her bedroom due to another round of radiation treatment, and her husband Jon decided to show his support by setting up a desk right outside of the door to her room.  Their 17-year-old daughter MacKenna was so touched by this gesture that she posted a photograph of her father sitting at this desk on Twitter along with the following message…


“My mom has to stay in her room in isolation for her cancer radiation so my dad set up a desk at her door to keep her company and I’m crying”

There is so much bad news in the world today, and so a story like this that reminds all of us that there are still people out there that are willing to do extraordinary things for the people that they love is extremely refreshing.

At this point, MacKenna’s photo and message have been retweeted more than 7,000 times and liked more than 9,000 times.

And it isn’t as if Jon just sat outside Marci’s door for a few minutes and then went back to whatever he was doing.  According to the Independent, he has been constantly outside Marci’s door and has been going with her to every medical appointment…

Mackenna said her dad stayed outside her mother’s room “the entire time”, and Marci said that this is not unusual for Jon:

“Jon goes to every doctor’s appointment, every blood test, every surgery, every radiation. And as you can see, if he can’t be by my side he is as close as he can get”.

This is what love is all about.  As I am going to be discussing in my new book that will be released later this summer, true love is a decision that is backed up by consistent action.  Even if Jon never said anything about how much he loves Marci, everyone would be able to see it through his actions.

Unfortunately, so many couples today are having to deal with cancer, because cancer rates in the United States have been absolutely exploding.

If you are an American, there is a one in three chance that you will develop cancer at some point in your life.

And if you are male, there is about a one in two chance that you will develop some form of cancer.

We have come to accept this raging epidemic as “normal”, but in the old days things were much different.  In fact, back in the 1940s only one out of every sixteen Americans would develop cancer, and in the 1970s it was just one out of every ten.

Despite the billions of dollars that have been poured into cancer research, experts are telling us that cancer will soon pass heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States.  Almost everyone knows someone that is either currently suffering with cancer or that has died from this horrible disease.

In our society today, our food, water and air are all highly toxic, and we are all constantly being bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from our electronic devices.  We have created an environment in which cancer can absolutely thrive, and to say that it is a national crisis would be greatly understating the problem.

If I asked you to guess how much money is being spent to treat cancer each year in the United States, what would you say?

Well, according to NBC News Americans are now spending more than 100 BILLION dollars a year on cancer drugs…

As drug prices continue to fall under ever-increasing scrutiny, spending on cancer medicines has hit a new milestone: $100 billion in 2014.

That’s up more than 10 percent from 2013, and up from $75 billion five years earlier, according to a report published Tuesday from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.

Sometimes we throw around terms such as “100 billion dollars” without really thinking about them.

It would take 1,000 piles of 100 million dollars each to equal 100 billion dollars.  It is an amount of money that is absolutely unimaginable, but Americans will spend more than that on cancer drugs in 2017 alone.

And once someone gets on these cancer drugs, their wealth can be wiped out very rapidly.  According to NBC News, two of the latest cancer drugs that have been developed “are priced at $12,500 a month“…

Forty-five new drugs for cancer hit the market between 2010 and 2014, including 10 last year alone, IMS said. Two of those are so-called immunotherapies, a hot new class that harnesses the immune system to fight cancer. They are Opdivo from Bristol-Myers Squibb and Keytruda from Merck. Both are priced at $12,500 a month.

Needless to say, there are quite a few people that are becoming very rich thanks to our raging cancer epidemic.  Hopefully a cure for cancer will be discovered very soon, but there are actually some out there that may not want a cure to be found because that would essentially kill the golden goose that is allowing them to become exceedingly wealthy.

Jon and Marci Newman should be an inspiration for all of us, and they are far from alone.

Millions of American families are dealing with cancer right now, and until a cure is found this epidemic is likely to continue to accelerate.

So let us pray for the countless numbers of people worldwide that are suffering through a battle with cancer at this moment, and let us pray that a cure will be discovered as soon as possible.


  • William Lutz

    I appreciate the kindness emphasized in this article, but that’s not my main concern.

    There will be no real cure for cancer unless we have a clean environment without the toxins in our air, water, food, etc. And we definitely won’t have a cure since we keep gruesomely murdering our babies. A nation that participates in disservice, destruction and atrocities doesn’t deserve miracles as far as I believe.

  • Lucas

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  • A.S.

    I firmly believe a cure has already been found decades ago but the evil pharmaceuticals have bought off all the patents with the help of the even more evil FDA. You want the cure to be released: sue all the pharmaceuticals and end the FDA with just one signature by President Trump. Then we can work on prevention by teaching proper diet which includes non-GMO products (which in turn means suing and bankrupting the super evil Monsanto). So much evil in the world by people profiting from making people sick makes me beyond words. These people have no soul and will burn in hell for their crimes against humanity.

  • shots autism

    The FDA just banned injectable Vitamin C. It worked too well at curing cancer!

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  • SantosGarcia

    Real love… the kind that transcends all crisis. https://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/the-love-of-god-is/

  • I never saw this before, thanks for the link. I agree that any number of juicing a whole food diets will allow the body to completely fix and eradicate those problems that allow cancer to survive in your body.