What Happens If Record Heat And Crippling Drought Cause Widespread Crop Failures Throughout The United States?

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It is too early to panic, but if there is not a major change in the weather very soon we could be looking at widespread crop failures throughout the United States this summer.  Record heat and crippling drought are absolutely devastating crops from coast to coast.  Unfortunately, this unprecedented heat wave just continues to keep going and record high temperatures continue to scorch much of the central United States.  In fact, more than 2,000 record high temperatures have been matched or broken in the past week alone.  Not only that, but the lack of rainfall nationally has caused drought conditions from coast to coast.  If temperatures continue to stay this high and we don’t start seeing more rain, farmers and ranchers all over the nation are going to be absolutely devastated.  So what happens if we do see widespread crop failures throughout the United States?  That is a question that is frightening to think about.


Right now is an absolutely crucial period for corn.  It is time for pollination and rainfall is desperately needed.  The following is from an article recently posted on agweb.com….

With some parts of Indiana now nearing a month without significant rainfall and the critical pollination phase of corn either already started or about to begin, large crop losses appear likely for some farmers.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture had been expecting a record corn harvest this year, but now the outlook is rapidly changing.  The Department of Agriculture now says that 22 percent of all U.S. corn fields are in poor condition, and that number could rise significantly unless current weather patterns change.

Sadly, the corn in some areas of the country may already have been permanently damaged according to the Washington Post….

Some growers are already reporting damage to corn, which is at a critical pollination stage. In some areas, the corn already has been damaged to the point that rain may not be enough to salvage the crop, Telvent DTN analyst John Sanow said.

He and other analysts have lowered their yield estimates to an average of about 150 bushels per acre or less. That compares with the U.S. Agriculture Department’s June estimate of 166 bushels per acre.

Meanwhile, corn supplies are dropping at a rate not seen in many years.  The following is from croplife.com….

Corn supplies in the U.S. are declining at the fastest pace since 1996 as a Midwest heat wave damages the world’s largest harvest for a third consecutive year.

Bloomberg News reports that stockpiles were probably 3.168 billion bushels (80.47 million metric tons) on June 1, 47% less than on March 1

So what does all of this mean?

It means that food prices are going to rise.

Over the last month, the price of corn is up about 27 percent.

The price of wheat is also soaring.  The price of September wheat is up about 26 percent since the beginning of June.

So is there hope that things can be turned around?

Unfortunately, things look quite bleak at this point.  According to the Washington Post, the outlook for the rest of the growing season is very ominous….

“Based on the drought outlook, the potential for further degradation is very high, and the potential to reach exceptional levels of drought — where there are major crop failures — is very high,” said Matthew Rosencrans, a Weather Service meteorologist. “The climate signals we are looking at right now don’t correlate with wetness in that region.”

Jay Armstrong, owner and operator of Armstong Farms in Kansas, flew his small plane over a portion of the affected area and landed with the impression that the potential damage is far worse than is commonly understood.

“At this time of year, when you look down in a place like Indiana or Illinois, you should see just lush green fields,” Armstrong said. “I saw bare soil. I just thought to myself, the market has no idea what’s coming.”

Those are frightening words.

Nobody wants to hear about the possibility of “major crop failures” or that “the market has no ideas what’s coming”.

Ranchers are being absolutely devastated by this hot, dry weather as well.  The following comes from a comment that was posted on one of my recent articles by a reader identified as Cinderella Man who works in the business….

As of 6/27/12 at the Torrington WY auction 2,248 head sold in one day. Usually only a couple hundred sell at a time. Whats happening is the ranchers are trying to sell when the price is high, and they know that hay is going to be expensive in the fall. We already see ranchers from WY coming up here looking for hay. Let me put it to you this way: Last night I went with my Dad to his hayfield and he said he would be lucky if he got a third of the hay he got last year! Second I work in the feed and mineral supply business and I have seen grain feed sales through the roof. Same goes for mineral and lactation supplements. The other day a Hutterite colony bought 25 tons of grain distillers to feed their sheep. Everywhere south of us is dry and we are catching up. People are scrambling to find corn and my elevator is one of the last places that have it. Going back to the minerals and supplements the cows are on poor grass and they have baby calves to feed. They go dry and cant produce milk for them so a rancher has to buy minerals and supplements to get the mama cow to produce milk. Sales have been soaring. You add it all up and you can only come up with the conclusion that we are in SERIOUS TROUBLE this year and I dont know how small producers like my family are going to weather this. All I can say is the ones who were in glee at Texas’s plight last year and crying in their beers right now.

If this continues, we won’t just see corn and wheat become much more expensive.

We will also see the price of meat go through the roof as well.

This is not welcome news at a time when the economy is already in really bad shape and millions of families are barely making it from month to month.

So what do you think about all of this?  Do you live in an area of the country that has been affected by this weather?  What do you think will happen if we see widespread crop failures throughout the United States?

Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • HecatesMoon

    Michael, I was hoping you would lay it all out for me, how the drought and all the fires might affect the economy especially since our economy is doing so poorly already.
    I am rather sad today. Actually, I have been the past few days really. Big time farmers and crops aren’t the only ones being affected. I lost one hen to the heat. I went to pick blackberries either yesterday or the day before. All the branches were dead, the berries shriveled or completely dried out, and I could smell them. They smelled just like they do when you’re cooking them on the stove. I lost 14 fertilized eggs under my broody, and the one chick that hatched yesterday died this morning. People are telling me I likely lost all those chicks to the heat. :(
    My hen, all my babies, and all the jam that will never be. :((

    • pranah

      HM, I’m sorry about your hen, chicks and berries. I hope you feel better soon.

      • HecatesMoon

        Thank you, Pranah.
        It is still bothering me a bit, but I am coming out of my funk.

    • Michelle

      So sorry for your loss. There were 5 baby bluebirds in a nesting box that died from the heat on my property. I have pregnant bunnies that i am keeping a close watch on.

      • HecatesMoon

        Thank you, Michelle.
        I went out today, and my first sunflower had bloomed. Nature is so lovely, yet brutal all at the same time, huh? :)
        Some people, my boyfriend being one of them, are a little puzzled as to why these things should bring me down so much. Well…
        I can drag my hose around to water and cool my chickens, drag it around to water my plants.
        Right now, I could lose every chicken I have and every plant. I can go online and order more chicks, and run a brooder, or I could just go buy an incubator and have all the chicks I want. I can buy antibiotics, heated water bowls for winter, etc etc etc…
        I can go to a grocery store right now if a storm ripped through and destroyed every plant I have.
        But what will it mean if I don’t have those options anymore? What if there was no water coming out of that hose? If I couldn’t go online to order chicks if my flock were decimated by heat, disease, predators, etc.? If I couldn’t afford to get groceries or there were none to get? How much death or destruction could I be facing if I didn’t have these options and quick fixes despite my best efforts?
        Since I started on my new little adventure, things have gone fair to well, and I have felt more secure and more confident and perhaps even a little….smug. Then these big-deal-to-me’s start happening, and suddenly I am not feeling so confident and secure. It is depressing to be having these unexpected run ins with death, even if they are just plant and animal. It is scary to see my own mistakes or missed steps that might protect me, and to not be sure if I will have the option to fix those things later or the next time around.
        If it were 105 degrees outside, and I had no electric and no running water and no rain…
        Well, you all get the idea I think. I am mourning these tiny meet ups with death, but I am also suffering a deep anxiety for problems that I am not even facing…yet.
        Michael, I think I should stop reading your blogs. They keep the scary stuff on the brain too much. I won’t stop, but I probably should. :D

    • Alasha

      Being the city slicker that i am – i’m not too sure wat u r referencing, nonetheless, my heart goes out and i am praying the best outcome for you under the circumstances…

  • marK

    My garden in southwest Oregon has the problem of cool wet weather. My pastures are green later than normal as the grass is still growing. I an not sure that beef will go up as a lot is coming to the market all at once. Later on when there are fewer cows the price might be up but you never can tell. We have had wet cool late springs for three years in a row and it makes growing a little hard. I am going to more raised beds in the garden.

    • Cinderella Man

      Ranchers here in MT wish they had your problem Mark.

      • marK

        I understand. I have had a hard time the last three years getting the grass dry enough to bail between storms. I like to bail young so the seed heads don’t shatter and the cows like it sweet. I have pastured mostly the last three years and bought most of my hay. When the kids moved on and my back is tired, bucking hay is not as much fun as it used to be. Having it delivered with a squeeze is sweet but the cost is too high for the hay. Why keep the cows and lose money. Sometimes I wonder why we sill do it.

    • marK

      This is just one example why you should store food. We have been grinding wheat for 30 years and the product we end up with is much better that white flour. This morning we cooked for 110 people for a 4th of July breakfast at Church and the whole white wheat pancakes were way better than the white flour buttermilk mix. 2 cups of whole wheat flour, 2 cups of buttermilk, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of oil as it helps to keep them from sticking. We are still using wheat that has been stored since 1974 and it is still perfect. We ground up the flour yesterday. We have to buy hard wheat since I can’t grow it here where we live. You can save a lot of money if you buy your food storage while the price is lower and you have food security for your family and friends. The cost of wheat a couple of years age was around $5.50 for 25 pounds and today it is over $11 for the same bag. Who knows how much higher the price will go. The nice thing about storing whole wheat is that you can store it for such a long time under the right conditions. It is also good for you.

      • Michelle

        Try $13.50 for a 25lb bag of wheat. (sigh) I do store and grind my own too.

        Point is, you’ll get more value out of your dollar now if it is invested in tangible things….our storage items and a paid-for home. Also gold and silver.

  • LadyLiberty

    Better learn how to garden and raise livestock

    Farmers Quit, Saying High Grain Prices Are a ‘Myth’


    • Michelle

      I saw that article too. made me wonder if it is the farm lobbyists trying to assure that subsidies will keep coming?

  • mondobeyondo

    Not good. Not good at all.

    It goes beyond a price hike in the cost of corn on the cob. What do many cattle eat for feed? Corn products. (They are supposed to eat grass, but that’s another story. Ahem.)

    What do pigs eat? Corn products? And chickens? Corn products.
    Meat prices will be going up in the next few months.

    • Cinderella Man

      The problem Mondo is there is no grass to eat. Ive never seen somebody buy that much distillers to feed sheep in the summer. Put it to you this way the land is so dry it is illegal to set of fireworks today. No campfires, nothing. Its ironic last year we were flooding this year burning up. This is the new dustbowl.

  • Proftel

    Currently reside in Annapolis, State of Goias, Brazil. I was born and raised between Sao Paulo and Parana (land of Polish immigrants).
    In the 70s it was cold there.
    Today I feel as cold here in the Central Plateau of Brazil, is a rare night that does not need to “quilt” (covered strong – Parana wore those we had feathers – here I miss that coverage).
    The time is just “crazy.”
    Believe me, it is not only there.


  • Proftel

    Old, another thing: I’m at 1,100 meters altitude here (140 km from Brasilia).
    I’ll tell you one thing.
    The more than twenty years of satellite images follow.
    Formerly the South Pole Cold Fronts “rose” direct from Uruguay to the State of Acre (Brazil).
    Today the Cold Fronts “rise” to the State of Santa Catarina / Paraná, step into the Atlantic Ocean …. back!
    When you come back here.
    I watched this over the past three years, there is “no El La Ninha Nest”
    The coast of Chile is said to be cold and hot, do not trust. Read the GOES images.

  • Proftel


    You open the refrigerator in your house, you feel the chill out of it.
    You have opened in the Northern Hemisphere many times the refrigerator door, he gave in the freezer ice is gone (or going).

    For this reason, we here in the southern hemisphere that did not open the refrigerator door so we’re chipping.

    Think about this analogy.



  • Moridin

    i can only imagine what it would be like to have acres of crops to worry about. i have 3 gardens and my corn looks horrible. it is half the size it usually is and the sun keeps scorching the plants.

  • CloverDonegal

    There is nothing good about corn anyway. Why do we make so much of this vulnerable crop. We need to focus on potato crops. Because they are more versatile, much more nutrients, especialllyin condiotns bordering on famine, and theres many many ways to make a delicious potato.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      Coming from someone of Irish descent, you’ve got my vote! Absolutely no way I won’t eat a potato. Plus, the variety of spuds all have different nutrients. Look at Ireland before the great potato famine of the mid 1800’s; all they lived on was meat and potatoes.
      -Young Patriot

    • Michelle

      The price of corn going up means the price of groceries will go up and the price of livestock feed will go up hence meat prices will go up……that’s why what is happening to corn is so important.
      BTW I planted 100 lbs of potatoes this spring and the plants look just as pathetic in the field as my corn patch.

  • Chris

    Interestingly in the UK the weather has been very poor too. A couple of spells of really unseasonable warmth and dryness but the remainder has been chilly/cool dull and very wet with frequent gales. Not good crop growing weather either.

  • William

    A smart person, of which there are FEW in America, would turn OFF the IPHONE/IPAD/FakeNewsTV, and make friends with a farmer, or some other person who can PRODUCE FOOD. Those who are living in large metropolitan areas are simply toast.

  • Jimbo

    I live in SW Indiana and I can’t remember it being this dry in june/july. I’ve not had to mow in weeks. Most won’t be able to take any higher prices that are coming. God help us!!

  • Donald Wilson

    Hard times are just around the corner; buckle up it is gonna be one hell of a ride.

  • JR

    I live in Aurora, IL, 50 miles west of Chicago, and near the corn fields. Yes, it has been very dry. However, in the Midwest, there has been enough moisture/rain over the past month to make it, in **general** (the rain has been somewhat spotty). Also, note that corn grows on “heat units,” so the heat is good for corn. Overall, while it has been dry, and some areas are definitely hurting, in general I wouldn’t characterize this situation, as of 4 July, as a disaster for **most** farms at this point in time.

  • Walks-In-Storms

    My freinds – and almost anyone who knows me – will tell you that I’ve been warning of things like this for as long as forty years. I speak of these matters less and less these days (for one thing, one’s government will attempt to silence him if he makes sense and continues), because citizens of this country have grown to stupid, too much under the control of mind-control media, to make any intelligent response.

    A few friends – ike the one who sent me this “link” – who heeded my warning concerning the “bailout” and results of the economic mess in which we now find ourselves still listen. I tell them to forget it: what I said would happen – what I was right about – was that chaos would happen. It has, and it will continue.

    You have, by virtue of all the excesses you somehow came to believe were your right, weakened yourself to the point that you won’t be able to fend off or recover from anything. Worse, you have encouraged massive immigration of people who are already the product of a culture like that which you became. Together, the host and the parasite will die.

    R.I.P., Land of the Free – your were, in the words of a founder (John Adams) a suicide.

  • grandee

    My blueberries are all shriveled up,dried little nothings. My tomato plants would be gone except for watering them with 90 gals of water brought in from a friend’s well. The corn we saved at the last minute with hose watering. The greenbeans are dead (didn’t water them as I have some from last year). I am hoping the big sweetpotato crop I planted will make it. Can not hose water anymore. Too much $ cost. Sigh.

  • Cleo

    The interesting thing about crops is that it takes a couple of years for a really bad year to start having an impact, as there are vast amounts of grains in storage.

    The crops around here in north central Kansas looked really good a few weeks ago. The beans still look good, but they can tolerate some hot dry weather and then get boosted by a good rain. The corn is really looking sorry around here now. It looks like the ears are pretty much done growing….decent length, but small and narrow in diameter.

    And I lost a meat rabbit doe to the heat, in spite of ice blocks and a fan.

    Since the end of the solar maximum is nearing completion, I look for normal temps and rainfall to start returning to normal next year, so I’m not letting any of this get to me.

    Things always get better.

  • Cinderella Man

    Thank you Michael for bringing this up this is a crisis that deserves national attention. Im not joking this is some serious business. Everyday I can see the stress on peoples faces when they come in to buy feed. We are not even supposed to see sales like this untill the fall. All I can say between the fires and drought the west is in big trouble. Usually you dont see hay harvesting till mid July but now everything is in crisis mode. The beef supply in this country is low. Last year Texas liquidated their herds cause there was no grass to feed them. This year its the north’s turn. When you see that amount of cows being sold it should scare you. After talking to a friend last night he said the yearlings are being sold and the next will be the cow/calf pairs. In a nutshell this means that mama cows are being slaughtered and therefore the herd will be reduced even more. Beef is going to skyrocket even further and Mickey Ds will just be selling chicken. Enjoy your burgers it may be your last!

  • Gay Veteran

    climate change

  • Dave Webb

    The weather is controlled by four factors. Each factor is equal. The Earth at the surface is approximately 52 degrees. Thus going to a basement should bring a cooler temperature naturally. This is factor number one.
    The upper temperature is that of space itself. In the extreme upper atmosphere you have temperatures near absolute zero. But in practice it might be as little as 200 degrees fahrenheit below zero. This is the second factor. Taling about the edge of the upper atmosphere. It is cold.
    The Sun is the next factor. It is extremely hot, radiation is high. This is the factor that changes the climate. Right now we are going through a period where the Sun for some reason is much hotter than normal. Huge eruptions on the surface and below the surface of the Sun are causing the radiation from the Sun to be much higher than normal. I am talking about Sun Spots. We have gone through a period of almost no sunspots. We are at the peak of a sunspot cycle. It could last 6 months or even two years. I am no expert in this area.
    The fourth factor is a combination of air and water. Right now our atmosphere has an abundance of carbon dioxide. The chief claim to fame of carbon dioxide is heat transmission. That means the temperature at the pole and the equator average out as the carbon dioxide equals out the temperatures of both places. I have no idea what the critical number is on carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. I leave that to experts. But it has effected the weather for the last 10 or so years. Water tends to equalize things. It is a very good stabilizer. It cycles into steam and clouds which in turn cool things down with a combination of heat lightening and water pulling the temperatures down. So the fourth factor is chemicals in the atmosphere.
    Right now the sun spots and the heat radiation from the sun in combination with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in combination with the Earth’s natural oceans is causing things to heat up. Translated: droughts, floods, hurricanes, much more common than normal.
    The trick here is going to be compensating at the farm level to produce crops anyway. Believe me when I say, that is quite a trick. In normal years, luck benefits many farmers. Right now they need some serious technology if our food supply is going to survive.

    • Guido

      Yes, sir. Thank you. They noticed temps changing on other planets, too. Hard to blame us for that one. Climate change is a silly term, since it presupposes there was a time when climate didn’t change. And the idea you can resist climate change is insanely egotistical.

  • Jodi

    All I can say is plant a survival garden and can, can, can.

  • Rick

    It will happen and it’s called, “The Tribulation.” During that period, a loaf of bread will cost a days wages. Thank God, I will be evacuated (some call it the Rapture) before that happens.

    • KB

      not to make light of the situation, but nowadays, a day’s wages is like 75 cents.

  • Steve

    I live in northern NH, and here we have been lucky! More than enough rain, and only about 7 days in the mid 90’s since June 1st. We’ve had plenty of days in the 70’s, and nights in the 50’s. Hopefully, it will continue right thru the summer! BTW: NH now has Jury Nullification as part of our Law. Just adds to the list of freedoms only we in NH enjoy! (like: No Seat Belt Law for those over 18; No Car Insurance required to register and drive your vehicle – Police in NH will ask “License and Registration, please”), ect…

    • Granite Prepper

      Agree wholeheartedly Steve. Live in Southwest NH and can’t complain about the weather. I could complain about the idiots to the west(Vermont) and to the south(Massachusetts) but why ruin a perfectly good holiday!! Cheers.

      • Steve

        Since I live just north of Littleton, Vermont cars are almost as common on the road as NH cars. They cross the border to shop (NH has no sales tax, as you know) and to buy cigarrettes. Even worse though, it is now tourist season, and the roads are filled with cars from Mass, RI, Conn, NY, NJ, Quebec, and just about every other state. The only plate I have yet to see traveling our roads in the summer is Hawaii. Can’t wait for Labor Day!

  • DL

    I DO Feel for the farmers…okay, okay, the small family farmers (and feel nothing but disgust at the big agrabusinesses…I’m talking to you Con Agra, Tyson, MOnsanto).


    I am tired of eating cancer-causing food and meat! Tired of high fructose corn syrup in sodas and all the other crap it’s in. Monsanto ought to be sued for trillions and go outta business, and same for Dow Chemical, Syngenta, Bayer, and all the other destroyers of GOD’s CREATION!


    Revelation 11:18–“And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward to thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great: and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.”

  • DL

    And, BTW, right here in far west Texas (where they had all those wild fires last year and no rain from late September 2010 to July 2011), it is rainign right now. So far we’ve had more rain than ALL of 2011!

    Why? Very simply–2011 had “la nina” in eastern Pacific (la nina means “drought” here in big Bend) and this year “el nino” is in western Atlantic.

    In other words, as they say in the NFL, “wait ’til next year.”

  • Elainee P.

    Clearly, this is GOD’s Judgement on America. All GOD’s Children know this is what it is; Only the Morons don’t believe it is. This is just the beginning. We have not seen nothing yet. GOD is going to let America and the World see what it is like to live in a World controlled by evil men. This is what you get when you kick GOD out of everything and vote in heathens to run our Government.

    • Gay Veteran

      wow, thought God’s aim would be a little better


  • Gary2

    I thought all you right wing nuts did not believe in man made global warming??? its 100 degrees right now in Milwaukee right by the lake MI. No sane person can deny global warming.

    • Granite Prepper

      Sorry Gary2, I’m as sane as they get and still don’t believe in man-made global warming as the only reason for the weather. We live on the planet and therefore contribute in every way to the positive and negative aspects of daily life but to blame it strictly and solely on man is simply not believable. There are cosmic forces that play a much larger part in the flux of our weather than we could ever hope to…..but as a steward of our planet I do believe we contribute. I just can’t see how we are the ONLY factor.

    • marK

      Gary2 why is a frozen island called Greenland. It was green when there were very few people on the Earth with no cars. The Earth has been a lot warmer in the past without man doing anything to cause it. And I thought all of you Libs out there liked Hope and Change. Weather changes and I guess you get to hope for cooler weather.

      • Gary2

        Not true–it was called Greenland to entice people to come from the Scandinavian countries and settle there.

        • marK

          Give me a break. Under the ice are old stumps from an old long dead forest. When the Vikings settled there grass did grow there until the weather changed and became colder. Did the cars that people were driving in the middle ages cause the little ice age. lol

    • Tatiana Covington

      Guess what, Gary–6 months from now it’ll be like 10 degrees outside.

    • Guido

      I deny it, too, and I’m the sanest person I know. I can deny it because if it was a legitimate idea, the scientists wouldn’t have to fake their data to prove it. Reference the Russian hacker case that revealed their organized movement to shout down and intimidate naysayers while cooperating on faking data, i.e. the so-called “hockey stick” diagram.

      Until they can debate the issue without having to lie, cheat, and threaten naysayers’ careers, it’s not legit. And it stabs the idea of objective science right in the back.

  • huh?

    Lawnmower run rooftop automoble imagine lollipop.

    See Proftel, I too can string togther unrelated words that make no sense.

  • Michael

    It’s God all right, count on it. and no one has seen nothing yet, only the beginning

  • Granite Prepper

    I’ve been predicting a dust bowl scenario for a couple of years…….and there won’t be a safe place to be when the corn belt lies fallow.

  • the doctor

    I would suggest that while the heat is an issue, the UV index might be the real problem. The index has remained very high for some time, an issue having nothing to do with ‘global warming’ or “global cooling” which ever the case may be. A graph of the UV index over the last few years shows a sharp rise. At a steady 11 on the scale, certain plants really suffer, even with water.

  • Rex

    I also suspect WEATHER MODIFICATION via H.A.A.R.P. and Chem Trails are playing a role.

    The upcoming GLOBAL GOVERNMENT wants a drastically reduced population and AGENDA 21-ICLEI is part of the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT scheme and AGENDA 21-ICLEI and the CLUB of ROME are behind all this (“Sustainability,” Climate Change, Global Warming, Earth Day-Hour, Smart Grids-Meters-Growth to ration and control, Bullet Trains-Bikes to control Travel). The ROTHSCHILDS and ROCKFELLERS are major players in this as well.

    The movie, the HUNGER GAMES borrowed some of the AGENDA 21 ideas: Bullet Trains, Most people off the land (rewilding) and crammed into cities, Depopulation, etc.

    MICHAEL SHAW and ROSA KOIRE have some good info on opposing AGENDA 21. ROSA KOIRE also mentioned the pro-AGENDA 21-ICLEI people use this technique developed by the RAND CORP called the DELPHI Technique. This is also pretty bad.

    The auther, COLLINS of the HUNGER GAMES might be one of the 13 extremely evil BLOODLINES that Fritz Springmeier warned about.

    Drastic Population Reduction:
    1. The GEORGIA GUIDESTONES (located in Elberton, Georgia, USA): One of the stones says: “Humanity Must Be Maintained Under 500,000,000 in Perpetual Balance With Nature.” (this also sounds like AGENDA 21).
    2. Prof Erik Pianka (academia) said “Most People Should Be Dead.” Sickeningly, his audience gave him a standing ovation.
    3. Henry Kissinger has this attitude about people. He thinks of the general populace as “Useless Eaters.”

    The GLOBAL ELITES want most of Humanity dead and they’ll kill the planet to do it. (that’s also why they have this DOOMSDAY SEED VAULT) up in the North Sea somewhere.

    God or WEATHER MODIFICATION via HAARP and Chem Trails, we’re in serious, serious trouble and I hope God has mercy on this nation.

    Speaking of which, why didn’t God rain destruction on the BILDERBERG Meeting in Chantilly, Virginia or destroy the Bohemian Grove or the CFR-Trilateral Commission, the Skull-Bones Society? Why doesn’t God destroy the MEDIA STATIONS who keep the SHEEPLE in the Dark like Mushrooms? This part does make me wonder (why those who actually caused all the problems remain completely unscathed and are allowed to continue on and even be rewarded for the great evil they do.

  • whoisbiggles

    I’ll add some good news not.

    We are being told to expect El Nino to return to Australia next year.

    So less wheat, lamb and beef available for export.

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    I believe there will be an ice age soon. The earth and solar system’s natural orbit around the milky way (the gravitational pull of the galaxy changing the shape of the earth’s orbit) has caused the earth to experience brief (roughly 10,000 year long) mild temperatures, with the end of the mild spell heralded by scorching heat (an intense heat spell of the sort is speculated to be for the mass extinction of the paleozoic era). After the heat spell, the world enters a 100,000 year long ice age caused by the convection currents within the earth’s oceans to halt, leaving the northern and southern reaches of said oceans to freeze; the ice expands towards the equator, and an ice age is born. This has happened before, and will happen again. It is only natural and is caused by the milky way shifting our orbit as we get closer and farther from the center. It has been calculated that we are near the end of the mild spell. Thus, if the cycle continues, we are near a new ice age. It has nothing to do with man made global warming. It DOES have to do with how GOD made the universe.
    -Young Patriot

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      *GOD said he will never wipe out the wickedness of mankind again with liquid water, and he did specify liquid water. He never said anything about ice. What a coincidence that statistically, we are also due for a snowball earth again sometime soon…
      -Young Patriot

      • End of world wil lbe by fire

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          I did not say end of the world, there is a possibility we are not near the end. All of the rampant corruption could just be another Noah incident, where GOD tries again with the people of earth to get us to turn back to him. Always a possibility; either way the majority of the human population is likely doomed.
          Young Patriot

    • Gay Veteran

      “… the mass extinction of the paleozoic era….”

      oh, so the Earth is not 6000 years old?

      hmmmmm, know some fundamentalists who would disagree with you. But then you’re a Catholic, so they consider you a member of a cult.

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        Gay vet please, just respect my, and other people’s views if you want yours respected. Those like you who cry for tolerance and then go and attempt to discredit and/or mock other people’s beliefs are the worst kind of hypocrite. One thing I’ve learned in my short 26 years on this planet is if you want to be respected, you have to respect others first, which is something you should take to heart.
        -Young Patriot

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          short 16 years* damn typos

        • Gay Veteran

          I wrote that some fundamentalists consider Catholics to be members of a cult, NOT that I believe that.

      • highly insulting and no, I consider myself a memeber of the one and only faith of Christ……all others, just a shell……..
        World is around 10-15,000 yrs old at most, Ussher was off in his research……

        • Gay Veteran

          guess Jesus buried all those dinosaur bones

          sorry, but if you deny basic scientific FACTS then your view do NOT deserve respect, only pity

          • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            Has it ever occurred to you gay vet that science could be wrong? Half life, which they use to date the rocks, and thus the earth, is based off of an equation that is very complex and easy to make a mistake on; and half life has “e” an imaginary function in it. Scientific theories have been proven wrong time and again, and are just wiped over, and eliminated from existence. It was commonly accepted by scientists 30 someodd years ago that the earth was 4 trillion years old, yet you don’t hear about that. Also, there is no solid proof either way, which is the same as evolution. Just because pieces SEEM to fit together doesn’t mean they do. Science has degraded from multiple studies and peer reviews to any theory that contradicts Christianity specifically being accepted as soon as it is proposed. That is a fact, not the ravings of a madman. The age of he earth is still uncertain, with 4.6 billion years just being the generally “accepted” age among scientists; with many dissenters. Only GOD truly knows how old the earth is, man just pretends he knows.
            *note: not arguing either way, just presenting another argument, and it is imperative that all sides be looked at and treated equally before one argument or the other is chosen.
            -Young Patriot

        • Guido

          I’m sorry, but I must agree with Gay here. The planet is piled high with evidence. I have a prehistoric fossil of a trilobite here in my house. There’s no way it isn’t authentic. They’ve found bones of prehistoric men at least 20,000 years old. There’s absolutely no reason to doubt the very real geologic record all around you.

        • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

          We Catholics, and those who practice Greek orthodoxy, are actually the ones who practice the closest to what Jesus taught (Catholicism and orthodoxy are more similar than many people realize). The fact that they split off from the Catholic Church because of luther and calvin’s personal beliefs (and both religions actually revere luther and calvin moreso than Catholics revere saints, which they then go call idol worshiping) and thus split off from one of the closest interpretations of what Jesus taught; is invalid. No, I do not deny that the Catholic Church was corrupt (and still is to a point) but it was less corrupt than people say it was. If they choose to believe protestantism, that is their right, as it is my right to practice Catholicism. Everyone believes that their religion is the best (including atheists, scientologists, and agnostics), otherwise they wouldn’t believe it.
          -Young Patriot

          • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            I am expecting a lot of Catholic, and personal hatred towards this post. Let me just remind all of you Catholic haters that we worship Christ just as you do; and we are just as entitled to practice our form of Christianity as you are. We all believe that what we believe is correct; otherwise why would we believe it? Thank you all for your time and consideration.
            -Young Patriot

          • Gay Veteran

            Even the Catholic Church has gotten over its anti-science stance.

            “..Scientific theories have been proven wrong time and again, and are just wiped over, and eliminated from existence….”

            Because science is self-correcting. Unlike religion.

            “…Science has degraded from multiple studies and peer reviews to any theory that contradicts Christianity specifically being accepted as soon as it is proposed….”

            more conservative self-pity

          • A Concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

            I was merely presenting a different argument, science has been proven wrong by science multiple times, and this could be another case. As I said, though personally I believe the evidence for a 4.6 billion year old earth is legitimate (for lack of thinking of a better term); one must still keep the mind open to other possibilities. Once again; the accepted theory for certain fields of science have been wrong countless times.
            -Young Patriot

        • Gay Veteran

          Winston Smith
          “highly insulting and no, I consider myself a memeber of the one and only faith of Christ……all others, just a shell……..”

          highly insulting? then you have a problem with certain fundamentalists.

          And every religion thinks it’s the one and only


  • Build these, on a mass scale, using off the grid, sustainable technology. Instead of spending billions each year on welfare, you build these buildings 1 time, & they spit out food for free forever! You can build them in deserts, inner cities, anywhere. http://www.thedailygreen.com/green-homes/latest/vertical-farms

  • If you want to know what’s causing the drought – look up at the sky! Watch the jets spray line after line of aluminum, barium, strontium, and who knows what to dry up the clouds, among other things. Everyone is so conditioned anymore that they don’t remember what the sky is supposed to look like. It used to be blue, not ‘aluminum nanoparticle white’. We are being conditioned through media to accept the x’s and stripes through the sky as completely normal. Wake up, look up. Never mind what people tell you on television (that what I am saying is a conspiracy theory), just look up for yourself, and use the good mind that God gave you to think it through! Evidence and data, patents, etc, to confirm what I’m saying can be found at geoengineeringwatch.org.
    What is taking place is a crime against humanity. There is limitless data, articles, recorded interviews, etc, where scientists are openly discussing “geoengineering” the planet to (supposedly) “stop global warming”. Whether there actually is global warming going on, I do not know, but I do know this; if there is a warming occurring, the chemicals they are spraying into the atmosphere are making it much much worse. All we need to do, to find out who is behind it, is to follow the money. Who profits from it?

  • rking

    What will happen?
    Family-owned farms will fail, and they will be bought by corporations. They will become corporate farms. Corporations can absorb the cost of a year or two of crop losses — the family farm can’t.
    So in the long run, say hello to even more genetically modified corn and other grain crops.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Much of why there’s so much drought about now is because there’s often drought about now in the Midwest… it’s something called the “summer”.

    You know, the time of year when it’s hot.

    It’s the weather!

    • Suz Houchen

      @ Tatiana—-Well that comment has to go down in the recordbooks as being the most ignorant. YOu must live under a city rock. You have no idea what is hitting out nation. What are you some 12 year old self absorbed delusional moron.
      This country is hitting RECORD and I mean breaking THOUSANDS of record high’s. We have lost over 30% of our national food supply in agriculture this year and our national reserve is already depleted. You better have a really good job…because your grocery bill is about to skyrocket. Before it is all over, food will be rationed. Wait and see child, cause you have not seen anything yet. God is going to rock this nation until people start getting on their knees and crying out to the one who rules and reigns.

  • Karen

    History ALWAYS repeats it’s self always, the dust bowl of the dirty 30’s is here and will get much worse even Russia and china know there won’t be much on the world markets for sale but they have put back food for there people but not America are food storages are bare to the bone I am going to buy up lots of feed for my animals I prepare for hard times how about youdo you prepare??? I sure would be doing something right now because it will get much worse.

  • Nathan

    The summer of 1988 in the USA was so hot.

    The winter of 2010 leading into 2011 in Europe was one of of the coldest.

    Judgment will come for the 50 million USA abortions in the form of nuclear war. Mother Teresa said ”the fruit of abotion will be nuclear war.”

    Not a heat wave …


    Actually they say she didn’t say that … but what if it is true anyway in God’s eyes?

    • Gay Veteran

      sorry Nathan, but women aren’t slaves to be forced to have babies

  • God is mad. You have fallen away from His word! Repent and we will be saved. Repeal Obamacare..Obama wants you to take the chip and go to hell..simple as that. Repeal and Repent or all will be lost!!!

  • Guido

    I think we’re getting worked up over nothing. Drought is nothing new in this country. I remember in the 1980s we had record heat waves and droughts then, too. People dropped dead, thousands of poultry were lost, and it was apocalyptic. And we’re still here. We’ll be here still longer.
    Does anyone remember the rice shortage of several years ago? The talk was all about the shortage of rice and how Asia would starve…. and nothing happened. Life goes on. Tough times come and go and come again. Next year or the year after, we’ll be panicking about too much rain and the flooding of crops and the threat of no food surviving torrential rains.

    One idea, tho. If you want to drive down the cost of corn-end these stupid fedgov subsidies for corn fuel. It’s a proven net energy loser, proven to be bad for your engine, and just a waste of money and time and potential food. If you want to turn corn into alcohol, go ahead-then drink it!

    One other issue-
    My wife is from Eastern Europe. There, if you’re poor, you save your money and just eat natural things like potatoes, beets, fruits, veggies, and so on. Eating out, eating fast food, is expensive. Here, it’s the opposite-you have to eat junk food if you want to save money. I read somewhere it’s due to fat subsidies the gov’t gives to the fast food industry. Does that seem right to you? The cheapest thing in the store should be the real, raw food, NOT the fatty processed chemical-laced faux food we see at McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. It would be funny if the costs of eating a Big Mac were as high on the front end as they are on the back end.
    It’s also funny how only people with a lot of disposable income can afford to eat healthy. Only in America…

  • Doc Holliday

    WTF is this?
    I hate to burst the bubble but Jesus is not the one who decided to burn up a few billion years of stored carbon in 100 years.

    Have you considered leaving the wrath of God out of this problem.

    As Pogo said:
    We have met the enemy and his is us.