What Are We Going To Do If The Number Of American Adults That Can’t Take Care Of Themselves Continues To Set New Records?

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Today, the number of American adults that can’t take care of themselves is at an all-time record high.  So what are we going to do if the number of people dependent on the government keeps going up?  Some folks like to point out that most Americans that have recently become dependent on the government would rather be working, but because of a lack of jobs they have gotten into a position where they cannot take care of themselves anymore.  Some other folks like to point out that the number of Americans that abuse the system and that enjoy being dependent on the government is steadily increasing.  Sadly, both of those positions are true.  It is a fact that the percentage of working age Americans that actually have jobs has declined dramatically over the past several years because of a lack of jobs.  It is also a fact that a growing percentage of Americans believe that it is the job of the government to take care of them from the cradle to the grave.  What people need to understand is that the government is the problem and not the solution.  We desperately need more jobs in this country, but the federal government has been absolutely killing job growth, it has been creating a culture of government dependency, and it has been going into gigantic amounts of debt trying to take care of so many people.  So what are we going to do if the number of American adults that can’t take care of themselves continues to set new records year after year?


Of course most Americans that are dependent on the government are not actually trying to abuse the system.  Most are in that situation because they cannot find a decent job.

As you can see from the chart below, in the post-World War II era whenever a recession has ended the percentage of working age Americans that have jobs has rebounded substantially.  But this has not happened this time….

The employment-population ratio fell to levels not seen since the early 1980s and has stayed there.

During the 70s, 80s and 90s the employment-population ratio kept increasing because a lot of women were entering the workforce.

But now our economy is not producing nearly enough jobs for everyone.  Our economy is dying and the labor market has come to resemble a really bizarre game of musical chairs.

If you lose your job in this economy, you might be out of the game for good.

If you can believe it, today there are 100 million working age Americans that do not have jobs.

In all, there are 242 million working age Americans.

Only 142 million of them actually have jobs.

The rest are either taken care of by someone else in their family or by the government.

Since the year 2000, the U.S. population has increased by over 30 million.

But the number of Americans that have jobs has only risen by 4.7 million.

Something doesn’t add up.

The federal government keeps telling us that the employment situation is getting better, but the only way they can do that is by pretending that millions of Americans are “leaving the labor force”.

Between 2000 and 2011, the federal government says that the number of Americans “not in the labor force” rose by 17.9 million.

But during the entire decade of the 1980s the number of Americans “not in the labor force” rose by only 1.7 million.

Yes, there is something really fishy going on with the employment numbers.

And the percentage of the “working poor” in America has been steadily rising as well.

Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

Millions upon millions of Americans that actually do have jobs are still not able to take care of themselves and are dependent on the government.

If something is not done to reverse these labor trends, the number of American adults that can’t take care of themselves is going to continue to set new records.

Today, over 70 percent of all spending by the federal government goes into dependence programs, and the amount of money that the federal government sends directly to American citizens has increased by 32 percent since Barack Obama took office.

Just about every measure of government dependence that is out there is going up rapidly.  Just consider the following stats….

*Federal housing assistance increased by a whopping 42 percent between 2006 and 2010.

*Medicare spending increased by 138 percent between 1999 and 2010.

*Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid, and things are about to get a whole lot worse.  It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

*Back in 1990, the federal government accounted for 32 percent of all health care spending in America.  Today, that figure is up to 45 percent and it is projected to surpass 50 percent very shortly.

*By the end of 2011, approximately 55 million Americans received a total of approximately 727 billion dollars in Social Security benefits.  As the retirement crisis becomes much worse, that dollar figure is projected to absolutely skyrocket.

*The number of Americans on food stamps recently set a new all-time record.  Right now, more than one out of every seven American citizens is on food stamps and one out of every four U.S. children is on food stamps.   The number of Americans on food stamps has risen by more than 14 million since Barack Obama first entered the White House.

*According to the Heritage Foundation, more than 91 million Americans are financially dependent on the federal government at this point.

*According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that receives direct monetary benefits from the federal government.  Back in 1983, less than a third of all Americans lived in a home that received direct monetary benefits from the federal government.

*When you total it all up, American households are now receiving more money directly from the federal government than they are paying to the government in taxes.

As you can see, the number of Americans that are receiving goodies from the federal government is rapidly increasing.

Meanwhile, the number of Americans that are working good jobs and paying taxes to support these programs has been going down.

If this continues, at some point the safety net will break.

And we need a safety net.  There are always going to be some people who do not have the capacity to take care of themselves.  We certainly don’t want to see anyone sleeping in the streets or starving to death.

But the tens of millions of additional Americans that have jumped on to the safety net in recent years are endangering the entire system.  Our country is rapidly going broke and if the entire safety net collapses those that really need the help are not going to be able to get it.

In the end, what we really need in this country are tens of millions of additional good jobs.  But our politicians continue to pass mountains of job killing new laws, and our big corporations continue to ship millions of our jobs out of the country.

If we stay on this road, the number of Americans that can’t take care of themselves is going to keep setting new records every single year.

And for the rest of us, let us never look down on those that are dependent on the government.  The truth is that the vast majority of us are just a few really bad breaks away from losing everything.



    Amerikans vote for the following:

    1. Warfare State

    2. Police State

    3. Welfare state

    These are not going anywhere anytime soon, if at all. Amerikans do not want to work or run honest businesses and so they do what? Leech off of the government. This goes from politicians, to wall street bankers, to defense contractors, to the everyday welfare, food stamp, and disability fund cheat. When one looks at the decadent amerikan culture then all of this begins to make perfect sense………….

  • BenjiK

    The best “safety net” our government could supply is an environment where real jobs are permitted to thrive. For example, areas of North Dakota have what are called “Renaissance Zones” in which new and/or re-locating businesses are granted tax incentives. In most cases a new business can operate up to 3 years without having to pay property tax.

    “The tax incentives consist of a variety of state income and financial institution tax exemptions and credits, and local property tax exemptions.”


    With common-sense regulatory easement and the above mentioned program implemented at a federal level we would see serious job-growth almost overnight.

  • Gary2

    Michael Michael-you continue to bash the poor while totally ignoring corporate welfare and welfare for the rich which is thousands of times more expensive than the paltry saftey net programs for the poor.

    I would go so far as to say that the military is mainly corporate welfare for corporations. This may be a little of a strech I admit but not much of one.

    I know you want to pander to the right wingers and throw them red meat but you are really missing 100% the big welfare costs and it aint the poor.

    Right wingers are asked will you support a $10 cut for every 1 dollar tax increase and to a person the dolts said no. This is all the proof that is needed to show the right (deficiets don’t matter chaney) is not serious about deficiets.

    I am coming to conclude that your dumbing yourself down so as to appeal to the libertarians right wingers on this site. You know what the study said about limited cognative abilities of conservatives.. The simple answer to our woes according to the right is to bash the poor.

    The intellegent liberal insights are that corporate welfare is by far and away a bigger issue. How much did GE pay in taxes last year? Nothing? How many others corp pay nothing? Capital gains at 15%–welfare for the rich. I could go on but I think you get my drift.

    Your constant bashing of the poor reminds me of a person oiling a squeeky hinge on a door in their house all the while ignoring the wildfire raging outside ready to burn up the house. You are totally missing the forest for the trees!

    Please crawl out of the gutter-you know you have sunk to a new low when Rush mentions you and you think it is a good thing.

    • Michael

      I didn’t think I was bashing the poor.

      What do the rest of you think?

      Was I bashing the poor?




        You do what many media types do, you try to be too evenhanded, which in this case, totally misses the point. A sound economy is not a left or right issue. It is not even a libertarian one. There needs to be sound government regulation and pro growth polices. Neo-liberal free trade policies should be DOA and new businesses should be encouraged. The current fiscal and monetary regime now in place has no chance of succeeding, as the jury is in and the current evidence has shown. If you want real GDP growth, then the current established order needs to make way for a new one. One that has capitalism at its core. Not this new world order garbage that has been shoved down everyone’s throats…………

      • Gary2

        Michael-if you were really concerned about debt/deficit you would focus MORE on corporate welfare and less on welfare for the poor.

      • BenjiK

        I read nothing of the sort. There may have been some “bashing” of our broken system. There’s a fundamental difference between condescension (bashing) of the underprivileged, which I have never seen on any of your sites, and calling attention to the ever-expanding “entitlement” mentality.

        Those who truly need help should receive it.

        Those who have their basic needs met should be satisfied.

        Those who have small luxuries, (cable TV, internet, cell phone, car/truck) should be grateful.

        Those who have all of the above and who are overly envious and feel they “deserve” more will NEVER have enough to be satisfied.

        This is not directed at any one person, but like a wise old man once told me, “If you take offense, maybe it applies to you….”

        Oh well Michael, you can’t please ’em all. :)

      • mb

        Of course not Michael. The majority of your readers on this site are intelligent enough to know a basket case (gary2) when we see one. I applaud you for allowing him post his opinions, even when he obviously doesn’t comprehend the message you are sending. You clearly state that we should have a safety net, but the current situation where more is paid in benefits than incoming tax revenues is unsustainable. We need more jobs, not more handouts!

      • View from Abroad

        Well, you are one-sided concentrating on the burdens the poor present to the state. I do not find much about how the rich could/should contribute more to system which rewards them so generously.

        “What people need to understand is that the government is the problem and not the solution.”

        Well – man is a “zoon politicon”, a “political/social animal” (Aristotle).

        Whereever you have a group of people, in the long run they will form a society, and, eventuelly, a government. The alternative is everybody for himself/against all others. Anarchy.

        What you should understand: “Society” and “Government” ARE the ONLY solution in dealing with several million of people who have to live together. YOUR Problem is, that the US has effectively only one Party, call it Demoreps, with a right wing (Democrats) and an ultra-right wing (Republicans). Viewed from afar, they are practically the same – and that is why you have one bad government after the other…no real alternative, that is.

      • Ozmo


        Don’t think your bashing the poor, moreover I think your just reporting the facts. I do wonder in some of those facts are you reporting seem vague and may not account for the entire reasoning for people not working. Not sure if that makes sense, but pain meds kicking in from an tore muscle.

        Please Keep up the good work and God bless


      • A Dodgy Bloke

        I think Gary 2 a fool.

        • Gary2

          such intelligent commentary from the right!

          Like I said the study showing conservatives are not too smart which is why they are conservative.

          • Moe Howard

            Seems you don’t understand economics. Poor is something that can be changed by the person. Settling for housing money and food stamps is the sign of a lazy person. Yes, there is a lot of corporate welfare and fraud, in fact, the banksters own the government purse. That, however, does not mean it is ok to pick my pocket to feed your face. Get off your ass and feed yourself. Then let us all vote these gangsters out of office and into jail.

      • Nope your just stating facts

        Keep up the good work.


    • Matt

      When you say republicans are against raising taxes at all you act as if that is bad. The above article points out that families receive more benefits than tax revenue brought in. This doesn’t even count all the other things the government spends on. Spending needs to be cut for rich AND poor, with just a basic safety net left. If not the economic debt-induced collapse we are experiencing will accelerate, just as in Europe. The idea that the government taking away money and then giving it back somehow helps out is wrong. All it does is take productive workers out of the workforce to be involved in the shuffling process.

    • Scott

      Sorry, but a low capital gains tax is not welfare for the rich. It’s risk capital, and money that investors already paid income taxes on. And investors could just as easily lose that money, so the gains are not guaranteed. Reduce the capital gains tax to zero and allow more investment money to flow into the economy. And if you’ll notice Michael said he wants to preserve the safety net for those who truly need it, and seperated them from those who leach off the system. And nowhere did he suggest corporate welfare was exempt.

  • mondobeyondo

    What happens when the government safety net breaks?

    Will we have elder folks moving into their grandchildrens’ homes? What about seniors who do not have children? Guess we’ll just dump them on the side of the road. The government’s response? “Sorry, dude. Here’s a $5.00 bill, and a couple of quarters. Call someone who cares.”

    The more you depend on the government, the less you have to fend for yourself. Yes I know, it’s not fun to fend for yourself. It happens. That’s life. I’m sorry, but it happens. I don’t know many people who want a toothache, or who enjoy having cancer, but it happens.

    You have to learn to be strong. Stand up for yourself and your family. Lance Armstrong has got it right: Live Strong. Tough it out. We’ll get there.

    Every day, somewhere in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, and a lion wakes up. You’ll either run for your life, or run for breakfast. Either way, you better hit the ground running.

    • Michael

      You paint such a pretty picture. :)



    • DaytoDay

      “Sorry, dude. Here’s a $5.00 bill, and a couple of quarters. Call someone who cares.”

      Hey don’t laugh… Because that’s exactly what happened to me when they released me onto the sidewalk from jail…

      I only had to stay overnight,(Will NEVER go back!) but that is the response you get when you have no money and are stuck 35 miles from where you live…

      But that was a good comment though.

  • This article almost makes me feel guilty I’m receiving Navy retirement pay. (20 years service). How much longer I received it is up for grabs because I believe the whole shell game is about to collapse sooner than later.

  • old soldier

    What concerns me is how all these individuals will react when the proverbial spigot is shut off and the assistance ceases. These people won’t be very happy when no more unemployment checks, no more government food, and no more medical assistance. It is kind of like the example of what happened to Rome when it used bread and circuses to pacify the population. Look what happened to Rome. Final note for those who don’t realize it: church pantries are running out of food to give out to the needy.Some have cut their giving days from five to one. I know from first hand experience. They just don’t have the food stocks.One reason:those who used to donate to those pantries are now receivers instead of givers.

    • mondobeyondo

      That’s very true. The lines at the Barack H. Obama Food Distribution Center (um, I mean St. Mary’s Food Bank) here in Phoenix are getting longer daily. The recession is NOT over. It never really ended.

      *I’m not making fun of St. Mary’s. I might be standing in line there myself in a few months.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    There‘re many people in the 40 plus age group who if laid off in this present environment will never work full time again. I’ve just finished listening to a pod cast on the holistic survival pod cast with Victor Davis Hansen. He explained small business owners are terrified of what’s coming down the pike, so they ‘re not hiring. I don’t think much will change if you kicked out the bunch of left wing loons presently running DC. The US is 15 trillion in debt with a shrinking tax base most of the industrialized world is in various states of hock. It just a matter of time who blows up first and sends everybody running to the exits. That happens if you’re not ready, if you’re lucky you’ll be living on somebody’s couch if you’re unlucky you will be living in a tent wondering where your next meal is coming from. If your on of Government assistance of any kind you’re just hosed period. Good Luck

    • Gary2

      Victor Davis Hansen.—right wing nut schill-no credibility

      • A Dodgy Bloke

        I always find it amazing that the left can never say why they don’t like somebody. I guess name-calling passes for intelligent discussion on the left. I suspect Gary 2 gets his information on Victor Davis Hansen on some lefty blog without doing any independent research. Liberals like to think of themselves as so much more open minded and intelligent than ‘The Masses”.
        Me I read and listen to James Howard Kunstler a left-winger who has a far amount of distain for most Americans and the Democratic Party. I like Mike Ruppert (A Gaian and a gun owner) Michael Greer (A Druid). I think Mike Greer and Victor David Hansen are both brilliant. I listen to people who may not totally share my values because I’m open minded enough to know they have something valuable to say, and they do. That’s part of Freedom the ability to respect other people and take way what you find valuable, with out being a narrow minded dimwit.

        • Gary2

          Liberals like to think of themselves as so much more open minded and intelligent than ‘The Masses”.

          That is because we are way smarter than the conservatives. There was a recent study just released proving this to be the truth.

          Plus you just called me a fool and now are complaining about name calling???like I said conservatives are not very smart. Google the study to see.

          • A Dodgy Bloke

            Again sigh…I have to instruct a self appointed member of the politically correct master race how to think critically. To take any study seriously you have to know one who did said study, two who paid for it, and three the methodology on how the study was constructed.
            I am not going to go into any detail because I’m wasted too much time debating with you. I’m not going to change your worldview and my IQ is not going to drop 70 points. The study of which you speak was done by some left wing academic and is a couple of years old. Considering the present political environment it’s not surprising somebody in academe would come up with something so outrageous, it’s also not surprising non thinking trolls would wave it as some sort of banner as if validating thier own existence.

            PS Your still a fool.

            Have a nice weekend

          • Gary2

            and my IQ is not going to drop 70 points.

            It can’t as it would be a negative number!

            Have a nice weekend yourself.

          • Adam

            If liberals are so much smarter, how come most dr.’s and lawyers are right wing, and most criminals and loser’s like yourself on welfare are liberals? That’s a fact that even in your little dream world you can’t deny.



        Speaking of those who are extremely stupid and idiotic, you have heard about the new poll results which show that 53 percent of liberals are in favor of Obama’s plan to drone attack and kill any amerikan citizen anywhere on earth if he “suspects” that they are terrorists. Seems as if the far right radicals who vote democrat are just as stupid if not more so than the rightwing radicals who vote republican………

    • mondobeyondo

      I’m in that age group you mentioned, and sadly, I think you are right. Wonder if I have to put “toilet scrubbing” and “vacuuming” as hobbies on my resume? Nah. Everyone else is also skilled in those areas.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Michael T. Snyder writes: “If this continues, at some point the safety net will break. And we need a safety net.” Well said. Ideally, only a small minority of Americans should need food stamps. The able-bodied should work. But this isn’t the same country that it was when I was growing up—and now that the former USA is a Third World hellhole called The Banana Republic of America and the American middle class is being obliterated, millions of people who didn’t need any type of assistance in the past need it now…..desperately. The worse the desperation becomes, the more the American work ethic will kick in—and that’s where things are going to get really ugly. If it comes to going hungry or doing illegal things, many formerly middle class Americans will do illegal things to survive. They’ll rob, they’ll steal, they’ll kidnap, they’ll invade homes, they’ll sell drugs, they’ll carjack. When the going gets tough, the desperate do desperate things.

    Got a gun? Then keep it in a safe, secure place, keep it loaded, and know how to use it. That gun just might come in handy when the neo-poor, the hungry, and the just-plain-desperate come a knockin’.

  • Kevin

    Remember it’s one man (person) one vote. Regardless if one looks down on the unemployed their numbers translate into political power. Hopefully that power motivates the elected politicians to facilitate private sector
    value adding self sustaining employment. Sadly that power may be used to bleed off the remaining wealth until there is no more.

  • r.bitting

    the nation that forsakes God can only expect things to worsen. If the nation would repent and return to God he would make America Great yet again, but the last book in the bible was written because repentence is’nt in America’s future, so judgment is. Yes, you can expect things to get much, much worse, until you people learn to say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. But at least today, God is still merciful, and willing to forgive your sin and save those who will call upon his name. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and turn from your sin. Get alone with your Bible and read and meditate on the promises of God.. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those that love him.

  • DaytoDay

    Well, on the plus side, were not dead…(Yet)

    But seriously, this will not continue forever… It is impossible, to borrow money for forever into oblivion… (Ask Greece, Ancient Rome, Wiemar Republic)

    So, it’s not about how many people are dependent on the government (Which is a concern) but the real issue is, how long will it last?

    I mean, you could have 100 million people on Wel-fare if the government is running surpluses… But that’s not realistic and neither is the continuation of this epidemic….

    So, sooner or later… (Something’s gotta give)

    • mondobeyondo

      No, it won’t continue forever. It can’t. It’s unsustainable. Foreign governments are already looking for ways to get out of the dollar. When (not if – when) they seriously decide to dump the dollar, it will be a horror show for the American consumer, and for the country, too.

  • Ameen

    I wonder if it is time to move back to Canada?

  • Ironman


    Four words: Texas Seed Bill Veto


  • Make Sure You Vaccinate!

    Make sure you vaccinate all the kids and adults by government mandate:



    Then just lower the standards of everyone!

  • Vote Like A Fool

    Kevin- you haven’t been paying attention to the Republican primaries.

    It’s all vote fraud.

  • robert woolley

    we are going backwards. If ww III does not happen soon, things will revert to the way they were in the old west. the strong survive the weak die off quick.those that dont die off fast, will work until they drop. not fair, but thats life.



    Can the jerry falwell speeches………..

  • ukrworld

    This all goes to point one thing as r.bitting keeps telling us – we have forgotten the Lord and thus cannot go on like that forever. A nation that would not repent (I don’t see it happening in the future) will decline and collapse fairly soon. Folks think the Bible is a fairy tale (my own mother does), prayers as the Lord meant them are non-existent, our children have nothing to fill emotional vacuum with except violence, gluttony and immoral behavior. There is just no other way to survive but to live by God’s principles, but that won’t happen here.
    The benefit system is abused beyond belief. I personally know a family with 6 children which were only born to keep mother’s government checks coming in, and she was ever bragging about being smart to milk the government for more money all the time. Her husband has been hired but wouldn’t keep his job, he didn’t want to work for something he could get for free, anyway, they made more money trading drugs. So how in the world will these “people” react when their checks aren’t worth a dime? One answer – break in and steal. May Lord protect us all now more then ever.

    • mondobeyondo

      Time to read Deuteronomy, chapter 28 again.

  • Quite a bit of this problem could be solved with three policy changes.

    1. The elimination of tax breaks for the wealthy and for businesses. I can’t count the number of business owners I know who will tell you that taxes are not a real problem for them. The taxes get passed on to the customers through marginally higher prices. What is important to them are consumers with discretionary income which leads me to #2.

    2. Minimum wage should be at least $15 an hour. Yes this will increase prices somewhat, but it will bring most people out of substance living conditions and give them the discretionary income necessary to support businesses outside the essentials which is what really drives GDP growth above the mandatory jump factored in with population increase. How to do this in a global economy is the question and that leads me in to the final leg on this three legged economic miracle, #3.

    3. The United States must withdraw from all free trade agreements and work toward fair trade agreements. Free trade is killing quality of life in every country that is engaged in the economic policy because of the competitive drive to reach the bottom of the barrel in pricing in order to grow market share in hopes that eventually your company or country will be significant enough where you can manipulate the market to your advantage and raise prices at a rate that in itself contributes to a loss of quality of life for all involved but yourself.

    Trade needs to be open between nations who have very similar economic, labor, tax, labor, and wage policies and only those who are very similar. In as many cases as possible, ever nation should have a “sell it here, make it here” policy to ensure that workers have access to jobs necessary for survival in a capitalistic economy.

    This would do wonders for nations such as the first world as it would force labor growth in our countries according to demand. It would also do wonders for nations such as China which depend on exports for GDP growth rather than internal consumer consumption growth by forcing them to focus on improving the quality of life inside their nation if they wish to continue growing economically and eventually achieve economic parity with first world in order to begin exporting and importing again in a responsible manner.

    I can tell you now that there is not a single fat cat in the world that will think these are a good idea because they stand to lose a lot of money through the enactment of such policies. However, at least there will still be a functioning capitalistic system with tons of consumers who have the money to buy interesting stuff with for hundreds of years to come….in other words…your still gonna be fat…….but your addiction won’t kill your flock and cause you to starve.

  • Ron

    Legally millions of 3rd world workers at all levels of employment
    are granted entrance to America and to jobs that White Americans
    would be THANKFUL to have. In addition to regular legal immigration,
    since the 1965 Immigration Act which was DESIGNED to replace you,
    Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1965, there are
    innumerable visas that GOP and Democrats BOTH want to lift any
    limits on.

    According to BLS stats since 1997 66%
    of all new jobs have been taken by immigrants.
    Add in the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION factor, government set-asides for
    “minorities” that means NON-Whites, and you, if you are one of the
    founding race that built this nation, White, are up against it.
    Every month, between regular legal immigration, Visa Lottery, CHAIN
    IMMIGRATION, REFUGEE & Asylum, TPS (Temporary Protective
    Status), and H1-B, H-2B, B-1, J-1, L-1 Visas, you have a million
    coming in from 3rd world.

    Robert Reich, Obama’s economic adviser, and Charles Rangel, House
    Ways & Means Committee conspiring to deny Whites Stimulus Jobs:

    How much will you take, how much will you put up with? Is there anything they can’t do to you
    that would make you STAND UP LIKE A MAN? I suppose not, after all
    you’ve come this far cooperating with your demise and that of your
    children and grandchildren. You’ve been an “individual” a
    “Conservative” and look where that has gotten you. Trust me on this:
    you will not like the
    future in a 3rd World America.

    • DaytoDay

      Get over yourself…

      So you are saying that “White Americans” are more deserving of jobs than “Black Americans” or ANY other American…

      Seriously, the slave days are over… And it’s time to educate yourself, and stop crying because you have competition with everyone else… That’s what happens in a toilet bowl economy…

      And you sound like a guy who would have loved Vlad the Impaler, you know how he solved poverty in Romania? He lured all of the poor people into a church and burned it to the ground… How sadistic is that? Just kill everybody you deem a nuisance, instead of, God forbid, actually doing your job… (Improving living conditions, creating jobs, lowering taxes, etc..)

      Really, this type of talk makes me sick…

  • Dave

    The people who constantly beat the “tax the rich” drum are missing one basic point. We are ALREADY SPENDING THE MONEY! Don’t pretend that taxing people more will make life better when we already borrow 40 percent of all we spend. It’s like using a credit card to buy all the toys you want and complaining that if only the boss would give you a raise, things would get better. Even cutting the defense budget to zero would not fix things. Unfortunately many powerful people would rather drink draino than cut spending. The net will undoubtedly break. We are already in over our heads financially. The answer to this countries problem ISN’T financial.

    • Gary2

      Yep we need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth.

      • H.R.

        So what happens when the rich run out of money after you tax them to death? Or just quit and leave the country? Who will you turn to to illicitly confiscate the money from *then*, smartypants?

    • John W.

      Raising taxes will do good. If every cent that is earned, every 401K and IRA and every piece of wealth was taken by the govt. they would be broke again in six months. These people are metally ill and evil, nothing short of electing an entire new govt. and putting in term limits can remedy this. Probably too late to save the ship at this poin. Get ready for some hard times as this whole house of cards is going down. Funny how Bin Laden said his goal was to have the US bankrupt itself responding to 9/11. Looks like Bush was as dumb as many claimed as he took the bait.

    • JuJu

      I agree. The problems aren’t financial. They are moral.

  • Cinderella Man

    How much of a hand-up do some poor people need? Im poor but I wont get squat from income tax refunds because I dont have a bunch of love trophies to get earned income credit! True story I know a girl who has three kids, works part time, gets food stamps, section 8 apt, and is getting $8000 back on EIC! This is BS! She gets a third of what I make In a year at on time? Something is very wrong with the entitlement mindst in this country! Everybody should pay a fair share in taxes rich and poor alike.

  • If there is a will, there is a way. Go get a job you lazy bum!… . Easier said than done today! If one have a job and is looking down on the jobless ones, remember that pride goes before a great fall!

  • Piglet

    “I remember when Clinton left office. He left balanced budgets, and the projections of many that the entire federal debt would be paid off by now.” The balanced budget myth of the Clinton years only works if you include Social Security taxes with general revenue, as if it weren’t something that had to be paid out. It’s as if I were holding money for someone else and included it in my income totals. Look at the chart at the link below.


    The debt continued to climb during every year of the Clinton administration, and now it’s spiking.

    As for the myth that the debt would be paid off by now, such rosy government forecasts are never based even remotely on reality. Amazingly, many people believe them, probably because they want them to be true, even if they know government routinely lies to them.

    • Matt

      Good point. I don’t know why this myth isn’t refuted every time it is brought up. The national debt went up almost 1 trillion dollars while he was in office.

  • Colin

    The safety net is fraying.

    It is said that the SSI program for the disabled will become insolvent in 2017.

    It is said that SS will become insolvent twenty years later.


    I don’t think the Congress nor the White House are capable of fixing these issues. The Republicans have openly stated they will not work with the president.

    Senator Demint said this week,

    “Compromise works well in this world when you have shared goals,” DeMint told the activists gathered for the four-day Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). “When you have a shared goals, you can sit down together. We don’t have shared goals with the Democrats.” (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57373855-503544/demint-we-dont-have-shared-goals-with-the-democrats/)

  • James

    This is a historic event where the Industrial Revolution is being reversed. Now, the middle class and poor will have to resort to a more agrarian lifestyle to meet their needs. During the Industrial Revolution, farmers came to the cities to find work in the factories and shops. Now that the same factories and shops are gone and never coming back. These same factory workers and tradespeople will have to return to a localized agrarian type lifestyle where they grow their own food locally, sell locally, provide services to each other locally. Resort to a bartering system to get what they need. The Big Corporations and the Government would have little need for the services that these local agrarians would provide. So, the economy would become more localized and be specialized to meet the needs of the local people. Another helpful event that would help the poor and middle class would the revitalization of the rail system. This would provide an alternative to the soon to fail aviation system. The Bartering system would really be helpful in that, the IRS would have a nightmare on their hands trying to figure out what value to place on bartered items, and services since there would be no paper trail to indicate that any transactions have occurred, much less putting a value on the items to put a tax on it.

  • Napoleon

    so… I just stumbled onto this site while doing research for a college project. is this a satire site? cuz the comments are pretty satirical as well… and i’m sorta starting to believe that you people actually believe these things… I’m a Journalism major and spend most of my time doing research and fact checking things, and trying to prove to you people that this site is bogus would be a monumental waist of my time. please note that 100 million americans CAN NOT be unemployed because that is, not only 1/3 of the population, but almost 1/2 of the working age population and unemployment rate is 8% on average…

  • Kyle

    It’s too bad to have to grow up in this environment. The only jobs you can get are service jobs. You know, folding shirts at American Eagle, pushing carts, flipping burgers. When they stripped the industry jobs out of America, the rest followed over time. Men are not allowed to act masculine anymore. I believe it was by design to keep us down and to feed the corporate masters above.

    My grandfather on mom’s side grew up in a large German-Catholic family in the early 20th century. All of the brothers, including grandpa ran a family glass business. He branched out and started his own in 1962. He was a hard-working, self-reliant man. Same for my father’s dad. People in that time period were raised DOING FOR THEMSELVES. The entreprenuer spirit has been sucked from Americans because guess what? McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Starbucks and Apple run it all now. Yes, they’re products of a capitalist system that worked but I also believe that the pendulum can swing too far. It’s time for constraints to be put on the growth of said companies to make room for others once they’ve been as succesful as they have, otherwise it becomes a state of corporate fascism much like what was found in Italy during the second world war.

    Capitalism is better than Socialism but can be just as harmful if let go uncontrolled. It becomes a snake that eats everything in its path until it begins to eat its own tail.

  • Car

    One of the many reasons why young people can’t take care of themselves is go back to looking at how they were raised.