What Is Causing The Strange Noises In The Sky That Are Being Heard All Over The World?

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During the second half of 2011, a lot of people all over the planet started reporting hearing really strange noises coming from the sky.  In some instances the noises produced a loud rumbling such as a train, a thunderstorm or the slamming of a heavy door would make.  In other instances, the noises sounded more like “groaning”.  In yet other instances the noises sounded almost as if a trumpet was playing.  Dozens of videos went up on YouTube purporting to document this phenomenon, but the truth is that you can fake almost anything on a YouTube video and many dismissed these strange “strange sounds” as an Internet hoax.  However, now entire towns in the northern part of the United States are hearing strange noises in the sky and the mainstream media is reporting on it.  In fact, one U.S. town is planning to spend thousands of dollars to hire an engineering firm to investigate where these strange sounds are coming from.  At this point a lot of theories about these strange noises are being floated, but so far scientists have not been able to give us a definitive explanation for the source of these strange noises.  So exactly what in the world is going on?


This phenomenon made national news again this week because of what has been going on in Clintonville, Wisconsin.  Hundreds of residents of Clintonville reported hearing incredibly loud noises coming from the sky for several nights in a row.  Even CBS News is reporting on what is happening in Clintonville….

Since Sunday, the residents have been disturbed by “booming” noises loud enough to wake them from their sleep.

Last night, hundreds of people attended a public meeting to get to the bottom of booms. But they aren’t any closer to the truth.

One resident told CBS News, “The last few days we’ve been having (a) booming shaking noise.”

Another resident said, “(For) a lot of people the house is rattling, you can feel the ground rattling, and it’s booming all the time. It’s kind of like, what’s going on? You don’t know what’s happening.”

So what is causing these noises that are so loud that even the ground is shaking?

According to Fox News, the town has investigated every possible explanation that they can think of for these strange noises….

City officials say they have investigated every possible human cause. They checked water, sewer and gas lines, contacted the military about any exercises in the area, reviewed permits for mining explosives and inspected a dam next to City Hall. They even tested methane levels at the landfill in case the gas was spontaneously exploding.

So far no explanation has been found.  So Clintonville has decided to spend $7,000 to hire an engineering firm to investigate the cause of these strange noises.

According to geologists, the town does not sit on any fault lines and the ground beneath the town is very solid.  Some geologists are claiming that “micro-quakes” could have been responsible, but others find this explanation to be very unsatisfying.

For many town residents, solving the mystery is not as important as getting these strange noises to stop so that they can get some sleep.

The following comes from the recent Fox News article mentioned above….

“My husband thought it was cool, but I don’t think so. This is not a joke,” said Jolene Van Beek, who awoke early Sunday to a loud boom that shook her house. “I don’t know what it is, but I just want it to stop.”

But Clintonville is not the only town in Wisconsin where strange sounds are being reported.

Mysterious noises are also being reported in a town called Montello which is 80 miles away from Clintonville.

Posted below is a local news report that discusses the strange noises that are being reported in Clintonville and Montello….

These strange sounds have made the mainstream news up in Canada as well.

Recently, strange noises caused such a violent shaking that they actually brought down a barn on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Geologists say that no earthquake occurred at the time that the barn collapsed.

So what caused the barn to collapse?

That is a very good question.

And this is not just a North American phenomenon.

If you go on to YouTube and you do a search for “strange sounds” or “strange noises” you will find dozens of videos from all over the world.  Yes, there are definitely a few videos that appear to be hoaxes, but is that true with all of them?

The evidence for this phenomenon is mounting and it is getting really hard to deny that there really are large numbers people all over the globe that swear that they are hearing really strange sounds coming from the sky.

So exactly what in the world is going on?

Well, there are a lot of theories floating around on the Internet.  The following are some of the most prominent theories about what is causing these strange noises: electromagnetic noise, earthquakes, “fracking”, rock bursts, venting of high-pressure gas that has been trapped underground, meteor showers, HAARP or directed energy weapons, and some believe that all of this is just a giant publicity stunt.

Perhaps the biggest reason why these strange noises have so many people alarmed is because humans generally have a great fear of the unknown.

If the cause of these strange noises is revealed, the hysteria will die down.

But if these strange noises continue (or even become more intense) and there continues to be no scientific explanation for them, then the hysteria may turn into full-blown panic.

What is clear is that our planet is becoming increasingly unstable.  As I have documented previously, earthquakes are becoming more frequent and more powerful.  The “Ring of Fire” is becoming a lot more active and we have been seeing a disturbing amount of volcanic activity lately.

So could earth changes have anything to do with these strange noises?

We just don’t know at this point.

Most of the time when I write an article I like to have some answers.  But I do not know what is causing these strange sounds.

So what do you think about these strange noises?

Do you believe that you know why they are happening?

Have you heard strange sounds coming from the sky where you live?

Please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below….

  • Nikita

    It is necessary to determine the origin of these sounds: natural or artificial.
    I think these sounds are artificial, for nature as it is not natural.
    But I admit that I could be wrong.

  • ScoutMotto

    I don’t doubt that some of the videos are valid, however I heard one from I think Hungary where amidst the groaning sounds, there was a piece of music played backward for a couple seconds. I sampled the soundtrack, played it backward in Goldwave, and it sounded like a short percussion piece. Hard to take that one seriously, which causes doubt to be cast on others of like style. But, I’m not writing it all off just yet.

    • Guido

      Reminds me of that joke about Bethoven decomposing…

  • The destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 is an example of the destruction of the world at the end of time, see Matthew 24 and the book The Great Controversy. Here is a paragraph from the book Great Controversy that tells of signs and wonders before the destruction.

    “Signs and wonders appeared, foreboding disaster and doom. In the midst of the night an unnatural light shone over the temple and the altar. Upon the clouds at sunset were pictured chariots and men of war gathering for battle. The priests ministering by night in the sanctuary were terrified by mysterious sounds; the earth trembled, and a multitude of voices were heard crying: “Let us depart hence.” The great eastern gate, which was so heavy that it could hardly be shut by a score of men, and which was secured by immense bars of iron fastened deep in the pavement of solid stone, opened at midnight, without visible agency.”—Milman, The History of the Jews, book 13. – {GC 29.3}

    Could these sounds that are being heard be part of the signs and wonders before the end?

  • Mike Ayala


    You have no idea how unstable the earth really is! Humanity is going to have a wake-up call one day that is going to make the movie 2012 look patheticly simplistic and relatively uneventful in comparison.

    The problem stems from the release of heat as rock falls through magma: the volume of the rock decreases as it melts, and at the same time it releases enough heat energy to melt many times its original volume – some suggest enough heat to melt 88-times the original volume. (You should gasp about now.) Up to the present we have enjoyed relative stability, a sort of sliding equillibrium, but that is changing at an increasingly rapid exponential rate which can be quantified by examining the increasing rate of “Great” earthquakes (8-plus) over the last 100 years which is startling to say the least.

    Some parts of the crust will be affected more than other, but all will feel the pain. The worst economic collapse ever will be remembered as the “good old days” in comparison to the run-away stage of this process. The recognition of this process gives new meaning to the prophecy, “There will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.”

    The noises and shakings noted in the article probably do not have anything to do with this crust-contraction phenonenon, but there is coming a day when all who dwell on the earth will fear for the things they see and experience coming upon the earth. Hence, the most important preparation one can make is to prepare to meet God. For some it will be a time of exceeding joy; For the rest it will be the time of judgement and eternal torment and regret.

    Send me an email, and I will get you more information about this topic.

    God bless and protect you all.

    Mike Ayala

    • JR

      So, Mike, how do we contact you, then? Or can you point us to the source of your information?

      • Mike Ayala

        Hi JR,

        The easiest way is to call **************************** and order a copy of a recent lecture given at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa at the February Creation Science Investigation conference on 20120218. They are not a lot of money. The particular lecture covering this topic was:

        Kevin Lea

        This one was a real eye-opener. I knew about the exponential increase in great earthquakes, but the magma details and the Pacific Ocean abberation/collapse/indentation were new to me.

        Another great presentation given at the same conference was by John Sanford:

        Genetic Entropy
        Dr. John Sanford

        This one is about how the human gene pool is decayng at an astounding rate of conservatively 100-200 mutations per generation plus transcription errors in every cell division and what is the significance of these two factors. It does not paint a pretty picture.

        The bottom line is that we have no hope in this present world: All that we take for granted and hold dear will perish. We need to have our hope firmly rooted on the Rock of Jesus Christ who will regenerate our bodies and renew our minds and make a new heaven and earth in which righteousness will dwell.

        God bless and protect you and your family.

        Mike Ayala

    • Ken West

      yes I would like to read more about this subject. Would appreciate what info. you have. Thanks

    • I would like more information. Thanks.

  • Hollow earth theory coming alive. Underground civilizations in which all of our gold and other PMs are transfered to are having underground wars that are heating up, similar to the quakes on the east coast in VA to NY

  • MB92083

    Just saw on Fox news (Gretta V.S.) that the mystery was solved. They said it was caused by a minor (1.something) earthquake. This only applied to the WI incident.

    • Blustery Day

      And of course you never change the channel. Fox is not reliable. They tell you what they want you to believe.

      • PandaStar

        and that is different from any other news or network?

  • Curtis

    In October of 2011, my wife and I were on our way to Lake Tahoe on highway 88 coming down the mountain toward highway 50 when we suddenly heard within our car (windows up), a sound so loud that it sounded as if a freight train was right next to our vehicle. This is an area that is pristine. There are no trains around. It was unexplainable.

  • mondobeyondo

    There is still a lot more about our planet that we don’t know, than what we do know. Just like any arrogant teenager, we think we “know it all”…

  • mark

    The only sounds that we hear on our ranch at his time of year are frogs and the creek that runs by our house. Oh yes, we can’t forget about the dogs, the coyotes, owls at night,cows,birds, a car or truck once in a while and sometimes a chain saw. Let’s not forget the sound of the wind in the trees or the rain hitting the roof. I guess we have not heard the groans of the earth yet.

  • Gary2

    All the strange sounds are coming from all the echo from Rush in conservatives empty heads.

    And yet another study showing conservatives to be dumb.

    Don’t Drink and Vote: New Study Says Alcohol (And General Thoughtlessness) Makes People More Conservative

    Getting drunk is known to cause erratic, irrational, and, overall, thoughtless behavior — public urination, bar fights, tears in the streets. Now, go ahead and add political conservatism to that list.

    A new study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, tested whether low-effort thought promotes political conservatism, and part of the study measured alcohol’s effects on political positions. Researchers found that the higher the blood alcohol content, the more conservative the views on sex, education, and political identification became.

    Researchers hypothesized that drinking turns people Republican because political conservatism arises in the absence of deliberate thought. People with a lot on their minds, under time constraints, or told to respond in a cursory manner, rather than think deeply and use “recognition memory — an indicator of effortful thought — were also more conservative.

    “Together these data suggest that political conservatism may be a process consequence of low-effort thought,” the study concluded.

    The less you think (or more you drink), the more conservative you become? Shocker! Cheers to the right-wing.

    • Guido

      That doesn’t sound subjective at all…

    • DownWithLibs

      So, you WERE dropped on your head when you were born…only explanation!!!!

    • Justa Guy

      I don’t know about groans of the earth, but I think I’m hearing groans of the blog right about now…

    • Drunk Gary2

      In other words DRINK UP and PARTY ON DUDE!

      P.S. – This explains why Berkeley and other party spots are such bastions of conservatism. Those damn conservatives are having too much fun. Its time for liberals to lighten up an tie one on.

  • Guido

    I don’t think this is inexplicable. Years ago, in the 1980s, San Francisco’s boat people all reported loud, unusual noises coming from the bay. Theories ran wild, including Soviet subs, until scientists figured out it was the toadfish mating call.

    There are also lots of stories over the years about inexplicable humming in certain towns and areas. http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=91912&page=1#.T2v9XdlVXTc Here’s an article on the Kokomo Hum. I don’t know if there’s any similarity, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Perhaps the region sits on a nice piece of rock that can resonate like a tuning fork when it gets the right signal. Perhaps it is geological activity-we have seen a lot of earthquake activity in recent years. Who knows?

  • Guido

    I watched one of the videos. It reminded me of the gag at the end of Red State where the kids fool the extremist church holdouts with trumpets played over an old fire department horn and convince them it’s the end of the world…

  • Gary2wannabe

    Meeshall has been farting.

  • Kannibal

    In Fresno, CA, this is a daily occurrence. The sound happens suddenly without any build up. It is extremely loud like 10 Jets, and shakes my walls and windows. Sometimes it suddenly just stops without fading away like a jet normally would. Sometimes it rumbles the sky for minutes at a time. I’ll be outside sometimes when it happens and look up in the sky but there is never anything there. Clear skies and no airplanes.

    I once heard a rumble at around 2am and ran outside to see if I could spot anything. What I saw was in the sky to the southwest. It was about 14 red lights it the formation of a boomerang and you couldn’t see between them. The space they took up was about the size of a football field. It was traveling very slowly as if it were slowly descending continuing southwest. I have never seen anything like this in my life. It sent a chill down my spine and I called out for my wife. She ran out and started freaking out. I know this sounds crazy but maybe it was just our government playing with there new toys.

  • GunRights4US

    Clearly God’s pissed, and rightfully so. Sodom and Gomoarah had nothing on modern man in terms of pure evil. Man has an appointment to keep, whether he likes it or not.

    • John

      You are about the only one who is closer to the truth than anyone could ever imagine…

  • David M

    Maybe it’s an SSTO. Single Stage To Orbit spacecraft. Being run by our government making runs to orbit.

    It would have powerful engines to accelerate to orbit and would leave a long thunderous noise trail. Including sonic booms, that would shake the Earth, as it got up to a minimum of several thousand miles an hour.

    Someone should compare the sounds to a Shuttle launch.

  • Ripplewind

    Mother Earth is preparing for war against us.

  • Andrew Kind


  • Jason

    God is shaking what can be shaken before His Son returns.

  • karen

    It’s Mother Earth giving you warning signs, but of course most will say it’s all a joke. And for christains it’s the same as in the bible… And the trumpets shall sound, you are being given a warning of things to come real soon. even the goverment knows this, they just don’t want you to know, that’s why a new executive order just came into effect 16 Mar 2012 National Defence Resources Preparedness they own everything you have now right down to a chicken in your yard. There is a great video out called 5 reasons why America will have the worst riots in the world, awesome truth!!!

  • Anna

    On January 23rd I heard the noises , the deep and high trumpet/ groaning type, not the boom, but I was terrified, it was omnidirectional, not point of origin. When I compared what I heard to the sound of some of the Shofar videos , my hair stood on end. It was nearly identical, only on a much grander scale. Could be a deception, we are warned, Let no man deceive you, could be the real deal as well. Only God know and that is enough for me, He says 365 times in His Word, do not fear, so I have to trust Him. Walk with Christ and He will keep you fearless.

  • Emily

    I do not say this lightly or with humor, Mother Earth is in pain and we are hearing her sorrow. Please remember, YAHWEH brought forth all life from Earth and she cries out for her children.

  • JR

    Could it be the sound of our economy imploding under the feckless administration of Jimmy Carter Obama?

  • Some people are talking about a coming magnetic poleshift (nothing new, has happened before), maybe the magnetic field are making those sounds? Intresting article Michael.

    • Sunshine

      Yes, curious on magnetic shifting for possibility.
      Consider that one of the things said to be saturating the atmosphere through SRM, Solar Radiation Management is aluminum particles.
      Now, as far as I know, aluminum is NON magnetic. Disrupting the electromagnetic waves of the sunlight could be a factor in “climate change” since the sun plays a very big part in natural weather patterns. Could interfering with magnetic waves also cause strange noise?
      Now, why go to this great effort with such great risk? It could cause extreme weather patterns including melting the north pole.

  • Chris

    HAARP, the Aurora spy plane, fracking, and Biblical end of age signs?

  • jason

    In january of this year i herd a noise coming out of the sky. I live in the wisconsin dells and at that time i could sweare a T-rex was going to come charging out of the woods at any moment. it was a little unsettling to see videos on youtube that show the same sound all over the world. at first i passed the sound off to be some kind of amplification to the mile away freeway but at 3 am the freeway is not that active. so what the hell is it?

  • Newman Noggs

    Auroras can cause strange sounds from a distance, but usually they crackle, not boom. I would look for evidence of electromagnetic activity: increased ground voltage, St. Elmo’s fire, etc. From what I’ve read this is not a new phenomenon. Look up Seneca Guns. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/topics/booms.php

  • Billy

    Note to Gary2: You are indeed an idiot.

    • MB92083

      I’ll second that! He’s a nice guy, but delusional and brainwashed.

    • Benjik

      I’m thoroughly convinced Gary2 is actually an extreme right-winger dead-set at portraying liberals/progressives to be extremely foolish and misinformed. That’s the only rational explanation…..

  • Proftel

    Because only in the Northern Hemisphere?


  • Jim

    It is the US gov playing with thier reversed engineered alien stealth spacecraft. I have also heard (with my sister) what sounded like a large flying spacecraft right over our heads with NOTHING around but sky. It was NOT a natural phenominum as soulded “man” made.

    Remember, the Gov tells us 10% of what we really should be knowing.

    • Rosenkreuz

      How do you know what a large flying spacecraft sounds like?

  • Denali

    It’s our Founding Fathers turning over in their graves.

  • bruce smith

    Be Warned.. GOD is giving everyone a chance.. Signs and wonders are to allow people that have doubted in HIM to wake up.. When HE does return soon, it will be to gather the followers of HIS SONS teachings home with HIM..After that earth will be a living hell..

  • laura4basics

    I would never accuse people of making this up or of creating a hoax for attention. I will suggest looking up Tesla Technology

  • GMA215

    The so-called “experts” have now announced that the noises in WI are from a “swarm” of “mini-earthquakes.” Yeah. Sure they are.

    • Saq

      It’s called the government. Possibly drilling more underground tunnels??!!

  • babygirlway

    Thursday morning I woke up at around 5:00 a.m. hearing some sort of loud pounding noise coming from outside. It was repetitive. Our windows were open because it has been unusually warm for March in the Indianapolis area. So warm in fact that I had my large, remote control fan on next to my bed that I purchased last summer to help with my middle aged night sweats. LOL. Anyway, I had enough time to wake up and hear the noise above the fan, turn off the fan and still hear it going….it woke my husband up as well. It was not a construction noise. I never did figure out what it was. Did anyone else in the Indy area hear it?

  • Benjik

    Something I have wondered about for years and never received a valid explanation on is what are the effects of pumping billions of barrels of oil out of the Earth with nothing to replace it? Wouldn’t that internally effect the general mass of our planet? How does that void effect the Earths rotation, gravitational properties, points of axis, etc? Think of the old “spinning egg” science experiment. When the internal properties of an egg are altered (boiled vs. raw), it has a direct effect on how it reacts to spinning it on a hard surface. Could this may be happening on a global scale? Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • OldManNoal

      you’re onto something MASSIVE Benjik

  • Marilynn

    The other night I had difficulty sleeping. I can always hear the “hum,” although it varies in volume, but I just ignore it. This time it was accompanied by an occasional groaning sound. It wasn’t very loud and I know it wasn’t a vehicle driving by or an airplane because it didn’t increase and diminish. Just a few seconds of a low “groaning,” then five to 10 seconds later it repeated about five or six times.

    The next day I read about the noises in Wisconsin. My guess is that it has something to do with military testing, perhaps some sort of sound wave experiment. This much is not theoretical: The government is ALWAYS engaged in experimentation of all sorts—chemical, biological, nuclear, electro-magnetic, geo-engineering, mind control, etc.—and they have no ethical qualms about testing this crap on human populations.

  • yes,it is all in the new book, MAYDAY IN JOPLIN

  • Gary2

    I figured out what the noises are…Gog and Magog are tusseling over who gets to kick the beasts ass.

  • mackie

    Sounds are the results of vibrations. And vibrations can be a result from many different events. Such as ‘space quakes’, which are the magnetic field lines which do compasses our earth and out into space. When we recieve a solar flare from the sun, these magnetic field lines are push or moved, and when two of these magnetic field lines touch each other they cause what is called a space quake. A space quake is a loud vibrating sound which is from the sky, and can be felt through the air, ground, and can even rattle your house. Another thing which can influence as well our earth is a heavy object such as a dwarf star, or planet x, or even a comet. These will either pull or push our orbital cycle, or even casue the earth to real to and fro like a drunkerd. Even thirdly, the earth’s core could be heating up, just like the rest of the planets in our solar system due to the sun’s output which has changed so much and is effecting all the planets. A warmer core would cause the increase of rotation of the earth. There is also the “fluff” in space as well which is effecting the sun, and everything else. There is so many things which we are not taught, but the information is out there for the learning if one wishes to go out and research it. We are blessed to have such a great resource through the internet. In life It is always a cause and effect.

  • A.S.

    Michael, you already gave one reason, which is the most likely one: HAARP. It is the U.S. using HAARP for whatever selfish purposes, like attempting to subvert countries like China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc, to trade between themselves with their own currencies. The U.S. did it before and they will do it again.

  • Jes

    Booming Sounds could this be the result? – Here’s an excerpt on what really happened at the time of the Great Deluge (Noah’s Flood). It was a cataclysmic. – Geologists have recognized that these ridges are fracture lines on the earth’s crust. They have estimated some 200 million years ago the continents were joined together as one piece, and they have named this supercontinent Pangea. A model of the Pangea was presented in the section, Creation Mysteries. Since then Pangea broke up as a result of the earth’s Crust breaking up into pieces, or plates, which have since been drifting from each other or drifting towards each other. Thus the Americas are moving at a rate of an inch from Europe and Africa per year. The present separation is about 3,000 miles. The major mountain chains of the world such as the Alps and the Himalayas were formed by the collision of plates bearing these continental masses against each other. In other areas the collision caused one plate to go under the other as in the case of the Pacific plate moving under western edge of the US continent. This process is still continuing, hence the periodic earthquakes in California… Read more here… http://www.biblediscoveries.com/content/view/17/34/
    Yeshua(Jesus) did say: Matityahu (Matthew) 24:37-41 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage….. The End will be cataclysmic just as was the Beginning.

  • Haha, its sad billions or millions of earthlings have no clue. Its clear, what this is and I would only say this, the earth magnetic pole shifts and the layers of earth are all being testes and purposley being manipulated by mad scientist. Ofcourse, already its sounds mad bc, you ppl can’t belive it or the science of mechaniscim. This object is the one and only worlds most dangerous weapon…

    That’s High frequency Auroa Atmosphere Reasearc Program.
    The man, who created is the worlds genuis of all centuries. His name is Nikola Tesla and is the inventor of the electromagnetic transmitter gha would be later deveolped as a top notch weapon.

  • Guido

    I suggested earlier the noise could be large rock formations underground resonating from earth movements. Beneath Wisconsin and other states in the region is a massive granite formation called the Superior Upland Shield. The US Navy exploits the resonating qualities of the shield to transmit Extreme Low Frequency communications with submerged submarines. They’re broadcasting at about 8 watts. The ELF transmitters are slow, but they can use the planet itself to transmit their signals to subs underwater in any ocean. Perhaps this sheild, or some other piece of rock can pick up earth movements and magnify them into those peculiar sounds. One of the ELF antenna arrays is located at Clam Lake, WI, which is only 20 miles’ drive from Clintonville, WI. I have no proof, but the idea is no less plausible than other ideas I’ve heard…

  • Bruce

    The Bible says in Romans 8 that “all of nature groans ( waiting for the return of Jesus) and in Matthew 24 that ALL these things…earthquakes, wars and rumors of wars, a decline in morals (and I am quite certain, even strange sounds)…when you see ALL these things beginning to happen “look up for your redemption isn’t too far off” …time to get your heart right with God.

  • BluButterfly

    I keep hearing a lot of really far out theories, and I find them all fascinating. However, the best answer is sometimes the simplest and most obvious. Has anyone ever tried correlating these strange noises to the increasing solar activity? Recently we have been seeing lots of solar flares, suspots, etc and they are definitely affecting the high incidence of Northern Lights in the past year. Some geologists (in Finnland and Germany) are saying the sun has not been this magnetically active in over 1000 years. One of the best sites to read about and track this solar activity is http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/index.html . I am trying to find out if anyone has cross referenced the dates of high solar activity, the dates of solar storms, and the areas where the magnetic flares have reached the earth.

  • Josh

    Everyone bringing religion into this is dumb. Truthfully im a christain but seriously science proves more than a bible can prove thats jsut fact. You people say the world wil lend and it doesnt why because all you have is a book backign you up. Thats incredibly outdated. Time to stop believeing in fairytail and start believeing in facts.

    • Ducrider900

      Before you call other contributors here “dumb”, it might behoove you to learn how to spell, and how to string a few cogent words together – it’s called using grammar to communicate. Too bad it’s no longer taught in the government schools…you and your pathetic attempt at communication are collectively, exdhibit one of this sad fact..

    • hippiekarl

      What’s ‘dumb’ is calling theories that have become dogmas through nothing more than repetition ‘proofs’ or ‘facts’. ‘Science’, painted into a corner by its mutually-contradictory ‘facts’, can’t even explain such things as why sea-water is salty (the ratio on this planet of sodium to chlorine doesn’t allow the oceans’ current salinity), or why (if iron was always on the surface of the Earth) the Bronze Age preceeded the Iron Age…or why the world’s highest mountains are the youngest, and are covered–beneath their ice–with sea sediment. ‘Science’ (which gets together and VOTES on what the ‘facts’ are) is full of hubris but short on ‘the truth’, which it periodically changes, changes back, and changes again. Physics is not a democracy, and majority-belief is NOT the benchmark of ‘fact’ or ‘truth’.

  • Max

    I live in Wisconsin and the local news reports had residents claiming the booms came from the ground, not the sky. Regardless, why do these tremors occur mostly at night? We had a massive chemtrail blitz last Oct and then again late Jan (that we could see) which was very unsettling. So the idea of a sound weapon makes sense somewhat — I think the government is messing with us for not rolling over on the Union destruction plan.

  • Chopper

    Well finally someone is getting very close to the truth…. Mackie…. I think everybody should read what he is saying… Magnetic flux lines… I personally think everybody should do some reading …. Fast! Lol.

  • JJ

    I have the answer:

    Auditory hallucinations.

    • Dalek

      Except hallucinations are generally not recordable. These sounds are recordable.

  • JC Vaughan

    I tell you, Krypton is merely shifting in its orbit.

  • James

    The Bible gives information on the end times, and if you check out Daniel and the New Testament, especially Revelations. You will see most of the things we are experiencing now, are in there with more things to come.

  • harold hutchison

    god said that in the last days he would shake the earth he said there would be signs in the earth and from beaneath the earth, also signs in the sun the moon just look around and see what is going on, it also says the whole creation groans in pain wanting to be delivered from the curse that is on it, people like to make fun of the bible but that will soon come to a end, the bible says its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living god unprepared, gods son paid a terrible price for our sins and i urge everone to make sure you are ready before its to late . h. hutch

  • Glad I came upon this, I heard a almost deep noise, not loud from inside my house, the windows were open, my dog heard it and cocked his head at it, the next day my mom was bruching her hair and litterly, no shiz, her hair started rising, I tryed brushing it out and noticed it was litterly lifting, yesterday I also was so hyper it was crazy, like magnitized. This is a rather interesting article, our alignment with Jupiter, being maybe alittle closer causing a magnetic shift? It sounding almost like blades, its gotta be our Magnetic field, also it feels like July, we could be sliding in location perhaps?

    • Stephanie White

      Now to me that is interesting – that your dog heard it. From everything I have read, no animals appear to hear it – or react to it.

  • I went out on the night of the hurricane last August. It was 10pm and the wind had not really kicked up yet. It was raining but I did not wear a hat and I had no umbrella. It was quite warm so the rain on my head did not bother me. I walked from 99th and Broadway along 100th st to Central Park. As I entered the park I followed a path over a little bridge and down to a lake. There were a few ducks at the edge of the pond that stood and gazed at me. It was very quiet; hardly any traffic was passing down Central Park West. All I could hear was a torrent of water coming down the hill that passed under the bridge. I stood and looked at the reflection of the street lights on the lake. After some time, I walked back up the hill over the bridge and walked along 100th st. Just before I got to Manhattan Ave I started to hear a low groaning sound, like some old man breathing. I could not tell if the sound was coming from the sky or from below me. I crossed the street to see if I could still hear it, since the sound was not loud. I stood under a tree and the volume was the same. I walked over to Columbus Ave and turned south. There is an entrance there to a new building and 3 doormen were standing outside talking. I asked them if they could hear any sound. One of them ignored me but the other 2 said they could hear it. I was not sure if they really did or if they were just humoring me. We talked for a minute and one of the doormen offered to show me a book he was reading. When I entered the building, due to the absence of any exterior noise from the rain and traffic I was able to hear the sound much more clearly and at that moment I felt that the sound was coming from beneath me. The doorman made no comment on the fact that the sound was any more audible. I did not mention the sound to him again but I did wonder why he did not mention the increase in the volume. He showed me his book and I left the building and continued walking south to 97th st, where I turned and walked west for about half a block, listening intently to the sound that I felt sure now was coming from beneath my feet. Then the sound stopped, so I turned and walked back to see if I could pick it up again but I could not. I returned home to 99th st without hearing the sound again.

  • drezdin

    Mid-michigan… Heard strange sound last night which sounded most similar to a helicopter, or an uneven, overloaded washer during spin cycle. no copter in sight and sound did not at all seem to get closer nor further away, but did weaken for a few seconds at times while also intensifying for a few seconds periodically as well. lasted from at least midnight until 7am at which time my wife could still hear it several miles away upon arrival at work. we live in apt. complex and two neighbors (one next door, one downstairs) were out on their balconies and either could not hear or were ignoring (hard to imagine) the sound because their conversations didn’t even give mention of the noise from what I could tell ( which wasn’t much bcuz the noise was LOUD and ANNOYING and OMINOUS!! Thank You Jesus for CHOOSING me before I even was, and pulling me out of the wilderness after 37yrs. threescore and 3days! (Baptized 12/9/11 immersed in water in Jesus’ name for the remission of my sins, and to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by the initial outward sign of speaking in tongues 12/20/11).

    One baptism. One God. One Name.
    Be One..with Christ, in Christ, of Christ.
    Forever. Amen.
    Apostolic Pentecostal and rapture ready!

  • Paladin

    I’m responsible for the strange loud noises in Clinton……well, actually it was that ****************************… She’s very sorry about her grandpa’s barn.

  • Maggie Lankenship


    Teacher from Tri Cities, Wa. I heard the sound from my deck although not one to use the web, I found the same sound on a site call anauthorized history of Haarp. There is a little audio box – it only runs for 5 seconds, but it is definitely the sound I heard.

  • cindy

    Was there a fish die off (500 killed) in Lake Winnabaga not far from Clinton around the same time as these booms? Some one said it is only 17 mi from there!

  • julijana zimic

    I live in Slovenia in capital Ljubljana (Eastern Europe). I heard this wearied sounds once, in March 2012 at midnight, going on for at least 10 minutes with breaks. I a sure you, I have never heard something like this before and it was definitely coming from the sky and not from the ground; e.g. trains, earthquake excluded et.. Before this date, I was not aware that this was reported from all over the world. In listening to them, The frequencies as, I felt them changed, my brain frequencies, they were so comforting.
    However I have no idea what caused them, HAARP, dimensions blending or any other secret governmental interference into the Earth’s ionosphere.

  • Pete Puma

    Josh, its time for you to go back to the 3rd grade and learn how to spell and write a real honest to goodness sentence.

    • caleejr

      if you don’t find it informative – move on and take your eliteism elsewhere, so he may have mispelled …..are you without incident? May you be held to your own standards wherever you go.

  • Romans 8, especially verse 22. God’s Word says that the earth is groaning under the full weight of sin (down thru the ages), and suffering birth pains.
    Laurie K.

    • Jake

      Yeah that first part about it sounding like a trumpet reminded me of Revelation chapters 8-10

  • Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez


    NOPE, the noises being heard all over the world that are shaking the earth, not only in this little town, are the mega rattling of underground battle formations. The bells of hell are ringing, the shields are beating, the wolves are shouting, the chains of slavery are clanking and the ice covering the vaults of hell is melting. The armies of darkness or of the bottomless pit are preparing to submerge and embody the souls of the wicked among all nations, families, tongues and peoples, to precipitate a great division that will end with the apocalyptic carnage so long prophesies by sages. It will begin like the pains of a woman giving birth or with greater intensity.

    Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven

    BLOW ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain

    • Charlie

      So you prefer to explain it by… not explaining it.

    • Jimmy

      Miguel, really? Then why is it only happening in the the USA? Nothing down here in the southern hemisphere…

  • ” In other instances, the noises sounded more like “groaning”.”

    Probably God audibly letting us know that He is tired of our crap……hence the increase in destructive “natural” occurences

  • Joseph

    We all know that on 12/21/2012 – an alignment of stellar forces (not seen for millenia) will occur and this may or may not cause the reversal of earth’s magnetic poles.These atmospheric noises being heard are integrally related to this upcoming super alignment.See you at the next major event level!

  • dann rivera

    Spacequakes? Underground trains? HAARP? HOAX? Part of December 21, 2012 Mayan Celendar End of the World HOAX – NASA’s Blue Beam Project?

    Whatever it is it’s happening. So should stop the world and get off?

  • Heidi

    Here, it is an almost squeaking sound that is also almost constant. Sometimes it is so loud it wakes me up or I have to come in from outside to get away from it, and the magpies are starting to imitate it…I have asked and asked, but no one will even acknowledge my questions…

  • yes definately the end of days, the groaning of the earth is foretold inthe bible. so folks it’s time to clean house it is closing time, jesus is coming. i have heard strange sounds here in germany. not so long ago, and the noises are trumphets groning and moaning,angels of god warning us time is short……

  • Jim McDade

    Nothing stays the same. Things change over time. We human beings have been lucky to live through times when the Earth has offered fairly stable and hospitable environmental conditions. We don’t have any evidence that this stable period is coming to an end yet, but we cannot ignore the fact that nothing lasts forever. Both believers and non-believers need to recognize the passing nature of everything, including our own lives, and deal with that inevitability in the most comforting way they can find.

    Most important of all, we should not allow our differences in beliefs prevent us from working together to help victims of both natural and man-made disasters and working to make life less painful for those who are struggling just to get by. Mercy and grace are not just for Mother Teresa and other famous examples of devotion to the betterment of the human condition. Everybody should have a little “saint” inside.

    Meanwhile, there are people who say the best answer is to work toward us becoming a space-faring civilization. I am not 100% sure that we can manage to delay the inevitable extinction of humankind by becoming a multi-planet species, but I do think that we have to try.

  • jimpeel

    There are those who believe that these noises from the sky are the sounding of the trumpets of the Lord in Revelation sounding the beginning of Armageddon.

    We shall see.

  • chitown2020

    One morning, about a week before the NATO SUMMIT, I live on the south side of Chicago, I heard a strange hum that went on for the entire morning. It was very annoying and distracting. I think it was some sort of High Frequency device the Govt was testing for the NATO SUMMIT. I have never heard that noise before or since. I don’t trust the politicians at all. Esp.Rahmler.

  • chitown2020

    What is up with the moderating of my comments? I am starting to believe yous are govt worms.

  • patrick

    get a life people..the world is not ending stop believing in the hype..the world was suppose to end 3 times in the span of the last 30 years and were still here..and the bible dosnt state when the world will end…only god himself knows this

  • Blustery Day

    It’s the sound of friction caused by the gap under the earths crust due to all of the oil we’ve removed. We can’t expect to remove that much oil from below the earth’s surface and not affect the stability of the surface. We pull the oil out, and leave a void. It’s the oil drilling.

  • Shaheer


    It is because of worldwide pollution (example: the smoke when fire burns with fuel)


  • demetriss

    It’s Aliens for sure…under ground facilities– the guy who’s tree was cut in half…they can become invisible– I know it is hard to believe but they have been sighted by to many– they are here with us….can look like humans…

  • derfel cadarn

    HARP, look it up!

    • JustAnotherPixel

      HARP lol yea that’s classic but I don’t think that’s it.. I have been around all kinds of aircraft and can say this isn’t anything terrestrial as for spacemen No not that either I have listened to all of the audio and filtered out all the background noise and the echo effects as well as the tuning of its EQ to find that it sounds like a horn not like a musical horn but one used during combat long ago a rams or bulls horn and that’s my 2 cents worth.. make of it what you will

  • Mike

    When I read such comments I actually hope for the road warrior future…or good old fashion darwinism…invisible aliens?…underground?…that many have seen?…hmmm..how does one see invisible underground? Just asking.. As for Haarp conspiracy, is not powerful enough. I also highly doubt the angels with trumpets are here either. But hey, instead of reaching out there towards planet x and other such nonsense, why don’t we examine the possibility of more probable scientific explanations, shifting core…which by the way is not a sign of the apocalypse as it has always been on the move since the earth began.. or lets stick with underground aliens…sounds cooler

  • New sounds

    My wife heard a strange long droning sound last night 12/9/2012. I heard it the night before. we live on the east coast of Scotland. These soundsare mostly at night but we do work indoors so they might during the day as well.
    It is our belief thatmore people would hear these new sounds if they could, but traffic tends to cover most things like white noise does. I will be honest, I do not profess to be any kind of scientist or engineer but I am well educated and have an open mind. these sounds are global in scale, they sound metallic and not what I would call caused by Earth. they sound Alien to me, that does not mean they are been caused by Aliens but it means I have never heard anything like it on this kind of scale.
    I am sure a true explanation will come to light, Haarp , the sun , the colapse of dimensions who knows.. maybe something big is about to happen that will change our view of everything.

  • Simon B

    Hi, anyone know what these loud booming noises are?? I live in Shropshire and we have had 2 really loud booms which made the electric flicker and the house shake slightly. Been doing it on and off for a couple of weeks now. Its freaking my Mum out!! Has anyone else come across this?

  • NotoriousRoscoe

    I’ve listened to some of the recordings, and they sound like rail cars coupling in the distance. Obviously, that might not explain everything about all the booms, but the noise is exactly what I hear in the early morning hours from a rail yard about five miles from my house.

  • Rodolfo

    Well i don’t know when, but i was playing with my fiend on 2011 and i don’t remember the date but it wasn’t raining or nothing i just suddenly hear a huge boom in Texas. it want raining and the house shake but it wasnt an earth quake.it dint rain after that huge noise, but i yet still don’t know what causes it.

  • Guys,

    These sounds are sonic booms from massive dark matter particles orbiting earth at 500 miles/sec or greater. They can trigger large earthquakes. It is all on my blog @

    Darkmattersalot dot com

  • De Luca

    Its one of the signs of the “Day Of Judgement”.

  • mike scogna

    heard them loud and clear in So.NJ.

  • mike scogna

    It’s all true and it’s going to end soon the govn.knows about it { thats why they don’nt give a shit how many trilions we are in debt} those who die w/the most debt win. They have been worning us for the past 5000 years you just have to listen.

  • ronald

    Well people u guys ever heard of planet x in our solar system….look it up..

  • If enough people get together and believe strongly in something, they have the power to make it happen (for themselves) christians are not satisfied with the world their god gave to them (his gift to us) , so they insist on a much better place with riches beyond belief, rolls royces for everyone chocolate fountains (ie heaven). To make things even cooler there have to be “have not’s” those not good enough, who don’t follow their specific beliefs. So anyway, these folks get together and wish really hard for their “end times” and as humankind is in an extreme jump in evolutiion (or devolution) into higher levels of consciousness, the christians will create theiir endtimes (not necessarily receiving their heaven) with their group mind power. Luckily for the rest of us we will have the option to create our own reality as well. So the moral of this story. Be a sheep and follow whatever particular groupmind set you want. Want to live in concentration camps with the conspiracy guys, join them. I personally like to think of this all as a great adventure, with positive, healing energy for everyone, and I’m not the only one.

  • Leon

    This cannot be solar flares or other natural occurrence. If it was, then why, after thousands of years of civilizations, are we just hearing the sounds now?

    The sounds are obviously mechanical. It is probably some scram jet engine technology in a space plane being developed. The noise is probably some small sonic booms.

  • Joy

    My daughter and I arrived at a hotel near Stone Mountain Georgia in the evening on 12-20-12 and when we got out of the car heard explosion like booms in the sky that went on for about 20 minutes-we figured it was God announcing our arrival since we had been told for the past 20 years to be there on the mountain on 12-21-12 to send out frequencies that would create a transformation for the people and the planet. The mountain was closed on 12-21-12 due to high winds but we would not be stopped so a group of us miraculously walked up the mountain in the high winds and completed our mission.

  • Janet Turner

    Sound travels thru everything. Consider all the sources of sound: heavy equipment, huge container ships, wind. Highway wrecks. Certain things minimize or amplify sound. Urban areas are so noisy sounds muffle each other. Remote areas may amplify sound, wind & water will carry it further. Also migrating flocks of geese, those honks are noisy & can be carried for miles. Booms: what kind of heavy construction is within a 20 mi radius etc.

  • Janet Turner

    by the way, if you click on the link to the “barn” & read further, the key word is dilapidated…there are so many dilapidated old structures in remote areas that are in various stages of collapsing..you never know when…could be tremors.. people exaggerate all the time, some more so than others…

  • reptilian

    soth florida march 01 2013


  • Kathy

    Last night 11:30pm 3-10-13 Sunday, heard strange noises in the sky.. It seemed like something was hovering in the sky bc it kept coming and going within mins. Skies were dark and only stars were out along with shining blinking star planet of Venus. I first went out my front door which was louder then the back. I did manage to record 2 videos on my iphone front and back.. Was very creepy and here in San tan valley Arizona it is very peaceful the neighborhood is quiet at night.. If anyone in my same area or near queen creek / San tan valley Arizona also awoke from this last night let me know.

    • Charles A.

      I live in San Tan also Kathy and I know you posted this 5 months ago but over the past week or two we’ve been hearing loud booms kinda like shotgun blasts late at night…..I tried looking up what it could be and someone said it could be lightning hitting the ground but its happening even on non rainy days….I’ve never heard lightning or thunderstorms that sound like this. Weird.

  • i live in brooksville florida and i heard these strange booms for several days. it has rattled my trailer and even knocked thing off my walls.

  • I live in Dublin, GA and I have heard it many times. To me, it always sounds like some taking a forklift and draging an “I” beam across the ground. I say that because for one, I know there is metal business that does just that here locally moving metal construction material around at their company. What got me was, I did just as the article stated on Youtube and the video that I listen to had the same metal sound that I have heard time and time again. Only once have I ever heard the sound during daylight hours. It’s usually between 2300-0500 EDT hrs that I hear it. Why for the most part only at night? Only God Himself knows.

  • Lalo

    what ever it is that is going on, it is very alarming. People seem to not really care and are just putting it aside and continuing like everything is ok. But what if this is just the beginning of earth’s explosion, or a major catastrophic event? It sure is intresting, I know that much.

  • Deepdiscoverer

    Loud metallic , trumpet,booming noises from the “sky” ? Maybe it’s severe indigestion. Someone sitting in a metal chair on aconcrete patio just releasing the effects of a massive pork’n’beans and beer slop feast could be the culprit. Do you have any morbidly obese neighbors with a huge cheese-n-bean burrito addiction ? Maybe a family member who’s to embarrased to admit those thunderous salutations are really coming from their horrible untreatedflatulence problem ? Or..cows. Yes , you know how the global warming fanatics have been desperately seeking something yo force us all to be vebetarians ,and blaming cows for causing climate change , right ? This could be their golden discovery to finally destroy cattle ranching and the evil meat esting culture. Of course ,vthey’re sneaking on to farms and ranches st night and sticking little metal trumpets up rhe cows’ back sides.
    How fiendishly clever ! If they scare enough ignorant retards like those who they’ve already convinced that we need to shut down modern industrial societies , but only Western ones , natrally , to stop evil global warming then they can starve us as well as sending ud back to the stone age. So , send some Beano to your neighbors and watch out for libetal useful idiots carrying bags of tin trumpets anywhere near cow farms and cattle ranches. Mystery solved.

  • Desiree Webb

    Luke 21:25-27….

  • Lorna Jack

    I live on Vancouver Island today May 3rd myself & my nieces were sitting in our front yard when we heard loud Harmonic sounds from the sky also not long after my sister messaged me & asked if we felt the ground shake

  • Dr. Amo

    This may sound ridiculous but I believe I know the source of the sounds coming from the sky. After years of study in spiritualism and then becoming a scientist to try and explain the supernatural – I and a team of scientists have realised that our world or universe is colliding with another. In essence, divine beings are opening their universe into our ours. The first evidence exists from the spiral opening in Norway – the evidence exists on the internet. The beings which are opening small worm holes causes pockets of booms and the sound can travel for miles and even send a shock wave pulse. These beings are considered extremely dangerous and have been here on earth a million years prior to we humans arriving and the beings were ousted to their current universe. Some have managed to stay here but are driven into deep parts of the earth and in very remote areas. The mention of these beings scares me as I have seen them first hand and so have many others including the special military team who wish to capture them to understand their powers. The beings I am talking about are called Djinn.

    • dim

      How can anybody see them ?

    • Sumtin Tusae

      “Djinn” = islamic fanaticism…

    • Andrea Ansel

      Old gods dont like iron. It is kryptonite

  • Barbara Dziagwa

    I have watched a movie “resonance: beings of frequency” today, and while watching this documentary, one sci-fi movie popped to my head, I don’t remember the title, but it was about the earth changing magnetic polarization, causing different anomalies. Kind of like what is happening right now. I don’t think the earth is going to change polarization anytime soon, but our magnetic field, got a hard hit in a last two decades, from everything that’s emitting magnetic waves, especially those cell phone towers. Sinkholes, increased amount and magnitude of earth quakes, increased volcanic activities, more devastating tornadoes, dying birds, animals and insects, just so, out of the blue. People are more interested in making money, and CO2 emission, than the EMF waves, which are causing people to die in pain from numerous of cancers, that are directly linked to mobile phone masts, but everyone on mobile companies paycheck will deny it. Every research made on mobile technology safety has been funded by mobile companies. I’m sure anomalies will increase, and finally will kill a lot of people, those with money, will build bunkers, safety buildings, or whatever, but at the end, their money will be worthless. Money come and goes, money are imaginary, and money will destroy our planet. We are just visiting this planet, I was happy when I got my children, now I’m teaching them to be self-sustained, so whatever happens, they know how to survive, how to get food, and how to get water, and I pray, humans “in charge” will realize the destruction caused by all the mobile communication, wi-fi and stuff, before we get our planet totally destroyed by greedy bastards, and their dumb servants in governments. I hope NSA reads it, and have some conscious scientists prove me wrong.

  • Dar

    Until I read the comment below, I was scared. But now it sounds even freakier! O.O I saw one vid on YouTube and came here, thinking, “Maybe this was fan- made after someone made it. I’m definitely sure I did not hear this in Washington. But one video I was scared to watch (I’m scared of the paranormal but I watch these things) and the video was titled, “Strange Sounds Heard in Oregon. Very CREEPY!!” I live in Washington in the Bremerton area, so I didn’t hear them. But I’m lucky I didn’t hear them. No dogs in my neighborhood were freaking out, either. Someone once commented on a YouTube vid that they’ve been researching the HAARP. But it could be true it wasn’t the HAARP, hopefully. It seems scary.

  • DarkSIde_Duck

    I saw a spiral cloud some years ago, but so far no strange noise, and it did’nt apeared on the news, is it “all over the world” or not?.

    I live in Portugal

  • Roman

    What you have heard is directly related to Christ on Earth. Revelation of Jesus Christ. I ask you to read this blog,
    The go to My Facebook page, Roman Deutsch, Butler, Pa
    Read the prophecies I have written and have come true.

  • JJ

    Heard it a 3:30 am this morning over Dallas. My dogs heard it a few minutes before me. They started acting really weird just before.

  • Dimitri I


  • Dallas Adsit

    Not to long ago i heard it in Canada Terrace bc and another instince in Alberta near fort mc murrey , they is a youtube vid dubbed strang sounds in alberta . I heard the exact same sounds . I kept in mind that i was working in an oil patch and it could have been rigs/ oil derreks of in the flat horizen behind the treelines .

  • Vanessa

    At 1:50 a.m. in Portland, Oregon the barking and howling from all the neighborhood dogs woke me up so I went to the front window to look out and make sure it wasn’t someone trying to break into our car. I saw no one. As I backed away from the window a sudden buzzing noise occurred then when I looked out again the buzzing grew louder and louder and then I heard moans. I was literally shaking from fear because it felt as though the noise came right up to my window and the noise was deafening. During this time the dogs were still howling and barking. All I could think of doing was praying without ceasing…2 minutes into my praying the noise stopped suddenly and then there was nothing but silence. I continued to pray for another 20 minutes and when I stopped I was in awe of the whole

    mthing….shocked, scared, and quite relieved that it was over

    • M. Rohde

      Same thing happened to me. I was asleep dreaming about dogs barking outside my window and I was banging on the window to get them to go away but they didn’t react to my hitting the glass. I woke p hearing a rumble very deep kinda like a helicopter but not. It stopped all the sudden and I could hear dogs barking. Then it started again. It made my cats freeze and look in the direction of the noise. What was I hearing? Kind of freaky huh? I live in Queen Creek, AZ

      • Linda Semple Hendrix

        oh no i live near you in maricopa, az wow i haven’t heard anything.

  • Jody

    Ardrossan, Alberta Canada September 15, 2013.
    I live out in the country on a section of land and was out for a walk this morning at 10. Out of nowhere a strange sound was above me. I could only describe the sound as a loose piece of tin shaking in the wind. I was nowhere near anything that could make such a sound. It only lasted about 7/8 seconds and was directly above me. It sounded like it was coming from about 20 feet above my head.

  • JenC1015

    I was just in my bathroom checking out some blue couches on Pinterest (while waiting for the water to warm, and out of no where I heard what sounded like something “hitting the brakes or powering down” I can think of any other way to put it I’m freaking out and my hubby thinks I’m friggin nuts… Well in fact I am not. I am not sleep deprived drunk high or crazy…

  • JenC1015

    It anyone has an idea please email me so I can stop freaking out Jen.w130@yahoo.com

  • Bec

    Not a hoax, a football game was going on and it was heard during a huge pro game 2011. I think, it is from a nebula blowing up, or 2 galaxies colliding, or… a star splitting or… yeah lets say something way way out in outer space with sound travel… finally… making it to us, another life? Why should we think we are the only ones. Kinda big out there, considering if you do your homework. It is real, some are probably fake, lots of folks want to see how many views they get, but the whole world? no.

  • jen

    my reason for responding to this unexplainable experience, is, for the last five years daily I am hearing rumpling, sounds above my home.(it like a hundred trains all at once) Swishing sounds like a washing machine and rolling sounds. There has been times when the home vibrates but this does not happen as often as the sounds mentioned. The other day I have noticed the sound as changed whenever I am on the computer. Another experience I have is planes and helicopters are frequently flying over my home and around the vicinity where I live. I would like to know if anyone else has the same experiences. my home is London , England!


      boom swish toot rumble

  • Dennis

    Jan 17 2014 today I have herd the noises myself for te first time. (low continuous extremely loud rumbling for 20 min continuously This occurred over brick town New Jersey

  • James Alt

    thunder and gunshots here in il

  • J90

    We heard a loud explosion like noise around 1am and again around 3am. The last was followed by a buzzing noise, similar to a motorcycle in the distance. This was in North part of Fresno CA on 2/2/14

  • Curtis

    I heard them. It was at night and sounded like a large jet trying to stay up or take off. Just an amazing amount amount of noise. I was looking off in the field expecting to find a crashed passenger plane. About a year later I saw about 8-10 red lights spaced out in no real form at different elevations in the same place I heard the sound. And I don’t believe in aliens. If I didnt believe in God, I would be going grazy after these experiences. Wow. Heaven is going to be mind-blowing.

  • Crystal

    I believe these sounds are all the sounds of our beautiful planet Earth dieing. Our Earth is sick and is growning in pain and hurt just like we do when we don’t feel well. This may be close to the end and our home Earth is just tring to communicate what shes going through thats all. If I could translate for our Earth she would probley be saying something like this…ewww ahhhhh I am in pain stop hurting me everyone…you just throw your trash everywhere and theres so many of you that do that and now its in my waters.soil.air…these gases and burt rubber tires and all kinds of harmfull stuff you all burn to dispose of is chocking me.burning me and tearing me apart…..our poor Earth is sick..lets do something mother Earth will love and all work together before she dies then we die.

  • Dan Harvell

    In October of 2010, my daughters were complaining of an “odd sound” coming from outside. At the time, they were 10 and 12 years old and had wild imaginations, so I didn’t take it seriously. That is, until my wife went into their rooms to investigate and came back out noticeably pale. I walked outside to check out this “odd sound”. Sure enough, there was a sound that was like a pipe spewing steam, except that the sound seemed to come from everywhere at the same time. I jumped into my van, windows down, hoping to triangulate from where the sound was originating. Everywhere I drove, the sound seemed to be right on top of me. What was really odd was that there wasn’t even a hint of Doppler shift like what one might expect when driving toward or away from the source of the sound. It was a constant, everywhere I went. Then, the sound stopped, never to be heard by my family again. That was 3, going on 4 years ago and we have not had another experience. Truly odd.

  • Jarrod Maddux

    Sorry but nothing you have to say means anything to me. You claim to not be stupid but are unable to spell simple words like, NOISE, OPINION, WE’RE, SANE, TRUMPETS, or are aware that Tn is capitalized or that you capitalize the first word in a sentence. When you ask a question you need to use one of these > ? at the end of your sentence. I feel that perhaps I am being a bit too wordy for your level of intelligence so I will stop there. I went through and counted your grammatical and spelling errors and found a whopping 68! ….68!!!!!!!! In a post containing 201 words. How is this even possible? How are you able to even type? It blows my mind, trying to comprehend the extent of ignorance and fear you must live with inside your head. I truly feel sorry for you.

    • Deborah Seward Hathaway

      Hey Jarrod Maddux, what a grammar natzi you are. Have you ever heard of ” spell check” ? It often changes what you have written into… Whatever it wants sometimes, and also don’t tell me that you have never accidentally hit the wrong letter while typing…. And who the hell cares if every sentence is capitalized or not. If you want to pick apart grammatical errors well then let’s start with ” YOUR first sentence…. It is NOT a correct sentence… You do not have subject and verb agreement , and what about your subject… YOU DONT HAVE ONE!!!! What a waste of time that you actually counted how many grammatical errors the original writer had… Jarrod Maddux… You need to get a life and smile… :)
      Ps…. When you are correcting about the “Tn” then maybe you should CAPITALIZE the TN…
      Ooooops…. Did YOU make a mistake…. Oh my goodness….

    • Jeanie

      Jarrod, what do grammar and spelling have to do with intellegence? Maybe Chris is dyslexic. Some of the most brilliant people I know are dyslexic and they couldn’t write a decent sentence if their life depended on it. As a matter of fact, people with dyslexia are usually much more intellegent and artistic than the rest of us. I don’t know if he is dyslexic or not but I DO know that he is not the ignorant one, YOU are for thinking that the complexities of a persons mind can be summed up and understood by wheather or not they capitalize both letters of their state’s abbrieviation!

      • Thunderbird

        My understanding of Dyslexia is that our brains are not wired the same as others and that we are able to receive information through the so called mistakes we make do to it… Is it really a mistake? Some call these philidian slips, which if taking notes may find out a glimpse of the future. Crazy? perhaps but what is the true meaning of crazy? You have no right to pass judgement on this mans ideas any more than i have the right to pass judgement on u. Nor do u have the right to tell people that they are wrong to believe something that they believe or experienced. However there is no wrong in discussing your beliefs and experiences with others with out judging…. and others I encourage to do the same… I have seen aand learned many things over the years, much that only a few will ever know or hear. However I am in Aww.

        Love and Light, and Many Blessings!!!

    • Thunderbird

      Jarrod the message under Jeanie was also written for all of those who chose to speak of others as u do here…. However I’d also like to point out that if you were to open your box and allow other info to come in u may find that your experiences and knowledge as well as others experiences and knowledge are answers or clues to a huge yet simple puzzle. For all of us are a piece of the puzzle!

      Love and Light! Many Blessings!

  • jorgetx trillrodriguez

    I live in dallas tx. And I been wanting to hear these strange noises. I see it and hear it on you tube but mostly all of them are fake or uh HOAX!

  • Eric Gibson

    Why wouldn’t the obvious answer be aliens? What is so perplexing about that concept that NO ONE in any of the comments suggested that.

  • Eric Gibson

    I was walking home from the store and heard horns in the sky, and asked the crosswalk guy if he heard it, and he said yes. Why is no one considering that it might be aliens?

  • Dr. Nada

    live in preston ct it is 4/6/15 and for the past several weeks almost every night it sounds like there is a train going by in the sky for about a full 5 minutes straight rumbling sometimes shakes the windows at my house, sometimes followed by what sounds like a really distant storm or evac siren. I was just looking it up because it just hapened 12am usually happens in middle of the night wakes me up every time always wondering if the goons are finally coming. there is a navy or marine? base in groton not far from where I live and during the day I see all sort of aircraft huge military vehicle transporters black hawks you name it sometimes I hear them but cant see them even on a clear day.

  • Andrea Ansel

    As above so below.

  • EngelsMarx1848

    Listen to the sound track of “The Shinning” the recordings made for the trip to the lodge in the VW .If you review the soundtrack sounds much like these sounds

  • kmackenz

    Heard a low groaning noise in NY that continued for an hour. It was generalized, coming from the sky, and not from a particular place. It was ominous.

  • AAPL Slayer

    I live in East Orlando Fla and these loud house shaking window rattling booms started in or around May-June 2015 and have yet to get an explanation out of anyone,first I thought It was just me my wife was laughing saying I was losing my mind till we were setting on the front porch talking about it again and one happened and she changed her mind this was late afternoon.Then my neighbor called me around the 4th of July and ask me if I was hearing those booms that also made me feel better that it wasn’t just me.I’ve been researching since July 2015 and have found countless articles even local msm stories all over the world from so many places I can’t list them.If anyone ever figures it out please do tell.Give me an upvote or a downvote for that matter I really don’t care that way I know there has been a posting through discuss.Thank you and happy boom information hunting folks!

  • Melissa Garcia

    I remember I was about ten years old and it was strange to hear a trumpet sound coming from the sky…I didnt want to tell anyone. I lived in kerhonkson New York at the time in secluded area the nearest house was five miles down and we all knew each other…and it was not band class in there home. long and behold I am not the only one that experience such. It was if the world was coming to an end or that something in the sky was trying to get our attention. IDK but it freaked me out

  • manu

    Deep water beneath the crust have more pressure from geomagnetc instability ( truoough the sub activity ) whic interact with the core of the earth. The noise come out from the gapes and deep sink hole around the world wihc the must are burried and make this sounds when the oceans blow move in big wawes down of the crust. That is like a big flutes expanded there sounds to the sky and return back to us.

  • TioDi The Nuke!

    Well, this phenomenon seemed to have happened last night in Lagos, Nigeria. Around 10.30 pm, I was working on my laptop in the room when I thought I heard a plane approaching with the usual rumbling but 3 minutes of that, I realized the rumbling was too sustained and heavy to be that of a plane and it’s not even supposed to be that loud since I’m a good distance away from any airport.

    This low end rumble lasted for upwards 15 minutes and seemed to be coming from a particular direction from the sky.

    I searched online and discovered it to be something that’s been happening the world over since 2012.

    Scary thing I must say.