Vaccines And Autism: The Secret That You Are Not Supposed To Know

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of children in the United States with autism has risen by 78 percent over the past decade.  It is now estimated that 1 out of every 88 children in the United States has some form of autism disorder.  Our schools are absolutely packed with “special needs” children and millions of parents are desperately trying to figure out why so many kids are having such severe developmental problems.  Strangely, most autistic children start out perfectly normal.  Most of them develop just fine for the first year or two and then something dramatic happens.  So what could that possibly be?  Well, there is a secret that you are not supposed to know.  That secret is that vaccines are one of the primary causes of autism.  As the number of vaccines being administered to our children has risen, so has the percentage of our children with autism.  Today, in some areas of the United States more than 30 vaccines are being given to young children before the age of 3.  When you inject so much mercury and so much other toxic material directly into the bloodstreams of vulnerable young children, bad stuff is bound to happen.  The evidence linking vaccines and autism continues to mount, and yet the pharmaceutical establishment continues to vigorously deny that there could possibly be any link between the two.


Each year, there are thousands upon thousands of parents that take their perfectly healthy toddlers into the doctor to get a vaccine and later end up deeply regretting it.  Shortly after taking one too many vaccines, many children get sick, stop talking and never recover.  The parents of those children are left absolutely devastated.

If you start surfing around the Internet you can find enough testimonies like this to keep you reading for days on end.

But for the pharmaceutical establishment, a link between must never be admitted between vaccines and autism.  Hundreds of billions of dollars of profits are at stake, and the legal implications of admitting that vaccines cause autism would be absolutely mind blowing.

The big pharmaceutical companies will never, ever, ever, ever admit a link.  And since those companies also spend billions of dollars advertising on the mainstream media, the mainstream media will never admit a link either.

It is all about the money.

So they have to act incredibly puzzled about what is causing cases of autism to dramatically surge in the United States.

And “dramatically surge” is actually an understatement.

It is getting really hard to deny that the epidemic of autism in America is absolutely exploding.  The following is from a recent CNN article….

In 2000 and 2002, the autism estimate was about 1 in 150 children. Two years later 1 in 125 8-year-olds had autism. In 2006, the number was 1 in 110, and the newest data — from 2008 — suggests 1 in 88 children have autism.

So what is causing this?

The mainstream media is floating all kinds of bizarre theories.

But an increasing number of U.S. parents are coming to one conclusion.  Despite overwhelming propaganda in the mainstream media that vaccines do not cause autism, one poll found that one out of every four parents now believe that vaccines cause autism.

So why are so many parents not listening to the “experts”?

Well, it is because of what they have seen in real life.  The following is from a recent Huffington Post article….

It’s a fact that many children with ASD regressed following normal development just as they were receiving multiple vaccines at regular doctor visits. Health officials say the timing is entirely coincidental.

Regression usually occurs between 12 and 24 months, though one study found that some children show signs of autism as early as six months, but never before that age.

By six months of age, most U.S. children have received about 18 inoculations containing 24 vaccines against nine diseases. Over the next two years or so, they will receive another nine shots containing 14 vaccines against 12 diseases.

So whether a child regresses at six months, or 18 months, the tragedy happens during a period of intensive vaccination. In many cases, parents report that the child had an abnormal reaction after being vaccinated (seizures, spiking-fevers, diarrhea, lethargy, high-pitched screaming and/or other symptoms).

If your kid stopped talking within days (or even hours) after receiving a vaccine, how would you feel?

The big pharmaceutical companies have funded many studies to try to show that there is no link between vaccines and autism, but many independent studies contradict the findings of those corporate-funded studies.  The following is from an article by Paul Joseph Watson….

Epidemiologist Tom Verstraeten and Dr. Richard Johnston, an immunologist and pediatrician from the University of Colorado, both concluded that thimerosal was responsible for the dramatic rise in cases of autism but their findings were dismissed by the CDC.

Cases of autism in the U.S. have now increased by over 2700 per cent since 1991, which is when vaccines for children doubled, and the number of immunizations is only increasing. Just one in 2,500 children were diagnosed with autism before 1991, whereas one in 91 children now have the disease, up from one in 150 just six years ago.

So what is so bad is about thimerosal?

Well, thimerosal contains mercury which is one of the most toxic substances known to mankind.  Mercury has been proven to severely impair neurological development.  The following comes directly from the EPA website….

For fetuses, infants, and children, the primary health effect of methylmercury is impaired neurological development. Methylmercury exposure in the womb, which can result from a mother’s consumption of fish and shellfish that contain methylmercury, can adversely affect a baby’s growing brain and nervous system. Impacts on cognitive thinking, memory, attention, language, and fine motor and visual spatial skills have been seen in children exposed to methylmercury in the womb.

So why in the world would we want to pump massive amounts of mercury into our young children when their brains are just starting to develop?

It is literally insane to do this!

Many other countries around the world have recognized this and have banned thimerosal from vaccines.

The following comes from an article by Dawn Prate….

“In 1977, a Russian study found that adults exposed to ethylmercury, the form of mercury in thimerosal, suffered brain damage years later. Studies on thimerosal poisoning also describe tubular necrosis and nervous system injury, including obtundation, coma and death. As a result of these findings, Russia banned thimerosal from children’s vaccines in 1980. Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries have also banned the preservative”

So why is it not banned in the United States?

And why do so many American parents still allow it to be pumped at very high levels directly into the bloodstreams of their precious young children?

There are thousands upon thousands of parents that are willing to testify that they would never have allowed their children to be vaccinated if they could go back and do it again.

The following are some testimonies about vaccines and autism that were posted by readers of Organic Health….


My son developed autism after his 15 month vaccinations. It is no surprise considering he took 26 vaccinations up to that point. His fragile system could take no more poison and regressed from speaking 19 words (consistently) at 15 his month check-up to speaking 2 words (infrequently) at his 18 month check-up. I STRONGLY believe doctors are being manipulated/deceived in Medical School……and therefore…….get out only to manipulate/deceive their patients. 3 WORDS…..NEW WORLD ORDER……Research it. I’m glad to see that many of us “sheep” are starting to wake up. This is all biblical revelation by the way. In Revelations, The City of Babylon is said to have “deceived the world with their SORCERY” (greek translation is Pharmekia…..which is Pharmaceuticals!!!!) When are the CHRISTIAN churches going to wake up to this??????


Well, I have not one, but two children with autism after getting the childhood vaccines. I trusted the doctors who bullied me into it. They talked me into it and said there was relatively little chance my children would have a reaction. Well, after the shots my kids got so sick I had to put both of them in the hospital for 4 days on IVs. Their limbs were limp and they couldn’t hold their heads up – all they could do was lay there and have diarrhea and fevers. I thought they were going to die. After that they were delayed and got autism diagnosis. Now explain with your statistics how many children had autism before the ’80s….1 in 10,000!!! Recently it has been figured at 1/60 -90 depending on the source or state. Statistically there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. There is likely a genetic component or weakness that is set off by some environmental insult to the system. I’d say a likely culprit is vaccines in combination with our crappy modern diet of highly processed foods and junk plus a lack of proper sunlight and vit D3.


I have had four kids and have never been told or encouraged to get a flu shot from my OBGYN during any of my pregnacies. Please don’t get this vaccine if you are pregnant and don’t give it to your children!! Vaccines cause many illnesses and even deaths. I almost lost my daughter to Autism she was slipping away but I stopped vaccines & she became healthy again. Why would anyone give or allow their newborn child to be injected with these toxins. They are the cause of many of the childhood illnesses & diseases we have today. Autism, ADD, ADHD, Asthma, allergies and others too. There’s alot of info. available to find out more. Please find out the truth for yourself…


When our daughter was 18 mos she had a severe reaction to her immunizations – extremely high temp, inconsolable, and it lasted for days after the shot – it was aweful. She even displayed some signs of autism, which scared us to no end, but finally subsides. We began to be wary of all vaccines and now regret giving the few that we did to our three kids. Of course the Dr’s have all given us a hard time. We homeschool, and I have heard that since homeschooled children usually have less vaccines (the schools require all vaccines to be “up to date”) that there are less incidents of autism. I think a lot of people have made bad decisions in addition to making a lot of money off of vaccines. God did not intend for us to pump toxins into our blood streams. On the back of my kids’ records it says “Baby Shots, A Healthy Dose of Love!” – NOT.


Do you have any idea how many people I know, mainly little boys, have developed autism after having one of those very small, harmless shots that we’re told are perfectly safe? Nearly a dozen! Without investigating every single thing that is going into our bodies, we are lambs led to slaughter. Our lives and the lives of our kids are at stake. The day the Pharm companies gives vaccines free and they don’t make any money from it, I will trust them more. Until that day, be very cautious that we are all being manipulated for the almighty dollar!


Autism is 1:91 with 1:58 boys as of last month. The signs of autism are not visible until the child is at least 12 months old. Until then TAKE CARE. Follow the alternative vaccine schedule posted on Eat organic foods, cut out sugar and junk foods, take your prenatal vitamins/multi-vitamins after birth and get your vitamin D & B12 levels checked after you give birth. BREASTFEED YOUR BABY FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. In the meantime, extra vitamin A and C are helpful for their developing brains and immune system. Probiotics can be given to a newborn too. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF & YOUR BABIES NOW…hopefully your child won’t become part of the autism epidemic, or get severe food allergies, automimmune disorders or even cancer in the future. I wish you all the best motherhood has to offer . Sincerely, from a mother living w/autoimmune disorders, who was “vaccine injured” many years ago, with two children, one with autism. Since then, we started on a GFCF diet for the whole family, biomedical intervention for my autistic son, eating more organic foods & taking supplements to boost our health everyday. God bless.

But it isn’t just young children that are being harmed by vaccines.

Thousands upon thousands of pregnant women have lost their babies very shortly after taking vaccines.

Thousands upon thousands of adults have become permanently disabled very shortly after taking vaccines.

If you want to read more, you can find dozens of vaccine horror stories here and here.

The good news is that if your child has autism there is hope.

Once you understand that vaccines can cause autism, it becomes much easier to treat it.  The following is a quote from Dr. Russell Blaylock….

Studies of autistic children have frequently shown very high levels of mercury, with no other source but vaccines found for the exposure. These levels are equal to those seen in adults during toxic industrial exposures. Several autism clinics have found dramatic improvements in the behavior and social interactions in children from whom the mercury was chelated. Results depended on how soon the mercury was removed following exposure, but permanent damage can be caused if the metal is not chelated soon enough. Still, even in cases of severe damage, because of the infant brain’s tremendous reparative ability, improvements are possible. The problem of autism involves numerous body systems including the gastrointestinal, immune and nervous systems; as a result we see numerous infections and magnified effects of malnutrition. Intrepid workers in the shadows, that is outside the medial establishment, have worked many miracles with these children using a multidisciplinary scientific approach completely ignored by the orthodoxy. Some children have even experienced a return to complete physiological normalcy.

So if your child has autism, do not give up hope.

There are things that can be done.

Sadly, authorities all over the nation are responding to the anti-vaccine movement by becoming harsher with parents than ever.

For example, all over America children that have not received all of the “required vaccines” are being banned from school.

In some instances, children are actually being taken away from their parents for not giving them the “proper” vaccines.  In one recent case in Pennsylvania, a social worker took custody of a baby just after it had been born just because the mother would not consent to have the child vaccinated.

This is complete and utter madness.

Shouldn’t parents have the right to determine whether or not their young children will be pumped full of mercury and other toxic substances?

Shouldn’t parents have the right to question whether it is a good idea to inject kids with dozens of vaccines before the age of 3?

But that is not the way that our system works.  The big pharmaceutical companies fund the campaigns of our politicians, and then they get our politicians to bully us into taking their vaccines.

For much more on all of this, please check out an article entitled “Autism & Vaccines” by Barbara Loe Fisher.

There is so much that could be written about this subject, but hopefully this article will get you started.

The key is to do your own research.  Don’t blindly listen to the pharmaceutical companies or to anyone else.

Before you ever decide to vaccinate a child, educate yourself about vaccines as much as possible.

Once again this year, thousands upon thousands of American children will become permanently disabled needlessly.

How bad will autism have to get in America before we all finally admit the truth?

  • Virginia

    Feel bad for people with kids now days. It seems like it must be a nightmare raising kids. Why have em? They really do not have much to look forward as far as a future and they are literally “shot down” before they start out in life with the vaccines they’re mandated to have before entering school. A very sad but very true article, 1 in 88, 78% increase in 10 years. Why is the medical community not fighting against vaccines? Are they so profit driven that they refuse to see the truth? Parents have nowhere to turn for support.

    • jackier

      The pharma companies would be sued out of business if it was proven. We are just filled with lies again.

      • r3volution

        Unfortunately you can’t sue them for vaccine injury. For some strange reason ;( they set up a special court and complaint system called VAERS specifically for vaccine injury and exempted medical providers and pharmaceuticals from damages. Go figure.

        • MaPol

          HONESTLY…..I’ve never, ever seen so much willful ignorance, stupidity and hatred as I’m seeing on this site right now, on such an important subject! It’s really sickening…and pathetic.

    • Emma

      P.G. King and G.S. Goldman/Medical Veritas 5 (2008) 1610–1644. Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation,
      Thimerosal, and autism-related research
      Paul G. Kinga, PhD and Gary S. Goldmanb, PhD

      • MElastigirl

        The article you reference is pseudoscience masquerading as the real thing. Just because someone has a few letters after their name doesn’t make them an expert. Stick to studies by experts with legitimate credentials in relevant disciplines–vaccine science, immunology or even statistics.

  • Anon

    We better move and live in the third world country. Obamacare going to kill all of your children. Save your children. He is a ************** living person born in this world. He is going to bring doom to our country and to Israel. He is a traitor to what we believe.

  • mondobeyondo

    Most “experts” you hear and see on the radio and TV, will tell you “we don’t know what causes autism”.


    • mondobeyondo

      No, really! That’s what they say. “We don’t know”.

      They know malignant cells cause cancer. They know mosquitoes spread malaria. They know the HIV virus causes AIDS. But they don’t know what causes autism.

      Don’t be surprised if these doctors and medical professionals’ pants suddenly burst into flame. They are liars, liars… liars.

  • In Revelations, The City of Babylon is said to have “deceived the world with their SORCERY” (greek translation is Pharmekia…..which is Pharmaceuticals!!!!) When are the CHRISTIAN churches going to wake up to this??????AMEN SOMEBODY ELSE GETS IT!!

  • Gary2wannabe

    Polio vaccine was developed for a reason. How often do you now see someone crippled from polio?

    • jackier

      Yes, and now the pharma can’t profit from drugs for polio because it has been cured. Has anyone seen any other diseases that have been cured? No, because now they have required vacines which the pharma can benefit from and now cause more diseases so they have more things (created) so they can try to cure.

    • Dawn

      Polio was already on the decline before the introduction of the polio vaccine. What caused the sudden epidemic of paralysis from polio was not the disease itself, but the new practice of injecting children with antibiotics for cold-like symptoms. The symptoms of polio are similar to those of a cold – unless an injection is given during the course of the sickness, in which case it causes paralysis. Don’t take my word for it, look it up.

      • MaPol

        Not true at all, Dawn.

        There are no cases of polio these days that I’ve seen due to the vaccine. I knew a number of people who started out normal and got polio because they DIDN’T get vaccinated against it. Get your facts straight.

      • MaPol

        What you’re saying isn’t true at all, Dawn. The vaccine happened to protect people from polio. Many people who didn’t get vaccinated got polio and either died of it, or were permanently paralyzed by it.

      • Kayla

        Hahahaha Dawn……Wow…..just WOW!
        You couldn’t be more wrong.
        It really does upset me that so many people allow their lack of scientific knowledge to guide their beliefs. Everyone should really know the facts about a particular subject before ranting about it in a non-sensical way. Though it is rather humorous at times, I’d rather see the human race becomming more intelligent as time goes on….not become more clueless.

    • Emstar

      Do you know that polio was actually eradicated with antibiotics and better hygeine practices before they got the vaccine right? no really, it’s true. The vaccine that was developed gave people polio and it took many many years for the pharmaceutical companies to get it ‘right’. In India the vaccine is STILL giving people polio because the virus survives in the faeces. Many of these viruses that the doctors say are now gone because of vaccines were actually just about gone because of antibiotics. Vaccines are a complete sham

      • MaPol

        The vaccines aren’t a sham. The anti-vaccine movement is a sham, because they whip up hysteria, which will endanger the lives and health of children all over.

    • It was development of the polio vaccine that caused HIV in humans. Check out the documentary here:,com_wrapper/Itemid,78/

      They used chimpanzees, which are known to carry diseases that can transfer to humans, rather than rhesus monkeys to save money. They first documented cases of HIV were in the same area as their study within 2 years.
      Dr. Hilary Koprowski of the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia developed an oral polio vaccine and tested it in Africa (Congo). The Wister polio vaccine was given to some 300,000 people in the Belgian Congo from 1957-1960. A later theory held that reuse of needles during the immunization program caused AIDS via “serial passage” that transformed the SIV virus into HIV. In 1999 Edward Hooper authored “The River,” a detailed hypothesis for the origin of AIDS in Africa. Hooper suspected that the Wister polio vaccine, produced from monkey kidney cells, contained SIV virus.

      • MaPol

        BS, larrams! I ain’t buying that.

    • MaPol

      Well said, Gary2wannabe! Thanks. It’s good to see that not everybody posting on here is a moron.

    • Rawchelle

      I actually know someone who got polio and became disabled from getting the vaccine for polio.

  • Honestly, even in third world countries, how many people die from epidemics of infectious diseases these days? I remember getting vaccines for a few infectious diseases as a child, but why so many now? This is outrageous, especially since the vaccines contain mercury. Hundreds of years ago mercury was a know cause of neurological damage. People who made hats used it and they went crazy after awhile, hence the phrase, “mad as a hatter.”

    • Martin Bishop

      And why do you think these diseases are no longer prevalent?

      • Pat Porter

        These diseases are not longer prevalent becasue they have run their course, because of better nutriton and better sanitation.

        • MaPol

          No…it’s because vaccines are available for protection.

  • Martin Bishop

    Or you could return to the days where tens of thousands of children were permanently disabled or died due to the very diseases that vaccines prevent from spreading throughout the population. When you acknowledge that, whether vaccines are responsible for autism and related disorders or not becomes utterly irrelevant.

    • Justa Guy

      That sounds ridiculous. I don’t think any parent in their right mind would say it is irrelevant that the vaccine the doctor is about to jam in their child’s arm is likely to cause their child to become autistic.

      Why the need to put mercury in the vaccine anyway? Sounds like the flouride issue…some company or industry trying to reduce their costs and increase profits. Who is it that needs to get rid of mercury that figures it would be cheaper to put it into kids than to properly dispose of it?

      • ciaparker2

        They need the mercury to prevent the growth of fungus in vaccines from a multidose vial. You’d better specify the single-dose vial to avoid getting 25 mcg of mercury when you get a normal flu shot. They have to put in highly neurotoxic aluminum to make the immune system notice the pathogen and react strongly enough to the toxin to produce antibodies. Of course a lot of damage is also caused, which is why we’re having this debate.

    • Robert Moody

      Show me one vaccine that the EPA would allow to be disposed of in a landfill. If it’s too dirty for a garbage dump, I’m not gonna’ put it in my kid.

      • Michael

        Good point.


      • Anom

        Why would you ever put a good vaccine in a landfill? Of course they wouldn’t approve of that, would be endorsing the waste of a potentially life saving medical intervention

        • ciaparker2

          They had hundreds of thousands of unused doses of the H1N1 flu vaccine four years ago, that had to be disposed of as hazardous waste, The amount of mercury in one Fluzone vaccine is ten times the amount that constitutes hazardous waste, and if it spilled on the floor, a Hazmat team would have to be called to clean it up.

    • Jim

      “whether vaccines are responsible for autism and related disorders or not becomes utterly irrelevant”. Maybe the stupidest thing I have ever read. You are making some stupid assumptions, like vaccines could not be made safer, and we need to have vaccines for diseases that had death rates of less than 5 per 100,000 (like the dtap diseases). Your other stupid assumptions is that vaccines work. Most of the outbreaks in whooping cough are on the vaccinated. The flu vaccines has been proven ineffective if you do your research. They never developed a vaccines for scarlet fever, but it disappeared. Most all cases of polio or are a result of the vaccines, so said Jonas Salk, the inventor of the vaccines, to the US congress subcommittee. There are thousands of cases of paralysis each year in India caused by the vaccine. You other assumption is that those who develop the vaccines would not want to do us harm. Do your research. Or you can keep making stupid uninformed statements like the rest of the sheep.

      • MaPol

        that’s not true, Jim! My siblings and I all got the anti-polio vaccines when we were kids, and we’re all healthy and active. We would’ve all gotten polio WITHOUT the vaccines. Get your facts straight, buster.

        • Simian virus SV40

          Ever wonder why there was an explosion of Cancer in Amerika? Look up SV40 and the monkey virus that was injected into millions of people. I would rather take my chances on the minute chance of Polio rather than a large chance of cancer. Wake up.

          • MaPol

            I disagree with you, Simian virus SV40. I’m glad my siblings and I did get the Polio vaccine. I knew several people when I was growing up who didn’t get any of the Polio Vaccines, ended up getting polio and, although they survived, were totally crippled for the rest of their lives. I’d rather take the minute chance with cancer, if any chance. Thanks. Why don’t YOU wake up?!?

          • ciaparker2

            I had a roommate who had gotten polio in 1959: she had to use a wheelchair or braces and crutches to walk, but was bright and happy, with many friends. My daughter, on the other hand, crippled with vaccine autism, has much more dismal prospects, as she is very isolated from her very low verbal status, has no friends, is in silent darkness. The vaccine encephalitis knocks out the verbal center of the brain, leaving the affected to grow up thinking in pictures, not words, as Temple Grandin said. So no conception of everything civilization offers that is based on language constructs. I have MS from a reaction to a tetanus booster. Risks and (possible) benefits on both sides.

        • ciaparker2

          It is true. Google it. It may be because Indian children are WAY over-vaccinated in their frequent pulse vaccine campaigns, but tens of thousands of MUCH-vaccinated Indian children have been paralyzed in the last few years by flaccid paralysis, the word they use when they don’t want to admit it was polio.
          And most people exposed to polio develop NO symptoms: less than 10% develop symptoms like flu. Less than 1% develops paralytic symptoms and in most of them it is not permanent. Look up the Cutter incident: many children were killed by the polio vaccine. They used to suspend DPT vaccination during polio outbreaks because it greatly INCREASED their chance of getting polio. Sabin and Salk televised debates about whose vaccine caused more death and disability.

        • ciaparker2

          Why are you sure that you would have gotten polio withou the vaccine? Over 90% of those who get polio have no symptoms, 10% have flu-like symptoms for a few weeks. Less than 1% suffers any degree of paralysis, and most cases are temporary. The DPT shot given close to the polio grtl increased disablity rates.

        • Gra

          That was at a time when far fewer vaccines were administered; a few over several years as opposed today’s exposure to more than 30 at a time when infants have immature immune and nervous systems. I notice that you didn’t disagree with him for saying that vaccines couldn’t be made safer by reducing the amounts of well-documented neurotoxins that are present trace amounts in several common vaccine varieties. What’s definitely true is that there are so many other sources of metal contamination that we consume regularly (herbicides-initially patented as de-scaling agents for pipes because they bind metals- in our produce, water, fish) that picking out a sure cause is beyond the will of our healthcare industry.

    • ciaparker2

      And what do you think would cause this massive damage now? Diseases like measles and pertussis have evolved into less serious diseases in the last century. In 1960, out of several million cases of measles in the US a year, there were 450 deaths, usually in the immunecompromised. In the 1930s and ’40s, Humphries in Dissolving Illlusions, provides citations of medical documents and correspondance to the effect that pertussis had become so mild , that it was questionable whether there was any need for a vaccine for it. Chickenpox, rubella, and mumps have always been inconsequential when contracted in childhood, as they always used to be. Smallpox after 1898 had become so mild that it was often mistaken for chickenpox. Vaccines at the present time CAUSE much more permanent and severe damage, even death, than the natural diseases would if there were no vaccines in use to try to prevent them.

    • ciaparker2

      Death rates from measles, pertussis, diphtheria, and scarlet fever had all plummeted down to inconsequential numbers BEFORE the vaccines for them came into widespread use. The diseases themselves had become milder. The vaccine for them have done much more harm than good. And you have yet to see what it’s going to mean for society as well as families to have one in 36 children crippled for life with autism. Two years ago it was one in 88 (2000 birth cohort), one in 50 a year ago, now oe in 36 (U of Minnesota study). Will this trend ever stop? Only when parents realize that unvaxed kids are healthier, and getting measles, mumps, pertussis, chickenpox, rubella, rotavirus, hep-A and flu are good for their longterm health.

  • Tim

    Thank you for speaking the truth, Michael. I am outraged that this is happening to children.

  • Fighting The MSM Disinfo

    Not really a very well-kept secret.
    Of course, the government and their self-imposed information whores, the MSM, continue to provide massive misinformation on this issue, or in certain cases, couched disinformation.
    But the failure to address this critical health issue to families- that just signals the death-knell of an information source which is now totally collapsing in readership/viewership. This would normally signal a bailout, but most are tired of government bailouts so it makes it much less likely.

    One great article, and a good place to start for the uninitiated on the issue of autism caused by vaccines is the following:

    Also read the articles which are posted on the sides.

  • Thimerisol has not been in use in children’s vaccines in over a decade. Trying finding a different conspiracy theory; that one is too easily debunked.

    You want the real reasons for the rise in autism? And diabetes, and heart disease, and obesity, and just about every other “disease of civilization?” Look no farther than the USDA dietary recommendations, which prominently feature modern frankenfoods like wheat, and tell you that the natural diet that humans evolved on is unhealthy. The main problem is that dietary guidelines are being issued with zero scientific backing by politicians and bureaucrats who know less than nothing about diet.

    Most cases of autism can be completely cured by simply eliminating wheat from the diet.

    • Jesse

      Interesting point. Do you have links to studies/findings to support your claim that wheat is bad for you?

      • Tim

        Wheat is not bad for everyone. But many cannot tolerate a protein found in wheat, and other grains like rye and barley, known as gluten. Those with a gluten intolerance or the more serious Celiac Disease, which results in an immune system response that actually damages the small intestine, can suffer all kinds of health problems as a result. And there is a connection between gluten and autism.

        I took up a gluten-free diet a couple of years ago because of certain health problems that I was experiencing. Those problems resolved fairly quickly, and I am healthier than I have ever been in my life.

        • Justa Guy

          And why has wheat suddenly become a problem for such a large segment of society lately? Mankind has been eating bread for thousands of years, and there was never a problem until the last decade or two. Does anybody have any idea why so many kids in school are also going to die if they come in contact with a peanut, or chocolate? When I was groing up, we never heard of such a thing. Now there seems to be a kid in every classroom with such problems.

          • r3volution

            Because wheat has only become a staple in the last few generations and was not so common before. Millet was a staple. The fact is that mankind should not be eating grains and is better off, health-wise, without them. Check out the testimonials on to see the results of eliminating grains and opting for a high-saturated fat diet. It goes against our modern conventional wisdom, but the results speak for themself.

          • Tim

            More people have issues with wheat because wheat has been genetically modified, it is not the same wheat that our grandparents and prior generations ate

      • Hans Per

        Good job being a disinfo shill, Howard.

        But you’re of course, totally wrong, as usual:

        But that’s what a disinfo shill does- lies for a piece of silver, eh Judas?

    • ME

      Part of the increase can be explained by the fact that EVERYTHING is some kind of a “syndrome” these days and autism is a convienent bucket for dubious diagnoses.

      • MaPol

        I disagree with the last part of your sentence, ME. Autism is an innate, biologically-based neurological disorder which needs to be properly diagnosed and taken care of so that a person afflicted with this disorder can live as normal and productive a live as possible. To dismiss autism as a “convenient bucket for dubious diagnoses” is completely irresponsible…and wrong.

    • CliffD

      Wow, lots of people who seem to know way more than their comments reveal! Vaccines DO contribute to autism in a very large number of cases. It’s called epigenetics. NOT genetics, epigenetics; there’s a difference. So thimerosol has been removed from SOME vaccines? Does that make them safe? Absolutely not. Read some basic immunology, and you’d know the answer. And for the gentleman who states the vaccines don’t cause autism, because his child developed autism without any vaccination…. Hello? In the ER, I take care of people daily with heart attacks, and they all aren’t caused by one thing. So your child’s ‘trigger’ wasn’t a vaccine, but something did it. and for the genius who believed the shill from big pharma and main stream media that the rise in incidence in autism is simply due to better diagnosis or widening of dignostic criteria…answer one question… How many thirty year old or twenty year old autistics have you seen? If they’ve been there all along, but not diagnosed, we should see at least one in 54 males walking around in those age groups with autism. I don’t know where you live, but they aren’t where I live…

    • MaPol

      There’s no such thing as a cure for autism, but the brain can and often enough does modify itself as a person gets older, whether wheat is eliminated from the diet or not.

    • MaPol

      That is such BS, Howard! If autism’s going to happen, it’ll happen no matter what.

  • WM

    I remember reading Kevin Trudeaus book, “Natural cures they don’t want you to know” I have always been into health and natural food and healing, but when I first saw this guy on TV and his comments about how the FDA, pharmecutical companies, health idustry, etc are all in bed together and it all about money….well I thought this guy was fruitloop.

    Since reading his book, and doing a lot more research, along with this great website, I am convinced that sick people are good for business. If people are sick with cancer, autism, etc. it means big $$$$$ for the drug companies and hospitals. The system is so corrupt and only cares about money. I am not bad mouthing doctors, but it seems as though most doctors today are capable of one of two things, surgery or prescribing drugs. My wife recently had some issues with high cholesterol. She went to test after test after test, cat scans, ekg’s, drugs, weekly 5 minute visits with cardiologist for a “check up visit”, etc.

    This article does not surprise me at all, but disturbs me deeply. Firstly, because people are led to beleieve that their children “need” to be vaccinated, and secondly, that the government is FORCING people to do it or else.

    This is a very troubling situation we have here and I thank Michael for this article, I will share with all I know.

  • I believe the flu shot caused a physicl problem for me — the doctors call it polymyalgia. I am better now after 10 years, but will not get a flue shot ever again. Another girl in my firm got fibromyalgia the same year. This must be stopped! Why are shots allowed to be contaminated with mercury or whatever it is causing these problems. Is it possible that enemies of the US are unknowingly employed by pharamaceutical companies and purposely contaminating the shots, or unknowingly employed by the companies who administer them? I would rather believe this than that our country would KNOWINGLY administer dangerous substances to our children and other groups.

    • Justa Guy

      There are many people in this country that don’t care what happens to “someone else”, as long as they can become rich off of something. Heck, there are some that would even harm their own family members, because that is how immoral our society has become, thanks to those who want to remove God from everything.

  • Chris

    Interestingly there was a similar finding in the UK given out in the last month about how the numbers of autistic children has massively increased. You may remember a Dr Andrew Wakefield in the UK exposing a link between autism and MMR vaccine (10 years ago?) and being demonized in the press and medical field for doing so. Are these same people going to be making an apology to him soon?

  • Dr. Van

    I suggest that you read an article I wrote (and published anonymously back then!) in the TOWNSEND LETTER (FOR DOCTORS) – an informal Letter Magazine for Doctors Communicating with Doctors) FEBRUARY/MARCH issue – 1994 Issue #127-128 ENTITLED:

    “Are Vaccines Generally Detrimental To The Human Defense System?”

    I think that might clear up some of your questions.
    Dr. Van Beveren

  • Billy

    Why on earth would ANYONE put something in a needle into thier body without knowing exactly what it is?? It defys common sence. That said, I know public schools require it but you CAN fight it if you are so willing. I NEVER get flu shots, take any doctors “legal drugs” and never will.

    My wife and I said we will drop dead first before ever taking statins or the like. We eat well, exercize regularly, dont smoke and drink moderatly. Ill bet if i went in for a check up, they good doctors will have me on 3 medications by the time I left. No way Jose!

    • mplo

      The fact that you and your wife take care of yourselves, are active, eat well and exercise regularly doesn’t mean that you or anybody else is immune to developing a crippling or deadly disease. That’s what vaccines protect people from. Polio, tetanus, whooping cough, mumps and measles aren’t like the common cold or even the flu, both of which can be at least minimized by taking small steps of hygeine, exercising and eating in moderation. They (polio, pertussis, diptheria, TB, mumps and measles) are deadly disease that permanently cripple and/or kill people outright, and to not get one’s kids vaccinated against such deadly but preventable illnesses is dangerously irresponsible

      • Kayla

        Seriously, that’s the best word to describe your comment, mplo.
        Hell yes! At least there’s another person out there with common sense and intelligence. You are like the lone candle burning in the vast night sky….a little glimmer of hope for the human race! And my little flame is right there next to yours haha.

  • mondobeyondo

    By the way, I don’t know what causes autism. But I suspect it may have something to do with strawberry ice cream.

    Just a thought. I can’t verify that.

    • mondobeyondo

      Seriously… (and please, no more “Airplane” jokes, I’ve heard nearly all of those)
      Where was autism 10 years ago? 20 years ago? 50 or 60 years ago?
      Surely this was around half a century ago. Am I right?
      And don’t call me Shirley.

      (ugh! I tried to resist that one! I really did!!)

      • Linda

        What causes autism you can find on the website of the research organization called Sound Choice Pharmaceuticals. Its founder, Dr. Theresa Deisher, is a researcher/scientist who has identified the exact “changepoint” of the incidence of autisim: This changepoint, after which autism rates shot out of the roof from 1:10,000 (very rare) to an outrageously frequent 1:80 was, that in 1988, ABORTED FETAL TISSUE was introduced into the MMR Vaccine (mumps, measles, rubella).

        In Sound Choice Pharmaceutical’s June 2009 newsletter, the exact mechanism how the aborted fetal cells–the “damaged DNA” cells– enter the vaccinated child’s brain, and have a particular affinity for the male brain, which accounts for the predominance of autism in boys.

        Please go to this website and phone Dr. Deisher for verification of this literally EARTH SHAKING information! Every family with an autistic child and every family with children who have not yet been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine DESERVE TO KNOW THESE FACTS!!!

        • mondobeyondo

          Thank you, Linda! I’ll check into the website you mentioned, and evaluate the information.

          • mondobeyondo

            If you were paying attention, Linda never mentioned Dr. Deisher’s website in her post. That’s okay. Happy April Fool’s Day to you too!

            No, but seriously, and I mean this – I will look into this, provided I have the time and resources.

        • MaPol

          Nobody knows what causes autism, but blaming the vaccines is beyond ludicrous, and the swallowing of dangerous propaganda.

  • Jen

    Just saw Frontline’s “Vaccine Wars” recently and was disappointed with the way this issue was handled. Yes, the defeat of polio appears to have been a direct result of vaccinations. However, the medical/pharmaceutical industry has changed a great deal since the polio vaccine was introduced. I remember seeing Jonas Salk interviewed, and when asked about profiting financially from the development of the vaccine, he stated that improved public health was the ultimate goal. He said that it would be like charging people for the use of the sun! You sure wouldn’t hear anything like that out of big medical/pharma now. The current medical culture is all about the money, and to hell with people’s health. Indeed, I don’t think it’s paranoid to believe that they actively pursue ways to make the populace sicker and more dependent on their so-called cures. I am a child of the ’70’s, and I don’t think the vaccines my generation was subjected to was dangerous in comparison to what children today are given.

  • Jen

    Actually, when we start talking about the Gardasil issue, the arguments for vaccination just don’t make sense. It does not protect against all strains of HPV. The reward just doesn’t offset the risks, but when our whorish so-called leaders sell out to the industry, we see draconian laws written to force us to take the poison. It’s never about public health. It’s about private profits.

  • jackier

    I wish there was a study on how many develop Autism in other countries. Or if there are any in The amish or other groups that don’t vacinate.

    • mondobeyondo

      As far as I am aware, I don’t know of any cases of autistic Amish children. That’s not to say there aren’t any, though.

      • MaPol

        How do you know that there are no autistic Amish children, mondobeyondo? Autism knows no boundaries; there are people in every culture, race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, in every city, town and village in every country in every part of the world, including the United States who are afflicted with autism. Autism cannot be prevented. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, no matter what, and it’s a poorly-understood mystery, and the fact that there are so many willfully ignorant people like you who think they understand autism when they absolutely DON’T doesn’t help any, either.

    • MaPol

      Autism is recognized worldwide, and nobody anywhere in the world is immune from developing it or having a kid or two who develops it.

  • Benjik

    Another interesting fact is the wildly differentiating rate of autism/childhood mental disorders between hospital systems and healthcare groups. I firmly believe this is directly related to the types, quantities and sources of the vaccines administered in any single healthcare group. I have been personally researching this topic for several years as our oldest child is afflicted with moderate mental and physical disabilities. Our other child, 2 years younger, is the exact opposite with a near-perfect physique and above average I.Q. The “X” factor? They were born and vaccinated in 2 different healthcare systems, the first one having a horrible reputation with escalated levels of diagnosed autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy and other early-childhood disorders.

    • Guido

      So which hospitals and HMOs provide the least autism? Where do the Rockefellers get their shots???

  • Emma

    Another possible factor to consider is exposure to various eletromagnetic fields (from wired electricity sources aswell as wireless technologies). The impact on calcium ions and cell memebrane permeability may act synergistically with heavy metal toxicity…worth considering perhaps?

  • claire

    My son was born in the summer of 1979. He had an excellent pediatrician who strongly advised me NOT to give my son the DPT shot. He said he would give him a tetanus shot but not the diptheria or the whooping cough shot. Is it possible that the problem lies specifically with the diptheria and whooping cough vaccine? My son in now a grown man in excellent health. I am glad I listened to the pediatrician and withheld the diptheria and whooping cough vaccine.

  • Good on Ya American Dream:

    The entire cholesterol Statin preventive is a cruel ripoff. Despite that as advertised the Statin drugs can and will kill you the sheep flock to the drug stores.

    Right on American Dream – WRITE ON!


    P.S. “May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese curse

  • guido

    This issue has scared me for a long time. I don’t know why we can’t have better medicines for our kids. I don’t know why we need mercury where there are other alternatives. Perhaps the first drug company to comes out with “organic” drugs will be the next lead-into-gold success story?

    On a different note, I have a psychiatrist friend who put forward the idea (independent of this article) that autism may be a reflection of our new existence and habits. I won’t pretend to be an expert, but his theory was it is a possible mutation, or something, that fits in better with our new work and lifestyle habits. That is, in the developed world, where there is more autism, we are moving to a more wired, more technical, more high-concentration work and lifestyle where we do more through computers than we do outside in nature and we are much less face-to-face social than we used to be and these pursuits are now being reflected in our children. He made the point, and I have no way of proving it, that higher-intelligence, high-tech people may have higher incidences of autism in their kids than others.

    I’m no expert, as I said, but I wanted to toss out his idea because it was absolutely unusual compared to conventional wisdom.

    • MaPol

      Autism has been around forever, and people will always end up with it, regardless of what kind of lifestyle and existence they’re leading, who they are, and what socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, or religious background they are

  • Uncle Sam

    I ain’t a doctor, but here is some life experience:

    I have many children, the youngest is twelve. No vaccines ever, no flu shots, no blood drawn….and…They have NEVER been sick. To this day, none of them could tell you what a doctor looks like, or what a hospital smells like or even what it is like to have a fever. The have no frame of reference for such things.

    Not saying vaccines are a cause of illness, but here is some damn good evidence.


  • Concerned Mom

    My husband and I adopted our son internationally when he was a year old. Because he had some vaccinations in his native country, the doctors here gave him some vaccines late. And I would only allow them to give him one at a time so it was slow. He was about 3 when he had his MMR as a result. He had a bad reaction – first in pain and then stopped speaking. Then he exhibited autistic bahavior for about 6 hours before he finally came out of it and seemed to over-come it. I am convinced to this day that if he had gotten the shot a year or two earlier he would not have been able to overcome it and he would be autistic today. I will never allow people to bully me into doing anything since. I have no doubt after that incident – vaccines cause autism!

    • MElastigirl

      Please do some real research! Your child’s reaction has nothing to do with autism, and science proves it. The Internet is full of stories like yours, but the link you make defies logic. My stepdaughter felt a little under the weather after her last series. But these very mild reactions are not a reason to undermine public health. Even my cats are sometimes sluggish and “out of it” after vaccines. I wonder why there aren’t more autistic pets today…

    • MaPol

      Nobody’s trying to bully you into doing anything, or not doing anything, Concerned Mom. It seems to me that people like YOU are the ones doing the bullying of those who are doing the right thing and acting responsibly by having their kids immunized so that they won’t be permanently crippled or killed by a debilitating, devastating disease.

      I also might add that your last sentence “Vaccines cause autism”, is a bunch of unmitigated BS. Bull. f**king. s**t.

  • Greg Allen Getty

    Given the drop in autism after taking Thimerosal out of their vaccines; “Danish researchers, the CDC and the Journal of Pediatrics colluded to exclude the data showing a downward trend, substituting it with a claim of an upward trend in the Journal of Pediatrics 2003. This article has been the foundation for the claim and the widespread belief that mercury in the form of Thimerosal is safe in vaccines and has nothing to do with autism. In contrast, if that article had accurately reported a downturn in autism in Denmark, that true statement could have only led to the conclusion that mercury in the form of Thimerosal is a factor in causing autism.” Thank you ‘Fighting MSM Disinfo’ for Bolen Report link here’s another (RFK jr.’s article on CDC secret retreat on how to cover up what you don’t want your own kids given)

  • mondobeyondo

    And WHY has nothing been said about this before???????

    (It’s a rhetorical question. Don’t bother answering.
    We all know the answer.)

  • This connection between vaccines and autism has been around for a long time – years. So long in fact that scientists have had time to conduct studies. These studies all show that there is no link between vaccines and autism.

    The key problem is that autism will naturally start showing up after a couple of years. This happens to be about the time kids are getting or have gotten a lot of vaccines. But there is no connection. Correlation is not causation.

    Do your own research!

    • MaPol

      Well said, Matt! Bravo! Thanks.

    • TMI

      i have done my rsearch. new reasearch has shown that the fetal cell lines and retroviruses IN the vaccines are causing the spike. specifically the chicken pox vaccine. You do the research.

      • mplo

        Wrong, TMI! No link has been found between the vaccines and autism. Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the surgeon and researcher in question here lost his license to practice medicine, due to his having deliberately used falsified data for his study. He deserved to lose his license, imho.

    • UrAldr

      You are wrong! In 1998 a research paper presented by former surgeon and researcher Andrew Wakefield and twelve other authors showed a correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism, which today is known as the “MMR vaccine controversy”. It’s a long story.. but what followed was a modern witch hunt, the outcome of which the research has been denounced as fraudulent and Wakefield lost his license to work as a physician. Wakefield has continued to defend his research and conclusions, saying there was no fraud, hoax or profit motive. Keep researching, but don’t settle for lies- to say there is no connection is false.

      • Lee Garrod

        Have you read about the Wakefield case at all? It was a flawed study that looked at a statistically insignificant group of people. It’s not rejected by scientists because of “big pharma”, it’s rejected because it was badly conducted. It’s no more proof than me saying “I went to Accident and Emergency today and nearly everyone involved in car accidents had eaten toast. So this proves that toast causes accidents”

        • Kayla

          Lee Garrod: This was perhaps my favorite comment on this entire post!
          Well stated! Correlation does not imply causation!

          I love your analogy of toast causing accidents haha. So perfect.

      • mplo

        Wrong, UrAldr!

        Dr. Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine because he deliberately and knowingly used flawed and faulty data for his bogus study on this subject. The so-called “link” between the vaccines and autism was disproved and tossed out by the wayside ages ago.

    • Carol Walker Cline

      i have done my research – they do cause autism – maybe you should do a little more – look up Dr. William Thompson – CDC whistleblower – they all lied

  • Julie

    Pediatric vaccines are thimerysal free,and yet still autism rates are climbing? Maybe there is another reason for increased rates of autism? Perhaps its better screening? Scaring people is wrong — if you don’t want vaccines don’t get them, but do go in for health checks for development and growth checks. Parents seem to forget that health checks are still necessary even if not getting vaccines.

    • MaPol

      I don’t think that it’s that the rates of autism have been increasing. It’s that more people are now aware of autism and are looking to get help for their kids.

  • Proftel


    Chrome has read what’s here:

    Interesting information.


  • It’s the vaccines, dummy!
    For vaccines are the common denominator in all these children who — according to thousands of parents’ video recordings — suddenly loose their abilities in speech and movement after their MMR shots…
    These kids are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine, they signal that the burden of the toxic substances in vaccines is an overload. And this overload comprises definitely NOT only mercury, but also aluminium plus the unknown quantities of unknown bacteria and viruses from the culture mediums on which these vaccines’ brews were produced.

    The only safe vaccine is the vaccine that is never made…
    I deliberately deviate here from the quote “The only wholly safe vaccine is a vaccine that is never used” by dr James A. Shannon, National Institute of Health, USA

    • MaPol

      “It’s the vaccines, dummy!”

      Oh, no it ain’t, honeybabe! These kids more than likely came into the world with the innate, biologically-based pre-disposition towards autism, because a kid who’s afflicted with this condition is hardwired together like that well before s/he even comes into this world. This hard-wiring takes place in utero, during fetal development. I suggest not blaming the vaccines on autism or whatever, because that’s dangerously irresponsible propaganda spread by demagogues who don’t care one whit about the fact that they bully and manipulate hysterical people into putting their children and/or their children’s children at risk for a horrible disease that will either kill or cripple them, even before they’re in their teens.

  • Pam

    This is factual truth! I know from professional and personal experience.
    As a nurse I was required to get a flu shot. I developed disability with Fibroandfatigue syndrome in 1996.
    My son had a DPT in 1983 and had high fevers, pitched cry, limpness etc. we never finished the series but he had an MMR and Later delayed speech and learning disorders.
    I took my training at Yale and have been lie to! Vaccines are ruining lives daily..

    • mondobeyondo

      If that is true (and I am not denying it isn’t – I believe you 100%) – why isn’t it common public knowledge? Why isn’t that on the network news? Just a bunch of “medical professionals” and “medical correspondents” claiming that “we don’t know the cause of autism?”

      Is someone supressing the real information? (Well, duh!!)
      Why isn’t the truth coming out?

    • MaPol

      That’s a bunch of baloney, Pam. The notion that vaccines cause autism and other learning/developmental disabilities was disproved and tossed out by the wayside a long time ago. The fact that you and so many other people are still buying into the notion that autism and learning/developmental disabalities are caused by the vaccines is really revolting, because that attitude is going to put your child and other children at risk.

      Your son probably had learning and developmental disabilities even before he was born; inotherwords, he was hardwired together that way to begin with.

  • I’ve been saying this for years – vaccines cause more problems & make you dependent upon big Pharma companies to remain living/substandard living (not healthy living). The greatest day was when I retired from the military because I would NEVER have to get another vaccine again. My wife & daughter got exceptions to not take them & they are super healthy.

    Just another reason to NOT trust the government.

  • Laura

    All interesting comments, but the major vaccine/autism link probably has quite a bit to do with the increasing development of vaccines since the 1960’s containing aborted human fetal cell lines. Check out and the website. Print the list and give it to your pediatrician or family doctor who most definitely is uninformed about this. If we demand vaccines that are ethically developed (they already exist) then we will get them. Speak up and we can change this. Let’s save our children.

  • Gary2

    Our schools are absolutely packed with “special needs” children.

    Future conservatives. I have been trying to tell everyone that there is a study from Canada that proves conservatives are not as smart as the average person (already not too high a car to get over)

    Its no surprise that dumb parents raise dumb kids. This is how conservatism perpetuates itself.

  • Gary2

    I think the increase in Autism is a direct result of the MSM being so wacky conservative–fox news–am hate radio–rush oxycontin 4 wives bimbo..

    All that conservative nonsense would cause anyone to shut down.

    Their sickeningly immoral policies of cutting childhood healthcare and nutrition services in order to give the rich a tax cut is also a cause.

    • Guido

      Way to drag an important discussion through the mud, Gary. It’s a good thing conservatives are too stupid to pervert a legitimate dialogue like this one into an ignorant pseudo-political diatribe like you did.

  • Gary2

    So Time magazine wrote an article a few years ago stating that insured families pay $1100 more and individuals pay $410 more to cover those without insurance. Isn’t it unconstitutional to make me and everyone else pay against our will for the uninsured? It’s the flip side of the coin.

    I’m just wondering if I can file a class action lawsuit to get my money back because when I multiply that over 20 years, that’s a lot of money. Sorry for the people who don’t have insurance, but it’s the fault of those against universal coverage. If people are too ignorant to be in favor of universal coverage then I shouldn’t be responsible for picking up the tab.

    I hope you all know that if Obama care is overruled we will get single payer as we all know that will pass constitutional muster.

    I am thinking that was his plan all along. we can finally join the other developed countries where healthcare is a right and not a privilege for the rich.

    Some of the above was cut/paste from onpointradio.

    • Guido

      Alternatively, we could ban insurance altogether.
      That would make it fair for all and it would be much more Constitutional than your Socialist pay-for-the-freeloaders plan.
      Insurance is legalized gambling where you bet against yourself and the payoff is piss-poor.
      If we had to face the reality that medicine is expensive, perhaps we would learn the lesson of saving money, rather than blowing it on cheap consumer distractions and relying on others to foot our bills. It might seem harsh, but life is pretty cruel. Everyone isn’t guaranteed to be a rockstar astronaut president who lives to age 120.

      If Obamacare is so good, why did the Obama administration tell older women not to get breast exams? And why did they secretly meet with Big Pharma in crafting it? That’s hardly the transparency we were promised. And why did so many big corporations, like McDonald’s, get exempted? Doesn’t that fly in the face of your beliefs? And why did all this need to be done for a statistical minority, mainly young people who don’t want to buy insurance? And why, if this was so important, did it have to be rushed through so fast, no one had a chance to read the bill? In a free nation, shouldn’t we have been allowed a say in the process?

      • gary2

        need single payer like the rest of the civilized world.

      • MaPol

        Abolish healthcare insurance altogether?!? Ha ha ha! That’s all we’d need…for everybody to go into financial ruin due to having to pay for their medical care out of their own damned pockets when they become injured or ill and need to be hospitalized!

    • MaPol

      “If Obamacare is overruled, we’ll get Single Payer”?

      Fat chance.

  • Let the blue-eyed sheeple take their vaccines, let them be sick and wake up to late. If they were warned and still took the poisons, there´s no need to feel bad for them.

    • MaPol

      I’d ordinarily say let the sheeple refuse vaccines for his/her kids, but she’s putting tons of other kids, besides her own, by doing that.

  • whiteyward

    Capitalist love a law that makes there product mandatory. Once in effect the product will not improve or have competition from the marketplace. The Turks used inoculations for smallpox in 1700. The industry has made No advance other than in advertising in 500 years.

  • harmony

    I think autism is caused by a cocktail of things such as chemicals in our daily products and food, dyes, vaccines, chemtrails, flouride & chlorine in water, tainted meat and milk including hormones, antibiotics and our animals aren’t even naturally fed anymore.. Not to exclude the genetically altered food that we don’t know is doing to our DNA and bodies. The list goes on..

    We weren’t meant to live this way so it’s only natural it’s showing signs in our children.

    There are no excuses. We the people can take control again. We just need enough people to wake up and fight for a more natural way of living!

    • MaPol

      BS, harmony! Autism is an innate, biologically-based neurological disorder, and if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, no matter what.

  • Dawn

    When my oldest son was born, I refused to allow him to be vaccinated. For 3 years, he was a happy, outgoing, child. Then in order to go into preschool he was required to have vaccinations. He became a morose, aggressive, sullen, and uncommunicative person overnight. He still is, 24 years later – nothing like the cheerful little boy he was the first 3 years. How terribly sad that we are now seeing just the beginning of these children who should now be taking their place as the young adults of our country but are wandering, lost, unhappy and unable to hold a job or a relationship – just to put money in the pockets of government officials and pharmaceutical stockholders. Our whole country is paying and will pay for this greed. Imagine 20 years from now when the increased numbers of autistic children become adults. The baby boomer generation will never be able to work long enough to support these young people.

  • Andy

    I was born in 1980. After reading this article and thinking back to when I was in school, I can remember only 1 kid that was in special needs. Now I have a daughter that is in kindergarten and when I’m at her school I see them everywhere. There is a reason.

  • gary2

    dude–I thing Gog has autism. At least he can spell his name correctly forward or backwards.

  • urnext


  • Olive

    My family and I have been saying this for 20 years since two of my grandchildren were developing like normal children until they got their immunizations when they were 18 months old. Of course the drug companies and doctors will never admit that the drugs being injected into these young babies would cause autism – we know better. It’s all about MONEY!!!

    • Linda

      @Olive: I’m so sorry for your beloved grandchildren! Please, Please go to the website for Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, a research organization who has determined that the EXACT year that Autism went from a very rare 1/10,000 babies to a stunning, outrageous 1/100 (unprecedented in ANY disease or condition in the history of mankind) in the U.S. was 1988, the very year that ABORTED FETAL CELLS WERE INTRODUCED INTO THE MMR VACCINE!!!! In other countries, whatever year the MMR Vaccine was injected with aborted fetal cells, that was the year that Autism rates SKYROCKETED!

      Dr. Theresa Deisher, the director of Sound Choice, tells us that the “damaged DNA” from the aborted children enters the body of the vaccinated child, and ends up in the brain. For some reason, male brains have more of a susceptibility to the damaged DNA “clinging” to the brain cells than the female brain does, hence the predominance of Autism in little boys!

      This is the most earth-shaking, blockbuster news I’ve ever encountered in my lifetime, and NOBODY knows about it! Millions of children can be spared this tragic disease of Autism, if this information was disseminated to the masses!

      Please go to the website for Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute and read the June 2009 Newsletter for an in-depth explanation of this tragic horror inflicted on innocent children by pharmaceutical companies whose “bottom line” is their only goal!! Call Dr. Deisher and she will verify this CRUCIAL, MONUMENTAL information!

    • MaPol

      I’m not buying that, Olive. Your grandchildren were probably hard-wired together with the biological predisposition towards autism in utero, during fetal development, long before they even came into this world.

  • Chris K.

    Yes, I truely believe it is the vaccines! Read, “The 100 Year Lie” book..
    it tells the first case of “Autism” which was when the MMr Vaccine came about…what does that tell you?

    • MaPol

      Baloney, Chris K! I ain’t buyin’ it!

  • r3volution

    I am the one who posted the message copied in the article about my 2 children being hospitalized after a routine vaccination. I just want to follow up that my daughter is now cured and my son is recovering. I want to make sure other parents know that autism can be improved or cured but it is not easy and it is difficult to know what will help each child. I have seen several other children recover that were in my kids special needs preschool. Boys are more difficult to recover. I am very concerned about my son even though he has made so much progress. He is now being treated by Dr. Micheal Goldberg who wrote the book, “The Myth of Autism.” Goldbergs protocol treats autism as a neuro-immune disorder and he has had much success recovering afflicted children.

    Our autistic children are ill and immuno-compromised. Giving them vaccines with toxins is one of the worst things that can happen to an immune compromised individual. The symptoms our children are presenting is part of a disease process. We need to recognize this as an illness and help our most vulnerable children with proper medical interventions that can help recover them. Therapies are great and helpful but autistic children need medical attention first and foremost. Despite all the autism awareness and funding, there is little provided to autistic children in the way of medical treatment and testing. Loads of therapy are offered and the disease is treated as a psychological disorder. It is not.

    As far as vaccines, even if vaccines are effective as claimed, shouldn’t we be critically monitoring and examining each child’s ability and risk to accept a vaccine? My experience showed me that there is nothing in place to assess if a child is too weak or vulnerable; and no effort is made to opt out children who are. Believe me I was a parent that asked all the questions and told the pediatrician that I was not comfortable with vaccinations (having earlier given up vaccinations on my pets) but he and his staff bullied me into it with a lot of pressure and horror stories all the while assuring me that there was no chance my kids would get autism. That is the last time I trust the “experts.”

    • Michael

      Thank you for giving us that update.

      Yes, it is very important that people realize that there is hope.


    • Michael
    • Elmer Fudd

      I wish you well with your children. However please understand that you have simply choosen to treat with one “expert” rather that other “experts”. Which is one of the problems with sites like this one – one can be lulled into the conclusion that the majority of opinions expressed here must be truth. It is way too easy to believe that the collective wisdom of many parents, who are distraught about their children’s situation, is a a definitive medical conclusion.
      If you have success with Dr Goldberg, terrific. But that success, while wonderful for your individual child, describes little about the potential for similar successes with others.
      His theory is that many of the children diagnosed with autism may not in fact have it – rather, he believes that there is medical evidence to conclude that some sort of viral – induced infection renders certain portions of our immune system impotent – or less effective than in others. And that, further, this auto-immune condition presents in a variety of symptoms, which are sometimes mistaken for a diagnosis of generic autism. He might even be right. And certainly for those for whom his suggested treatment is working, great news. But more current research has suggested that, at least in some, there are in fact “abnormal” brain developments which present later in infancy in similar behavioral patterns. The point is that it looks like those who are diagnosed with autism but, regardless of the treatment path chosen do “recover”, likely they didn’t have it in the first place.
      And there may be even broader implications to a viral induced auto immune insufficiency. Research needs to continue as the jury is not yet in.
      And please, read his work before you express what he is saying. He has never said, nor is now saying, that our national vaccine program should be terminated – he has said in writing just the opposite. Peditricians now consider who of their patients should be vaccinated – they base their conclusions on the likelyhood of the vaccine bringing greater harm than what it protects from. Dr. Goldberg is merely suggesting that there is a greater spectrum of factors to consider before making this decision. I do not think Dr Goldberg wants to return to the days when parents used to dread a diagnosis of polio for their infant – my guess is that you don’t want that either.

    • MaPol

      That’s a lot of horse dung, r3volution. Some points of view are dangerously irresponsible, and yours, I’m sorry to say, is one of them.

  • sc

    I was born in the 60’s, few immunizations then and autism unheard of. My oldest, girl, born in 80’s got a few more. No health issues. With my son, born in the 90’s I began signing the religious exemption to vaccines until he was a teenager, then he got his shots, no health problems. My third child, girl, all shots required on schedule, lots of health problems. My youngest, born in 06, forced to have all shots to get into school, had a severe reaction to the last round of shots. High fever, fatigue, swelling, her arm doubled in size, and extreme itching. Has food allergies, health issues. I will not do future shots even if prevented from public school.

    Why can’t parents choose to vaccinate or not? It used to be our right. We were just warned that without them they would have to be absent from school during any outbreaks. Now we are forced to get them or not be allowed to educate our children other than home school.

    • MElastigirl

      Please read my comment below about Paul Offit’s book, Deadly Choices. Your choices affect everyone. The side effects of vaccines are minor compared to the illnesses they prevent. Your son’s health issues have no link to vaccines, just like most of the stories you read on the Internet. My stepson nearly died of whooping cough. Children do die of this and other preventable diseases, and because of reduced vaccine rates, these illnesses are on the rise. I think the parents of children who have died from measles would gladly trade places with you. Count your blessings and do the right thing.

    • MaPol

      When my siblings and I were growing up, we had a family who lived several houses down the street from us who refused to immunize their kids against the typical childhood diseases because they were Christian Scientists. Well….wouldn’t you know it…one of that family’s kids came down with Pertussis (Whooping cough), whooped and vomited for about an hour during school class, and wasn’t even sent home.

      There’s now a law that’s been in place for many years that if a child’s life is in danger, then the family has to allow professional medical intervention, whether they want to or not.

    • MaPol

      What MElastgirl said, sc.

    • mplo

      Autism has been around forever, and was first identified during the early 1940’s. Parents are required to get their kids vaccinated for a reason: to protect against deadly but preventable diseases, and to protect other children as well.

  • It’s got to be more than thimerosal, because that particular additive is banned in California. And guess what…

    • ciaparker2

      Thimerosal has been a major cause since the first autistic cohort of the ’30s, when thimerosal was first included in the diphtheria vaccine (see the excellent book The Age of Autism). See the studies by Burbacher and Noble on the biochemical mechanisms by which mercury in vaccines does its damage. The explanations in The Age of Autism pp. 307-315 are specific and horrifying. Some people do not excrete the vaccine mercury as well as others, and we store it instead in the brain, where it does its damage over a lifetime. See the essay “Three Short Years” in Vaccine Epidemic and the book Evidence of Harm on autistic children in whom tests showed a very high level of mercury, when their only exposure had been vaccine mercury. For some years, children were routinely injfected over their first year and a half with hundreds of times the believed “safe” amount of mercury, and no one even thought to add up the cumulative burden. Even each invidual shot had many times the “safe” level. Even now, the multivial injected flu vaccine still contains 25 mcg of mercury per dose, and, since 2004, it has been recommended to be given every year. The supermarket where we shop has fliers this winter promoting their Fluzone vaccine for everyone over six months, specifying that the preservative (mercury)-free version be given to pregnant women and those over 65, but everyone else gets the mercury-containing version, including babies and children. Many vaccines still have “trace” levels of mercury that are ten times the amount considered hazardous waste and a hundred times the amount permitted in drinking water. And aluminum, highly neurotoxic, is in most of the vaccines, again, at many times the accepted “safe” level. And Ayn, vaccine encephalitis causes autism even without mercury, caused by the inflammation caused by every vaccine becoming excessive and involving the brain. My baby screamed inconsolably for four days and nights following the hep-B vax at birth, and also had symptoms of mercury toxicity. So I don’t know which of the two was more responsible than the other for her autism. The MMR is a live virus vaccine, never had mercury, but still has caused millions of cases of autism worldwide.

    • ciaparker2

      Thimersal is still in most injected flu vaccines in full strength, and in “trace” amounts in many that are still ten times over the hazardous waste level. And any vaccine causes the immune system to react with inflammation, to force the production of antibodies. This inflammation often becomes excessive and involves the brain (encephalitis), wth many kinds of brain damage ensuing.

  • Nana

    A major study conducted by researchers affiliated with the UC Davis MIND Institute has found strong links between maternal diabetes and obesity and the likelihood of having a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or another developmental disorder.

    The study, which investigated the relationships between maternal metabolic conditions and the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders, found that mothers who were obese were 67 percent more likely to have a child with ASD than normal-weight mothers without diabetes or hypertension, and were more than twice as likely to have a child with another developmental disorder.

    Mothers with diabetes were found to have nearly 67 percent more likely to have a child with developmental delays as healthy mothers. However, the proportion of mothers with diabetes who had a child with ASD was higher than in healthy moms but did not reach statistical significance.

    The study also found that the children of diabetic mothers who had ASD were more disabled — had greater deficits in language comprehension and production and adaptive communication — than were the children with ASD born to healthy mothers.

    However, even children without ASD born to diabetic mothers exhibited impairments in socialization in addition to language comprehension and production, when compared with the non-ASD children of healthy women. Children without ASD of mothers with any of the metabolic conditions displayed mild deficits in problem solving, language comprehension and production, motor skills and socialization.

  • Andrew Jacobson

    I was indicated for child neglect for not vaccinating my grandson for tetenus because he cut his chin and needed stitches. I fought it at a hearing at social services. I told the judge that those vaccinations have mercury in them and that the FDA says that no amount of mercury that enters the human body can be considered safe and that I could not have him vaccinated for that reason. When the hearing was over she shut the tape recorder off and said and I quote. “And in 2002 when they quit making those vaccinations mandatory in Europe the autism rates plumeted.” end quote. Almost a year later I got the final decision and I was indicated for child abuse neglect. I knew that was going to happen because it is all politically motivated. If she let me off the hook she would have lost her job for not towing the established line…

    • Elmer Fudd


      The reason you were found in neglect of your child is because you are. Those vaccines do not have mercury in them and have not for decades. So why don’t you know that – it’s because you rely on information from websites and sources that expoit shit-for-brains parents with vague notions about conspiracies and big pharma and other buzz words which appeal to folks who do not have a clue. Do some research and go back to school.

      • UrAldr

        Funny you should say that when I just spoke to a specialist in virology that could confirm that all vaccines have mercury in them. Seem to me you are the clueless one. Sharpen up your act.

        • UrAldr

          The reason they put mercury in vaccines, as I was told by the specialists in virology, is to preserve them for longer periods of storage and prevent potentially life threatening contamination with harmful microbes. The claim is that the dose of mercury is so small it wouln’t constitute any health risk. So.. whoever voted down this simple fact can go do some research of their own cause they are in denial. This is open knowledge, but you got to read up.

    • MaPol

      You get no sympathy from me, Andrew Jacobson. You deserved to get into trouble for being so irresponsible.

  • JRD

    If vaccines cause autism, why is there NO proven study????? And DON’T say “it’s about the money”… there are hundreds of university programs that do this research and don’t give a CRAP about what the pharmaceutical companies want. If there was a true link, there WOULD BE A PROVEN STUDY about it!!! But, let’s talk about how many thousands of lives are SAVED by immunizations… oh wait. We can’t. Because those people never got sick and died. Do some REAL research, people. Look at every side of the issue, not just a couple of stupid web sites.

    • ciaparker2

      There is tons and tons of scientific and epidemiological evidence, but Big Pharma has so much influence that they deny and suppress it. Thomas Verstraeten’s study was kept from public view for over ten years, and Simpsonwood was convened to try to figure out how to play the undeniable evidence in it that vaccines cause autism, and they did. The CDC has just released the original study, which shows that the relative risk of autism after a mercury-containing vaccine is 7.6, with 2.0 being accepted in courts of law as proving a causal relationship.

      • mplo

        There is NO scientific evidence, let alone any proven link that vaccines cause autism. The fact that British-born Dr. Andrew Wakefield lost his license due to having deliberately and knowingly used falsified data for his so-called study on this subject, which was disproved and tossed out by the wayside a long time ago, indicates that enough responsible people were able to fight it and get that charlatan put down, which they should’ve, imho.

    • GoodIdea

      $$$. Doctors and scientists who speak out against big companies often get their research shut down. Or they get fired. Unfortunately it’s true.

      Also if you read the article you would know that a lot of these diseases were basically eradicated before vaccine use became widespread.
      Vaccines can do good… just not in their current form at their current dosage.

    • Carol Walker Cline

      there are LOTS of studies! – and the CDC’s study was one of them! – look it up – Dr. William Thompson – CDC whistle-blower who admitted the fraud! – his voice is all of the internet admitting such!

  • n. daniels

    I am sure that the vaccines are less than ideal however to blame them for Autism might be a stretch. I work with children, granted not every child in the world but a lot of them. Autism is simply the next catch-phrase to replace ADHD in the world of childhood behavior problems. Autism is a terrible thing but less than 1% of those diagnosed with it actually have it. What they have are parents who allow the TV to raise their children. They are taught nothing regarding behavior standards, manners or self-control and the end-result is a child who enters school and runs amok. The child is then taken to a “professional” who has to come up with a diagnosis other than “teach your child to act appropriately and you will have no more problems”.
    Like I said I don’t work with every child on the planet but this is a fact…..100% of the children I have worked with who have been diagnosed with ADHD and/or autistic tendencies are the result of parenting that does not exist. Any person with any common sense can sit back and watch how the “special needs” child is handled in a public setting and it becomes obvious immediately “who” has the problem.
    Turn off the idiot box, teach your children to read, teach them manners and most importantly teach them about the love of God through Jesus Christ and you are practically guaranteed to have an awesome child. God Bless.

    • MaPol

      n. daniels: I agree that blaming the vaccines on the advent of Autism is a stretch, especially because autism has been around forever…well before the vaccines were developed, plus the so-called link between autism and vaccines was disproved and tossed out by the wayside a long time ago.

      I do, however, take issue with the notion that autism is simply a catch-all and an excuse to give kids who behave inappropriately. Autism is a biologically-based, innate, physiologically-based neurological disorder that affects 1 in 88 children. There are varying degrees of severity regarding this disorder. If early intervention and treatment for autism takes place, then a person’s prognosis can be and is often enough better, but the longterm prognosis of autism isn’t good, particularly since the majority of autistic children and adults alike are mentally retarded, in addition to having autism. So, the attitude “teach your child to act appropriately” or ‘all this kid needs is a swift kick in the pants” are not necessarily and always appropriate responses.

    • Kayla

      n. daniels: Beautifully stated!

    • mplo

      That’s total phony BS, n. daniels. Autism is a biologically-based, innate neurological disorder that is not caused by vaccines or by cold, rejecting parents. Nor is it the new ADD/ADHD, either, although ADD and ADHD can and often enough do co-exist alongside autism and Aspergers. (the latter of which is on the spectrum.

  • JR

    I cannot believe some of the ridiculous things posted in this article. Some of the testimonials aren’t even spelled correctly “aweful” instead of “awful”. Come on people. Educate yourselves! And by that I mean use credible sources such as the CDC or peer reviewed articles. Autism on the rise means that something environmental must be the culprit? NO! It’s because there is better diagnostics and reporting. Additionally austism is a broad spectrum disorder with only 3 general requirements for being grouped into this disorder. Which makes it easier for children with certain developmental delays to be termed autistic.

    And the comments are worse. Parents claiming their children changed overnight due to vaccinations. You’re WRONG! Children with autism will display signs of it around the age they get immunizations and that is the ONLY reason people are making that link. If you want to wait until your child is a teen to get vaccines. Go for it. I can 100% guarantee you they will not get autism. They also may not live until their teens if they get measles or haemophilus type B.

    • MaPol

      Well said, JR! A kid who develops autism is hard-wired together that way long before s/he even comes into our world; inotherwords, the biological hard-wiring for autism takes root in utero, during fetal development. Blaming the vaccines on autism is dangerous, irresponsible propaganda.

      • ciaparker2

        You guys are clueless. Read The Age of Autism, the book, which provides hundreds of pages of research into the genesis of autism, which didn’t exist before vaccines. It is your reactive defense of vaccines which is the dangerous, irresponsible propaganda. I’m sure you’re aware of the hundreds of thousands of children who were talking, walking, eating normally, socializing, totally normal until they got the MMR (in my daughter it was the hep-B vax and the DTaP booster), when they abruptly, within days of the MMR, lost all their acquired skills and regressed into autism and painful bowel disease.

        • Kayla

          ciaparker2: Stop, Just stop…really.
          Just stop while you’re still ahead.

          • ciaparker2

            And yet the whole scientific method is premised on the fact that correlation often DOES mean causation. It’s just become a pharma meme to try to dismiss the experience of hundreds of thousands of parents seeing their child react severely and with permanent disability to a vaccine. Yes, I’m ahead, but I won’t stop until all parents are aware of the stakes involved in getting a vaccine.

      • GoodIdea

        You’re a stupid man, there’s no easy way to say it.

      • Carol Walker Cline

        you are so wrong it’s sad – there are MULTIPLE causes of autism – and vaccines are definitely one of them!

    • ciaparker2

      When I was a child, all children, including me, got measles, and it was no big deal (if you don’t take any fever reducers). One or two in every 10,000 died, usually the immunecompromised. If you get the Hib shot, it causes peanut allergy in one in 50. Better research both sides. The vaccine most certainly DO cause autism.

      • mplo

        I had both measles and mumps (on both sides yet, and it hurt like hell.), shortly before the vaccine came out, in the early 1960’s, as a 5th grader, and I developed an immunity to them. Chicken-pox, which I got (a mild case of it, so no one, including me, even knew that I was having it) during the summer prior to entering the 4th grade–same thing.

        However, there are much more powerful and deadly strains of these illnesses coming out nowadays, due, to the fact that enough parents succumb to the anti-vax people’s manipulative and cunning stir-up of people’s fears of autism. Uneducated people who really don’t know what autism is, buy into it with a vengeance.

        Having said that, I’m glad that my parents were responsible enough to have me and my siblings vaccinated against such horrible and dangerous diseases such as polio, tetanus, and pertussis and diptheria.

        My siblings (and their kids) and I would more than likely either be dead or permanently crippled as a result, if my parents hadn’t been sensible, educated and responsible enough to get us kids protected, and my brother and sister have done likewise with their kidsl

    • Kayla

      JR: You, my friend, are my hero for the week. I literally bow before you, haha. A simple correlation between two things DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION! People…please read comments like this one by JR. You’ll actually learn something.
      Clueless people: Please stop reading the comments of the uneducated people taking over this comment section. It is likely causing you to leave the website with less brain cells than you arrived with.

    • GoodIdea

      Some people can’t spell well. It doesn’t make their experiences less real.
      Autism rates have increased from 1 in 2500 (in 1991) to 1 in 50 children (now), and it’s not because of better reporting. I’m really shocked that anyone would be so naïve to think that.

    • Carol Walker Cline

      my 1 year old regressed after a flu shot at 12 months -we postponed his 12 – 18 months shots until he was 3. The day after he received the DELAYED shots, he quit speaking for 2 weeks, and ran around in circles all day long making strange noises and flapping his hands. I regret ALL of the shots now. The CDC LIED. – look it up – Dr. William Thompson – whistleblower – he said they knew 13 years ago and covered it up. It’s all about money – MERCK is a multi BILLION $ corporation – people have lied in the past for a whole lot less.

  • I wonder if all this statements are true i’m making a research paper but so many websites some state that this is true and other that it dosen’t -.-

  • amy

    For everyone squawking that thimerosal is no longer in vaccines, check what the FDA said themselves:

  • Piglet

    Well, well, well, I’m sure this is all above board, of course. They’re determined we get vaccines, no matter what.
    Wyoming Air National Guard participates in first-of-its-kind state exercise
    CHEYENNE, Wyo. (5/21/12) – In a first for the state of Wyoming, Air National Guard members of the 153rd Airlift Wing participated in a Strategic National Stockpile exercise named Prairie Eagle May 14, 2012, delivering simulated vaccines via a C-130 Hercules in conjunction with the Wyoming Department of Health.

  • Mom to 5 kids on the spectrum

    When will people stop focusing on the mercury in the shots in association with autism and look at the real association between the two.
    Autism in an auto-immune disease, typically you have a genetic predisposition.
    When you bombard the immature immune system of a child with a genetic predispotion towards autism then triggering the condtion is inevitable.
    Just as many cases of diabetes occur after a child has been sick. Vaccinations today are no longer just one virus strain, they are multiple serious illnesses that the immune system is taxed to use to create immunities and so in the process it can no longer fight off their predisoposed autism.
    Why doesn’t the government studies ever spend a dime on this study? Because they already know this to be the case.

    1st child affected by autism. Convulsion and regression at 9 months after DPT. Doctor assurance that it was safe to do the MMR. Screamed for 4 hours straight, had projectile vomitting and regressed to an infantile state. Given autism diagnosis shortly after getting MMR.

    2nd child affected – did not have autism. Had ADD but functioned fine in school. When we were pregnant with twins we felt his immune system was strong enough to handle the vaccations (older siblings were able to handle them at an older age). Regressed 6 years almost immediately. I was naive and thought maybe something happened at summer camp. It was not until I was filling out a test form to see if another had autism that it was apparant this child was now autistic.

    3rd child – decided to try to give modified (about 1/4th) of the vaccinations. Doctor removed all vaccination that he felt would be silly for an infant to have (some are for sexually active children and others are if you leave the country, he wants his patients to have vaccinations but also does not know why some are given too soon). We held off until 5 months to give them. Child stopped all development at this point. Was unable to sit until 15 months, was unable to talk until about 3 years. Given autism diagnosis the week of his 1st birthday.

    4th and 5th children affected – twins. With all the SARs and media hype that we were all going to die from the flu a few years back when I was pregnant and the risk of them being premature it was decided to be safer to have a flu shot rather than risk them being exposed when their immune systems might be volunerable. They both were diagnosed around 18 months.

    adding to the stats. My niece died at 3 years of age 5 days after recieving her MMR shots.
    My grandfather had a heart attack after the flu shot and was forced into early retirement.
    My grandson was given his vaccinations in April, developed a bad cold afterwards, which then triggered his genetic predisposed mitrochondrial diease. (just like autism) He lived for about 2 months after his shots.

    Not everyone has the same reactions because not everyone has the same genetics. But there is a CLEAR and obvious connection between vaccinations

    • MaPol

      The connection between the MMR vaccines and autism was disproved and tossed out by the wayside a long time ago. Autism is an innate, biologically-based neurological disorder. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, vaccines or no vaccines. The chances are better than not, imho, that your kid had the biological pre-disposition towards autism well before he even came into this world, and it more than likely had nothing to do with the vaccine. For all those who are stupid and irresponsible enough not to vaccinate their kids: wake up and smell the coffee; You’re not only putting your own kids at risk by following the irresponsible demagogues like Jenny McCarthy who are virulently anti-vaccine, but you’re putting other kids at risk, as well. Wake up.

      • UrAldr

        Wake up yourself! The connection between MMR vaccine and autism has been documented, and it was not “tossed out by the wayside a long time ago”- recent studies between 2004-2012 has apparently stated that “there is no evidence of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.” But this is not conclusive and now that we have grown out of our stuporous faith in the benevolence of the medical industry and come to realize the corruption that is festering the whole business we realize that we cannot trust them anymore. It’s all about the money and prestige for these big pharma and if they have to walk over some corpses or brain damaged children to gain their wealth, its of little concern to them. You have alot of misguided faith that would be better spent on faith in God than in trusting some corrupt doctors.

        • MaPol

          Well, UrAldr…we can agree to DISagree, because we don’t see eye to eye on this stuff, do we. Autism is an innate, biologically-based neurological disorder that takes place in utero, during fetal development. THAT is a known fact, and the whole notion that vaccines are responsible for autism is a bunch of dangerous BS. THAT’s been proven, because there’s no connection.

      • JC

        MaPol You are doing a great service to the Anti-vaccination campaign. Your ignorance and intolerance is taking this topic to an emotional level causing many folks to speak out about their personal stories. Very Clever! Keep up the good work!

        • MaPol

          I have to disagree with you, JC. The anti-vaccine movement people deserve to be rebutted, because their statements and agenda are dangerously irresponsible…and wrong.

        • mplo

          Speak for yourself, JC!

          If I am being clever and doing good work by contradicting the anti-vaccine movement with my opinions, hey…so be it! I’m mighty, mighty proud of that, and intend to keep it up.

  • MElastigirl

    There is so much propaganda and misinformation here it is making my head spin! Please do yourselves–and your children–a favor and read one of Paul Offit’s books. The most recent is Deadly Choices. Unlike the celebrities and anti-vaccine activists, Offit is an expert in a variety of relevant disciplines. The ant-vaccine conspiracy theorists will point to some supposed money-making motive, but the fact is, he actually has science and research to back up what he is saying. Offit does not seek to cover up instances of vaccine failure. In fact, his book acknowledges the need for safer vaccines and explains why they are so crucial to public health. He profiles responsible advocates for improved vaccine safety, including one man whose son got polio from the oral polio vaccine. This man didn’t go on an anti-vaccine rampage. Rather, he looked to science to understand why the vaccine failed and then successfully lobbied for a safer alternative. He demonstrated how effective the system can be when we stick to the facts.

    The current anti-vaccine climate harkens back to the days when people thought vaccines would turn children into animals. Those people at least had the excuse of being uneducated. The ridiculous assertions in the “article” above rely on pseudoscience and “experts” with dubious credentials. In reality, there have often been vaccine shortages because of the legal–not medical–risks associated with manufacturing them. The only people getting rich off the current vaccine “crisis” are the lawyers–and the modern-day snake oil purveyors hawking supplements to cure autism.

    I hate “Big Pharma” more than you can imagine, but we need to hate this industry for the right reasons. The nutritional supplement industry is much more profitable than the segment of the pharmaceutical industry dealing in vaccines. Please read Offit’s book–he has the numbers to back up these assertions.

    It amazes me that otherwise intelligent parents would take the word of a celebrity or random website over their pediatrician, most of whom wholeheartedly recommend vaccination according to the CDC schedule. Ask yourself: what financial motive could your child’s doctor possibly have? Sadly, celebrity doctors like Dr Oz and Dr Bob are doing all of us a disservice by recommending ridiculous alternative vaccine schedules when such advice is out of the range of their expertise.

    There are some people who cannot get vaccines, like children with cancer or otherwise weakened immune systems. They rely on the rest of us to do the right thing. When parents make the ignorant decision not to vaccinate their children, they are putting the most vulnerable among us at risk. Not to mention, measles and whooping cough are making a comeback thanks to these deadly decisions. These illnesses are not minor–they still kill people! Yes, even in our own civilized society…

    Anecdotes about injured children are very compelling, but they are not scientific. By blaming vaccines when science so clearly refutes the link to autism, we are keeping such children from getting the help they really need. We are making lawyers rich at the expense of our kids. We are hindering real scientific progress.

    Vaccines are one of the greatest public health advancements of all time, but I guess it’s now fashionable to be ignorant. If it weren’t for the risks to everyone else, I’d be tempted to just let the crazies have their way. Maybe their foolish genes shouldn’t be perpetuated.

    • Uglytruth

      Who paid you to write this crap???

    • MaPol

      To be more exact, it’s fashionable to be willfully ignorant these days. The (willful) dumbing-down of America continues unabated. How sad.

      • mplo

        That’s very true, Guest. There’s no link between vaccines and autism. It’s because enough parents have succumbed to the fear-mongering of the Anti-Vaccine movement that diseases such as pertussis, tetanus, measles, diphtheria and other severe communicable diseases have begun to return, with a vengeance.

    • GoodIdea

      It’s good that someone is taking that point of view, but unfortunately vaccine makers could care less. Instead of giving the consumer more choices, they’ve actually been giving us less. Also, these suggestions do little to console parents who have had children injured from these vaccines.

  • Mom of 3 un-vaccinated girls

    Wow, you pro vaccine people need to get real, we have a constitutional right to decide what is to be done to our bodies…get over it.

    i don’t vaccinate my three girls. we only go to the doctors for well check ups,( i consider myself a very responsible parent contrary to some opinions) they are never sick, i was not vaccinated (born 79) and i have never had these so called terrible diseases…how many have died of chicken pox that you know? but they try to tell u we need it. the case is same with many other vaccines. they would have to put a gun to my head and shoot cause i would rather take the slight chance that my girls get a disease that is treatable than to be mentally and/or physically impaired form the very instant they are born to the moment they die. my choice not yours.

    and who is going to take care of all these kids when we are gone?

    When you bring your newborn they want you to sign a consent that frees them of any responsibility of what may happen to your child, it says on there if they have a history of seizures they shouldn’t take the vaccine( just one question i remember being on there), well when your baby is a newborn or even up to five they have little or no history, it makes it impossible to predict what may happen…i have chosen to do a religious exemption because although my religion does not say not to vaccinate, we do not do anything that could even temporarily be mind altering…i believe that vaccine COULD, not that it always does, alter the mind permanently (in some cases apparently could be helped with intense therapy, diet change and so on)I’m not willing to take the chance, autism is more prevalent than the diseases it’d supposed to cure.

    I have looked up info on the Amish culture a few years back, they for the most part do not vaccinate and they had a shockingly low percentage of autism in their community…info is out there, would have to look for it again, but that seemed pretty obvious to me.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, just have to have a brain to see things are not what they used to be and that something that everyone is doing at the exact same time is affecting us and our innocent kids for the worst.

    To Daniels -that commented that autistic children are a product of parents the allow TV to be their babysitters and that lack discipline, that is a very unfair and rude comment…i know many very dedicated parents of autistic children that would be extremely offended by this judgement as i have been.But then I see many “normal” kids act up. Your comments are out of this world ridiculous!You are not God who see all things are you? Stop judging so harshly. You are only one person and your totally right, you have not all dealt with all kids, duh! so why bother even talking about it?

    If i and others like myself decide to make a stand for ourselves that is against popular opinion, it doesn’t make us ignorant or stupid, and i’m not putting anyone down who chooses to vaccinate, that is your right. respect is needed, but seldom observed in these comments.

    My heart goes out to all the parents who have children who are autistic, my sister and friends included, i pray that you are able endure and persevere in your hardships but enjoy every minute with these precious little gifts.

    btw if i have any typos in my comment which i’m sure i do, please do not judge that i’m am an uneducated idiot, but a tired mom who devotes all day to her family. :)

    • MaPol

      That’s a bunch of BS, Mom of 3 un-vaccinated girls! You’re not only putting your children at risk for diseases that could permanently damage, if not kill them outright, but you’re putting other kids in school at risk, as well. You’re the one who’s being irresponsible here.

      • Cam

        Umm…please explain how “vaccinated” children at school are going to be at risk. If they’re vaccinated, they should be just fine, right? As well, some would say people that have their children vaccinated are the ones putting their children at risk for unnecessary diseases because of their own fears. These parents are truly the crazy ones. You’re so afraid your child might catch something that you inadvertently give them some other disease or long term illness through the vaccines themselves. It sounds to me like you, based on your irrational fears, are the one being irresponsible.

        • MaPol

          What you’re saying is complete and utter BS, Cam! You’re the one putting your own kids at risk because of your own fears that were whipped up by dangerous, irresponsible demagogues like Jenny McCarthy and her ilk, who spread this anti-vaccine garbage, preying on gullible people like yourself. I don’t have children, but my siblings and I grew up having the vaccines and we’re all fine and healthy, and never got a crippling or killing disease. Any side affects from the vaccines are minor inconveniences compared to the severe illnesses that they’re out to prevent. My siblings both got their kids vaccinated, and my nephews and niece are fine, active and healthy, too. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, babe!

          • Pw’eek

            “Any reactions from vaccines are minor inconveniences”? Really?!
            Have you EVER read a package insert for a single vaccine? Clearly you haven’t or you wouldn’t make such an ignorant statement.
            As for your “minor inconvenience”, please tell me how the 3 days my infant son spent in intensive care on life support immediately following a single vaccine, followed by spending his childhood to date (he’s now 7 yrs old) in a wheelchair due to his reaction to that vaccine is a “minor inconvenience”? Until you’ve lived it, keep your astounding ignorance to yourself.

          • MaPol

            How do you know that your son got crippled as a result of the vaccine? It might’ve been something else that was totally unrelated, as far as I’m concerned.

            You’re the one making ignorant, biased statements, Pw’eek. I’d hate to see you be part of our government, much less anybody else in power. You’d probably cancel all vaccines for everybody just because of what happened to your son, thereby putting everybody at risk, and really helping the United States really become a totally backward third-world country (Not that it’s not on the way, if there there already!).

          • TMI

            if you do the research you will clearly see the vaccines did not prevent any disease. and the crazy part is there is no way to know if a vaccine works or doesnt work. take the flu vaccines. does it work? nobody can say if you didn’t get the flu because of the vaccine or you just didn’t get the flu. obviously we are seeing people who got the whooping cough vaccine, have gotten whooping cough. do we know the chicken pox vaccine prevented chicken pox? no we don’t. you cannot say for certainty that they even protect you. Polio was reclassified as meningitis. the original polio vaccine actually killed kids and they took it off the market. the oral polio vaccine was the actual cause of polio which is why the inactivated it. yet the oral polio live vaccine is still given in other countries which also have the highest breakout of poilio. do your research. there is plenty of it out there, studies included that show the vaccines do more harm than good.

          • MaPol

            That’s not true, TMI. I know a number of people who ended up with polio by NOT getting the vaccines as young children. My siblings and I got the vaccines for polio, the DPT vaccines (and subsequent tetanus boosters), and I’ve gotten flu shots every year for a number of years without ill affects, and we are all fine and healthy, and so are their kids.

            I also might add that I had measles, chicken pox and mumps (on both sides, to boot), as a pre-teen, shortly before the vaccines came out, and I developed an immunity to all those diseases. Because I’d had a shot of gamma globulin shortly before I came down with the measles (which was going around in our school at the time.), I had a much milder case of the measles, however.

            Unlike you, TMI, I do not wish to see the United States be taken back to third-world status, where disease is rampant due to lack of protection against diseases for its people.

  • Mom of 3 un-vaccinated girls
  • terra moody

    And lets not forget to mention the trama the child goes through getting all these painful shots. My four year old was held down while the nurse stabbed him with four shots in the upper leggs. How awful is that? He cried all the way home and said,”Mommy why did you let them do that to me?” It broke my heart. He begged them not to do the last one. The nurse also lied to me about which ones I legally had to have for preschool and tried to talk me into getting three more. Never again. I do believe this is about money but also it is evil and about the NWO. Never , ever again!!!!!!!!

  • vaccinated person

    I am speaking from personal experience with vaccines. I had mutiple vaccine shots about 4 of them squeezed into my body. 2 and half days later I started having diarreah and noticed it hurt every time I had to make a bowel movement. For a week and a half this diarreah kept up and some days I would not poop at all. I decided to go into the hospital and get a xray of my intestines done. My small intestines were tangled up so no poop could get through out of my butthole. I had to have small intestine bowel obstruction. They tried to untangle my bowels but could not straitghten the nots out so they had to cut a foot of my bowels off of my intestines. I had a hard time in school was always getting grades of c s and d s. I studied just as hard as everybody else and could not remember the right answer for the test questions. I did not pass highschool and I truly believe that the vaccinations altered my memory somehow to be less intelligent as other individuals in school. Too all the parents out there I truly believe vaccinations are harmful and do harm to intestines and brain function. I did not have a choice when I was young to have vaccinations but if I could of I would of definately not had them. I truly believe what someone said before reading other posts I truly believe doctors and politicians care more about there money and pockets then peoples healthcare. If you want to be mad at the real culprate of these vaccinations italians and french people are the ones who came up with these vaccinations.

    • MaPol

      It sounds like you may have had something else that was totally UNrelated to the vaccines. My siblings and I all got vaccinated, and we’re fine.

      • TMI

        well there you have it. you were vaccinated and are all fine. end of story. are you really fine? they have not tested have the vaccines for long term as well as each vaccine insert states it has not been tested if it causes cancer or not. we are the experiments. sorry if i wont’ let my child be part of the experiment.

        • MaPol

          Try to realize, TMI, that you’re not only putting your own child at risk, but you’re also putting your child’s child (or children) at risk, to boot, by not having your child vaccinated. Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • ciaparker2

            Wrong. A parent’s first duty is to protect his own child. The vaccines are EXTREMELY dangerous. I hate it when people say Well, I was vaxed and I’m fine (except for a little callous disregard for other people’s suffering). Do you also turn your head when someone dies from inhaling a molecule of peanut dust, and deny that that was the cause, as you eat peanut butter every day, and you think you’re fine? Read Heather Fraser for proof that the HIb vaccine is the cause of the massive levels of peanut allergy beginning with the advent of the Hib vaccine in every country that used it.

    • Anom

      Wow, that sucks that the doctors had to cut your bowels off of your intestines…

  • MaPol

    The ignorance about vaccines and the irresponsible attitudes on this post are beyond astounding. The more people who opt out of getting their kids vaccinated against horrible childhood diseases, the worse it’s going to be for our country overall.

  • MaPol is a vile troll.

    Wow…what disgusting behaviour. You must either be an ignorant hick or just a human being filled with so much bile and filth.

    The innoculations we recieved back in the day was not nearly the cocktail of death dished out to babies and children these days. You are perfectly right…we all got vaccinated. i recieved mine, for measels and polio…and again at 5 years. 30 years on, i still have that little rosebud imprint on my arm. The fact still remains that you and your siblings recieved more controlled, singular injections…maybe 2 at a time focussing on specific things. just like the rest of us. Be glad and thankfull that you did not get sick with or without vaccines. That still does not give you the right to slam people who lives with this awful situation every day of their lives.

    If you trully feel vaccines are so safe, go have the treatments yourself, why not today…”its perfectly safe right”…go, get them all…cause you have not been vaccined against everything kids get vaccinated for these days. I wish you all the best of luck with that…and seeing as I am a parent and u are not as per your statement….If by the grace of God you do become a parent oneday…go ahead pump them full of deceases and if God willing they survive, firstly fall on your knees and thank Him for protecting them against your stupidity and only after that, do you dare to spout your ignorant garbage about other peoples troubles…shame on you.

    have a lovely healthy day you piece of slime.

    ps. Have you ever wondered why pharma have never conclusively shown evidence that vaccines do NOT cause Autism and a whole other host of really crap deceases?

    As well, commenting like a douchebag a year after a forum has run dry is a sign of an a++hole.
    Just saying….

    • MaPol

      You’re the one who’s really disgusting, ignorant and insulting, MISAVT! That’s a dangerously irresponsible viewpoint that you have there. The presumed connection between the vaccines and autism was disproved and tossed out by the wayside a long time ago, and with ample reason.

      • UrAldr

        Yawn, your constant mantra “connection between the vaccines and autism was disproved and tossed out by the wayside a long time ago” bears no weight of reason. You are either misinformed or working for the dark side. I belive the former is most true. When I say educate yourself, I mean it on a deeper level than you can fathom.

        • MaPol

          YOU’RE the mis-informed, naive one, UrAldr! People like you would obviously just as soon see a return to the days when children either died or were permanently disabled in some way or other as a result of not being immunized. You seem to not know much about autism, either.

          • UrAldr

            No, you are wrong on all accounts. People like me wants the truth to be told out of compassion for all life and I would never want anyone to suffer or die for any reason. If you do sufficient research you too will come to see that there is ample grounds to say there was a correlation between the use of MMR vaccine and autism, and not as you keep claiming (blissfully ignorant as you are) that there is none.

          • MaPol

            I’ve got a bridge to sell you, sweetie-pie: I ain’t buyin’ that vaccines-autism connection that you’re peddlin’. Put THAT in your little pipe and smoke it, honeybabe.

          • UrAldr

            Whats up with your blatant ridicule? The only thing I will put in my pipe is good herbs, not that crap (crack?!) you are on. Listen, I belive you truly want to do the right thing, but you are ill informed and trust the liars. Come back to the fold and all is forgiven :)

          • MaPol

            What’s up with YOUR blatant ridicule, sweetie-pie? Hmmmmm? You don’t know a f**kn thing about me, and you never will, I won’t change my mind, and I ain’t interested in coming back to your BS fold. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, babe!

          • UrAldr

            I know much more about you than I’d like to know ha! Take care and behave.

          • MaPol

            You’d rather see this country return back to the days where parents didn’t bother to vaccinate their kids against horrible diseases and they either died or ended up permanently disabled just so that nobody would have to supposedly take chances with their little snowflakes supposedly developing autism? Sorry, babe, I don’t buy into the MMR vaccine/Autism connection, and I never will.

  • TMI

    It has actually been shown by many scientists to be the fetal cell lines and retroviruses in the vaccines, specifically the chicken pox vaccine. there was a study done that shows correlation in every state between the chicken pox vaccine and the spike in autism. these are also in the MMR vaccine, which would explain why that particular vaccine was the one pushing children over the edge. we need to take the foreign DNA and viruses out, but that is not possible to ever purify a vaccine 100%.

  • What happen to this society, don’t people have a heart anymore? It should be only natural that no one would want to hurt millions of little babies with the most horrid of diseases to put on them unecessarily just to make millions off vaccines. There has to be a more honorable way to make a living. Or if they know that there is a relationship why don’t they take out the mercury or fix the vaccines that you aren’t putting this burden of autism on our society. If people are involved in this knowingly they need to think long and hard because there is such a thing called Karma and what you get because of what you are doing or are complicit in anyway ,, like a nurse administering the vaccines or a doctor, or a school representative making the child go to their doctor, you will reap worse than you sew.

    • MaPol

      Autism takes place in utero, during fetal development, well before a person afflicted with this disorder even comes into this world. The idea of blaming vaccines on autism is utterly arrogant, preposterous, and dangerously irresponsible.

  • mplo

    The idea of vaccines against deadly communicable childhood diseases cause autism?!?

    The fact that so many people fall hook, line and sinker for such a load of codwalloping crap that was created by a now-discredited, unlicensed doctor who insisted on spreading such garbage almost defies belief! The dumbing-down of America continues without letup!

  • 1 in 88 with autism, liar!

    did this article just say that 1 in 88 children has autism… people, you just need to read with a clear mind what is on the page. Don’t get sucked in…. 1 in 88, really? Come on guys, it’s not hard to see who the con is here.

  • Somebody Sumbowdy

    First up, we use ethylmercury for vaccines, not methylmercury.

    “For fetuses, infants, and children, the primary health effect of methylmercury is impaired neurological development. ”

    Methylmercury is dangerous because it bioaccumulates and our bodies can’t get rid of it quick enough. When it builds up it becomes a hazard.

    This is all true but like I said earlier Methylmercury is not used for vaccines, ethylmercury is.

    Ethylmercury does not bioaccumulate, or build up in the body. It isn’t dangerous because our bodies get rid of this form without problems. You’ll be in more danger by being on a fish-diet for a year than to take vaccines.

  • Buddy

    Some people don’t believe in anything, especially when it comes to good articles like this one. That is why you are called sheeple, you just follow the blind leader and both of you will fall into the ditch. I can’t believe some of the ridiculous things you sheeple are saying. Wake up sheeple, smell the roses, get your heads out of the sand!

  • ciaparker2

    Thimerosal is no longer in vaccines except for some injected flu vaccines, though the trace amounts of it still permitted are over the safe levels for drinking water. We would not return to the days where tens of thousands of children were disable or killed by diseases. Read Dr. Suzanne Humphries Dissolving Illusions to dissolve this illusion. Pertussis and measles have evolved over the past century to become much less serious diseases than they used to be: I’ve had typical cases of both of them, and they were no big deal. Pertussis is only dangerous to the youngest newborns. Last year in the US there were 42,000 diagnosed cases, 85% had been appropriately vaccinated but caught it anyway, and there were 18 deaths of newborns. In Europe in 2011 there were 26,000 diagnosed cases of measles, nine deaths. Neither disease is often serious in well-nourished people in the First World. The vaccines for them cause far more death or disability than the diseases do or would in the absence of vaccines.

    • mplo

      No! You’re wrong, ciaparker2! Pertussis isn’t only dangerous to newborn babies. It’s dangerous for anybody of any age to contract this disease, because people can and actually do die from it, at any age.

      An unfounded, irrational fear of autism is what’s propelling the anti-vaccine movement. Lots of people don’t know what autism really is. I was vaccinated against diptheria, tetanus, whooping cough, and polio, I get my flu shots every year, and I’m alive and doing fine, as are many if not most other people. Developmental disabilities are generally innate, biologically-based neurological disorders which a person is programmed with long before s/he even comes into this world.

      • ciaparker2

        It is you who are mistaken. By the 1930s, 73% of all American chilldren under ten had had pertussis, and a small percentage died. (A Shot in the Dark pp. 4-6). Today it is rarely fatal: (CDC “Summary of Notifiable Diseases. US, 2003. MMWR April 22, 2005: 52 (54): 78 Table 12: Deaths from selected notifiable diseases, US 1996-2001). In 2012, there were over 48,000 Americans diagnosed with pertussis, most of them appropriately vaxed, many more undiagnosed. There were 18 deaths all told, all of newborns in the first months of life, the only group in danger from the disease. CDC Dr. Anne Schuchat said that the unvaccinated could not be blamed for the outbreak, as most of those getting and spreading it had been vaxed. My baby, vaxed at 2, 4, and 6 months, caught it anyway at 8 months, and gave it to me. It was alarming and wearing, but not dangerous.
        Since both the DPT and the DTaP were and are very dangerous, often causing asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, autism, and SIDS (et al), while the disease is no longer dangerous for those over four or five months old, this is another instance in which the decision must be left up to the parents. Dr. Cherry and Hilary Butler have written a lot about orignial antigenic sin, meaning that once you get the vax, your immune system is locked forever into a deficient response to the bordetella bacterium (no ACT in the vaccine), and can never achieve the permanent immunity getting the natural disease affords those who were unvaxed when they got and recovered from the disease.
        I reacted to the DPT vaccine as an infant with days of encephalitic screaming, my brother with beating his head on the bars of the crib attempting to quell the pain of the vaccine encephalitis. The book A Shot in the Dark gave vivid, horrifying accounts of the death or permanent damage caused in thousands of babies by the DPT, and led to its being taken of the market, replaced by the still very dangerous acellular DTaP.

      • ciaparker2

        Pertussis is cyclical, reaching worldwide peaks a little less than every three years, regardless of vaccination numbers. Since it can be dangerous or even fatal (1 in 200) in newborns, parents must be taught how important it is to keep newborns at home or with a single caregiver (with no symptoms) for the first six months or so. If they get it anyway, parents must know that they should not give antibiotics or cough suppressants, but should give vitamin C (see Dr. Suzanne Humphries), alternate Pertudoron 1 and 2, and hold the infant up to the shoulder during all coughing episodes, to facilitate coughing up the mucus that can otherwise pool in the lungs and cause pneumonia. It does no good to vaccinated infants at 2, and 4 months, as their immune systems have not developed enough to achieve immunity at that age (even in the questionable event that it would do so later), but it does more than double their risk of asthma at 7 (Manitoba study).

        • ciaparker2

          Many areas of Australia used to have a free pertussis vax for adults program to try to prevent newborns from exposure: they cancelled the programs last year, saying that their scientific studies had shown how ineffective the vaccine was, so there was no point in going to the expense and trouble.
          There were 18 deaths in the US from pertussis in the peak year of 2012, all in young infants, out of over 48,000 diagnosed with the disease (many more undiagnosed). In most years it only causes about 10 deaths a year, again, nearly always in young infatns with undeveloped airways. A Shot in the Dark includes charts on fatality rates. At the time it was published, in 1985, there were 3,300,000 children getting DPT every year: according to the study they cited, there were 943 children a year being killed by the vaccine. And then there are many like me and several people I know, who reacted to it with encephalitis and Asperger’s, and still have difficulty with oral language.

      • ciaparker2

        And developmental disabilities are often caused by vaccines. There was no autism anywhere before the smallpox vaccine two hundred years ago, but Olmsted and Blaxill uncovered descriptions of several children described as reacting to the smallpox vaccine with autism. But there were so few of them, that no one noticed until Dr. Kanner examined the first autistic cohort in the late ’30s, all with exposure to mercury which had just been put into the diphtheria vaccine. Dr. Kanner said that it was so unusual a condition that if it had existed before, someone would have described it, but no one ever had. And he and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins had recently published in 1935 Childhood Psychiatry, with descriptions of every mental condition in children ever described, and there was nothing like autism in it.

      • ciaparker2

        No, you’re wrong, look it up. I had it when my 8 month old, thrice vaccinated baby had it, and it was alarming, very uncomfortable, but not dangerous. It decreaed drastically in virulence between 1880 and 1930, until doctors at that time saidit had become so much less dangerous, that there would be no point in developing a vaccine for it. In the US in 2012, 48,200 Americans were diagnosed with it, many more had it but were undiagnosed, and there were only 18 fataliies, all of young babies. Everyone else coughed ten coughs per breath for a long time, even months, and then got well. Because it’s no longer a dangerous disease.
        Autism is a new condition, first seen when a few children were put in Bedlm asylum two hundred yeats ago when they reacted to the smallpox vaccine, lost their language and previous normal developmen and started acting crazy. It picked up when mercury was put in the diphtheria shot in 1933. See book The Age of Autism. Now one in 36 American children has it (U of Minnesota study). My baby reacted to the hep-B vax at birth with encephalitis, the DTaP booster erased her only two words, an she was diagnosed with autism two monhs later. This is the much bigger problem than measles and pertussis coming back. One in 36 children here is now being disabled for life by vaccines.

  • rosanna

    What is the number of vaccinated children that came down with autism before 2001?
    If the vaccinations cause autism, why don’t all children become autistic?

  • Bob

    I hope all you anti vaccine idiots get polio, rubella, mumphs, measals and all the other diseases my family are protected again. Good old survival of the fittest, my family will reproduce, and hopefully yours will die out from these terrible yet preventable diseases.

  • Ziggyfly Jen

    If you stop and think about how many children there are in the developed world, and how many vaccinations each child receives…you realize billions of vaccines are given every year. Now, if you think how much money one vaccine costs and multiply this by billions you get an idea of how much money is involved.

    I don’t think anti-vaccine folks think vaccines are given purposefully to poison these children while making money. But it’s not outlandish to think that vaccines were proven safe initially, billions of dollars yearly are made on said vaccines and NOW recently serious side-effects (autism) are discovered leading to big-pharma to want to cover it up. If vaccines in fact DO cause autism, and I’m not saying I believe they do, can you imagine the implications if that was indeed a proven fact? Not only would the loss in billions of dollars in revenue affect millions of jobs and possibly even affect the economy…BUT you would have frantic parents refusing to immunize their children which could result in global resurgence of serious viruses such as polio.

    If one really gives thought to these implications, it’s not a stretch to see why it could very well be a possibility that an autism/vaccine link could be “disproved” in “studies” dishonestly.

    I would like to mention that I vaccinate my children, but have an open mind to possibilities of government keeping things from us.

  • Andrew Macott

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  • old lady

    Lets just start giving adults all the shots that the kids are getting. Then we can do some studies about how we react to them. Any volunteers?

  • Pamela

    OR…. we could just do away with all the vaccine mandates and let nature take its course…. the ones who don’t take them could be gathered up in one state allowing for the ones that do to remain healthy since there would be so much polio, measles, meningococcus, influenza, varicella, pertussis, tetanus, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, and smallpox. Vaccines have been around since before documentation of history was completed (1100’s AD). The first vaccine was in 1796 (smallpox)- which is now completely eradicated thanks to them! According to this idiotic article, the rise in autism took place over the last decade (TEN YEARS). How long have we been giving or mandating vaccines???? Come on people. There is more to it than just vaccines. Vaccines are not the CAUSE of Autism. Autism is usually diagnosed between the ages of infancy and five years old. This is not because of vaccines. I will quote from an article… IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE AUTISTIC, YOU ARE GOING TO BE AUTISTIC WHETHER YOU VACCINATE OR NOT! 50 years ago, these autistic children were diagnosed as retarted. Today, retardation diagnosis is decreased while autism is increased. THE HEALTHIEST HUMAN BEINGS ARE VACCINATED! How about some of you bandwagon riders do your research? OR, why don’t you watch an infant with some of these diseases that could have been prevented die because their parents jumped on the bandwagon. If you are going to decide to NOT VACCINATE, at least do your child the due diligence of researching reliable sources and not trash like this one. Because if you are not going to vaccinate, you are putting your child at a much higher risk for dying or having lasting problems from disease than AUTISM! Some people just amaze me!