U.S. Super Soldiers Of The Future Will Be Genetically Modified Transhumans Capable Of Superhuman Feats

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The future of war is going to look really, really weird.  The “super soldier” research that DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is working on right now is unlike anything we have ever seen before.  If DARPA is successful, and if the American people don’t object, the soldiers of the future will be genetically modified transhumans capable of superhuman feats.  Do you want a soldier that can run faster than Usain Bolt?  DARPA is working on that.  Do you want a soldier that won’t need food or sleep for days?  DARPA is working on that?  Do you want a soldier that can regrow lost limbs?  DARPA is working on that.  Do you want a soldier that can outlift Olympic weightlifters and that can communicate telepathically?  DARPA is working on that.  Americans flock to movies about superheroes and mutants, and soon they may actually have real life “superheroes” and “mutants” fighting their wars for them.  But at what cost?


A recent Daily Mail article detailed many of the strange research projects that DARPA is working on right now.  The fact that DARPA has actually allowed these projects to be revealed in the mainstream media probably means that the development stage is nearly over and they are ready to try to convince a wary public to accept them….

Tomorrow’s soldiers could be able to run at Olympic speeds and will be able to go for days without food or sleep, if new research into gene manipulation is successful.

According to the U.S. Army’s plans for the future, their soldiers will be able to carry huge weights, live off their fat stores for extended periods and even regrow limbs blown apart by bombs.

The plans were revealed by novelist Simon Conway, who was granted behind-the-scenes access to the Pentagon’s high-tech Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

So how is this possible?

How would you genetically modify a human to be able to have these abilities?

A different Daily Mail article recently explained how this basically works….

Most gene modification techniques involve placing genetically modified DNA inside a virus and injecting it into the human body. The virus then enters human cells, and its modified DNA attaches itself to the human DNA inside those cells.

When you really stop and think about this kind of technology, the implications are staggering.

Could viruses be used to genetically modify humanity on a large scale?

How would the rest of humanity respond to a “super race” of mutants that are clearly “superior” to the rest of us in a bunch of different ways?

When you start messing with creation, it opens up Pandora’s Box.

The possibilities are endless, but so are the potential problems.

Just because we can do something does not mean that we should.  There may be consequences decades down the road that we cannot even conceive of right now.

Other “super soldier” research projects that DARPA is working on at the moment involve advanced technology and robotics rather than genetic modification.

For example, DARPA is developing helmets that would allow our soldiers to communicate telepathically….

More recently, DARPA’s Silent Talk programme has been exploring mind-reading technology with devices that can pick up the electrical signals inside soldiers’ brains and send them over the internet.

With these implants, entire armies will be able to talk without radios. Orders will leap instantly into soldiers’ heads and commanders’ wishes will become the wishes of their men.

I don’t know about you, but I would not want anyone reading my thoughts or beaming orders directly into my brain.

DARPA is also working on “exoskeletons” that will enable soldiers to lift incredible weights without tiring and perform other physical tasks that normal soldiers simply could not do.

You can see video of this kind of exoskeleton being demonstrated right here.

DARPA is also hoping to one day implant microchips into our soldiers that will constantly monitor the health and physical condition of our boys and girls in the field.

For many, these new technologies are very exciting.

For others, they cross the line.

Merging men with machines or messing with the very fabric of life is the kind of thing that science fiction movies are made of.

Unfortunately, if we make a very serious mistake we just can’t get up and turn off the movie.  Any mistakes that we make could stay with us indefinitely.

But at this point it looks like there is very little standing in the way of these kinds of technology becoming mainstream.  Tests on rats have already shown what is possible….

In 2005, Ronald Evans, a hormone expert working at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, showed how genetic modification can increase the athletic power of mice.

Evans produced a group of genetically modified mice with an increased amount of slow-twitch muscle fibre. This type of fibre is associated with strong cardiovascular muscles and boosts an athlete’s endurance.

Evans’s mice could run for an hour longer than normal mice, were resistant to weight gain no matter what they were fed on, and remained at peak fitness even when they took no exercise.

How much do you think people would pay to be able to remain at peak fitness without doing any exercise at all?

When the general public realizes what is possible there will be an overwhelming demand for these technologies.

So just how far can all of this go?

Well, futurist Ray Kurzeil believes that we are only about 20 years away from actually achieving immortality….

Ray Kurzweil, a world-renowned scientist and author of The Singularity is Near, thinks the world as we know it will be unrecognizable in 20 years.

One of the changes he thinks are possible: Scientists may finally crack immortality.

“I and many other scientists now believe that in around 20 years we will have the means to reprogramme our bodies’ stone-age software so we can halt, then reverse, aging,” he writes in The Sun. “Then nanotechnology will let us live for ever. Ultimately, nanobots will replace blood cells and do their work thousands of times more effectively.”

Eternal life?

I wouldn’t count on the human body being able to live forever.

But without a doubt we are going to see a whole lot of humans attempting to “merge with technology” and  “reprogram themselves” through genetic modification in future years.

The wars of the future will look nothing like the wars of the past.  The genetically modified soldiers of the future will be supported by robots on the ground and by “swarms of drones” in the sky.  In fact, the “swarms of drones” are already here.  The following is from a recent CBS News article….

According to a Boeing press release, the researchers and engineers conducted the test flights in Oregon in June using two ScanEagle drones which performed like a “swarm of insects.”

The flight operator was able to connect with the autonomous drones using only a laptop and a military radio. Boeing engineers said the drones were able to complete tasks more efficiently by communicating with each other.

“This swarm technology may one day enable warfighters in battle to request and receive time-critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance information directly from airborne (unmanned aerial vehicles) much sooner than they can from ground control stations today,” Gabriel Santander, program director of Advanced Autonomous Networks for Boeing Phantom Works, said in the press release.

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that it is really hard to keep track of it all.

But where is it taking us?

Recently I wrote about the nightmarish high tech Big Brother surveillance grid that is going up all around us.

Our lives are becoming completely dominated by technology, and that is a very dangerous thing.

We like to think that all of these new technologies will always be used for good and will never fall into the hands of tyrannical madmen, but history tells us that liberty and freedom are very rare phenomenons.

Throughout most of human history, most people have lived under some form of tyranny.  And today liberty and freedom are already rapidly disappearing all over the globe.

Technology has progressed to the point where it would definitely be possible for a “scientific dictatorship” to completely and totally dominate humanity unlike anything we have ever seen before.

So we should be very careful about what we create.

We might be creating our own living hell.

  • Gary2

    Michael–the people doing this genetic modification need to be very careful. Back in the 1970’s a genetically altered gene entered the human race and caused the resurgence of conservatism (AKA mental slowness) which is surely a mental disease for those low information people. Another failure in genetics was the cause of the tea party whereby the modified gene actually ate most of the brains away of those easily manipulated dolts in the tea party.

    • witness the end


      Maybe the government should round up all of the conservatives and ban them to one part of the country (red neck south, perhaps). The government could build a wall so that conservatives couldn’t get out or libs couldn’t get in (and become infected). Maybe this banned territory could elect Mitt and Paul to lead them, form a constitutional and limited government. This new “America” could impose conservative Christian values on itself, create a free market (without government corruption), etc. etc. yada, yada.

      Then again, knowing the good intentions of the Liberal mind, our current government could not allow this to happen. A conservative and constitutional country would wither and suffer, just like the good ole USA did in its first 150 or so years.

    • Tovl

      You are living proof that liberals need all the help that they can get.

      • Nexus789

        You are beyond help. Probably an Ayn Rand worshiper. I don’t live in the US and don’t care but if the wing-nuts on the right get in then US society will collapse. There are already 100million on benefits, etc. Not really a validation of the US system is it and you want more of it.

    • Mal R

      There you are! Tsk Tsk Tsk. I swear Gary, you’re like am STD. Try to get rid of you in one place ( by countering your stupidity with some truth) and your vile stench appears somewhere else. Yea, you really have the Tea Party’s number doncha – them dolts.

      And OWS, which is you, are a bunch of ignorant, racist, hard left terrorists. But then I’m redundant.

      • knightowl77

        Amen Brother

        • xander cross

          How exactly is OWS racist? I know that you’re a racist knightwol77.

          • Mal R.

            Watch the videos of all those anti-semites in their own words.

            Yep YOU GOT ME, I’m racist and I absolutely LOATHE my Mexican wife (Yep ima whitey)! *GASP* She isn’t even a US Citizen. I call ICE daily to try and have her deported but they keep insisting that they dont deport resident alien green card holders. DAMN IT!

          • Mal R.

            Disregard my last. Somehow or other I missed that last word – ‘knightowl77’

      • Gay Veteran

        I don’t see the tea baggers marching on Wall Street

      • Gay Veteran

        yeah, EVERYONE in OWS is an ignorant, racist, hard left terrorist. sterotype much?

    • Chloe

      Many would call it liberalism…the true mental disease….

      • Colin

        How about we stop saying that people who disagree with us are mentally ill?

        I am a liberal, and I didn’t approve of what Gary wrote. I admit that I don’t understand the conservative mind. I would like to, so that I can better talk with them. However, I find this challenging for I don’t know where to begin. I feel as if we exist in two parallel worlds that rarely meet. I am open enough that I am reading a conservative’s blogs. I may not agree with every point he makes, but I am open to what he is saying. I check his sources, and I do research on my own to see what I can add to the discussion. There are times when I would wish that he hadn’t written that blog or this blog. However, I have learned that if I don’t have something to add, or I feel that what I may say might not be articulate, I don’t respond. I am weary of the ugliness from both sides, and I would wish it would go away.

        • Gary2

          colin–I was trying to parody Michael’s post. Apparently I must have hit a nerve and there is a kernel of truth to my parody as it has generated such response!

          I thought it was quite funny.

        • Atilla2-end

          Conservatives almost always just want to do their own thing and be left alone.
          Liberals think it their right to FORCE their beliefs down everyone’s throat. Their specialty is to take govt over and then use the govt and make new laws to stuff their beliefs and lifestyles upon all others.
          You want the gay lifestyle thats fine BUT you stuff it down everyone’s throat by FORCE, demonstrations or laws.
          Schools today are indoctrination centers to force liberal views down my kids throat.

          • Gay Veteran

            I swear, you right-wingers must all be latent homosexuals. All you ever talk about is this “being shoved down our throats” or that “being shoved down our throats”

            so sorry you missed the 50s

        • Mal R.

          “I feel as if we exist in two parallel worlds that rarely meet”

          You’re absolutely right, we do live in two worlds. Our world is guided by history and facts and yours by feelings and delusion.

          • Gay Veteran

            right, like the earth is 6000 years old

            2 things define the modern right-winger: (1) blind rage and (2) self-pity

    • Col. Wilson

      Wow so now that your beliefs are challenged by facts you resort to ad hominem attacks?

      So sorry to see you keep stooping lower & lower. However in light of you name calling, I forgive you.

      May God bless you & yours.

      • Gay Veteran

        I don’t recall anyone asking for your “forgiveness”

  • Georgiaboy61

    The future of warfare isn’t only in human – or trans-human – soldiers, but in no humans at all, namely autonomous drones capable of acting independently of humans – seeking, identifying and “killing” targets assigned to them. The technology is very near fruition, and once it becomes cheap-enough for mass production, watch out.

    • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

      Reminds me of the terminator movies. People laugh, but the situation in those movies could become a reality; computer programmers have already developed a “beta personality” of sorts for certain computers, once (if) it becomes self aware, then we have to watch out; for nothing that is self aware likes being controlled. The implications are staggering; yes, some would undoubtedly use this technology for good, but there will always be those who seek their own gain even to the detriment of millions. Laugh all you want. We could be facing a terminator like scenario in the near future.
      -Young Patriot

  • Randome-11

    “The plans were revealed by novelist Simon Conway, who was granted behind-the-scenes access to the Pentagon’s high-tech Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.”

    Really? Can´t even be done with mice limbs.

    “One area of success has been in shutting off the trigger of sleep. A drug was tested on U.S. Army helicopter pilots that enabled them to stay up longer than 40 hours, with their levels of concentration actually improving after nearly two days without rest.

    It is hoped to replace the amphetamine-based drugs that have previously been used to keep servicemen alert during operations.

    They had been found to affect decision making and had been blamed for errors in judgement that had led to many so-called incidents of friendly fire.”

    During the Iraq war, US soldiers where kept up with meth, soldiers laughing maniacally and forgotting there was such thing as cover.

    And remember the secondary gulf war vaccine? The truth is that US army and technology doesn´t mix well, despite the enormous budget of the US military.

  • Nikola

    Idiotic world we live in…

  • Alyssa

    Just like in “The Terminator”, they will quickly decide that us “inferior” humans are not worthy of existence, and their mission will change. How long do these fools think they can keep these supermen under control?

    • Rhynn

      You know I can’t really be sure until I myself become one of these supermen (complete with obligatory Atlas-like physique and fully customizable geometrically perfect “scruffy beard”, male pattern baldness/pot belly immunity, and programmable color changing irises) and actively log the moment at which I realize I am no longer able to rationally cope with my own awesomnitude.

      Once this happens, I will use my cerebral up-link function to message your iPhone with the timestamp, and then it’s off to enjoy being the greatest NFL quarterback ever in my spare time.

      I’m here to help!

  • MB92083

    This sounds like Satan’s work in the Garden of Eden all over again. He has always tempted man to “be like God”. This may be the trigger for the Lord to pull the plug on humanity, or at least knock us down a few notches.

    • Mondobeyondo

      That’s Satan’s modus operandi. He’s used it ever since the Garden of Eden.
      “….your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be like gods, knowing good and evil” – Genesis 3:5, KJV
      He even tried it against Jesus. (Matthew 4:1-11).
      Jesus didn’t fall for it. Don’t you fall for it either!!

      IT’S A LIE!!

      You wanna be a “god”? You want to be worshipped by countless humans? Do you want unlimited wealth? All the sexual pleasure any mortal human could want? You can if you want to!

      Just ask Elvis Presley. John Lennon. Marilyn Monroe. Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison. Amy Winehouse. Kurt Cobain. John Belushi. The list goes on and on and on and on.
      Compose or sing a hit rock and roll song. Be an actor or actress in a hit motion picture. Lie, cheat and steal from honest people. Be an immoral banker!
      Just don’t forget to sell your soul to Satan… “He who dies with the most toys wins”. Oh really? You can’t take any of it with you when you breathe your last breath.

      Is it worth it? Read Mark 8:36-37 in the Bible, and tell me later.

  • Kevin

    Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? One wonders if the likes of George Lucas are on the consulting staff of the war planners.

  • joeliberty

    This is the most wicked thing ever contrived by man. The heart is truly desperately wicked. Do not plan on liberty in the future, only a tyranny that will end our way of life. I was quite happy working, seeing my kids smile, and not having any kind of technology anymore. I am so discouraged about how complacent and ignorant we have become. God help us.

    • Mal R

      Dont get down. Just look at posts by dopes like Gary2 and Gay Veteran. You’re up against some of the dumbest people on the planet. These clowns are still running around yakking about redistribution of wealth like it actually solves problems.

      • Chloe

        You got that right….

      • Gay Veteran

        thy shalt not lie Mal R. when have I ever advocated redistribution of wealth?

  • Jodi

    I say let’s keep this in the movies. It sounds like living hell to me!

  • Dave Webb

    The only real immortality would involve a backup system. We are genetically altered already. We were “made in their image” is the concept in Genesis. (I dislike quotes from the Bible because going from one language to another several times, is likely to leave information behind as well.) For instance, primitive languages often have a different grammar. Such as Noun Verb and no direct objects in the language. Especially if the people involved in a living language have been subjected to conquerors. Korean had no way to directly say no. Thus the comedy, Yes, then the negative thought. Yes, we have no bananas.
    There are many theories as to why the original inhabitants had very long life spans. Some say it was simply a different way of viewing the calendar. But I find it curious that after the flood, the lifespans were definitely much shorter. The maximum in current day terms is about 120-126 years. The norm is much shorter.
    Everyone dies. Like I said, to have immortality would mean you would have to have accident insurance in the form of a backup that would literally reverse time. Not likely. Longevity is possible. I feel that with care, a person could live to be at least a 1,000 years old. Again, what would the brain of a thousand year old person look like? Would it be 900 years of being almost brain dead?
    In computers, the brain is the processor. The memory is the hard drive. The memory eventually breaks down. It has to be cleaned up. You might have information stored all over a hard drive for a single program. Optimizing a hard drive, means putting the information in a direct lineup so that it is available much quicker. If a person reaches great age, would they have to optimize the brain’s memory storage? Would we go to sleep one night and wake up several years later with crystal clear memories. That also is a curse. You remember the bad with the good in your life. Such as the hurt of someone close to you dying. Normally mourning takes about 5 years, before the memories fade.
    It is a valid thought. In the Bible, Jesus promises us immortality for following him. I personally believe that entails a lot more than most people realize. For one thing, Jesus said that you have to become a child again and look at things through the eyes of a child.
    The Bible also predicts that there will come a time when men beg for death and it will not claim them. They will be living in agony instead.
    There is a cost to long life. There is both a blessing and a curse there. These “super humans” will have to pay that cost over and over again. They will see all their loved ones die around them. They might be virtually immortal, but at what cost to them personally?
    Nano, or microscopic machines, capable of repairing us indefinitely is on the horizon. It comes with a big cost.

  • xander cross

    Michael, you know that you support this espeically for the millitary and most people on here would not care if it was happening right now. All most people care about here is using home depot credit cards. Why you don’t want someone to read your thougts michael? This is fascinating to me. Advancement like in Deus Ex and metal gear solid is possible and there is noting wrong with that.

    • Michael

      How in the world am I supporting this?


      • Guido

        C’mon, Michael, Xander’s insane. You can’t reason with someone who reasons badly. Home Depot credit cards?!

        • Guido

          This comments page is glitchy

        • xander cross

          Not at all. I am just curious of why all of a sudden would any of you would be interested in this when you don’t care much about the millitary at all?

          • Mal R.

            WTH kind of drugs are you on? The military is overwhelmingly right leaning and overwhelmingly supported by the right.

            The left despises the military and somehow or other your mind managed to come up with ‘you dont care much about the military’. The ‘you’ being an obviously right leaning Michael. Laughable!

          • Guido

            Once again, Xander, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You certainly have no idea what anyone here cares about until they tell you. “All of a sudden…” I did a year and a half in Iraq. Is that “sudden” enough for you?

  • GA

    When does it end? If DARPA has the ability to do this, then why on earth can’t we save children from diseases like cancer? This is Skynet type stuff that will be abused by some sociopath at our expense. Prepare yourself and you loved ones. Misery awaits everybody.

    • Maxx

      I am of the opinion:

      That the cures for cancer, HIV, etc… already exist and are locked away in some pharmaceutical or government lab bunker. Why? Because the pharmaceutical business is worth multi-mega-billions in profits. It is not in their interests to provide cures, quite actually just the opposite. People who are well do not require medications and do not spend their money on such. Will the real god of Western Civilization please stand up? And the almighty dollar happily does so.

      • A.S.

        Actually, it is more evil than that. Some would say that HIV was invented. It was merely a minor virus that got classified as a major disease. When you start taking medication for it, that in itself, what lowers your immune system. The whole idea is explained in the book called “Why we will never end the war on AIDS,” by Brian Ellison and I forget his co-author. The book is too technical for me, as it requires at least a year or two of medical school to understand. But essentially, it can be safely said, that more diseases are either invented or the cures hidden. Bottom line: there is no profit in healthy people, that live up to 100+ without doctors, medication or surgery.

        When the H1N1 was going around, I did not get a vaccine. When the Bird Flu was going around, I did not get a vaccine. I can’t remember the last time I got once since I was 18-20. I rarely drink unfiltered water. I haven’t used any medication for at least 4 years. I have a very strict diet, and constantly learning more things which may be poisonous for me. I do get a cold once in a while, but I let if go away on its own. I am 40 and only 125 lbs, but I look 28 according to my friends. So, essentially I say, “go to hell,” to most doctors, because their only interest in me is to make money off of me (by legally stealing it from me with words like “medication”).

        • xander cross

          I actually agree with you for once.

        • Gay Veteran

          great, we got right-wing kooks and left-wing kooks agreeing on something. Usually it’s the right-wing that is anti-science

    • Gay Veteran

      no Mal R, we oppose empire while you worship the military

    • Gay Veteran

      the real left despises how the military is used to further the empire and bankrupt this country for the benefit of the elites and the military-industrial complex (see Eisenhower)

  • joeliberty

    Remember one thing, all this requires electronics….with the exception of transhumanism. If an EMP weapon were launched this would put an end to any advanced technological systems and we would be back in the stone age with a neutered military. For this reason, there should never be an emphasis that relies solely on electronics. Furthermore, if you believe in God, I do not think he will tolerate this kind of oppression and tyranny because that will be the end result of a stunt like this.

    • Mal R.

      “a neutered military. For this reason, there should never be an emphasis that relies solely on electronics”

      I actually served in the USMC. Yes, we utilize an extensive array of electronics, but we also train heavily in manual methodology. Hindered, yes. Neutered, not so much.

      • Oorah. Well said. MCMAP will make quick work of almost any opponent in one-on-one combat.

        Also, How Superman Will Destroy Democracy over at my blog scooped this particular piece by several weeks.

        That said, my emphasis was on the fact that good old fashioned American soldiers who may choose to lay down their lives for the Constitution and the people of the United States may one day face a military force of supermen. My conceptualization was something like Captain America in an Iron Man exoskeleton. I’m afraid it may not be far off.

  • K

    The exoskeleton is actually a very useful piece of equipment. The rest of the super soldier program is pure insanity. In the past, the experiments always caused mental instability. I guess we know why a couple of months ago, they announced they had found the morality center of the brain. Add to that, the drug they came up with, that erases short term memory. Super soldiers, with their morality center blocked. And the memory capable of being erased. In my book this qualifies, as a crime against humanity.

  • 1stVArifleman

    A professor at VMI used to talk about this ‘Terminator’ stuff all the time. He taught a course called ‘Science and Securities,’ basically he told the class that it is not only a possibility but a certainty that soldiers of the future would be genetically and technologically enhanced.

    At the time I kind of thought this guy (a Colonel) was crazy. The main reason being that I would always bring up the point that we can’t sacrifice what we are trying to protect, meaning our Bill of Rights and Constitution, to defeat ‘terrorism’. Which, I always would also state is a tactic and not a definable enemy with a ‘center of gravity.’

    Thus, all this so called ‘War on Terror’ is a political struggle that is only meant to be sustained and not conquered. For, again, there is no ‘center of gravity’ to conquer. As von Clausewitz says in ‘En Krieg,’ “War is not an independent phenomenon, but the continuation of politics by different means….The political object is the goal, war is the means of reaching it, and the means can never be considered in isolation form their purposes…Everything in war is very simple. But the simplest thing is difficult….Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.”

    The Colonel’s response, would always be cliche. “This is a different war, an ‘asymmetrical war,’ and sacrifices must be made…The threat is legitimate:” ’83 Beirut, ’93 WTC, ’98 Kenya and Tanzania, ’00 USS Cole, ’01 WTC and DOD. And at the time, I believed that, and would try to justify what I thought must be done to myself.

    However, since then I’ve looked deeply into the Grand Strategic Level of War, which focuses on Financial and Political aspects of war, and they are truly damning to the established history as is taught in public schools. There is no doubt that the Rothschild banking dynasty and there banker agents all over the world have funded both sides of every major conflict since maybe the American Revolution, but undoubtedly since WWI. Which, includes this current conflict, the ‘Global War on Terror.’ Not to mention that ‘Al Qaeda’ was the CIA code word for the Mujahideen, and they are currently fighting our *************/Anglo/American-elitist proxy war in Syria against Syria, Iran, Russia, and China. In addition, don’t forget Al Qaeda killed Qaddafi for us too.

    As for this ‘terminator,’ ‘android,’ ‘bio-engineered’ super hero stuff;’ the elitist are into the occult and many legends and prophecies of the past do reference many such claims as Michael describes in this article. Whether you believe in the occult or spiritual things is not the point; the point is the elites do believe in this and are attempting to manifest their beliefs. And whether they truly believe it or not, that doesn’t matter either. What truly matters is they are attempting to open Pandora’s Box, either in the name of ‘Science’ or the occult, and there is not turning back from such events. Only time will truly reveal such events. Though this is only the beginning of hearing about such ‘terminators,’ ‘androids,’ and ‘bio-engineered’ super heroes.

    Long Live the Constitutional Republic!
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    Fortune Favors the Brave:

    “Those without swords can still die upon them.”
    Eowyn of Rohan (Lord of the Rings)

  • JR

    CS Lewis envisaged all of this in his space trilogy – particularly the third book, That Hideous Strength.

    If, in fact, there is a God, there are certain things that will not, I think we can be assured, happen. As Francis Schaeffer wrote, there is a God, and He is there. Moreover, if if you don’t believe in God, you would have to be a fool to think that fallible man, with powers magnified many, many fold, would end up having something like this lead to anything other than a dystopic nightmare. But, man (and primarily leftists I find) in his arrogance, will try. And you know what will be the result? A horror a thousand times worse than Nazi Germany.

    Like pastors Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Martin Niemoller in Nazi Germany, the few of you who get this need to speak out forcefully, continually, and cogently. Kurzweil’s singularity will be a singular hell.

    • Gay Veteran

      dystopic nightmare? like the Inquisition?

  • Captain Diomedes

    Soon our battlebrothers shall purge the xenos scum from Holy Terra. Praise be to the God Emperor of Mankind

    • Guido

      Only if I get to be a Commissar!

  • McKinley Morganfield

    This sounds far fetched to me…. may be possible in the distant future, but not anytime soon.

  • Brian

    It is so funny how right wing religious fundamentalists will believe anything, pick up a science book, read the actual studies. There is a suit that will allow humans to lift a lot of weight but there will not be limb regeneration in our lifetime, probably never. Geez the sheep follow their shepherd. Ever hear the saying “Nobody Ever Went Broke Underestimating the Stupidity of the American People”. Look at your sources World News Daily? really??? Try peer reviewed scientific journals. It must suck to be scared of everything and everyone. Everything from violent crime to arson has been dropping since the 70’s http://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/2011/september/crime_091911.
    Lowly taught people can’t figure out the reason for the crime drop in the late 1990’s.

    • joeliberty

      Brian……the fact that you use government as a source for “unbiased” information broadcasts your stupidity to the whole world and you use wikipedia as a reliable source for information that anyone can change and contribute to whether true or false. Who is the fundamentalist??? It looks like you are by using fundamental stupidity, citing unreliable sources. Get a life.

      • MB92083

        Brian believes everything NBC broadcasts and thinks Obama is a nice guy working for the betterment of all American’s. We dumb conservatives cling to our guns and religion until an intellectual like him (or another liberal) explains thing’s to us. We should be grateful to him and his liberal friends. The world would be utopia if it weren’t for us religious backwards red state “Lowly taught people”. Of course crime is down, the economy is recovering and the real unemployment rate is only 8%, not 20%. I wish I were smart like Brian!

      • MB92083

        I bet Brian spends a lot of time alone in his room with his Batman comic’s.

    • MB92083

      “More than half of the nation’s violent crimes, or nearly 3.4 million violent victimizations per year, went unreported to the police between 2006 and 2010,” said a Justice Department analysis.

      That’s 17 million violent crimes off the books in five years.
      Sorry if inconvenient truth’s get in the way of your fantasy life Brian. Go back to the basement and shelter yourself from the real world outside.


  • Tatiana Covington

    Nice! I’m writing an SF saga centered on something like this. Set in an Alternate History where Jerry Springer is US President for 3 terms (2001-13), 9 telepathically connected MtF transsexuals fight their way across America while escaping from the clutches of a fugitive war criminal researching extreme computational biology.

    Their desire is to prevent nuclear holocaust. So off they go, singing Wagner in some scenes, such as the Reentry Ride.

  • Maxx

    As a matter of fact;

    I just finished watching Universal Soldier 2 just a few nights ago. What I want to know is what happens to these, “Universal Soldiers,” when they leave active duty? Will they also be aggressively recruited by local law enforcement agencies and end up on my hometown streets? Now that is truly disturbing…

  • Mondobeyondo

    A certain German dictator of the 1930’s and 1940’s would be thrilled.

    So would the director of the 1970’s TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man”. (in 2012, it would be called the $528 Million Dollar Man, due to inflation. Six million dollars these days won’t even buy you an arm and a leg. Even if it is bionic!)

    Scary beyond words.

  • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

    The enhancement suit I have no problem with, unless of course some traitor or greedy politician gives it to the enemy; everything else though, is just an absolute affront on humanity. What makes us human? If said changes do occur to the soldiers, especially if the device that limits the moral center of the brain’s activity are implemented; what would happen. I can see nothing but darkness ahead of us with this, if we keep following this path.

    Oh and as a precursor to xander and Gary2’s comments: I am not the racist, you are: You need to stop calling people names and start reading things and form your own opinion, instead of following solely what the left preaches: and how are we the ones who support it when we are the ones who believe genetic engineering is an attack on the way GOD made us. We humans were not made to be perfect, nor will genetic engineering make us perfect.
    -Young Patriot

  • JP

    Check out http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com regarding the times we are living in and what to do. God bless you.

  • Laurie

    Beam me up Scottie. Get me off this planet!

  • Mike

    We’d be creating animals, at some point their thought process will get fudged & we’ll have super powered thinking animals armed to the teeth and roid raging on a biblical scale.

    Dictatorship eventually will get it right, this’d be the ways and means. Not a pretty picture.

  • Mr.squirreleo

    The only thing that would destroy the human race is immortality

    You people have to remember that living for ever would be hell and the greatest punishment possible

    • Alejandro Gjezi

      not if you have the option to stop living whenever you may want

  • Mike

    Rethought my comment, sign me on, I’m 50 & pretty thickly muscled. let’s do this. Let’s kick the red Skull’s butt

    if we don’t, some other country will & we better beat them to the punch.
    Maybe it’d be worth it, biblical implications and all.
    gatorade on steriods, oh well.

    exoslekelton? oh hell yeah, gives me goosebumps even typing that word. I grew up reading comic books, I’d throw one of those on in a heartbeat.

  • GA

    Michael spells it out in his articles every day on his sites. We need to prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually and we need to do it now! Please don’t just lurk on sites like this with hope that everything is going to be alright. It’s impossible for things to be corrected. We are too close to the edge in all aspects of our society. Please prepare yourselves and your loved ones.

  • A.S.

    The U.S. is already in a perpetual war, where it not only keep up the economy from crashing, but rewrites history. Sound familiar? One word: 1984. If you don’t understand what 1984 was, then continue being a brain-dead sheep. If you do understand, escape, even the U.S. if need be, to a place that is as low-tech as possible.

    There was a video on youtube called “track me if you can,” teaching you how to make a new fake identity for yourself, but it had one major flaw from the start: the guy was driving a car with plates; there are plate reading cameras everywhere, so his location (and real name based on registration) on any highway and street, is known at all times.

    My advice if you want to escape Big Brother:
    1. take out all your cash from all accounts, IRAs, 401k, etc.
    2. liquidate all your property, including cars
    3. travel with just a backpack per person with bare necessities
    4. travel by bus via local stops (don’t start/end trip from central bus stations)
    5. sleep at motels that are absolutely the cheapest, with no technology of any kind (not even a TV)
    6. buy food with cash
    7. make your destination at a rarely traveled to camp area and attempt to enter without ids (this will be your home for months at a time)
    8. if you need more cash, work any job for cash, and don’t make friends at work
    9. don’t use an technology of any kind except a wide band radio to know what is going on in the world
    10. don’t trust anyone except your own family

    This is just at the top of my mind. Much better than that guy on that youtube video.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Powersuits? Exoskeletons? I read about those in Heinlein’s *Starship Troopers*, 1959.

    Ho hum. Most of this is pretty old stuff to any true-blue, red-blooded, Science-Fiction fan.

  • Chris

    If Obama is re-elected, there will be no future….more to be revealed.

  • Guido

    It’s OK, DARPA is full of really smart people who also invest their time in lots of hokum that doesn’t necessarily pay off. For every idea that works, who knows how many screwballs they come up with? The super soldier thing is probably going to be a failure. How many tries did it take to get Dolly the sheep, and then she died prematurely? And what fool would volunteer to let Uncle Sam mess with his genes? These are the same folks who did the Tuskegee Experiments, exposed retarded kids to radiation, nuked their own soldiers, and OK’d Thalidomide.
    The headsets will be another disaster. For one, they’re going to have to figure out how to get inside a soldier’s head and not issue Article 15s for disrespect, sexual harrassment, and criminal thoughts to everyone.
    BTW-What you wanna bet the first use of these thought helmets by the rank and file will involve sharing nasty sexual fantasies? It will probably lead to some interesting lawsuits and ART. 15s.

    AND, once this tech gets out, what you wanna bet the first commercial use will be in porn? We will have Aldous Huxley’s “Feelies,” that is, the movies you can feel and sense-which were also porn…(He sure did predict the future…)
    And the pills sound like trouble. When you mess with the sleep cycle, it creates real problems. 1st-it’s hard on your heart. 2nd-the longer you stay awake, the more messed up you get. After a few days, you start to hallucinate. I’ve heard after a week, you go nuts, but I never tried it. 3rd-I wonder what the effects are on your brain’s dopomine production? Healthy sleep is important to dopomine production, so I’m thinking that going without it chemically could screw that up. Dopomine is important to regulating a lot of stuff in the brain, like the sense of pleasure. Look at methheads-after prolonged use, their pleasure centers are shot. We could see soldiers with messed up brains from long-term use. I’m not an expert, but I don’t think there is a healthy substitute for regular sleep.

  • Guido

    Sayy, couldn’t we just cut the humans out of it altogether and build robots? We could have a big central computer that is programmed to run all our defenses, robotic soldiers, flying machines, and large ground vehicles. We could arm them all with lasers and order them to protect America or the world or all mankind from all threats. Why does that sound like a movie?

    Or what about zombies! We could hardwire dead bodies with little control units in their brains and just drive them like drones to do our killing for us! It would be cheaper than all the expenses of soldiers who you have to train, equip, support, give raises, keep healthy, FEED, and then pension off for a few decades. Zombies would be much cheaper.

    • xander cross

      Something is very wrong with Gudio. It’s like he is on something.

      • A concerned young AmeriCan Patriot

        It’s called sarcasm Xander: both were references to movies in which the attempted controlling of robots (or in the second case, zombies) went horrible wrong. He was not saying the government should actually do this. (Big hint here! try using context clues as you read; it was written in a style that hinted at sarcasm, and not at actually meaning it.)
        -Young Patriot

      • Guido

        The only thing wrong with me would appear to be my ability to communicate with you. I would hope most people caught the humor in my comment.

        Then again, zombies would be much cheaper and they’re powered merely by braiiiiins….

    • MisterC

      Zombies are already here! They are also known as Obama supporters. :-)

  • Colin

    I had a discussion with my mother after watching the Olympics. Athletes are closing in on maxing their abilities. Records are broken by tens of thousands of seconds.


    When humans reach that limit, what will we do to improve performance? Will they become bionic, or will they be genetically modified? I can see why both the sporting community and the military community would be interested in doing this.

    There was a sci-fi movie starring Kurt Russell named Soldier. In this movie, the military does what is described in this article, I think the movie raises an important question – what happens to soldiers who become obsolete when the next super soldier is released to the market?

  • Gary2

    Michael–are these the nephelim?? the renowned men of old you are referring to???



  • Wilf M

    In the Japanese anime “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” it tells the story of an American who delved into creating DNA superhumans that could merge with machines. Over time a split developed and two groups emerged: The “Coordinators” and the “Naturals”.

    The Naturals were normal humans while the Coordinators had super abilities in everything from sport to academics. Eventually the Naturals began killing the Coordinators who then left Earth to build and then live in giant Space Colonies.

    The rest is one everlasting war between these two groups.


    SOUNDS LIKE MEGADEATH TO ME!!You take a mortal man,
    And put him in control
    Watch him become a god,
    Watch peoples heads a’roll

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony…
    Of Destruction

    Acting like a robot,
    It’s metal brain corrodes.
    You try to take it’s pulse,
    Before the head explodes.

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony…
    Of Destruction

    The earth starts to rumble
    World powers fall
    A’warring for the heavens,
    A peaceful man stands tall

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony…

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony…
    Swaying to the Symphony…
    Of Destruction You take a mortal man,
    And put him in control
    Watch him become a god,
    Watch peoples heads a’roll

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony…
    Of Destruction

    Acting like a robot,
    It’s metal brain corrodes.
    You try to take it’s pulse,
    Before the head explodes.
    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony…
    Of Destruction

    The earth starts to rumble
    World powers fall
    A’warring for the heavens,
    A peaceful man stands tall

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony…

    Just like the Pied Piper
    Led rats through the streets
    We dance like marionettes,
    Swaying to the Symphony…
    Swaying to the Symphony…
    Of Destruction!!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLOnQA45ppA!!!A PEACEFUL MAN STANDS TALL!! STANDS TALL!!!


      WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN???In 1284, while the town of Hamelin was suffering from a rat infestation, a man dressed in pied clothing appeared, claiming to be a rat-catcher. He promised the mayor a solution for their problem with the rats. The mayor in turn promised to pay him for the removal of the rats. The man accepted, and played a musical pipe to lure the rats with a song into the Weser River, where all but one drowned. Despite his success, the mayor reneged on his promise and refused to pay the rat-catcher the full amount of money. The man left the town angrily, but vowed to return some time later, seeking revenge. On Saint John and Paul’s day while the inhabitants were in church, he played his pipe yet again, dressed in green, like a hunter, this time attracting the children of Hamelin. One hundred and thirty boys and girls followed him out of the town, where they were lured into a cave and never seen again. Depending on the version, at most three children remained behind. One of the children was lame and could not follow quickly enough, the second was deaf and followed the other children out of curiosity, and the last was blind and unable to see where they were going. These three informed the villagers of what had happened when they came out of church.http:

  • PDN

    America will be destroyed by China and Russia, there is no future for the american military “force”. Good night!



    • TheKnowerseeker

      Ok… and so then China and Russia would simply be the new owners of this technology. What’s your point?

  • Rosenkreuz

    If you look at it on the bright side, countries as a whole are so rapidly on the way out that these technologies are unlikely to ever be used, to their full potential, by any sort of tyrannical big government. If anything this’ll end up in privatized armies and security corporations, probably alongside the UAV and UGV technologies which offer a cheap, more controllable and more effective alternative to traditional armies.

  • Nathan Nigel Havers

    Has anyone considered the Super Soldiers and genetic science behind them, could be one of the final signs of mankind’s story on Earth?

    These “giants” might have been here before, and the real reason for the Flood of Noah.


    HERE COMES THE DOMINO EFFECT!!!There is still little sign of panic in Greece, and there has not been a stampede to the banks. Nevertheless, people are withdrawing hundreds of millions of euros from the banks every day. In May alone, outflows totaled €5 billion. According to official figures, €80 billion has been withdrawn since the start of the crisis.
    Which however is not to say that most people have not already commenced preparations:

    Christiana (not her real name) can see the capital flight every day with her own eyes. The 46-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, works as an asset manager at a large Greek bank. “It’s not just that it is increasing,” she says of the withdrawals. It’s not only major customers who have been taking out money in recent months, she explains, but all kinds of clients, from account holders with a few hundred euros to the bank’s most important private customers. “Naturally, the wealthy ask particularly often what they should do with their money,” she says.

    Rich Greeks have long been moving billions to countries such as Italy or Switzerland, or buying luxury properties in London. But overall, according to estimates by the Greek central bank, only about one-fifth of the total money withdrawn has gone abroad. Many customers have left their money in the bank itself, Christiana says — but in a safe deposit box rather than in their accounts. “It’s currently impossible to find a free safe deposit box in a Greek bank,” she says.

    Those customers clearly don’t want to be surprised by a currency reform. There has long been speculation over how that could work. The banks could close over a weekend, take stock of the euro holdings in their accounts and prevent further transfers to foreign accounts. Euro bills which are already in circulation would be marked with stamps. The export of unmarked bills would be prevented at the borders. Within a short time, the drachma could be reintroduced.

    If it gets that far, Marianna’s clients want to be prepared. Like Christiana, she also works as an asset consultant at a Greek bank, And like Christiana, she does not want her real name to be used. Her clients are lawyers, doctors or top managers. “On average, they have between €200,000 and €300,000, which they can withdraw at any time,” Marianna says.
    Not unexpectedly, the local thieves have figured out what is going on too. And all that physical cash sitting in various homes is just too tempting:

    Quite a few wealthy clients also tell Marianna that they are keeping their money at home. Many people are apparently doing the same thing. Greeks now have around €50 billion stashed at home, reports the Greek newspaper Ta Nea, citing the Greek Finance Ministry. Burglaries are increasing as a result. In Crete, they have gone up by 700 percent within two years. Burglars recently stole €50,000 in cash from a house of an old couple in Athens.

    The crisis may now increase the social divide in Greece, just as it has done many times in recent years. While members of the upper class have long managed to stash their money in safe places, a possible currency reform and the subsequent devaluation would probably hit many low-income earners unprepared.
    In retrospect, the threat of robbery may pale in comparison with the consequences of a coordinated global bank holiday:

    Even a cosmopolitan woman like Joanna Stavropoulous has been overwhelmed in her attempts to come up with the right strategy. In 2010, as the signs of Greece’s economic crash intensified, she moved her savings to a Spanish bank. Then Spain’s economy got into trouble. She moved her money back to Greece — until the next bout of bad news. She has paid more than €100 ($125) in bank fees alone, she says, due to the constant movement of her money.

    When her daughter was born, Stavropoulos paid €12,000 for the birth, a sum that is not considered unusual in private Greek clinics. Now, she has barely any money left. She has now invested the last of her savings in foreign currency, hoping that they will hold their value if Greece returns to the drachma.
    Yet the most ironic moment in the Greek denouement will come when fractional reserve lending collapses onto itself:

    Stavropoulos and her friends have a new strategy to deal with their daily expenses. “We charge everything to our credit cards,” she says. If the Greek banks fail, they won’t be able to collect the outstanding debts, she argues. “If they want to mess me around, I will do the same to them.”
    In other words, Greece is now America, where the vast majority of people also live on credit alone, and have taken up the following motto when dealing with banks: “you pretend to be solvent, we pretend to have money.”

    At the end of the day, it is all just one big global monetary circle jerk, only this time in reverse, as the snake of fractional reserve banking has finally started to eat its own tail. With people spending money they don’t have, and in debt to their eyeballs to a banking system that itself is just as insolvent, is there any wonder that nobody really panics any more over daily threats the grand reset is finally cominG!!!!

    • Guido

      That sounds like an old article. These kinds of articles were coming out of Greece at least a year ago. The smart people pulled their money out then. The really smart people pulled their money out even earlier. Duh masses are the ones left now with nothing. Did anyone see the stat that 75% of Greeks want to emigrate?
      And did anyone read Eurobanks want nothing to do with Greeks because the Greek gov’t reserves the right to snatch their accounts out of banks in other countries? Greece is really messed up.

      The contagion is spreading, too. Go over to ZH and check out their article today on currency velocity and how the health of an economy can be determined by the rate at which a unit of currency moves around the economy. The more debt/fiat money you create, however, the less velocity there is. According to the stats, we are WORSE than the depression. With inflation outpacing wealth creation, it’s plain to see we’re slowing down.

  • Gil

    If there’s any truth to this then Libertarians are screwed. Most of them would imagine kicking off a “2nd(/3rd) American Revolution” using 18th century warfare tactics.

  • For more on transhumanism and the microchip implant that the US government states that it wants to implant people with, see my following article, particularly Sec. 8.2.2: “The Mark of the Beast”. This article concerns physicist and mathematician Prof. Frank J. Tipler’s Omega Point cosmology, which is a proof of God’s existence according to the known laws of physics (i.e., the Second Law of Thermodynamics, General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics), and the Feynman-DeWitt-Weinberg quantum gravity/Standard Model Theory of Everything (TOE).

    James Redford, “The Physics of God and the Quantum Gravity Theory of Everything”, Social Science Research Network (SSRN), Aug. 6, 2012 (orig. pub. Dec. 19, 2011), 186 pp., doi:10.2139/ssrn.1974708, http://archive.org/details/ThePhysicsOfGodAndTheQuantumGravityTheoryOfEverything .

  • Troy

    Gary2, you are an example of genetic modification gone horribly wrong…. the proof is literally in the pudding…

  • I somewhat believe in god but did god stop weapons and drugs from being created? The answer is NO. I personally support genetic engineering. And one other thing, you adults act like children calling each other names and talking about about your silly religions. Genetic mutation is for the strong who want to survive and some are too weak to accept this and just go in a corner and die like the pathetic creatures they are. One final thing is that your oh so special minds are inferior to my mind. Good bye and you all just got schooled by an 11 year old.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      God created Man. Man created his own problems. According to Christian theology, even things that seem out of man’s control like disease and natural disasters were/are caused by man through the introduction of something called “sin” to the world, and then continue through man’s continued embrace of it, generation after generation. (Sin is basically the anti-matter to God’s matter: Boom! Death and destruction.) I am a Christian, so I share these beliefs.

      • BALATRON



      you only schooled yourself and fooled yourself your still young keep bringing yourself to school and don’t stop thinking! maybe one day you will know God and truth!

  • nab

    Why do we put up with these DARPA monsters?

    • ARC

      Because they made the Internet. And are on track to keep the United States the supreme military power on Earth for the next hundred years. Super-soldiers and rail-guns

  • james e ladd

    i don’t care what any of you say i think that the government needs and should go ahead and create super soldiers. i my self would apply for the job but obviously there are genetic qualifications.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Every adult American citizen should be required to join the U.S. military and fight our wars: If you want freedom, you should pay your fair share of the blood cost.

      Consequently, it would probably greatly reduce the number of wars we jump into in the first place… thereby reducing the blood cost.

      • Helios’ Marauder

        To create supersoldiers we would probably follow Halos idea by taking young children and training them for all that time. other then that idk

  • Kyleblue93

    Well this all seams fancy but there are way to many predictable possibility what would be smarter it the create a safe fail or a operation system. This way we would be able to take control at a moments notice. But to do this you will need people what good judgement so that once something happens you will be able to shut down or even destroy you drone or robot. What I suggest it to build a main brain what it able to access the drones and robots and have them power down or self destruct. But you will have to keep it protected from hacking and if someone dose hack it. Have a hard shut down set up for manual use only. Thus you have a back up plan incase your safe fail doesn’t work. Yours truly pvt Kyle Anthony Beach
    If you wish to contact me here is my email

  • Anon

    In halo, nothing but good came of this!

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Of course. Halo is a feelgood game that doesn’t reflect “reality”. It’s like your normal take on superheroes versus the “reality” of the Watchmen, or Lord of the Rings versus Game of Thrones. (I hate Game of Thrones and love LotR, by the way.) We need to get serious and “get real” about this issue, however.

      • Isaac Evans

        Actually in Halo, Spartans (supersoldiers) were originally fielded to put down Rebellion in insurrectionist space colonies away from Earth…soooo not neccesarily nothing but good.

        • TheKnowerseeker

          Thanks for the info; I haven’t kept up with Halo lore.

    • sada

      halo is beast

  • American 101

    why super soldiers when you can control the planes and weaponry through computers?………….really

    • Soldier

      because drones don’t win wars

      • Adam von Plentl

        No one wins wars.

        • LIBER7YORDEA7H

          Oh go smell a rose, ya hippy

          • Isaac Evans

            Liber it’s not about being a hippy, but you seem to have the notion that action is the only answer. Jeeze, if that were true we might as well nuke all our enemies now in a blaze of “glory,” no, war is not the answer to so many situations, and love is important for true peace in this world. There will always be those who threaten us however, and SOMETIMES the sword is neccesary, but the U.S. has fought MANY unjust wars in its time, as well as just wars.

        • TheKnowerseeker

          Wrong. Rulers win wars. And no one else. Everyone else loses. Currently, our rulers consist of the wealthy.

      • TheKnowerseeker

        Please elaborate.

  • Technology will, in time, enslave humanity. There are no other possible outcomes as technology accelerates as time passes. This is why the book of Revelation is common sense. George Orwell said it best: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”


      First off, the price for freedom and liberty has never changed. No matter what we do, freedom demands blood. However, advances in technology can reduce the amount of blood spilt. And these super soldiers will only help. They wouldn’t care if they died, as long as they know they are dying for our freedom and rights. I know I wouldn’t mind dying, if I was dying for my country. “Sacrifice” is the key word. And the fact that all this terrible stuff happens in the US, only makes the soldiers die in vein. America still stands as a beacon of freedom and liberty, but the people shame it! Humans can’t be so smart to make a machine that will only take control of everything, unless it is another human. Which is why these super soldiers will only need to be raised and trained with a good morale. Unless they are taught otherwise, they, along with everything else from the earth, will corrupt.


        My name is Aidan Anderson, I am fourteen years of age, and have always had a natural talent for writing. If you have any questions or comments, my email is quigon.aidan@gmail.com.

        • Adam von Plentl

          The flaw in your logic, Aidan, is that you seem to think peace can ever be maintained through force. Freedom does not demand blood; it demands love and kindness. Freedom demands only that we sacrifice outdated concepts of nationalism. Making better weapons never reduced the amount of blood that was spilled for a cause. For evidence you only need to look at the evolution of warfare prior to the industrial revolution up to World War 2. The number of casualties both military and civilian increase exponentially. On this planet we believe that we are Americans, Europeans, blacks, whites, etc. Somewhere along the way we forgot that each of us is human, regardless of nationality or skin color. No, the only way the human race will survive is by overcoming our urges for war and bloodshed. We must do away with economies whose entire focus is on wartime production and economy. We will have to put aside ridiculous prejudice notions. We are one people with one chance and we must unite or we will die.

          • fhoy8319

            To be real… Freedom is never free! That’s why we have citizens that enroll in military and fight for our country cause someone will always try to take it away and yes we have threats in our own soil but if we stand idle then we loose what we have.we stand up and fight for what we believe in or we try to sucker ourselves in believing that love will prevail and show our enemy’s kindness…

          • TheKnowerseeker

            And thus the wars (mass-murder on a national/continental scale) will continue….

            Yes, Americans (and citizens of other democracies) voluntarily join their armed forces for the sake of trying to protect their nation and their families, but the New World Order 1%ers abuse them as “useful idiots” to fight unjust wars against people in third-world countries for the sake of oil and resources. I, for one, will not be encouraging my sons to join the armed forces.

          • LIBER7YORDEA7H

            Right. Because the Americans just loved the British during the Revolutionary war. And I suppose the Northerners defeated the South with hugs and cookies. Face it, some people just will never cease in their craving for war and domination. That’s how the world is. Your flaw, is that you think the world can reach peace and tranquility with love. But the world won’t have it. There are too many different factors that would say otherwise. We have been given the opportunity to advance as a species. An adaptation for domination. Sadly to say, war is not won through love. Where was love, when 9/11 happened? Did love protect us from that? Where was love, when all these shootings occured? Where was love during WW2? Love has protected us from nothing that would threaten the lives of the American people! Love can’t always protect lives. But action will! We need to take action, and go through with these advancements! The sooner they can get them approved, the sooner we can kick enemy butt, and all have a giant group hug and love each other. Good grief. FREEDOM IS NOT MAINTAINED THROUGH FORCE, ADAM. IT IS MAINTAINED IN DEFENSE. -Aidan

          • Lane

            Conflict brings people together. 9/11 became an example displaying the ways in which adversity can create unity. You can see love in every attempt to save our injured, and you can see resolve in the numbers of enlisted military after the towers fell. The problem is that we are isolated from a common enemy, and so we choose to fight amongst ourselves. Rather than seeing a bigger picture, such as finding ways off of this dying rock of a world, or ending disease, maybe finding ways to provide for our disgustingly vast population, we spend millions on developing new weapons and strategies for destroying one another. God forbid any of the Hollywood tales of fiction come true, and we face an invading alien force. Wed be too busy pointing the gun at our own heads.

          • TheKnowerseeker

            And the only way to do that is through unrestrained, unfiltered, un-watered-down, Bible-based Christianity. There is and will never be any other philosophy (religious or otherwise) or worldview that can achieve total love and compassion — and which man can find compelling enough to fully embrace — as the belief that The Perfect, Holy God chose to lower Himself to the level of Man and sacrifice Himself through man-death, because He so loves mankind.

          • BenJammin

            two words: the crusades

      • TheKnowerseeker

        “They wouldn’t care if they died, as long as they know they are dying for
        our freedom and rights. I know I wouldn’t mind dying, if I was dying
        for my country.” — Naive. The super-soldiers will have to either be mindless slaves or they will rule us (even the wealthy bankers) like gods. And if you’d be willing to die for Obama (or Dubya, or…) and the plutocrats in Congress for “your country”, then have at it; I am not a willing pawn.

        “…soldiers die in vein.” — Soldiers bleed their *veins* out and die in *vain* all the time. Sad but true.

        • LIBER7YORDEA7H

          Well, “your country” doesn’t have to offer you freedom at all. If you don’t like it so much then why don’t you go live in China or Russia you ungrateful bastard. America could use less people like you anyways.
          To use freedom without paying for it? What kind of sick joke is that? And I wouldn’t die for Obama you idiot. Not to say that I wouldn’t die for him specifically, but I would die for what and who he represents: the freedom and people of America! But it’s people like you that betray their sacrifice. The day we are not willing to pay for our freedom is the day we will lose it!

  • Carol Mickelsen
  • Clark Anderson kerns

    i want a super soldier serum

    • TheKnowerseeker

      We’re all going to want such a thing if it ever become reality. But oh so very few of us will receive it.

  • D. Casanova

    I’m all for the advancement as someone currently wheelchair bound i say full speed ahead to the technology that can put someone like myself back on my feet again able to live my life to the fullest again..

    • TheKnowerseeker

      I fully support the development of these technologies (assuming that we don’t murder babies for the advances) for the sake of medicine; the problem is trying to keep it *only* for that sake.


      absolutely and that would be the good use of the technology, but the reason why we all disagree with this is because we know full well that wont happen! but its good to be hopeful. and one day I hope you and others do regain your full ability to walk etc. its for these reasons we wish that beneficial revolutionary technology could be used to progress and further mankind but then we look at why these things happen and we look at our world and become reminded… oh wait that was only a dream! we have 2 reality’s we need to escape from before good men get rewarded for their deeds. the reality that hovers just above our own and can be found with the push of a button or click of a mouse. and the reality we wake up into with foggy eyes and remember how much our lives suck. one day my friend with hope it will be ours. the future will be ours to live in freely and peacefully. and if people like you and all of us want what will make us better no government or human entity can tell us otherwise! god bless!

  • kal98

    war is about the control of resources and people- it is big business! as long as people sign up they will be helping to enslave themselves and their families! as well as the negative environmental destruction too! this idea of patriotism and going to war is false most people globally, the common people just want peace, jobs, education and a healthy lifestyle, you are being manipulated for evil.

    • TheKnowerseeker


      I *do not* embrace communism, (I’d be willing to give social democracy a try) but working people worldwide do need to unite against the 1% if we’re going to have a bright future.

  • Anthony Strike

    Wait to see a Captain America….

    • TheKnowerseeker

      More like the Abomination (from the movie “The Incredible Hulk”).

  • A.K. Kuykendall

    Tomorrow’s soldiers could be able to run at Olympic speeds and will be able to go for days without food or sleep, if new research into gene manipulation is successful.

    According to the U.S. Army’s plans for the future, their soldiers will be able to carry huge weights, live off their fat stores for extended periods and even re-grow limbs blown apart by bombs.

    Novelist Simon Conway, who was granted behind the-scenes access to the Pentagon’s high-tech Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, revealed the plans.

    You must know that Mr. Conway’s revealing was
    governmentally guided, i.e. “granted behind-the-scenes access.” My novel Conspirator’s Odyssey: The Evolution of the Patron Saint wasn’t granted a damn thing and therefore know one has filtered my telling of these unethically contrived truths concerning our brother[s], sister[s], mother[s], and father[s]—OUR SOLDIERS.

    President John F. Kennedy’s assassination is connected to the above article in the most sinister of ways as these military objectives are connected to the infamous 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico and the Vietnam conflict to which President Kennedy was simply in the way of.



  • A.K. Kuykendall

    The above article concerning the ever increasing
    super soldier objective has sinister roots that began in 1947, led to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and took us to war in Vietnam.


    There has been a lot of speculation that Kennedy had all the cards stacked against him, which was absolutely true. The Cubans wanted him killed for the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. The U.S. Mafia wanted him killed because Kennedy’s brother was on the warpath for them. The
    F.B.I. boss Hoover wanted him dead as he supported the black minority in the United States. The C.I.A. did not like him after Kennedy sacked their boss. And on the U.F.O. situation—Kennedy was about to blow the whistle—they had to stop this disclosure. Then there was the Chinese/Russian connection. At the end of the day there were so many powerful forces working against him that it was [looking back on it now] almost impossible to stop what happened. And with so many people out to “get him” it was again impossible to pin the killing on any one group or person thus adding to the redundant byzantine reverie by us all as it relates to President Kennedy’s demise.

    We’ve all been circling the wagons concerning the
    assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Based on the knowledge and proof he had of extraterrestrial life and what the arms divisions of our nation had been
    working on since the Roswell UFO incident, Kennedy decided to usurp an ongoing mission of the highest order. He simply refused to green light an all-out strike on Vietnam, which got him killed.

    Our history is truly convoluted concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to which I believe we’ve been purposely steered into this particular state of mind. The perpetrators of JFK’s assassination used this concentrated level of confusion to literally pull the
    wool over the eyes of the masses as it was simply a war [Vietnam] that was the deciding factor which led to Kennedy’s demise. Before you think to yourself “bullocks”,
    reflect on the conflict in Vietnam and the unyielding push for its escalation, pre and post President Kennedy’s murder. However, it was the “why” behind the push for war that my discovery comes into play [?]

    President’s Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy will forever be tied together in history for which the masses will never fully comprehend as Truman gave iron-clad rise to the military industrial complex following the infamous Roswell UFO incident—the strategic trajectory of which eventually led to the murder of President John F. Kennedy. President Eisenhower covertly warned “we the people” on January 17, 1961 in his farewell address to the nation—we just didn’t listen.


  • jesazisunleashed

    well sh*t world mankind’s f**ked isn’t he, man is wipe out, evil and death reign’s forever when Satan himself take’s over as world super power to slaughter, torture and sexually rape the innocent the weak and children, America it’s a waste off time winning world war 2 in the name of freedom eh?. What’s the difference between a American Pitbull who has been raised since a innocent puppy with kindness, love and discipline from one that been in a cruel heartless fighting arena, which one of these animals you’ll have your own children stand next too. Just as well Jesus Christ is coming as Commander and Chief of the Knights of the round table (Special Forces) the chosen soldiers of God in heaven, two of many Spartan Gladiators are Sifu Bruce Lee the grand master at long last and Tupac Shakur master war general he’s been training hard for this in muay thai boran/chaiya , panantukan/pananjakman, parkour (jungle) freerunning with Brazilian capoeira, spetnaz systema, Israeli krav maga with American/Russian sambo submission wrestling like Pac and Bruce oi,those two just can’t keep their hands of each other like wise the other patched members king leonaidas and ghengis khan they already know’s who’s boss “God” that’s who
    not Satan that gutless, smelly piece of sh*t you will be thrown in the lake of fire and that’s what happens when you F**K with “God” essei!! 4 the xx”LOVE”xx of “GOD” and the mercy of the Lamb F*T*P FREE THE PEOPLE uRAh!! A f**ken”MEN”

    • BillRind

      God will destroy them before they begin to pick up there hands against his people. you see,there developing these super soldiers to kill us Christians and get rid of us, but it won it go well for them very shortly, God will short circuit there aspirations of conquest and murder against his people. just remember the only group that is screwed here will be the Pentagon and there war machine via Darpa and its mad scientists.


      hahhaa wtf! that would be interesting but I think your sarcasm and imagination don’t make a good mix. lets be real here. but on your idea it is good to be prepared in those martial arts. I know I am!

      • jesazisunleashed

        well me and you brother born different gladiator cloth me from gangsta world but chose another warpath in mix martial arts

  • BillRind

    we must stop this and shut Darpa down and force our leaders to do it, if not then we need to vote every one out of office and defund the entire program.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Voting won’t do jack unless you vote neither Republican nor Democrat. And then those two parties will not allow a vote for an outsider, so voting truly is fruitless.

    • robert ricci

      to late……they already have terminators, didn’t you see the computers start the holocaust…i’m a victim of mk ultra….

  • Js204

    Our world “leaders” are only frontmen/women hand picked by a secret multinational cabal to carry out the strategic plans of disinforming the public through media, social approprium, materialism, etc. (creating an intended illusion) to be able to carry out their plans of forcing a new world order, one world government, currency, military. What people need to do is find the very essence of creation from with in, reunite with our oneness with the universe, (getting a little “far out” to those narrow minds out there). We are not alone in the universe. Sirius 2013 needs become nationally televised. Oh wait, the very group that has been disclosing this info from us are in control of the media. It comes down to each and every one of us seeking the truth, spreading the truth and living by the truth.

  • Soulhaiena

    In many movies, which is a repeating pattern, that are about the future, like when drones take over the world; they are about technology humans make, trying to fight wars, but the technology takes over and wipes out humanity. We are only flesh and bone, we should remain that way, but we can do minor enhancements to the brain and body that would work. But one thing is, if we do that, there is a big risk. Crazyness and a new virus or disease to come of it, think twice before creating something that could harm or enslave us all.

    • Soulhaiena

      And I am not religious.

  • Soulhaiena

    Blood does not have to be shed to receive freedom. Good is also harm, but technology also has it’s limits. If one was to copy brain patterns to a machine, the machine would be just as flawed as we are. There are always flaws, and we exploit one flaw, millions more appear.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Exoskeletons are the least treacherous technology mentioned above… well, until they are developed into androids that is. Of course, tanks could be made into autonomous drones first. The only scary thing about exoskeletons is that they would basically be single-pilot, man-sized (or bigger) tanks, and I’m not sure that we want that much power in just one person’s hands, especially when civilians don’t have access to it. Of course, military jet planes and helicopters sort of already fit that description.


      I agree if there’s 3 military technologies id love to see released and shared with the public it would be the exoskeleton legs so that I can finally do my cross country survival. also hiking etc. geck-skin gloves for rock climbing and parkour. and shear thickening fluid so that we can infuse it with our clothes and be protected from gunshots and stabbings. in fact how hard would it be to infiltrate a Massachusetts college and steal some things!

  • scott63

    If doctors came out and said we have an injection that will make you as healthy and strong as you were in your twenties, there isn’t a person over forty who wouldn’t immediately get in line.

  • mdsnurse5

    Am sure lots of this awful stuff is transhuman filth, but I wonder how many are really just part of the satanic agenda & are “chosen ones”

  • Chad Fleagle

    Sign me up!