Two Nuclear Power Plants In Florida Are Directly In The Path Of Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma is more powerful than all of the other major Atlantic storms this year combined, and it has an eye as large as the entire Detroit metro area. It is being reported that “upwards of 90%” of Barbuda has already been destroyed by the storm, and it is being projected that some areas of Puerto Rico could be without power “for between four and six months”. You may want to view these photos and these videos to get a better idea of the immense destructiveness of this very powerful storm. The latest forecasts have Hurricane Irma making landfall in Florida, but so far the two nuclear power plants in Florida that would be directly in the path of the storm have not even started the process of shutting down


In anticipation of powerful Hurricane Irma, which projections on Wednesday showed headed straight for South Florida, Florida Power & Light’s two nuclear plants were finalizing staffing plans and cleaning up the grounds. But neither Turkey Point nor the St. Lucie plant further up the coast had made the call yet to shutting down the plants.

Peter Robbins, spokesman for FPL, said shutting down a reactor is a gradual process, and the decision will be made “well in advance” of the storm making landfall.

We all remember what happened with Fukushima, and we definitely do not want to see a repeat on U.S. soil. The Fukushima nuclear disaster changed millions of minds about the safety of nuclear power, and as a member of Congress I will do all that I can to encourage the development of our solar power, wind power and geothermal power capabilities.

Let us hope that Hurricane Irma weakens before it gets to Florida, because the destruction that it is causing right now is off the charts. When it made landfall in Barbuda, there were some wind gusts that were “above 215 mph”

Irma first made landfall in Barbuda — an island with a population of about 1,600 — around 1:47 a.m. ET Wednesday. Local weather stations there captured wind gusts of 155 mph before going silent, indicating the instruments had been blown away. Irma’s sustained winds have been reported at 185 mph, with gusts above 215 mph.

When you have winds that high, there is little that you can do to prepare. According to one top official, “upwards of 90%” of Barbuda has already been destroyed…

At least one death was reported in Barbuda, according to ABS TV Antigua. Charles Fernandez, minister of foreign affairs and international trade for Antigua and Barbuda, told ABS that destruction on Barbuda was “upwards of 90%.”

Irma destroyed government buildings, tore roofs from houses and left northern Caribbean islands without power or communications.

Considering what has already happened in the Caribbean, it astounds me that Miami is not being evacuated yet. If all of these communities in the south Florida area try to wait until the last minute to evacuate, it is going to create a traffic nightmare of epic proportions. According to CNN, we could be looking at “one of the largest mass evacuations in US history”…

Based on Irma’s projected path, which includes Florida’s heavily populated eastern coast, the enormous storm could create one of the largest mass evacuations in US history, CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen said. Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties combined have about 6 million people.

Monroe County, home to the Florida Keys, has already ordered mandatory evacuations. Broward County, which includes Fort Lauderdale, issued a mandatory evacuation Wednesday for areas east of Federal Highway.

There is still a chance that the storm may not hit Florida at all, and let us hope that is the case.

Sadly, there are some out there that actually want the storm to hit Florida. In fact, some leftists on Twitter are actually rooting for the storm to destroy President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

How can people be so cruel? When I first made the decision to jump into the world of politics, I thought that I would be able to avoid much of the nastiness, but I quickly found out that people are going to call me all sorts of names too. I am starting to understand why it is so hard to get good people to run for office, because there is a great price to be paid for putting yourself out there.

In this situation, my hope is that people down in south Florida won’t wait for a formal evacuation order and will start getting out well ahead of this storm. According to CNBC, Hurricane Irma could cause a quarter of a trillion dollars in damage if it is still a category 5 storm once it reaches Miami…

But if it stays a Category 5 and hits Miami, the $125 billion estimate could be doubled, making it by far the costliest storm ever. At $105.8 billion, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 is currently the leader, though Hurricane Harvey, which struck Houston two weeks ago, could well surpass that total.

Can you imagine what a quarter of a trillion dollars of damage would look like?

And let us not forget that another hurricane is following right behind Irma. This could easily become the worst hurricane season in all of U.S. history, and we still have many more weeks to go before the season is over.

Meanwhile, a disaster of another sort is unfolding out west. Large portions of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana are literally on fire. One of the reasons why we are having such a huge problem with wildfires out west is because the federal government is not properly managing public lands. So when these fires hit areas controlled by the feds, they tend to burn more intensely than they should. I intend to fight to have control of those lands transferred to state governments, and I hope that you will support my efforts. Here in Idaho, it has been estimated that we have more than a trillion dollars worth of natural resources under our feet, and if we can get full control of our public lands it would end our state budget problems permanently.

Our world is increasingly becoming a very unstable place, and we are certainly seeing evidence of that this month.

Let us hope that things start settling down, but unfortunately I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon…

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

  • Jared

    No doubt the elite are busy spraying chemtrails in key locations to make the storm bigger. Weather modification has been going on for a number of years now.

    There’s one site called WeatherWar101 that covers this topic. Geoengineeringwatch is also a good site. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using HAARP to make these storms bigger.

    • joanofark06

      I agree, Jared!! I’ve been collecting government documents, many videos (can be found on youtube too), and websites, for many years now! All anyone has to do is, look up “weather modification, geoengineering, or HAARP, to learn how “they” can steer hurricanes, wipe them out, or make them stronger, or even make earthquakes. I belief their first “test” was in Vietnam during that war. Have you read that book “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”?? Excellent book! Some people can’t accept the fact, that their government would do such a thing, and tell us to put our tin foil hats on. I don’t mind the ignorant, I can just know that I’m more intelligent than them!

      • iris

        Yes, there was also a law put into place in the 1950s, I think, that gives our government the right to perform ANY experiment on our populace, and we don’t have to be told about it, of course.

        • joanofark06

          Of course! Wouldn’t surprise me…matter of fact, I should look at my archive of government stuff, and see if I could locate it. I know, they’ve done experimenting from waaay back, in many various subjects…and it continues, I’m sure! Their doing it now to all the people on earth, with GMO’s. We’re just their guinea pigs, right? Not me, though…i’m the all organic lady! And those intelligent countries, that turn away our GMO’s? Proud of’em!

          • iris

            If you can’t find it, Joan, i read the whole law on Cutting Edge Ministries, many years ago. David Bay may be able to help you find the archive of it. He is an ordained pastor, and has been warning the U.S. and world of the end time signs for years. I don’t read his website anymore, so don’t know if he still maintains the site. God bless.

      • 4K

        One of the ingredients in chemtrails is powdered aluminum. They keep spraying this over the western states. The sad part is powdered aluminum is flammable and I suspect all the dust that falls on the forest is part of the reason why forest fires are so big.

        The elite are truly evil if they want to burn the wilderness down. I can understand them wanting population control because humans are multiplying so fast there won’t be wilderness left in the future but making the forest flammable so it burns easier is horrible. I love wilderness.

        • joanofark06

          Wow, 4K, I knew that aluminum is one of the MANY chemicals in the chemtrails, but I never gave it a thought about what you said about it being powder, and falling on trees, and that’s why they burn so big. I sure wouldn’t argue it! Also whatever aluminum the populous is breathing, it’s very toxic to the body. Add that to all the pesticides, and other chemicals, they spray on fruits and vegetables, and it’s no wonder diseases are rising faster than ever! Wish I could convince everyone to eat and drink as much organics as they could, because I did about 10 years ago, and I can’t tell ya, how much better, I look and feel. I could never go back to regular food and drink again. With all factory farmed animals, receiving antibiotic shots, and hormone shots, and THEN eating GMO grain, I won’t dare touch regular meat and diary! (I love my CLEAN meats, and nut milks!) And with about 90% of corn grown in this country, being GMO (along with other crops), is it any wonder, why they’re putting “high fructose CORN syrup” in most everything, even in every loaf of bread! Yuck! I love organics! I think, between chemtrails, and the poison everyone is eating and drinking, it’s noooo wonder, people feel bad, tired, and get sick….so sad they don’t know any better…and oh, I love the wilderness…maybe more than YOU do! lol

    • iris

      I totally agree with you. Tesla created an earthquake in CO just after the turn of the last century, and his models have been the correct ones regarding electromagnetism. The geo engineers have learned a lot from him. They can’t create anything, only God can do that, but He allows us to modify or steer the weather. It’s been no secret for a very long time, but the MSM is paid to not report the elephant in the room. There are non photo shopped pictures of square clouds taken by meteorologists, who know what they’re looking at, tracking the grids created by these folks. There are dozens of HAARP centers around the world. That’s why there was an international law put into place in the 1970s that weather warfare was not to be permitted. I read a theory recently that the Western U.S. has had such dry weather, because they wanted the MidWest to get more rain, (the bread belt). I grew up in the South and can remember many floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, but never in my life, have I seen a hurricane just sit that long over one locale, as Harvey did over Houston. There are theories out there that geo engineering was being used to “punish” Texas for several key reasons. Imo, the bottom line is that these strange changes in worldwide weather are some of the signs which the Lord spoke about concerning the end of the age. Even if they aren’t, humanity always messes up everything we try so hard to control or fix. If the geo engineering continues, our whole planet will be in trouble. The majority of global warming IS probably man made, but within the parameters of geo engineering.

    • Kyle Hill

      I Pacific Redwood has water vapor images and explains things at the 850mb level of the geo activity.

  • amazon love daca

    I wonder if Trump used eminent domain to get his Mar-a-Lago resort and had illegals build it like he did at other places?

    • joanofark06

      For someone who would “bend down” to let a Saudi king put a pretty necklace around their neck, is capable of anything deceitful.

      • iris

        Trump did that?, excuse my naivete’, I know Obama bowed to a Saudi king or prince. I also know that W. Bush crowned Sun Yung Moon (the Moonies) and his wife, Messiah and Savior of the world, in the Fulbright Senate building many years ago, with dozens of high level world ambassadors, and leaders from our country, including no less, a couple of dozen well known Christians (pastors, authors and speakers). After the Christian leaders were called to the carpet about it, they claimed that they didn’t know that was what the meeting was about. Just another reason I have learned to worship Jesus Christ alone as Head of the Church, and have stopped idolizing Christian leaders, churches and denominations. We still go to church, btw, a gospel centered, whole Bible teaching one, and it is non denominational community. Lord, come quickly!

  • Deadrody

    Ok, bozo, see if you can follow along here. What’s the difference between an earthquake and resulting tsunami that occur, unannounced within an hour and a hurricane you know is coming for DAYS ?

    The plants will shutdown, cooldown and be well prepared to ride out the hurricane. The problem at Fukushima was that the plants were running at 100% when the earthquake hit and the decay heat could not be removed nearly in time to survive the loss of cooling. They’ll be fine.

    • Kyle Hill

      But your spoiling the ending with a twist!

  • greanfinisher .

    I don’t share your support of ‘green energy’ as the country has plenty of coal to serve our energy needs well into the next century, and coal mining promotes good paying jobs as well. Fitted with the latest in scrubbing equipment, the nation’s power plants can burn coal with negligible impact to the environment.

    • 4K

      What we need is free energy generators that use the taurus energy shape to take advantage of the electricity that’s already in the environment.

      • Kyle Hill

        The best slaves are those who think they are free with a slightly longer rope.

      • joanofark06

        4K, have you posted (uploaded) that video anywhere online? I’ve heard of that title, and am very interested in watching it!

        • 4K

          The video is a DVD I have but it says copyright and no copying.
          You’re 56! I’m 30 sad to say but in eunuch years I might be only 10 I hope.

    • Kyle Hill

      Greenfinisher did you know the technology to create green energy is actually harmful? Look it up! Don’t promote green technology without the facts that isn’t media drive bye’s!

      • greanfinisher .

        Yes, I certainly was aware of it.

  • Jarred159

    I’d never vote for some fool who thinks nuclear power is less effective or clean than solar or wind…

    • Kyle Hill

      Enjoy the radiation when it fails! :)

  • DJohn1

    The power company in my area bought into nuclear energy.
    About 10 years later they had to sell off their gas business to pay for the baggage concerning their nuclear changeover that never worked right.
    The nuclear plant was closed down with all that entails.
    Nuclear promotion is put together by people that do not research the results/
    mostly politicians.
    Most of the “green” solutions will bankrupt the power industry in this country and cost us way too much money.
    There is more cheap power beneath our feet and in our skies than anything nuclear can come up with. At approximately 6,000 feet the earth heats up to power something like steam generators. If you can go all the way to 10,000 feet it is at the boiling point of water or way above. Depending on where.
    We have a multitude of volcanoes where the steam temperature is at the surface. Iceland uses this.
    In the desert areas solar furnaces will work.
    None of which is terribly radioactive.
    Solar is eventually going to develop to power our country.
    On our own moon we have a situation where half the time it is either way to cold or way to hot. That is generation of electricity. It is an ideal setup for electrical generation to power a space station. I think it is basically 200 degrees to 200 degrees minus. Again sun power would also work.
    The moon also creates tides here on Earth which in some circumstances would generate loads of electricity say on the mouth of the Thames in England where the tide goes in and out a mile or more every day.
    Instead they want to go nuclear with a half life of way over 1,000 years minimum and perhaps as much as 10,000 years. I am no engineer. But the only safe disposal would to be to dump it into space or in a building like a pyramid.

  • Scott

    I wonder if the left wing dunderheads rooting for Trump’s home to be destroyed realize that Palm Beach County as well as nearby Broward and Dade counties are heavily Democratic.

    • Kyle Hill

      (Camera hovers over Palm Beach County) KABOOM! (That was their brains exploding over your comment). Wow! What a mess you just made! Who needs some dopey Hurricane Irma to cause destruction. Just sprinkle a few tibbits of truth and watch the pretty explosions!

  • LowellST13

    I am so tired of the Leftists and their evil nature. My prayers for all those in the Caribbean, FLORIDA, Eastern Seaboard, the Rest of the SOUTH. I will continue to pray for the Hurricane to change course, and be vanquished out in the sea. My prayers for all those in its path, no matter if you are white, brown, black, red, purple, green, right or left. I am even including those of you who are evil leftists. My prayers that you will open your hearts as well.

    • iris


    • Kyle Hill

      You just exploded Iris’s head. Keep on trucking! Let’s see how many Demoheads we can blow up in Palm County with truth bombs!

  • Kyle Hill

    Would schools be out for a few days in Miami if it strikes? I bet the kids would be excited over a few (snow days). :)