This Is How Protesters Are Dealt With In America: Pepper Spray To The Face, Rubber Bullets At Point Blank Range And Brutally Dragging Women By Their Hair

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How in the world can the United States condemn other nations for how they are handling their protest movements when we treat our own protesters so brutally?  No matter what you may think of Occupy Wall Street and the other protest movements that have sprung up across the United States, the truth is that you should be incredibly alarmed about the tactics that law enforcement authorities are choosing to use against them.  If we decide to accept these tactics now, then the exact same “police state” tactics will be used against you when the time comes that you want to protest against the government.  In recent weeks, we have seen law enforcement authorities brutally dragging female protesters to the ground by their hair.  We have also seen them use pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets and flash-bang stun grenades against protesters.  If this is how protesters are going to be dealt with from now in America, then we have completely lost the moral high ground.  How will we ever get other nations to take us seriously when we criticize their brutality against protesters when we are so brutal ourselves?


Yes, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have attempted to occupy some places that they are legally not allowed to occupy.  Yes, some Occupy Wall Street protesters have done some things that warrant arrest.  But that does not mean that the police have to act like they are working for Hitler, Mao or Stalin.

Yes, police have a very hard job.  But there is no excuse for the police brutality that we have seen happen all over the nation recently.  The police can enforce the laws and treat us all with gentleness and respect at the same time.  If there are any police out there that do not believe that they can do this, then they should quit their jobs.  There are lots of other people willing to fill them.

If you do not understand what I am talking about yet, just watch the videos posted below.

In this first video, a police officer walks up to a row of seated, unarmed protesters at UC Davis and sprays them repeatedly in the face with pepper spray.  This video is almost too crazy for words….

How in the world can such brutality be justified?

Sadly, we are now seeing pepper spray being used quite liberally all over the nation.  The following are a couple more very disturbing YouTube videos about pepper spray being used on protesters in recent weeks.


*”Women Pepper Sprayed at Occupy Seattle

Also, be sure to check out this incredible photo of an unarmed young woman getting sprayed directly in the face with pepper spray during the Occupy Portland protests.

Is this what America has become?

Another brutal incident that made headlines all over the nation recently is shown in the next video posted below.  In the video, you can see police brutally dragging three women by their hair to the ground.

One of the women is UCB English Professor Celeste Langan.  She actually offered her wrists to the police and told them that they could arrest her, but that wasn’t enough “fun” for the police.  Instead, they yanked her by the hair and threw her to the ground.  Then they did the same thing to two other women….

Is this how we are going to treat unarmed women in America from now on?

Do we now live in a country where “Big Brother” gets to do whatever it wants to do?

At the Occupy Denver protests recently, police fired rubber bullets at point blank range and showered the protesters with huge amounts of pepper spray in an attempt to get them to disperse.

This video speaks for itself….

For more about this shocking confrontation, check out the following video….

*”Police Use Pepper Spray, Rubber Bullets on Occupy Denver Protesters

But it is not just at Occupy Wall Street protests where we are seeing these kinds of tactics.

For example, LRAD sound cannons are now being used by law enforcement authorities all over the United States.  If you have never encountered an LRAD sound cannon, you should be thankful.  They are absolutely brutal.

Exactly how much “damage” can an LRAD sound cannon do?  Well, it turns out that they can actually do an immense amount of damage.  The following is how Alternet recently described these weapons….

The Long Range Acoustic Device, or LRAD, built by American Technology Corporation, focuses and broadcasts sound over ranges of up to hundreds of yards. LRAD has been around for years, but Americans first took notice when police used it in Pittsburgh to ward off protesters at the 2009 G-20 summit. It is generally used in two ways: as a megaphone to order protesters to disperse; or, if they disobey, as an “ear-splitting siren” to drive them away. While LRAD may not be deadly, it can permanently damage hearing, depending on how it’s used.

LRAD sound cannons can be incredibly deadly.  According to Wikipedia, they can “destroy the eardrums” and while they are supposed to be non-lethal the reality is that they can “kill under certain conditions“.

If you get too close to an LRAD sound cannon while it is in use, permanent damage can result.  Small children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

Sadly, these vicious weapons are now being used in a wide range of situations.  As the video below shows, an LRAD sound cannon was actually used to help break up a college block party near Western Illinois University earlier this year….

This kind of stuff didn’t happen in America back in the old days.

Is this what we are degenerating into?

Should we just accept that our future is going to be filled with pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, LRAD sound cannons and lots of police brutality?

Yes, our society is becoming incredibly unstable.  But when law enforcement authorities do crazy stuff like this it just adds fuel to the fire.

Another major U.S. financial crisis is coming.  Unemployment is going to go even higher.  The economic crisis is going to get a lot worse.  The protests in our streets are going to grow larger and more intense.

So will cooler heads prevail, or will confrontations between protesters and police become even more brutal and even more violent?

Once again, I am not defending all of the behavior of these protesters.  Neither am I defending the things that all of them stand for.

However, the brutal crackdown that we have seen in recent weeks is an attack on all of us.  The message that is being sent is that if you decide to stand up and say something in America today, you might be the next one to get pepper spray in the face or a boot on your neck.

America is becoming a much different place.  All over America hearts are growing cold.  It has become “normal” to be brutal and cruel to others.

What has happened to us?

  • Chris

    America is going right down the drainpipe.
    The rising of a One World Government
    and Police State already here.

  • Joshua10

    All that is needed is to look back on history to see how effective peaceful submission worked against the likes of the Gestapo, Nazi SS, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc. It always ended in a human disaster. I’m not afraid of what police are today. I’m afraid of what they are rapidly becoming in the very immediate future. History appears to be repeating itself in our time.

  • mark

    Let freedom ring, I guess the ringing is in your ears after the police are done with you.

    • Joshua10

      Mark, my ears will ring only if I allow myself to be used a human punching bag. It will be a cold day in hell before I bow down and live on my knees to any dictator.

      • Ouida Gabriel

        I have a sticker on my vehicle that reads “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” This is a quote by Zapata.

        Ouida Gabriel

  • Gay Veteran

    The police have been militarized, they act like an army of occupation, and are the enforcers for the elite who rule us.

    But the police cannot survive without US. The more they brutalize us the sooner the population turns against them.

    • Kevin

      The power elite will not win this with a nightstick. The more it’s used (and many love to use it) the more counterproductive it becomes. Unlike the anti war and civil rights movements in the 1960s both predominately had narrow segments of society as their base. The longer (and it’s certainly not ending) deeper (it’s getting worse) and more reaching the economic downfall gets the more people across demographic lines it consumes. The power elite are trying their best to paint the OWS as young kooks and the Tea Party as a racist militia. Regardless how the protestors are being painted the body politic is looking at both parties and the system as being both out of touch and corrupt. The access to politicians voting records via the internet expose them. The day of the great speech on the soap box sealing the results at the ballot box is coming to an end. Results count and good results they don’t have.

  • mondobeyondo

    From the video that I have seen of the police and protesters on the UC/Davis campus, from YouTube and other sources – the protesters weren’t making any threatening movements.

    They were sitting in a line, on the sidewalk, arms linked together. This behavior doesn’t exactly say “We’re about to beat you in the head with a crowbar”.

    The cop unloads (an alleged canister of) pepper spray. On people calmly sitting in line, threatening nobody. Why?

    What did these people do to provoke the police in such a response? Did they say the cop’s mom wore Army boots?

    It’s just so insanely bizarre. Like we’re living in an alternate universe… “World Wrestling Entertainment, To Protect and to Serve.” Ugh.



      Another one of those “I can’t believe this is happening here” types. You people need to get out more. This happens with frightening regularity, only in many cases in places you are not aware of and against people you have not seen. And therein lies the problem, when the bruisers (goons with badges and guns) are allowed to violate the rights of some, eventually they end up violating the rights of all…………

  • mondobeyondo

    A List of Threats That 84 Year Old Ladies Pose for the U.S. Federal Government:

    * Terrorism. Weeelll… I guess so.. there’s always the possibility that she’ll attach a stick of dynamite to her wheelchair or walker, and light it on fire, you never know. Molotov cocktails, a bit tougher. Lean back…waaay back… now use a match and set cotton wick on fire.. then HEAVE with all your strength! There ya go, honey! You got it!*

    * National Security Threat. Oh come on. The lady was probably far more “militant” in 1954 than she is now.

    * Protesting Social Security Cuts. Well, now you’re onto something there…

    Bottom line, there’s no excuse for pepper spraying an 84 year old lady. It’s not funny, and it’s not cool. And besides, she might be the pepper sprayer’s grandma, and won’t he feel bad about that!

    — * NOT advocating granny violence, in any way, shape or form.

    • mondobeyondo


      Disclaimer to avoid any condemnation by 84 year olds who may be reading this blog.

      There are many people your age, who are fit and trim, and in fact better shape than people half your age.

      I, as a relative youngster, have been up the street a few times. You’ve been around the block more than a few times. You were protesting in the streets against Vietnam when I was still in my crib. (A real crib, with plastic toys and stuff, not some rap artist’s idea of a “crib”)

      So… total respect to you and your generation.

      Okay, got that off my chest.

  • The New World Order Plan for Protesters

    When the new system takes over, people will be expected to sign allegiance to it, indicating that they don’t have any reservations or holding back to the old system. “There just won’t be any room”, he said, “for people who won’t go along. We can’t have such people cluttering up the place so such people would be taken to special places”, and here I don’t remember the exact words, but the inference I drew was that at these special places where they were taken, then they would not live very long. He may have said something like, “disposed of humanely”, but I don’t remember very precisely … just the impression the system was not going to support them when they would not go along with the system. That would leave death as the only alternative.

    Somewhere in this vein he said there would not be any martyrs. When I first heard this I thought it meant the people would not be killed, but as the presentation developed what he meant was they would not be killed in such a way or disposed of in such a way that they could serve as inspiration to other people the way martyrs do.

    Rather he said something like this. “People will just disappear.”

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    It’s funny that you never see five minutes before the video. There is a local talk show hoist who did a lengthy broadcast from occupy Denver when they where run out of Veterans park here in Denver. Cops where spat on “Peaceful Protestors” got in the faces of police screaming at them, throwing things at them. None of that got out. If this were Egypt or Syria or anywhere else on most of the planet they wouldn’t have gotten away with that crap. I’m getting sick in tired of these pieces of garbage showing their backside and when Law Enforcement try’s to restore order they show what they want people to see. Nothing happens in a vacuum with all the lawsuits against police and cities, they don’t use force unless ordered by on high or they absolutely have to. To all you Cop Haters try living in a major city with out the Cops and see how long you keep your stuff, or your life.

    • Michael

      I don’t hate police at all.

      I am very thankful for the police.

      But when they do stuff like this they are in the wrong.

      This is not what America is about.


      • Gary2

        from what I have seen/experienced about 1/2 of the cops are too stupid to do anything that requires anything more than sitting in the car and catching people speeding. They should be terminated for gross incompetence. No one cares if someone is going too fast. The other 1/2 are the real heroes for the most part. They are good and professional.

        The 1/2 that are bad are really bad.

        This is from a LA county sheriff I know. (retired)




        First, This was completely predictable. When you violate the rights of some people, (minorities mainly) eventually, at some point, the brutal law enforcement machine will violate the rights of everyone, the so-called majority (whites) included. From waterboarding and other torture, to drone attacks, sanctions that kill thousands of children through starvation and lack of medicine, illegal, preemptive, aggressive war, to financial jim crow laws designed to bankrupt the middle and working class, trust me, being pepper sprayed in the face should be the least of these white college students worries:

        Second, I think whites from this point forward should have the intelligence to look at Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton and others a bit differently the next time they protest in favor of an individual or group who have had their rights violated by brutal, corrupt, out of control law enforcement:

        Third, Jamie Dimon just bought the NYPD for a cool 4.6 million. Who do you think the cops really work for around here?

        Fourth, although your reporting is accurate with respect to the events that have been witnessed and recorded, I take umbridge with the sudden outrage at police brutality with respect to the OWS movement:

        Fifth, Blacks and Hispanics have been dealing with police brutality since way back when. In fact, police brutality against minorities is the norm in terms of how police deal with these groups. Only when white women and white college students get dragged by their hair, shot in the head with projectiles and pepper sprayed and maced to the face or beaten with the dreaded night-stick do people finally get up in arms. Oscar Grant, a man laying on his stomach with his hands hand-cuffed behind his back was then shot in the back at point blank range, for what? Simply because the criminal donout eating buffoon could dish out “more punishment” claiming he was reaching for a taser and not his gun. With a man lying on his stomach hand-cuffed, what reason did he have reaching for anything, a taser, a gun or otherwise? The man was going nowhere.

        I have said this before, I like how white people are now getting upset and now whining about how brutal law enforcement is when this has been going on for decades, only to someone else. This is why I tell people all the time (mainly naive whites who could care less at that moment) that you protect the rights of everyone, even if they are scum of the earth and the reason for that is if you protect the rights of the biggest scumbag then there can certainly be no rationale for violating the rights of the innocent, the helpless, and the powerless. In other words, had (these mainly white) protesters stood up those many decades ago when minorities had their rights violated, then they would not now be in the position of fighting for the sanctity of their rights which, in all probability, would never have been violated in the first place……………

        • Michael

          I actually love most police and am very thankful for them.

          But I will speak out when I see them do the kinds of things that we see in these videos.


          • REED RICHARDS




            Well, we will agree to disagree. Because if you think that the OWS has it bad now, wait until the full fledged police state flexes it muscles and kicks it into overdrive……….When that happens getting hit in the head with the dreaded night-stick, dragged by the hair or pepper sprayed in the face will seem like affectionate love taps…………..

        • Hispanic Libertarian

          The police are in black and hispanic neighborhoods because that is where the gangs are. Reality check. I don’t make excuses. The facts are the facts. Somebody has to investigate the gang shootings. The drug war should be abolished. Alcohol and cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands. There is a double standard. If people do drugs they should pay more for insurance for being dumb enough to take such a suicidal risk. Asi es la vida.

          • REED RICHARDS

            Hispanic Libertarian,

            You are way off base here. My argument was never “why are the police even in black and hispanic neighborhoods to begin with”, not at all. My argument, and quite frankly, the topic of the discussion is excessive police violence against unarmed, defenseless people who are doing nothing more but expressing their first amendment rights. Also, my argument is police brutality and violating the rights of citizens, whether they be criminal suspects are not. Wake up junior!

      • knightowl77

        Dodgy is right, you don’t know what happened prior..Were they given a lawful order to disperse? Failing to do so, entitles the police to escalate the situation and take your butt to jail. Linking arms to make the arrest harder, constitutes resisting arrest and allows the police to escalate further…That said, from what I have seen I would not have pepper sprayed the group….I’ve been pepper sprayed, it ain’t fun, but it does no lasting harm…

        I would also add the police are human and these demonstrations have been going on for weeks, I wouldn’t doubt that tempers are getting rather short and patience may be gone…

        Unless you have tried to arrest someone who is resisting, I wouldn’t criticize the actions of those you send to restore order…



          Guess you liked being pepper sprayed in the face a lot more than you let on after all:

          You can make excuses all you want, but as I said before when you entitle bruisers to violate the rights of some, eventually those same bruisers will end up violating the rights of all, including you.

        • Gay Veteran

          order? yeah for the Elites

          what’s next? Arbeit macht frei?

    • Joshua10

      That’s why I moved away from the big city 15 years ago to a small town where my Second Amendment right is supported by our Sheriff and State Attorney General. 25% of residents in my county have CCW permits and crime in my community is practically non-existent. I’ll never go back to living in big city, being defenseless, and surrounded by police who show open contempt for the US Constitution and my civil rights.



        The absolute right idea. Let’s only hope that your oasis remains law abiding for the most part, by citizen and law enforcement alike.

    • Tim McVeigh

      Yeah whatever. They said the same thing about the Rodney King video “you didn’t see the video leading up to the beating” as if to say that he could have said or done something that warranted a heinous beating. The Police should NOT be using this kind of force when it is not necessary. Part of the problem across this country with all these new types of riot weapons is that the police have no guidelines of when and when not to use them. Who to use them on and who not to use them on. Our PD tazed a man suspected of DUI for not stopping when he was actually having a diabetic seizure. I am so sick of ppl making these pronouncements about whether the OWS protesters do or do not deserve to be treated this way- Fortunately we already have a document that outlines this: the constitution. that is all.


      A Dodgy Bloke,


      That is why I thoroughly enjoy and make wise use of the Second Amendment. That way, I only need to call 911 when I need them to come and haul the carcass of any would be burglar away in a
      zip-lock bag……………

    • Guido

      I agree, Dodgy. The protest class in this country have it down almost to a science when it comes to goading law enforcement.

      If you have to make the cops come get you, right or wrong, they’re probably bringing an a$$ kicking with them.

      In case folks don’t know, the Occupy Whatever protestors have not exactly been all beer and skittles. They’ve crapped on cop cars, hurled excrement bombs, bricks, and whatever else, and otherwise assaulted officers. It has not been all peaceful.

      The authorities have been more lenient, in general, than I think they should have with this movement, since they let them squat on private property, i.e. Zucotti park. During these protests, public drug use and public sex, prostitution, and minors drinking alcohol have been observed (never a great way to keep the authorities on your side). The crowds have created a public hygiene risk, including public defecation, poorly-cleaned squatter areas, and lots of dirty people crammed into a small space in bad weather (Zucotti Lung, anyone?). And they’re negatively affecting business and other people in the area. They’re threatening, and using violence, i.e. the threat to firebomb Macy’s. And they’re drawing a serious criminal element, including rapes, murders, shootings, and violent assaults. All in all, these goofballs have done more than enough to get any police chief angry.

  • D

    This is notin’ just wait another year.

  • Dan

    It appears the police are joining the union thugs.



      Thugs of a feather flock together………..

  • Gary2

    Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don’t Watch Any News: Study

    Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don’t watch any news, according to a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

    To anyone who watches this shit-turn it off and think for yourselves. Based on many responses I get to my tax the rich mantra there seem to be many Fux Nues regurgitaters posting replies to me.

    • Highspeedloafer

      Why don’t you ask Bill Clinton about your tax the rich idea. I guess he watches FOX NEWS too huh? I asked him and he thinks you and Obama are both full of it.

      • Gary2

        Clinton is a tool who helped cause the mess we are in. He needs to be taxed. Sickening how his daughter got a top job at NBC. I am sure it was her vast experience, gag!

        Our system is so messed up.

        At least the rich will be taxed hard and hopefully corporations along with them. At least I can savor that victory as I am 100% sure this will happen!

      • Gary2

        Truth hurts-fox news viewers are simple minded dolts who are worse than not informed, they are misinformed.

        There are the facts. I do not give a rip if anyone likes these FACTS.

        • Guido

          Yeah, it’s Fox News viewers who aren’t informed. Just keep spewing your Socialist claptrap Gary.

      • Walter B

        The Clintons were GIVEN/BRIBED (I will not say earned) over $100MILLION in the first few years he left office. God knows how much they have NOW. They ARE the rich/1%

  • lone survivor

    If the police can get away with pepper spray to the face and shooting rubber bullets at protestors, how soon will it be before they open fire on protestors like they did in Egypt? Killing many protestors. Claiming they “feared” for their lives?
    Yeah, right.
    They’ll probably go back to their police station and laugh their asses off and high five each other and then ******************!
    One of these days they’ll push the wrong protestors and end up getting their asses kicked!

    • Rowell

      The moment live ammo is used on protesters is the moment all hell breaks loose. Protesters will feel it necessary to carry their own weapons to protect themselves from the militant police, and when hot heads get pushed around….well, you get the idea. Sad to say, that all it takes is for it to happen once, then the game changes.

      • jack nichols

        you are exactly right. Sadly it will happen and when it does the police will be out numbered and out gunned. The result will be anarchy. Hopefully we will re-establishment our constitution, and a gold backed money system instead of debt based. Our founding fathers said that we would experience a necessary cleansing process that they secured for the people by our right to keep and bear arms. People need to get ready because we the people are rising once again.

    • Kevin

      There is no doubt that a Kent State is coming it’s only a matter of time and it has the potential of galvanizing a lot more people economically hurt by Wall Street corruption. Authorities love the use of authority; It’s the “We’ll show them who’s boss” mentality.

      There are way too many cameras recording events today. Of course footage of such a situation might necessitate a shutdown of the Internet. That would be counterproductive. The information will resurface on DVD and spread like wildfire. Americans love to see what their not allowed to see.

      Technology is a two edge sword. They watch you and you record them. In the end there are more of you than them.

      “You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

      Abe Lincoln

    • knightowl77

      …..”One of these days they’ll push the wrong protestors and end up getting their asses kicked!”

      It is precisely because of that attitude, that Law Enforcement treats everyone as a potential threat, until they know otherwise…..

      There is a saying among cops…
      “Would you rather be tried by 12, or carried by 6?

      You cannot tell by looking at someone whether they are dangerous or not

      • Ian

        These cops are just following orders. These protestors can’t camp out there forever. There are rules. People need to vote new people into power.

      • Yeah, that elderly woman looked reallllllyy dangerous. I’m sure she was packing.

        The problem is that most “average”, ie, middle class people think that the police are all about “protect and serve”. This is simply not the case. I am glad that we are starting to see them revealed for the black-clad-helmeted thugs that they are.

        The US police force is armed with weapons that they have no idea or training how — and more importantly — when and WHEN NOT to use. NO police force should own tasers or giant cans of pepper spray to use at will on people. Ditto all those other Star Wars weaponry things shown here. I am completely appalled at these videos and photos.

        “WE” (the 60’s generation) were right all along. They ARE the enemy. They are OWNED by the enemy (that transparent “donation” from Jamie Dimon). Everything that Reed Richards says in the above reply is correct. People that go into this line of work seemingly need to harass and feel powerful over other people. I’m sickened by them.

        But I bet you could put any average peace loving person in one of those absurd, comic-book riot gear get-ups, and they will BECOME that. That’s why there needs to be national governance, training and new standards — best practices, if you will — of their “industry”. Just another thing that will probably never happen.

        • Kevin

          the optimist

          “The US police force is armed with weapons that they have no idea or training how — and more importantly — when and WHEN NOT to use.”

          Actually not true. Cops are trained pretty well with weapons today especially the SWAT type weapons. They know when they can use them and when not. They also are well aware that their word carries considerably more weight then someone else’s. They know any judgement call goes in their favor. The “I reasonably believed he was armed” has been known to work even though no weapon was found. A common citizen has no such leeway. “Officer Smith said there was a weapon, go find that weapon”! Often by magic a weapon is found upon a closer inspection.

          Why do you think they hate being filmed?

          “That’s why there needs to be national governance, training and new standards — best practices, if you will — of their “industry”

          National Governance? Think about that. National Police? No thank you. What is needed is civilian review boards voted in with term limits with no party affiliation allowed and no connection to government. It should be similar to the questions when picking a jury. Upon leaving this duty you are forbidden from being employed or any family being employed by government for a decade.

          The problem goes back thousands of years. The Romans had a saying, “Who protects us from the protectors”?

        • Guido

          You, the 60s generation, are the ones who are the chiefs of police these days! You guys have been TPTB for some time now.

      • Kevin

        Well that judgement is clouded somewhat when they feel threatened by an 84 year old woman. Assuming the trust no one defense a 5 year old or 95 year old is “Danger Will Robinson” . “You cannot tell by looking at someone whether they are dangerous or not”. GTFOOH…on a traffic stop yes in this situation no. Holding a camera 25 ft away that is obviously a camera a threat so you fire a rubber bullet at them? Nonsense, many love to be able to use violence.

        Actually cops look at it like this. There are three groups.
        1. Cops
        2. Family of cops
        3. Everyone else

        Sorry buddy I used to go out drinking with quite a few in “the day”. Seen them misbehave with no concern. Heard the stories from them too. One great thing is I got quite a few free breakfasts at 3AM in diners because they just assumed that I was a cop and cops don’t have to pay. Seen them get free drinks too. When that stopped because of their antics getting out of hand the patrons got pulled over for DWI checkpoints until the free booze returned.

        They have a nasty job but I seen nasty people doing it.

      • Gay Veteran

        yeah, that 84 year old woman who got pepper sprayed was really dangerous

        • knightowl77

          Fine…you and Reed patrol the streets, respond to the robberies in progress, shots fired calls. Stand watch when your neighbor goes on vacation, and then he’ll stand watch for you…Get out there, respond to the domestic violence down the street, or the child abuse the next block over…Answer the next rape victim’s call or the bar fight downtown….
          You guys know it all, go get it done, I am sure the crime will go down once you’re on the street and ready to defend life & property…
          It is people like you that made me glad I left such a thankless job….
          See how long this society or civilization functions without the police on the job to clean up the messes you make every day out there…
          So go do it, because you have all the answers and I’m sure you’ll make the streets safe just by passing out flowers to all the gang members, drug dealers, pimps and murderers. I can hardly wait to watch this….

  • Joe Johnson

    Peaceful demonstration will not be effective against an entrenched corrupt political and economic system. I’ve seen and met the types of people allowed on local police forces these days, many are no more than uneducated thugs that will undoubtedly prove useful in controlling growing social unrest. Coming from the lower classes, and being given a chance to become part of the protection and enforcement team for the elite class, they will do all that is asked of them. It is all the more disturbing when one realizes we all pay for these abusers with our tax dollars. We are in effect paying for the protection of the extremely affluent in a system stacked heavily in their favor.

  • Joe Johnson

    These animals are beating the folks that pay their salaries. You may want to keep this in mind when the political class in your area want you to vote yea for increased taxes to hire more of these thugs to “protect and serve” you.

    • Highspeedloafer

      That could be an interesting study. With unemployment so high, makes you wonder how many at the protests are really paying any taxes.

      • Joe Johnson

        Even if none of them are paying taxes. Do you want to see your tax dollars spent to protect unbridled fraud that benefits only the top 1%. Isn’t it bad enough that your grandchildren’s tax payments will be used to pay for this fraud, which includes the bonus money these fraud perpetrators paid themselves. Should those that do pay taxes pay to have those with enough social conscience to protest corruption beaten and abused.? Your comment is nauseating.

        • Highspeedloafer

          To the contrary Joe, I am not siding with the police, You raised the point that they were tax-payers, not me. I just thought it would be an interesting study. Your comment was made in ignorance.

      • _Underscore

        Just double checking your point there Highspeedloafer – is there a suggestion that unemployed people ‘not paying taxes’ (let’s leave aside sales tax and all the other indirect taxes everyone pays, for now) aren’t allowed to protest?

        Surely it’s these people who have been let down by the system who are most entitled to be protesting?

        Also, wasn’t this at a college? So as students many of them won’t be paying much in taxes right now but are supposed to be your country’s future.

        I’d like to try to put a positive spin on the pepper spraying and other violent police actions and say perhaps it’s a sign of the desperation of the political class that they are having to resort to such measures, but it’s hard to feel positive after seeing the videos shown above.

        • Highspeedloafer

          Point #1. This could be an interesting study.
          Point #2. I wonder how many of the protestors are paying taxes.

          No where in my post did I advocate the beating of anyone. You guys are reading too much into this.

          Maybe I’d better watch out for the thought police.

          • Joe Johnson

            It is true that I’ve only recently become a member of the thought police, but Your thoughts did seem to indicate that all the OWSers paid no taxes. However, it is possible that I misread your thought as I am still in training.

  • Gary2

    Here is the link to the study proving how stupid fox crap viewers are.

    For any thinking person this is hardly news.

    Some News Leaves People Knowing Less

  • Gary2

    Some of the comments from Huff Post on fox viewers stupidity: I Gary2 agree with all of them. They are right on as I am stuck with some fox viewers in my extended family.

    Fox viewers start stupid and go downhill from there.

    Fox is balanced. It’s half truth, and half right-wing partisan bullsheet.

    Thank you for this breaking report from the Department of the Blindingly Obvious.

    Well we all are aware: The average IQ of a foxbot is in the single digits.

    The sad thing is that these results are based on reality so Fox News Viewers won’t believe them nor will they ever hear about them.

    FOX NEWS: “The More you Watch, the Less you Know.”

  • Aurelius 7

    So this site is now siding with unemployable idiots being used by Soros et al, rioting and burning down businesses?

    • Michael

      No, please read the article again. I am clearly not siding with OWS. In fact, I have been very, very hard on them in other articles.

      In this article, I am being hard on the Big Brother police state tactics being used by some law enforcement authorities.


      • Aurelius 7

        I read the article just fine and it seems you still condone it. I’m 100% against police brutality, but not 100% against measures taken by the police towards those who provoke them. Just look at the Berkley crowd. These people are unemployable useful idiots. Notice I said unemployable, not unemployed.


          Aurelius 7,


          With an asylum state government aided by corporate oligarchs whose sole mission is to amass wealth for themselves by taking it out of the pockets of the middle and working class by outsourcing jobs to third world slave labor, yes, I would agree with you, under those circumstances these people are unemployable…………….

          • Aurelius 7

            Spoken like a true communist.

          • Blitzkrieg




        Way to go Mikey. Let Sean Hannity (Aurelius 7) level one slanderous charge/lie against you and then you run and head for the hills………..

        • Michael

          If I responded to every single comment I would never get any new articles done. :)


          • REED RICHARDS


            Well, then you should make the time. Remember the loan-shark banker saying:


            Respond away. I think you should have to defend what you post when challenged. But don’t run from it………….

    • Another eye opener (to me anyway) is that the local sheriff/police departments actually GET PAID to do foreclosure evictions on their local populations. So there is a direct “buying” of their services from people like Bank of America. Who is getting protected and served there?

      And Dear Aurelius, where exactly do you see rioting and burning down businesses? I think you are looking at very outdated newspapers, maybe from 1968.

      • Aurelius 7

        Having a sheriff showing up at the door to enforce an eviction against someone who bought a home they can no longer afford to pay for is standard practice, and has been for decades. Why is this alarming to you all of a sudden? You put a nice paranoid “police state” twist to it, though.

        In regards to your rioting comment: Ever heard of Occupy Oakland? I guess you’re not reading newspapers at all, or perhaps you used one to torch something up yourself.


          Aurelius 7,

          Just curious but do you honestly believe in your heart of hearts that financial fraud should be prosecuted? Or should the nightsticks of doom be reserved only for those who have been robbed and have the courage to stand against it?

          • Aurelius 7

            To answer your baited question: Yes. All fraud should be persecuted — and to the fullest extent of the law.

            The ball’s in your court, what’s your canned response?

          • Guido

            It’s hard to see how a bunch of scruffy college kids have been defrauded.

          • REED RICHARDS

            Aurelius 7,

            Well, considering that you call anyone who challenges your support of fascist rule a communist, one can never be sure about these things. As for canned responses, your shelf life has expired a long time ago………..

          • REED RICHARDS


            As for you, minion of Aurelius 7, if you can’t see how zero interest rate policy (zirp) has robbed middle class and working people, then to use a Barney Frank comparison, and I paraphrase here discussing anything requiring intelligence with you is like arguing with a dining room table. I neither have the time or the patience. Sorry, fella.

          • Guido

            You can insult me all you want. I know it’s easier than spending your valuable time and your limited patience. It must be hard when only the wingnuts agree with your comments. I suppose I am an ignorant table for not seeing this conversation was all about zero interest rate policies and not other things, such as police brutality or Aurelius’ previous comment, which I agree with-all fraud should be prosecuted all the time.

            I also stand by what I said-it’s hard to see how scruffy, ignorant college kids have been defrauded. (Since when were they the middle class and working people?)

            I, for one, do not support the ignorant nitwits who are out protesting and making fools of themselves. The more they get attention and a chance to speak, the less intelligent they sound. It’s been very entertaining for me. It’s almost a shame to see them fading away so quickly when there’s so much left to accomplish!
            I guess mom’s couch beckons… RESIST WE MUCH!

            It was noted early on that at least a few of them were paid plants-illegals and others who were paid to protest. The left has a tradition of renting mobs and trying to inflate their #s as much as possible. (Remember when DC teachers offered extra credit to their students to march in their protest parade a few years ago instead of going to class?)

            I noted in an earlier thread on the Occupy Whatever movement that it was a common leftist tactic, since a personal friend of mine was offered a similar job protesting Hannaford Nuclear Plant for 8$ an hour.

            Just today, it was reported Occupy Indianapolis has been paying homeless people to carry the signs, since the Occupy crowd is too busy with work and family to really be out there protesting. Very amusing, if you ask me.

            Actually, this represents the anti-capitalist movement going capitalist, themselves. I wonder if they’re proud of becoming employers? From the looks of the news footage, that’s 3 or 4 jobs “saved or created” for the homeless people of Indianapolis!

            To return to the original point, the people protesting, however, do not seem to be victims of fraud. Homeless aside, many, possibly even most, have been college students and it is hard to see how they can feel defrauded. Since this crisis started in 2008, it’s hard to believe many people in college right now could have been unaware these last few years that something was wrong.

            Aside from Seniors, I would imagine the last 2 or 3 classes enrolled had ample opportunity to get a feel for what was going on. For those who picked less useful majors, such as psychology, comparative lit, or architecture (3 of the top-ranked least-useful, least-employable majors as of last month) I can’t see how they could feel cheated or surprised at this point. If you graduated with a major you selected, it’s nobody’s fault yours wasn’t lucrative. No one else is responsible for your choices. If you got a loan you couldn’t afford to pay back, that’s also on you. It sucks, but that’s life. I don’t see fraud there.

            I have also stated previously that I think we are collectively at fault for this current mess, not just a wealthy few. I believe there are some people who have a lot of questions to answer, and we may even see them tried once Obama leaves office, but I believe this current situation wouldn’t exist if we weren’t greedy.

            For every person you can point to with a hard luck story, there must be at least one guy who ran up his credit buying things he couldn’t afford. Many of the people who walked away from mortgaged homes were involved in house flipping. Hard to feel sorry for them, if you ask me. They played Musical Chairs with homes for profit.

            If you got a loan on a home and didn’t put ANY money down, you shouldn’t have had that loan in the first place. That’s a situation where both the shady lender and you, the stupid borrower, were both wrong.

            I avoided credit for most of my life after I learned my lesson early. I made an exception for my home and a car-but I can pay them off and some people would consider that “smart debt” as opposed to “dumb debt,” like that time I decided to use a credit card to buy up all the Michael Jackson merchandise because he was just the greatest pop artist of all time and it’s unfair he had to die soooo young.(j/k) Unlike many folks who shouldn’t have been approved, I did put down a hefty sum and I could show some savings to justify the application.

            If we were honest with ourselves, and behaved responsibly, and, I think, honorably, they could have offered all the cheap no-strings credit they wanted and we wouldn’t have taken it. We might have saved and been frugal, or been more careful about how we spent our money. Had other bankers been responsible, they never would have thought buying bad debt was a good idea. Had our politicians not been greedy and stupid and easy to buy, perhaps they wouldn’t have set up the regulations that made this all possible in the first place. Plus, they might not have stolen our money to bail out the stupid banks that caused this problem in the first place. EVERYONE was wrong. EVERYONE was greedy, too. And, I think, everyone was pretty stupid. How could you build a system like that, or participate in it, and believe it could never fail?

            But I don’t think we were really defrauded and tricked-we wanted the good life and we didn’t care how much credit we ran up to get it. For decades I’ve listened to radio finance advice shows where experts would listen to people explain their financial problems and explain the errors and how to remedy them.

            Every night, these hosts listened to a people who bemoaned their awful credit problems and repeated over and over that credit was not something to play with. I don’t know how many people I used to hear about who were deep in debt and just paying off the interest on their cards month-to-month.

            The really funny part is, I’ve seen letters from 100+ years ago from homesteaders who moved out to Wyoming or Iowa, started a farm, and ran up credit with Sears Roebuck and Co, only to wind up broke after spending money they didn’t have and couldn’t earn. Their complaints sound exactly like ours. If this was all a big trap, it was a rather obvious one for those willing to open their eyes.

            These days, I think most people can see the insanity of it-but it was common place and not all that remarkable just a couple years ago.

            So I don’t feel like we’ve been defrauded as a whole. Some of us were, most definitely, and I agree with Aurelius-Fraud should always be prosecuted. ALL fraud should be prosecuted all the time.

            I also think it’s strangely apropos that you referenced banking queen, Barney Frank, since he actually helped to create much of this mess!

            In case you weren’t aware, HE helped create much of the regulations that forced banks to make risky loans to minorities who couldn’t pay. He helped protect Fanny and Freddy from reform or close inspection 16 or 17 times during Bush’s run. And he’s never going to be held responsible for any of his meddling. None of the politicians on both sides of the aisle who made this possible will pay. (Funny, the Occupy Whatever clowns haven’t really spent much time focusing on Obama and the dems who have been in charge for some time now…)

            But what do I know? I’m just an ignorant table.

  • shypuffadder

    Brutalizing citizens that have legitimate problems with the way this country is highjacking our lives simply for profit and power of a few. At the same time, the gubmint is wetting its pants to start a war with Iran. I can’t shake the feeling that I am missing something very major here. Throw the superfailure con-gress into the mix…

  • Mainuh1

    Now you see what those in power have in store for the rest of us. I salute the protester’s resolve and their courage standing solid in the line of fire. Now you can see why Kent State happened during the Vietnam War. Many police officers are the bullys you fought in school. You can see that in the calm nonchalance of the officer spraying students in the eyes while they are sitting on the ground making no resistance to the officers. These are indeed sad times when the citizens the police are supposed to protect become their victims. Not just here but world-wide. TPTB are trash!

  • Walter B

    By It’s own definitions, America is a TERRORIST STATE.
    These AMERICAN CITIZENS were peacefully exercising their RIGHT to ASSEMBLE and SPEAK.
    What is that old saying? “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the DEATH your RIGHT to say it.”
    Where is that disgusting BRIDGE TROLL from DHS, Janet Napolitano? The “purpose” of DHS is to stop TERRORISM, and that is exactly what those blue uniformed TERRORISTS engaged in:
    * U.S. Code of Federal Regulations: “…the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).
    * Current U.S. national security strategy: “premeditated, politically motivated violence against innocents.”
    * United States Department of Defense: the “calculated use of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or intimidate governments or societies in pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”
    * British Terrorism Act 2000, defines terrorism so as to include not only attacks on military personnel, but also acts not usually considered violent, such as shutting down a website whose views one dislikes.
    * 1984 U.S. Army training manual says: “Terrorism is the calculated use of violence, or the threat of violence, to produce goals that are political or ideological in nature.”
    * Brian Jenkins: “Terrorism is the use or threatened use of force designed to bring about political change.”
    * Walter Laqueur: “Terrorism constitutes the illegitimate use of force to achieve a political objective when innocent people are targeted.”
    * 1986 Vice-President’s Task Force: “Terrorism is the unlawful use or threat of violence against persons or property to further political or social objectives. It is usually intended to intimidate or coerce a government, individuals or groups, or to modify their behavior or politics.”
    * James M. Poland: “Terrorism is the premeditated, deliberate, systematic murder, mayhem, and threatening of the innocent to create fear and intimidation in order to gain a political or tactical advantage, usually to influence an audience.”

  • Mr Carpenter

    I can tell you exactly what the near future of the Untied Status of Amerika is and already is becoming.

    Read two books and see how the Communist and other government police and military treated Christians in The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun and also Through The Fire Without Burning by Dimitru Duduman (it is out of print but available used).

    Unbelievable torture, murder, solitary confinement in inhumane conditions, mental torture, physical abuse, you name it.

    This must make some people with a sense of critical thought (albeit there are fewer and fewer of us as the days roll by) to wonder why these countries, including the current US regime, fear Christ so much? Think on that for awhile.

    Could it just possibly be that we are in a spiritual war and the enemies of Christ and true Christians, outnumber us on a vast scale? Could it be that despite that, the true spiritual leader of these evil people know that their time on earth is almost finished? Open your eyes, your mind, and let the Holy Spirit lead your thoughts, folks.

    This is all foretold and must take place before the end times, which we have been in for 2000 years.

    It is well past the time when any particular vote (none of which count anymore) will change any particular government into a civilized state which will give back stolen rights to citizens. It’s not going to happen.

    The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, however, has adopted His remnant as His brothers and sisters, co-heirs as sons and daughters of the creator of the universe.

    These government goons can kill and torture our bodies, and they will. Ensure that they cannot kill your soul by knowing whose side you are on and don’t waver from that. If you personally, you reading this, haven’t found a Biblical church, and the Holy Spirit desires you to survive and thrive, then you’d better move it and find one NOW. Don’t wait. TIME is almost gone.

    May God bless you all and keep you all and make His face shine upon you all, and give you His peace, which passes all human understanding.

    Pastor Glenn

  • John

    Like the country song says: “a little less talk and a lot more action”.

  • William

    Most who signed the Declaration of Independence died in poverty, or were killed. America is DOOMED because there are not enough (like those who signed the Declaration of Independence) in America to resist the police state that is merely in its infancy now. When the TSA thugs have their jackboots on your throat, it is too late.

  • BraneFrees

    “This kind of stuff didn’t happen in America back in the old days.”


    In the old days they just used dogs, tear gas, batons, water cannons/fire hoses – and if you happened to be one of the lucky ones at somewhere like Kent State, bullets.

    Things haven’t really changed all that much. They just have newer tools to use.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “The people are angry. It’s running out of control. And unfortunately, there are a group of police that have become nothing more than enforcers for the political and financial crime bosses.”—Gerald Celente

    Gerald Celente said it perfectly: some policías have become enforcers for The White Shoe Boys and the Wall Street crime bosses. And as the economy of The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) grows worse and worse and slides deeper and deeper into the abyss, the police state will become increasingly abusive. Today, it’s rubber bullets and pepper spray; in the future, it will be real bullets, concentration camps and waterboarding for Occupy Wall Street and anyone else who challenges The White Shoe Boys.

    “Bloomberg cleared out Zuccotti Park. It was, he said, an unsanitary condition. You want to see a lot of crap, Bloomberg? It’s up to here right down the street on Wall Street. How about shoveling up that crap?”—Gerald Celente

    “You have psychopaths and sociopaths in charge.”—Gerald Celente

    Hundreds of Occupy protestors have been arrested, but the thugs, gangsters and bankster criminals of Wall Street operate with impunity in the BRA. The White Shoe Boys have ruined the lives of millions of Americans, yet they operate with impunity.

    “Fascism has come to America. I’ve said it over and over again: the merger of state and corporate power is called fascism.”—Gerald Celente

    “We are in deep tyranny….deep, deep, deep.”—Alex Jones

    “This thing is collapsing. You better get ready for the big crash. It’s coming, and it’s going to wipe out a lot of people. There’s no salvaging this Ponzi scheme.”—Gerald Celente

    No, this Ponzi scheme cannot be salvaged. Rejecting capitalism in favor of fascism was a huge mistake. This is a very sick and diseased economy, and when the depression becomes much worse, it will make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like a picnic at the Jersey Shore. Expect massive protests, and expect the police state to grow increasingly nasty and abusive. These are incredibly dark and perilous times in The Banana Republic of America, formerly the USA. Que dios nos ayude.

    • Gay Veteran

      We peons have to obey the rules, the Elites do not.

      There’s a club, you’re not in it. Wake up!

  • No doubt coming to London for the 2012 Olympics!

  • rose

    “This kind of stuff didn’t happen in America back in the old days.” Quoted from the article.

    Uh, yes it did. Look into the Ludlow Massacre, Kent State shootings, and any one of the skirmishes/protests during the Civil Rights era in the 60s or the Vietnam War protests.

    The police may be paid with tax payer dollars, but who really employs them? It’s not you or me. It’s true that the police should not respond as they have in these Occupy protests, but since they’ve been militarized they are going to behave in a militarized fashion. The PTB love it when the politically neutered classes fight each other. Keeps the heat off them. Keep the street fights going and see where it gets you. No where. More pepper spray, more bashed in heads, more videos on YouTube. People need to organize something much more effective. Something much more subversive and clandestine. But it’s easier to protest and get pepper-sprayed by the city goons.

    • Kevin

      The use of the nightstick and pepper gas is an act of desperation and the more it is used the less effective becomes. Beat a few kids at a lunch counter that said “Whites Only” and more returned. Who won in the end? When a million marched on Washington DC to protest the Vietnam war what happened in the end? Is the Vietnam war still on?

      When they beat middle age Americans that were previously middle class the body politic will vote them out in masse.

      Every time this stuff is filmed more political support is lost for the authorities. Every time someone is laid off and their job outsourced the opposition gets another vote. The OWS should take a page from the Vietnam Era with, “Be clean for Gene”. Do nothing to justify the use of violence against you. Take your lumps. You will loose every battle but in the end win the war.

  • Fair Guy

    In Texas I have tremendous respect for many of the older police because they were gentlemen and respectful and nice. I remember them as a kid. They developed community. Now things are very different. They wear jumpsuits and combat boots and are more militarized. It is really creepy. The newer macho bravado generation are very rude on the phone when you call them, to make matters worse. They are also rude when you talk to them in person, as if you are wasting their time. It is just a symptom of the callous state of American society. This is a very disturbing trend.

    • Kevin

      Texas? Ever been to Philadelphia?

      I asked a cop directions one time when I was with a date. I was well groomed, respectful and nicely dressed (not that it should matter). I said, “excuse me officer is South Street this way”? He replied, “Do I look like a road map to you”? Oh my, to “Protect and Serve”.

      This was two decades ago. It looks like Phila was ahead of the curve.

  • Observer

    Wouldn’t it make more sense(be more civilized) for these guys to use tear gas?

  • Texan Patriot

    The LRAD,etc used on a block party was nothing more than police brutality. Taking people out of their houses? That’s unconstitutional. That is KGB police state abuse, pure and simple. And what a waste of tax money to mobilize an army for a block party.. Seriously, this is nothing short of disturbing.

  • Exposing Ignorant Sods

    “She actually offered her wrists to the police and told them that they could arrest her, but that wasn’t enough “fun” for the police. Instead, they yanked her by the hair and threw her to the ground. Then they did the same thing to two other women….” Those cops who did this should be investigated for assault.

  • Texan Libertarian

    The police should be going after the scumbags who made mortgage back securities a global commodity knowing that they were dangerous and that many of those mortgages were going to go belly up.The savings and loan scandal saw thousands in jail. Those who caused the 2008 economic crisis we are still feeling should be behind bars. The police are not doing their job… This is the liberals fault for forcing banks to lend to people who could not afford a mortgage.

    • Kevin

      Texas Libertarian

      “The police are not doing their job…”

      Actually the police are doing their job. They don’t decide policy.

      The US Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, FBI, Federal and State Prosecutors and politicians are not doing their job.

      Equal Protection Under The Law….nonsense.
      1. They either change the law to make things once illegal legal again, ethics be damed.


      2. They don’t fully enforce (or even marginally enforce) the laws in the books.

      “An uneducated man robs a train, an educated man steals the railroad”.

      President Teddy Roosevely


    Should anyone be surprised by the actions of those cops on Wall Street against the OWS protesters? Considering the current state of mass incarceration in the United States today, cops blasting people in the head with rubber bullets and unprovoked pepper spraying to the face is not such a stretch to imagine given current behavior patterns.

    A Country of Inmates
    Sunday 20 November 2011
    by: Albert R. Hunt, The New York Times News Service | Op-Ed
    Washington – One area where the United States indisputably leads the world is incarceration.

    The United States has 2.3 million people behind bars, almost one in every 100 Americans. The U.S. prison population has more than doubled over the past 15 years, and one in nine black children has a parent in jail.

    Proportionally, the United States has four times as many prisoners as Israel, six times as many as Canada or China, eight times as many as Germany and 13 times as many as Japan.

    With just a little more than 4 percent of the world’s population, the United States accounts for a quarter of the planet’s prisoners and has more inmates than the leading 35 European countries combined. Almost all the other nations with high per capita prison rates are in the developing world.

    • Guido

      I had a friend who was sentenced to 7 years for a felony. He came out and told me some day, someone will mobilize former prisoners into a powerful political movement, since every year, according to him, at least 100,000 felons are released into the population. The story doesn’t stop with sentencing…

  • JD

    Aww, arent those pigs so cute??? With their lil curly tails and badges and TANKS??? Yes I was just reading on INFOWARS that the pigs in FL were using a tank-like vehicle to intimadate protestors. Thanks Homeland SUCKrity!!! Your NWO facist pig state is here!!! There is not enough time in the world to talk about how much I hate cops. Knightowl, you are definetly on the not cool list along with Macnasty. 90% of cops are corrupt and maybe 10% are cool. Rookies especially suck.

  • JR

    OWS vs. the police state = Hitler vs. Stalin

  • semper paratus

    when these paid protesters take their demonstrations to the true sites of our current crisis- white house, capitol bldg, federal reserve, THEN i will lend support. for these fleabaggers to purposefully instigate the cops, throwing vinegar, feces and God knows what else on them just to get a kodak moment.. now they are gonna disrupt Black Friday shoppers to get attention and start MORE violence. is THIS who we are supporting here?? follow your logic not your emotions people

    • Guido

      Good point.

    • Gay Veteran

      until then feel free to sit on your ****************, eh

  • Got the talking points, apparently, other night from woman that gets them from Fox/Limbaugh, namely “its all the fault of OWS” protestors….never mind she used to rail against brutality against pro-lifers…some people I guess get to protest, others do not…..and this is “american freedom”

  • mondobeyondo

    Just another day in the land of the free, and the home of the brave…

  • James

    I fail to see how the cops would purposely follow the dictates of their bosses and politicians to use force against their own people. The cities and states don’t pay them the kind of money to risk their lives to do this. If I were a cop and saw that many people out to do me harm, I would join the Occupiers and protect the right os my people against the dictates of a Immoral, elitist bunch of rich cats bent on getting everything for themselves.

  • tonymo

    Didn’t you mean this is how “Anarchists” are treated in America. In Egypt, Syria, etc they are KILLED!

    The SOLE motive of these fools is to bring down CAPITALISM, the system that made us, ONCE, the greatest, most prosperou, most powereful nation on the planet after fewer 200 years.

    Our DNA is not different fom all the other people in the world, but we were the ONLY ones to make CAPITALISM our economic model.